Warm Hearth - CIC
Warm Hearth - CIC
Summary: CIC's view of the events surrounding the re-capture of Solon II.
Date: PHD225 (29 Nov 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 2, CIC
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #225
OOC Time: Sun Nov 29 17:13:13 2009

The carnage of PH220's boarding action has left CIC in ruins. Where the room used to be bathed in a dark blue light, it is now illuminated by jury rigged lamps and open tubing where panels above and below have been gutted to expose wires. Consoles are disassembled and in various stages of repair. Most of the liquid crystal screens at the consoles have been wrecked, but a few on absolutely essential stations have been replaced or pulled from elsewhere in the ship. DRADIS and DC have screens, but most everything else is SoL for the moment.

The ECM console has been completely thrashed, shot to shit and then partially melted by an electrical fire. The plotting table to the rear of the room no longer lights up, and most of the maps have been damaged. It will take weeks to repair, and most of the services CIC provided are no longer functional.

What used to be the nice white glow of the central plotting table is now a dim little flicker. A lamp keeps all of his papers illuminated but not his heart. There's a gigantic sense of 'gosh dangit my room is busted, so sad', but the show must go on. "How much of a duration has passed between the Raptor jump-out?" Demitros inquires to no-one in particular, eyes narrowed slightly while he glances down at the watch mounted on his wrist. Any length of time seems like a long time when you're sending people out on their own.

Some fifteen minutes after the initial jump of the recon raptor from Kharon's space, DRADIS blips with a return contact. It takes but a moment to confirm the signal and codes from the bird as the CEC Kharon's very own Foxbat recon. Over the comms comes the voice of the pilot, a rough note of surprise overcoming even the tinny distortion of the comms devices. "Kharon, this is Foxbat-5. Transmitting data now." There's a pause in which the uplink is opened, and CIC's damaged computers sluggishly receive some still images from the raptor. It appears to be a large scale battle in progress, with dark, blurry ships fighting each other in the black over Solon II.

"We hopped into the middle of a battle ground. There's a basestar and space trash everywhere. It looks like the tail end of a hard and fast exchange. Kharon, we picked up and confirmed the colonial codes…" The pilot pauses to breathe.

Praxis raises his brows when the Raptor blips back onto existence, Demitros stepping right up to the screen display to narrow his eyes at it to confirm. Yes he can confirm Colonial codes by just gawking at them. There is a tint of surprise on the features of the XO when the tone of the Raptor pilot comes over the comms, a slight blinking before he strides over to a console and looks over the shoulder of the officer that was manning it. He stares with wonder at the explosions in space, eyes slightly widening at the spectacle. The XO then reaches over to the comm station and picks up the headset. "Foxbat-5, this is the Kharon XO. Battle is in progress as we speak? I require as much information as you can give me, pilot."

Over the comms once again comes the voice: "The Battlestar Hestia is in orbit over Solon II." The pilot pauses after getting to the point, then launches into the rest of the transmission of info. "They appear to have the upper hand in the battle. There are more vipers than raiders on the field." There's a moment where more images flicker over the uplink, showing a listing basestar venting heavily. "I have visual confirmation of heavy damage to the basestar. The battle appears to be nearly over. Gods, I think they've all but taken Solon II back for us."

"Return to base immediately," Praxis says, after the information is imparted onto him. The XO is not a man that displays a lot of emotion…but this is a visible shock to him - all of his synapses are firing madly, excitment flowing through his blood. "Excellent work, pilot." Suddenly, he runs back over to the plotting table, planting his hands on it and staring into space before reaching forward and gripping the wireless device and nearly jamming it up against his ear as he dials the ready room.

[Into the Wireless] The wireless vibrates excitedly with ringing.

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "This is Demitros. Your Raptor has jumped back with news that the Battlestar Hestia is currently in a conflict with the Cylon forces blockading Solon II. The basestar appears to have suffered heavy damage - need I say more, Captain?"

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "Does that mean you are ready to jump insystem, then?"

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "You have ten minutes, Captain Marek. Demitros out."

Demitros hangs the wireless back up, simply staring into space after he does so, his jaw dropped to the floor. He's completely frozen in space at this point.

The bustle of CIC is no less diminished by the damage that's been wrought recently. Several techs and Engineering and Deck are camped out here during duty hours, and off duty hours, when they're not attending other tasks on the ship — a full compliment repair team. Everyone with even a little electrical experience has been tapped to help get the CIC up and running again, though the ECM console is still down, and probably will be for some time.

