When Pilots Invade
When Pilots Invade
Summary: Misdirected mail leads to a slow invasion of pilots in the Officers Quarters.
Date: PH058 (16 June 2009)
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Officers' Quarters. Late. Third shift is out on watch, second are off at mess and first is mostly asleep. A few souls move around, drifting through the hatch or into the head, or doing whatever they do in their bunks. Roubani is sitting at the table near this room's pet green couch, laptop open and a few books open as well, as he writes slowly on a notebook sheet. Fate is not kind to this man from the chest up; right arm is in that restrictive therapy brace, left hand has a bandage wound around it from yesterday, and the left side of his face is a little swollen. Half his eyebrow is gone. Poof.

Fresh out of the recovery ward and having taken a moment to get ready for fourth watch, Castor studies Roubani's hand as he enters the room before he says, "Poet, I need to speak with you." His tone is a bit different, for once it would appear that Leda isn't attempting to come at Roubani with any sort of angle for whatever reason, "You have something from Franklin Palmer - A Franklin Palmer from Aquaria?" His voice has slight questioning tone, it would appear that the mystery guest has come forward to get the said, hooch.

Nobody in here calls Roubani 'Poet', so he's already expecting a pilot by the time his brown eyes look up, pen pausing in the middle of a sentence. His dogtags jingle softly against the front of his T-shirt. "Mmmhmm. Yours?"

Castor nods his head, "Yeah, he is an old friend of mine." He then continues on without further explanation, "And you wanted to know what sort of hooch it is and so I will tell you. Palmer sends soju to me." He then says, "So, can I get my package now and was there a letter with it?" He doesn't make any other moves as he waits for his package.

Roubani blinks slowly at the demanding tone, shoulders kind of flinching backwards. "No…just a note. Hold on." He murmurs the words and pushes his chair back, starting around Castor towards his bunk.

Castor watches Roubani, the look on his face isn't demanding, if anything, he seems to be working on a professional level, everything about his stance screams politeness. He moves out of the way as he waits for Roubani to retrieve his package, he finally offers, "Good job last night, with the airlock situation, Ensign."

Komnenos arrives from the Hallway - Deck 1, Fore.
Komnenos has arrived.

Roubani returns shortly with a small plastic bag wrapped carefully around a box. "Thank you, sir." He places the bag and its boxed contents on the table near Castor's arm before he slides back into his chair. "Yourself as well. Were you injured?" He is now sitting at the middle table, Castor standing nearby.

Leda takes his package, well, one pilot will have his hooch right now even if Marek has things locked down. "No Ensign, they kept me under observation for smoke inhilation. So, I got out of a CAP and got some extra bunk time. I turned out clean and healthy." He then asks, "And yourself, did they even give you the look over?" His voice maintains that polite demeanor and it carries with it a hint of professional concern he adds as if to share information, "I think Kissy is probably out by now too."

Roubani smirks very faintly at the mention of getting out of CAP. It sparks and fades on his face. "I'm fine. If, I suppose, robbed of modelling career." His soft voice speaks as he runs his left ring finger over the conspicuously burnt-off area of his brow. "Lieutenant Matto was injured?"

Castor shakes his head, "Observation as well I believe and he may be out, I didn't see him in the ward when I left and I didn't hear a stream of doctors running in and out so I would say that Kissy is fine." He then takes a moment to study the eyebrow, "Well, if we were having a beauty pageant Ensign I doubt many of us would be winning awards and earning modeling contracts." His voice maintains that polite and professional tone.

"No," Roubani replies, with slight half-smile. "Though plenty think they would, and I am loathe to be unkind." His tone, while not buddy-buddy, ironically sounds more comfortable with Castor's tone right now. Not 'relaxed', but not quite so on guard. His dark eyes flicker to the box and makes a soft sound in his throat. "What is it? 'Soju', I mean." Science minds and their inevitable curiosity.

Leda says, "Well soju is a traditional drink made on Aquaria. It is traditionally made from rice, however modern breweries have taking to supplimenting rice with other starches like potatos, wheat, barley, sweet potato, or tapioca. Soju itself is a clear drink and typically varies in alcohol content from about twenty percent to about fourty-five percent alcohol by volume, Palmer will be sending the fourty five percent kind because it is rare. The twenty percent kind is everywhere. It tastes a bit like vodka though it is a little sweeter because of the sugars added when they make the stuff. All of this is to say that it is a taste of home, Ensign and possibly the last bottle of the fourty five percent stuff in existance." He explains completely and totally still using those polite and professional tones.

"I'm not sure I'm know the taste of vodka," Roubani murmurs. "I've not heard of alcohol from rice. Is it terribly strong?"

Matto peers in, "Soju?" … "Oh, hey Tinners, Poetryslam. How you guys doin'?" he wonders, stepping in with his usual casual shuffle, if a slightly more serious than usual expression on his face.

Castor looks over at Matto and says in much warmer tones, "Kissy, a friend from Aquaria sent me Soju. To put this in comparisson imagine someone sends you the finest gummies ever." He picks up his package, "This is the white whale of gifts and it isn't locked up by Marek." He then says to Roubani as his tones become professional again, "Well, vodka is very strong, however, traditional soju is much stronger than beer and stay away from that sake that they make on the other side of Aquaria, it is very weak. Though for rice based alcohol this stuff is very strong. Well this specifically, the fourty five percent stuff takes on a slight whiskey taste."

Anton isn't sure what brought him here, but it's not like he has anything better to do; he already finished the number-crunching assignment Ivory had given him the night before, so he was free for the time being. As he enters, he notices he wasn't the first one here; three others, flight suit inserts all, had preceded him. At least one of them, Matto, was fellow Raptor crew, and not an airy fairy Viper jock. However, if they're discussing the finer points of booze, they can't be all bad. Thorn jerks his head in greeting, and takes a seat near the congregation of pilots. "Hey, people." A customarily terse greeting, but then usually Anton is slow to warm to people.

Roubani is sitting at the middle table. Castor, unless R's player missed a pose, is still standing up. There are books open all over the table, a notebook, a laptop. And a box inside a plastic bag. The conversation is quiet. Roubani is in off-duties. He has that restrictive dark beige brace strapped and wound around his shoulder, elbow, wrist, and immobilised last two fingers of his right hand, protecting the entire still-broken array. A sling while off-duty as well, to keep chronic pain in fitful slumber. His left hand has bandaging on it from yesterday, and his poor left eyebrow is half singed off. It looks mildly goofy. His eyes flicker to doorway and he smiles a little. "Hello, Kissy. We were just mentioning you." Never words most want to hear, surely. To Castor he nods slightly, taking in this weird little lesson. "Are you supposed to combine it with something? Or just…" He makes a vague motion with his bandaged hand that might've meant 'shoot it down'. In a slightly naive sort of way. Then there's someone else's voice - yet another air winger drifted over from the depths, and he glances at Anton.

