Yearly Check Up
Yearly Check Up
Summary: Castor gets a yearly check up from Camille while Pike examines newly scavenged medical loot.
Date: PHD 187
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Footsteps make there way into medical and a certain officer makes his way into the room and he is in his dress blues as he looks around the Sickbay as if he is looking for someone specific. He then shakes his head as he takes a moment to grimace it would appear that Leda is here for a physical and he is not in the mood for it since he hates physicals BUT this is the fleet and he is here to do what he has to do. He stops and begins looking for someone to report too.

Camille looks up from her desk, lofting a brow in the younger man's direction. "..Lieutenant. Did you have an appointment?" She inquires professionally, definitely with her clincal tone of voice on now. But she's in her scrubs, running the place at the moment, so the comfortable healer from the temple is gone at the moment.

Castor looks up at Camille and he says, "I am here for my physical and to find umm…" he pauses and he asks, "What is the name of our resident shrink?" The last part is quiet and slightly ashamed since he doesn't want to admit that he needs help with his brainpan but he is in a place where he needs some help right about now. He then says, "Though I can come back another time if you are all busy, trust me, I'm not in any rush to get this physical I mean I can wait another twenty years or so."

Camille shakes her head immediately, standing up. "No, no… shan't take long. Go… get into a gown and up on that bed. Leda Castor, right?" She inquires, apparently knowing almost every crewman on this ship by name now, from the smallest of grunts to their new commander. And… from that tiny, shining ring on her finger, their XO quite well, it seems…if people have heard the rumors.

Pike makes her way into sickbay, carrying a couple of boxes of supplies and meds stacked in her hands. Castor and Camille get a nod and a smile. "'Evening, all, pay no mind please…"

Castor looks at Camille and he winces, "Seriously I…." he pauses an he spots a shiny new ring and he says, "Hey Doc, when did you get engaged?" He doesn't beat around the bush because that ring, the one she is wearing is a ring that Castor knows well. He then says, "And yes, Castor Leda." He then looks back at the ring as he eyes draw to Camille and he asks all of this breaking his new rule not to ask personal questions but this, THIS, must be talked about and discussed. He then looks over at the Major and he winces again as he says, "Sir." He doesn't mention the physical part hoping that the Major will have forgotten about this.

Camille smiles over towards her boss…"Major. You want to handle this physical, or shall I?" And then Castor is asking her about the ring and she just… blushes. Really quite pink, which is odd on her pale, middle aged features. She motions towards a gurney for the man and tugs at one of the curtains to give some privacy. "Last week… on Solon… before… Everything." She tries to sound a bit ashamed. She shouldn't be so happy right now… But she is.

Pike shakes her head to Camille. "No, no, feel free, I have to inventory this medical salvage from Solon, see what all we can make use of." She sets the boxes on the exam table and opens the both of them.

Castor looks at Camille giving a look as she mentions the physical and he winces again and then he looks over at the ring and the blush and he says, "Please, tell me all about it…I mean people getting married these days is a headline news sort of thing and it is a souce of joy so I'm sure the Major and I would love to hear about it." He then pauses to look over at Pike and a look comes over him as he realizes he is going to be thrown under the bus here and he isn't sure what to do right now as he REALLY doesn't want this physical and so he looks at the boxes, "I'll need to head down to Solon soon so I can scrounge some things, sir." He then asks, "Good haul? I'd love to know in case I get shot and I need some pain killers, sir."

Camille is happy to chat through the physical, reaching over to roll up Castor's sleeve so she can tie off a tourniquet and get ready to stick him for the few draws of blood before they get into the rest of the mess. She quickly cleans her hands, then his arm, with alcohol, so everything is disinfected and ready. "He…he took me outside…. had some of the boys in command and control down there put on… a.. A bit of a light show. Not regs but… it was amazing. Got down on one knee… gods know where he got the ring but… " She looks almost ready to cry, just remembering it.

