You Have The Right
You Have The Right
Summary: The Major and his marines arrest Nine outside of Engineering for the murder of Jules
Date: PHD 217 (Nov 21 2009)
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In the Security Hub…

With a snipe currently finishing his stammering and out of breath the Major is busy, putting on his bullet proof vest, as well as grabbing up his sidearm off his desk. With him is Sergeant Pickens who is currently in his blacks, and locking and loading a Sub machine gun. Everything for close quarters, if it is needed. "You gotta be kidding me.." muttered back towards the unlucky sent Snipe. "Right then we'll bag her- Tell the Captain, we'll meet her outside of Engineering…"Ezra's hurrying, as it were.

Epi was in the Hub when the snipe came in. She's unseasonably quiet, but no less professional. All her usual kinetic energy is gone, replaced by pure professionalism. It's like snow in Orlando. She's in her blacks as well and ready very soon after Ezra is, weapon at the ready. Nope, she's not asking questions.

Unsure why anyone may have called him out for this, Jacobs enters the Hub, for once dressed in his blacks. Judging by how black and still crisp they are, it's obvious how often he gets to wear them. He looks a little excited with a rifle at the low ready and his much-loved MARPAT satchel slung over his shoulder. He stays quiet as well, trying to hide his lack of experience here.

There's a glance back towards Jarot. "You heard th' man. They have that damned robot-thingie we've been looking for." Ezra continues, before he's motioning to Pickens, for the sub machine gun-which is passed over. "Once we get a hold of it, I want you to destroy the frakker, Corporal. Blow it to shit and back as you see fit, but make it small and unable to harm the damned ship." comes Cass' orders before he's checking the bullmag, and nodding- before he's passing it back to the Sergeant. "Jacobs. You, Pickens, and myself will go and take the prisoner to the Brig. if she as much twitches- and makes a run for it, shoot her. We're done with this frakking shit." Simple.

There's a look to his Marines. "Ready?" he'll wait for the affirmative, before moving to march out to get their little runaway.

Epi doesn't hesitate before dipping her head to Ezra. "Aye, Major," she replies in typical Marine fashion. "Vaporized it is." She seems to be relishing the thought. It's the first smile, albeit a small one, since Jules' death. "This is the same prisoner we've been looking for for two weeks now, Sir? The missing snipe? If so, I'd suggest a sedative. She's the one who escaped cuffs in the Recovery Ward and has eluded us since."

Jacobs nods, "Yes, sir, will end her with little thought." His near-angelic voice sounds a little funny saying something like that. But then his focus goes to Epi's suggestion and pats his satchel lovingly. "I do have sedatives available, sir."

"We don't have sedatives, Not enough of them Jarot." comes Ezra's reply-which means he did think about it. "However, we have zip ties-Which is what we will be using until we can get something from Medical, and have them check her out." A look is given back towards Jacobs "Unless you have a sedative in your pack?" He'll wait for the Corpsman to answer before adding to it. "Either way. We'll tie her, and we'll use Jacobs' sedatives.. I don't give a frak if it is overkill, I am not having her loose anymore." Specially since she killed a damned prisoner in the brig. And without much said there's a nod and he's leading the way.

Outside of Engineering a few minutes later

Still so unsure about exactly -where- this is all going, Roubani heads along with Sen and Nine as they start walking, keeping his hand supportively against her jacket-clad back. As they move through realms of more people, he'll tug the jacket more firmly closed if she lets him, mindful of eyes that might be turned their way. "We'll take care of him. I promise you."

Sen and Roubani lead Nine out of Engineering, the latter clad only in the Captain's jacket which is providing Nine a modicum of modesty. "Him. Of course." The ChEng seems to be shepherding them along, trying to get them into more neutral territory. "My blood sweat and tears are in this ship. I won't forget." Sen's eyes dart forward down the hall, as if silently willing for something to happen.

As soon as the runner was sent, those in Marine country in fact mobilized. Leading a small trio of marines all in their blacks, would be the Major himself, seemingly only armed with his Side arm, which has not left his holster. Behind him would be Sergeant Pickens, and Corporal Jacobs. Behind them would be Corporal Jarot. Yes, they are taking this seriously.

Upon, though seeing the Captain there's a motion given to Pickens and Jacobs to move up. "Captain." needless to say- the Major can take it from here.

