Warm Hearth - Marines
Warm Hearth - Marines
Summary: The Solon II return with the Kharon marines on the ground.
Date: PH225 (29 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Security Hub
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #225
OOC Time: Sun Nov 29 18:28:12 2009

A pair of staggered desks flank the entrance, one occupied during most hours by a desk sergeant, and the other rotates between other personnel. In the back is a bank of monitors on the port wall in a 180 degree view. The arc of stacked flatscreens is under the watchful eye of an MP or three during most hours of the day, and recorded for review otherwise. These monitors are visible from the S2's desk (directly across on the starboard wall) and the station set just in front of them. One of the feeds always on display is a feed of the Brig. Other secure areas have been wired in since warday. A Colonial Marine Corps flag hangs proudly in the corner, accompanied by pictures of Marines in action and paintings depicting famous battles of the Cylon War and other actions. An armored door at the far end of the room displays in bright white lettering 'Primary Small Arms,' and holds the main locker for storing the rifles and explosives aboard. A hatch midway through the room leads into the Small Arms Range.

The Security Hub is alive with the bustle of marines at the Condition One call. Weapons and armor is in the process of being passed out while the S2 gives orders. "… Clear your weapons and check your gear. Suit up double time! We're here at the end of the party, but there's still some clean up to do on the surface. If we're called to do so, we'll be ready. Our taxi awaits. Sound off when you're locked!"

Damon never fails to present that silent, anti-social figure as he moves through the security hub. Glancing to Salazar as he works on securing his gear, he turns his attention towards his fellow marines as he straps into his heavy machine gun. Lifting it with his muscular arms, he judges its weight distribution alongside his pack. "Cavalera, locked!" He barks out, moving to stand near the door, ready for deployment.

Cinder collects her gear quickly, sliding into the body armor, collecting extra mags, grenades, whatever the frak is set aside for the operation. Locking it all down, tightening straps, making sure things are tight, she slams a magazine into her rifle, and can't resist stating the obvious. "Brand, cocked, locked, and ready to rock!" she says with some spunk…maybe because of the gauzed, antiseptic wrap under her armor on her shoulder from the last time shit went down.

Panda comes in with Kellin, clasping the last of his web gear. He queues up, inspecting and racking the pistol, loading it, and holstering it while accepting the rifle next and going through the same drill. "Ajtai, urrah!" he growls, nudging Cinder as he passes her by.

Kellin finds a space and checks his gear and weapons. Glancing at the S2 "Sir, we going to need any heavy weapons planetside?" He shoulders his trusty SMI 80, attaching it to his combat sling.

Salazar heads for the hatch, slinging her rifle over her shoulder. With the CO down, she's johnny on the spot for combat incursions too. No cushy desk jobs for this S2. "Bring all the party favors!"

Boots sound off heavy on the decking as the marines haul ass up the stairwell and onto the Hangar Bay. They're all suited to go, wearing combat blacks, some still strapping down armor and jostling weapons around.

Finding his spot, Damon comes to a quiet rest and waits with the rest of the marines for their orders to drop to the surface for Cylon clean up. Glancing up and down the line, he picks out faces, nodding to both Cinder and Panda before turning his gaze towards the Raptors. Mentally guessing as to which one they'll be in, he lets his world become a quiet, lonely place.

[WIRELESS] Neha says, "Ensign Nikos, this is CIC. The XO asks that you load each raptor with Marines."

Kellin tucks the last bit of Explosives he dug up into his pack, double checking his rifle afterward. His movements are smooth and well it looks like he's done this a time or two.

Dell follows along and he is all business here as he locks in, everyone has a grudge against the toasters and some grudges are white hot and that sort of anger brings a strange sort of purpose and clarity. He doesn't talk to anyone since he doesn't really know anyone except for Damon and he only knew Damon for a brief period. Instead, the former farmer checks his weapons to make sure they are good to go.

[Into the Wireless] Salazar says, "CIC, we're on the Hangar Bay loading up as we speak. Good to go in 45 seconds."

[WIRELESS] Neha says, "Copy that. Gods be with you."

Salazar motions the stream of marines over to Foxbat-5. She speaks briefly into her wireless, exchanging information with CIC. "Move it, marines! Strap in and stow your gear. Command is hot to go. We don't want to miss all the fun."

