Summary: SIM Training, Cafeteria Fun, Zombies, and another Puppydog Priest moment.
Date: PH 35 (May 24th, 2009)
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Poet sits in his bunk quietly drawing a picture (sorry I lost the pose - Tinman)

Castor comes in from Vampire shift. He is still dressed in his duty uniform and apparently has just walked in. He wishes he had a cigar right about now however he has to ration these things. So to get his mind off of the cigar he stops and looks over at the Roubani and he notices the prayer beads however, he instead says, "What are you drawing their Poet?"

Nothing much going on in her own neck of the woods, Kassia decides to see if Viper pilot land is any more exciting. She steps through the door, just after Castor, giving him friendly smile she goes over to the table and sits down. A few of the other pilots nod at her and before long she's deep in coversation with a few of them. Their voices low to not distrube the praying Roubani.

Castor looks over at Kassia and realizes that he hasn't had the chance to speak very often with Kassia. He then moves over to the table seeing as how it seems Roubani is lost in thought at the moment and he takes a seat, "Flash, how are things today?" He then shifts his weight slightly as he wishes he had a stiff drink right about now.

Kassia smiles up at the other pilot and nods her head. "I'm pretty sore, sir. Was in the games room last night Dancing with Kissybear." She laughs softly. "Worked my legs off he did." She sips at the water bottle she brought with her. "How about yourself?"

Castor stands for a moment and moves to his locker where he pulls out something rare, well, these days - a bottle of soda. He then grabs two tin mugs and he takes a seat. Sure the soda is warm but it is soda none the less. He takes his seat cracks the bottle open and pours two cups of sugary goodness. He slides one of the mugs over to Kassia, "I heard….topless dancing according to Matto." He says with an amused look, "The rest of us were in here jawing about cold showers and the lack of children or the regs not permitting them." He leaves off the part where he called the Padre out for drinking during condition two.

It would be a strange religion where one drew in order to pray. Roubani glances up as Castor goes by. The look to his beads, however, is caught, and he seems to withdraw again. Some days you're just not in the mood for people's ridicule. "Nothing, sir." The drawing on his page is of the room they're all sitting in, or at least appears to be. It's highly detailed.

Kassia smiles up at the other pilot and nods her head. "I'm pretty sore, sir. Was in the games room last night Dancing with Kissybear." She laughs softly. "Worked my legs off he did." She sips at the water bottle she brought with her. "Lets find em some fresh air, and a planet to run wild on. I couldn't image bring a child into this enviorment." She looks at him apologetic. "And what you mean regs now allowing em, you mean us women aren't allowed to get knocked up?" She feels that is strange, considering their situation, just cause she doesn't want kids doesn't mean everyone doesn't. She glance briefly over to Roubani then back at Castor.

Kassia shakes her head slowly. "It was a sight for sore eyes I'll tell you," She says with a laugh. "I think he scared the Marine XO, and Ajax." She then considers his next words. "Cold showers aren't as bad thing and as for kids….Lets find em some fresh air, and a planet to run wild on. I couldn't image bring a child into this enviorment." She looks at him apologetic. "And what you mean regs now allowing em, you mean us women aren't allowed to get knocked up?" She feels that is strange, considering their situation, just cause she doesn't want kids doesn't mean everyone doesn't. She glance briefly over to Roubani then back at Castor.

Castor looks over at Roubani and says, "It's a good drawing, Poet." His tones are true and honest. Castor might growl at Priests but he won't jump on people for showing their religious devotion, ignore their actions maybe, but not jump on them for it. He then looks over at Kassia, "Not saying you should or your required to, I'm just saying we have a ship full of people where frakking is not permitted so you get a ship full of…well you get the idea. So, women can't get knocked up and men can't help." He takes a sip from his soda. "Yeah, he is Kissy is a character all right and I'm glad we've got him on board."

Roubani's pencil keeps scratching gently against the paper. The sketch is from his exact POV right at the moment, showing the walls and bunks and part of the lockers he's facing. Instead of being straight drawn, though, each part of the sketch is actually words - the drawn bunks are made from the word 'bunk' written repeatedly, scrunched for shading and wrapped for contour. Same with 'lockers', 'wall', 'floor', and everything else. Some parts are just left white. He seems to be being very cautious not to put his opinion of the conversation onto his face.

Kassia raises an eyebrow. "Not that I'm too concerned about that lack of frakking never done it myself but…How can they tell people not to do the most basic human instint." She looks a little preplexed about that but shrugs. "Well I guess if there's no conterception then perhaps it's a good idea, or we'd be knee deep in ankle biters." She grins. "Cute as they are, they can't really help run a war ship." she sips at the Soda, and hmms softly. "Came here looking for someone to hit the sims with, wanted to keep my hand in on the Viper stick." She says absently glancing around the room of pilots. "Anyone interested?"

Castor doesn't really reflect but he says earnestly, "Yeah, but we need children we need to have children, if for nothing other than the survival of the human race. That and I think it would be fun to be a Dad. I'd totally teach my kid to fly." He then changes tracks, "Right, piloting, that could be interesting, I've been running the sims doing bother Raptor and Viper work. So, if you really need work I can throw in some sim time if you want Flash, I mean, turn about is fair play." He takes a sip of his soda as well taking time to enjoy it." He looks up at Roubani, "Poet are you in?" He asks.

