Summary: Legacy and Thorn both come to Sickbay, with similar sniffles.
Date: PHD085 (12 July 2009)
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Kharon - Sickbay

Thea slips into the sickbay. She wasn't particularly sneezing this morning, but this afternoon, well, she's preceeded by one of those girly sneezes. Wreaks hell on stealthiness.

Reception is relatively quiet, most patients either in recovery or being treated off in their curtained gurneys or exam rooms. A few nurses and assistants move around efficiently, one stopping when he hears the girly a-choo. "Help you, sir?"

Thea gives the nurse a wry little smile. "Reporting as ordered by Doc Sol," she murmurs. Given the red crease down one cheek that looks like a fading pillow-crease, it would appear that someone's just woken up from a nap.

Dr. Who? Oh, the new guy. The nurse nods and starts back for the charge desk, holding up a hand. "Just a moment, sir, let me…" Flip, flip, check. "Captain Legacy? Exam four, it's right down there." He pokes an index finger down the hall.

Thea dips her head and offers him a smile. "Thank you," she says quietly, then heads down to exam four, settling herself on the gurney. She's a bit distracted.

As with any doctor's office, hospital or sickbay or what have you, she ends up having to wait. Not long though, thankfully. Six minutes later someone raps on the door before opening it, Solminihac with Legacy's chart in hand. "Captain. Right on time, sorry to keep you waiting."

And by the time those six minutes have elapsed, the Captain is curled up on her side, head on that thin little pillow. Asleep.

Solminihac smiles a little. He puts her chart down on the counter and gives her about half a minute's reprieve while he washes his hands and pulls on a pair of gloves, before coming close to her gurney. He doesn't touch her yet. "Captain Legacy. Althea."

"Mmmmm," she asks after a moment, cracking open her eyes. "Oh. Sorry about that, Doctor," she says, smile sheepish. "I didn't keep you waiting, did I?" She starts to sit up, stretching a bit as she goes.

Solminihac shakes his head, holding up his gloved hands. "Usually people just stare at me while I get these on, so you did me a favour. How are you feeling?"

Thea starts to lie, and gets out, "Fine, rea…" But then stops herself. "Tired," she says, laughing quietly. "Sneezing, sniffles, tickle in my throat. A little bit of a cough, but I figure that's from the…" A hand waves at her nose. "You know, gunk." Awwww, she's sheepish about her post nasal drip. That hand drops to her stomach, rubbing it absently.

Solminihac nods once, glancing over her face. He reaches back to pull over the high stool by the gurney, sitting down. "Trouble with your stomach as well?"

Her stomach chooses that moment to let loose a hellacious growl. "Just hungry," she says with a laugh, glancing down at her hand. "I woke up about an hour ago and walked directly into a minefield. Apparently I slept through a war in the berthings."

Solminihac chuckles quietly. "I'll have them get you some juice. Need to keep up your sugars, you know." He stands back up, drifting towards the door to get a nurse's attention. "A war? What do you mean?"

"Relationship dispute," she says quietly. "He found her in bed with someone else. Though they were already broken up." A pause and the woman shakes her head. "I'm sure you're well aware of that story. I'm just surprised we haven't seen more of it."

"Ouch." Solminihac gestures to the nurse outside, turning his head to mutter something. He stays where he is until she returns with the small cup of juice, closing the door and bringing it back over to the gurney. "Well. Things like that never go away, no matter what we do. Here, drink that down for me, and then take off your jacket if you would please."

Thea offers the nurse a warm smile and a quiet thank you - words repeated as she obediently takes the drink from Sol and drinks at it. A few sips go down, then she slips out of her jacket. A few more sips. It takes her a minute or so to finish the whole thing. Apparently she doesn't gulp. "No, they don't. It's just a matter of taking care of the different parties. Family is family." Finally she's down to her tanks and uniform pants. The bandages are off her shoulder and the wound looks good.

Pike arrives from the Hallway - Deck 2, Midships.
Pike has arrived.

Solminihac nods to that. "Both Raptor pilots, I assume?" It's idle banter now, as he lets her finish her juice and shuck off the jacket. Once she's done he pauses. "Lift your chin for a second for me? I want to check if your lymph nodes are swollen, here." He and Legacy are in a small exam room, number four to be exact.

