What's The Big
What's The Big?
Summary: Hale drops some scuttlebutt on Jupes.
Date: PH057 (15 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 1, Red Squadron Berthings
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #57
OOC Time: Mon Jun 15 13:31:46 2009

The hatchway to this room has a top-down stencil of a Viper Mark Two painted across the entire expanse, the rear end of the Viper at the bottom of the hatch. Once inside, the berthings are typical of Viper squadrons throughout the fleet: Two lines of bunks are mounted against each wall with another one built into the wall at the other end. The room's gray walls and the empty space surrounding the bunks hold framed pictures of Vipers in action and depictions of the Cylon War of forty years prior. There is also a hatch in the back the leads to a private Head for these officers. Even here, the dark blue curtains hide away each individual bunk from the goings-on within the common area which is centered on a large oak table, though the surrounding chairs are standard navy.

Jupiter sits at the table in the center of the berthing, tipped back in a chair, two legs precariously balanced as she idly shuffles triad cards in her hands. Her boots are up on the table, and a cigarette hangs from her lips.

Jupiter sits at the table in the center of the berthing, tipped back in a chair, two legs precariously balanced as she idly shuffles triad cards in her hands. Her boots are up on the table, and a cigarette hangs from her lips.

Samantha is just waking up. She woke up earlier, bribed someone into taking her shift, and crawled back into her bunk. Now, the curtain shifts slightly on her bed, a body clearly moving behind it, but she doesn't actually open it yet…

Coming back from Mess, in his offduty decks, would be tall Leonisian, whistling loudly. Apparently the Dog Watch, a little sleep and then another CAP can do the body wonders. Also when you add the weight of the rationed messhall grub, you feel down right productive. For Hale, it's a reason to simply whistle loudly-and shrilly like some bloody bluebird-or wait something more annoying- Ahh yes a Grackel.

Kai is fresh out of a meeting, judging by the paperwork under one arm — from whose hand dangles a coffee cup — and the pressed and buttoned duty blues. They're about to become a little less buttoned, as he thumbs off the top one and tosses his file folder atop the table. Look sharp, Jupes! "Passi, up. I can see you rolling around in there."

Jupes sorts through the cards slowly, faces up. Her hands move over the cards, tucking this one there, that one here. The cigarette dangles from her lips, the ash growing slowly as she neglects actually smoking it. She pauses to flip a card onto the table, but there's a file folder sliding by. Jupes lifts a booted foot to capture it in a slide before it zooms off the other side of the table. Thud. She glances over to Kai, eyes seeking his. "That for me, or are you just checking my reflexes?"

Samantha gives a little bit of a moan, but it's the Captain's voice, so she actually does roll over and opens the curtain. Her eyes are puffy, totally bloodshot, but she's managed to wipe away most of the tear stains. She slips down out of the bunk, in her BDUs from last night. It looks like she didn't even get into her pajamas or off duty clothes, as the casual uniform is wrinkled enough to have been slept in. Her back manages to get straight and she snaps off a salute. "Sir."

"As long as it's not fer me." comes Hale's voice off of a rather high pitched then dropping whistle. Like from one of those tin-penny slides you probably got as a kid..or at least Hale did. "I'll be quite happy. Heavy be the head who is burdened with th' crown an all that." comes that thick accent of his before he's sliding out a chair at the table. And sitting down. Then our dear eltee takes time to undo his belt and pop a button. "Feel so frakkin full I could pop."

"Neither, but thanks." For catching it. Kai cuts a brief glance toward Jupiter as he heads for his locker, to stow his coffee cup. Locker door kicked shut with a booted foot, he returns the salute and starts for the hatch without further ado. "Clean up your messes," he tells Hale drily. Same warning he gave before racking out last night. "Get your boots on and meet me in the hall, Case." And then he's off.

