Warday -- Kharon Marine Deployment
Warday — Kharon Marine Deployment
Summary: The marines board the Constantine to do a recon.
Date: MD057 (19 Apr 2009)
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Location: Hangar Bay 2 - Kharon

Tobias looks to Eil and immediately comments, "We are going to go in a stack probably. Stay behind me and I will provide you any necessary cover." Looking back to the Sergeant, "That sound about right, Sergeant?"

Castaine gives a nod. "We like to keep our medic in the three slot of the stack. (normally, we'd have 5 people in the sack.) With the LT in sick bay, I'll be taking point." Then to the squad she calls, "On your feet Marine's, check your gear!"

Tobias quickly straightens up and starts doing a double check of all his gear. Rocking his head from side to side, "Gear checked, Ready to go Sarge."

The ECO of their transport sticks her head out of the hatch. "Load 'em up, Sergeant. We got our green to go. Don't know how long the Vipers can keep that window open…" LT Pickles dives back into the bird that's already starting to purr to life, slamming back into her seat at the board. A deckhand in a flightgear is also being sandwiched in there.

Castaine twirls her finger in the air then points to the raptor. "Lets go, Marines! Time to rock and roll. Tob, once we're inside, make sure the Private is locked in properly." Then she heads toward, loading into the raptor.

Eileithyia nods firmly. "Best plan of action." she whispers. Her voice has gone quiet again. She grabs her gun and equipment. She makes sure she's ready and then flows.

Tobias nods to the Sergeant, "Aye Aye Sarge." Looking to Eil he walks over and pats her shoulder firmly, "C'mon, I am not going to let anything happen to you." Waiting to be one of the last one in the Raptor he lingers settles into his seat glancing around.

Once all are stowed inside, the door seals shut and the cabin quickly pressurizes. "Foxbat-5, prepped and ready for launch. Sit tight boys and girls, we're in for a rough ride, and if you hurl in my bird, I'm gonna make you lick it up." The pilot says flatly, his hands a flurry of movement as he makes some final adjustments while the bird is being moved for take-off. Then without anymore warning, he punches them out into the black.

Through the viewport, the Constantine, a traveler-class freighter, can be seen limping slowly ahead of a swarm of crescent-winged objects that resemble flying wings, like a whale being smothered by little silverbacked fish. Explosions light up the black for moments at a time, and pieces of the freighter have broken off completely from structural damage. Two heavier ships, resembling the other fighters in style only, have lodged themselves into the freighter's cargo bay. And its right through the thick of that that the Raptor is headed.

Eileithyia smiles. If she could have blushed- she might have, but she only hefts her hun more carefully. "Thanks." She leans back in the Foxbat and preprates herself for takeoff.As the enemeies come into view she makes a face. "Ok, I am all for shooting them, but.. what are they exactly?"

Castaine sends a smirk the pilots way before she turns her attention down the line of her Marines. "We deploy in stack, stagger, secure the bay." She gestures to three of her people - a medic, a gunner, and a markman. "You three hold the bay we secure. You're going to be our line." Gesturing to a few more marines, she gives them their orders as well. "Your group will be escorting crew we find back to the bay then rejoin the rest of us as we sweep through the ship. Tob, Eil, you're with me. Jakobs and Daniel will round out our team." Orders given, she checks her gun and appears ready to rock.

Tobias nods slowly as the Sergeant rattles off orders. Reaching over to Eil's seat he grabs her straps and yanks down on them pinning in her sharply to the seat, "It helps on the landings." Matter of factly stated he then grabs his own straps and yanks downward to tighten in. Looking to the Sergeant he nods, "Got it, Sarge."

The ride over is rocky at best, the Raptor banking sharply around a cresent shaped ship as it goes screaming past, out of control from the damage it's taken in the firefight. The Vipers around them are doing their best to thin the herd, but it's looking mighty grim out there. Instead of heading towards the main cargo bay, the Raptor is circling around towards a secondary airlock used by engineering. Like threading a needle with a palsied hand, the Raptor docks with enough force to rattle the fillings in everyone's teeth. "Out out out, move move move." Only one Raptor can land at a time, so they have to dump their marines and then skip out so the next wave can land. There is a short flight of stairs, then a hatch door that leads up to a little glassed in control room. Through the window and into the beyond, there's a red flashing light dancing over the bulkhead. A silver tinted blur of movement passes by.

