Lieutenant Junior Grade Typhys Yuuri was KIA on PHD 071. (Three Hour Tour Air Wing)

Lt. JG Yuuri
Ben Browder
Ben Browder as Typhys Yuuri
Name: Typhys Yuuri
Alias: Typhoon
Age: 26 (Born June 2)
Hair & Eyes: Light brown, box-cut hair and icey jade eyes
Faction: Military: Air Wing - Vigilantes
Position: Lieutenant JG/Viper Pilot
Colony: Picon
Play Times: All day
Timezone: Central

Biographical Info


Typhys Yuuri was born June 2 on Picon at the Colonial Fleet Headquarters Medical facilities. His entire family has been serving the CF since before the First Cylon War. Typhys and his brother were raised by his Grandfather, a retired Admiral who served in the First Cylon War, and his grandmother until the age of five. He began school at the Military School for children with parents in the CF. When he was sixteen his mother retired from the service and became an instructor at the Colonial Naval Academy and pushed Typhys to his limits.

He was assigned on June 14th, to his Father's Battlestar Group and began his career in the Colonial Fleet onboard the Valkyrie-class Battlestar, Eclipse. He served in the VFA-23 Sunriders Squadron under his older brother, Capt. Andrew Yuuri Jr. the acting CAG. He served with his Father and Brother along the Armistice line for three months before the Eclipse was ordered to civilian rescue operations stand-by. Typhys was part of a few rescue missions during the three years on RO stand-by and had been promoted to Lieutenant JG.

After three and a half years, the Eclipse was ordered for refitting at the Scorpion Fleet Shipyard. The Eclipse arrived at Scorpion Fleet Shipyard nearly a month behind schedule due to engine troubles, forcing Typhys to miss the transfer there. As a result he was forced to ride in a raptor to the Kharon and board it during resupply at the Charybdis Space Station.


  • Grandfather: (retired) Admiral Sebric Typhys Yuuri (age: 83): Member of the Admiralty for ten years at Picon Fleet Headquarters. Knew previous CO of Kharon during First Cylon War. Former Admiral of BSG 82 during First Cylon War. Flagship Hegemony (Libran Battlestar decommissioned 11 yrs ago)
  • Father: Commander Andrew Yuuri Sr. (age: 55): Commander of the Valkyrie-class Battlestar Eclipse(BSG 38) stationed for resupply at Scorpion Fleet Shipyard after a tour near Armistice Line.
  • Mother: (retired) Maj. Kim Yuuri (age: 52) Former CAG of the Eclipse, retired eight years ago. Instructor/Professor at Colonial Fleet Academy for eight years.
  • Older Brother: Capt. Andrew Yuuri Jr. (age: 30): Current CAG of the Eclipse. Aquired position due to father. Viper pilot in the VFA-23 Sunriders Squadron.
  • Uncle: Rear Admiral Philip Yuuri (age: 59): Eldest of four sons from Sebric Yuuri. Commands BSG 47 Flagship Mercury-class Battlestar Orion. Stationed in orbit around Virgon.


Highschool: Picon Military School

  • ROTC
  • Pyramid Player/Alternate Captain
  • Won championship last 2yrs of school
  • Graduated 10/800 with high honors

Colonial Naval Academy: Fifth-in-Class

  • Bachelor's in Combat Flight Tactics
  • Associate's in Flight Training

Advance Flight Training: Second-in-Class

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

The Yuuri name is known around the Colonial Fleet by higher ranking officers, but may not be fully known to those under the rank of Major. His mother, Maj. Kim Yuuri, has been one of the flight instructors at the Colonial Naval Academy for eight years. Typhys is not that well known as he keeps tends not to speak much of his family. His high school years at the Military School did not bring him much fame even after the two Championships. He prides himself in staying physically fit aside from being the only one in his family that smokes. Typhys is arrogant and overconfident due to the fact he has so much family in command positions. He is very military minded and lacks a lot of civil clearity when dealing with civilians, but is always willing to help when needed.


  • (age: 23-26) Viper Pilot - VFA-23 Sunriders Squadron (BSG 38 Eclipse)
  • (age: 26 - ?) Viper Pilot - VFA-125 Red Squadron/Vigilantes (CEC Kharon)


  • 4 Raiders

Distinguishing Features

If shirtless a tattoo can be seen on his chest:
Inked along his right pec is a drawing of two mighty tigers, one white the other black. They are fiercely tangled in a circular pattern.

A cigarette burn scar over the third rib up on the right side.


Typhys Yuuri's first callsign was 'Stitch' onboard the Eclipse due to a scuffle with his brother inwhich Yuuri ended up with stitches through his eyebrow.

During a rescue Op, two of Yuuri's Viper engines cut out and he was forced to make an emergency landing. The accident gained him a new callsign, 'Typhoon', for the way the Viper spun and tore up the deck.


Yuuri is still a pretty solid Pyramid player and played during his time at the Colonial Naval Academy.
Has been know to hand out Yuurigami objects made of chewing gum foil.

