Summary: Ollie walks into some kind of awkward conversation.
Date: PH133 (29 Aug 2009)
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Scorpia, Grifter Farmhouse, Veranda
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #133
OOC Time: Sat Aug 29 16:27:08 2009

White-washed boards bear the scuff marks of years of footsteps, even the concrete stairs which lead up to this wraparound porch. Without a railing of any kind, it's as easy to sit on the edge of the veranda as it is to sit on any of the wicker furniture carefully set about. There are rocking chairs and loveseats, and even two low tables. The huge French doors that once led into the parlor have been boarded up, and the entrance to the library is blocked from the inside, leaving only one way into the house.

"No." said simply and there's a look back towards Andrew "The people I killed, killed others, so that evens everything out. I want you to sleep with someone…anyone so that you complete your life cycle and life a full life. So your death means something when it does come, and you didn't just waste what time you have left here dreaming about sports, and cars…or whatever suits your fancy." And Lysander rubs his nose. "And because, you're going to end up taking full lives yourself. Soon."

The look Andrew gives Lysander says it all. 'That's one crazy-ass priest.' "Yeah, okay," he replies, shaking his head. The teen is seated on one of the loveseats, a book in his lap and the dog laying down at his feet. Lysander has taken one of the rocking chairs.

From inside the house, Ollie steps out though the entrance hall door, a tiny clay pot, complete with seedling, in hand. She happens to catch some of what Lysander just said though the open window. And that, of course, means she's turning to look at the man by the time she's actually exited. She could be making a mental note to never leave Andrew alone with the priest ever, ever again. Ever. Again. "Gentlemen." Ever.

"You don't believe me that you are going to die, or that you're going to have to kill a living and breathing person?" Lysander asks. Which, if one were to ask Ollie, or one of the Enzo, this sort of conversation with Nikos is not entirely out of the usual. A bit of a downer, but it does happen sometimes. "Hate to ruin your dream, that because some robots from space attacked and killed most of us, that those still surviving are going to be good guys, like us. I can garundamnedtee you that there are probably murders, rapists and other little shits running about." A sniff for a second "And if they come here and try to take what we have-and not help? We will need to put them down." A raise of his brow as Ollie comes out. "Lady."

Andrew looks up as the door opens, and flushes at seeing Ollie, an unusual reaction to be sure. He gives her a quick nod of hello, then tries to bury himself in his book again. But something the priest says makes him snap. "I'm not saying that I won't die or that I might not have to kill someone! I don't see what that has to do with.." He recalls that the subject of the previous conversation is now here. "That other thing," he finishes, still annoyed.

Ollie's eyes sweep briefly over Andrew. That was the idea, but then she notes the blush. When a woman walks into a room, and one of two men blush, sure there's a moment of pause from her. Her eyes turn again to Lysander. "What have you been filling his head with, Nikos?"

"We've been talking about the cycle of life and the natural courses of men and women." And those dark eyes don't even waver. Which others might find a bit unnerving, but that is how Nikos is. And a tilt of his head towards the woman before he's shrugging. "And underwear." There, that'll seem more blush worthy instead of asking if the kid needs condoms for some weird ass reason. "You coming with us to town? I hear there's a good flick at the cinema."

Andrew hunches over his book, though he shoots Ollie a quick look. It says, 'don't blame me for crazy priest talk'. "/He's/ talking," he specifies.

The blonde shakes her head slightly, and reaches down to wipe her hand over her hip, dusting off a little soil. She nods to Andrew, catching that look. A soft smile and a slight nod says 'I know, I know.' She moves over to perch on the railing, sliding her hip across it before she rests just on the edge, one foot still on the floorboards. "Yes." She nods. "I am." There was a bit of debate about that. "I could use a walk. And there's the shopping list." She shakes her head at the priest, meeting that gaze without flinching. But then she looks away after a moment.

Lysander could stare at a cat all day, however cats don't seem to last out here that well-given the dog, and the fact them that are plump from eating hares often are shot- or will soon be shot. Them's good eating. "I heard you're looking for yeast." A faint curl of his lips, but whatever joke the Priest thought up is gone in a flash. "Well good. Seems like it'll be a nice little party" And he reaches down with a lean to knock on the wood of the porch "Here's hoping our luck continues."

At least that's not 'cycle of life' talk. Andrew looks up, and notes once more for Ollie's benefit, "You don't have to go if you don't want. We have a fairly sizable party going."

"I am," Ollie agrees, "Bread is one of life's little pleasures." If she thought up any jokes in conjunction, they do not so much as register on her face. Her eyes scan the grounds, pausing briefly on the greenhouse. A slight breeze picks up and drags a few strands of pale hair across her face. She glances down at the plant in her hands, and doesn't bother brushing them away. She's quiet for a while in the wake of Andrew's words. Her fingertip traces over the edge of a leaf. "I said I would go." The words are quiet.

