Summary: Innocent bout of videogames leads to frakking. Or talk thereof.
Date: MD042 (04 April 2009)
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An extension to the general lounge but not attached, this room has no such divisions for officers and enlisted. Along the back wall is a well-used billiards table done in green felt that is kept carefully leveled by cardboard sheets under one leg. On the other side of the room is a large and rather nice liquid crystal display that couldn't possibly be Navy issue by the brand name. The screen can often be seen displaying recent video games or even movies for rent from the ship's library. Elsewhere in the room are a few stacks of Triad cards as well as a locker full of board games that can be used on any one of the many tables.

[ Condition Level: 3 - All Clear ]

They're long stint at Condition 2 is finally over. Frak yeah. So say we all. Her shift ended, Eddie is currently sprawled across a couch, one leg hanging over the arm of it with a controller for a game system in her hand. She's in her off duty gear, with a black zippered sweatshirt bearing the Kharon's insignia tugged on over the top. A cigarette dangles from her lips, scattering ash every time she curses at the little viper on the screen as she plays a game based on the original Cylon war.

There's the sound of footfalls. There's the sound of a can of soda being opened. Then…there's the sound of chips being poured into a bowl. Martin moves across the floor to sit beside Eddie and place the food and two cans of soda, one already opened, on the coffee table before them. "You look like you need some help, Killer." Martin comments, reaching out to grab a spare controller and sign himself in. "Free soda's yours if you wanna pause up. Chips for share."

Eddie can't really manage drinking or eating while she's smoking, and thumbs are jabbing furiously at the controller. "Thanks." She manages to mumble around the cylinder of tobacco and paper bouncing precariously between her lips. "Aw, c'mon, frakker. DIE!" But it seems her wingman joined in a little two late, and her pixiled version of a Viper goes down in a firey explosion.

Martin has a moment to light the cigarette as the Cylon swarm suddenly comes in his direction. "Woah oh…frak…" He mumbles, now the one with the cigarette and the controller. Planting his foot on the coffee table, he starts his dogfight, rolling and going evasive as the game puts Eddie on a timer till she can come back in. "So how you doin, Eddie? What's crackin?"

Eddie leans forward to ash her cigarette, then leaves it smoldering to grab up the can and eye it dubiously. "Soda?" Clearly it should have been beer, but she cracks it open regardless and takes a heavy chug or three before trading it out for her cigarette once more. "Not a daaaamn thing. Hear we're getting shore leave soon, so I won't complain too much. I can do some damage on shore leave." When the timer winds down, she's back in the game with a quick push of a button, and once more she oozes back against the cushions, trying to make a permanent Eddie-sized dent.

"Frak off I'm still on rotation. That and I didn't see any beer back there when I looked. I did see a can in the fridge but it said Drink and Die on it." Martin smirks, tapping at the buttons as he takes a puff off of his cigarette. "Shore leave huh? Anywhere good? Frak I hope it's not some winter season shit this time like my last leave. We were fresh for the town and the women but we froze our balls off."

Eddie smirks just a hint when he tells her to frak off, but her eyes remain riveted to the screen. "Space station. You're in luck. Climate controlled." She says in spurts of conversation between playing the game and smoking her cigarette. "Watch out, you got a tail on your five. Looping around to see if I can eighty-six 'em…"

Martin goes evasive, rolling and providing the attacking Cylon with something to focus its attention on while giving Eddie some time to come and back him up. Checking her position, he flees the Cylon in a way that will make her turn easier to line up a safe shot. "Military or civilian?" Martin asks, apparently a little picky. "…and are we gonna be allowed to get shitfaced?" He asks, glancing to her for the moment. "….aaaaand is this a rumor or am I oversleeping the morning announcements again?"

Eddie is half sprawled on the couch, as if someone picked her up, pitched her on it, and that's where she's stuck. One leg dangles over the arm of it, and she's propped on an elbow. Wearing off duties with a sweatshirt thrown over for good measure, she's clearly done with her shift for the day. There's a bowl of chips near her head, and Martin on the other side, though both of them seem more intent on smoking and playing a video game then snacking. Her little virtual viper is pulling about on the screen, coming up behind a Toaster that's attemting to toast Martin, strafing it with a good peppering of rounds until she picks it off. "Uh.. dunno. The Charybdis. Its a hub for supplies. But there are civvies there, which means there's booze. Which means I'm getting shitfaced and frakkin' laid whether its allowed or not. It was confirmed this morning in the briefing before my shift."

