With This Ring
With This Ring
Summary: Chance meetings in the library. Kitty learns about Persy and Willem's engagement. Offers of help are made. Other chatting occurs previous to this.
Date: PHD136 (02 Sep 2009)
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Kharon - Library

"Okay…let's see if we can find some…." Kitty is wandering the aisles of the library, numerous books already in her arms but that doesn't keep her from looking for more, the ECO obviously on a quest for more books to read to Martin who is currently infirmed. "Oh…here's one!" She grabs for a book that is a paperback, a pulp fiction book of some flavor, but it's one too many and it, along with the rest of the stash, falls to the floor. Loudly. "Frak…" Looking around, she blushes and then hurries to pick up her mess.

The doorway is darkened by an oval face just then, drawn by the crash of books falling. Wide, dark eyes take in the interior of the room, then turn back almost accusingly at the uniformed man standing beside her. "You didn't tell me there was a library!" The unfortunate Midshipman shrugs and shakes his head in a long-suffering manner, but he's already being left behind as the dark-haired tornado hurries into the room, moving to investigate the source of the crash.

Kitty is at one of the rows of shelves that isn't too far back, perhaps the third from the door. "Huh, yeah, one over here…and hey, how did you get over there," she says, speaking to a book that slid under the shelf to her left (the one just in front of it). Shaking her head, she leans over and tries to get it, her hand the first thing people will see of her as she is still mostly hidden. "Frak. Can't get it. Hello? Can someone get that one for me, please…" Shaking her head, she mutters at herself, under her breath, "Fraking short arms. Maybe that's why I wasn't asked to be a frakking pilot…" with the words dissolving into displeased grunts and uttering after that.

Marissa arrives on the scene within seconds, just in time to hear a woman's voice muttering, and asking for assistance. She glances down, towards the voice, and only then catches sight of a hand trying to reach under a shelf. Instead of answering, she merely stoops and catches up the book, then moves around the shelf to see who's trying to reach under it.

What Marissa finds is the crouched form of Katherine Ajtai who is off duty if her clothing is any indication, her arm still jutted out under the shelf as she tries to get the one erst-while item at the same time she stacks the other with her other hand. Not hearing anyone gets her to grunt in frustration and she hurries to finish piling the rest before straightening. "Well, guess I am the only one her…Oh!" She finds herself looking at Marissa and she flails a bit, comically reacting to being surprised. "Sorry!"

Mimi giggles, trying and failing not to smile. "S'okay. I found this on the other side of the shelf. It looked like you were reaching for it." She offers the book to Kitty with her left hand, unintentionally giving the soldier a glimpse of The Awful Pink Watch. "Here you go. With books being so precious these days, I didn't want to just shove it to you."

Pink. That's not a color you see often. Not even in underwear which tends to be military issued more often than not. It stuns her at first and she takes to just stare at it but she eventually pulls herself out of it and her attention's back on the watch-wearer and not the watch itself. "Thanks. It was one I thought would be of particular interest to Martin. Uhm, he's kind of laid up in sickbay and we're reading to him and stuff." The book is taken and looked at as she blushes, something getting her to do so. Most likely the mention of Martin.

"Oh, those are for a sick friend?" She of the pink watch smiles less impishly and more warmly, though her eyes do flick to the former object of Kitty's attention. "That's a wonderful thing to do for him." She hesitates, then speaks again. "Listen, I know we've just met and all, but I'm bored out of my skull now that I'm out of Sickbay, and if you want I could read to him sometimes. I'm a friend of Doctor Pike, and I know she'd let me in."

Kitty looks back up into the other woman's eyes, her own widening as she listens. "That'd be nice. We all want to be there for him and the others who've been hurt…there was a Marine who got injured as well…but we all have things we need to do and can't always be there for them." Taking a deep breath, she pauses and then blushes brighter, this over her lapse of manners. "Oh frak. Forgive me. I'm Katherine Ajtai. I am an ECO. Nice to meet you, miss…?"

Mimi laughs. "It's okay. I could've done the same thing. I'm Mimi Delann. Well, Marissa actually, but nobody called me that back home." She offers her hand, then recalls those books loading down Kitty's arms and lowers it. "Sorry. Great to meet you, though. You said ECO? Like the backseat in a Raptor?"

"Do you prefer Mimi or Marissa," Kitty asks with a slight tilt to her head. "I would hate to call you by a name only to find out that you hate it." The offered hand is smiled in appreciation over, seemingly unflappable by the fact that the handshake can't be completed right now. "Yeah. Exactly like that. Get to see some pretty cool things as a result." And no, Cylons and frozen corpses do not fall under the 'cool category'.

"Oh, it doesn't matter to me, but I'll admit I'm a lot more used to Mimi," Mimi replies. "And I think I see a couple of tables over there, next to the viewscreens. Want to take a load off? Those books look a little heavy."

She smiles at the mention of seeing cool things. "It sounds like it. I've only ever been in the front of an aerocraft, personally, so I had my attention pretty much taken up. I've always wondered what it was like to not have to watch the skies so much."

"Alight, Mimi it is, then." The tables are looked at and then she sighs, Kitty relieved at the sight of them. Seems like Mimi's suggestion is just what she needed as it probably wouldn't have dawned on her to set the books down while looking at more, Kitty now feeling a bit dumb. She starts a careful shuffle over towards the closest of them, talking as she does. "Being an ECO isn't all that much different, really. We just have our attention focused on a small screen rather than out a canopy, usually."

"Hmm… I guess it really isn't that much different, when you look at it that way." Mimi frowns at the tables they're approaching. "I could take a few of those," she offers. "They look a little tippy."
She pauses just then, her eyes widening as something hits her straight in the brainpan. "Oh! I almost forgot. If you're in the flight group, you probably have a callsign. I ran into somebody called Tinman earlier. Do they call you anything?" she asks, smiling at Kitty interestedly.

