Vignette of Ass-Chewing
Vignette of Ass-Chewing
Summary: Vendas pulls Eddie out into the hall after she gets knocked by Sam.
Date: PHD041 (29 May 2009)
Related Logs: Happens in the middle of Down the Frakking Drain and before Sing Little Hummingbird.

This happens during Down the Frakking Drain when Vendas calls Eddie out into the hallway, after just catching Samantha cold cocking her after rough housing with Martin.

Eddie steps out into the hallway, smelling like a fresh dose of tobacco was slathered on before she was called out here. One last cigarette before the gallows, as it were. Reaching behind her, she's sure to close the hatch before drawing up in front of Vendas at full attention. Her cheek is nicely plumping up and pink, though doubtful it'll leave much more than just a faint bruise.

Vendas has her hands on her hips, staring at Eddie for a long moment. Finally, she sighs. "Alright Morales. Talk to me. That's two fights you've been involved in. Speak your piece." She doesn't look mad or anger. That was probably reserved for the verbal asswhooping Samantha just got. But there's something stern and warning in her voice.

Legacy steps out of the Red Berthings and just goes to the Black, slamming the hatch behind her. It echoes nicely.

Eddie's jaw tenses as she's clearly picking and choosing her words, deciding which path it's best to tread down at the moment. She's standing in front of the CAG, body at full attention. Her eyes looking to the wall just beyond Vendas, focusing on nothing at all. She doesn't even flinch as Legacy slams the hatch. "Lieutenant Jig Martin Black and I were rough housing, Lieutenant Passi observed and stepped in at her discretion."

"Yeah, so I saw." The CAG crosses her arms. "Are you aware of the close relationship that Lieutenant Case and Lieutenant Black have, Morales?"

Eddie lifts her chin just a hint, retaining her military posture. Her daddy would be proud. "I am aware the El Tees are having intimate relations, yes sir." She says crisply. Damn, her kingdom for one more drink in her belly to warm her through this.

"Alright Morales, then despite how Black feels about it, you are aware that sprawling tits-down on a guy who has his pants around his ankles, in front of a person like Lieutenant Case, might provoke a certain reaction from her?" She tilts her head slightly. "Are you in the habit of provoking trouble between people who may or may not be involved?"

Eddie keeps her eyes focused on the wall. "No sir." At least not that she'll admit. "With all due respect sir, Martin tripped. A fact that I believe Lieutenant Passi was aware of at the time."

"Right. I'm sure he tripped. His pants around his ankles I'm sure had nothing to do with that." Vendas is growing less impressed with the evasive words from the Ensign. "Regardless of what you have or have not been doing, if I even -think- you're provoking problems between those two, the last thing you taste will be my boot kicking well-past your sphincter. Shit like this makes me rethink my decision about taking things easy on you about the Marines." Her jaw sets. "I'll let Captain Marek deal with you this time. With all the bullshit floating around this particular squadron, its finally hitting a boiling point with me. If I have to see you for another disciplinary action, Morales, its your ass. Clear?"

Eddie's eyes finally shift to the CAG's face, if briefly, before they go back to the wall. The line of her jaw tightens again, anger slowly working into every muscle of the Ensign's body. "Crystal. Sir."

Vendas doesn't seem phased by the reaction from Eddie. "Dismissed, Ensign. I'll inform Captain Marek, personally." She tilts her head back towards teh door and moves off towards black berthings.

Eddie snaps off a quick salute, then oozes herself back to Red Berthings.

You head through the exit labeled <RB> Red Squadron Berthings.

You are entering Red Squadron Berthings - Deck 1.

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