V for Visitor
V for Visitor
Summary: Callie gets visited by Castor.
Date: PHD 191
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The door the recovery ward opens and a man steps inside and this man is in the ward on a mission and that mission is to check on the wounded from the last attack. He takes a moment to move to one of the members of the staff and he stops to look over at where Callie would be - it would seem the puppydog pilot is not done being a cheerleader for the Kharon yet and so he moves over to the Crewman Apprentice studying her to see if she is awake or if she is available to talk.

Callie is awake and available to talk, the medic who was checking on her cast and making sure her fingers are still getting blood to them having just finished their brief checkup. Her face has become more pale than normal, that being from a mix of the pain meds and being in pain, but she seems to be in good spirits. She's currently reading a novel, one of those 'trashy romance' ones Cinder brought her, her attention so into it that she misses the Lieutenant's arrival.

Castor makes note of the trashy romance novel and he says, "I learned to read from books like this…" he glances at the title, "And this one has an odd writting style." Wait, did Leda just acctually talk about a book - out loud - yes, yes he did then again Callie probably doesn't know that Leda doesn't talk about writting much and it is an in for the conversation and so he smiles and says, "It is good to see you moving Manf, how are feeling?

"I feel myself growing dumber by the page," Callie says with a sigh. "Not that I don't appreciate Cinder being nice and thinking about me but I'd rather read about electronics or mechanics or FTL." Callie's a smart girl, something that may or may not be noticed thanks to how young she comes across as, and maybe…just maybe..some part of her is snobbish or elitist enough to think that reading romance books is beneath her in some manner. When she asks how she's feeling she shrugs, her brow creasing as she lifts her left arm up from the bed, showing the LT her cast, parts of which have little metal pins sticking out of the plaster. "Two clean breaks, one greenstck fractures. I now have hardware in me, sir."

In otherwords, she has felt better.

Castor doesn't look put out by her appraisal of romance literature but he says, "Well, to each their own…and I'll make sure you get a book on both." He says, "It is good to dedicate yourself to your work…" he then touches his index finger to his nose and he says, "But a little maddness now and then is relished by the wisest men." He then says, "Ouch…" he says as he looks at the pins and he says, "Though you will survive this and you'll be around for years and years to fix this ship up and keep us going." He then says, "and consider your new upgrade since you will be walking better in no time at all." His voice is slightly teasing but it has concerned tones for Callie as he says, "And speaking of upgrades." He reaches into his pocket and he pulls out a wrapped chocolate bad, "From the personal stash, the good one he says…" with a smile and he places the chocolate bar in technicians hand.

Callie looks at Castor, a brow arched slightly; normally she'd love to indulge them both on a discussion on literature and madness but her wit has been dulled by boredom and morpha, leaving her brain fairly fuzzy. So instead of waxing poetically on the topic of books she simply nods, trying to smile at the same time. "Yeah, I know…" she starts to say on the subject that doesn't really require much thought, that being how she'll be okay and everything but he goes on, handing her the candy, that causing her to blush. "Wow. Thanks. I'll save this for later. Cinder brought me a soda and I think the nurses would kill me if I wind up hyper on sugar."

No discussion about books is a good thing since it means that he would have to divuldge how many books he has read. He then smiles as he says, "Well, they also aren't keen on smoking in here too" He then leans in and says, "but sometimes people do and they keep it on the downlow." He then says, "And stay on Doc Pike's good side." He then says, "So, anything you need?" Castor asks, "I have ways of finding things you know…but getting you hooch in here is a no go." He then takes a seat as he notes the morpha and he says, "But between you and me I think you are on something better than hooch right now for the pain." His tones are calm and slightly teasing as he is trying to fish a smile from the young woman and he is here working on improving morale.

"I drink very rarely and I don't smoke so that's not a problem and I don't usually get on people's badside so that shouldn't be a problem, either," Callie says with a soft sigh. "Yeah. Morpha. Whee. Fun. Get poked, get high…makes me remember why I never got into drugs." Castor's offer has her considering and she looks at the officer curiously, her brow creased. "Can you get me a pack of gum?"

Castor grins, "Good, I would feel dirty giving you cigs and hooch, Kiddo." He teases as he says, "And why get into drugs when you have ships that need fixing and repairs that need to be made and new ways of discovering how to improve things." He then smiles as he says, "Gum? That should be easy." He pauses as he considers the request and it is small and humble considering some of the other things he has been asked for since all of this started. He then states, "What flavor?" He is getting specific with this little nugget of a request for a nugget.