The offer of help comes a hair too late as the books fall again, this time spilling over the top of the table she was heading to instead of the floor, much better in Kitty's opinion. "Uh, too late, I think." She smiles and begins the process of stacking them all over again, rolling her eyes at herself. There's a pause and then she looks over at Mimi, wincing as she's asked her callsign. "Yeah, they call me…" Dramatic pause, "…Crybaby." Not exactly what she wants to say her callsign is, but it is Crybaby, so.

"Oops… gotta work on my timing," Mimi murmurs, smiling self-deprecatingly as she reaches for a couple of books than slid to the far end of the table. She passes them over to Kitty. "Couple of runaways," she says simply.
And then Kitty drops the bomb. Mimi tries. She honestly /tries/. But she finally just has to clap both hands over her mouth as the giggles threaten to break out. This leads to some interesting sputtering sounds, and an apologetic pair of dark eyes (which still twinkle with mirth) looking out above her hands at the Lieutenant.

The books are taken and then she busies herself in sorting the books, trying to not pay any mind to the laughing. It's not like Mimi's laughing -at- her (that's what she's working on convincing herself at any rate) so there's no need to be embarrassed and all that, right? "So like I was saying earlier," she says, trying to deflect the topic back to the injured Martin and Mimi's earlier offer of reading to him, "If you'd like to read to Dash that'd be frakking cool. Just let him know you and I met and stuff otherwise he just might take to staring at you."

Little by little, Mimi gets herself under control. Mostly. She brushes at her eyes. "Lords, I'm so sorry," she says, shaking her head and laying a hand on top of Kitty's. "It really isn't very funny, is it. Just… hearing for the first time… Poor Katherine. I promise, I won't ever call you that. Even on the wireless."
The topic does change, thankfully, and Mimi nods. "Sure. I can do that, and I'll make sure he knows we're acquainted. Only… why would he stare at /me/?" she asks puzzledly. "A wall locker has more of a figure than I do."

Kitty smiles bashfully. "It's alright, really. Don't apologize, alright? I guess I deserved getting it." A shrug is given as well as a chuckle, Katherine not upset at all even if she's a bit embarrassed by this. "Go ahead and call me it if we're on a mission or something, alright?" Another question and this one has her toeing the deck, her eyes lowering. "Well, I don't know. You're pretty and you're female. Isn't that reason enough?"

"Well… only then. If then. It really isn't funny, Kathy… Katherine." Mimi's turn to blush. "I'm sorry. Does anyone call you something shorter?"
She has to smile, hearing the reason and seeing the toe-scuffing. She reaches over and tucks her fingers under Kitty's chin, lifting it to look into her face. "Hey. You're pretty and female, and you fill out an outfit a /lot/ better to boot. Somehow I don't think he'll be staring at me. Your boyfriend's safe from my evil clutches," she adds teasingly, winking.

"I go by Kitty, Kitters, Kitten and Matto has taken to calling me Babydoll although I can't figure out why." Yeah, the JiG has gotten a lot of pet names assigned to her since her arrival here. The raising of her head is not fought, Mimi getting nothing in the way of resistance from her, but it takes a while for her gaze to follow suit, Kitty not able to meet her eyes for a bit longer. "Oh, he's not my boyfriend. We're just friends, honest." And that's the gospel truth, too! She pauses and then adds, "I don't think Martin's really the kind of guy who stares at a girl just because she's shapely." She grins lopsidedly and falls quiet.

"Kitty, then. It suits you." Mimi lowers her hand from the Lieutenant's chin. "And he must be a very /good/ friend, if the mention of him makes you blush so prettily." She's only half teasing there. Aside from the mirth, those dark eyes are thoughtful. "Any kind of books you could recommend for him? I don't know how fast these might run out."

Kitty laughs softly. "Thanks. And yeah, I guess so. I…think I might like him. But you didn't hear me say that." There is a moment where Kitty wonders why she's saying this, especially considering Mimi is someone she just met, but she finds it so easy to talk to her and things are said that she would not be saying to anyone else. "I think he likes books that have pretty women as characters," she says once the initial moment of 'why am I doing this' passes. "Think he'll like pulp fiction or mystery. But at this point, I think it's less about what his preference in books is and more about his just needing to have people near him."

"Hear you say what?" Mimi winks. "Food for thought, but not conversation. Consider your secret safe."
She looks at the books on the table, as if mentally cataloging them and thinking about a good place to start. "If he needs that, I'm most certainly available. But I'll make it plain we're acquainted. It's not like I have anything better to do, after all, unless it's listen to the crowd in the Mess Hall grump about the space." She rolls her eyes. "Seriously, they're lucky they've got /this/ space. I spent a whole night on Scorpia, eight of us crowded into a wrecked heavy-lift bird. That was cramped /and/ cold. When I got here, I spent over fifty days in sickbay for injuries. They're lucky."

There are two people chatting in the library, Marissa and Kitty, the latter of whom is working on organizing a large stack of books. "Thanks. I appreciate you promising that. I haven't told him how I feel yet as he just got out of a relationship and I think it's for the best that he lets things calm down and that he focus on other things right now.": She picks up a book and wrinkles her nose at it, the scantily-clad heroine on the cover making her do so. "You were on Scorpia? Ugh. I've only heard stories about that horror. Glad everything worked out for you."

Seriy glides into the room, delighted smile lifting her features as she enters her favorite part of the whole ship. She has a small stack of books in her hand which she takes straight to the return before pausing to look around. Seeing Kitty her face lights up once more and she crosses over to where the pair work on the books. "Good afternoon Lieutenant," she greet cheerfully in a completely proper library-tone, "I trust you are well today?"