Panda is in the line of troops, moving at that combat hustle with the rest of them. Weapons and kit are secured, the hangar bay's accoustics amplifying what little 'battle rattle' the professional soldiers give off. He's staring straight ahead at the back of the helmet in front of him; just another Marine, for now.

Without another word, Damon dips his head in Dell's direction and strides to the Raptor. Stepping inside, he lets the lineup determine which seat he falls into. As ass hits seat, he's already reaching for the buckles.

Kellin settles into a seat, strapping in, cinching his helmet a bit tighter then leans back eyes closed waiting for the launch and the go signal. He's ready.

Cinder climbs on aboard the Raptor following the S2. She wastes no time in getting herself settled into one of the seats, strapping herself in, and making sure she has her rifled firmly in hand, safety on, rifle butt on the floor.

Matto unlocks the hatch controls and pulls down the lever to open the hatch. "Just call yourself by your last name. Stay off comms unless it's an emergency, though. No matter how much the Viper Jocks like to hear themselves talk, remember to try to keep the comms clean," Kissy replies with a faint smile. "Let me know when everyone's hooked in."

Panda settles in, tugging the belts tight and setting his rifle butt-down on the deck plate before him. He reaches over to the Marine next to him, tugging the straps in a buddy-check and then knocking on the troop's helmet as an all-clear sign.

Gresham grins once, back towards Matto, as a few customary switches are flipped, and with that He's moving to look back to the door, and expectant for the passengers to head in. After all he can shut the hatch and get everything all nice and sealed, once everyone is seated. "Will do-Hey, who knows, I might earn a callsign other than cryer- or whatever else people call me that I don't know." A cough, and with that; There's a look as in come the marines.

Barnabas is quickly settled into a seat, still giving plenty of time to the checking of his various straps and belts. Panda's buddy-check continues, passing by the Sergeant and onto the next marine, with Volker possibly taking a little too much enjoyment from knocking on a helmet. At least, that's what the partial grin suggests.

Matto holds the hatch-lever down, for the time being, waiting for the call that they're all full up. "Get a couple of suppression solutions underway for deployment as soon as we cross gamma proximity threshold," he tells his backseater.

Kellin mutters almost to himself "Just like old times, just like old times" He opens his eyes surveying the Marines around him for a moment "For those about to kick ass…." A faint grin flashes across his face.

"Aye Lieutenant." Virgil says, as he's looking right on back over to the Marines filtering into the confines of their little fightin' taxi. A smile is passed to a couple of the Marines-that is, if they recognize the nugget from Boot at all. A cough, as he looks, waiting for the last Marine to get all settled, before he's typing in a few commands. Obviously making good the suppression solutions for when they are needed.

The marines don't take long to load, particularly after a deadline is given to the CIC for full readiness. They strap in and stow, ready to ride.

Gresham turns and looks back towards Matto and a thumbs up is given "We're all tucked in back here, sir. And ready to head out, when you are." A grin there added, maybe to bite back the look of fear, that the new ECO, is swiveling back into his seat and getting ready. "Ready, sir." official like.

Matto keeps one hand fast on the latch. The other hand calls up system readout after system readout with a loud, repetitive tapping of keys, keeping the boards greened for launch. When the call comes up that they're all set to ride, he shoves the hatch lever back upward and locks it, keying in the code by the lever and flipping the switch. The hatch obligingly slides shut and ka-chunks into place. Kisseus flips on comm output.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, we've got a full house; green for launch on your mark."

Matto switches off output and then leans, arms spread and braced, on the console, listening intently for word to take the Foxbat off the floor.

Matto shifts into motion and pulls up a screen, typing in the command to upload the coordinates and load them into queue.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Spider, Madman, coordinates loaded; acknowledged."

Salazar checks her seat harness briefly, then glances around to check on the state of affairs. She eyes Dell for a long moment, then says, "Recruit, keep your pants on down there. I don't want to mop you off the ground cover." She nods to Sgt Pickens, assigned the wirelo by Sgt. Brandy with the absence of Private Parts. "Check frequencies and keep that wirelo on tactical channel one."

"Gresham," Kisseus calls back, "Shepherd and Icarus are going to be on escort duty. Focus your EC suites on a triangulation of their signs and ours."

Gresham holds his breath, as the solutions are given a second glance, and with that there's a look back over to Matto. And there's a quick nod. "Aye Sir. I'll get on it-" Which means he'll have them covered as soon as they plop up on his lovely DRADIS screen. Still he's got everything ready, and with how his fingers move? It'll be quick. "The waiting is hardest part.." half sung into his mic.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, i hear you. Expediting launch."

