We Need Babies Stat
We need babies stat
Summary: Camille, Kassia, and Castor discuss the need for babies.
Date: PH 044 (01 July 2009)
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Castor sits in the gameroom playing a video game, this one is all explodey and shooty and alien ooglies are exploding left and right as Leda moves through the level. Aparently he has played through this game enough that he knows where the aliens are coming from and when. In his mouth is a cigar and for now there is no hooch with him, though he might be hiding it. "Take that you frakking syndicate slimeball."

Camille is the quiet doctor, so far, or at least the surgeon whom everyone has seen who's had surgery so far, but they're always under drugs so no one really remembers her. The middle aged red haired woman seems to have finally come out of sickbay, however, and is now tracking down coffee through the general lounge. She's in her military issue scrubs, her hair tightly pulled back out of her face with the look of someone who has just come from work. Enough whisps of red are free, however, that she's probably gone through a shift and is done now…

Kassia is curled up on the gaming sofa her head in Castors lap her hands tooked between her eyes as the woman drifts in and out of sleep, idly watching the gaming screen when her eyes stay open enough. An empty bottle of something rests on the table on it's side more then likely drank by the pair or just Kassia. She looks peaceful happy, a smile on her lips as she just chills.

Castor would be a new face to Camille most likely, he has darkened the doors of the recovery ward but he hasn't been in surgery yet. In fact, he hasn't had a sick day yet. His attention to the game is diverted as he hears someone enter and he pauses the game to take a look. "Well, hello.." he pauses to take a guess, "eltee?" He looks down at Kassia, "How are you doing down there little one?" he asks Kassia in comforting and yet playful tones.

Camille blinks across her shoulder, tired blue eyes casting on Castor gently. She gives him a half smile. "LT or Doctor is fine… or Camille, when off duty. Good to see someone I haven't had to put back into one piece…" She pauses in going for her coffee, apparently deciding it'd be a wise idea to actually be social with someone. She looks down to Kassia, lofting a brow to the male pilot in a questioning amusement before she offers out her hand…"Dr. Camille Locke…one of the surgeon's aboard. I… don't come out much. Safer when everyone's just unconscious around me." She admits with an almost wiry smile.

Kassia looks over towards doctor her eyes narrowing, she would have seen the woman spending the first 3 weeks she was on the ship in medical. "Hmmm." She says going to shift her eyes to Castor, she gives a little smile and nods her head. "I'm good, your lap is a very nice pillow." she says letting herself curl up a little more, a woman totally at ease with her surroundings. When Camille comes over she smiles at the woman. "Nice to see you again." She says going to lift her head and offer a hand. "I'm pretty tired, so please don't mind me. Castoe here, offered his legs as a pillow." She grins up at her friend.

Castor looks up at Camille, "I'm a Jig, name is Castor Leda, some folk call me Tinman on account that I never panic or show emotion when the shit hits the fan." He then looks at Kassia, "Well, I'm glad you like my leg so much, just make yourself comfortable and take the rest you need, Kas." He says to Kassia. He then turns back to Camille, "Well, Camille, you should get out more, especially seeing that we are a lively bunch when we aren't on a stretcher."

Camille gives them both a half smile before she finally goes back to the coffee pot. "A lively bunch, eh? that's what I'm worried about. I've seen what some of you pilots do on your off days. It's a miracle you all survive to get into the vipers." She states with that stern, somewhat motherly tone she's developed over the years. It matches well with her back water Sagittaron accent, softened from being away over the years, but still definitely there. "…And Miss Kas, is it? Be careful about laying in gentleman's laps… you might not find them to be such a gentleman after all. No offense, Mr. Leda."

Kassia grows to like this woman rather quickly and can't help but give her a dimpled smile. "I know he's a gentleman we've been friends since I got here." She says softly. "I trust Cassy, with all my heart." She smiles up at her friend. "So no worries there."

