Wonder Escort
Wonder Escort
Summary: Pandorian pulls escort duty. Introductions are made.
Date: PHD 144 (9-10-09)
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General Lounge

"So, getting an escort," the Marine asks, transferring custody of the civilian at the end of her previous escort's shift. "How's that, uh…" He glances aside, rubbing a thumb along the side of his nose. "How's that workin' out for ya?"

Callie shrugs a bit. "As well as can be expected," she about sighs in reply. "Am kind of bored of being followed around, though." She bites her lower lip and then blushes. "No offense meant. I know you and the others need to do what you can to keep the ship and the crew safe and you're all doing an admirable job of it. I am just used to having more freedom."

"Ah." The hand goes through his hair, making it spike back up again. "So basically what you're saying is…" Panda makes a fist and peels off his fingers one by one. "You feel like a criminal, you feel guilty for feelin' like one, you'd like to take a shower like back home, without people walkin' into the bathroom, aaand if one more M'rine hits on ya you're gonna hafta smack a bitch." Panda's grin is a wide, toothy affair.

There's a comically long pause and then he's stared at, Callie a bit amused. Or perhaps she's bemused. "Something like that." The vending machines are looked at and she wanders over to them, her expression curious now. "Is there anything left in the soda machine," she asks her escort only to the tack on an important, "And if so, do you have any change?"

The grin doesn't falter during the pause, though his eyes do shift from side to side. He leans toward Callie when she begins to move off, but the Marine doesn't even take the first step. "Well see, that depends on what you call 'anything.'" He leans against the back of a sofa, glancing down at the crewman seated there to make sure they're cool with it. "It's just, I dunno. You don't strike me as a 'diet' girl."

Callie shakes her head and smiles. "I'm not, really. I haven't needed to be so why torture myself with artifical crap?" Turning, she looks at Panda and purses her lips. "Actually, there's something I need more than a soda. Do you have access to any gum? I'm running a bit low." The pack she has on her is pulled out of a pocket and she look down, trying to count the pieces she has left, the result getting her to frown.

Panda flashes her that devil-may-care grin again and heads over toward the girl. "Naw, I sure don't. Well, that is, I don't -have- any." The young man presses his forearm against the soda machine above his head and leans on it casually. "Now, I think I might be able to get some. Maybe." His eyes flicker down the woman's frame briefly.

"Oh, well, if you can get you hands on a pack or two I'd apprciate it and I'll pay you for..it…uh?" Callie sees how he smiles and how he leans in like he does, it causing her to fluster. "I can make you something in trade," she says then, trying to elaborate before he gets the wrong ideas, "If I can get the parts, of course. Which probably will be difficult, considering, but I can try!"

The smirk, though quick, shows he picked up on the fluster. "Well look, I wasn't payin' attention to the PFC back there, so…" Panda tells her as he straightens up, referring to the escort before him. He reaches out his right hand and introduces, "Pandorian Ajtai. Middle name's a secret, before you ask."

Callie rolls her eyes but then lifts her chin, trying to put on a little bit of a tough act. "Yeah, I know who you were paying attention to," she says while poking him on the chest, the pack of gum used to do so just before she puts it away. "The PFC doesn't seem your type." The blunderbuss is dropped when Panda offers his hand like he does and she puts her hand in his. "Callie. Well, Calistia Manfrin but everyone calls me Callie. Or 'Kid' but I'll have to kill you in your sleep if you call me that."

Panda's lips pull into a flat smile of guilt, scrunching up at the corners like his eyes: He got called out, but he's not about to pretend it's not true. "Calistia Manfrin, huh?" His hand is warm, his grip firm but not the squeezing-contest he'd have with another guy. Pandorian looks her directly in the eyes as he gives her hand two pumps. "It's a nice name. So, Miss Calist," he quips, letting the name bounce off his tongue. It brings a smile to the corner of his lips. "How do you get your kicks?"
"Callie," she quips while glaring at the Lance Corporal. "Please. Don't frak with my name like that. It's either Callie or Calistia, nothing else unless we start dating. That's the only time you get permission to give me pet names or whatever. Am I clear on that?" A slight sniff of indignation and then she calms. "Kicks, huh? Oh, well, I like fixing stuff. And chess. And stuff like that." Seems like Callie's a closet geek.

"Wa-hoah," Pandorian laughs, raising his hands up. "Didn't mean to offend ya there!" The grin is that mischievous sort, like a sibling's loving malice. "So fixin' stuff, huh? Stop me if you heard this before," he offers without any pause for her to do so. "But I'm in the business of breakin' stuff, so we might just get along."

There's a satisfied look at how Pandorian reacts, Callie pleased with herself. "So do you have a nickname you like to go by or should I call you by your rank or something?" She's not used to all this military crap, hence why she asks. "I can fix mechanical stuff but not sure what you'd use that I could fix. I'd have to learn how to fix stuff like weapons and all that so…but…uh, I can try…"

"I'm a Lance Coolie—Lance Corporal, sorry, shouldn't teach you the slang," he quickly corrects. "Not some pride thing, there's just some petty Officers and Petty Officers who might get offended." Capitals are very subtle in speech, it's hard to tell if she'll pick up on it or just think he repeated himself. "Most us enlisted grunts, the Marines, we just prefer names unless we're 'bout to arrest ya. Y'know, handcuffs and shit."

Does she pick up on the way Panda verbally capitalizes his words? Hard to tell as she doesn't do anything to give any indication one way or another although she does nod, conveying some form of understanding perhaps. "Well, sure, Lance Coolie. I understand totally. Some people are sticklers over crap like that." She leas back a bit, still smiling up at Pandorian, her demeanor calm now, letting her be quite a bit more friendly with the Marine. "I wouldn't know about handcuffs, to be honest. Never have been arrested."

Panda's face slips into a crooked, should-have-seen-it-coming frown. "They're not comfortable, leave red marks on your wrists. Uhh… yeah…" The Marine rolls his eyes aside. "Wasn't really, uh, sober enough to pay attention to the little details like that…" His town is hushed, slow, like he doesn't want to share those details. He doesn't. But he's also not too old to brag about it either.

"Oh…I see…" Well, that figures. Callie's day escort gets relieved by Mr. Too Drunk To Remember, that making her wince. "Hopefully it wasn't too bad of an..er…experience." Okay, she's moving now, turning to look at the soda machine while putting a bit more space between them. "So…soda! Yes, did you say there's soda in this frakking thing?"

"Had worse," he says succinctly, reaching down into his pocket. "Yeah, I'll get ya one." He fumbles around, digging out a few coins. Not enough, and his hand goes into that pocket again. "So whatcha want to do for the next four hours, Calliecallie?"


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