[Nem's Ride: Nemesis] As the combined forces of the Kharon and Hestia unite, space is cleared of the very last of the raiders. What's left of the basestar is no longer firing. That's probably because it's in too many pieces. All non Colonial DRADIS contacts appear to have been eliminated.

[Foxbat-4: Matto] Foxbat-4 rises from deck and through Kharon's proximity at proximity-safe speed. Once it clears the furthest proximity threshold it turns on three axes, easing into a course toward the marked coordinates on Solon II.

"How're we looking down here, Gresham?" Kissy asks his backseater as the ship approaches the rock.

"I have Icarus and Shepherd." Gresham says after a few quick keystrokes, however his eyes never leave his screen. rather he's waiting for the worse, just incase they do in fact run into any of it. Always be prepared was the Bear Scout motto, wasn't it? And there's a faint grin, as no blips-show. Yet. "DRADIS is clean, right now. All remaining contacts appear Colonial." Whew.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Spider, Kharon— this is Madman. We're looking at clear skies here, expediting landing at given coordinates."

Matto lifts his voice a little, coming in over ship's comms but not outgoing, "This is your stop. Looks like there's some trouble out there. I'll get on your comms frequency; please keep me updated when at all possible. You know we worry."

Matto unlocks the hatch and pulls down the lever to open it and let the Folk With Guns go do their thang.

Salazar unclasps her seat restraints as soon as the raptor is on the ground. She's up with her rifle a moment later, waiting for the hatch to be disengaged. "We'll be back in a few minutes. We'll see about souvenirs. I can't promise any sno globes, but there could be something shiny."

Solon II, Keros, LZ

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #225
OOC Time: Sun Nov 29 19:38:08 2009

The landing zone is nothing more then a patch of rock that seems fairly level and free of debris. The land here is dry and cracked, devoid of any natural vegetation besides the occasional scraggled looking tenacious weed. If Solon II boasts any natural food source, the only reason it has survived is that it's good at hiding.

The atmosphere itself is filled with ominous sulfuric clouds, which periodically open up to unleash a rather unpleasant acid rain. A half click to the south, a small mining community has sprung up out of the craggy landscape, centered around the main facility where raw Tylium is extracted from the rock.

Kellin pops his restraint buckles and stands up, his SMI swung into a Combat ready position. He takes a postions behind his S2 ready to disembark. "Sir, do we know if this is a Hot LZ?"

The LZ is clear, though there is fighting to the South and East. It's clear that's well under control. The closest engagement is South, and the sound of rifles is overwhelmed by the LMG guns the cylons usually sport. Sounds like the best direction to go, so after a brief communication with the pilot in Fox-4, Salazar motions the marines forward. "If it were hot, you'd be dodging bullets, Corporal," the S2 replies, tone bland despite the situation. "Double time. Cavalera, you're with Brand. Ajtai with Volker, Elmeri, do your best to keep Trip alive."

"Alright, don't fire off by my ear, Brand. You're leading." Damon says, forever the lowly private despite how much combat he's seen his entire life. Flipping his safety off, he keeps his gun low until he spots his first targets incoming. Raising his rifle, he lets loose a handful of tracer bullets at the Centurions.

Kellin flashes a grin at the S2 "Just making sure sir, never know about these things" He nods as he's given his intructions "Aye Aye sir!" He moves over to his charge waitng to disembark.

Panda :bolts from his seat, carbine held at the ready as he takes his place beside the Sergeant when the Ensign gives them their groupings. "We're taking point, right?" he asks Barnabas, following on his weak side.

"You sure about that? Try not to hit my ears…I already have enough piercings there. Don't need any more, thanks," Cinder tells Damon, as she lifts her rifle and advances southward in a normal crouched walk. The safety is flipped off, gun set to burst, and when she sights the first Centurion as she advances, she pulls the trigger and pops off a quick burst.

Dell is ready for orders and when the S2 barks he listens and he walks over to Kellin, as a marine he is green but he was living on Scorpia and this isn't his first time shooting toasters. He doesn't say anything to the Corporal but he follows along with Kellin as he watches and learns and waits for his chance to drop metal.