Castor looks down at Kassia and then he looks up at Camille, "Camille, what is with all the mister and miss talk, just call me Castor." He says in a very informal manner with hints of an Aquarian country tone, "As for Kas and I, we are friends, Camille, ain't no consumating going on here. Yeah, I trust you too, Kas, thick as thieves." He then grins, "and as for pilots we are a lively lot then again we live for the day and not for the long term. Never know when we will get snuffed out like a candle."

Kassia looks towards Camille then at the woman, there's something in her eyes that perhaps doesn't totally agree with the friendship bit. "I don't think we'll be doing anything quite that drastic yet, I can not see the commander allowing children on a battle ship no matter how much we need to repopulate and speaking as a female Raptor pilot, I do not wish to be out of flight state so long." She then looks back to Castor, watching his reaction.

Castor looks at Camille, "Oh, there are plenty on this ship seeking into those affairs and I reckon before too long we will be looking into the pitterpatter of feet." He takes a moment to puff on his cigar, "I wonder what that would be like, would they let a babe in the berthings?" He then takes a moment to add, "But until regs change there won't be any courting, least ways not publically." He then looks at Kassia, "Yeah, pulling a few g's while in flight might be harmful to you and any child you may be carrying."

Camille nods in affirmation, "Oh, of course, of course… especially not the pilots. Keep up with your IUDs and everything's fine. But others… well… We've got to look practically here. Anyway, I've had entirely too much time to think of this. You really don't want to hear me go on about these things." Cam states with a slight tightness in her mezzo voice. She's clearly holding back, some sort of strong, strong belief beneath the surface about this all wanting to peak through.

Kassia places her hand on Castors legs and sits up a little, she goes to place her head on his arm as she looks across at the doctor. "I know what your saying." The woman says softly. "I mean there's not really too many of us whom won't beable to take the down time. Maybe if it comes to it, I'm sure every woman will be excepted to have at least one or two children." She glances at Castor. "Just I think a few regs and rules need to change first, not a whole lot of us officers you know, and if we're needing to repopulate a little more choice has to be open to us?"

Castor looks at Camille and studies the woman for a moment as he ashes his cigar, he picks up on the social cues better than most do, "I don't know I reckon I could stop to listen to you speak about the need for having children. You could always plead your case to the Commander, he might listen, though you'd have to go through the Major Pike first." He then looks down at Kassia, "I dunno, throw in some booze and let men and women meet, nature works after all."

Camille shrugs slightly, considering this for a few heartbeats. She takes a sip of her coffee, eyeing Castor's cigar but not saying anything about it for the moment. After all, everyone needs their escapes somehow. "…Well, we have to decide the long term plan. Are we truly here to save humanity, or to get some sort of revenge before they kill us all? I… for one, support the former. I have this sickening suspicion we're playing this horrid game of the latter, though. Because we're military, and most military have a need to fight the enemy until we're dead. But they have us. They have more numbers. More force. They are far easier repaired than us for the -are- machines. So… to fight them is a losing battle. And that means each time I patch someone up… it's just to send them back in to their deaths over, and over, and over again. I am not in the habit of torture and I consider that torture. So…this is where I stand. It is not a happy position. Are you sorry you asked?"

Kassia listens to the woman, after all she's a minor is what this woman is talking about human psycology. "I agree with what your saying here, and believe me also when I say I sometimes dread getting up in the morning because there's nothing beyond this ship." She says going to place her arms around Castor's waist as she goes to curl up around him. "To have something to work towards, a goal to achieve is what we need and I think that's why the Millitary in us is trying to wipe them out or die trying, because that's a means to an end." She looks to Castor, her eyes searching. "What do you say Cassy, fight or repopulate, because right now I don't think either are an option."

Castor takes another puff of his cigar as he eyes the empty bottle that is lying on its side on the table near Kas and Cassy, the pilot has his escapes. He then offers, "Well, there is the thing, we have to have hope." The puppydog, it is strong with this one, "I'm not sorry I asked but it also depends on your point of view. We are a small target in a big universe. We could just disappear and settle down somewhere, then we could have a lot of children. This is not the end and there is more to all of this than just this boat. We just have to keep hope." He then takes a moment to add, "And we are still fleet and that means we take orders and we do what we are told." He looks at Kassia, "I think both are an option, however, as of this moment I think we need to wait a bit longer before we have children."