Kitty's conversation partner, a non-Lieutenant if ever there was one, smiles at Kitty's explanation. "So you're good-looking /and/ considerate… I hope this Martin knows what he'd be missing out on if he changed his mind. Just in case, I'll be sure to tell him who picked out the books."
The arrival of another soldier brings Mimi's head around to give the newcomer a casual look-over. The tattered civilian smiles and nods a greeting. She can wait for an introduction.

"Thanks," Kitty says to Mimi with a warm smile just as Seriy join them, her face now red again - oh frak, did she hear what Marissa just said? "Hey, Seriy. Meet Marissa…who likes Mimi, just to say. Mimi, this is Seriy. She's one of our bridge crewmembers." She looks at the newly arrived officer. "Did you hear about Martin, Epi, Kai and Topher?" She's not a gossip but this isn't gossip so much as it is a heads-up.

Seriy gives Marissa one of her patented sunshiny smiles. "I'm quite pleased to meet you, Mimi. You are very pretty. I hope your visit aboard Kharon is going well." Anything she may or may not have heard is lost for the moment as she turns back to regard Kitty. "No, though I met a Lieutenant Topher Story in the officers quartering as I was leaving to come here. I hope they are well?" she asks with concern in her voice.

That blush cues Mimi in on a certain fact that she's well aware of, but nevertheless seems to forget at inopportune times: she has a big mouth. Well, that bomb's already out the hatch, so to speak. She finds herself blushing at that obviously sincere smile and the compliment that comes with it. "Oh… um, thank you, Seriy. It's a pleasure to meet you, and my visit's been very nice so far. Well, except for having to have an officer escort me anywhere outside the mess hall. I guess I can understand their reasons."
She starts to turn back to Kitty as the conversation goes on, but a sound from nearby catches her attention. It's the Midshipman from earlier, looking decidedly miffed, clearing his throat authoritatively and pointing at his wristwatch. Mimi blinks and glances down at The Awful Pink Watch on her left wrist, blinks again, and begins getting to her feet. "I'm sorry, Kitty, Seriy, but I've /got/ to get going. I'm keeping MacGillicuddy there from his job," she says, referring to a series of outlandish children's books about Fleet life, centering around the hapless Midshipman MacGillicuddy. "Thanks for putting up with me." She waves over her shoulder as she hurries to join the officer, who is already striding stiffly towards the door, no doubt eager to be rid of this particular annoyance.

Kitty is standing by Seriy and before a large pile of books which she goes through, sorting them in an effort to par down the number of them. "Well, they got hurt during the mission. Seems like Kai and Topher are alright but Epi and Martin wound up pretty badly injured and are going to be in sickbay for a while. If you can, please drop by and say hi to them. Am sure they would like the company." Reaching up to scratch the back of her head, she looks over to Seriy, trying to figure out if she heard Marissa's commentary about her feelings for Dash, Kitty not ready to get that spread around. "What's up?"

Seriy looks truly unhappy at the news of the injuries. "I shall be sure to do so. I don't know that I've met either in person, but I should think it a good time for a friendly face either way… I am very sorry to hear that though. I was just returning a few books. I had felt a need to reaquint myself with Pollyus, Cthola, and Nicee the Elder. I hadn't read them in quite some time. I was thinking of next visiting Urinjen, now that my Mierce is a little brushed up," she says casually, mentioning another 400-year old author.

Selene wanders in to the library, carrying a worn copy of a book in Kalimnos as she enters. She looks over towards the two officers, smiling in the direction of the one she knows, then walks over to shelf the book in hand and see if there's a new one that interests her.

Kitty nods but then she pauses, the names of the writers unknown to her it would seem. "They sound nice," she eventually offers, wanting to keep up her side of the conversation. "Speaking of books, could you perhaps suggest a few for Martin? A bunch of us from the Air Wing are going to be taking turns reading to him and I'd like to try to get a good variety for him to be entertained with since he is going to be in there for a while." She happens to pivot a bit just as Selene arrives and she smiles, giving her a wave of greeting.

Seriy tilts her head as she considers the question, flashing a quick smile and a wave of her fingers to Selene. "I should think it would depend on what sort of subjects or settings he was interested in. Heroic, romance, legendary quests, monsters slain, mysteries, horror or supernatural…? I believe they have a rather extensive selection of popular fiction here, which I am, alas, rather unfamiliar with. Most of my knowledge starts around 50 years ago and goes back from there. There are some lovely epics though," she adds earnestly. "And some poetry, or perhaps anthologies of shorter stories."

Selene bites her lip a little as she catches the smile and wave from Seriy, turning back to the selection of books and browsing through quietly. Her fingers run gently over the spines of the books as she reads the titles, just trying to see if she finds something that interests her.

Kitty watches Selene and then asks her, "Would you happen to have any suggestions," before she turns to speak to Seriy again. "That's the thing. We are just starting to become friends so I am not exactly sure what he likes. He did mention books with women on the cover which is why I picked this." She nudges one book in particular with a finger, this one having a woman hero on the cover that is so scantily dressed she might as well not bother being dressed at all. "But outside of that, I have no clue so am kind of left stabbing blindly in the dark."

Seriy gives a bit of a shrug of her bare, slender shoulders. "I know of a few stories with famous heroines, but I couldn't say as to them containing illustrations. The stories of Rynella, for example. She was a folklore hero some 312 years ago who fought against landowners on behalf of their indentured servants, many of whom were sentenced for financial reasons that were created by the same landowners."

Selene doesn't seem to hear the question at first, so intent on browsing is she. Finally she pulls out a very old looking book - one she's read a few times, but doesn't mind reading again - and turns to face the other two.