The Raptor captain is in uniform pants and tanks. She shakes her head slightly and comments, softly, "No, not both Raptors." But doesn't go further than that. Her head tilts back like a Colonial Pez dispenser - luckily nothing comes out of her throat.

Solminihac sets his gloved hands on her throat just below her jaw, fingertips pressing against the nodes in question. "How long before I saw you yesterday did this start? The sneezing and all this?"

Nope, no swelling. "Not long, just a few hours," she tells him, nose crinkling a little. "The throat tickle started first, then the sneezing. That's why I figure it's allergies kicking in. I dare say it was from being down on the planet then abruptly changing environments again."

Pike heads into Sickbay with an armload of medical files, probably for all the new arrivals on board. Upon seeing Thea and Solminihac, she sets the files on top of the filing cabinet, then makes her way over, though not within intervention range. Those that know Pike know she lets her doctors work and intervenes only if asked or in an emergency.

"Mmmhmm." Solminihac seems satisfied with the lymph nodes at least, taking his hands off her neck. "Might be. We'll play it safe anyway." He turns around to get a wrapped thermometer from the counter, spotting Pike as he does so. "Morning, sir."

Thea glances past Sol and smiles warmly at spotting Pike. "Major," she calls in greeting. It's a combination smile - on one hand, she's greeting a senior officer. On the other, she's greeting a friend. Then she spots the thermometer. "Oral, I hope," she comments, tone dry, amused.

Pike smiles to Thea. "No worries, Thea… were it otherwise, *I'd* be administering and the curtain wouldn't be open." She gives a playful grin to Solminihac. "No offense. I take it the Captain's cold hasn't improved?"

Solminihac snorts at Thea. Yeah, he'll let Pike do the humourous answer there. "Say ahh," he instructs Thea with a smirk. And in will go the digital reading tip of the instrument. Looking back at Pike he shakes his head. "Looks like it's getting a little worse, unfortunately. Sneezing, sniffling, postnasal drip."

The Captain is saved from having to make a reply by the fact she's opening her mouth, saying ahhh, then wrapping her lips around the thermometer. For a moment, she looks vaguely disgruntled, but it doesn't last.

Pike frowns. "Well, that's less than promising… have you gotten any stick time since you were last in?" A pause, then a grin. "Feel free to wait until your temperature's taken."

Solminihac answers that disgruntled look with a smirk. Neener, can't talk. He even makes a show of turning his hand and checking his gloved fingernails for a while, whistling under his breath until the thermometer beeps, and is retrieved from the poor Captain's craw. "That's good. All normal."

As soon as the thermometer is out, she sticks her tongue out at both of them and laughs quietly. "I ran CAP this morning," she tells Pike. "One yesterday as well. I've been going out daily." When she hasn't been in Sickbay with pilots or trying to sleep.

Pike frowns. "I'm not entirely convinced this isn't some form of airborne contagion. When's last your flightsuit air supply was changed out?"

"I'm going to have a look at this shoulder," Solminihac says, for both Thea and Pike's benefits as he steps around the captain. Since she's so gracefully ditched her jacket, he sets about examining her shoulder. He is listening though, not at all pretending not to be.
Pike heals Samantha successfully.

As Sol announces his intentions, Thea slips her arm out of the straps so that he can actually see the whole thing. "I switched suits when I got back," she tells Pike, brow furrowing slightly. "Mine was damaged and in need of repair."

Pike nods once. "Well, that may eliminate the possibility of your air supply re-infecting you then." Barring that comment, she doesn't comment further. Solminihac's patient and all that.

Solminihac doesn't seem to mind. Lets him focus on his job - Thea's shoulders. He makes a few notes about the visual on the healing wound, then sets down his pen and touches her wrist. "Raise your arm for me, straight out to the side?" As he waits for that he asks idly, "Anyone else in your berthings sniffling or sneezing?"

Thea's an obedient patient. She raises her arm, out and to the side. "Not that I've heard," she tells Sol, shaking her head. "But I haven't been in there much." Thea turns her head slightly toward Pike, brow furrowing. "You don't think it's just allergies?"