Castaine is quick to move, right out the hatch, rifle up and panning left and right. Since she's not sure what they are facing, she's looking for uniforms first. "Lets move.. secure this bay! It's our fall back position!"

Ashe is but a few moments behind Castaine. He shifts his eyes as he flanks out and keeps his rifle up at the ready. Looking around for potential threats and targets he keeps himself in position and relies on that training that has gotten them through exercises before. The Training, and of course, The Fork which is still taped to the end of his rifle.

Tobias slams his hand on to the quick release, reaching over and not taking the chance he hits Eil's button as well and motions for her to follow as he ducks out of the hatch his rifle quickly comes up to a ready as he follows the squad out.

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "This is Kharon Actual. All Wings, Sitrep. Stand notice that Marines have successfully docked and unloaded on to Constantine."

Eil's floowing as quick;y as she can and ducks out of the hatch, moving with her squad. Though she was only the medic, this was something that felt natural now. Training had indeed kicked in though she kept her eyes out for the wounded.

Their Raptor is already lifting off the deck even before the last person can vacate, forcing the last Marine to literally jump down to deck. The pilot waits until they're all through the hatch into the control room, so the seal is once more complete on the airlock and no one's sucked out into the black as they make room for the next fireteam to be dumped off.

The control room is quiet, the board dark, but there's a form of a man sprawled out on the display, a wide pool of crimson spreading out beneath him. There's no bother checking for vitals, you could drive a jeep through the hole in his chest. In the hallway beyond, there's a steady WHIR-CLANK-WHIR-CLANK, but the noise sounds as if it's headed away from the room they're in.

Castaine makes a motion with her hand, "Stack up, Marines! Secure this room. And for the sake of the Gods, cover that man up!" She doesn't wait to see if her orders are being followed - marines follow orders. She waits at the hatch, her weapon ready. "Ashe," she calls out in a low tone, "You hear that? Take the hatch so I'm clear to shoot." She stands ready, rifle raised, not sure what's on the other side of the hatch.

"Ain't deaf." Ashe responds and moves over towards the Hatch, the far side and gets in position to pull it open on command. "Might want to bring out heavy hitters sir." He adds, checking his clip and getting ready.

Tobias clicks the lever down on his rifle to turn off the safety. Swinging wide he keeps his weapon up and ready the muzzle towards the whir'ing and clanking sounds. There is a brief glance to Ashe as he stacks up on the opposite side of the Hatch and looks to Hatch with a simple nod. Rifle at the ready for him to breach the door.

Eileithyia exhales. She fines cover and unlocks her weapon in a few smooth attactions.

Grabbing the hatch handle, Ashe looks to Castaine and nods before yanking it open so she has a line. Then he takes a half step back to create a small crossfire should anything be on the other angle of the door from him.

Castaine doesn't even pause as her target comes into view through the open hatchway. She squeezes off a shot and thunks a bullet into the shoulder of the giant tin can. The shoot made, Castaine is moving across the hall to the other hatch and freeing others to move through. "Target in hall!" she calls as she moves.

Tobias hears the command and the rifle comes up to follow his Sergeant's own shot. Eyes widening a second as he sees the back of the monstrosity infront of him. The trigger squeezes and the bullet ricochets loudly against the wall with a subtle spark above the creature. Pulling back slightly he glances to Ashe and nods to him with a quick command, "You first. I got the Corpsman covered."

She looks left and right, leveling her weapon and preparing to fight as Ashe mentioned that the targets had come into view. The sound of richoceting bullets snaps her to true wakefulness and she moves with the rest of squad, croching and fireing at the enemy.

Well, that's it for free shots, because as the first bullet gets lodged into the metal exterior of the Centurian, he's turning around with another short series of WHIR-CLANKs. His 'face' is just as metal as the rest of him, a red light scanning across what can only be determined as his 'eyes'. His arm hefts, the weapon affixed to it starts making a noise before it starts spitting out return fire down the hallway.