Castor shakes his head as he addresses Roubani in polite and professional tones, "No, you never cut soju, ever, it is to be drunk straight and from a small glass." He then says, "Aquarians are very family and group oriented people and so drinking is something we do together, you never pour for for yourself, you always poor for your friends and wait for others to pour for you." He then takes a moment to add, "Preferably with food. One of the rules on Aquaria is drinking means food. Sometimes dried squid or other times it means fruit." he then mulls everything over before he offers, "Sometimes we have fruit flavored soju, it is mixed with lemon, strawberry, peach, and other fruit juices. However, that style is more popular with women than men." He then turns to Kissy, "I was telling the Ensign we got off CAP on account of observation from the flame." He then looks over Anton and offers a warm, "Hello."

Kassia comes right up behind Thorn, she wraps her arms around his waist and hugs him. "Hey, Thorn, Ivory let you out of the den?" She asks, with a little giggle, she's in a playful mood today more like her usual self. Peeking around Thorn, she spots a few others. "I heard a few people were gathering in here, what's the word?" She asks, spotting Castor, whom she winks at Roubani gets a smile and Matto gets a huge grin and a saucy wink.

Matto looks over Roubani with a quiet seriousness, "I've had soju once or twice," he tells Tinners distractedly, "You'd better be careful, Poetryslam, you're swiftly running out of appendages to injure," he notes, a spark of jocularity not quite leaving his voice before it fades, "You had any word on Noreal?" Three syllables, of course. The fire may have been the crewman's fault, in the final equation, but that doesn't mean Kissy can't worry about him. Then there's Thornytoes, who gets a grin from the Raptor pilot, "Hey, dude! What's what, huh? Hey Flashknickers."

"They said he'll live," Roubani tells Matto quietly, nodding once. And wow, another pilot. He gives Kassia the same little smile he gave Matto, and then seems to notice the hurricane he made of the table while working. He sits up, closing books and making stacks out of them, getting them out of the way. A mess is embarassing, with so many sudden guests. He hadn't even noticed that 'writing in a notebook' meant he got distracted and ended up covering the table itself with his spills and cascades of fanciful mathematics, and with a quiet 'bah' he picks up his eraser, starting to scrub at it. "I apologise, terrible manners. Sit down if you like, all of you. I feel I should have crackers and tea, but a conversation about consumables will have to do us I'm afraid."

"C'mon, Poet, what kind of pilot cuts his liquor?" he says, with a sardonic smile. He stiffens as he feels a pair of arms suddenly being thrown around him; but he relaxes as he cranes his head around and recognizes Flash. "Oh." He smirks. "Hello to you too, Kas." His head turns back towards the gathering. "I'm a little annoyed, actually, Kissy." But then, what else is new. "I'd like a word with whoever the owner of those handcuffs is. By the time I got back to my rack last night, bloody Spider already had my cigarette reserves under lockdown. Took me a long time to build it up, considering how quickly I burn through 'em." Talking about smoking gives him a craving, but then again most things do. He whips one out and lights it in one smooth motion. "Got a reserve stash hidden in the Raptor, though, lucky me, so I'm not totally out to sea."

Castor seems a bit relieved as he hears the news, "Well, that is good news." He says to no one in particular. As he hears Kassia's voice he warms up considerably, "Hey you." He says softly, "I find myself in a strange place Kas, I am surrounded by your squadron. Which is a good thing. You Raptor pilots are balls to the wall with your ships with no guns." He then looks at Komnenos, "I know, if someone doesn't fess up to whatever it is that pissed off Marek I'm going on a personal mission." He says, "I'll not be seperated by my booze." He then picks up his plastic bag with his box in it as if to keep it safe, he then adds for humors sake, "No, but seriously, I'll pistol whip them myself." He says nothing as Roubani begins to clean, it isn't his place to say anything.

Roubani's ears flush rather red at Komnenos' 'question'. Like this particular sort-of-pilot knows. Since the table is as clear as it's going to get, his hostly duties are as done as they can be. Letting his right arm cradle in the left, he goes silent. Best way to not further humiliate oneself.

Kassia comes from around Thorn, her hand whipping out to grab the cig from his mouth. "Frak, wish I'd have thought of that." She says going to take a seat at the nicely cleared table, she glances at the silent Roubano, before giving Castor a wink and she snorts. "What is the story behind em anyway and why is Merak so pissed just a pair of handcuffs, more then likely someone from the Sherif's department or something."

Matto settles down by Roubani, "Hey, it's whatever, guy," he tells Roubani, "Glad to hear Noreal's going to make it," he looks up to Thornytoes, then, narrowing his eyes, "Handcuffs, huh? Well, they're not mine. I don't think. Unless someone stole mine," he scratches at the back of his head, "What happened?" he wonders. "And why are your smokes locked up?" Someone's out of the loop.

"Hooch is nice, Tinman, but I can't live without my smokes. I'm with you on the pistol-whip part, though." He sighs. "Going t' have t' put some overtime in on the Triad table to keep my stores up now." He shrugs at Kissybear. "All I know is that Marek hung 'em up on the board saying that if no one fessed, everyone's booze and smokes and whatnot were going under lockdown. I didn't think he was actually serious." He squawks in surprise as his smoke suddenly disappears, Kas sauntering out of reach with his cigarette in her hand. He scowls as he pulls out another one and lights it. He gestures with the pack. "Anybody else?" he asks crossly, although he doesn't put the pack away; the offer seems genuine enough for Komnenos.

Roubani is watching the conversation. It's just what he tends to do, while his exceedingly short-lived social batteries recharge. He glances over as some Lieutenant mutters his name nearby, the man's thumb jerking towards the wireless unit and mouthing 'Eos'. The Ensign rolls quietly to his feet, scooting away from the table. "Would you excuse me a moment?" His CO waits for no men, and he moves off to get the call.

Matto doesn't smoke, and so doesn't assume the offer of a smoke is meant for him. His nose wrinkles up some as Flashknickers goes past witht he swiped cig, and he waves away a tendril of smoke from the vicinity of his face, coughing twice. "Fessed to what, I wonder. Maybe I'll go try and confess next."

Kassia looks up at Matto and wrinkles her own nose. "Sorry Kissy." She says, before waving at Roubano. "Seeya around…Hmmm our host is gone should we push off back to our own bunks or see if he comes back." She glances around never having been in here before. "Kinda cozy,…Look just like our place!"

Thorn scowls in annoyance; a state that, for him, seems to be the natural order of things. "Tried that already, Kissy. Bloody Spider didn't believe me. Told me to demonstrate with them, then, if they were mine. Had no comeback for that one, and then he was like 'Thought so' and told me to get out of his face."

