Summary: Doctor Cassidy and Cygnus have a somewhat disturbing encounter with Nine in the mess hall.
Date: PHD04
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Cygnus sits alone in a corner of the mess hall, apparently lost in thought. There's a tray in front of him with an untouched orange sitting on it, as well as a cup of tea. It appears the tea has been there awhile, owing to the fact that it's no longer steaming. Mac doesn't really appear to be paying attention to much that's going on around him as he holds a small cold-pack to his lip and jaw, pulling it away every now and again to check to see if his lip has stopped bleeding.

Nine drifts inward, her feet barely seeming to touch the floor, eyes barely meeting anything, walking around as if her black eyes were blind, looking but not seeing, lost.

Something draws Cygnus' attention and he looks up, the hand cradling the cold-pack dropping back to the table. That's when he sees Nine. Things have been so frakked up and crazy lately, he's not had a chance to talk with her since the evening they'd gotten drunk. An evening of fairly startling revelations. The almost dead expression on her face startles him into action and he rises from the table he's inhabiting, a few swift steps carrying him over to her side. He's almost afraid to reach out and touch her, worried he'll startle her out of her skin, so he tries words first, leaning a bit closer to murmur near her ear, "You gonna be okay?"

Nine comes to a little bit but doesn't startle overmuch, trying to figure out why she came in here in the first place. Probably for the food, but— she can't say she's hungry. She looks around in dull-headed confusion, mouth moving slightly to utter half-whispered words, "Uh-huh."

A frown knit's Mac's eyebrows together. The vacant quality of her eyes, the distraction concerns him. One thing is for certain though, Cygnus cannot even begin to imagine what could be running through her head, all things considered. "Do you want to… Sit?" He offers gently, glancing over towards the tables. Nine really does look like she could stand to sit down to his eyes.

Nine moves a vague angle, trending a few drifting steps toward the table he indicates before losing her impetus, almost there.

Okay. Now? Now Nine is starting to scare Cygnus just a bit, and he's half tempted to find a way to escort her to medical. Truthfully, he can't quite tell if her current state is spiritual or psychological. The second of those choices he's in no way qualified to deal with. "Just a few more steps, Nine," He urges gently.

Nine goes a little further at the poking, until her knee hits chair, and it bends up over it, the enginesnipe lowering herself onto her knee, her other leg off the edge of the chair as she settles there with her hands in her lap.

Cygnus does his best to catch Nine's eyes and hold them, despite the vacant appearance within them. "Ms Nine?" His voice is quiet and concerned as he tries to get through the haze she seems to be operating under. "Ms Nine? You've got me really worried here, you know that?"

The fact that Nine has finally looked up and responded to him, gives Cygnus a bit of hope. Grabbing another of the chairs, he sets it directly beside her so that he can sit down on it to face her on the same level. Gently, he reaches out and cups a hand against her cheek for just a moment, "I'm glad you answered, Ms Nine, you were starting to scare me a bit."

"I'm not scary," Nine replies simply, her voice getting a bit more vocalization to it, but it's still very quiet, not meant for ears beyone those of the one addressing her.

"No, Ms Nine." Cygnus stresses the next word, "You, are not scary, but the state that you are in is scaring me just a bit," he explains. His voice has remained just as gentle as before. For a moment, he breaks the eye contact in order to the look around the room, and he looks downright relieved to see Doctor Cassidy across the room. Not wanting to leave the engineer's side, he waves a hand in the air in John's direction, hoping to beckon him over.

"We're going to be superheroes, now." That's the next thing from Nine, as she goes back to staring at the table. She doesn't sound happy about it.

John pauses for a few moments as he sees the hand waved, and turns his movement over in that direction. "Hello there," he offers to the two persons present, offering them a bit of a nod and a half-smile. "Something wrong?"

Cygnus keeps his attention firmly fixed on Nine, though he glances up briefly at John, "Hey Doc, good to see you." Frankly, it's a relief, because Mac feels a bit out of his element. This doesn't seem to be something that simple religious counselling is going to help. He scoots his chair a bit more to the side to allow the Doctor access, though he still remains close, "I'm not certain I'm qualified to help Ms Nine here," He admits quietly.

Nine's mouth twists a little bit as she narrows her black eyes to peer at John. "Are you?"

Nodding a bit as he hears that, John looks between the two for a few moments, pausing a bit at Nine's question. "Well, that would depend a little bit on what the problem might be, wouldn't it?" he answers rather quietly. "But I should be qualified to handle a lot of different things, as long as they seem to be related to medical issues." A brief pause, "Or if you need someone lending an ear, I could help you there as well."

Cygnus shoots a grateful look up at the Doctor, and stands up briefly so that he can murmur softly in the man's ear, "She was really out of it when she came in, and I'm not certain if it's spiritual, psychological, or medical in nature. I'm not qualified to help with two of those, you know?" Having caught Cassidy up to date, he settles himself back in the chair at Nine's side, giving her a gentle smile, "The Doc is a good guy, Ms Nine, he just wants to help you, like I do."

