What Little She Knows - Part 2
What Little She Knows - Part 2
Summary: The S2 shows up to ask more questions of a certain prisoner…
Date: PHD 185 (Oct 20 2009)
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About twenty minutes after Jules has been escorted out under armed guard, for some Head time, the S2 steps into the Brig in blues. She carries with her a slim folder stacked atop a book. There's a nod and a brief conversation with the desk MP. Salazar grabs a chair from beside the desk, and carries it over to the cell Selene has been locked in. She thunks it down, and takes a seat a few feet from the bars. Salazar tips back, crosses her legs, and flips the folder open.

Selene is sitting in the back corner of the cell, knees pulled to her chest, and her blanket from the bed hugged between knees and chest. There isn't a whole lot to do, since she hasn't been able to get an MP to give her a copy of the scrolls or a string of prayer beads for her devotionals, so she's just been biding her time since Praxis left.

After a long moment, the S2 looks up from her paperwork. Dark eyes fix on Selene, and the woman waits. Who can say what she's waiting for. There are a few moments of silence, then she leans forward, tips the book through the bars on the cell, and tosses it. THUD! It lands heavily on the deck between them, loud enough to catch the desk MP's attention, and make the marine start very subtly. The book is a textbook on jump systems. Selene might recognize it as one she lent to Jules. "Talk to me about that."

Selene jumps a little, and looks at the book briefly, then back directly forward. "It's a textbook from tech school," she replies. "When I first met her, we had a very nerdy conversation, that ended in her asking me if I could teach her some of the math used in navigations." The small woman in the corner pauses for a moment, then adds, "I loaned it to her about five weeks ago, but we never got a chance to do any lessons." It would seem from her facial expression that she's on the verge of understanding why Jules wanted to study complex mathematics.

The S2 flips the folder's pages over to the second page. She reaches into her pocket and draws out a pencil. She notes something down, and then her eyes find Selene's again. At least she's watching the other woman's eyes. The question, when it's asked, is fairly flat. "What sort of relationship did you have with the PFC? Be specific." Past tense.

Selene hugs herself a little as she replies. "We were… affectionate. At least, I was. I thought it was mutual, but…" She pauses for a moment before looking at the S2 and admitting, "I don't know what to think anymore. The woman I thought I cared for… I never thought she could have done something like this. Her job, of course, but that's not murder. That's not people we know."

Salazar is quiet for a moment before she says. "War is tough on people. We all know that. Seeing it first hand can be more difficult. This is why we have a command structure. This is why we follow orders." She glances up, and eyes Selene. "Things can be tense when bombs are going off. This is why you almost got yourself shot when you burst into the corridor behind me and became emotional." She flips to another page in the folder, and makes a notation. "Did you see any signs of restlessness or odd behavior from her before the detonations? Any change in behavior, anything out of character?"

Selene frowns a little at the rebuke. "The eltee and I already discussed that," she replies, apparently not having noticed the new rank pins on his collar. "I told him that I didn't know what was going on, and I screwed up. He's already told me that I'll be on alternate duties later." She seems fairly resigned to that fact as she listens to the questions. "Not really. I mean, she was just her perky, clueless self the whole time."

Salazar points to her collar. "And we're discussing it again. See the Ensign pins? That means don't be a stupid frak in my presence. Try to remember it, and you shouldn't have to fine out what it feels like when the find bones in your arm snap while you're fully conscious." Her voice doesn't even rise a little. She smiles. "You'd have to get out of here before you can be put on alternate duties." She nods and makes another note. "The woman you've been snuggling executed a plan to assault crew, steal explosives, and turn the CO into man jelly, and you didn't notice so much as a twitch before hand." She looks up finally, though she continues to write. "Did you ever get into her pants, or was this pretty much an instance of her playing you for your knowledge and then stringing you up with her?"

Selene winces at the very unpleasant words, even if the tone isn't so bad. "I'm sorry," she offers softly, scooting back into her corner a bit more. "I didn't mean it like that." The last question makes her blush brightly, and she fumbles with her words. "N-no, we didn't do anything like that," she protests.

"We don't say we're sorry in the military. We just don't frak up the same way twice." Salazar glances up. "Damn, girl. You should have at least sealed the deal for all the trouble you're getting into because of a crazy in the head piece of tail." She flips the folder closed. "Have you ever done anything to knowingly harm this vessel or its crew, aside from making the CAG repeat himself?" The interview, though brief, appears to be winding down. Though it's hard to say the way slight inflections in Salazar's tone shift. Her own mood is very tough to measure, unless bitchy counts.

Selene blushes brightly once more at the comment about sealing the deal, then shakes her head at that last. "No ma'am. I don't want to harm anyone, that's why I became a navigator. I only planned to do my four and leave."

Salazar considers the young woman for a long moment. "I searched the contents of your locker." She nods slightly. "I'm sorry for your loss." Which means she read the letters. "But in the future, let's try not to let the box lead the brain when it comes to interpersonal relationships aboard a military vessel in a time of war." She rises.

Selene quietly thumbs the ring on her left hand at the S2's offering of… wait, was that actual sympathy? "I didn't know she wa-" she begins, before she realizes what Salazar is talking about. Then she just offers a meek, "Yes ma'am."

"That would be sir, PO." She smiles faintly. "I'm going to cut you loose, PO. I have no evidence to hold you, and you're not giving me hinky vibes." That's very technical cop talk, you understand. Salazar, nods to the duty MP, and then steps back from the cell door as the marine comes over to unlock the cage. "I don't want to see you in here again, understand? I get cranky with repeat offenders." And then she mercifully goes quiet, and the door swings open. "Sign the ledger on your way out." Ok, brief addition, then silence.

Selene blinks a little and rises to her feet, perhaps a little surprised that they're done already. Picking up her textbook and her uniform jacket, she makes her way out of the cell and over to the desk. She looks to Salazar as she exits and offers a simple, "Thank you, sir."

Salazar stays behind long enough to note the PO's reaction to being released, and then nods to the duty MP. She tucks the folder under her arm, and simply nods to Selene as the other woman addresses her. She makes her way over the desk, makes a note on some paperwork, and then exits the Brig a moment or so after the former brig rat.

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