Castor moves to sit beside Kassia as he says to Kissy, "It is good news that Noreal will make it, I mean that could have happened to any of us." He then looks over to Kassia, "Love, I have no idea why the Captain is pissed at those handcuffs and I wish we could find the person responsible, you know my vices cigars and booze and to be seperated from them will make me cranky." He then looks over at Matto, "You think the Cap would buy it." He waits a beat, "Well, he might." He then looks over at Kassia as he leans in to joke, "I like the slightly paler colors in this room they have a haughty tone to them with a hint of spiritually enlightened energy." He then looks over at Kosmnenos, "And yeah, Kosmnenos, we put a possey together I'll call you."

Kassia laughs at Thron. "You know Spider can be so hot without even trying." She says picturing the stoic and moody captain, she then glances at Castor and slips off her chair to go settle herself into his lap. She smiles at him. "A hint of spiritually enlightened energy?" She asks, not expecting thoes words to come out of The Tinman's mouth, she places the back of her hand on his forehead. "I think he needs to go back into medical, that smoke I think went to his head." She says teasing the man gently. "What you think Matto?"

"I know. S'why I said 'next,'" Kissy grins at Thorn, "Handcuff tricks, maybe? I could show the Captain a couple of handcuff tricks. Who knows what he wants to see, though. Maybe if someone puts on a good show… or at the very least a distracting show… he'll get over whatever it was in the first place." He looks toward Flashknickers, then, "Think about what, now?"

Komnenos shrugs. "Go for it then. Maybe you'll have better luck than I did. I know you don't smoke, but if you pull it off, I'll scrounge up some hooch for ya." he says with one of his patented half-smiles. Thorn raises an eyebrow in Tinman's direction. "Spiritually enlightened energy, eh? Wouldn't know. Never paid any more than lip service to the gods myself, being a stuffy academic from a family of academics and all." His half-smile takes on a note of self-deprecation.

Castor says softly to Kassia with a bit of a teasing tone, "I'd be jealous of the Captain if I didn't know how much you loved me." However, his arms wrap around Kassia's waist, "I used to know a handcuff trick, but, it would be complicated." He then looks over at Kissy, "Wait, you know some handcuff tricks too?" He pauses, "Do you know the one about getting out of the cuffs with the thing?" Which thing he doesn't say but he does look over at Matto and then to Kassia before he says in mock and total teasing hurtfulness, "I see how it is…I'm just chopped Aquarian liver." He then burries his head into Kassia's back, "You'd leave me for the Captain on account of his is all hot and Captainy." Clearly he is putting on a show, a funny show, but a show none the less. As Komnenos speaks he says to Kassia, "I like him, Kas." He isn't a fan of the Lords himself and everyone knows. He then says to Kassia, "Can we keep him, I'll put him in my pocket and feed him chocolates."

Kassia nods at Castor. "The shit he just spouted about spiritually enlightment energy." She says then hmms softly. "Someone should teach spider a lesson." She says going to look at Matto, again. "We should go show him what you can do with a pair of handcuff, maybe get the guy to sweat a little." She gives an little smile, then eyes Castor for a second. "Not thoes sorts of trick love, the ones where you..em perform in the bedroom, I had a friend at collage very into that sort of stuff she'd give me detailed account of her…Hmmm play time." She glances towards Thorn, rolling her eyes and shruging. "We'd have to ask Ivory I've already tried to nick him twice and if he has cigs."

"If you're going to scrounge for me, scrounge gummy bears, man," Kissy grins at Komnenos. "My stash is mighty, but shall not always be so," he pronounces, then yawns. "Which thing?" he wonders, of Tinners.

Thorn rolls his eyes at Castor's apparent naivete, but wonder of wonders, doesn't make a crack about it. He turns back to Kissy, his eyebrow raised in surprise. He'd forgotten about Kissy's prediliction for the sticky little things. "Gummy bears, then. Not sure where I'd find gummy bears, but I'll see what I can do." He jabs a finger in Matto's direction. "If you pull it off, anyway." The sardonic smile is back. "My services don't come free." The eyebrow comes up again, this time directed at Castor. "I don't know that I'd fit in your pocket, and besides, you'd do better with fumarella and alcohol than chocolate." He cocks his head and chuckles. "First Flash and now you, Tinman. If you're not careful, you're going t' get Ivory's panties in a twist." The bond between the ECO and his pilot is obvious, despite the constant teasing.

Castor looks over at Kassia as he gives a soft, "Oh?" followed by another louder, "OH! Those sorts of tricks, I thought you meant like, where they lock the guy up and he gets out of it at the last second." He waits a beat before he gives Kassia a look as he whispers something to the woman. He then looks back at Matto, "You know the THING…the secret thing that magicans use, you know the magical thing." He then looks over at Thorn for a moment before he looks over at Kissy, "I've been scrounging for gummies for you kissy, but for now the well is dry, give me a bit longer." It is a strange fact that Castor knows how to find things on the ship, strange things like two sets of almost new knickers, chocolates, cigars, booze, and gummies. He then says, "Aww, see now he is speaking my language, Kas, cigars and booze." he then looks back to Thorn, "All joking aside, you seem alright to me man.'

"That's the sort of trick I was talking about, in all honesty," Kissy grins at Tinners, "The magic word, you mean? Sure, I know that one," Kissy leans back a little. in the chair, "As to the -other- sort of trick, well… it's nothing I'm particularly proud of, but sometimes when you need the money you need the money. Letting them cuff you is a freakish bad plan, though."

Well that was a long call, and involved Roubani going back and forth several times to his bunk to grab different sets of schematics. When he finally hangs up with Sen he heads back to the table to slide back into his seat, busily chewing on the pen he'd been using.

Castor whisper to Kassia, "So, wait, handcuffs, how did it work out?"

Kassia goes to lean her head on Castor's shoulder her arms securely wrapped around his waist as she look between the three men. "Nothing is for free these days, we live in a world of bartering and bribary." She says, with a grin. "Though I offer to do washing for a week for anyone that can find me a bottle…And no Cassy, you don't count…of defrizzer." by the looks of the young pilots hair defrizzer is badly in need. "Or I could shave it all off, but I don't think I have the face for the bald look some women can pull it off not me, too round." She hmms softly the closes her eyes, she's warm secure and very content right now.

Komnenos emits a short, barking laugh. "Actually, Tinman, I'm kind of a dick, but I thank you for the vote of confidence." He looks back at Matto. "I dunno, Kissy, the idea of cuffs sounds like it could be… exciting." He pauses a moment and blanches, hoping he doesn't sound too crazy. "Provided, of course, you can trust the person on the other side. Knew a guy in grad school who had this psycho on-again, off-again girlfriend who once chained him to her bed for the entire day. From morning to night, while she was off at class and work. Like I said, psycho." He nods solemnly at Kas, though his eyes hold a mischievious twinkle. "Heh. Bribery makes the world go 'round, after all."

