Words of Wisdom
Words of Wisdom
Summary: Hale and Kai, shoot some guns, as well as the shit. Both talk about recent goings on, and importantly Hale's new wingman
Date: June 3rd, 2009
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[ Small Arms Range - Deck 2 ]-----—[ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #45 OOC Time: Wed Jun 03 14:38:58 2009

This room contains the typical layout of a fleet range. There are four stalls running out to twenty-five yards, each having their own target system run on a simple mechanical pulley mechanism. At the rear of the room is a waist-high table for reloading magazines or for setting down range bags. A large storage locker to the side contains additional hearing protection, stocks of range ammunition and protective eyewear. Hanging from the ceiling by a pair of chains, and easily visible when walking through the door is a listing of range rules.
-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=---------
Hale Kai
Range Rules
[SH] Security Hub

Range Rules

These rules will be observed at all times on this range. Violations of these policies will subject offending personnel to strict measures up to and including a Court Martial.

1. All firearms are always loaded. Treat them as such.
2. The muzzle of a firearm will never cover another person. Do not point a gun at anything you are not willing to destroy.
3. Keep your finger off the trigger until your sights are on your target.
4. Always use provided range ammo. The use of hollowpoint, armor piercing and explosive rounds are expressly prohibited on this range.
5. The use of eye and ear protection is required by Colonial Fleet Regulations at all times by every member of personnel in the room.

The range is mostly empty today, with the exception of a couple of officers. Pilots, to be more precise. One of red squadron's Ensigns is working on his target practice, while Captain Marek watches from the sidelines, butt resting against the table upon which guns are cleaned and reloaded. So far, the Ensign's had mixed results.
Well its about to get a lot fuller as apparently in is coming a rather tall, and loud Lieutenant. Its a first quick step towards the lockers to pop open and snag up glasses and the ear protection, but that doesn't seem to stop Hale from waving towards the Captain while the Ensign goes to t' fire what looks to be somewhat blindly. "ALLO CAP'N!" called out, partially because he has the ear protection already on. He's making sure to get a clip of regulated range ammunition before moving to find a slow to stand at. Which won't take a lot, it seems.

Kai looks up and over when Hale makes his presence known— which isn't usually a requirement, when you're a big guy like that, but. He ticks off an informal salute with two fingers to his temple though, before turning back to his 'understudy'. "Loosen your shoulders. They're damned near pinching your ears, Ensign." The poor kid looks a little flustered to have the Captain breathing down his neck, but tries to do what he's told regardless.

A look is given over towards the Ensign before Hale's clapping him on the shoulder. "Like this MATE." a motion to his lane, as he brings up the pistol and fires three rounds, in quick succession. A slight frown as he lowers the gn before a laugh. "Save you Hit th' bloody targets." and with that he's raising the gun again to fire a few more shots, less bravado, more control.

Kai tries not to smile as the Lieutenant musters up to show his rook how it's done. But a little one probably sneaks out, regardless, while Hale's back is turned. "Not trying to show off, are you, Rabbit?" he offers up bemusedly, after flicking his eyes to the target and back. The Ensign meanwhile is smirking.

The next shot goes wide, off with huge /POW/, only to slam into the bag of the range, and there's a look back to his gun for a moment. Pistol lowered for a moment before he is raising it again with a grumble. "No Sir." and back up, as the other two shots land with accuracy into the target. "Crikes, you woulda thought I've never had t' shoot this bloody gun before…" mutters the Lieutenant before he's firing the last few rounds in his pistol at the target.

"I wouldn't, actually," Kai answers evenly. There's a reflexive twitch of his body away when that first shot goes wide. "All right, I rescind that." Then the next one hits home, which seems to even things out. "Got something on your mind?" The Ensign meanwhile is packing up to leave. Stray bullets, apparently, have convinced him he's had enough for today.
"Right?" said back over his shoulder as he lowers his pistol, and pops out the clip, all in smooth motion, before the next one is grabbed, and slid into place before one's in the chamber. Up comes the pico SeveN and out go the first four rounds, right on target, hitting the black mass which could be considered the chest. Now, Hale smiles. " Eh, a myriad of things if you wanna have a pickle at em' Cap." comes the big man's response. Another shot lined up and he's firing again. "Bloody berthings seems like a frakkin' hive of shit right now, eh?"

Kai remains where he is, arms folded, posture seemingly relaxed; though the Captain's often deceptive with such things. "You'll have to be more specific than a 'hive of shit', Lieutenant," he answers after the gun goes off. "Nice shot," he adds mildly.

"Eh, Jus' people's bloody tempers and shite. Mainly th' whole mess box, or triangle with Case, Dash an whoever is involved now. I'm doin m' best to stay out.." said plainly before he is firing again. Two shots hit lower in the stomach before one hits the left shoulder and the last in the meat of the arm. A slight nod before he is setting the pistol down and looking back to Kai "Talked to Mooner."

Kai listens without interrupting, attention split between what's being said, and the shots being poured into the target. There's no real sign that the subject of conversation bothers him, but he's always fairly unflappable, so. "I'd quite honestly be more worried, if they were being quiet and well-behaved, and getting along perfectly with one another," he answers. "They're fighter pilots." As if that explained it all. "That said, I'm keeping a close eye on things, and they're getting dangerously close to out of hand." Which doesn't bode terribly well.