"Will people back home be able to fly, now?" Nine asks John. That seems like a good, relevent question, either medically or spiritually.

John blinks a little bit as he hears that question. "If they will be able to fly…" Glancing over at Cygnus for a few seconds, as if asking the man what kind of question that is, before he turns back to Nine. "To physically fly?" he asks in return. "Or do you mean that in a more spiritual way, perhaps?"

Mac was wondering the same thing himself, though given Nine's state, he's not completely sure that she comprehends what's happened. Or that if she does comprehend it, it hasn't caused her mind to snap. For now, he allows the Doctor to ask the questions, worried that both of them trying to do so will only serve to confuse things even more.

"When you get radiation on you." Nine begins again. "You get to fly. Or you can see through walls." Yes. This obviously is going to work like it does in comic books.

John ahs a little bit as he hears that, shaking his head a bit, "I'm afraid it doesn't work like that, sadly…" Going quiet for a few moments as he considers his words, "It wouldn't have been that bad if that was what happened, right?" Waiting with the actual effect of the radiation for now.

"Ms Nine had been asking if we'd all be superheros now," Cygnus murmurs out in an attempt to put the words in context. It's clear he's very concerned about the young woman. The more she speaks though, the more Mac worries that the engineer has snapped mentally. Once again he reaches out, allowing his palm to curve the shape of her cheek. Gentle contact, nothing more.

"But it's been known to happen," Nine points out. "We don't know it hasn't. We must have just missed it. We should go back. I want to learn how to fly. I keep asking Kharon to teach me."

"True, we don't know that it hasn't," John replies gently, before he shakes his head a little bit, "But we have seen no evidence that it has happened either. At least nothing that's been proven." A brief pause, then he adds, "The results of all recorded observations of the kind is that being exposed to the radiation leads to death, unless you recieve regular medication for it." A brief pause, before he adds, "I'm sorry…"

Cygnus bites his lip for a moment, which causes him to wince. He's so wrapped up with his concern for the young woman, that he'd forgotten it was split. One thing is for certain though, he feels in over his head on this one. "I'm not certain how I can help," The question is addressed more to Cassidy than to Nine, herself.

Nine suddenly seems to half-snap out of it, looking to John with a frustrated sort of look. "What doesn't kill you makes you stronger," she tells him almost forcefully. As forcefully as she ever speaks. She stands, then, only wobbling faintly. Then heads for the door.

John blinks a bit at that reaction. He then looks from the departing Nine, to Cygnus, then back to Nine. "But radiation kills," he replies, starting to head in that direction as well.

Cygnus lets out a small, frustrated sound. He's supposed to be meeting someone here. Still, he's fairly certain Mia will understand, which causes him to stand, grab the now nearing warm cold-pack from the table, and follow after John and Nine.

Nine sees herself being pursued, and suddenly breaks into a spry run, weaving nimbly between folk and around the side of the bulkhead, trying to lose the pair of them on her way.

John frowns a bit as he sees Nine run off, and tries to follow, grimacing a bit as he tries to see where she went in the crowd. Looking around carefully.

Cygnus thinks he spots the top of her head once, then Nine is simply gone, leaving him to frown in her wake. "Frak," Is grunted out with frustration and he stops to lean against the bulkhead, then shakes his head over in Cassidy's direction. "I don't know what to think, Doc. She seems a bit… gone. Mentally, that is."

John nods a little bit as he hears that, "Seems so, yes," he replies after a few moments. Sighing a little bit, "She's probably not the only one to do so," he adds.

The whole thing just makes Cygnus feel weary, and with a wince he presses the cold-pack back against his jaw, trying to keep it from swelling. "I don't know how we're supposed to help them all, Doc," He admits ruefully. "All of this isn't even my true area of experise." One thing's for certain Mac's determined to do the best he can.

"Most important part is listening, I guess," John replies, with a bit of a sigh. "Not sure exactly how we can help in all cases, but listening should be a bit of a relief, at least."

Cygnus' eyes close a bit as he nods in reply, "That's what I've been trying to do. She seems a bit… better now. When she first came in here? I don't know. She seemed almost catatonic. Had me really worried. She's a bit different on a normal day, but nothing like how she was tonight."

A small smile is offered in John's direction, "Thanks for your help, Doc. Sorry about snagging you like that on your down time, I just wasn't sure what else to do. I think some of her problems might be a bit beyond my abilities. Such as they are."

"Don't worry about it," John replies, before he adds, "It's what I'm here for, after all."

"Again with the thanks, Doc," Cygnus nods. "Looks like my friend got caught up with work, I think I might try to catch some rack time. Haven't had a chance since the services last night, yet."

John nods a little bit as he hears that, "Don't worry about it. And rest well," he offers, after a few moments.

With a nod in Cassidy's direction, Cygnus heads through the hatch, bound and determined to at least find time for a nap.

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