Castor looks over at Kassia, "You shave your hair off and I'll still love you but I fancy a woman with a full head of hair." He makes a mental note to scrounge for defrizzer, "And I'll set about finding you something for your hair, sorry for being a bad boyfriend and not looking earlier." He then looks over at Matto and suprisingly says, "We've all done bad things for money." Ah the streetrat comes out in him if for half a second. He looks over at Komnenos, "Ah, right, then you are a dick, duly noted." He then adds, "There is a difference between bribery and trade."

Roubani is doing his best to keep up. The look on his face is almost comical as it reacts twitch by twitch to the spouts of words. Cuffs? Psycho women? Whoa. He has nothing to say about this, though undoubtedly he's learning all the wrong things right now, only speaking up to comment in quiet horror to Kassia, "Oh, don't do that!"

"Yah, that's the catch of the thing," Kissy agrees with Komnenos. "With your boyfriend or girlfriend? Sure. With someone you're probably never going to see again, and who's likely going to be off-planet within a week… not so much," Kissy runs a hand up through his hair, looking to Kassia for a moment, "You looked -good- witht he corn rows. You could probably pull the buzzed look. Better than I could."

Kassia looks up suddenly rather startled by the forceful words from Roubani. "It's cool, Rou, I won't shave my head." She says with a smile at him. "You don't think it'll look good?" she asks, as she hears Matto's comment. "I could always place it into a fench braid, like some of the gal's in the Marines have it, though it could take a few hours todo." She says going to bite the bottom os Castors ear. "I'm still not doing your laundry." She mutters to him, then gives a little wink at his whisper. "Ask Kai for the cuff and I'll show you."

Thorn nods at Castor. "You're right, of course. Bribery has such a… negative connotation, but there's no harm in a little harmless barter. After all, how else would you stay in booze, or me in smokes, or Kissy in gummies?" He shifts. "Your hair looks fine the way it is, Kas," he continues, self-consciously running a hand through his own. "Besides, you ask me, baldness on a woman just doesn't look right."

Roubani, of course, politely looks away from the two biting each other at the table. He has his own biting problem, the back part of the pen having come off in his teeth. Argh. He pulls a face and rubs the back of his hand across the ink drips at the corner of his mouth, nose wrinkled as he tosses the ex-chewtoy on a crumpled bit of paper. Back to listening.

Leda smiles as he ear gets bitten, "Yeah, well, I'll still find you defrizzer and I will do my own laundry, we are equals remember." He then takes a moment to gives Kassia a look, the sort of look a puppy dog gives when they see a treat, "Really?" He then says softly, "Looks like I need to see the Captain then." He looks over at Kissy, "Wasn't there a book about that, I mean, about a woman handcuffed to a bed and then her mean husband dies on top of her?" He then looks over at Thorn, "No, I mean it, bribery is not the way to go. It isn't right, bartering is honest and good. It is meeting the best needs of all parties involved."

"Was there? I haven't read it. That'd crazy suck, though," Kissy muses thoughtfully on the concept. "Hey, chances are if it -was- a book, it isn't, anymore. Maybe we could write it. Can you imagine waiting for the cops to come?"

Kassia glances towards Roubani, as the pen brakes and raises an eyebrow. "If you hungry Rou?" She ask with a grin then looks down at the half smoked cig in her hands. "Whoops." She mutters and brings it to her lips. "Your both sick." She says wrinkling her nose. "Give me a good Mystery any day but not one like that, yuck!"

Komnenos, silent for the moment, takes a look over at Roubani. The young man is quiet, even more so than usual. Anton understands though, usually being one of the more quiet types himself, so he doesn't intrude on Poet's silence. Instead, he answers Castor's remark, again shaking his head at the Viper pilot's naivete. "I never said bribery was a good thing, Tinman, but it is a fact of life. It's human nature, you know, and it's not going to go away because Castor Leda says it's bad." He stops himself as he notices an edge creeping into his voice; it would be unfair to the man to go off on him when he hadn't said anything that would warrant such a reaction. Thorn sighs. There he goes again, foot firmly inserted into mouth. He's relieved when Kissy leads the conversation in another direction, even if it is his usual off-kilter one. "Never heard of that book… sounds like something I'd remember if I had. I usually stick to drier stuff… but then again, a bit of fluff is nice once in a while, too." He takes a pull off of his long forgotten cigarette.

Roubani blushes a little at Kassia's observation, though he smiles. "I suppose I have an undiagnosed ink deficiency. Terrible, that." Anton gets a slight smile as well. His silence isn't uncomfortable so much as it is a bit shy, and he seems perfectly alright being wrapped in it. Sometimes it takes shutting up just to follow the trains of thought around here.

Castor gives a glance over to Komnenos as the fangs come out against him, he doesn't say anything but mental notes have been made, he says nothing as his full name is said he does however whisper something softly to Kassia before he looks over at Matto as he says, "I'm with Kas on this one. Though I'd like a nice book with lots of action or humor."

Castor whispers to Kassia, I take it back, we shouldn't keep him. He calls my name again like that and I will not be happy."

Kassia eyes go towards Thorn for a few moments and she almost say something, but with a sighs she shakes her head, she'll deal with this later, whom she'll deal with though is the real question, though a soft. "Knock it off, Castor." Could properly be heard by Roubani, before she's whispering something back to him every so quietly.

Kassia whispers to Castor, "He was right to call you out there, what did I tell you Cassy, you keep placing your own opinions and your over bearingness onto other people. You have to cut that crap out. I mean it!"

Komnenos sighs, hanging his head as he notes the sudden uneasiness on the other side of the room. "Sorry, Tinman, I didn't mean to jump your shit like that." His head comes back up again a second later, though, and some of his good humor from earlier seems to have returned. "I did warn you that I could be a dick sometimes, though," he continues in a more teasing tone of voice. He returns back to the subject of books. "Most of my collection was still at home when the, ah, when the Cylons attacked, but I've kept the best of my collection with me. Most of it's dry stuff, like I said, mostly compsci textbooks from my university days or the kind of stuff Poet or Ivory would read-" he breaks off with a wave as he acknowledges his pilot - "but I've got a couple action novels, too. Nice to unwind with."

Roubani's dark eyes flicker a little, watching the exchange between Thorn and Castor. There's no opinion of it written on his face, nor does he comment on their business. He crosses his legs at the knee, letting the chair support his back. When Anton makes that comment he chuckles under his breath. "I'm sure we read less dull things than people expect us to. Just not in public."

As an apology is offered Castor eases up considerably, "Sorry, Thorn, I just…I try to stick by my morals and I need to remember not everyone shares them, so I'm sorry too." Strange apology but it comes out in honest tones as he offers, "Yes, yes you did mention that and I'll keep it in mind for our next meeting. Who knows we can share hooch?" He then takes whispers something to Kassia as a smile creeps upon his face. He then looks over at Roubani and says again in professional tones, well, as professional as he can considering his signifigant other is in his lap, "And in that there is truth, Ensign."

Castor whispers to Kassia, "I'm sorry and you are right and he did apologize and yeah, I need to lay off. Frak me, I'm sorry."