Out of engineering, and…the hall? Roubani's looking more and more confused, steps slowing a little bit as they exit the department hatch. Then he spots all the marines in their blacks, and his dark eyes slowly blink. And glance at Nine.

Nine counts the access panels to the starboard with her eyes, halting subtly at each until she's led to the next. Her eyes drift toward the Marines as they approach, but she doesn't seem overly concerned about them, except for the fact that they're in her way.

Epi pulls to a stop just behind Ezra. She's got a weapon and she's got her little bag with her. There's a very odd little smile on the small woman's face as her eyes find Nine's. "If someone will point me in the right direction," the demo expert says quietly.

Sen takes a half step away from Nine, indicating with a hitch of her head that Roubani should do the same. "She's all yours, Major. The item of question is on her person, in her…hair. I believe." The ChEng looks reluctant to keep slipping away from the Petty Officer, but she does. "I would appreciate being kept aprised, Sir. She's one of mine." Which means treat her nicely, or risk the wrath of an angry snipe momma.

Taking his cue from Major Cass, Jacobs steps forward, raising his weapon. "Petty Officer Sjetyrnnine" yes, even though his voice is baritone and disturbingly pleasing, he butchers the name. "Stand right where you are and raise your hands above your head."

"Nine?" Roubani's voice carries a careful, intensely worried questioning. Which doesn't seem to expect an answer, really. He looks at Sen and then back at the Petty Officer, pulling his hand slowly off her back and shifting backwards a hair. There's a soft breath inwards through his nose when Jacobs lifts a weapon.

"Jarot, Jacobs-" Comes the answer, as for the other there's a nod to Jarot to go as well, seeing how it is a woman, Epi gets the frisking, and zip tying duty. Pickens and Cass will cover them. It is then that his pistol comes out and is kept level on the barely dressed woman.

"Petty Officer Tanazje Sjetyrnnine, you are under arrest for the murder of Juliette Ozymandias. Anything you say can and will be used against you. You have a right to an attorney as is presented by the Judge Advocate's office. You have a right to a trial by your peers. If you so much as move wrong, or fail to surrender peacefully. Force has been authorized to be used on you." There isn't even hesitation there from the Major. "Do you understand these rights, as are explained in Colonial Military Law?"

Nine stands quietly, black eyes watching the Marines with a sort of confused expression for a long moment. "I need to help," she finally tells them. "Kharon's hurt." She looks back toward the Captain, but doesn't, otherwise, move, nor struggle against the zip tying.

Sen stands firm with her back against bulkhead, not moving. A look of sorrow makes the corners of her eyes wrinkle as the charges are laid out. All the Captain clearly knew was that Nine's machine was of interest, and this wasn't fathomed. "The Kharon will be fine. Now." Now that a murderer is being apprehended. Frak.

Epi just looks at Sen for a long moment, appraising, then starts to move toward Nine and Roubani. "I'm sorry, Lieutenant," she tells the Viper pilot. "But I will need to ask you to step back from the prisoner." There's no response to Nine's claims as the young Marine goes about the task of binding Nine's hands followed by the frisking process. The zip ties are put on rather tight, tight enough to border on painful. Given Nine's history, however, this is likely a necessary precaution and not a cruelty. And so it's with brisk efficiency Epi does her job, then reaches to Nine's hair to retrieve whatever it is she's looking for.

Roubani takes the few steps back as requested, hands folding at the small of his back. It's hard to read his expression, as it slowly shifts from confusion to concern to…something else, as he watches Nine's face. Struggling to put something together.

Covering the arrest, Jacobs asks Major Cass with a bit of a low snarl. "Sir, do you want her just drowsy or unconcious?" He tilts his head with curiousity as the question is asked, but his eyes don't ever leave Nine. And that trigger finger seems to be begging to give something a squeeze.

Nine isn't wearing anything under Sen's jacket; her bare legs incapable of concealing any weaponry on their own. Her hair, trapped as it is underneath the jacket, proves a difficulty to search, the bottoms of the locks sticking out from underneath the bottom of the jacket in front and behind. Her brows draw a little at the pain at her wrists, but she runs the tip of her tongue over her bottom lip and is silent, then, eyes drifting toward the floor. She remains docile.