Pike frowns and shakes her head. "Not entirely sure yet. However, we've been getting an inordinate number of sniffles cases since brought you back from Scorpia. May just be your run-of-the-mill airborne respiratory thing. You'll forgive me, however, if I play it a bit overcautious until we start seeing the backslide."

"Labs should be back soon. Tell us at least if we're looking at viral or bacteria," Solminihac comments as he watches her arm come up. He sets his open palm under her wrist to support it, his other gloved hand settling on the back of her shoulder. "Going to press around with my hand here, Captain. Feel any sharp pain or numbness, tell me."

Thea's brows pull together even more at Pike's words. "I just figured," she starts, then shakes her head. "I hadn't realized." More is about to come out, but then Sol presses and a breath hisses in. "Not sharp, just pain," she murmurs.

Pike nods, then says to Solminihac, "Come find me once they do. I'd like to have this buttoned down before it gets to epidemic stages."

"Aye, sir." Solminihac snaps Pike a two fingered salute and then returns his attention to Thea's shoulder. Her hiss noted, he shifts the pressing of his thumb down, exploring more cranky muscles.

Her muscles are like a class filed with over-tired, over-sugared five year olds who are all having bad days. They're like rocks - solid, unyielding, and screaming. For now, though, she doesn't say anything, letting Sol manipulate her arm and shoulder as he needs to.

Pike smiles. "Well, I see we're running more into Cris' sphere of expertise than mine. If you'll both excuse me, we've got some new arrivals that need filing." She heads out of the exam room, sccops up her files and gets to the filing.

Komnenos arrives from the Hallway - Deck 2, Midships.
Komnenos has arrived.

Intake. Sucker. Solminihac takes a while longer doing his assessment, having her raise and lower the arm into various angles, then after a round of range of motion exercises he has her settle her shoulders, And now she gets to experience the real joy of having a PT person onboard the Kharon - the massage. Not quite a rest and relax massage with cucumbers on her eyes and a mudbath, but close. He works on her shoulders with focus, the injured one moreso than the other but not with total spotlight, working on those ridiculous kinks that keep her so pained. "Alright…should be able to roll your shoulder without feeling that little crack it was making earlier. Give it a try."

Oh, the places you'll go. And the sounds you'll make. Thea's in a little bit of pain during the exercises, but not enough that she's going to stop them. Then comes the massage and the quiet noises. Usually they only come when he hits a particularly tense spot, or when a knot releases. "I…mmmm," she says after a moment, rolling her shoulder. No cracking! "Can we keep you?"

A freshly showered Thorn walks through the door to sickbay, his dirty blond hair still not quite dry. "Is there a doctor in th' house?" he mumbles to himself, smiling at his own wit — or lack thereof. He scribbles his name on the sign-in sheet and waits quietly on the sidelines for someone to see to him.

Solminihac smirks, stepping back and stripping the gloves off his hands. They're tossed neatly into the trash. "Just change the shreddings in my cage every so often, that's all I ask. Nurse'll make another appointment for you for another checkup on the shoulder, just to keep it limber. Remember to do those exercises I showed you, twice a day." He and Thea are in one of the curtained areas facetiously called 'exam rooms'. They're not that private, kept for patients who aren't in immediate risk of bleeding out.

The nurse at the charge desk picks up the sign-in sheet, looking at Kom's name, and points him over towards that very one. "Number four there's almost done. Couple minutes. Just have a seat right over there."

Thea laughs quietly, though it devolves into a brief cough. "Will do. I'll find someone to help, even if I have to draft one of my Raptors into it," she tells Sol, reaching for her jacket as she slides off the table. "Anything to do for the…other thing?""

"Thanks." Komnenos offers the nurse a nod, and takes a seat in the designated area. He hears hushed but familiar voices coming through the 'exam room's curtain; Thorn's not paying much attention, though, as he takes out his PDA and begins to doodle to pass the time until it's his turn.

"For right now, plenty of fluids and a mild decongestant," Solminihac scribbles on Thea's chart while she gets her jacket back on. "Make sure the flight deck knows to flush your flightsuit out after each CAP. If things are still getting worse tomorrow or if you develop any new symptoms, come back." His light gray eyes lift, looking at her. "And I know you're going to roll your eyes but trust us, it's more about making the rest of the ship's lives easier than making yours harder."

