You Aren't Listening
You Aren't Listening
Summary: Ezra visits Jules and tries to get her to open up a little more. With a beating.
Date: PHD 211
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The prisoner has seen better days. Wrapped up in a blanket, Jules is pale. Very pale. Also: sweaty. Her hair is damp with it and her t-shirt is near to soaked through. Those blue eyes of hers are focussed in on the far bulkhead in a pretty potent 1000 yard stare.

"Camera Off." is barked out, before the MP guard is excused- well So much to simply standing outside. Door opened- and closed, leaving the Major alone in the cell area with the prisoner. Hands remain back behind his back, as eyes bare down on the blonde woman. "You look like shit." Something which might bring a smile to most people, but not our Major.

"From what I have read." a pause "You're getting nuttier than mixed bag…" And then silence for a bit. With that his hand drops down- showing a thick black chord. More rubber than anything. "Can I ask you a question?"

It takes a second for Jules to focus in on Ezra, leaning her head back against the wall and grimacing. "So do you. Least it ain't permanent-like for me, sir." That brings a smile to her face and she looks at the man, listening as he talks. That last bit has her brows coming up a little. "Of course."

Stretch of the chord between his hands. The tightening heard, before eyes flick back up to the prisoner. "You don't know the half of it. You'll be worse before being better." And Ezra grunts for a second, as one end is wound around his right hand, leaving enough for a snap, and dangle. "The name Bunny, mean anything to you?" A twitch there with his mustache.

"I'm really not all that concerned. Whatever happens, I'll live." Jules doesn't, however, take her eyes off the chord in the man's hands. "If you did your job correctly, you know that I like bunnies quite a bit. Most of my model line does. Animals are sacred to us." She pushes her blanket off to the side, exposing her sweat-pant covered legs. "Some of us go by that name."

"Oh, I do my job correctly, in fact, I make sure to cover all the angles on all things. It'd be a waste to just shoot you and space you, now wouldn't it." A twist of a grin there, as he chuckles. A step closer. "I know for a fact you, still think you're a cylon..delusions and shit be damned. I also know enough that my kid's not met you and has pictures of you from the Idis." silent there.

"Can you tell me, then What the hell you do? Or were doing?" a tilt of his head "Or perhaps how come your mission was specifically for the Commander?"

"I know you do. You're smarter than the average bear." The woman wipes a hand across her brow and draws herself up so her back is against the bulkhead away from the bars as much as possible. "You might also consider not spacing me because I may just be telling you the truth and if I am, you're better off with me here than downloaded back with the rest of the Cylons. Just saying." That last bit took some effort and her shoulders hitch a little as she puffs out a breath. "My mission on Kharon was to keep an eye on the ship and to help our fleet track it. That changed after Scorpia. I received orders on the ground to terminate the Commander whenever a shot became available." There's a pause and she says, "I didn't take his life lightly. Whatever else you might think, I am a soldier, not a murderer."

"I don't know about that..The you being a soldier and not a murderer. After all the nukes to the colonies- the gunning down of civilian ships. That is not so much the traits I would put to good soldiers." And with that he watches as she moves into the bulkhead, and there's a faint nod right there. "Who contacted you on the ground- Anyone we here might know?" Might as well ask. Ezra pauses for a moment as he checks the angles, maneuvering just so- so as to cut off a possible escape route. "Well?"

"You did worse to me and mine. If you want to preach, choose a different pulpit. /Sir/." That 'sir' is definitely a sarcastic one. Jules lifts her chin up, staring Ezra in the eyes. "An old friend. A priest. He met me a half click from where we were holed up one night. No one noticed me gone, assumed on was checking the perimeter."

"A priest." A pause there for a moment as he watches for a moment "Is this your wiser and older brother?" A raise of his hand as that chord is played there before her eyes. For a second, or so. Nothing like letting the weight settle there, let her see what he has, better. As for when she met this fellow doesn't matter entirely. It just adds more to the pieces. "Would anyone on here know this priest?" Mind you Cass- is a new officer in them regards "As you said an old friend. Or was he just an old friend to you?"