Camille shakes her head gently to Castor, leaning deeper back into her chair and shifting her body so her legs drape across the arm and she's almost reclined. She gulps at the now cooler coffee. "That's what I'm talking about, though. There is the option to disappear. Settle down… maybe actually do this. I don't think we will take it… and that bothers me. All off the record. On the record, yes. We have to follow orders, and I will always continue patching you all back up… but this is no way for anyone to live. Civilians and military crew members alike. Are you both… Happy? Or even stable? Truthfully? How do you feel? Has anyone asked you that yet?"

Kassia glances at Camille her question hitting home and for a second she wants to shake her head and say no she's not happy, because she has to fight until she dies, she has low food rastion and can't be with the person she truely wants. "No, Ma'am." She says finally. "But I'm alive, I have a smile on my face and I've got almost enough food in my belly. I have affection." She says going to rub her head against Castors arm. "And for the most part, I have freedom."

Castor says softly and honestly, "I'm happy and this is where I am supposed to be." Truth be told he is happy because this is the closest thing to family he has and for all of his faults Castor probably wouldn't do so well in civilian life, especially considering his biological family was dead before the Cylons hit. "I'm a pilot and I was born to be a pilot. So, I will fly for the fleet." He then turns to Kassia, "And I've got good friends here." He offers Kassia a warm smile before he says, "And, I can get all the booze I need." He looks again to the empty bottle. "Mostly."

Camille nods slightly. "Good then. That is what matters. I'm glad you're both feeling… stable about this all. Maybe I haven't been coming out of sickbay enough. Going bad in the back corner there… Get out among the crew. See how they're all holding up. I might not be a head doc… but it'd do well for my own sanity." She admits with that same wiry smirk… finishing off her coffee in a long pull of the stuff.

Kassia nods her head slowly. "I don't think we offical have anyone on the roster as a shrink, Doctor maybe you could sort of me a rotating one." She says with a smile. "Your very friendly and open, and I think given time people might open up to you." She say going to eye the bottom. "I think I had most of that Cassy." She says looking a little guilty.

Castor looks down at Kassia, "That you did little one and I must say I'm a bit jealous myown self." He says in those country Aquarian tones. "I was hoping for a bit more hooch." He then adds, "And make sure you drink a glass of water, okay?" He says in mildly concerned and yet playful tones. He turns and looks up at Camille, "I'd rather avoid shrinks, they are a little bit like priests and I'd rather not have someone poking around in my brainpan."

Camille laughs very, very deeply, it's an old world laugh, something that speaks of a good life of both pleasure and pain. She shakes her head almost immediately. "Gods no….No, no, not me. I am a surgeon for a reason. Most of my patients are out cold and dead silent while I'm working. I do not have a good bedside manner, much less the sort of way to be a shrink. Cute, though…trying to lure a woman away from her work like that." She teases gently.

Kassia goes back to laying on Castors knees her head turned towards the woman. "Well, sometimes having someone to talk to is good for the crew, you know." She comments then begins to yawn. "Man, I should get my ass off this sofa and go to my bunk. I spend too many nights kipping on here." She frowns, if their bunk room wasn't such a riot all the time, people might beable to sleep.

Castor likes the fact that Camille laughs he does care for the crew, it is an Aquarian trait to care for you crew, and in Castor's case this is especially true, who else can he turn to. He then smiles warmly, "Well, keep patching people up Camille and keep us alive." He looks down at Kassia, "You better make your way to bed then before Captain Legacy starts doing bunk checks."

Kassia doesn't even really answer her eyes close and before she knows it she's asleep again.

Camille nods flatly. "You two crazy kids go on. I'll always been around. In sickbay, mostly, if you care to hunt me down." she then blinks, realizing that kassia seems to have fallen asleep…"Castor, is it? Can you take care of her… you know where she gets towed away for the night?"

Castor says softly, "I'll get her to her bunk Camille." With that he picks Kassia up and litterally carries her to her bunk for bed.

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