"I don't think it is pictures Dash is wanting so much as textual wa…" Okay. There are some things that Kitty can't say and 'wank material' is one turn of phrase she stumbles upon, unable to get it out. Instead, she says, "…something with a good plot." Yeah, as if. "I will have to see if I can find any oof the books you think he'll like on my next run." Yes, she's planning on raiding the library a lot. "Thanks for your suggestions, Seriy."

Seriy seems happy to have helped. "Those stories were collected primarily by Naephor of Virgon, though they take place on Canceron. They can usually be found under Naephor though. He also collected some other sets of shorter stories and parables." She pauses for a moment before adding, "I believe some of his collections are often set to illustrations for children. Perhaps your brother might find them somewhat entertaining."

Selene listens quietly, paging through her own book a little, but apparently waiting her turn to speak. Probably to Seriy, since that's the only one of the two she's met. There's no impatience there, just a wallflower waiting to speak her turn.

Kitty notices Selene hanging back like she does and she steps to the side while waving her over. "Please come and join us. I promise I don't bite." To further encourage Selene into coming over, or so she hopes, Kitty busies herself with more organization, the piles of books now compiled into two - books to put back and books to check out.

Seriy takes a small step back herself to better make introduction. "Lieutenant, this is Petty Officer Daiasu of the CIC. Petty officer, this is Lieutenant Ajtai of the air-wing, callsign 'Crybaby'. Petty officer Daiasu is quite an avid reader as well and may have some suggestions for you that are a little more modern I should think." The trio stand near a table talking quietly.

Selene smiles warmly at Seriy and offers a nod of greeting to Kitty. "Hello. I'm afraid the Ensign thinks too highly of my knowledge of modern literature, or at least, literature that would appeal to the person in question," she explains in a quiet tone. Not quiet because she's in the library, but more quiet because she's not in CIC.

"Any suggestions would be appreciated," Kitty says with a smile to the PO. "Like I was telling Seriy before you had arrived, I am trying to get a good variety of books to read to him while he's in sickbay to make up for the fact that I have no idea what it is he likes." The sorting is done and she takes up the pile she's going to be putting back, it cutting down the pile she's going to be taking with her to a much more managable size since it's now cut down by two-thirds.

Seriy still looks happy at introducing the two. "Perhaps after you have had a chance to speak with him we can make better suggestions. The library is quite well covered for its size, with everything from satire to erotica. I am sure something would meet his tastes," she says cheerfully.

Selene blinks a little at the mention of a section of the library she apparently hasn't browsed before. Either that, or she's not used to anyone mentioning it aloud. Either way, it brings a little red to her cheeks to hear the word.

Kitty is walking the aisles, putting books back, and Selene and Seriy are near by, standing by a table. "I think I'll save the reading of erotica to him until he's back on her feet," she quirps without knowing, the words getting out before she can get herself under control. Grimacing, she hurries to say more, studdering as she does. "I-I mean…uh, do-don't t-hink getting his b-blood pressure up would be a g-good idea." Wow, if that isn't obvious then nothing is.

Roubani has a large text in arm as he drifts quietly into the library, making the routine stop at the check-in table to return it. Not that they have much in the way of late fines to charge these days, but there's still respect to be paid for the old system. As he waits for all-clear to start prowling the stacks, he slides his pen from behind his ear and scribbles down a few things on a small notebook untucked from his front pocket. The blue neoprene brace on his right wrist is barely visible below the cuff of his duty jacket. When the all-clear's given, he gives the enlisted man at the desk a grateful nod and starts off into the stacks. Cue Jaws theme.

Seriy just shrugs her shoulders again. Literature comes in many forms after all. "I shouldn't think reading it aloud in the recovery room would be particularly polite, but that isn't for me to say about his interests." She might not be as innocent as some think.

Selene just continues to blush. There are some things good or even semi-good gemenese girls just don't discuss above a whisper. This seems to be one of those things, judging by how she nervously shifts her weight.

Kitty grins. "Well, of course not," she says, shaking off her embarrassment. "But I guess I could always whisper it into his ear if I did." Rounding a corner, she notices Roubani and pauses, growing quiet as she watches him. Something causes her to grow somber, the smile she was wearing no longer to be found. "Poet." Stepping closer, she leans in once close enough, not invading his personal space too much. "Good job with the rescue. Impressive job as always."

Seriy nods, though a soft frown indicates it's not necessarily a very proper solution either… Anyway, her advice is dispenced, and she turns her attention towards the other woman. "I trust you are well, petty officer?" she asks with a soft smile.

Selene starts a little as she's addressed once more, and looks back to Seriy. "Yes, I'm well," she replies, with a soft smile. "Were you still interested in any of my books? They're not much, like I said, but they're still books that the library doesn't have, or doesn't have many copies of."

Roubani was drifting right by the row where the women were, reaching up to touch a book spine and skim the title with his long index finger. At the sound of his callsign, he turns around and glances over his shoulder before lowering his arm. If he'd heard any of their prior conversation, it thankfully doesn't show. "Cryba-…" Trailoff, and he sighs quietly. "I don't think I can ever quite call you that, Ajtai. Thank you, and good work yourself." His voice is the naturally soft-spoken type that works well in libraries, and probably isn't too much louder outside one. There's a glance at Seriy and Selene, with what might have been a polite nod, but they seem to have moved off. He looks back at Kitty, raising an eyebrow. "I'm sorry, did I interrupt?"

Seriy nods her head, ponytail bobbing behind her. "Of course. I have been brushing up on my translating in anticipation. I really was quite rusty after so many months of disuse. My Mierce was the worst, I must admit, but I think it's coming back to me now."