Pike smiles over to Camille as she sifts through the contents of one of the boxes. "Nice to know romance isn't dead, yeah? Congratulations, by the way, if I've forgotten to say." In response to Castor, "Well, this is just the first load, but I think we've workable meds here. Bandaging, suture thread… I don't know if we'll resupply to pre-Fall levels but it's looking close…"

Leda looks at the ring and he knows where it came from but he says nothing as this is Camilles magic moment and then he looks over at his arm and he says, "Do you really need to take blood?" He then says, "Oh, wow, that sounds kind of epic." He then smiles warmly as he says, "It sounds almot like something out of a fairytale." He then takes a moment to say, "And I'm glad to hear you two are doing well and I wish you all the happiness you can stand." He then takes a moment to look over at Pike and he says, "Sir, that may be good news since we all have this strange knack for getting shot up or hurt." He then smiles as he says, "Well, two pieces of good news in one day…we may come out of all of this yet."

Camille gives Castor a bit of a wincing smile. "Yes. Just once a year. You can handle it. Just flirt with pike over there to keep your mind off of it." She teases lightly as she finally grabs up the need, tapping the back of her fingertip against the inside of his arm to raise a vein before she finally sinks that needle in and begins the drawing off of the blood. Three vials, at least.

Camille gives Castor a bit of a wincing smile. "Yes. Just once a year. You can handle it. Just flirt with pike over there to keep your mind off of it." She teases lightly as she finally grabs up the need, tapping the back of her fingertip against the inside of his arm to raise a vein before she finally sinks that needle in and begins the drawing off of the blood. Three vials, at least.

Pike giggles and shakes her head. "Oh, gods, Camille, don't encourage the poor man, especially while exsanguinating him." A smile's given to Castor. "Well, I hope we'll be more to the task with out supplies topped off."

Castor looks over at Camille and the blood and he pauses at the redness of it all and then he looks over at the ring one last time and he smiles as it has found a home that it needed and then he looks says, "Well, congrats and all of that…just save me a spot at the ceremony." He then looks over at Pike and he says, "I don't know I could make googoo eyes at the Major but I have a feeling she might get a pit pokey with the needles or stabbity with the scapel if I didn't do a top notch job of flirting and between you and me I might fail to come up to the Major's excellent standards." He then says with a wink, "Though that doesn't mean that I wouldn't try." He then looks at Pike, "Well, I'd love to help out with the scrounging for meds but I'm afraid other than something really common I doubt I'd know what I was looking for."

Camille nods warmly to Castor…"Of course you have a spot…" Then to Pike. "You -both- do… whenever we… Decide to have it. We were thinking quick…and small, but now it seems best to wait… a bit. Let things settle… people recover." She admits again, taking the final vial of blood and sealing it. She sets all three atop of his chart before removing the needle and taping cotton over the sticking point… then for the blood pressure cuff.

Pike grins and just shakes her head at Castor's flirting attempts and Camille's encouraging. Then Camille mentions spots in the ceremony, or so she partially overhears. "Am I going to have to find a dress now?"

Castor looks over at Camille and he says, "Whoa, easy, Doc, cold hands and all." He then takes a breath and he says, "Well, I would like to see that day since weddings are a source of joy." He then says, "And joy is good for morale." He then takes a moment to look over at Pike and he says, "So, I will take that as a big no then, Major." He gives a mock crestfallen look and then he says, "Now, a dress, that I could find." He then adds, "I just need to know what cut and color." From panties to dresses Castor Leda can cover all your fashion needs.

Camille warms the diaphragm of the stethoscope before resting it on the interior of Castor's other arm and beginning to pump up the cuff. She's quiet as she listens, going through the quick, routine readings and then leaning over to write them on the chart. She grins to Pike…"Sounds like you have no excuse -not- to find a dress now… That would be lovely, if you could help her, Castor… " Camille blinks, thinking of something. "Sounds like..-I- will have to find a dress. …Damn."

Pike mock-shudders. "I mean, I have a dress, but I can't say it would be all that appropriate for a wedding, especially if I'm to be a bridesmaid." And that's where she leaves that part of the conversation, as she examines the labels on the pill bottles. "Will be needing the pharm-ref book, methinks…"

Castor considers a wedding dress and he says, "Even I have limits since wedding dresses are not something that can be found on a military ship." He then smiles as he looks over at Pike and he smirks and he says, "Someday Major you and I should go on the road with this act." He then looks ove at Camille and he says, "Though you might be able to bleach the hell out of a dress till it is shining white." He then looks back at Pike and he begins to think of all the books on the ship and what everyone on the Kharon has and he says, "Do we lack one, sir?" This time his tone is a little confused since he is sure there is a copy in the library and then he puts two and two together and he says, "Oh…oh…uh…nevermind, sir."