Ashe attempts to move and shoot at the same time, failing at both. He steps, catching his foot on the hatch and falling forward slides across some blood and hangar deck fluids, probably lubricants until he crashes into a crate, shooting the whole way. Granted, his shots swing wide but that far wall now knows who is boss.

Castaine takes a hit in the lower leg but her armor absorbs the hit leaving her brised and in pain. It also makes her mad. Popping out around the edge of her hiding place, she shoots again. "Frakk me!" she calls when she gets a full on good look at her target. Ducking back into the hatchway, she calls out to the other, "Machine!" then toggles her radio.

[Into the Wireless] Castaine says, "Actual, Ember. We've engaged the boarders. They're machines. they're frakking MACHINES!"

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Ember, Actual. Machines? I think you have a bad comm. Please confirm on your hostiles again."

Tobias sees Ashe move and the training kicks in as he follows Ashe in by just a second. Of course not ever having someone stumble in front of him kind of confuses Tobias as he double steps and stumbles over Ashe. Straightening up to get his foot is about the same time the thudding sound of his ballistic plate at his houlder rattles off the shot that made contact. Rifle quickly gets lifted and a shot fires off making contact with the one who presumably just nailed him in the shoulder.

[Into the Wireless] Castaine says, "Actual, Ember. Confirm! Machines. Frakking Machines. Metal with a red light where its eyes should be! Its taken hits and its still engaging! Confirm, machines!"

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Ember, Actual. Neutralize your hostiles at any costs! We need a status of that ship, but if you get overwhelmed I want an immediate evac! Will have Raptors on ready for your pickup when you need evac."

Something happens to Eil in the shuffle, its hard to say, with the blur of movement as two fire teams of Marines pour out into the hall and try to take cover where they can behind crates and in hatchways. She's down and out for the count, having some how been knocked unconcious. Her boots are the only thing visible in the hallway, so at least she had the decency to go down in her big pile of 'OOPS' somewhere convenient.

Something happens that surely confirms what Castaine is yelling into the com. As the metal beast gets barraged by bullets, it doesn't bother going for cover out of some sense of instict for self-preservation, but rather it merely keeps advancing down the hall, firing his weapon at whatever moves.

[TAC3] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "CAG, Actual. Confirmed on clearing the airspace. Get your damaged birds home and maintain CAP. We have Marines in engagements with machines of some sort. Need Raiders on fast ready for possible emergency evac from the Constantine."

[Into the Wireless] Castaine says, "Actual, Ember. Copy."

"Frakkin' Centurions?! What the livin' Frak?!?" Ashe calls out, apparently his stumble having been caused by the sheer shock at being shot at something that should not… well exist, or shoot at him. "Oh hell no. Heeeeelllll no." Pulling the hammer back on his assault rifle, the Lance Corporal tilts his head and glances over his crate, waiting, he pops up a bit and begins opening fire towards the Centurion, aiming for its head and upper sections. As the bullets pelt away at the robot, the Marine advances to continue putting it down before stopping and glaring. "You've been forked. Bitch." Turning he glances towards Castaine. "Sarge. The Frak?!"

"Stow that shit, Marine.. we have a frakking job to do!" Castaine barks at Ashe. She's as amazed as he is but there is a mission. Stepping out, she sweeps a hand and begins directing Marines. "Fireteam two, Sweep forward. Maybe it's the only one that's boarded but we need to know for sure. Move it!" The red head pauses at the downed machine and taps her com.

[Into the Wireless] Castaine says, "Actual, Ember. Hostle down! Both fireteams are beginning their sweep of the ship. Should we secure this .. machine because sure as hell it looks like a jacked up Centurians."

Tobias finally slides into cover and pops up at the same time as Ashe and fires off and misses as the centurion has fallen. Blinking a few times as he looks to the Centurion then over to the Sarge then back to the Machine then back to the Sarge he shakes his head to clear his brain and starts to sweep forward with his fireteam.

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Ember, Actual. Confirmed. We need you to sweep that ship, if it's not salvageable then I want an immediate evac."