Roubani looks up from the drawing, first to Kassia and then to Castor. The latter is still receiving a definite vibe of caution, as though he expected the invitation to turn into mocking laughter at any moment. "Not right now, sir, but thank you. I've got CAP soon."

Kassia nods her head slowly at Castor. "I don't agree with you there, I do not think I'd make a good mother and I haven't meet anyone I like enough to." she grins. "Well you know make one with…But if you want to help with the human race, good for you I hope your knee deep in em one day Tinman." She says meaning it in the kindest way possible. "You can have my quota." She laughs softly then looks at Poet, she tilts her head to one side. "I think he's drawing right now, but if you wanna stay here and chat we can hit the sims later I was just seeing if anyone would bite you know." She says, then takes a few moments to drink and smoke at her cigar.

Castor takes a sip of his soda wish he had a cigar but he is will save his. He did trade for a box of crappy ones though he will wait for now. "I'd make a great Dad…well, I'd have to drink less but it would be worth it." He then smiles at the thought of it all, "Knee deep in kids, that'd be nice." He then gives a goofy grin, "Well, I bit didn't I?"

Roubani remains quiet, sketching. Writing. Sketchwriting, as it seems this particular art should be called. His expression isn't disapproving of the conversation, just a little distant.
Kassia slowly stands up and grins. "Well if your bitting I'mm real you in and blow you to bits." She glances at Roubani. "We'll leave you in peace now, join us if you feel like it later. We haven't spoke in a while." She then looks at Tinman. "Ready when you are."

Castor downs his cup of soda and then stands, "I'm always ready to fly." He looks over at Poet and says to the Ensign, "It still is a good drawing." His voice is supportive and honest.

The scence shifts to the Sims room panning through the room the camera ends looking at the door.

The battleship gray walls in this room are barely visible at all despite it being even larger than the Ready Room. Numerous posters, whiteboards, viewing screens, file cabinets and metal lockers adorn most of these outside edges of this room. The floor, unlike the ready room, is done in the standard steel that the rest of the ship is but the paint on it has been worn and left untended through the high-traffic areas. Near the entrance, it would be readily apparent that this room has become an impromptu hangout for the pilots. A trio of small tables has been set-up in here with the accompanying chairs. Decks of cards can be found scattered around on top of the nearby lockers while a small sink counter is generally home to a line of clean glasses and a stack of plates.
However, dominating the room past the tables are the simulators. Four Viper cockpits, including the outside skin and plexiglass canopy, have been pre-fabbed from plastic polymers and bolted into the floor in the rear of the room, each divided from the other by a thick black curtain. The white skin of a pair of Mark Two's and the gray of a pair of Mark Sevens have been worn down in various areas and tell to years of use and abuse. A trio of large liquid crystal screens create a one-hundred twenty degree view of the simulated world before each individual pilot. The entire set-up is controlled from a pair of workstations behind them which have a perfect view of each Viper's screens.

Kassia walks along to the sims next to Castor her mind thinkibg over their conversation. "So you got a mummy for kids then?" She asks, going to set up the first of the two similators.

Castor grins, "I thought you were in here to learn how to fly a Viper, nugget." He then adds jokingly, "Because if you want to fly in the sims as a viper jock you are a nugget. Trust me, I got called a nugget when I started with Raptor sim training." He then takes looks at one of the ensigns running the room. "We are here for viper training. Set the sim for us please Ensign." He then asks, "Today a Viper Mark two, a beautiful piece of machinery. She has a Voram VM2-D15 upper turbo-thrust engine, a two Voram VM3-D22 turbo-thrust engines, two reverse thrust motors, and an RCS point. She is armed with two MEC-A6 30mm Thraxon forward-firing kinetic energy weapons mounted in the wing roots with an eighthundred round magazine, Dorsal storage bay for eight HD-70 Lightning Javelin missiles or an optional 50 megaton nuclear warhead. She also has weapon hardpoints for mounting missiles and munitions pods under her wings. Finally, she can rotate 180 degrees vertically in .35 seconds so you have to be ready for the sudden flip."

Kassia leans against one of the pods and nods her head. "I'm going to try and get transfered over to you guys, I should have opted for Viper training in the first place. I got all the basics while in training I can fly one but I can't fly if you get what I mean." She says nodding at the Ensign. "And yeah they have a nice set up, very manuverable and fly like a charm." She goes to place on one of the helmets and switch her Radio to the fequency they can both chat privately.

comes back a moment later from the ensign, "This is acctual you are cleared to launch Tinman." Then from Castor's perspective the Viper launches.

Castor picks up his helmet, he then moves to his sim and shuts the door, as he does he seals himself in the viper sim. He says into his helmet com, "Tinman to acctual, requesting permission to fly out and kick some ass." The response comes back a moment later from the ensign, "This is acctual you are cleared to launch Tinman." Then from
From Castor's perspective the Viper launches.

Kassia also gets herself sealed into her cockpit. "Actual this is Flash, request permission to launch my board is green." She also gets permission to launch and goes to follow after Castor, she playfully spins her Viper a few times. "I'd love to do that with a Raptor, but I think I'd hit my head on the ceiling." She giggles with delight then says. "What's the mission profile Tinman."