"Ayup. Heard th' mess hall was a load of fun last night." a joke there that is given with the usual bit of cheek from Rabbit, taking time to unload the empty clip, before he is stepping back form the lane and over to the loading table. "Well, I got your back Cap..You they're afraid of-Though if you need size." he's chuckling softly, before looking back
"You know on my last wing we never had this much dramer..Sure we had fights. Everyone has those." My his accent is thick today. "I'm gonna have Mooner switchin her shifts to my CAPs soon enough, see if I can't get her off her usual game." a chuckle "Come t' find she likes bein' barked at. She does good when she's got something to prove.."

The Captain's not a scrawny man, mind. Not in the least. If he didn't work out so much, he'd probably be on the bulky side. "We're also in the midst of a war, Lieutenant. Keep that in mind." Since he's leaning against said table, he merely stays put. "The CAG should have already adjusted her shifts so she's going up with you, but let me know if she hasn't." His lips twitch slightly when Mooner's mentioned. "Good. Use that. What else did you two talk about?"
Hale chuckles "Sir, we've been at war for a bit now, I am not likely t' forget." One clip reloaded, and he palms it before producing the other, to add in the standard eight rounds.

"Yeah, I think she has, but its more or less, me wakin' Mooner up in the middle of th' night for Dogs I am lookin' forward too. M' own mentor used t' just haul my ensign arse outta bed and slap me in my suit. Soon I got used t' the idea of bein' 'wake when I am supposed to." as for what they talked about. "Not much, she doesn't open up much- but I'll work on it. Can't have a bloody pilot not trustin' another pilot. Communication breaks down, an that leads to an enemy gettin' the kill." a sniff "More or less busted her balls, because that is all she responds to."

Kai nods slightly, eyes steady on Hale while he speaks. There's a faint glimmer of something that might be approval in his expression; it's subtle, but there. "The cylons are going to push us harder than any of us could possibly push ourselves. You do what you have to do, to get her to buck up. She's not been pulling her weight, and if that doesn't change soon, she's going to get mustered out." The words are harsh, but his tone of voice is maddeningly calm about it all. "I won't have dead weight in my squadron, no matter how much potential they might have."

Hale nods again as he turns back towards the lane, setting the clips down beside his pistol, as palms press flat against the small metal ledge where everything seems to rest precariously. A deep breathe before he is looking back towards Kai and there is a nod. "I won't let her turn on dead weight, because that'll reflect bad on my arse. I won't do it, because she ain't right for dead weight." added there. bit of conviction behind Rabbit's words. "If you bust her, hold me responsible.'

"You're damned right I'll hold you responsible," Kai answers without reproach. "Partly, anyway. But you can't carry her any more than I can, or anyone else. She's a big girl, Lieutenant, and at the end of the day, she'll have to make her own way. All I need you to do is give her the tools to do it, because someone was sure as frak remiss in teaching her properly the first time around."

"Maybe she got taught right, but got cocky, or frak, who knows what happened. MAybe something else, frak if I know or care sir. Right now, she's a priority, and I'll see that when we kick'er outta th' tree she bloomin' flies." And hale means those words, no matter how Hayseed the concept of what he is talking about may be.

Kai makes a small sound in his nose that might be a snort. Or an abbreviated chuckle. "You haven't been in the navy quite so long as I have, Rabbit. But I've seen her type before. More times than I care to count." He ducks his eyes to check his watch briefly, then starts pushing to his feet. "But I'll let you figure her out on your own." Undoubtedly, this is as much a means for him to evaluate Hale, as it is to evaluate Morales.

"You are right sir. Bloody, bloomin right." a grin there from the taller man, and Hale's reloading his gun and snapping the safety on, quickly, before attention is back onto his Captain. "But I have seen my dad break a horse..Though, Mooner's no horse, sometimes you just gotta ride th' fight outta em eh?" a grin there, and the good nature is back. "I'll do my best Captain." promised, but that should be a gimmie with Hale.

"No, she's not a horse." Kai seems pretty firm on that, as he eases away from the table and briefly checks the sidearm holstered at his thigh. "I give her more credit than that, and I don't want you to break her. I could've done that myself. I want you to teach her the right way to apply herself, Lieutenant. There's a difference, and I expect you to figure that out."

"Naw, Not breaking like that sir, You gotta get em outta that bucking attitude, is what I mean.." odd for him to try to transpose a ranching idea with the notion of breaking. "I'm meanin, like you gotta get her to want to run with the others, and handle the weight of responsibility yeah? Shje's gotta want to be in that bridle. So that's what I am going t' do." Hale smiles before he s sliding the gun back into his holster at his hip, but he's worn guns there he whole life. The other clip slid back into its pouch. "I can figure it out sir. Despite me accent. I'm a rather bright bloke.."

Kai, too, handles his sidearm like something he knows well. Probably since before the service, like Hale. "Good. I'm counting on you." He claps the Lieutenant's shoulder firmly as he heads for the hatch. "Enjoy your afternoon, Rabbit."
Hale grins as he slides from the lane. One good hand made with a loud slap to the Captai's back. He's going to have to learn how to control that bit of emotion when it comes t' being nice to folks and all. "You too sir."

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