"No shit?" Martin blinks, glancing at Eddie for a moment. "Thanks for the bail, by the way…" He says, going back to his game. Thumbs tap-tap-tapping at the controller, he's in his off duties as well, but in his BDU pants and not sweats. His viper goes into a turn to take Eddie's wing for a moment, keeping the bastards off of her. "Did they confirm that we're cleared for leave whenever we get approved? I'll have to ask around, see if we can get a group of us over there…"

Samantha steps into the room, stifling a bit of a yawn. Apparently, she just finished CAP after some sort of all nighter, or at least that's what she looks like. She's shaking it off with a cup of coffee in one hand and a cigarette in another. "Thought I heard voices in here." Her husky voice admits drowsily, looking around the room. She doesn't actually head for the game table, but a seat near by where she can watch…"Mornin', Martin, Eddie… Or evenin…or whatever the frak o'clock it is."

Eddie's jaw tightens as they get right in the middle of an ugly dog fight, silent for a few minutes as if this is the real deal and she's giving it all her concentration. Even her cigarette is forgotten, burning down to the filter as it sits between her lips. At the first sign things are letting up, she leans forward to stub out her smoke. "Sir." She responds, but doesn't get up or salute or anything foolish like that. This is an off duty area, where things like that aren't necessary unless they're getting dressed down. "Dunno. Leave is up to Captain Marek. And I'm a bit shy on suckin' up to him. My luck, I'll be left behind scrubbin' the toilets."

Martin smiles and takes a quick moment to glance at Samantha once they've managed to survive the next wave. "Hey Case, how was CAP?" Martin asks, giving her a quiet smile before going back to the screen. Quickly stubbing out his cigarette while he uses one of the thumbpads to pilot evasively, he dives back into the battle. "You hear about this possible leave to the Charybdis?" Martin asks. "I think we might be getting a bunch of people over to hit the bar, your thoughts?"

Samantha considers that a few moments as her short body sprawls out on one of the nearby chairs, cat like, stretching out as long as her 5'3" frame will go. She takes another drag of her cigarette before commenting to Eddie…"That's a good waste of a cigarette, doll. Side's, he always leaves his left side open in these things, go in to attack there." Whether Sam really has any clue at how Dash plays video games is unclear, she probably doesn't, but it's fun playing back seat driver for the moment. "…Hell yes. Let's go. We could all use a good drink, and some other's a good frak… so might as well get our fill up!"

The point of the game isn't to actually attack each other, but rather the toasters in the recreation of the first Cylon War. Eddie just glances over to Samantha and gives a decidedly undelicate grunt. She finally makes a grab for the bowl of chips, shoving one in her open maw before crunching loudly. "Well, then the pair of you oughta be full."

Martin simply gets a quiet grin, it's a private one, the result of some sort of internal monologue. He leans towards Eddie a little bit, mock loud-whispering. "Case is giving you tips for how to take me down because she can't do it herself." He then leans back, going to the game. "Allright then, why don't we all submit our requests together so that if Eddie here passes out first we'll shave her eyebrows and throw her into a locker…" He glances at Eddie and his Viper gets blown up in the process. "…what's that supposed to mean?"

Samantha clearly hasn't even played the game, but anything she can do to distract Dash (or Eddie even!) is good in her books! She blinks a moment… trying to actually process the full comment herself before she looks over to Eddie and echoes…"Yeah? What in the world, doll? They ain't let us drink since we went to Condition two!"

Eddie quirks another hint of a smirk, though her dark eyes are focused on the screen instead of either one of them. "Good morning, sirs. But as of yesterday in the A of the M were were off that condition. And just because I crawled into my bunk the other night, doesn't mean I was asleep and didn't see you two pawing at each other to ride out the bologna pony. Not that there is anything wrong with 'nice shoes, wanna frak' actually working. I don't fault yah, get it where you can." A pause in her words then a jubilant. "BOOOM!" As they pick off another squadron of Raiders.

Martin actually manages to blush a little bit at the open admittance. If Eddie noticed, chances are others did too, even if the curtain was closed. He shrugs at Eddie's words and glances over to Samantha to gauge her reaction as he's back in the game, dueling alongside Eddie. Quickly grabbing a chip, he munches it as his thumbs tap. "So…" He says slowly. "…this the current talk of the squadron, or is it still pretty low key?"