"I've known him all my life. And no, he isn't the wise one. Try troubled and angry. But he's been that way from the moment I came into existence." Jules' eyes remain on Ezra's, rather than on the chord in his hands. "I don't know if anyone here would know him. I haven't seen him at the Cylon get togethers on Kharon if that's what you mean." Cocking her head to the side, she says, "Try hitting me. See if you get a different answer."

"Troubled and Angry?" A pause there before he's looking back to her. "He got a number, like you?" Yeah he is showing he does know. At lease this one. A look to his hand and then back to her. "I could give a shit less whether you give me another answer, or not." he lets that sit. "But, I am going to hit you…And I am going to make shit miserable for you.." But he doesn't do it, just yet.

"You answering though..That'll make it quicker." A nod-and the without a twitch of warning comes that chord, in a back handed slap for her face. It's not light.. No-He'll hit her like a truck if it connects.

The chord strikes her and she sprawls on her bunk, hand going immediately to where she was struck. It's already red and likely going to bruise something horrible in the coming days. Jules cries out, but the only answer she gives the man is, "Frak you!"

"Just give me their model numbers. It is pretty simple, like that." And with that the Chord is raising and moving again, and again. He did it more for the bruising instead of the peeling of flesh. After all, its better when you can still move and feel it, instead of having to call medical in to dress someone's back. Ezra, however isn't so particular with his aim. As long as it hit her, that'll work.

"Not yet.."

Jules tries to shrink away from him, as far as she can, pressing away against the bulkhead, but the hits just keep coming. Instead of crying out further, she gets angry and growls, "I'm not telling you anything more. Kill me already. KILL ME you frakking ape, unless you don't have the balls to!"

One hand is reaching, if anything to grab a hold of her, and yank her back from the bed, and the bulkhead, throw her right into the open, before he's moving to send a boot- for her midsection. Okay- maybe a good pair of kicks before he's bringing his makeshift whip down with a few more brutish hits.

He'll let the dust settle, before doing anything else.

"I'm done with treating traitorous, crazy shits like you with any sort of modicum of respect." And he's moving to wipe the back of his hand along his mouth. "You'll die soon enough-But I want you to think about how you've turned your back on your whole people..Your race- Because lets face it kid. You're human. You'll only ever be human. And when you're dead-Corpse out floating in the black, No one will remember you… Not even your own bones. And those machines, you think you're apart of?" a sniff. "They won't give a shit either." A step back from the girl. "Model numbers. Dumb frak.. While you're there bruised an bloody-think about your fellow marines you've injured. Put at risk-All because you decided to become the enemy.."

There's some blood coming from her nose now and one of her eyes is swelling shut. Jules can't do much more than take the blow to her midrift and the whip strikes. His words, however, seem to do what the blows to her physical body can't. "Frak you, asshole." She aims a shot at the back of his leg, aiming to hook it and drive him down to the floor. And when he's down? She clambers atop of him and reaches to grip his hands. That's right, the woman doesn't strike the man at all, but she is trying to subdue him. "I'm not crazy, I'm not a murderer, and I'm not stupid. You think you can torture me into giving up something? I've been giving you and your people information from the start. You haven't been listening!"

He goes down like a sack of bricks. a good frakking kick to the leg can do that. Specially, a sweep that someone doesn't seem coming. Down and a grunt, before she's got him pinned, more or less. And with that Eyes narrow for a mean second. Still he can't do much, not while she remains on top and has his hands pinned, though the fight is still there. Course at this point if a guard came in, it would be horridly bad.

And Jules just can't die, just yet. Instead Ezra simmers for a minute.

"We do."

Before his head is coming up, Hopefully to conk her out and off, if it connects at all- Or just right.

With an audible sort of crunch, Ezra's noggin means Jules' and she crumples the way a wilting flower does, right on top of the man. Thankfully she's not very heavy at all. Also thankfully, she's still breathing. Apparently they build her model sturdy or something.

"Frakking shit." The old man murmurs as he lays back down. His world spinning after that move. Hands move to tump the woman off him, as he rises up, dusting himself off- after a good steadying is done. Carefully he moves to scoop up his chord, and goes to get himself out of the cells. Questioning…A mild success, right?

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