The Captain holds up a hand and shakes her head. "No, I understand completely," she says quietly. "And I think, for now, I'll check with the CAG about having everyone's suits flushed and sanitized after each use. That way we can stop this from spreading if it IS more than allergies." She slides off the table just in time for another sneeze. "Damnit. Thanks, Doc."

Ah-CHOO! Thorn has a huge sneeze in mid-scribble, knocking the stylus from his hand in surprise and spraying the screen of his PDA. With a mild curse, he retrieves the stylus and begins wiping off the screen with a corner of his shirt. He sniffs and blinks his eyes; the sudden discomfort mostly passes, although he notices with a frown that there's still a noticeable tickle in his throat.

Sneezing. In stereo. Solminihac glances at the curtain, reaching over to pull it back with an arched brow. "Et tu, Lieutenant?"

Legacy peers around Solminihac toward Thorn and gives the other Raptor a wry little smile. "You'll take good care of him," she tells Sol. Not an order, just an observation. With a bit of a smile, she turns to slip out, not lingering, for some odd reason.

Thorn looks up in surprise as he's addressed; he's still wiping away the spray on his PDA. His electronics are about the only thing in his possession that he's that obsessive about keeping clean. "Um. Actually, Doctor, I was only here t' get my sutures looked at. But-" He stops suddenly as another sneeze racks his body; he's able to get his sleeve up just in time to avoid spraying Legacy through the open curtain. "-I haven't been able t' stop sneezing the past few hours, either," he finishes lamely. He directs a wan smile to Legacy as she moves away.

"Get your decongestant at the nurse's station, sir," Solminihac calls after Legacy, making a salute-ish tap to his temple with his pen. Then Komnenos sneezes again and he clicks the pen shut, handing Legacy's chart off to a nurse scurrying by. "Need a chart for the Lieutenant, please. Lieutenant…?" He quirks a brow at Komnenos. During their last exchange he hadn't even caught the man's name.

Legacy dips her head to the two men, stops to get her medicine, then slips out of the Sickbay as quietly as she entered.

Legacy heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
Legacy has left.

"Komnenos. Anton Komnenos," responds Thorn with a blink. Then, another dry little smile passes his lips. "Now that's fine form, even for me, managing t' smart off t' someone who doesn't even know who I am." As Legacy leaves, he takes her place in the exam room. "Apologies for that, by the way," he continues uneasily. "I've not exactly been on my best behavior since I got back. Won't happen again."

"It was smart. Means it would've made it harder for me to file a complaint." Solminihac smirks at Komnenos. If the doctor's a grudge holder, it doesn't show. He grabs a spray bottle of sanitiser off the counter, a fine mist covering the vinyl gurney. A fresh sheet of crinkly paper set down, and he motions for Komnenos to hop up and sit. "It's alright. Done my fair share of saying things I regretted to superior officers in the day, myself. We live, we learn."

Thorn laughs in reply. "I'm pretty easy t' identify," he answers with a smirk. "You could just say the blond guy with the Aerilon accent and the bad temper and anybody in the air wing would know. Thanks for not getting me in any more hot water, though. Sometimes I'm too stubborn for my own good." He takes the proferred seat, and cocks his head at the doctor. "Come t' think of it, Doc, I don't even know your name, either. I thought I heard you say earlier you just reactivated, what?"

A nurse pokes her head past the curtain, handing Komnenos' chart over. Solminihac takes it, skimming his fingers down it for mention of sutures. Sutures, sut-…there we go. He reaches for a pair of gloves. "Cristobal Solminihac." Strange accent on that, Gemenese. "Dr. Sol's fine if you can't be arsed. Jacket off for me, please?" As he tugs the gloves on he continues. "Coming on two weeks back in the service. What about you?"

"Four years," Thorn replies instinctively, then snorts lightly. It doesn't feel like it's been that long. "Joined as a lark because I couldn't find a real job that I thought was worth it. Turned out t' be the best decision of my life. Or the worst, depending on your point of view," he continues wryly, waving a hand around to encompass the ship surrounding them — as far as he or anyone else knows, the only Colonial ship left alive. He shrugs off his jacket as ordered.