Castor says, "We are too fly CAP for a mining ship and protect it from any form of attack. You are my wingman for this one." He says in cool, almost unearthly cool and calm tones, he got the name Tinman for showing almost no emotion when flying and he has kept to his reputation." He begins flying his Viper toward an old mining vessel that looks like three large red dinner connected to each other. "Flash, how is your stick handling today?" He says as he is now roughly half way to the vessel.

Kassia nods her head slowly her as she's told the mission. "Oh she's handling nicely, I got gentle hands so this stick will be handles with perfection." She turns her head to grin at him, then does another barral roll laughing playfully. She can't help it after he's being so serious. "Who's normally your wingman, or do you guys change em around alot?"

In mid barrel roll the DRADIS goes off and there four Raiders suddenly appear. They appear just above Kassia.

Tinman says through his headset, "Flash, set DRADIS and call it in." His voice is again icy calm. If he was caught suprise by the Raiders above him it doesn't show.

Kassia eyes widen and she mutters darkly as four appear on her screen. "I guess I did dance of teh Raiders." She rights herself and locks onto the nearest target, it takes her a few moments to lock on target, when she's got a clear shot she takes it. "I got four of em, boss and I'm about to make it three, going for the far right one." She says. "Should let you get a clear shot on the center one."

Tinman begins moving his Viper into position, "Tinman to Acctual, I've got four Cylon hostiles. Permission to engage?" The response comes back from Acctual, "This is Kharon Acctual you are free to engage."

Kassia hmms softly as she watches her shot go off. "I guess I jumped the gun a little there." She says. "Raiders, why ask permission, they all need frakking killing." She mutters, watching her little points of light go towards the enermy.

Tinman doesn't bother piloting given how close the Raiders are but Kassia's shot deffiently got their attention. He then takes careful aim, he isn't looking at the targeting computer as much as he is eyeballing it. He guns by feel rather than with any kind of assistance. He says, "We ask for permission Flash because we need to let command know what we are doing. We stick to the protocol. Remember that Viper nugget." Again, it is hard to gauge any emotion from Tinman as he is flying with Flash as his wingman.

Kassia gives a little mutter as she barely scratches the paint on the oncoming raider. "Oh frak, I think I made him mad." She says going to manuver her fighter out of the way. "I was just warming up." She adds to herself. "That's my miss out of the way the rest…Easy." She hopes, as she pulls a worried face. "Aye sir." She mutters, going to roll out of teh line of fire and set herself up for another shot.

An Ensign watches from his screen as he runs the sim. It is clear to see that Castor's shot missed wild.

The Raiders break their attack on the Mining Vessel and turn to move on to the pair of Vipers. They look angry as four red rolling eyes seem to be starring straight at Tinman and Flash.

Kai enters the simulators in uniform this afternoon, and clutching a clipboard under one arm. Official business, likely; either that, or he's here to check up on a certain pair of pilots. His eyes are drawn to Castor first, then Kassia, then down to the signup sheet by the door.

Tinman pilots his Viper to follow along with Flash. He says into the intercom "Stay close to your wingman at all times Flash. Breaking off leads to us getting dead." He then aims and takes one last shot before the Cylons get closer than he would like. The four Raiders are fast and coming in with all the anger of a bear that has been woken up early during the winter.

Kassia rolls her eyes as the second of their shots go wide. "I think that Engine, is playing us." She mutters darkly. "Cause this had to be on something way harder then usual I aint this shitty with a stick." She eeps then has her Viper is rocked by a few impacts. "Awww man, riddiculed and yelled at by the LOS." She says imagine what their home coming will be like. She stays close to her lead, breing around her viper to shoot atthe Toasters, she's determind not to miss this time.

From Viper 108 a volley of shots fly out, to a child they may look like pretty little lights coming from a shiny Mark two. Two a Raider it looks like metal death which hits one of the Raiders in its rolling red eye. A moment later there is an explosion. "Tinman to acctual, scratch one Raider."

Kassia rolls her Viper, around as the shots go off, making her line up for another or easily escape if needed. She also seems to blast one into a million pieces no battle crys follow just simple relief that there's one less to worry about. "Flash, tow down two to go….Shall we tinman?" She asks, as her viper targetting system makes a lock on one of the last two. The presence of Kai is not noicted, as of yet.

The board has the names of both Castor and Kassia. The Ensign says into an intercom, "Acctual to Tinman, good job." He then looks over at Kai, "They came in a while back, Captain." He says, "Flash has been training with Vipers some and the Jig came to fly with her." He then adds, "You have Viper pilots flying Raptor sims and Raptor pilots flying Viper sims…" He then takes a moment, "Then again it is the end of the world so why not, sir."

Kai gives a short nod to the Ensign manning the station, then directs his attention back to the pair in the cockpits. Any further judgement is likely going to be reserved for the pilots themselves.

The Raiders are flying straight toward the Vipers, two to two, it would seem the numbers are even now and the Raiders fire back, and, without a little bit of luck the Vipers are going to be in trouble.

