Visiting The Lords
Visiting The Lords
Summary: A discussion in the chapel goes from one of philosophy and theology to frustration and blasphemy.
Date: PHD 139 (9/4/09)
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It has been literally years since Katherine has set foot in a chapel or any other place of worship, the last time being when Panda and she laid their parents to rest; her faith, shaky after that, was further torn down after the Colonies were attacked, her doubt in the Lords of Kobol easily doubled, if not more. So it was with a bit of surprise that she eventually found herself here after having wandered the ship's corridors for literally hours, a shock that deepened when she stayed and found a place to sit. Several hours have sense passed, a meal missed and perhaps even the chance to catch up with friends, all due to how lost in thought Kitty is currently.

The meal missed is what sent Panda looking for her. It isn't often that they go without meeting each other for at least one meal. It's downright rare that they don't share any. When it happens, Panda spends the rest of his free shift looking for her: A reaction to having thought he'd lost her, lost the last person who really meant anything to him. The only thing that brings him to the chapel is the process of a methodical search. The Chapel being as small as it is, he finds her without much of a search. That doesn't mean he interrupts her; just slips in behind his sister.

There is a moment where it might seem like Pandorian's arrival isn't noticed but she evetually turns to look, her brow arched when she sees it's her brother. "Hey, brother mine," she greets in a quiet tone. "What brings you here, hmmm?" It doesn't dawn on her that she missed a planned meeting with him as time got away from her, it feeling like she has been here only a few minutes, not the better part of a day, which makes his being here as confusing to her as her being here might be confusing to her brother.
"Uh, you know, me and the Jury," he mumbles, gesturing to the Twelve, "we go way back." He slips onto her bench, his arm instinctively falling around Kitty's shoulders. "What about you, Kath?" Panda gives her a meaningful look and jerks his head to the altar.

Kitty shakes her head. "Not for a very long time, Dorian. Not for a very long time." Shifting, she turns a bit so she can face him and it's perhaps only now he'll notice that she's been crying or, at the very least been holding back tears, her face almost gaunt with how she is trying to control it. "I stopped believing some after Mother and Father were killed but then…" Reaching out, she tries to touch his face with fingers that tremble, "…what little belief I had left was utterly frakked when I thought I had lost you."

Panda takes a moment to figure out what's going on; maybe his eyes were still adjusting, but when her fingers touch his cheek the understanding is instantaneous. He tugs on her, tilting his head away slightly to offer his near shoulder should his sister need one. "Hey, there, don't be like that." When held down to a whisper his meat-head voice comes out almost grandfatherly, sans the creak-and-rattle of old age. "Of course they're out there. How else would anyone turn into a star, huh?"

The offer's taken up quickly and she moves, sitting as close as she can while leaning into him, her head resting on his shoulder as they talk. "That's a good question," Kitty mutters after a while. "I don't know. Maybe some other kind of god or something?" The alter is looked at and she sighs, frowning now as she really doesn't have a good answer and it frustrates her along with distraught her. "I don't think about that, really. About the 'how'. All I know is that you and I are going to be two of the brightest stars ever known to man, if I have anything to say about it."

Her brother reaches over to idly brush her hair back as Panda listens to his sister. "We sure are, Kitten. And everybody's gonna love the Panda and the Kitten forever." He turns his head to kiss her hair, then rests his cheek against where he'd kissed. After a quiet few moments he asks, "So is that what made you miss dinner?"

Kitty sighs contentedly at the kiss upon her cheek along with Panda's statement, her brother's uncanny knack to cheer her up showing up just at the right time. "Wait…what?" She blinks at the question even though her smile remains. "Did I…" The chronometer she wears on her left wrist is looked at and she blinks again, this time in shock. "I don't know what brought me here," she says once the bewilderment wears off, "I was walking while between work stuff and found myself here but I didn't really know I was here until you came here." Okay, now she is a bit weirded out.

"Uh-huh," Panda nods, letting her find the time on her own. "It's alright. I come here sometimes too. Alone is best." He takes a couple slow breaths and resists the urge to look behind him. Then stops resisting and takes a good look around. Nobody. Good. "You said about when Father and Mother died, and… and when, you know…" It takes a few swallows to get the lump out of his throat.