"You know.." Lysander begins. "The Rich father is reported to have said once. Bread comes from the body of man, in order to give from ourselves and understand what communion is really about." That would be from the Book of Souls, Chapter Sixteen, verse Thirty two. "I like to think it means its essential to our sanity..Not bread itself, but the breaking." Oh gods where is he going. There's a look back and up towards the green house and he's coughing slightly. "I am looking for cigarettes among other things…Maybe a good pipe."

The priest is sometimes like a runaway train of theology. Sometimes it makes a stop somewhere known, and sometimes it just barrels on through with a wave and an ass pressed up against the window. Ollie, for her part, briefly looks askance at the man under her lashes. She's doing her best to be polite, really. This includes not staring over-much with a 'What the heck' look on her face. She takes a breath, and her gaze settles on Andrew. "Did you want to pick up anything special?"

Andrew shakes his head, adding for himself, "Clothes. Need more clothes." And with that, he's staring his book, as if he can forget the previous conversation if he just concentrates on the words on the page with enough intensity.

"Underroos." Lysander corrects Andrew's statement before he's frowning softly at Ollie. A shake of his head and he is rising up from where he is sitting. And taking up the rifle that has been sitting by his rocking chair "I'm going to take a nap." announced there for a second " And clean my rifle." As if that needed to be explained. And with that he is turning to head inside and leave the other two alone. Though there is a slight pause as the brother's eyes linger on Ollie for a second. Is he waiting to say something?

Ollie doesn't so much as touch the rifle comment. No, absolutely not. "Clothes are a good idea for sure." She doesn't comment on the status of her collection, but it's decidedly small, as anyone on the Ranch could assume, from seeing the same two pairs of jeans over and over and over again. "Rest well, Nikos." Funny how she never calls him brother.

Andrew just gives the priest a nod, not trusting himself to say anything the man won't be able to twist into something..worse.

"Come and wake my ass up when we go." Lysander plainly says before he is making his way to the house and shutting himself up inside. Still even though Nikos is not called brother- there seems to be no look or even a frown about it. He answers all the same to how he's known. And yes. he is gone now.

"That was bracing," Ollie notes, before she moves over to take the seat recently vacated by the retreating priest. She crosses her legs before she settles back in the chair, and begins to rock slightly. The plant is settled into a place beside, on an upturned crate. "He's a colorful … fellow."

Andrew snorts. "Yeah, there's an understatement," he replies thinly. "He's…" He shakes his head, a flush rising on his cheeks again. "Not right in the head," he finally finishes the thought.

"He's a priest of Hades," Ollie replies, with a somewhat dry tone. Clearly, it's to be expected. It's a merciful thing that, if the botanist notices the flush on the cheeks of the young man, she does not bring it up. "But he is good with a rifle, by all indications. Small favors. I suppose it's worth paying for with a few…" She lingers over a choice of words, and finally settles on, "Awkward conversations."

"Acts more like a priest of Aphrodite," Andrew grumbles, flipping the page in his book. "I know he's a trained marine, so yeah, good with a gun. Just wish he'd keep his craziness to himself."

"The likelihood of that happening is slim," Ollie replies, with a little smile. "He's a priest. Priests love to talk. I've yet to meet a man dedicated to the robes who doesn't run at the mouth at length." She looks to Andrew again, considering the teen. "Did he offend you?"

"Kind of," Andrew admits uncomfortably. "He.." He shifts uncomfortably in his seat, his blush returning. "He kind of was insulting you…," he finally continues, albeit in a lower tone.

Ollie's rocking slows, which is the only indication that pinged any sort of radar, and then resumes a beat later, smoothly. Sort of. Her arms rest on the arms of the chair, and it creaks gently with each rock. "Was he?"

"I don't know that you want to know," Andrew answers, firming up his tone. Yeah, he's going to make that decision for her.

The woman considers this for a moment, and then she simply nods once. "Okay." And just like that, she moves on. Lysander shouldn't be surprised if he finds himself developing a quite unexpected case of poison ivy later, however. "Thank you for your concern on my behalf, Andrew."

Yeah, 'cause that's not going to make him more embarrassed. Andrew just shrugs, noting, "It was a little personal," before going back to his book. Galetea, for her part, doesn't seem to have notice much of the conversation at all.

Given the subject of discussion when she walked out onto the veranda, Ollie wisely chooses to let the subject lie. Her attention shifts to the dog, and she leans back in the chair, relaxing into the rocking. "Hmmm." She closes her eyes as a breeze blows up, and whispers over the open air porch.

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