'Thank gods there is a second person who doesn't call me that' Kitty thinks. "You can call me Kitty when we're not on duty," she offers, not being one to dote on military regulations when it's not necessary to do so. "Thanks. But I had the easy job. You guys had to do the EVA." Looking oer her shoulder, she smiles at the others who are close by, shaking her head as she does. "You could never interrupt, Roubani. Enjoy your company too much." Not that she's often in it as things seem to keep them at different parts of the ship but the few times she has gotten to speak with him has been nice. "I was just asking for book recommendations. Martin asked that people read to him while he's recovering so have been trying to get a feel for what other people find enjoyable so I can kind of…not bore him with something boring by accident."

Selene bites her lip and shrugs. "I don't know any Mierce, and… I'm trying to think of the best way to let you browse them," she replies. She's not really sure on the protocol of officers entering the enlisted barracks, honestly.

"Black?," Roubani gives his left jacket cuff a light tug, covering the loop of prayer beads that had started to slide out from under the fabric. "He did mention…crime drama. As I recall. Do watch what you give him, though," he comments, a little drily. "Morpha's got its way of making things awfully surreal. I remember being read 'Vanity Fair' once while on it, and I still have the strangest dreams sometimes."

Seriy's shoulders shrug one more time. "I should suspect the easiest way would just to come by and peruse them. If I called upon you at a convenient time we should be able to avoid the military protocol hinderances that could perhaps slow people up in their preparing for duties. I would imagine that easiest for everyone. Unless you have any favorites you should wish to recommend me that you would like to just bring. I should enjoy almost anything, truly."

Persy arrives from the Hallway - Deck 3, Midships.
Persy has arrived.

Kitty nods slowly. "That's it. I caught only a very minute part of what he had said. All I could remember was his mentioning books with girls on the covers." This simplifies things for her greatly and she smiles broadly at Roubani to show her gratitude. The warning is equally appreciated as that's something that would have never dawned on her since she has yet to need to be heavily medicated. "I'll definitely keep that in mind. Thanks for pointing that out to me." Okay, the keep pile that has been left on the table has been made smaller for a second time.

Selene looks around, then nodnods. "Okay, that sounds like it would work best," she replies. "Most of my bunkmates stand evening watch still, so there won't be anybody around then."

Books with…right. Roubani glances away, gently scratching the tip of his nose with his pinky. "Well. Some of the mysteries have…women. On the covers." He supplies that lamely, then softly clears his throat. "That's very kind of you, by the way. Looking for books for him." He's standing by Kitty at one of the book stacks, talking quietly. Seriy and Selene are nearby, also having a soft conversation.

Seriy nods her head, making a mental note. "Wonderful, I look forward to it. I just returned quite a few old classics and am looking forward to something new. Thank you petty officer, it is quite kind of you. I should be leaving though, my business here is completed and I've a few matters to attend to. I shall try to come calling this evening, or the next if I'm able."

Selene simply smiles brightly and nods again. "I look forward to it, sir," she replies. "I like having others who appreciate what little I have in the way of literature."

The hatch wheel spins and the portal pops open — then in comes Persy, looking rather subdued. She's chewing her nails absently and lifts hand to wave at the gathering. "Kittycat. Rou-Rou. Seri." She tilts her head and looks at Selene a moment. "Don'tthinkIknowyoubuthi." She wanders over to the pile of books, picking up one of the ones with a woman on the cover. "Oh, wow. 'Passion's Eternal Promise.' This one's good."

Seriy nods, about to step away when Percy comes fluttering in. "Lieutenant," she replies with a friendly smile before continuing her original plan of egress. She gives Kitty a small wave as she passes, not wishing to interrupt the pair talking there.

"What," Kitty kind of wails although it's not exactly sincere, nor is it loud. "It is the only I heard. I was standing closer to Epi's bed." Her smile is back full force. "Besides, this is Dash we're talking about. I think the majority of his preferenes are woman-related in one form or another." Persy's greeting has her looking elsewhere right now and she waves. "Persy….oh, well, I wouldn't call my wanting to read to Martin 'nice', Roubani. It is, I mean, yeah. It's nice but I feel like I kind of owe it to him in a way."

"How come you owe Marty a bedtime story?" Persy wonders, reading the flipside of the paperback, as though she hasn't a thousand times before. "He'd enjoy this, though. I mean, if he was being read it by a girl." She grins slyly.

"Tanner," Roubani greets the CIC officer softly. Despite the formal use of surname, his tone is warm. As warm as he's capable of getting, anyway. "I heard something from Price not a few days ago. I must say congratulations." His lips twitch a little and he looks back at Kitty. He clears his throat very softly as the mention of Dash's preferences - not touching that. "Well. It's still a choice you've made, and if it's all the same to you I shall go on calling it 'nice'." Unless, of course, he regrets her answer to Persy's query.

Kitty turns to look at Persy, not sure how to answer that. She has already voiced her feelings of guilt over how Martin and the other injured pilots were hurt during what she sees as her having messed up ' on the job' and was told she shouldn't and she has a feeling it just might be what Persy might say as well. So instead of giving a direct response she simply shrugs and gives a soft, "For his being laid up like he is." Roubani speaks again right on the tail of her own words and she blushes, looking at him from the corner of her eye. "I can accept that." A pause. "Thanks, Poet."

Selene heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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Persy smiles and holds up her left hand, for Nadiv wiggling her fingers so the small jewels sparkle. "Thank you, honey honey." She tilts her head, though, looking at Kitty with concern. "You didn't put him there, Kittycat."

Oooooooooo a SPARKLY! Roubani's brows twitch upwards at the ring, eyes briefly squinting at it in appreciation. In more the way a cat might than a jeweller. Faint smirk, then Kitty's words tug his attention back. "Ajtai, you certainly didn't. One should say the Cylons did or, more accurately, that the gods decided his fate." His voice is quiet as he says that, and he's not joking.

