Petty Officer 3rd Class Walter "Walt" Rourke
Jeffrey Dean Morgan
Jeffrey Dean Morgan as Walter Ambrose Rourke
Name: Walter Ambrose Rourke
Alias: N/A
Age: 34 (Nov. 24th)
Hair & Eyes: Hair: peppered: & Eye Color : brown:
Faction: Navy: Deck,
Position: Aircraft Technician/ Mechanic/ Petty Officer First class
Colony: Virgon
Play Times: Usually 4pm-2am
Timezone: CST

Biographical Info


Walter Ambrose Rourke, is the eldest son out of three more kidlets to his brought father Josiah Ambrose Rourke, and his mother Mary Aurelia Catolina. Per the Rourke family tradition he and his younger brothers (Gregory, Samuel, Tobias) all received the Ambrose moniker from the first Rourke who came over from Arelion and landed on Virgon, deciding that would be a damned fine place to live, and make beer. And so he started a small brewery in the area known as Poole's cove. Poole's cove is located west of the Herodian mountain range in a Valley known as Watt's Dyke. The cove comes off the Cambrian River and was the perfect place to have a mill and the brewery. As such Rourke stouts and pales were made and sold primarly in that part of the Colony-never reaching wide distribution.

Walter, or Walt as he became known amongst friends and family was an ordinary kid. Went to school- and then would spend afternoons in the Brewery helping his dad maintain the family tradition-of making beers, and finally they branched into harder stuff, but mainly corn mash whiskies and such from stills. When he was Seventeen he decided to become a mechanic and finished only Highschool at the point- already adapt at fixing the brewery equipment he moved on to other things such as cars, trucks.

Showing himself to have a knack as a mechanic. He rebelled in usual fashion getting his first tattoo, which was to become an obsession of his in his later years. Married his high-school sweetheart Anna Lokoi and worked as a volunteer firefighter in the town. (There were rarely any fires, it was mainly a place where guys could get together and drink-play cards without being bothered by their wives, but when there were fires-the Company did a damned fine job putting them out.) Life was good for him by the age of 25, and it seems another generation was to remain in the sleepy town of Poole's Cove.

At 27, Walt began dabbling in photography and learning to play the piano. Having never gotten into artsy things, but deciding to give it a try. He can take decent photographs, but he was no artist. Mainly they were of old buildings, birds-and animals which could be found around the valley and cove. As for his piano skills, Walt could hammer out or play tunes everyone knew, but as for going on his own-writing he was not so adept. So he sticks to bar tunes, dirnking songs- and popular songs he heard growing up.

When he was 29 it came to be noted that his wife was cheating on him with the son of the Local Sheriff- so he divorced her, and kicked her aside. Of course she won all in the court settlement, even his dog- all he was left with was a few clothes, and thankfully his tools. Disillusioned and wanting to leave the Cove Walt made a frakking spontaneous decision and enlisted in the Navy. Went to that same year, Was assigned to the CEC Proteus which mainly saw work as a border patrol ship. When she was scrapped he was promoted and assigned with others to the deck crew of the revitalized CEC Kharon. He's been with them ever since.


Josiah Ambrose Rourke (Father)
Mary Aurelia Catolina (Mother)
Gregory Ambrose Rourke (brother)
Samuel Ambrose Rourke (brother)
Tobias Ambrose Rourke (brother)

Anna Lokoi (Ex Wife: Divorced)

Manx (dog)


Highschool Graduate
Basic done in Picon

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Two years on the CEC Proteus (crewman to Specialist)

Distinguishing Features

  • Tattooed
  • Wears Glasses
  • greying hair



  • Repair (mechanic)
  • Photography
  • Piano
  • Fly Fishing
  • Hunting

On the Grid

Known Associates

Timeline of Events



  • Normal stuff


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