Barnabas leaves the raptor in a manner akin to that of an ejection as opposed to a simple disembarking, boots hitting rock comfortably enough for the Sergeant to begin moving with only the slightest mis-step. His knees only slightly in complaint, but that doesn't stop the man from double-timing in front of Ajtai, heading for anything that might count as bullet-stopping. "F'course. Wouldn't be a good Sarge if I didn't get shot before you."

Kellin glances at Dell and grins a bit "Just keep low and after you've fired, move to a new firing spot" He makes sure his weapon is charged and ready "Pick out your next firing spot before you move, that way there's less time in the open"

Kellin moves, keeping low, following his own advice. Sliding to a stop, he fires at the first Cylon he spots, his three round burst striking the Tincan, one even getting a bit of Penetration. As soon as the Centurion falls he's moving, making sure Dell is with him.

The high rate of fire from the LMG forces Damon's teeth to rattle as it spews glowing tracer rounds in the direction of the first Cylon. They're far enough away from him that he's able to eventually 'paint' the rounds to the Cylon, scoring a hit in the neck. The second one all but manages to miss the incoming rounds. "Moving up." Damon says to Cinder, rushing forward on the line and dropping to a knee. Balancing the heavy weapon, he continues to paint the remaining Cylons with his ammo.

Panda hurries forward in a combat crouch, leaning into the butt of his weapon. He fires single shots at the gleaming metal of the Centurions, just enough to cover the advance of himself and Barnabas until they get into position - which he finds quickly, just in time for the machinegun crew to move up.

Advancing and firing, a few of Cinder's rounds spark and hit the Cylon doing some damage to the machine. Unfortunately, it's not enough, as she's just in time to watch it gun down two of the Hestia marines. Instead of going nutso or anything, she continues to advance, keeping the sights on the same Centurion, and firing again. If it's not firing at her, she's going to keep firing on it as she advances, and attempt to take it down before it can get anyone else

Matto stays strapped in up in the cockpit, keeps an ear on comms and an eye on systems, ready to GTFO the moment the Marines come home from their gunnings.

Keeping his eyes on the DRADIS the Ensign has no clue what might be lurking or not lurking outside of the raptors. With his pistol ready-incase it is needed Gresham continues his watch, ready to cry out, or something should the stuff get hot. So far everything is green, here.

Moving up in front of Panda, Barney's single round goes well wide of it's target. There's a few heavier breaths as the adrenaline kicks in before the Sergeant drops to a knee, shuffling sideways to keep Ajtai just within arm's reach before focusing back down the rifle at the shiny toaster targets.

Salazar takes up a stationary position with partial cover and swaps her rifle over to burst mode, laying down a little suppression fire for the other marines in hot water. The S2 hunkers down low, draws her rifle up, and gives the other side some love.

Dell listens to Kellin speak and he grunts, "Yes, sir." Though as metal footsteps clunk around his rifle is raised and aim is taken, this is what the private has been waiting for killing off toasters. His eyes are not wide-eyed like some other new marines might be they are focused and angry. "Son of a bitch." He says as anger oozes out of him however he is keeping in line with Kellin since he isn't in this alone and team work makes killing cylons so much easier.

Sparro likewise eyes the action from the controls of his Raptor, ready to pull any emergency maneuvers the Marines might require. Like, uh, you know. Taking off or something.

Thorn, of course, is still secure in the Raptor. Like Sparro, he can hear the sound of gunfire coming ever closer. He casts a knowing look at the older man as he yanks his sidearm free. Off in the distance, he hears something that might just be the trademark whirr-clunk of Centurions. Or might not. In any case, he's casting a watchful eye out through the hatch, holding his Five-seveN at the ready.

Kellin fires again, the AP rounds slamming into the Cylon. With a Glance to Dell he nods and moves to another piece of cover, his rifle coming up again firing at his intended target.

There's a look back towards Matto, as is that gunfire coming closer and closer? There's a shaky look, before he's moving to the Hatch to peek out cautiously, whilst his older, Dragon Mark XIX is pulled out and held low in the standard position. He doesn't see anything yet. He's just keeping an eye, open. "That's close.." he mutters- though not entirely too close. Close enough for him to hear it, though. That's another thing. Don't mind him, Madman-Virg, just has the jitters.

With Damon laying down metal, even if it doesn't hit, Cinder crouch-walks from the LZ toward the Centurions, firing with her rifle as she goes. At least one of her last burst strikes the machine, but it doesn't seem to do much. Nearing the Cylons, she finds a spot of cover, and begins to charge on up towards it, while firing off one more burst round as she goes.

