Welcome to Your Life
Welcome to Your Life
Summary: Deep Thoughts actually happen in the Marine Berthings.
Date: PHD #130 (8/27/09)
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[ Marine Berthings - Deck 2 ]-----—[ CEC Kharon ]

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #130 OOC Time: Wed Aug 26 23:12:42 2009

Only maintaining a small security force, the Marines on board the Kharon have a similar bunk layout to the pilots. The single squad stationed aboard maintains the cleanest environment seen anyplace else on the ship and it shows. The three lines of bunks are clean of debris and trash almost without fail. A single metal table in the center of the room is that of standard Navy issue. However, the bunks hold one distinct difference from every other aboard: The curtains on each bunk are light tan and appear to be made of a thicker material. Hanging from the ceiling above are numerous firearms in various states of disrepair, some of which look flat-out blown apart. Painted on each firearms' buttstocks or receivers is a name and rank accompanied by a date.

-=[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]=---------

The berthings are quiet. Most Marines are down beating the frak out of pilots - but not Epi. She was conspicuously absent tonight. The evening finds her leaning off the side of her bunk, hips on the edge, backward. She's doing crunches out over the open floor. About 270 degrees worth.

Barney's shaking his head even before he comes in through the hatch. If he didn't have that cheek of his, he'd probably be starting to show signs of one HELL of a shiner on that eye, but as it is… he looks fine. A little red, maybe. And a little grumpy. But.. y'know, that's how he is sometimes. Crunchy, bendy, pretzle-y Epi just gets a sigh. "I could hear you bending from outside." He grunts, not really stopping en-route to his bunk.

Epi dangles upside down for a moment, watching him go by, head tilting. "You look like shit," she comments, holding onto the bunk by her feet. "Please tell me there's a pilot in Sickbay?" There's an absolutely hopeful look on her face, as if she has all the trust in the world in him.

"Captain Legacy. I think she's all right." Probably not completely sickbay worthy. Barnabas actually seems pretty pleased with this. The… not sickbay thing. There's a little grunt as he lifts himself up into his bunk, exhaling softly as he rolls over. Yes, the curtains are kept open so Epi can see the risque sight of him… sorting out his pillows.

She watches him for only a moment before giving him his privacy. Apparently she's not quite -that- kind of girl. "Cool," she says with a satisfied smile. "I knew if anyone could bring it home, you could." Awwww, how cute. Faith in him. "How bad you hurt?"

Barney finishes sorting out the pillow in such a way that he can sit up in the bunk. A little notepad and a pen is brought out from down the side of the matress, and he starts to idly scribble. His tongue pokes out from the corner of his mouth a little as he does so. "I'll ache in the morning. I've had worse." He's kind of… distracted. He's not entirely involved in the conversation. Or in his writing.

For a moment her eyes remain on him and then she goes back to her crunches. "Well, let me know if you need anything," she says a bit weakly. Epi's not good in this whole talking department.

"Yuh-huh. Sure." Scribble. Scribble. Write. Barney's pad is getting the pen-based abuse of it's poor little lifetime. The tongue is a little hilarious, but apart from that he looks pretty focused, all in all. Epi's talking department may need work, but how well can her curiosity hold out?

For whatever reason, her curiosity can hold out rather well. She's missing her usual bounce tonight and is, oddly, a bit more introspective. Clearly she's not going to bother the big man. Something's on her mind, and so she continues her workout, pushing her body punishingly.

Barney's can't. He peers over the edge of his bunk, giving his eyes a little roll at the sight of the little Marine working quite as hard as she is. Soft, soft sigh. "Thinking about your date?" Let's just get that out there. In the open. Sure she'd love that.

"Nope," she says quietly. "It's…not really a date. It kind of is, but it's not. We're just going to go have fun and enjoy each other's company." Uhoh. Epi starts working out a little harder. "Not like anyone else is interested, anyway. I'm fine to flirt with, until a godsdamned pilot walks into the room." Yep, someone's tail got twisted in a knot.

"Fair enough." It's possible Barney has never actually said 'Fair enough' and thought something was, indeed 'fair enough.' The increase in excercise gets a little brow raise, and the pad is put aside so he can lean an arm on the edge of his bunk, curling it over to rest the side of his head on it. "Someone sounds annoyed a guy hasn't asked her on a date lately. No offense to Randy."