There's an amused sort and then she smiles again, knowing very well what Dorian just did. "Yes. When I thought I lost you when the Colonies were attacked," Kitty says with a shrug; it's a subject that can not be glossed over so she simply doesn't try and besides, this is her brother, someone who is totally deserving of not having the verbal bush thrashed. "I just don't get it. If the Lords of Kobol are so…wonderful, why do they let people suffer. And if they're all-seeing then why didn't they see what was going to happen when the combat tincans were made and find a way to keep it from happening?" It's a near-juvenile point of view, one that might make Kitty come across as being simple minded, but it's what she feels, what she thinks, and she just can not keep her opinions to herself any longer.

"Frakked if I know," he blows heavily after a long silence. "All's I know is they're there. Or maybe they stand for something else, like uhhh… masturphor or whatever in books." Pandorian waves a hand helplessly yet with a dismissive authority. "Whatever. There's somethin' bigger than us, bigger than those tincans, bigger than…" He stumbles sometimes, but sometimes he recovers admirably: "Bigger than even the word Big. 'Cause otherwise, nothing frakkin' matters, we're all as pointless as sand on a beach and I may as well go grab that friend of yours, Serendipity, and just…"
Suddenly Panda bolts to his feet and makes a full-bodied, vigorous thrusting motion. "Just BAAAAAAAAAAABIES with her!" he roars.

Kitty gasps and then grabs for the thrusting Panda, tears now in her eyes. "Godsdamnit," she blasphemes under her breath, forgetting where they are for the moment as he has seemed to as well. "Sit your frakking ass down, Dorian. This is a place of worship, not a place to flaunt your sexual prowess!" If her fingers find purchase on the back of his shirt she'll then try to pull him down, her tears falling and her face red, the Marine having utterly, thoroughly and totally embarrassed her despite how they're alone. "Tell me more about big," she rushes forth then, trying to distract him.

Breathless, panting, Panda's easy to pull down. He's also flushed a bright pink, proving he has -some- sense of dignity. "I'm just saying!" he begins to whine, but her question gets him thinking (instead of JUST saying). "Uh, big is… big is like, so big… I mean, you're a space pilot whatever, right? So they taught you about infinity and shit?"

Kitty leans in close and hisses between her teeth, "She's a spoken-for woman and an officer on top of that so you get those ideas about her out of your head." Being the sister of someone who has been labeled as 'crazy' is bad enough but if he were to also labeled as a man who tries to bed women who are just shy of getting married…ugh, she doesn't want to think about what -that- would do to her rep. With him now calm she does so as well and she's back to listening and holding herself to him. "Yes. I do understand the concept of infinity, Dorian. I am guessing this 'big' is bigger even than that?"

Panda flails at the revelation, grabbing the bench as if on a seaborne ship in a storm. "Whoah whoah whoah… back the frak up." He turns to face Kitty, eyes bugging wide. "You're telling me that sweet, adorable, perfect little faerie-princess…" This must be important, he's gesturing wildly. "Is a BRASSHOLE?!"

Kitty sighs. "This discussion is frakking over." She gets to her feet and casts an apologetic glance towards the altar as if trying to say she's sorry to the figures that represent the twelve Lords. "Come on. I'm hungry, Panda. Maybe we can get some left over…whatever." Having decided to try this later and in a location that isn't the most holy place on the Kharon, Kitty offers her brother a hand as she manages to smile despite her being upset, the big sister out of the pair about to lead her younger sibling off to the mess hall.

"Oh, uh, sorry guys…" Yeah, Panda regains his awareness of where he is JUST in the nick of time—not. "I'll get ya some booze next week, promise." He thumps a fist over his chest to the altar before taking Kitty's hand. "Naw, forget about it, I'm good. No CCMJ is gonna scare me from my Princess, and what kinda faerie tale doesn't have some cockdragon to slay? Eh? Couldn't you see me with a big ol' sword?" He ricochets off on a tangent like a bullet.

It is on hindsight that she realized she got her names crossed thanks to Panda having flustered her and she mistakingly told him the wrong person was taken, somehow having gotten Seriy's and Persy's names mangled in her head in her hurry to get him to shut the frak up. Oh well, maybe it'll help sway him away from making a bad mistake. "Uh…" Blinking at the mention of Colonial military law, princesses and…what the frak is a 'cockdragon'?…no, it doesn't seem to keep him at bay at all. Hand in Panda's, she begins to sheepishly slink out of there, hoping like mad that no one walked by as this all was going on.

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