What Little She Knows - Part 1
What Little She Knows - Part 1
Summary: Selene's only visitor in the brig is her superior officer, who has a few questions for her…
Date: PHD 184 (Oct 20 2009)
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Selene sits quietly in her cell, in the corner. She has her knees up, her back is rather slumped over, and she hugging the blanket from the cot to her chest. Her face is hidden, but apparently the MP doesn't think she poses any threat like that.

Demitros breaches the hatchway to the Brig, saying something over his shoulder before he enters. Nodding to the Marines that flank the opening, the new XO steps through the threshold and moves up to the cell. Under his arm is so much paperwork it would make a shredder cry. He plops it all on a chair and then moves up to the cell, folding his hands behind his back. Waiting.

Selene takes a moment before she finally looks up. Owing to the emotional fragility that landed her here, she's clearly been crying recently. With a soft sigh, she offers a simple, "Sir. You don't really think I had anything to do with this, right?"

Demitros looks over Selene appraisingly, not answering the Petty Officer right away while he inspects the features of her visage. "Detaining you was not because I thought you were guilty of murder by association, but neither was it because I thought you might be innocent." He persists to analyze every bit of her while he stands there. "I don't take chances - I make decisions based on probability."

Selene sighs a little and slumps again. "I was hoping for a little reassurance, sir," she replies. "I know I screwed up by not hopping to the S2's orders, but really, I didn't know what was going on." She bites her lip a little before adding, "I'll take the heat for disobeying orders, because I did, but I'm no killer, sir."

Praxis doesn't look sympathetic, but it's mostly because his features are placid at this current point in time. The reassurance, would perhaps come later if it came at all. But that was not why he was here. First of all, he would politely ask, "Has Ensign Nikos spoken at all with you yet? Asked you questions?"

Selene shakes her head. "No, she hasn't. I know she came and took Jules away, but…" Her voice cuts off as she looks at the empty cell, then gives a soft sigh. "I can't even seem to get a set of prayer beads and a copy of the scrolls, sir," she complains softly. "I got arrested before devotions."

"Very well." Demitros says, being careful to listen to the words Selene says, acknowledging the fact that Daiasu wasn't able to receive the religious items that she required. "I am unable to acquire those items for you; unfortunately I trust the S2's judgment when it comes to allowing that sort of thing. Take it up with her." Knight unfolds his hands from his back, folding arms over his chest. He gets down to business. "How do you know Ozymandias?"

Selene shifts a little. "We were friends sir," she says, staying silent for a brief second. Clearly that isn't the whole story, but it doesn't take her long to lower her head and correct herself. "Okay, we were a little more than friends, or at least, I thought we were," the woman admits. "Now I don't even know what to think… The woman I had affection for… I didn't think she was capable of this. Her job, maybe, but not murder. Not one of us."

Praxis is observant. The way Daiasu looked at Seriy that one time - the subtle inflection in her voice when she stepped into CIC and reported the arrest of Jules. It was perhaps apparent to him, but he didn't know for certain until now. As such, surprise doesn't find his features at Selene's alignment. But surprise wasn't on his features when he stuck his hand into the unrecognizable form of the Commander, either. It's going to be a closed casket tomorrow. "Ozymandias had given no indication whatsoever that she was going to proceed with a drastic course of action? No hints? No signs?"

Selene may be the lieutenant's antithesis in that area, wearing her heart on her sleeve like she does. She shakes her head softly. "No, nothing like this," she replies. "I don't remember her ever even hinting at anything like this."

Demitros started to pace the outside of the cell, watching his boots hit the floor while he thought deeply. "It makes so little sense." he mutters. "Suddenly, one of our own people - with no indication whatsoever by even those who are the -closest- to them, turning on us. Does that seem right to you at all?" That's when his eyes fall back upon Selene. "Just like when the CAG was killed."

Selene looks at her knees. "I don't know what happened, sir," she replies. "She always seemed so cheerful, so… happy. I don't know why she would have done this."

"Her motivation was simple. She wanted to destabilize us by aiming for the man at the top. The chain of command crumbling down like a terribly-built pyramid." His voice is cold. "Did she ever speak of the Cylons heavily, Petty officer?"

Selene shakes her head to that. "Not other than the normal killing-them context that we all speak of them in, sir," she replies softly. "And not heavily, no. Our conversations were mostly nerdy topics. Things like navigation, jumping and stuff."