The Major doesn't seem to answer Nine or Sen's request of Earlier, rather he keeps his gun trained, as Pickes steps in to cover, with that-pistol is slid back into its' hostler. "Unconscious." replied back before he's looking back to the Captain and the Lieutenant for a moment. "You'll be aprised of the situation as my Security Officer feels it is warranted." There an answer right there. "Once she's out- put her in the brig." Simple enough.

However given the fact that they are going to be doing this now. A glance is given back to the Captain. "Are you sure the thing is in there?" Because they need it itself. There's a look to Pickens. "Once she's out get on the horn to have Cedaris, or Barghest meet us in the Brig with women's clothes. Or at least a hospital gown and some scrub pants. We're not leaving her like this." And Ezra shakes his head.

Sen has apparently had enough of this little dog and pony show, and she turns from the display. "That's the last place I saw it. It was previously crawling on Lieutenant Roubani." "If you have any questions for me, I'll be available presently after I brief my next shift." Down to just her tank tops and Blues pants, her arms prickle with goose-bumps.

Roubani's attention has drifted somewhere near the wall. Or at least, his eyes have. Who knows where his mind is. They flicker back to Sen at the sound of his name, then to the Marines. If there was something crawling on him, however, there doesn't appear to be anymore.

Epi's chin comes up slightly as she goes through Nine's hair rather methodically. "Corporal," she says, voice soft and quiet as she glances very briefly at Jacobs. No, she doesn't say anything more, though perhaps it doesn't need to be said. "Major Cass, with your permission, I would like to cut the prisoner's hair and attempt to burn the machine out. Otherwise, we run the risk of not being able to find it. That would be the most efficient way of handling this."

There's a faint look back to Roubani and Cass holds up a hand as if to keep him there. A glance is given over to Epi, and there is a nod. "Alright. Do it." Hell do it here if it means they catch the bloody thing. Still eyes remain focused on Lieutenant Roubani, and the narrow. "Sergeant Pickens, if you could search the Lieutenant, real quick." And he is moving closer towards Roubani himself just in case- obviously.

Not even a glance back to the Captain. "Of course Captain. Stop by when you can to speak with Ensign Nikos. I am sure she has all sorts of questions, and your knowledge would be appreciated." filed off simply.

At Epi's signal, Jacobs lets the rifle he was carrying fall onto it's sling that keeps it at the low ready and reaches into that beaten up satchel he carries with him. He also gives the woman a knowing and hopefully reassuring look as he starts to prep the sedative that they are going to use to help keep Nine in control. It doesn't take him long, this being a task he needs to be able to perform under fire. "Just tell me when, sir." He says, apparently having a fun little moment in his head.

Sen steps towards Roubani, almost protectively. "I said it /was/ crawling on him. Not is. The thing is on the Petty Officer's person. Nine? If you can control it, have it come out. They just want to take a look at it, and it's better then sacrificing your pretty hair."

Roubani stiffens when Epi talks of burning Nine's hair off. He doesn't move as Ezra orders him searched, unfolding his hands and leaving them at his sides. "Gods," he murmurs quietly.

Nine's nostrils flare briefly, eyes growing more intense even if they don't leave the floor. "Don't hurt him," she whispers to the woman combing through her hair. "Please, don't hurt him," she shakes a little bit. "He's with me. I can feel him."

"Captain-Step back." comes the Major's bark. "We're just doing a customary search- the Lieutenant is not in any trouble, unless he is unwilling to cooperate." Simple there. However to Nine's own admission there's a look back and a nod to Epi for a moment. "Do it once Jarot has the item." said simply. Easier to get it out when its' owner is cooperating. A glance is given to Captain Eos-Hale. Still the Major's trying to keep his view on everyone in one place. "Once we get it we will be on our way." Perhaps she can understand the need of securing the thing.

Sen presses her back teeth together, her ire rising quickly at this entire proceeding. "Help them out, Petty Officer." Half an order, have an imploring tone. The Captain does, however, step back from Roubani.

For his part, Jacobs just smirks a little while Major Cass seems to put the Captain in her place. Or at least what he feels is her place.

Epi glances over at Roubani and offers a very faint smile, trying to be reassuring. "I won't hurt her," she tells the man quietly. Then the mask settles back into place as she looks to Nine. "I'd prefer not to have to cut your hair, Petty Officer. But if I'm to find it, it's either that or you voluntarily surrendering it."