One of the centurions breaks from its pursuit of the various marines, and takes off at a jog for the LZ. The metal monstrosity rolls at a pretty good clip. That sucker must run marathons when it's not committing genocidal acts! It'll be on the LZ in seconds, if the marines can't mow it down before hand.

Salazar calls, "Volker, Ajtai! On the runner!" She taps her wireless and chats up the pilot of her ride, "Madman, Nikos. You have a centurion incoming. I hope you brought weapons." Dover and Pickens fall back with the runner, also falling back while they fire.

As Kellin moves so does Dell and he looks at the toaster as his shot hits but it isn't a strong enough hit to take the toaster down. He snarls as he he aims his next shot to try to take this thing out but he remains as quiet as one can in a massive gun fight since he is trying to concentrate on not getting shot, keeping up with Kellin, and killing cylons.

There's a soft grinding sound from Sgt. Volker's jaw as his rounds are either wide, or ineffective. Well, there are sparks, but that doesn't exactly mean much. Any further musings he may have on the situation are soon cut very, very short by the sharp snapping sound of rounds passing close by both he and Ajtai. The ducking is involuntary. "Son of a… That one went and shot at me!" Complete disbelief. The tone yelled at Panda is almost one of dissapointment, but at least it's about Cylon number 4 down there. "Ajtai! Shift fire onto the asshole that just-" He's interrupted by the S2's call. He shrugs. "Yeah. That one."

Damon waits until he sees Cinder get some good distance out of the corner of his eye. With her much closer now, he's got to lay on the fire double time. Racing a few quick steps forward, he huffs and brings up the SAW to bear, lining its iron sights at two Centurions that are close together. A second passes…and he squeezes, counting 'die motherfrakker' in his head.

He's attracting his fair share of bullets just like everybody else, and Panda takes it in stride. He flicks his selector, ranging in on the Toasters as tunnel vision begins to set in. Barnabas' bark and the chirp on his radio get a grunt from him, the soldier mechanically moving out on Volker's flank. He lets a burst fly at their mark, firing on the move again.

Matto takes a deep breath, "Nikos, Madman, I hear you," he answers, just for… something to say. Weapons. Yeah. Got one of those. With intense hesitation he unstraps himself from the cockpit, looking to Gresham, "Okay, you take aft side of the hatch, I'll take fore. Don't get shot, yah?" he adds, and gets into position, gun in hand, though he holds the thing with a peculiar sort of disdain, considering that it's meant to be saving his skin at present.

"Okay." comes Gresham's only reply as he moves, the pistol being raised as he readies to defend the hatch. And there it is, he can see it- that runner right there. barely in the distance, looking to come closer. And so with that he's getting ready to open fire- once you know it gets closer and it isn't so much of a silver streak, that is hard to make out.. And then it's down and gone. A blink, but he's still standing ready for whatever is coming.. That had to be a puppy, or something else, right?

Rounds smash into Salazar's cover, spitting up debris every which way. She sprays fire in return, though it does not seem to dissuade the Centurion from advancing and laying waste to the remaining men from Hestia. How they got split from their unit is anyone's guess.

"Madman, Nikos. It looks like you're off the hook for now. We're almost clear down here. Watch your six and let us know if anything so much as twitches back there."

The runner all but has his legs cut out from under him as several marines turn as one and light up the bullethead who seems to have sniffed himself some pilotbait.

Sparro notes as two Toasters fall. "Hey Thorn… you know… I think our crews are pretty good at this soldiering stuff…"

Dashing forward toward the Centurion she's been targeting all along, Cinder's a little shocked when that particular Centurion spins and starts to dash for the LZ. She can't ever recall seeing one of those things run before. Sooo…she squeezes the trigger and puts a few more bullets to the neck and chest. Amidst those rounds, and those from others, the thing goes down, and she slides up to cover, before targeting the last Cent within view. She's peeking out from behind a scraggly little tree, using it from cover as she aims and fires another burst.

Kellin smiles grimly as another Tincan goes down switching targets to the last one standing.

Damon's LMG fire punishes the second Centurion, sending shredded metal and electronics out the back of its chest as the rounds slam home. Managing a light hit to the next one over as he watches it fall, Damon grins and checks on Cinder. Still standing, he presents himself as a careless target as he remembers to breathe. Exhaling, he lets out a burst towards the next in line.