Yep, the pace picks up. "No, just a little annoyed that guys are looking at pilots, even other Marines. That's the second time for me. The first one I actually like. The second, well. Let's just say I'm not overly fond of the idea people are getting that we girls need to lay back and take one for the team for the good of humanity."

"Damn." Ok, so it's more of a 'Dayum' but Barnabas is far too white to pull it off with any long-lasting effect. He exhales softly through what teeth he has, and there's some concern in his voice. "From the top, Epi. What the hell happened to you while I was out, huh?"

"I started talking to Gunny Steele and we danced around dating. Ended up in bed together," she says, sweating profusely now. "Right as we started talking about whether or not it was a one-off or what, Elder kissed me. Once to shut me up, once because he wanted to. I told him about Steele out of some frakked up sense of honor. He's barely spoken to me since. Steele and I had a couple decent months." Decent, not good. "He gave me a wrath about Elder when I told him, but we settled it. Then I found out he was trying to go head-first down a pilot's pants. The pilot was too much a lady, and officer, to let him." Her lips purse. "I ended it then. I was having doubts anyway."

Volker's eyebrows are half over his eyes during the explaination. They raise a little at certain parts of information, then a little more at others before dropping back down. Eventually, he just groans, sighs, and rolls right on back into his bunk. "I shoulda frakkin' stayed in the coma." An arm flops over his face.

Epi drops suddenly from her bunk, landing on her feet, back to Volker. "Yeah well," she says quietly, reaching up for a towel to dry her face. "Not bloody any good to the rest of us in a coma, are you?" Oooh, someone's a little bitey tonight. "It wasn't a whole lot of drama, just stings a little. Jacobs was flirting hard this morning, until a pilot walked in. Then he damn near shoved his hand down her pants."

"Jacobs… right." Barnabas makes that sound a little worrying. Ok, Maybe a LOT worrying. Epi flung herself into his good books by actually visiting him when he was concious. …Ok, so she was visiting Cass but it's the final result that counts. There's the sound of what teeth he has left grinding against each other for a few moments before he speaks up. "Shortstack? Why does barely anyone remember me?" Ah. She's said her problem, here comes his. "Legacy gets knocked about at the dance, she's surrounded by pilots helping. I get… nothin'. I didn't even get a damn pat on the shoulder from any of the folks sleeping in this here berth." Oh dear. He's a little upset, he's sliding into rural speak.

With the towel around her shoulder, Epi flops herself on the bench. "Because you were in a coma for four months," she tells him quietly. "I dropped in to see you when I could and I know others did as well. But with the world ending, with more Marines dying, with people being found, people being stranded on Scorpia…" She shakes her head, lips pursing slightly. "Besides that? She's a pilot. Pilots are notorious pussies. They probably didn't want her to cry."

"I think they frakked up my tear ducts when they fixed my face." Barnabas: master of the tangeant. Seriously, he's right on to a slightly different topic without a care for what her actual answer was. He rolls again, sticking his head from his bunk. "Seriously. I think I can only cry on the right side, now. Weird as hell, huh?"

Her eyes go wide at that and she shakes her head. "Don't cry, Sarge," she says quietly, stricken. "Really. It's not worth crying over." There's a moment's hesitation, then she's darting over to his bunks. "Do you need something? A drink? A tissue?" Deargoddon'tlettheMarinecry.

Barney's taken aback. Like, really aback. He almost skitters into the rear of his bunk when Epi comes a'runnin'. "Epi! EPI! Down, Girl!" His moment of looking confused as hell passes, and he settles for a slight case of the 'I understands.' "No! I was just saying because you mentioned it." Look. Look at the hands rubbing at his eyes. That's not crying, that's 'Dear gods give me strength."

She practically melts with relief, and he's given a bright, beaming smile. "Oh, Ok," she murmurs, head tilted back as she looks up at him. "I was just making sure. Even though I'm a girl, I don't know shit about doing something for people crying. I always get awkward." Her head tilts a little to one side. "If you're sure?"

"Yes!" Barnabas can't help but snicker a little. Then chuckle. He doesn't quite break into a full laugh, but it was pretty close. "I was just annoyed, Epi. It's not like a give a frak what people think of me." He fingerwaggles at the scar of the hour. "Think I'd be back so quickly with this if I did? I'm an ugly bitch now and I couldn't give a damn."