Hadjara is still doing her job despite the lack of a functional work station, keeping her eyes on whichever of the DRADIS screens is opertional, most likely standing near by the XO. There's a definite aura of serousiness to her.

Forget crying over the mess that is CIC anymore. Praxis gawks at his watch, counting down the seconds to when they can jump back into Solon II and provide a big 'ol hello to the Battlestar Hestia. The simple idea of more humans still left in the universe - humans just like them - is so bolstering to hope that it's just mind boggling. When a viper pilot reports over the wireless, Demitros quickly scrambles for the shipwide.

[Intercom] Praxis says, "Attention all hands, this is the XO: In but a few mere moments we will be engaging the FTL and traveling to Solon II in order to engage Cylon forces. Go to your action stations; set Condition One throughout the ship. I say again, set Condition One. Jump in five, four, three, two, one … … jump complete."

The CAG enters CIC shortly after the jump's complete, and grasps what's left of the railing as he climbs the short set of stairs. He's in his blues this evening, and moving with a slight limp as he heads in the XO's direction.

In space: The space in orbit around Solon II is riddled with the remains of many, many cylon raiders. From the look of it, a large swath of them was taken out by a battery, and the remainder cleaned up by the various vipers spinning through the black chasing down the stragglers. There combat is still going, but it's clearly dominated by the Colonials. Two to three full viper squadrons patrol the area, flight choreographed in what seems like flawless time.

Missiles sail from the launch tubes of the large capital ship, trailing through space toward the basestar across the tableau of combat. The basestar, already listing, takes a serious hit that smashes through one of its tines, the upper section of the ship splintering off and venting its internals. The other missiles are shot down en route by crescent shaped raiders. The comms are alive with chatter, pilots whooping and talking trash and calling out splashes over the wireless frequency, tactical channel three.

DRADIS contacts light up the screen, the two capital ships visible — BS Hestia on the Colonial side, and the Basestar on the cylon side. Several smaller contacts dot space, perhaps forty in all, viper pilots and raiders!

Praxis turns his head to glance at Captain Marek who is entering, Demitros shifts over to give the man a spot at the table, and also a headset to speak to his pilots to. "Captain, you are in charge of your pilot coordination. I'm going to attempt to contact the Hestia." There's a look at Hadjara for a brief moment and a nod. "Keep a close eye on the situation," he mentions to her before pressing the headset to his ear and speaking over TAC4 to hail the other battlestar.

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "Battlestar Hestia, this is Captain Praxis Demitros of the Colonial Escort Carrier Kharon. Do you copy? It does not appear as if you require much assistance here but we thought we might lend an appendage anyhow."

"Yes, sir." Ensign Sharifa looks up at the screen even as she addresses the Captain; there's nothing in her demeanor, posture or expression that'll give away anything she might be feeling or thinking at the moment.

Kai nods crisply to Praxis, eyes alternately on the XO and the DRADIS above their heads swarming with fighters. He steps around a wrecked console and toward one of the comms units in anticipation of having to give instructions out.

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "Hestia, Kharon copies. Standing by."

Praxis intakes a long breath and immediately sighs it out as he waits back from word from the busy busy Battlestar Hestia. The XO smooths out his uniform before looking up at the dradis, pushing his glasses a little bit further up his nose before looking to Hadjara. "Ensure we are transmitting our Colonial ID loud and clear." A finger scratches gently at his nose. "Helmsman, remain at distance from the conflict." That's fairly needless to say given their condition, but still.

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "Understood, Hestia. We are engaging the enemy, will maintain silence until the conflict is resolved. Kahron out."

Hadjara slips over to check on their transponder code, making sure it's able to be transmitted properly. "ID is transmitting, sir." Of course the Hestia has already said that they picked it up, but it doesn't matter, Jara's going to do as ordered.

Kai glances over at the conversation between Praxis and the CO of the other ship, then glances back to DRADIS silently. For the time being, he seems to trust Hale to take command of things in the air, and stays out of it.

Kai turns to Praxis, and mentions quietly, "Captain, I suggest we get those raptors loaded with marines sooner rather than later, so they're prepped to do a sweep and possible assault on the ground."