Tinman's viper apartently suffers from a violent system shutdown for no aparent reason leaving him drifting in space as the bullets of a Raider rip through his Viper destroying it. Tinman responds, "Tinman to acctual, If you are hearing this message I'm dead, give my booze to Kai and Jupiter, give my porn to Roubani, and put bunny stickers on Mudguts and Dash's helmets. Oh and I'm a ghost now so I'll be watching you."

Kassia is about to turn and fire when she sees Tinman's Viper blast into peices. "Rest in peace, Daddy." She says though she can't help but grin a little, she too will be a gonner now. "Hmmm." She mutters, going to manuver away from the Vipers, only to be struck herself. "Why Tinman." She cries jokingly. "What did you not leave me anything….?" She's then flying around. "Well lets see if they like to play chicken." She set herself up to ram into the nearest one. "Flash to mining ship, jump out I repeat jump out now, your guard is down." she then goes to ramming speed and crashs into the nearest one.

Kai shifts his focus from Castor's viper, to Kassia's, once the bell sounds to indicate the simulation is over for the Lieutenant. Maybe he's curious to see what the raptor pilot will do now.

One of the Raiders moves into attack but it apparently on chips paint from Flash's viper. A moment later the second raider takes its shot and the sim ends. Two dead pilots but the FTL drives on the old mining vessel had enough time to spool up and jump away. Two dead heros.

Kassia starts to laugh softly in her POD as the lights come back up and the hatch pops. "Oh that was too much fun." She says of course not really taking it seriously. "I lasted longer then you did." She says bantering to Castor, shestands up hands on the canopy…It's then she spots Kai and her laughter dies down, how long as he been watching she can only guess. A nod of her head, is given to the captain with a smart salute following. "Sir." She says, trying very hard not to laugh. That was a blast for the young woman.

Castor gets out of his sim, the Tinman is at rest and Castor has returned, "It is fun but it isn't a video game. This is real training, next time stay closer to your wingman." He frowns, "And I shouldn't have poured so hard on the offense." His voice is kind and he adds all jokey, "As for lasting longer than me, you didn't suffer a massive power outage for no frakking reason." When he hears the sir he stands up straight throwing a salute. "Sir."

Kai returns the salutes from both pilots crisply, and starts across the room with a brisk report of bootheels, so he can approach the pair in their vipers. "Afternoon, Lieutenant. Ensign. How'd your run go?" Which is an odd question, since he could see very well how it went, from where he was.

Kassia nods her head slowly. "I'm not use to the Vipers either, I'm over compensating on the manuvers because I'm use to a heavier ship." She says holding out her arms playfully so Castor or Kai can swing her down, though she suspects it won't be the later. "And yeah, I know about the wing thing, guess I'm too set in my ways." She smiles softly at Kai. "Well, we're both dead kicking back in what ever after life our gods have decided for us. Me personally think the crafty Ensign over there, programed it way, way to hard." She grins over at the Ensign in the control booth. He gives her a sheepish grin. "But perhaps that's as well, keeps us on our toes."

Castor offers his hand to Kassia and indeed swings the woman down, reactive one Leda is both socially and physyically. "Well Captain, I focused to much on offense and not enough on the stick. By the time I was worried about piloting I had a sudden massive power failure." He then adds, "Though the Ensign did well, she managed to take out one Raider, sir." He looks over at the Engsin at the control both who looks at both of the pilots and touches his finger to his nose as he looks at the pilots. Hard to say if that means, 'Yes I did' or 'You'll never know.'

Kai doesn't offer to help Kassia down, but it might only be because Castor's already doing the favour. "Good," he tells the other viper jock, twitching a small smile. "Acknowledging your mistakes is the only way you'll fix them." There's a glance to the Ensign at the booth, and then Kassia. "You didn't do too badly, from what I saw. They're entirely different beasts."

Kassia places her hands on Castors shoulders giving him a wink as she's placed on the ground, she lets go and goes to face Kai. "Was good pratice sir, and like I said more use to the Raptor then Viper. I'll need a little more pratice." She says rocking back and forth on her heels as she speaks with the Captain, she's full of active energy this one never able to stand still. "Was fun though, if I'm allowed to use that term."

Castor winks back it is playfull and a return of the favor but it doesn't carry anything else to it. He then says to Kai, "Well, I try to do my best, sir. I've got big shoes to fill." Most likely his dead brother, though this isn't a widely known fact. He then takes a moment to look at Kassia, "To answer your question, I haven't been assigned a wingman yet. Though, it will happen in time. For now I just focus on keeping my fellow pilots alive. Remember this if nothing else. Viper pilots work together, it is why we joke around so much off duty and why we run thick as thieves we have to trust each other. In the Raptor's you get a ECO and jam for our sorry asses while avoiding fire. It is a different kind of relationship."

"So long as you can keep up with whatever training Captain Legacy requires of you, and it doesn't conflict with my own pilots' requirements for sim time," Kai explains to Kassia. He's a little abrupt, but it's probably just his way; there's no malice in his tone. "I'm going to be rectifying that soon, Tinman. There'll probably be a briefing in the next few days." Regarding his wing assignment, presumably.