Samantha swears very faintly and turns drowsily to her locker, pulling out her boots and slipping them on. She gives a sloppy tie to the laces and heads out into the hallway. At least she seems to have stopped crying. Far easier when people are being angry or professional about things than when people are actually telling her to let it out. She takes in a shakey breath, gives Hale and Jupiter a brief nod, and heads out.

Jupiter takes her boot off the file, and re-crosses her legs at the ankles. She flips a couple cards over, balances them on her thigh, and watches Hale struggle with his belt. "Farm boys." She shakes her head slightly, looks over at Samantha, and eyes the Lieutenant for a long moment. Several things roll through her brain, and several things are discarded, before she finally asks, "What crawled up your mopey pole?" Course Sam could be gone by then. She shrugs, and sorts a few more cards. "I swear there's something missing."

"I have a mess?" is all Hale seems to ask before he's looking back to his bunk and then over to his closed locker. Apparently someone missed a meeting or meaning as it was. A scratch of his head as he glances back to Case, and there's a shake of his head for a moment. Hand moving to rub the bottom of his chin. "Oi Case, remember to head to the counselor's awright?" Called back to the retreating woman. After all-they got her to agree that much. A blink and he's looking back to Jupiter for a moment

"Th' Padre-Crike gel. Be a little sensitive.."

Jupes glances over at Hale. She just looks at him with those blue eyes, with a blankness that suggests she knows not of what he speaks other than, "She's sleeping in my brother's bed, Bunny. What's the big?"

"Yeah, an apprently it did the Padre in." said back as he stares right back. Remember his wingmate is Mooner-he gets these looks all the time, even when he can't see him he is sure he gets them all the time. "Poor bugger did himself in, an she's been a bloody mess since then." Hale shakes his head. "A shame, he seemed like a friendly bloke."

Jupes doesn't glance up from the cards again, but her hands do still mid motion. A beat of three goes by, and she tucks a card back in with the rest, then collects the cards on her thigh. She makes a careful production of aligning them all properly before tossing the deck onto the table. "Right." Thunk. The chair's legs hit the floor, and Jupes rolls out of it and to her feet. The ash drops from her cigarette, and she absently brushes it from her sweatshirt. "When was this?"

Hale looks back towards Jupiter for a moment. The Lieutenant pauses, and then tilts his head. "Err night before last- A crewman found him in a storage closet." said softly, before he is waiting to gauge the response. "You didn't know-did you?" He wonders how you've not heard it, or noticed it really. Its been the thing keeping the crew a buzz.

Jupiter reaches up into her bunk, snags the pack of smokes and a little silver zippo tucked into the cellophane at the side of the pack, denting it in. It's only half full, so that doesn't really matter. "I don't talk to people." She kept walking into places just after they'd finished discussing it, like last night. Course she doesn't know that. She doesn't seem surprised or overly emotive. "I have an elsewhere to be." She steps toward the hatch.

"You talk to me, and I am people." said back before he's sitting up straighter in the chair. Ahh yes Rabbit-way to break it to the girl. Still he's looking back towards the hatch and over towards her. "You alright, Fingers?" because if you were to say Yes, Rabbit's bullshit o meter would read rather high in the bullshit department. In fact-someone might call HASMAT in to deal with the toxic levels of bullshit.

But these are assumptions. See what I did there?

"I was really drunk the last time we had a personal conversation, Bunny." Jupiter continues to the hatch. She gives it a spin. "I'm not going off the emo deep end like someone who has the mistaken idea that a man committed suicide for her sorry ass." Jupes shakes her head, "Five to one says she thinks he did it to make her question her standing on the Gods." Her boots hit the corridor, and she says, "Arrogant twat."

"She's been saying the gods are t' blame about it yeh.." offered back, maybe the anger is something he didn't expect this right away. And Hale is rising up from his chair before coming over towards the hatch, one hand reachin' for the wheel, before she decides to slam it or something. "She's a mess over him. Blaming herself really. Jus' give her space alright?" he knows some folks don't get along too well in the berthings. He's willing to bet you and Sam are like water and oil.

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