Samantha bites her lower lip as she hears that, looking just a touch guilty, but still smiling too…"Well…ain't like the Captain doesn't know either, and since neither of us have been strung up for breakin' regs… I'm guessing that it's a don't let it interfere with duty thing and… well, we all need to cool off sometimes. So… I ain't gonna apologize for relaxin'! Makes us better pilots over all, right?" But she does look just a bit nervous, watching Eddie over her cup of coffee now.

Eddie shifts her leg off the arm of the couch, straightening up with a groan, "If you haven't noticed, we're lacking our daily soap operas, so we have to replace 'em with something." A bit of a yawn over takes her mouth, obscuring her words for a moment. Lips smack together before she says, "And the way you two were carryin' on at the mission planning session, was like you were still basking in the post coital glow. Don't worry about it, we all gotta get our slap 'n tickle sometime."

"From what you described, Eddie, seems all you're getting right now is tickle. You want us to wingman you a little bit, make sure you find some ridiculously dumb but good lookin' civilian to be crazy enough to fall prey to you?" Martin asks, grinning quietly. Looking over to Samantha, he issues a silent wink before going back to work on the video game with Eddie. "Hey…Eddie? Thanks, by the way. For bein cool."

Samantha nods almost immediately, "Hell yes! This will be a good goal for shore leave. Get Eddie laid. We might even find a half intelligent one… but gotta bounce a quarter off his ass before he can be approved, savvy?" Sam states with a wide grin, her eyes glimmering with the thought of alll the wing manning she and Dash could do for the young woman. "And…he's right, Eddie… it… it's… We appreciate it. So… we'll repay the favour by getting you laid too1"

Eddie sets her controller aside long enough to snag Martin's pack of cigarettes. Seeming how they're being all cool with one another, right? So what's sharing a smoke. Even though Eddie's likely got her own pack stashed some where on her person. "What makes you think I'm not already fairing for myself?" She asks, with deceptive twinkle in her dark eyes.

"Because you're in here playing video games?" Martin says with a broad grin, resisting the urge to smack at Eddie a little bit. "…and you're drinking soda. Only the sexually frustrated drink soda."

Samantha laughs deeply, "Because even if you ARE fairing for yourself…well, more hot ass really isn't somethin' to complain about? We gotta spread the enjoyment around. A little slap and tickle here and there ain't a bad thing… getting attached to one and one only, that's where the danger comes… So we'll make certain you get some variety." Sam assures gently, though she really makes certain not to look at Dash while she preaches that sad but true bit of wisdom.

Eddie contines to let Martin get berraged by enemy fire while she takes her sweet time with lighting her up her stolen cigarette. "May I remind you, that you're the one that brought the soda, Dash?" Eddie has been known to kick a man out of her bunk once in a while. There was a red head from CIC before they started out on their current tour. Since then, if she's getting any tail, it hasn't been in berthings.

"Hey…we smell our own." Dash shrugs, simply happy that someone called him Dash for a change. Shrugging again, he grabs a cigarette and lights it, glancing over in Samantha's direction. Giving her a discerning look, he saves that conversation for later. "So…" He comments. "…when should we do this, then?"

"I still say we start during leave. No skin off our backs to show Eddie a good time while we're having fun too! And drunk on top of it. Sounds like a good night to me." Sam winks warmly, grinning, amused and happy as she goes back to stretching out on the chair, reaching her hands over her head and popping her back in a few places before she then curls up into a bit of a ball, fitting her tired figure easily sideways in the comfortable chair she's chosen to watch them.

Eddie stands with a stretch, nothing so feline or languid as Sam, just a pop of a joint here, a roll of her shoulders there. The controller gets pitched in Samantha's direction. "You guys are takin' the whole wingmen thing to a whole new level. I gotta hit the Head. Don't kill me off." She warns the LT, then starts moving for the hatch like a train trailing smoke out of its stack.

"Allright we'll be here." Martin calls out over his shoulder and looks in Samantha's direction. Nodding to the spot on the sofa next to him, he gives her a little smile and ashes his cigarette. Pausing the game until she's ready, he runs a hand through his hair. "So…dangerous huh?"

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