Matto remembers to breathe once there's not a big murderous robot running at him. "Nikos, Madman; Gresham and I are on the hatch and trained to our six. Will scream like girlchildren if we require further saving. Will maintaint his post until you come home to board."

Barney moves with Panda, letting the recoil from his fire carry his shots up into the running Centurion's chest, then giving his buddy a pat on the shoulder as it drops. Passing behind to brace his arm up against a rock, Volker steadies the rifle for a shot at the still standing Centurion. Despite his teeth being clenched out of concentration, he does grunt out a quick "Ajtai, you're free to commence hooting and hollering."

Dell remains quiet but as each toaster falls the anger on his face falls a bit, toaster killing it is the new therapy after all. He keeps back with Kellin and he stays close to the man since this is his first offical mission and there are people watching him, in Kellin's case literally.

"Girlchildren doesn't cover it." Gresham quips, all the while eyes watching the hatch, only flicking back over to the DRADIS every now and then, however his main attention is focused on the doorway incase shooting and running away needs to occur. "I think My battle cry will be, not in the face." a pause, as he becomes thoughtful for a split second. "Can't rightly heal a face wound-And I would hate to be known as two-face for the rest of my life."

"FRAKYEAH!!" Panda screams the moment he's cleared for it. "Lead bread mothafrakka come get some!" His noise pauses as his sights line up; the trigger is squeezed, and he's at it again. "Come on! Where your buddies at - oh yeah THEY DEAD!!"

Well, it looked like it was a Centurion. Komnenos gets a fleeting view of what looks like silver and flashy red eye thing, but a moment later it's gone. "Nikos, Thorn. Don't let him speak for all of us, eh?" For a brief moment, he's smiling at his own wit… and then he's all business again, as his eyes catch another glimpse of something silver. He squints, trying to get a closer look. Oh, bollocks. "Nikos, Ghostriders, Thorn. I see another Centurion, inbound to the LZ. Bugger's packing some heat, too." He crouches just inside the hatch, muttering a silent curse as he brings his weapon up.

Pickens and Dover remain at their post nearby the raptors, their eyes on the fallen body of the Centurion that just barely broke cover by the buildings. While Dover watches for twitches, Pickens' dark eyes scan the immediate area, picking up the Centurion only a moment after the airy fairy calls out over the comms for a heads up. A centurion that's a little more sneaky than his brethren approaches the LZ from the East, closing on the birds sitting pretty awaiting marines. He barks to Dover, and the two turn to take up positions. Fire will be exchanged before the others have a chance to arrive.

"What the…." Sparro says as he catches the Centurion Thorn points out. "Crap, we're being targeted. Blow him to hell!"

Oh and what in the good hell is that? A sneaky-sneaky centurion that has decided to come along for the freaking raid. "Shit shit, shit.." seems to be the main words that leave Gresham as his pistol raises, and there's a quick aim, before he's firing off rounds. "Not in the face! Notinthefacenotintheface.." how's that for a mantra to cheer in battle? Yay for Ensign bravery here.

Kellin stays where he is firing steadyly at the remaining Cent. He glances at Dell smiling a bit at the Private "good shooting there Private, keep it up"

Peek and shoot, peek and shoot. That's how Cinder goes about attacking this Cylon. Using that cover for what it's worth, she's free to stand there and pop off burst after burst…since it's not attacking her. One more burst hits it, once in the neck. She keeps up the assault, pulling the trigger once more, setting her jaw, lining up the shot, just like their taught. "Come on frakker, come on frakker," she repeats over and over, like some kind of weird mantra to take this toaster down.

Barnabas is many things. A elite sniper, he isn't. Even with the braced position and some gentle breathing, his shot doesn't line up with the sighted target of a swooshy red centurion target marker. His jaw clenches once more, the man's entire upper-torso leans forward, moving him completely out of cover and painting him an easy target against the bright rock. He might as well be a silhouette, consdiering the black outfit. Attempt number two! The eye seems a pretty good target, anyway.

The gods must love Damon. He's taken very few hits in his life, not even when he dove with a knife into a firefight to slay less than moral raiders in his days on Scorpia with the resistance. Recently having taken a grazing wound from an actual Cylon Raider that had it been a little closer would have sheared off half of his face, the man doesn't find it one bit surprising that bullets seem to be making their way past him. In fact, they might actually be bending around him. Damon is, as it could be said, the opposite of Ash. Damon continues to fire, pausing to let his barrel cool down before ringing in some more hell on the Centurion before them.