Kassia nods her head up at Thorn. "I think tempers are flairing a little more then usual." She smiles with a soft smile her dimples showing, Kassia is trying to charm. "You got some action novels, man I'm raiding your bunk for em next time I nick your cigs." She says, that smile widening even more, she then eyes Roubani her eyebrows wrinkling a little, she shrugs and bite Castors ear again. "I'll punish you later, or let Eddie do it she'll enjoy it more." Hmmmm, yeah that's a good idea.

Roubani's expression turns slightly embarassed as Kassia gives him that look. He didn't mean it like THAT! Back to mouth shut, def.

"I didn't say it was dull, Poet," Komnenos replies mildly. "Rowlings, for example, is pretty dry, you've got to admit. Even if his writing was the only thing dry about him." He clears his throat, taking one last stab off his cigarette before stamping it out in a handy ashtray. "Anyway, though, I don't pretend to be a literary critic." He eyes Kassia apologetically. "I've always had a temper, unfortunately. It's been frakkin' biting me in the ass for years." He furrows his eyebrow at her. "And if you want something to read, all you have to do is ask, you know." He sticks his tongue out at her.

Castor looks over at Kassia as his ear is bit again and he leans in to kiss Kassia slightly before he says, "If I'm to be punished it is to be from someone you love and love, lets be fair, Mooner might kill me." He then makes a mental note, defrizzer and action novels, check, scrounging shall commence shortly. As Komnenos begins talking about books Castor goes quiet, he is smart enough after all because he is a pilot but he isn't a huge reader and as Thorn sticks his tounge out at Kassia he lets off a small amused laugh.

With the force that the door opens, one might expect gang busters armed with machine guns to come pouring through the door, asking for hands in the air. However, what everyone does get is a rather tall eltee, by thie looks of things. A grin on his face as that big booming laugh comes along like some brass fanfare. "Whoaoahahahahahoah" Hale's laughter, infectious? Probably not.Still there's a grin as eyes catch the number of pilots "Why are th' lot of you in here?" and eyes slide over to the man he was looking for anyway "Oi Ensign." Big beaming smile to the man with a lot of books piled up. "Just th' bloody man I was looking for-Moment of your time Poet?"

Kassia can't help but grin at Roubani's flush and says softly. "Hey it's ok Roubani, we all do it I hear that Eddie has one of the best collections on the boat." She, then looks towards Thorn. "Yeah, they don't call you Thorn for nothing, and your temper aint back just have to get Ivory to spank you now and then keep you inline…Though." She pauses her lips. "I'd be more then willing to keep you in check." she's flirting again. "Hmmmm." Is all the command she has for Castor before she's looking at the door. "Ensign Roubani promised us booze and strippers, we could hardly turn him down…Except…Well we have no booze and the strippers are late."

It's with quiet footfalls that Timon makes his way into the berthings. Clearly, he's attempting to make the minimum amount of noise possible — but who can succeed when preceded by a bowling ball of a man? — and so, with his usual sheepish smile, he steps inside, stopping about half a meter into the room to survey the lay of the land. "It's a veritable party in here," is what he says aloud when he gets the chance to fit a word in edgewise; those who know him even passingly well might see a hint of discomfort flit across his expression. "Anyone here seen — ah — wow," he finishes lamely. "Bunch of you here. Shouldn't you guys be, I donno, doing productive things with your time? Or something."

Saved by the Halebell. Which could be a blessing or a curse, depending. Roubani startles a little at the noise, blinking, but he offers Hale an amiable half-smile. "Of course, sir. Would you like to sit down, or…" Or talk somewhere else, is implied. But wait, booze and strippers, what. "I'm sure that some kind soul would be willing to climb onto that table given enough of Lieutenant Leda's soju."

"Well, I've had years of practice reining it in," Komnenos says with a sigh. He looks up with a genuine grin as Ivory walks up to the group. "Sod off, you," he snaps jokingly. "You got your numbers from last night crunched, now leave me frakkin' be." He waves the Raptor pilot over. "Why don't you join us and take a load off?" He gives Timon a measured look. "And dislodge that stick up your arse, while you're at it."

"Strippers? Right tacky mates, right tacky-sure a girl's gots ta pay for college an all that, but pickin up cubits with her velvet goldmine's not my means of entertainment." Odd coming from Hale, considering how he was in college-Still the big man just grins for a moment. "Hiding booze out form the Captain are we?" a clucking of his tongue as he is making his way over to where Roubani is. "Oi we can talk here lugger, if you want-Nothing private bouts what I got on my mind for you." Oh gods-what is Rabbit going on about. "Tell me, Ensign-are you familiar with th' game of pyramid?" Course that could be like asking any child if they know what a horse looks like.

A glance is passed from Komnenos over towards Timon, and there's a chuckle. Ahh Raptor folk.

"If you mean the rules sir, yes," Roubani answers Hale, politely tugging out a chair nearby for the man. His hand then cradles back around his right arm, snug as it is in its immobilising brace of straps and rigid glove. "If you mean do I play…er, well. I've had an unfortunate tendency in the past to end up as the ball." He looks up as Timon comes in and smiles a little, then glances at Castor and Kassia. Huh.

Kassia suppresses a giggle in Castor's neck at Kon's words "You know if you was mine Thorn I'd be doing more then spanking you." She says with a shakes of her head, and address Ivory. "Boy needs dicipline Lieutenant and badly…Oh Pyramid?" She asks, that certainly perks her interest. "If you'll excuse me for butting in sir, but I use to play it professionally for my collage and also the flight academy…If the Ensign here can't answer all your questions I'd be happy to help." She did after all get her callsign from the sport, as she fills Castor do something near his waist she eyes him. "What you doing, that best not be your gun!"

Timon gives the gathered officers a little half-wave that probably doesn't communicate any of what he's thinking — hi, Roubani, hope you're liking the book; hi, loud people, library voices please; hi, Raptor-people, I know you. In fact, it certainly doesn't say anything of the sort. Aloud, in the interim: "Heel, Thorn." The lieutenant doesn't sound irritated; to the contrary, it seems that parrying Anton's verbal thrusts is almost second nature to him. If anything, his tone is that of a bored schoolteacher after a long and frustrating day. "I would ask why you're 'taking a load off' in public, of all places, but I don't think the answer would please me one bit." A slight pause is followed by an even slighter smile. "As for you, Ensign Nevice — spanking? Again? You should go to the gym and work off all that excess energy."

"Yeah I mean the rules mate-" a grin as big as his colony is still plastered on Hale's features. "Play if you want-, but I need a good smart man t' help me with a project I am gettin' together-an your name came like a big blinkin light bulb over me skull." A grin, fast that eases down as he draws up something to sit on over by Roubani. "I was wonderin' if you might like t' be a coach or a referee, for a league I am goin t' try an put in place for the ship."

