You Can Go Blind That Way
You can go blind that way
Summary: Legacy catches Castor in one awkward position.
Date: PH 039 (28 May 2009)
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Castor sits in a stall with the door closed so that no one can hear him, however, there are these sounds, these non-going to the bathroom sorts of sounds. As he hears someone call his name he the sounds stop and there is an awkward, "Uh, yes?" He quietly curses whatever is in the great beyond he is in a bad way right now and the last thing he needs is an interuption.

"Mmmmm," comes the quiet reply from outside the stall. "You ok, Tin? You sounded like you were in pain. And you fled out of there like your tail was on fire when Pop mentioned the word orgy." There's a hint of amusement in her voice - just a hint.

Orgy - the word rings in Castor's ear. "Yeah, um, sir, could you give me a few more minutes I need to finish this and then I can talk to you." He doesn't say what 'this' is and there is an awkwardness in his tone and then the Captain has to use that word 'orgy' - it is like fuel on the fire right now.

There's a pause and, when she finally speaks, a hint of dubious in Thea's voice. "Ok…" she says quietly. Then, of course, blessed silence. Poor Castor.

The sounds start up again and then after a moment they suddenly stop, "Umm….sir, are you still here?" He says really awkwardly right now, such is life, suddenly cursed with a need to frak all the time and he can't help himself - he has become like a teenager who has first discovered the other thing that boyparts can do.

"Mmmm," comes the quiet reply. "Don't worry, Tin. My mind's on other things while you do your business." Well, she DOES sound a touch distracted.

The sounds suddenly start again and then after a time they come to an end. The toliet is flushed and after pants are buttoned up Leda opens the stall door as he attempts not to look at the Captain as he goes to was his hands. He attempts to change the subject, "Sir, anything you need to talk about? You looked like you were in a sour mood earlier." Yes, change the topic of conversation, don't focus on what just happened.

Thea's leaning back against one of the far sinks - a decent ways away from poor Tinman's stall, arms folded over her chest. She still looks pale as hell. "I'm fine, Tin," she says with a small smile, studying him as he comes back out. "So, care to fill me in on what's going on?"

Castor winces as Thea was waiting for him to come out of the stall, godsdamnit, "I uh…sir, recently, I just get this urge to you know…frak, all the time…and I don't know why." He offers honestly and with a bit of shame to it, "I mean Poppy used that word and all the sudden my mind was awash in a sea of thoughts that would make even the Padre beat me within an inch of my life." He says, "Maybe it is a reaction to stress or something I don't know…and well, I'm seeing someone but I can't bother her with my physical needs when I'm not on duty."

Pause. Blink. Thea just stares at him for a very long moment, face an interestingly neutral blank. Then she nods, slowly. "Well, at least you're taking care of it in a socially acceptable way," she says after a time. Since, well, how does one really respond to something like that and to realizing that one just spent the last few minutes in idle contemplating listening to a fellow officer snap one off? "From what I understand, that is an acceptable stress reaction," Thea murmurs quietly. "Of course, with the amount of flashing, breasts and skin being shown in your berthings, I dare say you're going to have a -very- difficult time in the next few days." She seems sympathetic. Mostly.

Castor lowers his head, "Sir, I want you to know, I went seven years without…seven years and now, I can't stop myself." He frowns, "I mean this may be socially acceptable but…" He continues to wash his hands, "I'll be okay, sir. I promise." His tones are sheepish and well awkward, how does one talk to a superior officer about the constant need to frak in a way that would make a bunny blush.

One hand waves delicately. "Tinman? Don't worry about it. I went four years. Sometimes things happen for a reason. In our line of work, there are three responses to stress - fight, flight and frakking. We're trained not to run away. So flight's out. We've both seen what fighting can do and Marek would, likely, airlock you. Either that or lock you in a very small room with Fingers." Well, now wouldn't -that- go over well. "So you're left with the third alternative." It doesn't seem to bother her overmuch. "I just wanted to check on you, make sure everything was alright."

Castor says softly, "Well, sir, all I am saying is the urge is something powerful and…" He stops washing his hands, "maybe you are right, maybe it is stress. I'll think about it, sir." He then takes a moment to add, "You put me in a room with Fingers and well, frak, I'm sure she'd find some reason to hit me." He chuckles, "And yeah the Cap would hate me for that…I like for things to go smooth, sir, and that means everyone should be getting along." He then takes a moment to say, "And I will be alright but now sir, why were you making such a sour face earlier…everything alright, sir?" Yup, why not ask, because the last topic of discussion was wierd enough why not go for full on broke awkwardness.