Epi humphs quietly, nose crinkling. "Who gives a damn," she says quietly. "You're alive, Sarge. That's what counts. You came back to us. You woke up." The tone is gentle and soft. He should be able to, if he looks, see the fact that yes, there's at least one person who cares whether he lives or dies in a convenient earthquake on the last page. A sigh follows that and she shakes her head, turning away from his bunk.

Barney reaches out to take Epi's shoulder into his hands. Sadly… he's a little older and still a bit slower than he's used to. Behold as he goes a tumbling out of the bunk, missing her shoulder by about 5 inches.

The young woman squeaks and turns on her heel. She felt the waff of air as he reached and so reacted to that. "Oh hell. You ok Sarge," she asks, nose crinkling. "Sorry, I'm slow tonight." Of course, she's also sweaty as hell.

Barney face. Berthings floor. It's and interesting mix. And quite an 'Oomphy' one at that. His arm flails a little in mid-air as he goes, but he manages to catch the drop so it's not an entirely catastrophic thud. "I'm ok!" A hand raises. "I landed on my face."

Epi reaches out to take the hand, offering him a hand up. "That takes talent," she says, nodding sagely. "Now, I think the question begs - why?" Did he fall on his face, of course.

"Because I was trying to stop you from moving away, dumbass." Barney takes the hand. He's not above such things, you know. "I kinda… missed." A sheepish little look crosses his faces as he stands, then promptly begins to brush off the top of his sweats. "Thanks."

She blinks at him for a moment, then smiles a little wryly. "Next time," she says, looking up. "Just tell me to wait, please. I'd rather you not hurt yourself, after all."

"Kinda pointless, Epi." Barney tilts his head to the side, letting out a few little cracks from his neck. "What with the whole 'being a marine' thing. I'm pretty sure it comes with the territory." He grins, then slowly turns to shift his ass back into the bunk. "Although I do still need to see the doc. Damn."

Epi watches him for a moment, then slips away, back to her bunk, somewhat out of sight. "Well, you still don't need to get hurt in your own berthings," she murmurs quietly. "Still doing PT?"

Barney shifts to the side of his bunk, allowing him to peer around the dividing frame to look right in at Epi's bunk. OOoooh. Grin. "Of course. I think three months was enough rest, don't you?" He… he hovers, looking in.

Her back's to him as she strips out of her tanks. Nothing but bare back, including a few bruises. She's been tusslin' again. "Well, maybe. But you won't hear me griping at you about malingering while the rest of us were getting shot at," she teases, glancing over her shoulder at him.

"You've been getting in fights." Barney doesn't say 'sparring.' There's quite the distinction in there. He does lean back a little, retreating only partially to his bunk. It's enough to let his head be behind that divider frame so he can't see anything. "And I was too busy being shot to get shot at."

Epi laughs softly and slides into a t-shirt, covering her back. Then, and only then, do the pants come off. She's modest, at least, even when she doesn't need to be. "A little, though I've also been doing some tumbling - and falling. Good stress relief."

"That's what the bags down in the gym are for me. Apparently there's a lot of stuff I need to punch out of my system lately." Barnabas peeks back to check the state of a-"AHCRAP." Sneak backwards. It's not like he didn't see anything unusual for a mixed berth, but come on. Polite folks ask.

Into her bunk Epi crawls, sliding under the covers and leaning back against the headboard. "If you want to see something, you're more than welcome to ask," she murmurs quietly. "If you want, we can spar tomorrow."

"Pfft." Barney lets out a burst of air as he retreats back into his own bunk. A moment later, there's the sound of him shifting around, moving the pillow from one end of the bed to the other so they can keep talking easier. "Sounds like a plan. The sparring, I mean. I'm thinking you could do with a little practice."

There's a quiet little sigh from her bunk. Yep, definitely soft and quiet. Then she's shifting, turning to her side to face outward, a hand tucked under her cheek, under the pillow, fingers wrapping around a grey scrap of cloth. "Yeah, I can do with a little of that," she says with a murmur. "Well, a lot."

"No bendy stuff." Comes a singular grunted reply as Barney settles in just as much. There's some scuffling and shuffling as he gets settled in, head becoming almost encased in his pillow. "No wrapping your legs around my head and cutting off the blood supply to my brain."

Apparently Barney's latest Trash Novel is 'Queens of Amazonia.'