Eyes quickly turn towards Kassia and there's a flash of teeth. "Who did you play for, Lieutenant? An trust me, I know a thing about pyramid. Got a collegiate ring t' prove it." He's about seven years Kassia's senior but during his Sophmore year, he won the Collegiate championship while playing for Virgon University. But after he went to the flight Academy his name disappeared from the sports shows at the time- another prospect lost to the Navy. However Rabbit, looks as if he is about to say something more-that is till the snap, and he's rising up to look over at Castor and Kassia. "Fishin-fer Shacks?" Sharks people. "Oi-Leda. Wot are you doing?" Because there will be nothing friendly about the Lieutenant in minutes if a gun was just brought into play.

Castor says softly to Kassia, "Never said it was my gun, Kas." Should she check the gun is holstered with a full lock on the latch. Instead he opened a pocket with metal clasps as he pulls a small pen out. He then looks over at Hale, "Just getting a pen out Eltee." He then says, "But I would like a snack, sir, if one was to become available." He then studies everyone in the room before he offers kindly, "If there are enough shot glasses in this room and if people are able I'll share a bit of my soju, so we all get along." His tones have a bit of a jealous flash about them but a generous flash as well.

Kassia eyes Castor for a moment a hand slipping down to chest the pistol is still there. "Ok, but don't do that, you had murder in your eyes for a minute." She snort softly before turning around so her back is to the Jealouse pilot and addresses Hale. "No frakking way." She says getting a little excited. "We must have just missed each other, I bet I have a ring that matches yours. I started in my first years ended up being really good at it, made team captain in my third year." She says sounding excited. "Virgon had the best team for as long as I can remember, was a real joy getting to play with em for four years…I'm sure you'd enjoy playing Roubani not as if there any professional teams left, anyone can play if they just wanna have some fun, good way to keep in shape too…" She says.

Thorn, for his part, gestures rudely in response to Ivory's quip. "Well, since you didn't ask, I don't believe I'll tell you, Lieutenant." There's no rancor in his mock formality, however; the back and forth between the two is all in a day's work for the ECO. It's odd, though, that Anton is more inclined towards remembering matters of protocol when he's being mocking than when the situation actually calls for it. Yet another quirk of his, it seems.
"Oi…Pyramid, eh?" Komnenos' earthy Aerilon accent thickens, as it sometimes seems to do around the jovial Leonan. The accent isn't quite the same, but it reminds Anton of home. "Never played much, myself, although I did follow the Archers from time t' time," he notes, naming his home colony's team. "When I was going t' school on Caprica, it was all Buccaneers, all th' bloody time. Kinda fell out of th' habit of following the game after that."

Castor quiets as he listens to Kassia, the gun is still in check, a pen is on the table and it is slowly slid over to Roubani. "Jealousy is a one of my weak points, Kas." He says softly to Kassia for all that it means silly man that he is. He then takes a moment to just listen to everyone around him as he soaks in the conversation around him, content to hear what others say as his offer to drink the soju disappears. He isn't about to offer again however as Timon addresses him he says, "Aye, human ingenuity." He then takes a moment to look over at Roubani whom he does not address but he merely glances at before he goes back to listening to the others.

"A coach, bloody A, bet you could do it." It seems Hale is dead set in using Roubani or getting him involved in some capacity. or so the monstrous grin remaining on his visage would be able to denote. "Roubani, cutty, Mate-You won't fail a team, but I know you gots a great eye for detail and are bloomin- smart t' boot. I would like it if you played-but if you can't I would like y' to coach or work as a referee. I know you got it in you mate-that's why I am asking."

And there's a grin back to Kassia "Oi I was Captain for a bit- even got me the Sykes commendation my freshman year-" it seems Hale could go one about truly what is one of his other passions besides flying. A smile is given back towards Thorn and there's that broad assed grin again. "Roight, Well Caprica has weak collegiate teams, despite th' bucs being rather damned good. Reason the bucs are good, is because they import. My junior year they were trying to recruit hard, but I was going to go t' the drafts and see where I would have ended up.." he trails for a moment "Archers are a good club too-Nothin' like the Lions, but well you know." Ahh nothing like home colony pride. Eyes turn to Leda and Rabbit merely shakes his head. "Got no crisps mate." offered before he's glancing to Ivory slightly. "You can always giver another shot mate- this here leagues for th' whole bloody ship- everyone who is interested is welcome to come an play."

For being perhaps the youngest in the room by age, Roubani would be hard-pressed to come off as a 'kid'. Even through his tendency to blush at the drop of a hat, he maintains a certain straight-backed, subtle dignity in the way he sits there, good arm protective over bad. Granted, this is wrecked somewhat by that left eyebrow that got partly singed off in the fire yesterday - that looks a bit silly. He chuckls quietly at Timon. "You coached, sir? What, the chess team?" Ooh, Ensignburn. Kind of. It'd be more of a burn if he didn't play chess himself.

Thorn snickers at Roubani's jab, but doesn't add to it. There is such a thing as piling it on needlessly, after all, and even Ivory does have a threshold; it's probably in Anton's best interests not to push it that often. He's gotten his in for the time being, anyway. Instead, he turns back to Hale. "Right, the Lions aren't bad; but as I recall, the Archers swept the season series last year," he notes with a smirk. "Anyway, though, I may give it a try again if this league of yours sticks — though likely I'll not be much better than a third stringer." He shrugs; Pyramid isn't his game, and he knows it. He's better suited for more sedate pursuits.

Kassia nods her head eagerly as Hale goes on. "Man I must have missed you by a few years." She says trying to do some maths in her head and then just shakes it, for all her degree she's never been one for the smarts. "But if your getting a team together, count me in I'd love to play again." She says, leaning back now against Castor. "And I'm fine hun, not much of a drinker you know. Maybe you should save it for a rainy day. Ivory is right we'll be drying up soon, unless people start getting a few Stills going…Though it's not the same…In fact personally a Hooch isn't to my taste." And back to the Pyramid talk. "You know Roubani might be good, will keeping score and the logistical side of things?"

"Trap-shooting, Ensign Roubani, if you can believe that." A hint of wryness slips into Ivory's expression. Arms folded across his chest, forehead perpetually furrowed, Timon seems to be the oldest person in the room, an impression only reinforced by the fact that his hairline is already in full retreat. "A man with one eye is king amongst the blind, as the saying goes. I captained the club team at Caprica U. And believe you me, staring down a few ticked-off grad students armed with semi-automatic double-barreled shotguns after your final shot just lost the game — " Timon stops to breathe. "I was fortunate that my teammates couldn't hit the broad side of a battlestar, but that's neither here nor there. Moral of the story: competitive sport of any sort still makes me feel like a clay pigeon." Meanwhile, his gaze does not fail to note the liquor being stowed back from whence it came. At that, he looks rather pleased.

