Wheres Your Head At
Wheres Your Head At
Summary: Dell visits with Mimieux as he works on becoming a marine.
Date: PHD 215
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A metal door is swung open as a young man moves into the room, he is in his early twenties and he is currently wearing an off duty marine uniform. His eyes scan the room as if he is looking for something specific and as he looks air escapes from his nose in a half snort as he has another hoop to jump through.

Aly is seated at the sport where he'd be told he could find her, files open on her lap and in front of her on the gurney she's using as a desk. Ahhhh, wartime.

Spotting Aly the former farmboy steps forward and there is a look in his eyes, a look which reads internally he might be older on the inside than the outside, ah civillians and the apocolypse. Dell stops in front of Aly's 'desk' and he asks, "Are you the shrink because I would like a psyche eval, sir?" Short and to the point that is how Dell is feeling at the moment.

There's a pause, then Aly looks up, a brow arched ever so delicately. "At least you remembered the Sir," she observes quietly, studying the man. "Take a seat and tell me about your mother." She's not serious - is she? Nah. Can't be.

Dell takes the offered seat and he then begins to study Aly in return and he is quiet for a long time before he says, "My mother was a good woman and she was the one who made sure I had an education." His arms drop to his sides and so his body language would seem to indicate he is being open for the moment, his eyes don't go up or down and they remain fixed on Aly but he breaks eye contact at appropriate moments which indicate he is telling the truth in his anwser but it is such a short answer.

She's quiet for a moment, dipping her head just once. "So, you're here for a psych eval," she says after a moment. "You seem to have me at a grave disadvantage, given that you knew I was the psyche and I don't know you from Hermes." She seems relaxed, for the most part, and leans back in the chair.

"Dell Triptolemus, I'm from Scorpia, the canners killed my family and I'd really like to get this over with so I can go out there and kill as many of those toasters as I can." After only a fraction of a moment he adds, "Sir." He is doing his best to remember but clearly he needs some training before he will become a marine. As for his tone and demeanor, there are hints of anger but not towards Aly but rather from having his family killed which Aly should pick up on.

She's quiet for a moment, then dips her head slightly, regarding him almost curiously. "So, what I'm hearing you say is that you wish to join the Marines in order to get revenge on the Cylons?" She's quiet after a moment, then moves on. "Have you ever done similar work in the past?"

Dell shakes his head as if to say no, "No Ma'am." He then self corrects, "No, sir. I am." He self corrects again, "I was a farmer. I have never gotten revenge on anyone for anything. As for the cylons yes, I want to join for revenge and to protect what is left of the human race." His voice is a low baritone but he is not unkind and it has a sense of purpose to it. Serious man is serious.

Aly dips her head and offers him a small smile. "Tell me a little more about yourself, about the type of man you are," she asks him. "Have you ever dealt with life or death situations?"

Dell looks at Aly and he thinks about this, months ago he was a happy farmer and now he doesn't smile in fact he hasn't smiled once since he came into the room. "I was a farmer and then the bombs dropped and everything became life or death for me. I have spent the past few months in a bunker shooting at any Cylon that came by and hunting for food for survivors. The question is what kind of information do you want from me, sir?"

Aly dips her head, once, then considers him. "I'm trying to get an idea of who you are as a man," she says after a bit. "A bit of what makes you tick and how you'll be as a Marine."

Dell blinks for a moment and he says, "Well, I'm was a farmer and it is all about being both self sufficient and a team player at the same time. I would spent the last three months before the bombs fell alone and hunting in my families cabin high up in the mountains. I hunted for all of my food and before that I was on a farm working with everyone to grow enough food to feed what seems like half of scorpia."

She smiles a little, looking almost wistful. "That sounds almost idyllic," she comments with a little sigh. "And utterly delightful. But it also sounds somewhat solitary. How do you feel about now being dependent on a squad?"

Dell says, "It was but now it is gone." His voice and facial expressions are very matter of fact, "I like solitary, solitary is good." He raises a hand and scratches his nose before dropping his hand back down, "Contrary to popular belief agriculture takes work from a lot of people and working on a farm means being dependant on other people. It means trusting the people that you work with and living with them. I don't think it will be a problem to work with others."

Aly smiles a bit at that. Oddly enough, she's not taking notes. Simply listening to him. "What do you think your greatest strengths and weaknesses are," the woman asks quietly.

Dell thinks about this for a while and there is a long period of silence, "In terms of skills? I'm a farmer but I can take the head off of a turkey from a distance better than most. In terms of as a person?" His voice still matter of fact in fact it is brutally honest, "Lady, I've been through hell and I've survived my greatest strength is that I have survived the worst of the worst and I'm still standing but as for my weaknesses I'm honest even when it hurts I am honest Pa told me never to tell a lie."

"What does being a Marine mean to you? Are you sure it's something you're ready to do," Aly asks him, pushing just a little bit harder now.

Dell's voice is darker as he says simply, "Being a marine means doing my job and that means I do whatever I am told to do and on a good day it means scratching canners from the face of existance." There is anger in his voice, quiet and calm anger, though it is there and it is deep but it is very directed anger and it is aimed at the cylons.

"Is there anything in your family history, any mental illness, that I should take into consideration when doing this evaluation," Aly asks him, relaxing back in her chair, comfortable, oddly enough.

Dell shakes h is head, "No. I come from good even keeled people." He doesn't look exactly relaxed but he doesn't look concerned either and he is keeping to his word, Dell, can't lie litterally.

It takes her another few moments, but then she nods and offers him a smile. "Stop by the desk and set up a time to do some tests for me. I'll have my recommendation into the CO within 24 hours of the tests being completed. Any questions for me?"

Dell acctually does have a question, "Yes, can I take the tests now?" Someone it would seem is eager to get in.

There's a quiet laugh and Aly nods, once. "You can," she says quietly. "They're simply personality type indicators, nothing too difficult. I'll set you up back here and administer them now."

Dell nods his head and there is a slight appreciative grunt which is followed by a very intentional, "Thank you, sir." and with that the former farmer is moving with a direct and purposeful walk as he wants to take the tests and get in as quickly as he can.

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