Epi snorts delicately at that, laughing. "I use whatever tactics I have at my disposal Sarge," she says quietly. "Sorry. It's…Well, the Marine way." Silence extends for a moment. "If I did that? You'd be deaf." No, she doesn't say why.

"Do I want to know?" He pauses. Pondering. You can actually hear him pondering. It's like the sound of a large mainsail on a sea breeze. "…Actually, it's alright. You don't have to tell me."

"You have an excellent imagination, I dare say," Epi says primly, a hint of laughter in her voice. "I won't tell you, I promise. And I won't even say anything about that burning smell."

"Burning…" Barney seems so worryingly put off by that. That or he's just sleepy. He sounds that, too. "Just as long as we've got a good explaination for when someone walks in on your with your thighs around my ears it's fine." This conversation would probably normally be somewhat more risque, but any undertones have come completely over his head.

Epi just shakes her head, not really focusing on the undertones either. "Gymnastics," she says simply. "I damn near killed myself on Swift's head when I was flipping. Partner stunts are -horrible-. I pissed blood for a week."

There's silence from Barney's bunk for the longest time. Seriously. It drags out and out and out until there's finally a "Ok. I think I'm going to sleep now. Thanks for the mental image that'll surely pierce through my own brain and into my dreams." Grunt.

There's a soft laugh from Epi's bunk as she closes her eyes. One hand reaches up to pull her curtain closed. "Sweet dreams, Sarge," comes the murmur. That's all she says, though.

Castor has arrived.

Bunks are quiet this evening. Epi's curled up in her top bunk, eyes closed, curtain drawn about 3/4. It's as if she started dozing while talking to someone. One hand is tucked under her cheek, under the pillow.

Leda enters into the room quietly, there be monsters here, at least that is what the map of the Kharon that he read had told him. He begins to move toward Epi's bunk with a small brown package wrapped with twine, it looks like a present of sorts but these days wrapping paper is almost impossible to find. He is up late but then again he is normally up at this hour.

He's in Marineland. A pilot. It's like a puppy wandering through a catshow. As he approaches Epi's bunk, she opens her mouth and comments, quietly, "Two more steps and you're going to hit the tripwire. The plate you just stepped on? Is a pressure plate. I'd suggest holding very, very still and praying."

Leda stops and doesn't move an inch, however a quiet, "Frak." Comes out of his mouth as he begins to look for the tripwire and the plate, seriously how did this get cleared for the berthings. He then simply sits there for a moment as he scans looking for where the 'explosive' might be.

The pilot's gullability gives Epi time to stretch, luxuriously, in her bunk, arms going over her head. She's in a t-shirt of the stolen-from-a-man variety. Eventually her eyes open and she blinks, a feline smile on her lips. When she sees who it is, though, her eyes go wide and lips part in a surprised little moue. "Oh no! It's fine Castor. You're safe. There's nothing there. That's my standard warning."

Leda sighs slightly, "Thanks for freaking me the frak out there." He says, "I've got something for the kid." He says indicating the wrapped package, "I finally put it together that you are spending time with him." He then offers it to Epi, "It is a superhero figure, I figured he might want it." He hopes Cass will want it but he isn't sure how old the kid is.

Epi bends over the side of the bunk to take the package, her smile blossoming. She looks sleeping and is rocking the toussled hair, pillow crease on the cheek look. "Oh, he'll love it," she breathes quietly. "He's right at that age, ten. We call him Cass - that's his last name."

Leda smiles, "Well, I am glad he will like it." He then takes a second to rub his chin, "Ten?" He clucks softly, because he can remember what it was like to be ten since he still had his family then. He then says, "His last name is Cass?" He then pauses, "What is his first name? I mean it is sort of funny on Aquaria we have a beer named Cass." As he spots the pillow crease on her cheek he smiles since it is sort of cute.

She wraps around the package and snuggles back into bed, tucking her hand under her cheek. "Jeremiah," Epi murmurs softly. Interesting how her expression softens. Epi's…well, not really the motherly type. Yet it's utterly clear she's got a very soft spot for the boy. "He's a wonderful boy."

Leda says the name out loud, "Jeremiah Cass." He then says, "What can you tell me about him? If you want I can meet him - I mean it isn't every day a kid gets to meet a Viper pilot." He then notices the shift in expression which makes him smile a bit, "And it seems like you really like him Epi." He then shifts his weight, he isn't moving in Marineland, not yet, since he is probably drawing enough attention being in here already.