Nine turns her head, dark eyes looking for Epi's. "He has a name," she tells her, with a sort of earnestness of voice. "His name is Crucible. He has a good heart. Take your hand and put it on my hip, let your fingers up underneath the cloth," she gives simple instruction.

Roubani isn't going anywhere. If someone wants to search him, all they have to do is do it. As Nine seems to cooperate and talk of hair-burning goes to the wayside, the corners of his eyes relax just a little bit, though lines still marr the skin both there and between his tensed brows.

"Thank You Petty Officer." comes the words from Cass, a look to Epi- as if to say get the damned thing and be done with it. However he can't help that frustration. There's a look to Pickens over by Roubani, and a simple shake of his head. mainly to stand down where the Lieutenant is concerned. And with that one gnarled hand is working through his silver hair. "Demeter's tits.." Thank you for that observation Major.

Epi nods to Nine and does as instructed, moving carefully and clearly mindful of officer safety, as it were. The movements are slow and professional, though her expression indicates she would dearly like to get this over with as soon as humanly possible.

Nine returns her attention to the flooring in front of her, remaining still otherwise as she counts down silently to herself, at the end of which countdown a tiny barbed set of toes taps against one of Epi's fingers, then another, experimentally, barbs clinging painlessly into the very top part of the top layer of skin as the spider crawls over each finger in burn.

As Nine starts to cooperate and Roubani is no longer going to have his personal person disrupted, Sen nods once curtly. Apparently satisfied, she steps away towards the hatch of Engineering. "I'll interview with Ensign Nikos at her convenience." And then she takes it upon herself to extract herself from this situation now that it is under control.

Jacobs steps closer to Nine and Epi now that Nine is cooperating. To keep things more in line he grips her left arm with his free hand, keeping a point of contact on her for when Epi decides it's time to move away.

Ahhhh, there it is! Epi pulls her hand away and studies the thing on the end of her finger for a moment before she moves around to stand in front of Nine. Crucible is held up for Ezra to see. Once acknowledged, the gymnast bends down and places the little robot on the floor right by her boot. There's no warning, no preamble, no special attention paid whatsoever. It's with a swift and easy movement that the heel of said boot comes down on Crucible, twisting. The sound of metal grinding on metal can be heard as she uses all of her weight to utterly annihilate the device. It takes a good thirty seconds of squishing. Then she reaches down and sweeps the pieces into her palm. "I'll make sure these are properly disposed of, Major Cass. A little more grinding, then I will put all of it through enough explosives that all of the insides will be completely fried." Did she relish that? Perhaps. It's hard to tell. But her eyes never leave Nine's face. Epi's anger, while controlled, is palpable.

Ezra nods once towards Sen, before he's looking back to Jacobs and Epi, as he lets what needs to be done. A slight sniff once the metal spider thing is destroyed, before he's nodding to head back to the Sec Hub, anyway. "Alright you all know what to do." Said simply. Needless to say Happy Christmas Jarot. Cass has given you permission to do as needed. A glance back to Jacobs, and he's done. He has files to report.

Roubani is motionless until Pickens has bigger fish to fry. He watches Nine for a long moment while Epi combs through her hair, then looks down, pushing his cuff back and sliding his loop of prayer beads off his wrist, tucking them into his hand. His eyes are unreadable as they come back up, silent for a while more. "By your leave, sir?" To Ezra, that. One doesn't just walk away from MPs.

Nine returns Epi's stare, mouth open, any life that was in her eyes retreating from them at the barbarity of her own misbegotten species, only a soft sigh stirring from her throat.

The crunching and grinding of the tiny spiderlike robot is all-too-satisfying for Corporal Jacobs. He changes the grip he has on Nine while it happens, instead grabbing a hold of the zip-tie that keeps her wrists in check. Then it's time for the needle. As he slooooowly pushes it into her neck at the jugular and sloooowly pushes down the plunger, he whispers something into her ear. Normally it would probably be about letting it happen and just falling asleep, but the sadistic, toothy half-smile he wears while it happens easily betrays that it is not.

"Go." said simply and with that, he is gone. Cue Major, exiting Stage Right.

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