"The S2 will likely be here to make more inquiries, but this is your chance to tell me anything I might need to know, however minor. We cannot let this happen again. I have to know what to look for or else we may never have any defense against this in the future." Demitros says, giving Selene the floor for a moment, gesturing at her with his hand.

Selene shakes her head a little. "I don't really know, sir. We tried to focus mostly on less morbid things when we talked. I don't like being reminded that I'm living in a nightmare, you know?" she says in a somewhat weak voice.

Living in a nightmare. He turns to the side and wonders if that's true for everyone else on this ship. For Praxis, after the end of the world, he's never felt so fulfilled, especially as TACCO on board the ship. He never wanted to make XO just because the CO kicked the bucket, though, that was the thing. "Very well. I'd like to speak to you about your behaviour, now."

Selene slumps again and sighs. "Very well, sir," is all that she says. She doesn't give an explanation, but she wasn't asked for one. She figures she's already in the can enough as it is.

Demitros raises his chin. He was much better at this than he was the questioning. To be honest, that was never his job, it's the S2's, and she'll be taking care of her in a more formal matter. He just figured it might be easier for Selene to talk to a colleague instead - even though their relationship was purely professional. "Reports say that you reacted adversely to a situation resulting in the direct disobedience of an order from a vastly superior officer. This took place at the time of Ozymandias' arrest, am I correct?"

Selene doesn't respond for a moment, staring at her knees. "Yes sir," she replies softly. "I hadn't slept yet, I'd been a little-" She makes a rollercoaster motion with her hand, "-all day, and I stepped out of the stairwell to see what I /thought/ was the S2 overreacting to a prank, and holding a gun to a very close friend's head." Apparently she never saw the G-4, and nobody's bothered to tell her that there was any. "I know that doesn't excuse disobeying an order, but…"

"Exactly right that is, Petty Officer. Very honestly, I don't care what it appeared to be. None of us kid around with firearms on this ship. In addition, what I am much more concerned about is your tendency to tote your emotions into your duties and of course again getting in the way of obeying a direct order." The XO shakes his head. "I have noticed you at your station. Excessively happy. Depressed." He makes the same sort of rollercoaster movement with his hand. "You cannot let those emotions control you. You happen to play a crucial role on the ship in the most sensitive area of the vessel. Keep it reined in for off-duty."

Selene nods, pulling her knees closer to her chest. It's clear that she already understands what she did wrong. "I'm… I think I'm not cut out for this, sir. I was just supposed to do my four and be a civilian again, I never wanted to be a real soldier." Looking down at her knees, she offers, "I'll try, sir."

"Selene - look at me." The XO says, perhaps ACTUALLY showing just a LITTLE bit of emotion before he gives her just a little bit of his heart. "Not a single person living here on this ship was cut out for this. Every crewmember on this vessel, from Petty Officers to Commanders have had to perform above and beyond what their duty required of them. Not to impress their superiors or appear stronger to others, but because we all must work to keep each other living. Pick up others around you who fall. Neither I nor the Colonel will let this tragedy shake this ship and the human race apart, and neither of us asked to have to do that. " He lets that sink in. "We've been here this long because of the established command structure. I hope you realize what I am implying - that this is not just simply a matter of breaking the rules." A nod. "You may have not felt 'cut out' for this. But do your job, and look out for others, and do the right thing and I promise you, the others will look right back out for you." He clears his throat. "Petty Officer Third Class Selene Daiasu. You will consider yourself reprimanded. Pending release upon the S2's authorization, you will report to me on your next duty shift for a temporary assignment."

Selene looks up at the XO, then nods a little at his words. "I understand sir," she replies, first to his reprimand about not just breaking the rules, and then, with a slight wince, at the mention of a temporary assignment. Hopefully it's not cleaning the head, but she doesn't remember if that's even an assignment given to NCOs for punishment.

"I am positive you will make it, Daiasu. Make certain that you persevere." There is her reassurance. She'd better hold onto those words, because that is all she is going to get. "Is there anything you have to say before I depart?" the captain inquires with a quirked brow.

Selene shakes her head a little. "Not really, sir." She bites her lip, then adds "Thank you for coming down, sir. You're the closest thing I've had to a visit from a friend since I got here. It's all been cold faces that either don't care, or hate me for what she did."

Praxis nods his head, the only acknowledgement to her gratitude that Selene receives before the XO turns around and faces the door. He nods to the MPs, and begins strolling towards the hatchway, but not before picking up the stack of paperwork he'd left behind. "See to it that you regain your footing, Daiasu." is what he leaves her with.

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