Kassia nods her head understandingly. "We're all in this together after all no matter what our job is." She says softly, she'll tease and make fun of the pilots as much as the next person but at the end of the long day they really are all one. "I don't have an ECO myself being still a Rock, hopefully will get one soon, or I might see about moving into Red Squad, not sure yet." She looks at Kai. "Still need to talk to my Captain, and of course see what command says, might be needed more in Black then Red…Though personally I think I look better in Red." She grins impishly.

Castor says to Kai, "No worries, sir. I'm kind of enoying the rotating wingman on Vampire Shift during CAP." He turns to Kassia, "Black, red, at the end of the day we keep each other alive. Like I said, on Aquaria we are all family. So, if you're on a ship that is your family."

Kai glances down to the clipboard in his hand, then back up to Kassia, expression unchanging. "That'll be up to Captain Legacy, the CAG and myself. You can put in a request, though I don't see the need to deprive the Captain of a pilot trained on the raptors." There's a glance to Castor, and a slight nod. "I'll keep that in mind. The CAG's currently reviewing CAP schedules, and I'd prefer to put people on the shifts they're most comfortable in."
Kassia nods her head as she leans against the POD. "And in the mean time, I'll carry on in the sims in my free time, which this is." She says mildly eyeing Kai up, she's never really been comfortable around him. He's too stiff and formal for her, but her policy is get on with everyone. "I think we deserve a drink about this Castor, how about a coffee…Wonder if we can get out of…We are dead after all." she says with a grin.

Castor says. "Well, I'll work any shift you want, Captain." Funny how that works off duty its Cap on duty it is Captain. "I will work with anyone you assign me with as well. I belong to the fleet, sir." He then looks at Kai, "With your permission sir, I'd like to help train Flash whenever she puts time on the SIMs. Like you said, sir, it will help me practice on my piloting skills and it might help the Ensign cross train." He then looks over at Kassia for a moment and her offer of coffee but he waits for the Captain to respond.

Kai's policy, on the other hand, seems to be to take a stick and shove it as far up his ass as it'll go. He barely even blinks under the young woman's scrutiny, though by the way he's watching her, it's most certainly reciprocated. Nodding once in acknowledgement, he turns briefly to answer Castor, "You're welcome to do whatever you like, in your off time. But if Lieutenant Valasche or one of her students come in for scheduled time, I want your asses out of here. Both of you. Understood?"

Kassia sighs softy at Kai's remark. "Of course sir, we understand the regs." She says only slightly annoyed at being treated like that are nothing but children. "I'm well, aware that these sims are for training, you can ask the Ensign there we checked how long until the next session before we booked in." She'll shove the stick up even more if she has to might come out the other end. She glances at Castor. "Hey nice idea, if Captain here says it's cool then why not. Not like I got anything else to do, other they play video games and read." She isn't want to frakk around on her free time.

Castor throws up a salute, he unlike Kassia seems to be comfortable with Kai, he is Pappabear after all and Leda knows it. "Thank you sir, and I will make sure that anytime spent on the sims will not interfere with regular instruction." He looks at Kassia, "Well, Viper Nugget, we've got work to do." He says with a serious look that suddenly ends in a grin. He then looks over at Kai, "Permission for two dead pilots to get a cup of coffee seeing as how the hooch is out right now, sir?"

Okay, maybe there is something human under all that ice. The corners of Kai's eyes crease ever so slightly when Castor speaks, and the salute is returned once more. "That's all I ask, Lieutenant. Permission granted; you two have a good afternoon." Kassia is given a polite nod as well, and then he's turning to make his way out. Mission, presumably, accomplished.

Kassia catches that little crease and she can't help but give Kai a little smile. "Hmmm, sir I think I saw you attampt a smile." She says going to move towards the door, she waits for Castor and says matter of factly towards the Captain. "Though, the cold ass look is kinda hot." And with that word of wisdem she's out.

Castor watches as Kassia leaves and then says, "Thank you for giving a frak, sir." He intones with an honest and serious tone.

Kai doesn't answer that, as he's halfway to the door. But he does pause, and smile, before stepping out.

The camera follows as the two pilots make their way through the ship as they stop in the mess hall.

Next to Hangar Bay One, this is probably the largest room on the ship in terms of available square footage. Its expanse has to feed the entire crew of the Kharon three times a day and still be able to offer snacks to those who need something between meals. The kitchen is almost constantly in operation to produce the next meal while huge coffee urns operate near the end of the room, fresh mugs ready to fulfill the needs of the masses.
The typically gray walls of the ship are broken up in here with a neutral shade of gull white that might be an attempt to shift atmosphere of the ship. Long tables span rows that go back through the room with a few circular tables at the rear which offer a more private setting. The serving counter is near the Fore end of the room, the long counter passing by numerous serving platters.

[Intercom] Cortez says, "Attention all Hands!"

The two pilots make their way to the mess in search of some sort of beverage and possibly food. The hall smells of food, people, and a hint of bleach from all of the cleaning. Today's special is mystery meat, noodles, and a small bowl of mixed vegetables or a mystery meat sandwich and vegetables.

From the intercom the following message is heard:

"Attention All Hands!