"Stay up I ain't done with you yet!" Pandorian admonishes the Centurion, firing single shots to conserve their AP ammo. There's only one left, after all. "Hey Sarge! You know the worst part about Toasters?!"

Dell keeps his eyes on Kellin and his target, "Thank you, sir." He grunts appreciatively and this time he tries for a burst of fire since he has a big gun. "I hope to make sniper, sir." He says this as he watches as his shots hit but they don't seem to be really hurting this final piece of metal. He just stares into the red eye of the centurion and he keeps focusing as best he can, he doesn't look nervous but he does look angry.

"Copy. Sending additional support your way." Salazar responds over comms, then calls out for several marines to turn on the LZ and provide chaperone duty. "If that frakker doesn't go down, Brand and Cavalera, stay on it. Volker, Ajtai, Trip, Elmeri, get to the LZ. I'll give you some cover fire." Guess who gets priority? That's right. The ride home.

Thorn spares a quick glance towards the other Raptor before turning back to the approaching Centurion, his weapon leveled. A cold, steely glare focused on the bullethead, his finger pulls the trigger, blasting on the Cylon with an explosive round.

Kellin grins at Dell and nods "Get lots of practice" Firing 3 more rounds at the last remaining Cent. He nods to Sal "aye, AYe Sir" turning, motioning to Dell "Let's go!" Continuing his turn he sprints back to the LZ, keeping low.

Pickens goes down when a round impacts his helmet hard enough to turn out the lights. He's very lucky it caught armor. Still, the man probably has some serious trauma going on there. He doesn't get up, leaving his firing buddy to drag him back to the raptor. Dover does that, calling in a voice that booms louder than it's boomed before. "MAN DOWN!" He's very excitable, our Dover.

[TAC1] (from Salazar) The S2's voice comes over comms, "LZ is clear, surrounding looks clear. We're going in for a quick sweep. Will confirm ASAP. Request medical standby in the Hangar Bay."

[Into the Wireless] The S2's voice comes over comms, "LZ is clear, surrounding looks clear. We're going in for a quick sweep. Will confirm ASAP. Request medical standby in the Hangar Bay."

Dell continues firing and this time his burst works two hits that are solid but not as damaging as the private would like. When the S2 gives orders the private moves without question or pause, "Aye, sir." He follows along with Kellin but as the words, "Man down." Dell grimaces as he is given more fuel to the fire for his hatred for the cylons.

"Frak," spits Thorn, even as the sneaky Centurion goes down under a barrage of fire. Without warning, he hops down from the Raptor's hatch, hustling over to the pair of marines and moving to help Dover pull Pickens' limp form into the ship.

The Cylon misses again. Today Damon has avoided nearly the same number of bullets that Ashe didn't, meaning that the black skinned marine is probably going to be put on point next time. Keeping his sights on the third Centurion even after it falls, he tilts his eyes towards Cinder to check her status. She's still vertical. That's all he needs. "Clear." Damon calls out of the side of his mouth towards Salazar, moving forward towards the downed Hestia marines. He's not a medic, so he keeps to his forward motion.

"I dunno, Pandorian. What IS the worst thing about toasters?" Barney waits until his round has driven home before responding, watching the Cent topple over under fire before turning about. The LZ Clear call comes just as he's about to start sprinting, making the appreciation in his eyes that little bit greater, not to mention enabling him to join in the calls of "Clear." In lieu of running, he uses a rock as an impromptu mini-watchtower, giving a quick 180-degree sweep.

Sparro's gun had been aimed at the toaster when he pulled the trigger, and then the toaster had fallen down. What more did he need to know? Glancing down at his engines readouts, he glances back. "Let's get him loaded and comfortable before we bug out."

Matto steadies the pistol against the side of the hatch, and, squeezing his eyes shut, pulls the trigger. He has no idea what, if anything, he might have shot as a result, but the first bullet hole he sees is in the head of a Marine, making him grimace and put the thing away before someone else gets hurt. LZ clear. That's a good thing. No more shooting, today. It makes the Kissybear queasy.

"Brand, Volker, Ajtai, check the wounded. If there's a pulse, grab them and load them up. Cavalera, Trip, Elmeri on me. We have a sweep to complete." The S2 calls out orders then heads out, rifle ready to go, staying low as she moves back along the building to round the corner and finish the sweep of the Southern areas.