Most Marines are too sleepy to really worry about it. Plus, Leda's a nice, chaste distance from Epi's bed, so there's nothing untoward going on. Rather than snarling junkyard dogs, the Marines are pretty peaceful tonight, only mildly growling if he gets too close to someone's dinner. "I've been trying to keep him from too many people," she tells Leda quietly. "He's…well, we get along because, while he recognizes I'm an adult, I'm the same size he is." She grins at that, impishly.

Leda grins, "Well, I suppose that does help…" He does the math, "Give him another two years though and he will be…making some changes." Leda isn't moving towards any meals or in general moving toward anything he is keeping his good distance and attempting to keep the Marine vs Navy communication lines open. He then takes a second to say, "And I can understand why you wouldn't want him around a lot of people who might scare the crap out of him with a ton of questions."

Yep, Epi's clearly a snuggler. She curls down in her pillow like it's one of the most luxurious things she's ever seen. The smile flickers a little. "Cass doesn't talk," she says softly. "Post traumatic stress. So we just…have fun together. He knows he can trust me, and that helps him. He's bonding with one or two of the medical folks, but he really isn't fond of adults." There's sadness in her eyes, sadness for innocence lost.

Leda can relate to that, "It took me a long time to trust people again after my parents died. He will get there but he is going to need a lot of space and time to develop into the person he needs to be." It would seem that Castor is confident that Jeremiah will come out of this, "And having supportive people around him will help." He then says, "Though seriously, I know how the kid feels I mean to have lost everything."

"We all do," Epi says softly, nodding. "But this child had the balls to throw a grenade at us." Yep, she's proud of him. It shows in the smile on her face. "We've been working on his aim."

Leda smiles, "Training the next generation, huh?" He says, "I'm glad to see that you are spending time with him since I think you are probably the best person on this ship to take care of him." He then adds, "And I think maybe he has been good for you as well."

Her nose crinkles delicately. "I'm a foul mouthed Marine," she grumbles good naturedly, eyes twinkling. "Of course I'm not a good influence on him. And what do you mean he's good for me?"

Leda attempts to go into deep water here as he explains, "Your Mom was a foul mouthed Marine and look how you turned out? Hm?" A pause for emphasis, "I'd say she did a good job. Also, because you aren't going to mother this kid and because you are treating him like a person it might help him get better faster…" he continues speaking, "aaaand he is good for you because Jeremiah is giving you the chance to be a mentor which is a two way street so you both are learning from each other." He then crosses his arms together with a 'hmf' followed by a playful wink.

She eyes him for a long moment, then humphs softly and nuzzles her cheek into the pillow, as if she could hide in it. "He's fun to play with," she mutters softly. "Of course, I probably need to go find Panda before too long. I threw him out of berthings because he accused me of being inappropriate with Cass." Oh, there goes the good mood. Meet Epi. Meet Epi's rage.

Castor chuckles, "You mean Crybaby's brother?" He then chuckles, "Yeah, well, just try not to blow his testicles up or anything?" He then smiles warmly, "Which reminds me, his sister is all kinds of pissed at me." He then says, "And what did you do that he objected too?"

Epi's eyes narrow slightly. "Castor," she says softly. "He accused me of frakking Cass." The anger is there, but she looks more sick than angry. Epi's a woman who shows her emotions freely, so it's not a surprise that she looks sick. "He misunderstood what I said in the Mess when I told you I wasn't pregnant. He assumed that since I said I wasn't sleeping with a man, that I was…that I…" Nope, she can't finish it. "I set him straight." Pause. "Then he asked if I wanted to sleep with -him-."

Leda narrows his eyes, "So that was more than a rumor." He says looking over at a certain bunk, "That is conduct unbecoming of a soldier." He says, "I'd have brought him up on charges so fast his head would still be spinning." He then says, "Misunderstanding or not, you don't make an accusation like that unless you have proof." He then begins to think this, "There were marines who caught on to this and they wanted to know who did it so they could bring some….justice."

"Justice was served," Epi says with a small smile. Justice - Epi-style. Wait, there haven't been any rumors of someone losing body parts in mysterious explosions. And hey, Wil's still alive, too! "I took care of it, and it won't happen again." Because if it does, a certain Marine will likely be introduced to more Epi-justice. "I'm not spreading it around. You know who it is and most Marines do."