Surrounding the attacks on PHD023, a suspicion was confirmed that a destructive virus has infected the Kharon's main database, disrupting code that controlled every function of the ship. Previously, this virus was thought to be primarily in the Mark Seven Vipers. It is unclear where the virus originated, or how far it spread in the current code. Engineering, with the aid of Ensign Nadiv Roubani from air-wing and the Deck Chief, PO 1st Class Mersades Fenix, were able to analyze the data in the end, have rolled the Kharon back to an older version of the code and have removed the new integrated functions that were exploited by the virus.

This means that anything that was previously regulated across the entire ship will have to be done manually. We're trading in the bells and whistles for security. That means our environmental systems will be archaic, so your berthings may be ten degrees hotter and the mess hall will be ten degrees colder. That means our convenient electronic data transfer system is no longer functional, and memos will have to be passed by hand. Yes, the wireless intercom is still functional. CIC will no longer be able to monitor security locks on high clearance areas, so manual locks and paper logs are being installed.

If you have any questions, please march them up the chain of command and report any serious malfunctions immediately to your commanding officer. That is all."

Kassia walks into the mess hall kinda thoughtful. "I don't think he likes me." She says going to get her meal, she turns towards Castor, her tray in her hands. "Over there looks pretty empty." She says going to walk to a secluded table. "Or is he always that, needs a lay badly type of mood."

Castor listens as Cortez explains how everything is going back to an archaic mode and how there may be temperature changes. He also winces as the term virus is used. "Holy Frak!" He says, "That is some kind of crazy as news." He looks at Kassia and moves to a table taking a seat, "Well that is news."

Kassia nod her head slowly as she sits down. "Yeah." She mutters forgetting about the stick up his ass Captain. "Damn, this can't be good how the frak did they let something like this happen." She digs into her meal and sitting in silence for a few moments.

Castor looks over at Kassia and says, "Hey, listen, this is good news. It means that Poet, Fenix, and the ChEng saved us." He gives a small laugh, "Which is a good thing. I've got to thank them all later." He tears into his meal he went to the noodles option. He attempts to distract Flash, "So, are you okay with Captain Marek?"

Kassia nods her head slowly at Castor. "We got a good bunch of folks here, I can't say there's much we can't do once we place our collective minds to it." She says softly then shakes her head. "I'm not sure, he's interesting, very strict yet I can't help but wonder." She shrugs, she's not attractive to him in a sense of wanting to be intimtate, more a what's under the surface. "Is he seeing anyone?" She wonders. "Maybe he needs to if not, kinda feels like he's not enjoying himself as much as others." She waves her fork at the other pilot. "I'm sure he's a great guy though, just not my type I guess. I like em with smiles."

Castor looks at Kassia and says, "The Cap? He is a good guy. Frak, he is our heart, our soul, he is our Papa Bear. He wants the best for us and he is looking out for us." He takes a moment to eat a bit of mystery meat. "He is gruff and he needs to be…the Red Squad is full of talented and quirky people. I mean you guys in Black Squad get Kissy and he is an adorable sort. However, we've got big egos that clash. So the Cap keeps us honest. However, is he seeing anyone, not to my knowledge, though then again no one is supposed to be seeing anyone."

Kassia snorts softly and shakes her head. "Well, he seems to take the papa bear thing too seriously. I mean come on I know the rules and regs, don't need em preaches to me all the frakking time." She sighs and digs her fork into her meal. "Yeah, back to this whole human interaction thing aye. They are going to make us turn to drinking and fighting. Sex has always been a way for people to release. I personally bleed it off other ways, but not everyone can." She sighs and shrugs.

Castor says, "No, seriously, have you seen the Viper pilots? We are a pretty frakked up bunch. We are all a bit…" he point to his head, "touched. Look at me, when I'm not flying I'm the ships puppy dog, the good guy, the boy scout. However, when the frakking damn breaks I become cold as ice. That isn't normal."

Kassia hmms softly as she leans back in her seat. "Not much it keeps you alive…I guess we're all fucked up in our own way, I know I'm a prude and jaded." She says softly tapping her hand on the table, as if she's embaressed to admit it. "I know alot of people whom have their own little quriks, but we're whats left so maybe we'll be seen as normal?" She looks down at her plate and begins to each again.

Castor takes a sip of coffee and makes a sour face, military coffee is a bit rough at times and this is no exception. He then says, "You aren't jaded for not wanting frak anything that moves. You aren't jaded for wanting not wanting to frak anything at the end of the world. Though my point is that Viper Jocks are a special breed." He then takes a bit of his vegetables. "Viper Jocks get a reputation for a reason…hey why is your callsign Flash?"

Kassia nods her head and grins a little. "Don't wanna go through a bunch of losers to find the right one." She smiles up at Castor, then laughs. "Because I use to play Pyrmaid in collage and at the academy. Everyone use to say once I got that ball, there was a Flash and it'll be gone." She shrugs. "Kinda sound cool so I kept it."

Castor takes a bite of his noodles he then swallows and says, "Yeah, Pyramid?" He takes a moment to look at his meal before he asks, "What position did you play, Flash?"

"Yep, good way of keeping mind and body fit." She says with a soft laugh then hnms softly. "Normally defence, but I like any position to be honest." Kassia admits. "Always good to know em all, just incase you need to sub one day."