Wait…what? "A ring?" Kitty's still not up on who is with whom so she looks a bit lost, her brows knitted so tight together they could almost become a sweater. "Who?" This is a much needed distraction from the subject of her guilt, that subject concluded on her part with a slight nod although she does kind of mental note toget with Roubani at some point to talk about the gods.

Willem arrives from the Hallway - Deck 3, Midships.
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"Wil. Rebound? Do you know him?" Persy beams. Kinda looks like she's swooning. Yep. She's totally in lurve. "We haven't set a date yet, but… soon." She nods happily at Kitty. "Small wedding, frakking HUGE reception."

Roubani is standing at the end of a shelf row, talking quietly to Kitty and Persy. About that there rock on Persy's finger, apparently. Kitty's confusion seems to spark a smile at the corner of his mouth that twitches on and off. "The ring is lovely," he comments, softly. "Rebound has good taste." A slight tip of his head towards Persy herself. "Clearly."

Kitty smiles, pleased as all hell. "Yeah, I know him but I'll be frakked if he ever told me…maybe I'm just dumb or blind or something. Wow. Congrats!" Leaning in, she gives Persy a hug, unable to contain her joy. Pausing, she looks around, all sneaky-like, and then she whispers something all covertly into her ear before stepping back. Nope. Nothing said. She did not just whisper into Persy's ear. Not a single word.

Persy awws over Roubani's nod to her. "I could eat you with a SPOON, you're so sweet!" She then hugs Kitty and bounces around with her — whether Kitty bounces willingly or no. Once the bouncing is done, she likewise whispers nothing to the Kitten.

Oh timing. HI THAR. The next visitor to the library has a bit of a drawn face as the hatch wheel spins a bit and slips inside. Coincidentally — Yeah. Who would that be? Yeah. It's Wil, unknowingly slipping inside a little corner of the ship where he is being apparently discussed, somewhere. Initially, though, he's all business as he pokes his way up towards the desk wearily and fumbles through his bag, returning a volume he just checked out days earlier. He's apparently getting better with punctuality. This done, he edges away from the counter. His head turns, as maybe he hears something familiar.

Cripes, they're bouncygigglingwhisperingsquee. Roubani watches the two of them the way one might keep an eye on a particularly bizarre (but cute, you have to admit deep inside) exhibit at the local zoo, unaware that Willem is wandering ever closer. "Is it going to be a chapel wedding?" He asks Persy softly. "Or done by the Commander?"

Kitty gigglesqueees and then coughs, remembmering herself; this isn't high school and Persy didn't just tell her that she's going to the prom with the school's star Pyramid player. No. This is 'serious business' here. Okay. Maybe not so serious and Kitty can't stop giggling giddily. "Thanks. Will let you know if -that- ever happens." So into Pesry and her good news, she forgets Roubani's right there with them and doesn't even notice Wil.

"We talked about that," Persy says to Roubani. "And neither of us have anything against a chapel wedding at all… but one, we figure it might not be some folks' favorite place, and two…" she grins, "I'm sort of a Colonel Cortez groupie." She claps her hands and bounces some more, nodnodding at Kitty. "I've SO got your back, sister!"

Clomp, clomp, clomp. While Wil may have not had the advanced-advanced-advanced stealth training they give you in some levels of survival school, he's not exactly stomping his feet here. It is, after all, a library which demands certain levels of courtesy. Maybe not quite like the chapel. But close enough. Speaking of Chapel, he probably heard those familiar voices and was heading in their direction, popping around a stack of books like a rather freckled ghost. Still pale as one, though. He murmurs, with a faint half-smile. "We thought it the best, yeah? Actually it was her idea." With an extended finger towards Persy. He looks towards Kitty and Roubani in turn, the expression remaining before cutting back to the blonde woman. "Hullo."

"Price," Roubani greets the man softly, taking an unconsciously polite step to the side to sort of widen the circle here. "I suppose your ears were burning."

Kitty looks up and then just laughs, Wil lucky to get a wave from her as she's too busy still reacting to the delight that Persy gifted them. It takes a while but she eventually calms down and is now offering Wil the same enthused hug she gave her a bit ago. "Shame on you for not telling me, Wil," she chides playfully. That's said with an impish grin. "Congrats, you."

Persy takes Wil's hand once he's had his hug, smiling up at him. "Hi, handsome," she says softly. Her smile is both tender and bright. "Has Homer learned to use punctuation yet?"

Well, if Wil's ears weren't burning before, Roubani is some kind of prophet. Much has been said of the man's oracular skills aboardship, this is true "Hullo, Nadiv." The half smile remains, distant as it is. And he basically gets pounced here, metaphorically as he awkwardly hugs Kitty. "I never found the right time is all. You know how it is. Timing." With a pointed look towards Persy, he adds, the smile bolstered just a little bit into a muted beam. "He has all the punctuation he needs. It's all in the translation — I was just dropping something off." This lame explanation out of the way, his shoulders just shrug. "It's a small ship, isn't it?"

Roubani watches the huggy beaming circle, a very slight but genuine smile contradicting his arms, which fold carefully into a subtly withdrawn posture. The loop of prayer beads around his left wrist pull out of his cuff, showing a few dark wooden spheres. "It is," he agrees quietly with Willem, sounding mildly amused for a moment. "I was quite surprised dear Ajtai here hadn't known about this. I expected once one in Black berthings knew, they all would. Someone is, as they say, slacking."

"I'm kind of the new kid, still. Think people are still trying to figure out if they can trust me with secrets or not." A shoulder's shrugged and she smiles, Kitty not too horribly hurt by the fact that people are still getting a feel for her. "I think I am going to grab the books and get them checked out and then see if my brother's around. See you guys later." She walks past the trio and murmurs a hushed, "Would like to talk with you soon," to Roubani before she's gone, finishing her task here.

Persy waves to Kitty. "Good night, sweet cat!" she calls, maybe a little louder than she should in a library. But Persy's just… enthusiastic that way.