Praxis pulls the headset off of his head and tosses it onto the plotting table, sighing and taking a step away from it before he folds his hands behind his back. Looks like he's going to have to wait before he gets to have much of a conversation - but just hearing another spacebound human voice is incredible enough. Demitros looks around the broken and busted up room that is the Combat Information Center. Then looking sidelong at Kai, Demitros furrows his brows. "You mean there weren't when we put our people on standby?" There's an exasperated sigh. "Kavi, get on the line with the S2, please. Have her load up the raptors with a complement of Marines for each."

Hadjara looks over her shoulder at Kai and Praxis, her brow knitted slightly as she hears that. She's quiet but her expression has changed, clearly concerned.

[Into the Wireless] Neha says, "Ensign Nikos, this is CIC. The XO asks that you load each raptor with Marines."

Kai regards the XO for a few more seconds, then turns his attention back to DRADIS and the contacts winking in and out on each sweep of the scanner. Half an ear, of course, is on the tactical channel chatter. But so far? Things seem to be progressing just fine without his assistance.

[Into the Wireless] Neha says, "Copy that. Gods be with you."

Once off the phone with the S2, Neha swivels to relay, "They're loading as we speak. Good to go in 45 seconds, sirs."

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "Madman, Birdman, get your birds prepped and ready to deploy for a ground assault. You've got marines incoming."

Forty-five seconds. Efficient. Impressed with the speed at which the loading is progressing, Praxis looks towards Kai when he makes orders into his wireless device before turning his head away. Placing his hands on his hips, he just stares at what is going on. "Sharifa, how many enemy contacts are remaining?" Yeah, she's supposed to have bene playing attention.

Hadjara takes a second to count before answering, "There's four or five left, sir,' right on the heels of having been asked that by the Captain.

Kai glances up at DRADIS, then reaches over to thumb the 'talk' button on the comms panel again. "Rabbit, we've got raptors outbound as soon as you've got a handle on things out there. What's the situation with the baseship?"

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "Rabbit, we've got raptors outbound as soon as you've got a handle on things out there. What's the situation with the baseship?"

[Into the Wireless] Neha says, "This is Kharon. Stand-by."

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "Rabbit, Spider. I copy."

Kai glances briefly at his watch, then back to DRADIS yet again. He's not a particularly impatient man, he's just trying to time this right.

At that, Kavi's attention is on the XO and the CAG, waiting for the green light to give the green light.

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "Rabbit, mop up what's left of those bastards and launch whatever you've got left at the baseship. Madman, Birdman, once you've got clearance you're to proceed to the LZ marked at the following coordinates, and report back on the situation down there. If it's too hot, you're to bug back out, otherwise you'll drop your troops and bunker down."

In Space: The basestar is initiating fire within proximity, but if they have nukes, they're unable to or simply not using them. No radiological alarms have been detected, and the damage appears to be fairly extensive. Even as the call goes out for an update, the HESTIA fires off another volley that tags something important. The center fulcrum is struck, and the ship's center explodes, sending the basestar gently spiraling in two different directions.

Kai glances toward the XO and comms officer for actual launch clearance; that's not his call.

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "If it's too hot down there, Birdman, I'll have you do a drop and go. We won't know till you get a look."

Seeing that the basestar is destroyed and the ship's forces are dwindling down, Praxis looks to the comm officer and nods his head. "Clear our Raptors for launch and have them embark on their mission," comes the order from the executive officer before he looks to Kai. And just in case Marek missed it or Demitros wasn't paying attention, "I'd like an escort on the Raptors."

[Into the Wireless] Neha says, "Kharon to Birdman and Madman: You're a go. Hermes' speed."

As the combined forces of the Kharon and Hestia unite, space is cleared of the very last of the raiders. What's left of the basestar is no longer firing. That's probably because it's in too many pieces. All non Colonial DRADIS contacts appear to have been eliminated.

Kai blows a breath out his nose as the last few red dots wink out of DRADIS. He scrapes his palm over his cheek a couple of times, then hits the comms button again.

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "Good shooting, Vigilantes. Once you've cleaned up out there, establish a patrol over the area and secure it. Pattern theta six. Coordinate with the Hestia flight lead. Everyone else can head back to the barn. Birdman, report as soon as you've got a visual of the situation down there."

Hadjara shakes her head. "Gods…" Sniffing once, she continues to watch even if there are no more Cylon contacts to be found currently.

Kai doesn't seem nervous, apprehensive, or even much relieved now that the bulk of the battle's over and the marines are relegated to cleanup. A thread of tension remains throughout his frame, his eyes swapping from DRADIS to the trashed plotting table nearby, to the ECM officer seated at her station. Then back to DRADIS as he awaits word from the raptor pilots.

