MAJ Vendas
Alice Taglioni
Alice Taglioni as Danika Vendas
Name: Danika Vendas
Alias: Torch
Age: 38
Hair & Eyes: Blond/Light Blue
Faction: Navy
Position: Viper Pilot/CAG
Colony: Virgon
Play Times: Variable
Timezone: MST




Danika, eldest of four daughters, had a rather uneventful childhood. She started the Naval Academy, like most pilots, at 18. After graduation her first few years were marked by personal turmoil. A terrible divorce and the loss of custody of her daughter was gut-wrenching. With nothing left, she threw herself into her work. "Torch", then a JG, began teaching after a suggestion from her squadron commander as a way to distract herself from all her personal problems. In his words: "Find a Godsdamned way to relax before you burn the frak out. Go teach some rooks how to shoot or something!" The idea took hold in her and she fell into it quickly. After a lightning promotion to Lieutenant and gaining a reputation both inside and outside her wing, she was invited to join an Aggressor Squadron: The Ironhands. Cafferty Air Base - Aerilon. Her service rotation, which is normally a few years for pilots, took her all the way to squadron leadership after a promotion to Major. During her time there she procured a Masters degree while she climbed the ladder of ranks. Flying nearly every single day, Vendas developed a reputation as one of the best adversaries and teachers the fleet had to offer. However, after a year running the squadron Danika was ordered to start a new Air Wing aboard the CEC Kharon. It was time for someone else to take the reigns of the Ironhands and she needed to get back into the general fleet. Major Vendas was told to select one Lieutenant from the Ironhands and meet up on the Kharon as the appointed CAG to set-up the 51st Fighter Wing.


Its known that Major Vendas has a daughter, Kendra, somewhere around ten or eleven years old but she does not wear rings or speak much about her family at all. There are also whispers of a messy divorce and estrangement from her own kin, but its rare for her to confirm any of it for some reason.


  • Colonial Naval Academy, Fifth-in-Class.
  • Advanced Flight Training, Second-in-Class.
  • Masters Degree, Air Battle Management.

Reputation (or Mil. Service)

Humble, soft-spoken, and blunt. She does not sugar-coat often and is a person who seems to get pride out of helping others. During her time at Cafferty AB, she was known to drive her pilots hard and demand the best. In her mind, training other pilots meant that you had better be at the top of your game. She takes her job very seriously in the air and in uniform. On the ground, Vendas treats her pilots with respect and dignity. She seems to believe that being blunt and honest is the same as giving respect. Some people have taken issue with that in the past. But she is, nevertheless, a mama-bear to those under her. Always willing to hang out and shoot the breeze, she isn't one to think herself too good to be amongst the rest of the group. This feature of her personality seems to make her easily approachable about most matters in at least a casual way.


Previous Postings


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Cafferty Airbase, Aerilon
Five Years


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Battlestar Constellation
Five Years


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Battlestar Triton
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