Kellin shakes his head and grins, changing direction at Sal's command, slowing to a stop, taking up a position to one side and jsut a bit behind her. "In position sir" He checks to make sure Dell made the direction change as well.

As Damon moves forward, Cinder peels out from behind cover to advance with him. With the Centurions laying in sparking, smoking metal heaps on the ground, she walks forward toward the downed Hestia Marines. While Damon stays on his feet, she sets her rifle down to check on the downed soldiers. Using the basic first aid, she pulls a glove off and puts her first two fingers against Port's neck, feeling for a pulse. Then she leans down to listen for and touches his chest to feel for breathing. When she looks up, she shakes her head at the other Kharon Marines. "This one didn't make it."

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Ensign Nikos, this is Demitros. Keep us updated on your sweep - let's get the refinery secured."

"Right," Thorn barks tersely to Sparro, as he and Dover work to do just that. After Pickens is on the Raptor, Komnenos leaves Dover to do the rest; Komnenos goes to stand on the ship's wing, his weapon hanging at his side as he squints at the desolate landscape, looking for any signs of approaching Cylons and/or marines.

"You don't get to take 'em out with a stab to the throat," Panda replies, slapping Volker's shoulder. "Let's go." That's when the all-clear sounds out. Apropos to his comment, Panda jogs toward the downed Centurions, but changes tack when the call to check the wounded comes out. "Hey, if you're alive, make some frakkin' noise!" he shouts as he begins the search; hey, it could help.

Dell follows behind and while he is doing his best to follow with the steps he is clearly a bit green with all of the hardcore military stuff. Give him a gun and a target no problem but following in formation is a bit new to him. He sticks close to Kellin and he follows as best he can as he doesn't say anything since Privates don't speak because it isn't in their paygrade.

Damon turns away from Brand and moves to form up on Salazar's six. Keeping low, he checks the remaining feed to his heavy weapon, letting her lead the sweep as he provides rear guard cover in the form of the covering fire.

Matto stays, as he has pledged to Salazar over comms, on alert in the hatch, watching his six, now, for either more robotic company or marines needing assistance getting wounded aboard.

Barney slides down the rock in suprising haste, dashing immdiately for the prone form of Angel and stopping in somewhat of a knee-bound skid. With the index finger of his right hand already uncovered, it's a quick job to check for signs of a pulse or breathing. The amount of blood his legs slid through to get there tells the answer before he can, however. "I got nothing! Bring or leave?" goes out the call, his hand already moving to snatch off a tag.

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Kharon, Nikos. Wilco."

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Hestia CMC on the ground, this is Ensign Nikos of the CEC Kharon on the ground, do you copy?"

[Into the Wireless] The response is a little tinny, and delayed, "Copy, Nikos. This is Donner."

[TAC1] Salazar says, "How's the weather where you are?"

[Into the Wireless] A bark of a laugh follows with, "Blue skies. North and East are clear. Main compound is clear."

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Donner, how's the refinery faring?"

[Into the Wireless] Donner says, "Refinery is clear. Tanks are intact."

[TAC1] Salazar says, "South is clear. We'll meet up a little later. We have a few of your boys to transport back. We will handle their bodies with the utmost care."

[Into the Wireless] There's a moment of hesitation, then a simple, "Copy, Nikos. Donner out."

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Kharon, Nikos. We're clear and ready to RTB on your order. Require medical with a gurney for one head trauma, and cold storage for three Hestia boys. A priest would not go amiss."

Matto has Gresham keeping an eye on the DRADIS, for now, and he himself hangs by the hatch until it's clear that the Marines have the transport of the bodies and wounded under control. Then, strapping in up front, he waits on the word clear from the backseat and then shuts the hatch.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, Foxbat-4 is green for RTB."

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Shepherd, Madman, much obliged. Spider, acknowledged. Expediting RTB."

Having loaded his assigned body with the utmost care- No rolling, no ventriloquism- Barney settles into his seat with a squelch, the blood soaked into his cargo pants requiring more than a little shifting in place before any level of comfort can be reached. As soon as something resembling it is found, though, the Sergeant's head presses back, eyes closing with a deep exhale. A really deep exhale. Any inhaling just brings the smell of copper, rust and salt.

[Into the Wireless] Matto says, "Kharon, Madman, completing RTB and landing in three… two… … we're on deck."

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