[Into the Wireless] Castaine says, "Actual, Ember. Copy that, fireteams moving out! Stand by.."

"Sarge." Ashe shakes his head, "Running sweep sarge. That thing…" He shakes his head but just looks to Castaine, to see if the Sarge is thinking what he is thinking as well.

That Metal Beast must have just been doing a sweep of the lower decks to make sure all life forms have been cleared. As the team sweeps forward, they start to encounter more and more dead bodies. People that never stood a chance against the forces they faced, as they're not armed or armored and were merely gunned down where they stood. As the pass hatches, its like one gruesome vignette after another: people killed in their bunk rooms while they slept, a man who looks to be still sitting up reading a newspaper - if he didn't have a line of bullet wounds tracing across his chest in a neat line. And then there oddities, like a blood trail that was smeered down the center of the hall as if someone was dragged. None of the cargo has been disturbed, beyond being dumped over in people's attempts to flee. The team winds upwards, to the next deck up, when the screaming becomes apparent.

Castaine is cursing under her breath as her teams move through the ship. "Frakking stay on mission, Gods damnit! We know head shots take them out so if we .. " her words are cut off by the screams of other. As the team approaches the top of the stairwell, she pauses to peek around the bulkhead carefully, a hand motion telling her team to stop and stand - always on guard.

Tobias lowers to a knee near Castaine trained on the door high just in case anything rushes the door towards them. Glancing to the Sarge then the door he quietly comments, "What do you see Sarge?"

The group converges on an hatch that apparently leads into the bridge of the ship. The team fans out, taking positions on either side of the door, with the Sergeant flanking one side and Tobias and Ashe on the other. Inside, there's two more of those metal fellows, advancing on small group of people who are cowering near the viewport. One of the woman just won't stop screaming, and with due reason. The Centurians lower their arms, aiming at the group…

Ashe moves as quietly as he can, assessing the situation. Looking to Sarge to see which she is beading up, he matches the other one with his rifle, takes aim and breathing out squeezes trigger sending a trio of shots towards the back of the Centurions head that he was aiming for.

Castaine puts up two fingers, indicating the number of toasters she sees. She flashes those fingers clearly for all of the fireteams to see. That done, she heads up fully, taking aim on one of the machines. She squeezes the trigger and lets loose her shots right at the head of the machine she's got targeted. "Stay the frak down," she yells at the crewmen trapped by the machines.

Tobias raises up slightly and fires off his shot. Of course putting the butt of a gun in a bruised shoulder tends to force one to react slightly. THe gun slides down and the bullet wings across past the centurions and into the consoles near the crewman. Looks like they will stay down now.

Tobias taking a quick glance around he looks up to Castaine and then to the squad, "Sarge! We lost our corpsman. I am going to head back and find her and make sure we are clear for a retreat out of here." Stepping back down the stairs slowly he motions on another member of the fireteam behind him to take his place on the stairs.

Unfortunately, only one of the Centurians turns at the new barage of bullets coming from behind him the bullet taking a nice chunk out of his 'helmet'. The other takes a shot in the center of his back but keeps his focus on the civilians. There are cries of 'please! no! don't!' but apparently these machines have no mercy. The second one starts spraying bullets into the half dozen or so people huddled together, red spray painiting the viewport beyond them. The first Centurian starts returning fire, when there's noise in the hall. That's a whole lotta WHIR-CLANK headed this way.

"Frakk!" Castaine growls when the machine fires on the crowd of crewmembers hiding in the corner. When the machine kills the crew, Castaine has no choice. "Make for the pickup point.. Now!" she orders, falling back as she sprays bullets at the toasters, covering the fireteams retreat. She's already dropping down the stairs to use them as cover as she lays down cover.

[Into the Wireless] Castaine says, "Actual, Ember. The ship is lost.. we need IMMEDIATE evac!"

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Copy, Ember. Orders are to return to your entry point. Raptors are on standby."

Ashe motions to the Fireteam around him to follow Sarge's directives as he mimics her movements, backpedalling and laying down cover fire. If he pops another Centurion, wonderful. But his main intent is getting himself and team out alive.