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "Acknowledged, Birdman. Hang onto your sidearms, and keep your engines warm."

Neha simply waits. It won't be over until everyone is home.

Hadjara's station's still down, leaving her to stand and look at the very same DRADIS screen everyone else does; perhaps a bit redundantly, she is stuck reporting the very same details the XO and the others see at the same time they do, but she hasn't been dismissed from duties so it's how it's got to be for now.

Kai isn't about to start giving Hadjara orders or making her earn her keep around here. Besides, at this point, it's pretty much down to a waiting game. Wait for the vipers to return. Wait for the all clear to be given on the ground. He checks his watch again and returns to his silent vigil of DRADIS-watching.

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "Commander Kato, this is Captain Demitros. Message received and understood, we shall be ready to receive you."

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "All vigilantes, unless you're up on patrol, get back to the barn. I repeat, RTB. Sparky, Shirt, take over for Poet and Flores on CAP once you have launch clearance."

Kai is still standing off to the XO's right, and positioned within easy reach of the comms controls. It's been some time since he received word from the raptors on the ground, but for all he knows, they could be in the midst of a firefight. He paces away from the station, and prowls toward the nonfunctional plotting table, then back again slowly. Waiting.

[TAC1] (from Salazar) The S2's voice comes over comms, "LZ is clear, surrounding looks clear. We're going in for a quick sweep. Will confirm ASAP. Request medical standby in the Hangar Bay."

At the Comms station is Kavi, visibly relieved as the S2 relays the status report.

Despite Captain Marek's pacing, Demitros remains still and placid throughout the whole waiting game. When the request comes over TAC1, Praxis is nodding over to the communications officer. "Do it," the Captain says decisively, expecting Kavi to perform that particular task before the XO tracks Marek pacing back and forth - most likely that's going to come to a stop once he hears the update from the S2.

[Intercom] Neha says, "Attention: Medical personnel, stand-by in Hangar Bay. I say again: Medical, stand-by in Hangar Bay."

Neha is on it like Salazar on a cup of Marine coffee.

Kai does indeed halt as Nikos' voice comes over the wire. His eyes flick to Demitros, back up to the DRADIS briefly, then back again. There's a small nod for the man that doesn't seem to hold any particular significance beyond: this is far better than we'd hoped. "I recommend we order a sweep of the refinery facilities," he offers quietly.

[Intercom] Alyssa says, "This is Medical. We're on our way."

Praxis looks to Kai and raises a brow slightly at his suggestion, taking his headset from the plotting table and putting it over his head. He chews his cud slightly and replies to the S2 down below on the planet's surface.

[TAC1] "Knight" Praxis says, "Ensign Nikos, this is Demitros. Keep us updated on your sweep - let's get the refinery secured."

[Into the Wireless] Praxis says, "Ensign Nikos, this is Demitros. Keep us updated on your sweep - let's get the refinery secured."

Jedediah has come into the Nav rotation recently, and other than his ridiculous backwater Aquaria drawl, he didn't really stand out. With the maps damaged and the table not lighting up, a lot of Navigation specialists are at loose ends. Not so our man Purvis. He almost seems more at home in the crashed computers, wrecked tables and melted consoles than he was when things were completely fine. He holds a flat lamp to shine through some of the transparent maps from behind. Others get even more old-school treatment with a straightedge and compass and measurements. He doesn't bustle, in fact, even while hard at work he looks a bit like he's loitering.

Kai returns Praxis' raised brow with a steady look until the man turns away, and then glances toward the arriving nav technician. The lamp and the transparent film each get a curious glance, but he doesn't ask questions.

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Kharon, Nikos. Wilco."

[TAC1] Salazar says, "Kharon, Nikos. We're clear and ready to RTB on your order. Require medical with a gurney for one head trauma, and cold storage for three Hestia boys. A priest would not go amiss."

[Into the Wireless] Kai says, "Bring them on in, Ghostriders."

[Intercom] Neha says, "Attention: Medical, a gurney is needed in the Hangar Bay for one incoming head trauma, as is cold storage for 3. A chaplain is also requested. I say again: gurney, chaplain and cold storage for 3 needed in Hangar Bay."

[Into the Wireless] Neha says, "Copy. Welcome home."