Hale grins, "Good mate-that's all I ever wanted from yeah. I'll let ya know more as I get things hammered out." A nod of his head before he's looking back to Timon-though the Ensign's words do bring a laugh, loud and gale force from the Lieutenant. "Crikey.." And there goes a first towards Roubani-held out for the age old fist-bump that has long since transcended males through generations.

"I'm going to tack up a note in th' lounge later today- get people who might be interested to sign up. Maybe we'll get a good number of teams- or at least two with shift changes.." added to Kassia. For Hale, he simply can't wait to be back in the ring, knocking fools flat before their shots. Rabbit's looking back to Thorn and nodding again "Mate I'm sure you'll get to play an it'll be fine an fun. An if you get hurt? Doves dig scars."
Roubani chuckles lightly at Kassia, crossing his drab olive-clad legs at the knee. "Keeping score, yes. With this lot on the court, I shall pray I won't have to be using imaginary numbers." To Timon he looks back and tilts his head. "Trap-shooting, sir?" This is clearly something he's unfamiliar with. Though his thoughts are then interrupted by Hale's fist. He stares at it blankly for a second, utter socialfail. His hand brushes on the beige brace on the other arm, a little uncomfortable, but he does eventually tap fists, very lightly. Look see? He's learning.

Thorn leans forward at the mention of homebrew. "'S okay, Tinman.. the others have a point. You may want t' hold onto that as long as you bloody can." His voice takes on a conspiratorial tone. "Although scuttlebutt has it that th' Cat knows her way around a still. Perhaps someone should make a discreet inquiry or two?" he suggests with a furtive smile. "Wouldn't hurt t' have a fallback, y'know, if things do start drying up 'round here."

Castor reponds to Kassia, "Alright love, I'll hide it away." He doesn't mention his plans for working up a still to the others, instead he says, "Kas, if you play again I'll cheer for you from the sidelines." He then looks over at the others as they speak about the game. He says nothing because he isn't a big sports fan and he never was. He turns his head softly the way a puppy dog does when it is confused as he listens, it would appear that if Castor had any sort of weakness beyond jealousy this is it. He looks over at Thorn, "I'll hold on to Kas as long as she will let me. I guess I owe you a second appology so sorry man."

Kassia gives Roubani a chocking laugh and nods her head her eyes twinkling, before then roll everu so elegantly when Castor makes his comment "He meant the booze you sappy git." She says then sighs softly. "I had to fall for the Romnatic sappy type didn't I…Well saying that all the marines we're out of bound." She then just blinks and shakes her head. "Black Cat can still, hmmmm see Castor get together with her with your scrouging skills and her brewing talents you could have us a fine vintage in no time."

"You could say that shooting's a little like chess, Poet." Timon considers his words carefully; then — "Actually, scratch that. Not at all like chess. I'd show you, but I doubt anybody with half a brain would want me to get within ten klicks of a firearm." The fact that he's been issued the requisite officer's pistol doesn't seem to cross his mind. "Anyway, what you all do in your spare time is none of my concern; after all, I'm hardly the captain of anything. Just do this long-abused lieutenant one favor: if you're due to ride with me at any point in the next, oh, six months — " This is accompanied by a look at Thorn, one the ECO's undoubtedly seen before. " — I'd prefer you show up with fewer than ten broken bones and a blood alcohol concentration of under oh-point-four." Which, for the uninitiated, is right where minor bodily functions like breathing and heart rate start getting impaired.

Hale snickers softly, as he brings his hand down with a grin. See it worked, he's slowly infiltrating the Poet boundaries of comfort-though with Hale its more like he's a giant that mucks around and kicks over villages when they are found. There's a laugh towards Timon "Right mate- I'll be sure to come in with at least nine-" Thought the odds of the Viper pilot riding in the raptor for fun and giggles is slim to none. A look back to Roubani "I'm glad you're gonna be with us mate." and yes the big lieutenant does mean it.

"It's alright, sir," Roubani assures Timon. "I trust you." Which he sounds like he does. Or he just doesn't want to be around firearms with the man. He looks back at Hale with a wry smirk. "I do wonder what I've gotten myself into. Perhaps best not to ponder."

"No worries on that front, Castor." Komnenos dismisses the apology with what he hopes is a good-natured wave. "And yeah… I did mean the booze," he notes with his trademark half-smile, "but don't worry, I've no intention of being a relationship-breaker, either. Bloody poor form, that." He looks over at Ivory with reproach. "Now, now, Ivory, you ought t' know I'd never dream of showing up for flight with more than a point-two BAC." He smirks. "And if I have any broken bones, you'd better believe I'd be in sickbay milking them for all they're frakkin' worth."

Hale nods to Thorn "Fact, th' nurses are pretty hot this year mates." As if some of the hornballs from the air wing needed incentive-still Rabbit lays it out like it is. A chuckle's given as he looks between Castor and Kassia, before he's blinking and the loudly laughing. "Wait, wait Lieutenant? Marines were out of bounds? Lords love you girl.." and Hale's yucking it up again.

Castor takes a moment to give a soft thud to his forhead, "Aye, love the booze. Well, I am always willing to share booze." He then looks over at Komnenos, "You let me know the where and the when and I'll provide booze of some kind." He then listens to Kassia, "So, the Captain can brew and well I could help with that as well." He then takes a moment to look over at Roubani as he says in his professional tones, "We have all landed ourselves in trouble, Ensign so we had all better make the best of it." He then looks over at Hale, "Eltee, you've been checking out the nurses?" His tones become teasing as he says, "Were I not a taken man I'd march over to the CIC and look at the bridge bunnies."

"I'm not sure if I should feel insulted or not Thorn." Kassia jokes as she gets off of Castors lap, she needs to stretch her legs, the woman wonders around near the others keeping within conversational range. "Yeah." She says with a suffering sighs to Hale. "It's the whole enlisted officer thing I like to fly you know." She says with a wink. "Nurses?" She rolls her eyes. "What is it, with men and nurses seriously, I never could understand, they poke and prod you, stick kneels and take your blood. Bunch of vampires." The woman says going to move towards Thorn, she pats down his pockets if he lets her. "I'll sport you back when I get my stash back from Spider." She says, going to find his cigs.

"Left myself open for that one," Timon observes, stepping backwards just one bit as the boisterous Viper pilot turns his attention toward him. "And that one, too," he says, as Anton piles on. "I need to get better at sarcasm, or intimidation, or both. And chess team, Ensign?" says Timon, doing his best to sound incredulous. Et tu, Roubani? Then fall, Stathis. "To paraphrase a great philosopher whose work I admire tremendously, I don't get no respect around here. Maybe I should start throwing a few tantrums." But the smile on his face doesn't go away. He'll take gentle ribbing over a stiff "Sir! Yes sir!" any day of the week.

