Summary: Eddie and Hale meet in the lounge. And talkin' ensues.
Date: PHD 60.
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Eddie is seated on one of the couches, playing with a hexagonal triad deck that someone left here. She's doing little more then looking at the face of the card, then flipping it off in the direction of a helmet that has been inverted to collect them. You know, on the off chance she can hit a target.

No sooner has the card left to go one slight place, there comes down a silver flask, plunked right on the couch-before over the back, rather long bady legs soon follow. A tip of his head and down he lands with a solid, resounding-leather thunk accompanied by all the creaks and groans that will go through a couch. Cigarette pack laid out on the table close by, Hale turns his head and regards his wingmate for a moment. "Took off in a right hurry last night." he muses before he's uncapping the flask a motion made to see if she'll have a sip. "Missed Fingers knocking out Case."

Eddie isn't one to turn down liquor, especially when it's free and she's off duty. She reaches for it tentatively though, as if she's afraid he's merely fooling with her. "Ain't that a shame. Wouldn't mind to see her laid out after she cold cocked me, but there was no way in hell I was going to get into the ring last night. Don't suppose anyone got a picture?"

"What was up?" asks Hale, before he's looking back and there's a shake of his head "Most th' crew left after Kai had t' get down because of his leg." and the flask is passed easily along enough. Poor Richard's Rum. Its dark-spiced and smooth. A leonisian drink if there ever was one. "But bloody Hell Jupiter took her down without case landing a hit, I believe." a chuckle "Was something to see.." laugh there-dry.

Eddie tilts the flask to her lips, taking a greedy drink before handing it back. The skin around her eyes crinkles with a slight wince at the sudden burn of alcohol in her throat, but that's all the indication she gives that it's 'good stuff'. "Bad omens." She's been saying that for days now.

Hale raises a brow, before the flask is nabbed back. "Bad Omens? Like what?" course you say something like that to a big corn eating farm boy and you-re bound to get all his interest right there. A swig of his own rum and there's a close of one eye as it goes down with a smile. "We didn't do too swell last night-an I have CAP tomorrow, because I snuck off t' fight last night." But there will be more Fight NIghts, and more time for Hale to have his ass handed to him, or not. "You were doing good durin' exercises."

Eddie starts ticking things off her fingers, "I tanked the atmo training. The gods damned Padre offed himself. Our folks were losing hardcore at the fights. Shit we're trying to forget is coming back to haunt us, in supposedly 'lost' mail from our loved ones. The CAG accidently shoots herself? C'mon man. Something seriously is frakking with us." In fact, she just might need another drink and so she makes the gimme gimme motion for the flask.

"What's come back t' haunt you?" He's assuming as he's had nothing come back to haunt him yet or lately. He did get a package from hid dead parents, which was slightly disconcerting. The flask is passed over towards Eddie-easily and quickly before Hale is looking around, and then taking time to pop out a cigarette. Pack still full and fresh offered over to her "Accidents happen specially on some of the older seveN's." a sniff there and he's pulling out his lighter in which the stylized silhouette of a Bunny's head can be seen. Flame brings life and a drag before he's moving to slide it back down into his trousers. "You didn't tank-You got a wing clipped from the density. I really don't think fate or some cosmic bogey man is out t' get us-dove." Don't take the dove personally. He calls everyone that. Even Fenris.

Eddie melts back into the cushions of the couch, looking mighty small for someone with such a huge ego. The flask in hand, she attempts to peer down its throat as if to discern how much is left inside it. Judging she can take another heavy swig without leaving it empty, she does so. "Just a letter from my mom. Haven't read it yet. And she sent my grand pape's hat, which I gave to Roubani. I'm guessing she was writing to tell me he finally croaked." No comment about the training exercise, but it's clear she's still beating herself up over it.

"Saw that, but I figured not t' press ya on that. Some folks are right odd when it comes t' their bloody family. Some folks have a chip-others well Don't know. I tend t' keep my yapper shut when that comes about..Well that an religion." a shrug and his hand's back for a swig. "Makes any difference, I didn't read th' letter than came with the booze." See even rabbit keeps some things from others and himself. "I still say y' did well. You were hot on your guns." and he will leave it there. Hale, ever the cheerleader-yet unlike just cheering for morale-you might be able to tell he means most of what he says.

Eddie contemplates slurping more of his liquor for herself, but thinks better of it, and instead exchanges it for one of those cigarettes he was offering. She puts it between her lips, and digs out her own zippo which is on a special hand made chain around her neck. She mumbles a, "Thanks." To Hale before lighting it. For the smoke? For the compliment? Or just for the company? She doesn't clarify, and she's not much of a talker.

It seems to work, because Hale could go on and on and on-or so his bunkmate could attest. "You're quite welcome Mooner." Anything for a friend. Still he grins around his smoke, before he's plucking it and drinking down whatever is left in the flask with a good satisfied grunt. Cap flipped back on, his elbow moves to slightly nudge Eddie at her ribs- just so. "Still wish you coulda seen Case get knocked out. I was bloody cackling..Like watching a Person-meet a wall."

Currently Eddie, and Hale are seated on one of the lounge's many couches. Smoking and enjoying a flask-or they were till Rabbit killed it. There's also some card flipping going on.

That actually brings a bit of a smile to Eddie's lips, however faint, and her fingers pluck another card off the triad deck and fling it over Hale's lap to the helmet on the far end of the couch, turned over for a convenient receptical. "Yeah well. Add that to the list of omens. 'Leaving before the good shit'. Maybe that'll rattle something lose in old Basket Case's head, huh?"

Hale laughs as he leans back a little in order to let the card go by without his bloody chest coming in the way as a means of deflection. "Sure-What else should I put on this list- so I know when t' not go out with out my lucky charms?" brow raised, as a grin remains. Cigarette is held between his teeth and he's looking down at the Helmet and the cards where they lie. "I don't know if anything else being knocked loose on any one of us is possible. We're all pilots." a laugh there. "I'm glad you're my wing-Ed. You're bloody fun."

Eddie snorts, which is painful when you add smoke into the mix. "You haven't seen nothin' yet. Wait till I really get going…" She mumbles around her cigarette, making it waggle in her mouth. "…I'll bust out with a solitaire game and puzzles of cute puppies in odd places. Like shoes and mailboxes." She flicks one more card, then sets the remaining cards in Hale's lap. "I better go pack it in. I have this ass of a section leader who likes to run me into the ground in the sims." Mooner gives Hale a wink, then swings off the couch.

"Frak him. If I see him I'll pop him one in the mouth." offered back with a grin. Hale nods, before he's reaching for the cards in his lap. Turning just so there's a look over his shoulder as one card is held up. Drag of his cigarette "Catch you later Eddie-Sleep tight-don't let them bugs or whatever hides in beds these days bite."

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