This is the Viper Squadron on board the Kharon. The aircraft are a mix of Viper Mark II’s and Mark VII’s. The Escort Carriers are just large enough to hold two squadrons of Vipers (the Battlestars hold 4 according the canon), but much like other MU’s, we will only be running one large squadron. If there are enough pilots and interest down the line we may consider running two, but that is a huge "if" and players should not count on it happening.

The squadron, as a group, may be brand new but it is being "reactivated." The squadron, ICly, originally existed twelve years prior and was based on the Battlestar Heracles. It has a long history going back through the first Cylon War and has quite a few traditions. Some of these are going to be ‘revived’ and will be posted for all to take part in (or run!) once they have been established OOCly. The squadron was originally closed due to budget cuts during that period of time.

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