It's been a while since Thorn's last cigarette; after all, for him even half an hour can seem like an eternity. He's the measure of self restraint if he can go an hour between smokes, but as he's currently off duty, he sees no reason for said restraint. Out comes the pack again; pluck, close, light, put away, and just like that the sweet, sweet nicotine is flowing through his bloodstream once again. His face lights up at the mention of bridge bunnies. "Ah, dear Ensign Lace," he sighs knowingly, referring to CIC's notorious gossip. "Beautiful girl. Lousy Triad player, too." Yet another smirk. "Good combination, that. She's part of the reason I'm blessed with such wealth as to be able to feed so many habits," he says as Kas gives him the patdown. He beats her to it, again whipping out his pack from his flight suit and tossing another smoke to the ensign.

Roubani smiles slightly, but of course there's no comment about the booze. Or men's tendencies towards nurses. A brow quirks up as Timon addresses him again, a faint smirk-smile tugging at the corner of his lip. "Don't you play chess, sir?" His voice is completely innocent. "You ought to, if you don't. I could use a rigorous opponent, respect be damned and all."

"Mate, while my well may be dry and I might not be complaining- I look where there are legs" Hale says simply before grinning back to Kassia "Oh I like all sorts, teachers, pilots, Nurses-priestesses.." Oh the list could go on, and on, but Hale's not the type to focus on what would be a good frak or not. Let alone discriminate from such things. A nod towards Thorn "Yeah mate- She's got a set of…eyes on her.."

Castor stands as his lap becomes empty, he carries his bottle of VERY nice soju off with him before he looks over at Roubani before he says, "Thank for being honest Ensign." His tones take on that distant quality that only professionalism can create. He then looks over at Kassia,

Castor stands as his lap becomes empty, he carries his bottle of VERY nice soju off with him before he looks over at Roubani before he says, "Thank for being honest Ensign." His tones take on that distant quality that only professionalism can create. He then looks over at Kassia, "I need to hit duty and so I'm on CAP in a few." He leans in to give Kassia a gentle kiss before he looks at the others gathered, "Just stay alive so I get a chance to drink with you all later." He then takes one last moment to study everyone with a smile before he ducks out and goes on his CAP.

Castor has left.

Kassia eagerly takes the smoke, turning to kiss Castor as she watches him leave the room. She then goes to sit down on the chair and sigh. "He kness a good ass kicking, don't get me wrong I love the guy like no other, but even I find him annoying at time." She hmms and eyes Roubani, knowing perhaps the young pilot as had a little trouble with him. "Hale." She finally says to him. "You'd do anything with a good pair." She says then closes her eyes and enjoy her smoke.

"Believe it or not, Nevice..I don't frak" a cackle there as Hale leans back in his chair for a moment. Taking time to watch Castor shuffle out, an idle nod, though its hard to see if the Lieutenant is agreeing with Kassia or not. "I'm rather picky and can wait. Trust me- ain't going out of me mind with all the talk that you all stow about."

Roubani politely refrains from saying anything disparaging about the departing man. Manners, manners. His attention remains on the conversation, silently watching again. And again, it's not uncomfortable so much as he's just taking all the interactions in.

"Rigorous opponent, eh. Flattery will get you nowhere, Ensign Roubani — and by nowhere, I mean Black Squadron Berthings, 1945 hours, you bring the chess set, I'll bring my game." Oh, it's on. "Though I fully expect to get trounced by our resident genius. Anybody who'd take perverse pleasure in watching me nosedive into Poet's four-move-checkmate, Thorn here's going to sell tickets. He'll hand them out like he does everything — in fifteen seconds." Timon is deadpan. He doesn't dare to laugh at his own joke, and — is that — is that a flash of red on his face? This, it appears, is as crude as Ivory gets.

"Maybe so, Ivory — but I've been told by some that it was the best fifteen seconds of their lives." Thorn's reply is equally deadpan, but unlike his counterpart he can't resist a sneer. "In any case, should anyone want to see the 'match of the century'" — that last bit dripping with sarcasm — "form a line and have appropriate payment ready. Fumarella and alcohol preferred, cubits accepted as well. All proceeds to be donated to the Anton Komnenos Vice Fund." Another barking laugh escapes from his lips.

Roubani lifts the back of his hand to his lips to hide the smile, though it's impossible to hide the crinkles that appear at the corners of his eyes. Which are quite deep, even at his arguably tender age. He coughs quietly and clears his throat, nodding to Timon. Still pressing his lips together against the smile. "You're on, sir."

"Seems Komnenos is a life changer." offered back from Hale as he slowly rises up. There's a grin over towards Roubani "Anyway Mate- I told ya what I came for, so I'll let ya get back to it. Th' res of you have a bloody good day." A tap of his knuckles to his forehead. "Ta' all." and with that he starts a heading out-whistling. Yes, Rabbit is in a good mood. Per usual.

Kassia nods her head over at Hale. "Yeah I was kinda like that until a few months ago." She comments then just merely goes quiet not sure what to say she's not really into chess and the conversation about her partner didn't go no where, so she just does a Roubani and listens.

Hale heads through the exit labeled <H> Hallway.
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"You're a terrible salesman, Anton, you know that?" Timon's lips tighten — he has, after all, about thirty-odd years of suppressing grins behind him. "I expected more — flyers, perhaps. A little pitch, like — " The lieutenant clears his throat. "Hm. 'He's the champion, the undisputed king of the gridiron, whose mastery of these sixty-four squares has been matched by none at the tender age of' — how old are you, Roubani, eighteen?" Now, Stathis doesn't bother to hide his grin. "'But will he meet his match in this wily old veteran, whose inscrutable intellect has led some to call him the 'enigma of our glorious sport'? Tonight. One engagement only. The Boy Genius meets the Ivory Tower. Who will survive?'" The Raptor pilot waves to Hale as he finishes his speech. "Something like that."

Roubani chuckles quietly at the jab about his age. "Ask me that when I'm forty, sir, and we'll be friends for life." He shifts forward in his chair, standing up with careful consideration for his right side. "Sirs, Ensign. If you'll excuse me I have to look over something before duty. Don't feel you have to go, nobody will chase you out until you start a ruckus."

Kassia stands up as well. "And I think I've over stayed my welcome here I should go get some kip. I'll see you all later." she says with a nod to thoes in the room. "Roubani, when you have a few hours spare I'd like to talk to you." She says, casually. "Nothing serious, so don't feel you have to make time for me…Just if you have a few spare and wondering what to do with em."

Komnenos nods a goodbye to Hale before turning his attention back to the suddenly cheeky Raptor pilot. He shrugs. "Hey, if the event doesn't sell itself, not my bloody problem." Nevertheless, he can't help but chuckle at the lieutenant's gibe. "Alright, Poet. Take it easy, then, and good talking to you. You too, Kas." He rises as well. "Well, Ivory, the party seems t' be breaking up… shall we go occupy ourselves elsewhere?"

"Certainly, Ensign." Roubani picks through the stack of crap he was working on on his table, retrieving some notes. And his laptop. "Take care of yourself."

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