Jedediah listens to what's happening carefully, nonplussed by the news of casualties, but making no comment on it. He examines the map of the stellar area, for the 239th time.

Praxis listens to the request for landing clearance for the Hestia Raptor, and then he nods his head curtly. "Clear Raptor-159 for landing in the starboard hangar bay," he orders before looking to the CAG and nodding his head towards the hatchway. "Tell them there will be a greeting party waiting for them. Marek, you're with me. Senior officer, you have the conn." At this point he turns and begins heading for the aforementioned hangar bay.

[Into the Wireless] Neha says, "Raptor-159, this is Kharon. You are cleared to land in the starboard hangar bay. A greeting party is there to meet you. Enjoy your stay."

Kai likewise shows little reaction to the news of casualties. This is a war. People die. At the word from Praxis, he glances over and nods slightly. "Captain," he acknowledges clearly, moving away from the comms array and heading off on the XO's heels.

As Praxis and Kai depart, Kavi turns to gove them a respectful nod. "Sirs."

Jedediah, standing at his table, also stands up a bit straighter, though with his hands full of, well, hundred year old junk, it's not much of a salute.

With the XO and the CAG gone, Neha lets out a sigh and starts to roll her neck and shoulders in an attempt to diffuse some of the tension. Then, slowly turning her head this way and that to further stretch those muscles, she notices the navigator. A friendly, but not inappropriately so, smile follows.

Jedediah grins back at her. "How's your station doin?" he asks. "This one over here's still one hundred percent cattywampus."

<Intercom> Attention! Set Condition Two throughout the ship.

"Fuzzier than it should be," is the comms officer's reply, showing signs of relief when Condition Two is set. "Going old school over there, I see."

Jedediah replies, "It isn't a thing for me, I used the sextant and chart method back on my ole tug hundreds of times. Of course, that was only two di-mensions, being as it was the ocean and all. I almost never ran up onto any reefs or rocks or nothin, so there's not much to worry about." He's teasing, right? Right.

"Reefs and rocks aren't much of a concern out here, no," Neha smiles. Cylons, on the other hand. "But there's plenty else to worry about." The smile deflates a little.

Jedediah replies, "Learnt that in a dang hurry," with a similar down-attitude. "I'm tryin to get a grip on the strategical idea of what they is doing and what we is doing, but it is slow going. That means everything is a surprise and generally a lousy one."

In response to the nav's sinking mood, Neha tries to be uplifting, that friendly smile returning. "Well, today was such a wonderful surprise, it kind of evens things out." They're no longer the sole surviving ship. There is now a battlestar. Oh, and the Cylon baseship was destroyed. It won't bring back the dead or mend the maimed, but the Ensign is going to count her blessings and be thankful.

Jedediah says, "It was, yeah. Guess ever since my last ship went down, I been a bit of a worry wart. Hold up." He is getting some kind of communication. "Uh, yeah, read the trajectory numbers back to me again? …yep…yep…yep….ugh, no. It's 19281 point 765, 5. Yeah. Run it through again, should be green." He returns his attention to Neha. "Everything has to go through Engineering now…I'm Jedediah Ray Purvis, Junior, you can call me JR though if you want, everyone does."

"Nice to meet you. I'm Neha Kavi." Ensign, if one is going by how Praxis issued orders. At the mention of a 'sinking' ship, she perks up. "You were on the Elpis, too?"

Jedediah says, "Yeah. Bellerophon first. I was hurt pretty bad. I remember the Elpis a little, very hazy-like, what with the painkillers and all. But I'm back on my feet now and up in the rotation so. Was the first time I saw any military style action. I reckon at this rate it won't be my last."

Nodding a little as he relays the details, Neha replies, "Hopefully, it will be. This is the second time I've been boarded by Cylons." The first time being aboard the Elpis.

Jedediah replies, "I don't see that happening, though. I mean, this place is mining, so that's industry, fuel, and so on. Still got to get food and water from somewhere…a lot to cover, there'll be more fightin' before we get there!" His tone makes it clear that he thinks they'll 'get there' for certain. "Anyway, is great ta meet you, we should yack sometime when I ain't trying to work out the best way to steer over the dang diddly Engineering com."

Nodding in agreement on all counts, the woman remains smiling. "Or me wading through static." After all, one conversation doesn't count as fraternizing, does it? "Until then…" And back to work.

Jedediah probably couldn't even spell fraternizing, and lord knows how many syllables he'd give it. Back to work indeed.

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