Once the second one on the bridge is finished mowing down the civilians, he turns his attention to threats in the doorway. Nine marines are soon retreating down the hall as the call from Actual comes back, ordering the evacuation. NOW. The cover fire is doing them some good, at least keeping them alive. The two from the bridge join the three that were converging on them down the hallway, their fire eating up the bulkheads but not doing much damage on the marines. Castaine and Ashe cripple another while Levesque takes out the mechanical knee of another. The five pursuing is now down to two, as they get out of range of the one who'll now need a peg leg.

Castaine continues to fire on the advancing machines as she falls back, moving and firing, keeping the cover fire up. Her weapon spans left to right, laying down a stray of bullets. Down the stairs and then down the long hallway filled with dead bodies "Keep moving! Evac is inbound. Move it, Gods damnit!"

Ashe is right with Castaine laying down that cover fire. Noticing that the legs seemed to be rather vulnerable he starts laying down his fire a bit lower. As the clip goes dry, he drops it and slams in another one within moments with a trained motion. No quips coming from the smartass, this time its about survival.

"Shoot and scoot, gents!" Levesque yells encouragingly. As he's moving he flicks open his sighting for his grenade launcher and tucks it under his arm. He slows for a second, backing up, and pops off a low-velocity concussion grenade at the approaching Cylons. Then he gets to hoofing it back again, unloading the tube and letting the smoking grenade casing fall on the deck plating.

The evac ordered, the ship a loss, why not make a few more holes in it to deter their pursuers? The round fired off by Levesque doens't mow down one of the Centurians, but it clips a crate in the hall and makes another topple in the way of the advancing machines. The others fire over to top of the debris, cutting down another who's little red light winks out of existance before he even topples to the deck. The way clear and the Centurians deterred for the moment, the group makes a hastey exit down to the airlock where they first entered.

All the way down the hall, Castaine keeps the cover fire up, pausing only to reload a mag. Once her people are through the hatch, she closes it, locking it tight. "Get the frak on that raptor the minute we have lock. Ashe, with me on this hatch. Petey, get our crew ready to move!" she orders. She's carrying her own launcher and she'll use it before she lets her people be taken. For the moment it's rifle up, aimed on that closed hatch, just waiting for the lock to be confirmed.

Ashe is mimicing Cas's movement, but placing himself at an angle so if anything comes through its hitting him first, popping a knee and getting the rifle to shoulder. "Gods damn two days short…" He mutters under his breath.

Once the current threat level is notched down a bit, now it's time to move and reload at the same time. First, Levesque grabs his bobbing vest and pulls out a 40mm grenade, thumbing it into the tube under his rifle which is then slammed shut. Second, still moving back, he's removing his current mag, shoving the half full thing in his thigh's dump pouch, and slamming on a fresh one. Ready to rumble, and rumble he is down into the closed room. "Roger that!" He continues down to notify the crew that they're going to be doing a hot extract.

The two fire teams file back through the little control room attached to the airlock, bypassing the dead man who's since been covered up with a jacket some where along the line. The first contingent piles into the Raptor, and the airlock is released, that bird zooming off into the black. In short order, Lt. Pickle's Raptor is settling in to pick up the others. Thankfully, the Centurians haven't made it through the congestion to tail after them.

Once everyone is safely back on board the raptor, Castaine does a quick check of her people, checking for injuries, accessing states of mind. Once she's done, she takes her seat, straps in and pulls in a long shaky breath, eyes closing before a call gets made back to the ship.

Ashe finds his seat and settles in, rifle between his legs as he sits and stares at nothing, even though his eyes are looking straight ahead.

[Into the Wireless] Castaine says, "Actual, Ember. There are at least two machines still moving. Suggest blowing Constantine where she sits - unknown number of hostels onboard, all crew we came across is dead."

[TAC1] "Kharon Actual" Sheridan says, "Acknowledged. Get your boys out of there."

Levesque straps himself in, rifle on the ground pointing down. His hand is on on pistol's handgrip, while the other hand holds his rifle steady. He grimaces.

[Into the Wireless] Castaine says, "Actual, Ember. We've launched and are heading home."

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