"Eh. I've seen you 'round, Ajtai. Guess I will see you around too." He notes as the ECO starts to vacate. He still avoids using her callsign for whatever reason. "It's not a secret. Just, you know. Timing." A pointed look to Roubani as if addressing him too. "I think gossip would have been a bit broken up lately considering all that's happened." By contrast, he is much, much quieter than Persy. Other than slightly still-red ears though. he seems generally at ease with the situation, giving her another smile. Oh noes, he's gotten used to her!

"The opposite," Roubani remarks, quietly. "I think the human need for good news increases exponentially with the appearance of troubling things." He glances at Kitty's departing back as though there were some meaning there.

HAS Wil gotten used to her? Let's see. "Where d'you think we're going to sleep once we're married?" Persy asks, curiously. "I mean, we'll be sharing a berthing, of course, but — you know. We'll be having a LOT more sex. I'm not sure the general population's going to want to deal."

With a sidelong glance towards Roubani, Wil's forehead just wrinkles deeply. "See, that's. I don't know. I've felt sort of guilty, like I've been rubbing this in peoples' faces. I look at people who've lost families and gods know what else and feel like I'm somehow getting away with something." His voice is just a touch melancholic and more than a bit unsteady. That is somewhat banished when Persy speaks though, and he turns red AGAIN. Oh snap. "That's normal, isn't it? Uh. See. If this were a full-sized ship. You know. But." More red. "I haven't thought ahead to that, honestly. I just think about landing. It probably helps keep me from crashing out there."

Roubani doesn't seem put off by Willem's answer. If anything there's a brief and very subtle flicker of compassion in the young man's dark eyes. Though if he had anything further to say, it's promptly lost. There's a very clunky moment where he doesn't quite seem to know what to do, then he gently scratches the tip of his nose and looks down, then politely at the shelf. That passes for giving them privacy, right? Sha.

Persy deflates a bit, returning to chewing her thumbnail — the same pensive mood in which she entered. "I'm sorry, baby," she whispers. It sounds like a catch-all… there's too much to be sorry for, too many things to regret. Lost lives, survivor's guilt, the looming presence of death. And being entirely helpless to comfort someone you love. "I wish there were something I could do."

Looking towards Roubani, Wil's eyes narrow faintly. Maybe something in the other man's gaze is caught. At least he nods. In fact, he nods towards Persy too, his pale face inclining to one side. "You do enough. Don't think you don't." He murmurs. "Sorry. I don't mean to bring the party down a few notches. Sometimes it just happens." Clearing his throat, he amends, awkwardly with a slight tap on the woman's shoulder that lingers a good bit past familiarity. "I used to be the guy trying to convince the frat boy at the party to wear the lampshade, if that sheds any light on who I was." This is delivered a little unsteadily, but sincerely enough. It's punctuated by a bit of a laugh.

"Puns are truly our Price to pay," Roubani says, with absolutely no malice. He actually /did/ come in here to find a book and this is bordering on the right section, so he tugs down one that looks sort of right and glances at the cover. There's a glance back at the two of them, a hesitation, then indulged curiosity, cautiously. "May I ask what the story is behind that ring?"

Persy blinks. It's obviously never occurred to her to wonder about the ring. Where it came from — whether he'd traded for it or… why would he have it. She tilts her head and looks at Wil.

"Nice one." Wil initially quips at Roubani, catching the pun, as it were. He reacts to this initially, as he smiles a little bit for a few moments. After ruminating on this, that expression fades slightly and yeah, the fact that he really has never elaborated much on its origin to either person here has not escaped him, it would seem. A fraction of a head-turn towards from Nadiv to Persy and he just clears his throat. "Um. Yeah. You may. I suppose I could just say I stole it from Rabbit, like the man has a bloody collection." It -is- Hale, and for all Wil knows, the guy's a player and probably has a whole case of them in his locker for the right occasion. But that's not what happened here as he is about to reveal. Expression straightening, he just comes clean. "I had that lying around a long time ago. Turned out it ended up unwanted. I don't know why I didn't get rid of it, to be honest. I had to borrow money to buy the bloody thing on Tauron and it just -sat- there like a reminder I didn't want in my locker. Then suddenly I realized it had a real use." For a second his glance towards the diminutive woman is slightly apologetic, abashed. Even if still -quite- warm. "I had real problems with deciding whether it was appropriate. Got some advice, but ultimately the decision was mine to make. So I decided if -anyone- left alive should have something like this — it was…" He trails off, indicating with a pointed jut of his chin at Persy.

Roubani slides the book into the crook of his arm as Willem starts to speak, temporarily forgetting about it. When the man finishes, his expression's softened a fraction from the solemnity it usually has but he doesn't speak right away, eyes shifting subtly to Persy. Seems the right of way goes to her for this poignant moment.

"Baby…" Persy smiles at Wil, shaking her head a little. She takes his hand, kissing it. "So it took a while to find me." She grins. "So did you." And her other hand reaches up to rest tenderly along his jaw. "That makes it perfect."

Well. That was easy. Wil just shrugs his shoulders a little bit as some of the nervousness fades. "Hey. It's classy, at least. Besides, I guess I don't have to worry about the pending credit balance anymore." He says, more than a little awkwardly as he lights up. Eyeing Roubani a moment as he was indeed the man who asked the question with a half-smile, he leans on Persy a little, as they share this little moment, apparently unbothered that there is an audience. And then he just glances over at her with one of those looks that is -quite- understated, still smiling. "I think that's one of the things I'm learning from all this. 'Perfect' is just what you make do with. It's like flying. If you overthink what you do, it can turn out a disaster." His lips purse a little bit as he amends, half-jokingly, "I suppose I should have found a way to resize the thing but I don't think the ship needs me handling any kind of torch." Leave that stuff to the deckhands and snipes, yo.