Castor looks at the woman for a moment, "See, in that case I'd make your callsign Superstar on account of you knowing the game completely." He then takes a moment to dig back into that mystery meat, is it soy or meat, who knows but the Jig is working on it. He then swallows and says, "Wanna guess how I got the callsign Tinman?"

Kassia laughs softly almost blushs. "I aint no susperstar." She admits then looks at him for a few moments. "I don't think it's because you don't have a heart. Your very sweet, and funny so it's either someone I don't know or something crude." She digs at more of her meal…Yummy!"

Castor grins, "That is my damage Flash. I get in the cockpit and I go all calm and heartless. When I fly I am like the man in the story the Wizard of Uz. I am looking for my heart. Outside of my Viper I find it and yet inside, I go ice cold." He then takes a moment finish his noodles before saying, "So, if you are taking your time, then, you might fit in with us."

Kassia nods her head. "I don't really care about fitting in or not, Tinman." She says seriously. "I'm too laid back to worry about what people think of me, but I also know how to act how to conduct myself…Which just happens to be in a manner that's friendly and open." She says going to push her plate back. "I don't like everyone, but I make damned sure everyone likes me."

Castor says in honest tones, "And I want everyone to get along because we are all frakking family." He pauses before saying, "If it means anything I think you are okay." His tone is brotherly it comes across. Besides Castor has his own special someone to worry about. He then says, "Besides, not carring about what the other Viper jocks think of you is the first step."

Kassia laughs softly. "I get the hint, Castor I don't need a lover." She says picking up perhaps his hesitance to say he likes her and the tones he's using when complimenting her. "Friends are far more useful, the thought of having myself so naked and…" She tries to find the right word. "Is enough to put me off." She laughs softly, going to sip at her coffee. "And I care I just don't show it."

Castor looks at Kassia and says, "Frak, Flash, I'm not looking for a lover. I'm looking for a friend." He then goes silent as he eats his food his silence doesn't come from emotion as much as his need to eat.

Matto wanders in, looking freshly risen from the dead. Or from the bunk. Eyes crusted shut and curly hair standing up in some places while shoved flat to his head in others.

Kassia grins at him a little. "Like I said." She says then jumps up, as she sees Kissy. "Kissy!" She cries going to grab the poor unsuspective soul and drag him over towards the table, she taps an enlisted person and asks em to fetch the poor man some breakfast. "best make the coffee extra strong."

Castor looks at Kissy and says, "So I died earlier and then Flash died too." He gives a grin, "So we are two dead people eating your food and drinking your coffee." His voice carries joking tones.

Matto mmmmrghs, shuffling toward the table as he's kidnapped, one eye squinting open. "Don't make me get my flamethrower," he mumbles at them, flopping down by Castor and folding his arms on the table, resting his head on his arms and closing his eyes again.

Kassia rubs the pilots back, and goes to grab the coffee off the crewman, it's clear she cares for Kissy. "Here baby." She says going to place his hand around the cup. "Take a sip, now…No Zombies are going to get you today though I have a feeling you've already been affected…Do you think there's any hope Castor?"

Castor offers ever so softly, "But Kissy, I just want you for your braaaaaaaiiiins." He brushes into Matto with his arms held out jokingly before he stops and leans back. "We always have hope Flash." He says honestly, she did ask the puppy dog after all and the puppy dog is full of hope, maybe it is naieve of maybe it is well placed only time will tell,"

Matto wraps his hands over his head and leans into Castor, laughing a little despite the hour at the zombie impersonation before he finds himself recipient of a backrub. "Uhhh. I think I hurt myself on that game last night." He sips at the coffee held to his lips, "Hey, they may have turned off the heat in here, but at least the service is getting better."

Kassia leans into kissy, kissing his cheek before going to give him some personal space, something she's not fussed about personally. "We we're in the games room until wee hours of the morning." She comments to Castor. "Was fun, yet interesting." She them hmmms softly, remembering the eye candy of a marine XO, now him she might just flash her knickers at.

Castor looks over at Matto, "Well Kissy, I do my best." He then leans back and gives a grin, "Seriously though, Kissy, you didn't tell me you were the only one to take your shirt off. Seriously, what the frak man."

"Peh! Only for the first round or two," Kissy half-sits up, pushing up on an elbow. "Once the next shift rotation was over we got some fresh blood in, but Flash Knickers over there had already gone off to bed," he grins at her.

Kassia nods her head up and down. "Yeah, I was pooped, and needed my beauty sleep." She says with a sigh, then goes to drink some of her coffee. "Who game after I left anything interesting?"

Castor looks at Kassia and then to Matto, "Seriously, Kissy, what kind of games do you play?"

Matto blears into the coffee, "Hmmyeah Allie and Cookiemonster came around after their CAP and they brought a couple of people with them. The Marines watched but were way, way too cool to play," he snickers, poking at breakfast half-disinterestedly with a fork. "Oh, you know me, Tinners, I'm just a player," he chuckles, since that's approximately the opposite of true.

Kassia tuts softly figuring she'd missed a good bunch. "Oh well, maybe I can stay up tonight…We should get a little tourament going or something, make it more fun." She hmms softly and goes to stand. "Anyone for more coffee?"