Castor frowns, "Holy frakkking hell, how did you not get in trouble?" He says with a mixture of respect and curiousity, "and what the hell did you do to Panada?" He then thinks, "He wasn't at the dance tonight." This causes him to blink, "Is he in medical?" Because this is something that Leda hasn't heard about and if Leda doesn't know than this is big news.

Epi's smile grows a little and it's not the smile of sweet little bouncy Epi. It's the smile of a woman who has been trained to kill on both the small and large scale. "He's still walking and talking, don't worry Castor," she murmurs quietly. "I did nothing that will cause permanent damage. I'm not that kind of girl. If my justice hadn't worked, then I was going to the S2. I'm not blowing my career over some frak who can't keep it in his pants."

Leda nods his head slowly, "Well, so long as you two have an understanding." He offers kindly, "If it makes you feel any better I pissed his sister off in the worst kind of way…" He chuckles, "But you know what, she had it coming. Every pilot gets a callsign and she got hers tonight at the dance." He says, "She was crying about how she didn't want to take part in the fight, so I called her Crybaby, Captain Legacy liked it and Kitty got all kinds of pissed off." He then takes a second to rub the back of his neck, "In hindsight she might not have wanted too since Elder clocked her and she went out like a little bitch…then again getting knocked out by Elder is sort of a sign that you are a real pilot."

For just a moment, as something is mentioned, Epi's eyes look haunted. Regrets. They cast a hell of a shadow. "Sounds like she got the right nickname then," Epi murmurs, then pastes her smile on. "Did any pilots come out on top tonight, or did we wipe the floor up with y'all again?"

Castor says, "The S2 wiped the Floor with Papabear, Dutch knocked Crybaby out, and in general no pilots won against Marines." He then chuckles, "So everything is normal and marines still beat down pilots." Hethen notices the look, "Hey, whats wrong, that was a dark look there?""

"Past regrets," she tells him with a little smile. "What's done is done. The nice thing, though, is that we Marines keep our streak up. The Sarge," she gestures toward Barnabas' bed. "He apparently took a pilot too."

Leda looks at Barnabas' bunk, "Yup, he did." He chuckles, "Though that one took a bit longer." He then smiles warmly, "And we all have regrets from the past but sometimes we have to let go of them." He then says, "If you want to talk about it I will listen."

Epi laughs softly then shifts a little to prop her chin on her hand. "I think I told you about it," she says quietly, looking down. "What happened with Elder. I feel bad about it, but he and I talked about it. We haven't really talked since then. Last mission or two, he seemed…ok with me. But I still feel bad. You're right, though. I've got to just let it go."

Leda nods his head, "I understand, though think of it this way, it is better to regret the things you have done rather than the things you haven't done." He then says, "And think of it this way, Elder is a big tough guy, I'm not entirely sure but the Lords might pray to him when they go to bed at night."

She grins at him and dips her head a little. "I know. And he's a -good- man, one I'm proud to know." Her nose crinkles a little. "Kind of like you," she admits, just a hint of shyness in her eyes.

Leda blushes slightly, what the hell is it with him blushing, "Thank you and you are a good woman yourself you know." he then takes a second to rub his forhead, "And you get things done…I mean you managed to persuade a marine from messing around." He chuckles, "Seriously, I didn't hear about this. You are good." His eyes stay focused on the marine.

Epi just watches him for a time. It's clear the woman cares for the pilot, though it doesn't seem to be THAT kind. Not yet, anyway. Her lower lip disappears between her teeth for a moment before she speaks again. "Castor…I'm worried about you drinking."

Castor blinks, "Huh?" Yup that one caught him off guard, he has this look on his face like a deer caught in headlights. He then blinks again before he says, "Why are you worried about my drinking?" He asks curiously and then he begins to do some mental gymnastics before he says, "Wait, you are worried about me?"

A brow arches slightly as she watches him from the safety of her pillow. "You're not the only one with a lock on worrying about friends, Castor," she murmurs softly. "I promise."

Leda nods his head, "So, you think I am drinking too much?" He says, "I make every duty rotation and I always get my work done…and I've been cutting down some since I've gotten out of the brig and to be honest, the hooch is running a bit thin these days." he then smiles, "And yeah, I suppose I don't have the lock on worrying about others."

"Excuses Leda," she says gently, quietly. "Do you drink every day?" He can see the worry in Epi's eyes. It's just a hint of worry, not a full on panic - yet.