Camille seems intrigued by the thought of bleaching a dress…."if you can find one to sacrafice to the bleach altar, Castor… let's… do it." She murmurs thoughtfully. She seems perfectly content with all his readings so far, now slipping the diapraghm of the stethoscope beneath his shirt and beginning to quietly listen, attentive and focused.

Pike grins and heads over to the meds cabinet and hefts a phonebook-sized volume off the top of it. "Right here. Basically it's a guide to tell pills apart by the way they're shaped, coloured, et cetera…"

"Right, I'll get on that look out for a dress to sacrifice." There is a since of honesty in his voice as he does want to help out and he does have the skills to find things, "Though I can't promise something traditional." He then looks at the big book and he says, "You mean some of these pills are unmarked?" He tries to figure that one out as he watches Camille work and he says, "So, this isn't one of those red pill or blue pill moment, sir?"

Camille shakes her head to Castor, pulling the earbuds from her ears…"No, no… almost done. Just… lets get you on a scale and I can let you go." She admits warmly, encouraged by everything she's found, it seems. "Healthy as an ox so far, Lieutenant. It's nice to see someone taking care of himself… And the rest of us too, it seems!" She chuckles warmly, since he's promised to look for the dress. She then looks up to Pike…"And… not just bridesmaid… I do need a maid of honour…"

Pike blinks. "Me? Seriously?" She blushes a bit. "Camille, I'm flattered, thank you. I just hope you don't mind a maid of honour in a somewhat skimpy black cocktail dress." Oh, look, an opportunity to change the subject! "Not so much unlabeled as the writing's worn off on some of them. I'l run chem panels on each one to make sure."

Castor stands and moves over to the scale and he says, "Well, I've been doing double PT's everyday." He then says, "And give me time and I'll get your dress." Why not, he found the ring. He then looks over at Pike and he says with a smile, "Major, these days I think any attempt to see someone in civilian clothes is a good thing." He then pauses as he looks at the scale and he says, "I'm guessing the chemical panels would take more time than looking things up in the book?"

Camille nods towards the scale, looking down at the reading, adjusting carefully until it's totally balanced. she then makes that last notation in her file and pats his shoulder…"All done. Get dressed and you can go. See…not so bad after all?"

Camille also chuckles warmly to Pike, now finished with the work…"I think I would love a hot maid of honour in a cocktail dress."

Camille says, "We'll be the best damned looking women on the ship."

Castor looks over at Camille and he says, "I don't know I think it was a painful process as blood was taken from me…my precious, precious blood." He then adds, "As some religious texts indicate blood is life." He then looks over at Pike and he smirks and says, "I'm sure you both would be two of the best damned looking women on this ship." He then takes a moment to step away as he readjusts his duty blues and he says, "So, am I fit for duty then?" He then looks back over at Pike and he says to Camille, "So, do you think we could schedule a double wedding and get both done at the same time with an EPIC reception to follow?"

Camille considers that quietly, washing off her hands again, just as is practice. Her eyes go a bit wide at the thought. "I…I don't know. Maybe? We'd have to talk to Willem and his lady. I don't know how quickly they're wishing to be wed. But…it's certainly a thought. And yes, you are completely fit to return to duty."

Castor looks over at Camille and he says, "Well, I'm just thinking it is a way to bring double joy to the crew during these rough times we are having." He then takes a moment to say, "Good to know I'm fit for duty." He then pauses and he says, "So, about the shrink? What is his or her name?" Leda has an intense dislike of shrinks but he realizes he may need one these days.

Camille adds quietly. "Mimieux. You can leave a note with her to make an appointment, no doubt…She's quite nice. Just leave it on the desk, I'll make certain it gets to her." Camille reassures gently as she heads back over to her desk to settle in.

Castor begins to scribble his note down for Mimieux and he says, "Well then, I will get to looking into that dress for you." He then looks at Camille and he says, "Anything else you need from me?" He asks curiously since he probably shouldn't linger to much in medical while on duty.

Camille shakes her head gently. "not at all. Be safe, Lieutenant. I hope not to see you in ehre again for a year." She teases lightly before she settles down to her work

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