Thea's lips quirk slightly at one corner. "Lock you and Fingers in a small room together, she may hit you, but both of you will have rubbed raw by the time you're let back out again," she posits, somewhat bemusedly. As to the question of what's wrong, the smile fades and the Raptor Captain looks haunted, almost hunted. "Just some things in the chapel," she says quietly. "This learning about religion…I don't know if it's right for me. I've started feeling strange when I'm in there." A shudder goes down her spine, visibly, as if someone just walked over her grave. "It'll pass. For now, though, I'd suggest you head back to your rack and try to get some rest. Poppy's cleared out, so I don't think she'll be mention anything about orgies or flashing her breasts or anything of that nature. And it seems like most of your squadmates are asleep, so you won't need to worry about listening to other people frak. If it persists, though, I want you to go see the doctor." If you have an erection lasting more than four hours…

Castor says, "Sir, if I can offer I'm not a fan of the Lords, in my opinion they gave up on us or they aren't real, however, I will say this much there has to be something bigger than us and it shouldn't be something that makes us feel strange. What ever or who ever is bigger than us wants us to feel love and to be happy." He adds, "As for clearing out Poppy, thanks, she is a sweet gal but you put her and Kissy together and strange things happen. Strange and funny things….but sometimes like today just strange things."

A brow arches slightly as she studies the man across from her. For whatever the reason, she gets a very contemplative look on her face. Yes, it's one of -those- looks. A look wherein a man knows that a woman is sizing him up for her own nefarious purposes. Thank heavens Thea's lady enough not to look down at his pants - her eyes stay above his shoulders. She IS, after all, an officer. "Mmm hmmm," she murmurs quietly, the sounds barely more than an absent purr in the back of her throat.

Castor says, "As for throwing me in a room with fingers and coming out rubbed raw - these days I don't think there would be any amount of rubbing that would take care of that problem…" he laughs softly at himself and his sudden problem. He then grins, "And if I ended up doing something like that with Jupiter, Kas would kill me dead and I'm not the cheating sort." He then wipes his hands off on a towel as he turns around to look at Legacy having missed her 'evil' look. "Though I'll say this, if there is any reason to believe in something higher than us I would say the proof lies in the act of getting it on."

It's not so much evil as it is…contemplative. She simply watches him, head tilted to the side ever so slightly, consideringly. "Frakking can be fun, yes," she replies quietly. "But making love's got that beat all to hell and back." Finally, though, she pushes off the sink and straightens. "Alright. If it doesn't let up in the next day or two, get to the doctor. Don't make me ask you in front of a crowd if you've seen medical about a persistent erection." She's back to being the Captain. "And try to get some sleep."

Castor nods his head, "Aye, sir. I'll check in with the doctor so you won't have to call me out." He then thinks about making love and suddenly he gets that feeling again, come on Leda be strong hang in there. "I'll try to find Doc Locke or Doc Cassidy." That is right don't move and there won't be a problem.
Of course, Thea probably doesn't help all that when she pauses and stretches, arching back like a cat as a yawn surprises her. "Mmmmm. Damnit. I SHOULD go to sleep," she murmurs quietly, shaking her head. "Sorry about that. Been a long few days. Doc Locke or Doc Cassidy would be good, but don't hesitate to see Major Pike. She's an excellent physician. Well supported in what she does."

Just sits there and watches as Thea stretches, he doesn't move, and his face gets a sudden lost puppydog look, "Huh?" He says softly not really having heard a word the Captain said. Instead he suddenly comes to his senses and he realizes he just scoped out the Captain, "I…um…Pike, yeah…she's nice." He takes on the tones of a confused teenager who has just been caught looking at his teacher.

Legacy doesn't seem to have noticed that she was being scoped out, but she does notice the change in his tone. "Leda," she asks, head cocked to the side. "You ok there?"

Leda pulls it together as he says, "Oh, yeah, sorry sir. I got lost in thought regarding the dimensions of a Raptor, you know in case I ever get tested and make might qualifications." He doesn't add the bit about naughty thoughts about doing things in a raptor with the Captain, he will never cheat on Kassia but his imgination goes places - especially these days.

A brow arches slightly and she just shakes her head, bemused. "Good night, Tinleg," she says, turning for the hatch.

Castor looks at the Captain, "Yeah, I sort of have to use the bathroom again." He says, "This time I need to poop." He then adds, "Goodnight, sir."

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