Leda considers this for a moment, "Not everyday." He says softly, "Though yes, I do drink like a fish." He says, "Though I rarely get drunk…although I did the other night after our misunderstanding in the mess." He says with a frown, "And the next morning I had such a hangover…which I frakking hate."

A brow arches ever so slightly at that. Ok, so it arches even more than it was already arched. "I worry," she tells him softly, a touch plaintively.

Leda nods his head, "I know, Sam and I were talking about that. I guess she and I are growing up." He then frowns, "And Epi, if you are ever worried about my drinking and you see me doing it…" he takes a moment to pause from the weight of this, "the ask me to stop." He says, "I'll stop, Epi, I promise you that I will stop. Though I don't think I will ever stop drinking I'll just drink less often."

Oh, that has her brows pulling together. "Are you an alcoholic Castor," she asks quietly, leaning up on her arms slightly. A scrap of grey cloth peeps out from under her pillow. The head is UP off the pillow, hair spilling down over one side of her face. "Do you have to drink?"

Leda looks at Epi and he chuckles, "I do not have to drink. I enjoy drinking because it gives me the chance to be social with people. There is something special about sharing a drink with someone." He then says, "Though I don't have to drink." He then says, "Though, sometimes a drink helps." He says, "I can't lie when Pollux died I took it pretty hard but to be fair I'm finally learning to cope with that."

Epi's face falls slightly. "Castor," she says softly. "That's the definition of an alcoholic. A drink helps." She sits all the way up, tucking her pillow back into place before swinging her bare legs out of the bunk. The shirt she's wearing is longer than many dresses - so she's more than modest. It actually comes down over her knees. "I say this because Uncle Nuts was an alcoholic. It didn't affect his work, but he had to have a drink every day. Any excuse to drink he took." She smiles just a little. "He used to like to share drinks with someone. It's why he took me to a bar the first time when I was fifteen."

Leda looks at Epi, "You had an Uncle Nuts?" A beat. He then comes back to the task at hand, "Okay, so I drink a lot." He watches Epi come out of her bunk and he says, "I really drink because I miss my brother." He says, "Pollux was the world to me and I saw him die." He says, "So after he died I crawled into a bottle and I've been there ever since." He then says, "And no one else but you knows this, I am trusting you Epi Jarot." He then says, "And your uncle was nuts for taking you to drink at that age." He stays where he is because he is in Marineland after all.

Epi settles in on the edge of her bunk, dangling her legs. It's probably a definite testament to her state of mind that her legs aren't swinging. She's utterly still. "Being in a bottle isn't a good thing, Castor," she tells him gently. Oddly enough, there's understanding in her eyes. "You're better than that, and your brother would want better for you." While she is compassionate, she also doesn't mince words. Brutal is putting it mildly. Epi - a psychological baseball bat. "Yeah, he was crazy for taking me to drink. But he did. He's one of the men who raised me and I watched him fall into a bottle and nearly drown. I don't want that for you."

Leda considers this, "Well, what do you suggest I do?" He asks as someone who sounds like he has been hit by a psychological baseball bat, "And I don't plan on drowning." He then takes a second to look down at the floor, "I know being in a bottle isn't a good thing, hell, I'm trying to figure out who I am because I spent the past seven years trying to become Pollux because I missed him so much. I'm still figuring out who I am, how frakked up is that?" He then says, "Things have been cracking, the Tinman is gone, it is how I got my callsign. It used to be when things got crazy I'd become cold and unemotional but ever since I got out of the brig…I can't."

Fingers curl on the edge of the bunk, holding on tight. Perhaps so she won't reach out to hug him. "It's ok to still be figuring out who you are," she assures him softly. "No one really knows that. They may seem like it, but I bet if you asked them? You'd get a bullshit answer." Bare toes curl under slightly, likely highlighting the fact that they're painted a deep, rich red. A Marine who takes care of her toes? "There's a lot going on, a lot we all have to deal with. Drinking…that's not something you can control, Castor. That's something that will control YOU."

Castor looks at Epi for a moment, "Okay, so, what is the next step?" He asks curiously, "Because right now I'm still new to all of this." He then says, "And nice toes by the way." It would seem that Leda doesn't miss much.