Oh. Well. Yannoooooo. Roubani glances at Persy's finger, considering. "If you would, it wouldn't be difficult…would like it resized, I mean. I'd just need a finger measurement." The offer's made carefully, if though he weren't sure if it were proper to make or not. "If you wanted to see how it's done, you might come along as well. It's a lovely piece. And lovelier story…I'm so happy for you." It's not trite. The words come out almost in a soft burst.

"We love you, too," Persy says to Roubani, softly smiling. It's not preceded by her usual awwww! — no squirming or squee. Which makes it the most solemn and sincere of Persyisms. Furthermore, she seems perfectly comfortable speaking for her other half on this point. "And… I think we'd like that." Yeahp. She's totally comfy declaring Wil's love for the Poet, but less so committing him to a lesson in ring resizing. Go fig.

"I was going to say. It's your decision to make, Persephone. I gave it to you." Wil says with a tilt of his head towards the woman, a bit perpexledy at first. It's not hesitant, not awkward, and quite willing. Just — well, surprised. Like this concept sort of blindsided him. "I guess how these things are perfected. I'd owe you again, Nadiv." He says with a certain degree of humbled gratitude.

Roubani opens his mouth at Persy, and then shuts it once realising he has no idea what to say to that. Slight blush, and back to rings! He makes a politely dismissive motion with his hand at Willem. "You don't even owe me a first time. Tanner, just find me at berthings tomorrow and I will get a size on it. And should you need anything else that engineering can humbly do for you before the wedding, simply let me know. We do also have people that sew and whatnot."

Persy nods happily. "I'll do that." And blinks. "Wow. Sewing. I hadn't thought of that. I can't wear white." Holy crow, she's a traditionalist?? "Red, maybe? That's supposed to be a lucky color." She's looking to Wil for input, here. OH NOES!

"Details." Wil's head looks a bit hurt at this but it's probably not the worst kind of hurt. "Eh. You always seem to look good in red. Or blue." His smile flickers a bit brighter as he shifts to something that's probably, in the grand scheme of the universe and the flagging human race's trials, a bit of a trifle. It's important enough to him to comment as though it is something weighty, though. "I don't know. What do -you- think?" Towards Lt. Roubani, he dips his head. "Expect something in return, all the same. It's etiquette. Civilization was born on cooperation and favors and I'd expect that if we were preserving things like we once said, I'd like to preserve this, Nadiv. It's nothing. Really." This little dance of etiquette continues.

Roubani acquieses for conversation's sake, with a gesture towards Willem - a very slight bow of his head accompanied by a thoroughly noncommittal tip back and forth. The Sagittaron head bobble, you could say. No doubt he'll pick up the refusing later. The chatting about colours sparks an amused twitch of his lip.

Persy chews her thumbnail. "Maybe pink. Pink's a good compromise between red and white—" she looks up at Wil, anxiously. "Do you want me to wear white?"

"Whatever you feel is appropriate." Wil simply gives the woman's shoulder a soft squeeze again. "Honestly. Uh. Pink? I don't know where one would find that on the ship." He doesn't seem -hugely- enthused by that choice of color but comes up short of outright vetoing it. "Think back to what you would have envisioned back home," He ventures, taking another approach, it would seem. "Tell me if that seems reasonable now."

Willem clears his throat, peering between the two. Maybe if Roubani has any ideas. Yeah. Really.

Persy laughs. "Jumpin' Bacchae. I never once thought of getting married when I was back home. I thought about partying, drinking, getting laid and scoring blow." She nods.

Roubani catches Willem's look. Uh. His eyebrow gets a gentle scratch with his ring finger. "I am used to brides wearing red," he offers, uncertainly. "But I hardly think anyone here will mind any colour. Granted…the dyes we'd have available are a bit limited. Perhaps I should give you a list of what we /could/ theoretically do and you might go from there." There. Logic.

"Yeah. We were different back then, weren't we? I figured I'd be embedded somewhere in some war zone getting most of my writing censored neatly by some news agency as I beat my head against the wall. I recall -someone- looking good in black, though." Rebound says demurely as he gives Persy a gentle, but pointed nudge and a look(tm) to match. This liberates the conversation from the specter of pink. Perhaps right now the idea of pink kitties is spinning on someone's head, but if there -are- Gods watching over us all, it's not serious. Wil coughs a little, gratefully. "Red -would- work. But maybe we should continue the motif of seeing what's available to us. It's worked -so- far." With a nod at the engineering officer.

Persy nods eagerly at Nadiv. "That'd be wonderful. Thank you." She grins sidelong at Wil, looking inexplicably besotted at the mention of his she looks in black. "But I'm not wearing black to a wedding. Especially my own."

"Good, then." Roubani shifts the book in his arm again, prayer beads on his wrist making a very soft clack as two bump each other. "I should be going for now," he remarks quietly. "The two of you be well, alright?"

"It was an aside." Wil confesses, a bit lamely to Persy as he turns his head. "It -is- getting late. Um. Something else I wanted to bring up, but I don't think now's really appropriate. It can wait until I'm on-duty." The elder lieutenant says towards Roubani pleasantly enough. There's a bit of hesitation there. "Thorn can fill you in, too." He looks between the two and there's a slight apologetic cast to his expression. It's one of those, 'I'll explain later' glances that is actually shot to both parties, indicating Persy will get an explanation too.

Persy curls herself around Wil's arm and rests her head against him, giving a kittenish (PINK!) yawn. "Good night, RouRou."

Roubani tips his head slightly at Will, acknowledgment and curiosity in the same gesture. "Alright. Have a good night." As much as one can these days, anyway. He flickers both of them a faint smile and turns to slip out of the stacks with his book prize.

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