"Ah, don't get morose." Solminihac waits for Thorn to get settled before he starts prodding at the sutures, checking the wound over. "You're here and that's all there is to it. How's the pain in the shoulder? Have any new tenderness or heat around the wound here?"

"Still some residual soreness, but it's better than it was before," Thorn replies with a shrug, getting back to the matter at hand. "It doesn't feel any worse. No tenderness, no heat. Nothing new that I've noticed." he adds. "This whole getting shot thing is a bit new t' me, though." Thorn's lips quirk dryly.

"Well, you handled it pretty well. These can come out." Solminihac takes his hands off Kom's shoulder and turns around, rolling over a little tray with wrapped instruments on it. Gauze pad first, and the smell of antiseptic stings the air as he unscrews a small bottle. "Heard you sneezing a minute ago. How long's that been going on?"

Speak of the devil. Thorn emits another great sneeze, as though the mere mention of it is enough to touch one off. Again, he barely avoids spraying the doctor, who gets an apologetic glance. "The sneezing? I just noticed it for the first time today. But… now that you mention it, I've had this odd little tickle in my throat for a couple days now." He shrugs. "I figured it was just due t' massive amounts of chain smoking recently. Judging from your reaction, though, it's not just me."

Solminihac reaches behind him for the nearly-empty box of tissues, plunking it down by Komnenos' leg. Then it's back to cleaning the wound up with smelly gauze. "We've had a couple reports of the same thing in the last few days. You noticed anyone else around your berthings being sniffly?"

Another shrug from the ECO. "Other than the captain? Not really, but then I'm not always the most observant person in the world when it comes t' other people," he replies. "Before I heard her sneezing, I thought it was just me. I'd have put it up t' allergies, but I've been here long enough t' know I'm not allergic t' anything on ship. And if it was a reaction to something on Scorpia, I'd have noticed it there, not here." He shrugs again, helplessly.

Solminihac puts down the gauze and rolls the tray closer. He picks up the forceps and a tiny pair of scissors. "Going to feel some tugging. Shouldn't be any pain, just keep still best you can." And he gets to work. Tug, pull, snip. Snip. "Likely a cold someone picked up. It's starting to go around. I'll send you home with some decongestant and some instructions to give the flight crew about extra cleaning for your suit and helmet. Enough care to keep everything clean and we shouldn't have too much of a problem."

Komnenos looks down at his shoulder as the doctor finishes his work. It's refreshing to not look down and see little bits of twine sticking out of his arm. He nods. "Won't affect my flight status, will it? I mean, I know some doctors will take you off flight status for any little thing," he adds hastily, hoping it doesn't seem like a stupid question.

"No, you're fine." There's still a little snipping left to go, which Solminihac finishes efficiently. The used lines of suture are dropped in the trash bound for the incinerator. "Going to put some adhesive strips on the injury to keep it shut. Don't get them wet. If you do and they peel off, come back for new ones. Nurse'll make you an appointment five days from now and we'll do a final check to be sure everything's pretty. You can stay on active status so long as it doesn't show any signs of infection."

"Great, Doc. Thanks," Thorn replies with a certain amount of relief. After Sol finishes with the sutures and adhesives, he stands back up, pulling his top back on slowly, still taking it easy with his shoulder when he can. "If that's everything, I'll pick up what I need and go brighten someone else's day," he finishes with a sarcastic grin.

"Just try not to sneeze on them," Solminihac replies, smirking. He scribbles a couple notes on Thorn's chart. "Go on and pick up your decons. Lots of fluids, I mean it. Rest in your downtime. If you start getting a bad sore throat, pain in the ears, or run a fever, I want you to come back here. Could be a sign of something else we need to know about. Understood?"

After a brief chuckle, Thorn nods. "Understood," he responds. "Good t' meet you on the right foot this time, Doc." With that, he pushes aside the curtain and steps out, pausing at the nurses' station just long enough to pick up his prescriptions and confirm his follow-up appointment for the shoulder. With that, he runs a hand through his now-dry hair as he walks out.

Solminihac raises his pen in absent farewell, going back to scribbling on paperwork. Then it's onto the next patient. Who's also sneezing…

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