On the Grid

Known Associates

CAG - Major Danika "Torch" Vendas
Red Squadron CO - Captain Karim Aiteru "Spider" Marek
Viper Jock(ex-Sect Lead) - Lt. Fenris "Mudguts" Valasche
Viper Jock - Lt. Samantha "Case" Passi
Viper Jock - Lt. JG Jupiter "Fingers" Black
Viper Jock(wingman) - Ensign Eddie "Mooner" Morales
Chaplin - Lt. JG Marius "Prophet" Cygnus
Chief Medical Officer - Major Arielle Pike
Marine - Sergeant Mia 'Ember' Castaine

Timeline of Events

  • MD050 (12 Apr 2009) - New Transfer Yuuri arrives on Kharon.
  • MD050 (12 Apr 2009) - Odysseus Strike Brief - EVENT Yuuri attends the strike briefing.
  • MD051 (13 Apr 2009) - Friendly Spar? Sgt. Castaine and Lt. JG Yuuri duke it out.
  • MD052 (14 Apr 2009) - Extra Sim. Time Lt. Valasche goes over a simulation with Lt. JG Yuuri.
  • MD052 (14 Apr 2009) - Ody and the Air Wing - EVENT Red Squadron owns the Odysseus.
  • MD053 (15 Apr 2009) - Creeping Familiarity Something is strangely familiar between Lt. JG Jupiter Black and Lt. JG Typhys Yuuri.
  • MD053 (15 Apr 2009) - Back-Crackin' Yuuri heads into Sickbay for pain meds and instead gets manhandled by the CMO.
  • MD053 (15 Apr 2009) - Hot and Steamy Yuuri spends a night in the brig after choosing to shower instead of converse with the Captain.
  • MD055 (17 Apr 2009) - Friendship in the Making Castaine and Yuuri get into it like always; Yuuri meets Cygnus and the beginning of a friendship emerges.
  • MD055 (17 Apr 2009) - The Friendly Skies Yuuri, Legacy, and Cygnus work on a flight simulation together.
  • MD056 (18 Apr 2009) - Beautiful Creatures - Yuuri enjoys some free time and finds Nine has some interesting sketches.
  • MD056 (18 Apr 2009) - Glitch - Yuuri, Roubani, and Cygnus have a short talk about issues with the Vipers.
  • MD057 (19 Apr 2009) - Warday -- Kharon Air Wing - EVENT The Air Wing goes out to tackle Cylons for the first time.
  • MD057 (19 Apr 2009) - Another Scar - Yuuri's wingman is injured and sent to surgery. He's ordered out and hates the Captain for it.
  • MD057 (19 Apr 2009) - Tit for Tat - Pilots and a Marine trade facts and opinions about the Constatine incident.
  • PHD02 (20 Apr 2009) - Good Hands - Iris proves Yuuri's viper is in good hands with the deck crew
  • PHD02 (20 Apr 2009) - Recovery Ward Threatre - Fenris is brought dinner by Yuuri and as the Ward's population grows, so do the antics
  • PHD02 (20 Apr 2009) - Malicious Intent - Something is seriously amiss in the fleet's Viper systems…
  • PHD03 (21 Apr 2009) - Beginnings of Recovery - Fenris gets ready to be released into light duty with some clothes provided by Yuuri
  • PHD03 (21 Apr 2009) - Ship-wide Address - EVENT Commander Sheridan addresses the Kharon personnel with news of the Holocaust. A small service follows.
  • PHD03 (21 Apr 2009) - ECO Meltdown - Poppy explodes on Yuuri and Cygnus ends up with the mess
  • PHD04 (22 Apr 2009) - Friendship? - Yuuri finally snaps
  • PHD05 (23 Apr 2009) - Do not buck the CAG - CAG bulldozes Yuuri and there's questions about trust
  • PHD05 (23 Apr 2009) - Airwing Brawl - Yuuri decimates Case in a spar infront of a group of marines.
  • PHD05 (23 Apr 2009) - Film and Ideas - Yuuri and Roubani discuss the enemy in the Ready Room
  • PHD06 (24 Apr 2009) - Late Night Visit - Yuuri seeks out Capt. Legacy, but finds Poppy instead.
  • PHD06 (24 Apr 2009) - Early Morning Sim - Yuuri blows of his frustration alone in a sim
  • PHD06 (24 Apr 2009) - Staging Point - Yuuri and Roubani bring an espionage project to Legacy and Kai, and leave with a mountain of responsibility on shoulders all around.
  • PHD06 (24 Apr 2009) - Gentlemanly Jock - Lt.'s Yuuri and Passi engage in conversation at the General Lounge
  • PHD08 (26 Apr 2009) - Air Wing -- Meeting EVENT Air Wing discusses the evolution of Cylons and flying
  • PHD08 (26 Apr 2009) - Study Group - After the Air Force meeting, Yuuri and Roubani talk in the library.
  • PHD10 (28 Apr 2009) - Accidents - Yuuri and Jupiter form a bond their own way in the Game Room
  • PHD10 (28 Apr 2009) - Quality Time - Yuuri deals with rumors and the Captain's questions.
  • PH011 (29 Apr 2009) - Role Models - It's not Yuuri going to hack this time!
  • PHD015 (03 May 2009) - Simulation - Yuuri and Fenris' end of conversation.
  • PHD016 (05 May 2009) - Crash and Burn pt1 - First time Yuuri actually meets Fenix of the deck crew.


Talking to Samantha about sex in general - "Besides, it's been so damn long since I had a frak, I'd paste the poor woman to the ceiling of my bunk if it ever -did- happen."


  • Challenges
  • Flying a Viper
  • Smoking
  • Ambrosia


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