Epi glances down at her toes and colors briefly, grinning at him. "Shhh," she murmurs. "My secret. Marines don't paint their toenails or do girly things," she teases. But sobriety, no pun intended, takes over fairly quickly. "The first step is to take the alcohol away. Out of your locker. Give it to a friend. Maybe Case? Monitor yourself over the next few days, first, actually. Figure out when you're wanting a drink and why. Write down when you reach for the bottle and how much you drink."

Leda says, "Well, I've only got a bit of North Aquarian whisky left and to be honest it tastes like shit." He then chuckles, "Are you kidding Case is as big a lush as I am." He then says, "Alright I'll work on that but soon we will be running out of hooch anyway and when that day comes sobriety will be easy since there will be no more booze to drink." He then takes a moment to say, "So, if you don't mind my asking, why do you think I drink too much? You are the first person I know who has brought this up with me."

"You were too comfortable drinking last night," she points out finally, legs starting to swing a little. "And I'd heard you got drunk not too long ago. The way you were pounding them back last night…" A shoulder lifts delicately. "It just raised a red flag in my mind, you know?"

Leda frowns, "Frak." He says softly, "Yeah, I was lonely last night and so I started to drink…See yesterday was the day that Pollux died." He says softly, having shared this with no one and having concealed how he really felt all day. "I always drink like that on the day he died." He says softly, "And it took every fiber of my being not to fall apart or to let anyone else know."

Finally she does reach out. She's held off for this long and, well, it's about thirty minutes longer than she normally might. One hand brushes very lightly over his hair. Yeah, it's awkward, but she's attempting to be soothing. "I'm sorry, Castor," she says, voice soft and quiet. "I know it must be hard. But what you might want to consider is what Pollux would say about the man you've become. You're a -good- man. You're one of the few left. Would he want you to start losing that because of him? Because you can't let go and let him be your guardian angel?"

Leda watches the hand as it brushes over his hair and he says, "What's done is done and I can't change the past." He then says softly, "And yeah, I'm working on changing and that means letting Pollux go." He then says, "And it didn't matter, we had a prophecy or destiny or whatever and it said that one of us was going to die and the other would live and be a hero. I still think Pollux should have been the one to live…" he then takes a second as a bit of a breakthrough is made, "Then again I don't believe in the Lords so why should I let them hold me back." He says, "Pollux died not because of a prophecy." He says softly, "And maybe I don't have to be a hero." He says softly, "And the only reason I am a good man is because I found my way into the company of good people like you."

Epi's hand goes very still for a moment, fingertips just barely brushing his cheek. And then she smiles. It's not a smile one normally associates with her. This one is almost infinitely tender - likely the one Cass sees. She's quiet for a time before murmuring softly, "Maybe you're already a hero, Castor. I'd say you're already someone's hero. If not more than one someone."

Leda's eyes fall onto Epi and the smile makes him blush slightly as does the compliment and he says nothing for the longest of times, however, he finally speaks and he says, "Thank you…for caring about me." He says softly, "Maybe that is what I need someone who cares because Pollux did." He then takes a breath, "and I'd say that makes you a hero to me."

One fingertip lightly bops him on the tip of the nose and she laughs softly, shaking her head. "You need to learn to accept a compliment," she tells him quietly. "I know I'm a good person. I'm confident in myself. But you need to just accept the fact that you are loved, unconditionally. Not for the fact you're a hot shot pilot. Not because you can find anything. Not because of your brother or because you've become Pollox. But because you're you. Castor."

As Castor gets bopped on the nose his head moves back a bit and he laughs softly, krypter, krypter, krypter Tinman is going down. He then says, "Well then thank you." His voice is soft and grateful and then the bit about unconditional love hits him and he simply bows his head for a moment because he isn't sure of what to say or do and so he says very softly this time, and yet his voice has a great deal of gravity to it, "Thank you."

Epi stretches out and gently ruffles her fingers over his head. "If I'm not mistaken, you have CAP in about thirty minutes," she murmurs. "Go get cleaned up and in your uniform. I'll keep the rum bottle with me until you ask for it back." There's a promise in her voice as she says that, one which carries through to her next words. "And I'll be here when you need me, as best as I can."

Castor smiles, "Will do Corporal." He then says, "You can find the rum in my bunk." He then says, "Or I'll have someone send it over while I'm on CAP." He then says, "And I'll see you again later." He says in tones that sound like a promise. Wow, a pilot managed to make it through Marineland without dying. He then says, "Right, frak, CAP, I better go get ready." With that he winks slightly and moves out quickly but quietly.

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