Castor offers his mug to Kassia, "I would love some more coffee." He then looks over at Matto, "You are the king of all players, sir." He says not mockingly but supportingly. He then looks over at Kassia, "As for the tournament I do have another talent show in the works. Perhaps you could throw something in for the talent show Flash."

"Ha!" Kissy replies, then sips some more coffee, "I'm good, thanks," he tells Kassia, still working on that first cup. It seems to be doing its job.

Kassia hmm soflty at the mention of a talent show. "Sounds like it'll be alot of fun." She comments looking mildly interested in the event. "I did a little dancing in my youth as well, little ballet and line." She admits then goes off to get the coffees, she bring back a pot claiming that there's three officers sat at the table. Which is true.

Castor can't wait to be off duty now that condition three has been set, a stiff drink would suit him well. He then takes a second to look at Kassia, "Stretching the truth to get a pot of coffee?" He looks like he disapproves for a moment before he offers, "Well frak, good for us." He smiles and helps himself to coffee.

Matto takes another sip of coffee since it seems there's more to be slupped down in the near future. He continues to prod without appetite at breakfast proper, eventually taking a bite of something or other. His hair continues to display the worst sort of bedhead.

Kassia is sat with the two other pilots at the table near the back of the room, there's a remains of a breakfast before Kissy, Kassia and Castor have lunch. "Hey, we're allowed some perks right?" She says splashing more coffee into her cup.

Roubani endures the long chow line wait for one thing - tea. Rationed tea. It barely colours the water, which he notes with a slightly wrinkled nose. Still, it's warm and has vague taste and that's good enough for the time being. He has a pencil behind his ear but no notebook or paper as he drifts away from the urns to look for a seat.

Castor looks at clock on the wall, "Five, for, three, two, one…and I'm off duty and it is condition three in the ship." He pulls out a flask from his pocket. "Which means it is time for drinking." He offers the flask to those now off duty, for those thar partake it is the finest of Aquarian rum. He offers a smile, "Let the good times roll."

Matto tops off his coffee from the pot. Peering at Castor, "Isn't it a little early in the day for something like—" hey, look, something else! "Poetryslam!" he calls, waving the guy over to the table. "I mean, it just seems a little gauche to be tippling before breakfast's done."

Kassia looks up as Roubani enters and decides perhaps it's time for her to get going. "Well I'm off duty now guys, time for me to hit the showers, find a good book to read and curl up somewhere." she grabs her coffee and any empty plates. "Seeya around, and Castor hit me up for more sim training tomorrow yeah?"

Roubani gives Castor and Kassia a mildly curious look as he seems to chase the girl off, keeping his tea cupped in both hands. One unwraps from around the mug to give Matto a sort of mock-salute and half a smile. "Good morning." Tea's set down on the table, near the edge.

Castor looks at Kissy, "You're breakfast, for me, I've been up for the past eighteen hours. I worked Vampire shift plus." He then takes a second look at his flask, "Though if you are going to raise a fuss." He puts his flask away. He looks over at Kassia, "Yeah, let me know the next time you want to put in some sim time." He then takes a moment and sighs as he puts his flask away.

Matto shoves breakfast around idly, one elbow on the table as he smiles his still half-sleep-ridden smile at Roubani, "Hey," he greets, before turning to the side to regard Castor. "I'd rather be back on vampire shifts, myself. This waking up in the morning thing feels so primary school."

It must be one of those days where Cygnus has managed to escape the confines of the Chaplain's office considering that his hair is free of any binding, and a thick application of eyeliner artfully rings his eyes, despite the fact he's still attired in Colonial Navy olive drabs. As he quickly moves through the line, his usual lack of interest in food seems to be in full force, and what he ends up with is some sort of green dish purporting to be vegetables and a piece of bread. Once he's made his meagre choices, he glances around the room, hunting for a place to sit.

Coming through the line finally it seems is the Chaplain extrodinaire. Well, belay the extoridinaire part. That's just ego stroking. Still out he comes, still in his duty clothes, with food steaming hot, Wate and a cup of coffee, all balanced pretty well, before he is moving through the messhall. There is a look for a moment from the officer's section over to where the marines sit. But, as luck would have it there are spots that appear to be freeing up at one of the officer's tables. More or less where the pilots are sitting.

A deep breath and Ajax heads on over, tray sat down by where Castor is, before he is taking a seat himself. Either the preacher is a glutton for punishment or well. Who knows. Still down he goes and a sip of his coffee- clear the throat before he is speaking up. "Hello, all.."
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Shifts are wonderful, aren't they? It's probably Roubani's mid-afternoon, or even early night, judging by how completely unsleepy he looks. He takes a small sip from his tea, glancing around the table that so many are vacating, and looks back up when Ajax sits down. "Morning, sir." Then something by Matto's tray gets his attention.
"Lieu-…ah. Kissybear?" Gosh, that's weird. "Are you using your napkin?"

Castor looks over at the padre and then says, "Well, I've finished eating and I hope you have a good lunch." He says in cool but again not mean tones. He then looks at all of his friends, "And now is a good time to leave, frak knows I need the rack time." Apparently the padre makes him feel uncomfortable or almost mean. "I will catch all of you folks later."

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