'Kiddo' is awfully close to 'kid', the one thing the crewman loathes being called, but Callie manages to ignore it in the light that he's trying so very hard to make her feel better, which he is even if she can't show it right now, and she'd hate to snap at him when he doesn't even know how she feels on that subject. "Mint is at all possible but beggars can't be choosers…hey, do you know Panda by chance?"

Castor smiles and he says, "Mint, is easily the most easily available flavor to find these days." He then takes a moment to consider where he is going to get said gum but as a familiar name is mention Castor perks up, "Ah, the force of nature that is Panda." He then smiles, "I know him and I know his sister very well but why do you ask?" He asks curiously.

Callie looks at the man and raises a brow, tilting her head slightly. She has forgotten that only a few people know about her and Panda being a couple but once she does she's quick to explain. "Well, you see, I'm the Tassel Lass to his Nip-Man…" That's too much of an inside joke which causes her to pause and take a different route. "He's my boyfriend and I don't know if he knows I am here. Cinder is supposed to let him know and to ask him to bring my teddy bear to me but I don't know if she'll run into him. Can you please let him know if you do, just in case?"

Castor says nothing but Panda has some 'splainin to do but he says, "I'll see what I can do to drag him into here and I will inform his sister as well so that she can help out in getting him to you." Castor then says, "Ah yes, his superhero identity." It would seem that Castor does know about this and he says, "If you would like I can get your teddy bear though I think seeing your boyfriend might be the point of this exercise."

"Yeah. No offense. But it is a dual-purpose request. I get to see Panda and he can bring PJ…" PJ being the name of her bear, short for Panda Junior of course, "…here for me."

"Yeah. No offense. But it is a dual-purpose request. I get to see Panda and he can bring PJ…" PJ being the name of her bear, short for Panda Junior of course, "…here for me." Callie gives up on not nibbling on the chocolate bar, the candy unwrapped and eaten a tiny bit at a time. "Why did you call Panda a force of nature," she then asks her visitor, Castor near by while she's laid out on the bed.

Castor nods his head and he says, "And a fine name for a bear to have…" He then says, "What is PJ short for?" He asks curiously as he is attempting to get to know more about the bear in question as well as Callie. As for the question posed to Callie, well, Leda doesn't hesitate as he says, "He just has a way about him that is larger than life, some people are quiet, reserved, and they are trying to fit in but other people like Pandorian are just big as life." He then takes a moment to ask, "And how long have you two been dating?"

Some people are always grumpy, for whatever reason, and Jacobs is becoming one of them. Not very slowly either. He strides into the Recovery Ward, demanding to an orderly "Move." when they are in his way. Unfortunately for him, it comes off pleasant enough, just by the tone of his voice. Then it's over to the desk that the ranking person on duty sits at, for now becoming Jacobs'.

"It stands for Panda Junior, duh," Callie murmurs. She nods to his response but then the questions continute, putting her on the defensive, something in how Castor has such an interest in the relationship she shares with Panda getting her Tassel Lass senses to tingle. "Not very long," she quips casually, a half truth. She'd try to elaborate further but she catches site of the medic from across the way, it causing her to go silent.

Castor nods his head and as the gift of Jacobs voice fills the air Castor smiles and he then turns to look at Callie, "Ah, well, Panda Junior is a fine name indeed." He then says, "Well then I wish you both the best of love and many years of success and when it is time many lovely children." He then takes a second to add, "Though I will make sure that Panda knows you want to see him and I am sure he will be on his way here soon."

Jacobs does paperwork. Furiously.

Callie nods. "Thank you," she first says but then, abruptly, she looks Castor right in the eye, all signs of being on pain medcation fading, Callie sobering rather suddenly. "Is there something going on, sir?" Her expression becomes that of grim determination, her sweet demeanor shifting to something different, the nice, polite girl becoming one that's no-nonsense, all-business.

Castor looks over at Callie as she begins to bow up and Castor shakes his head, "Nothing at all." Castors tone is soft as he says this and if there was something going on he is showing no sign of it. He then smiles, "I'm just looking for a topic of conversation since I do believe this is the longest conversation you and I have ever had and it takes a while to get to know someone. So, I'm just asking some questions, you know." He then winks, "You can ask me a question if you would like?"

Callie sighs and lays back, looking up at the ceiling now rather than at the officer himself. "I'm sorry. I didn't mean to snap. I am not really myself." Sniffing, she pauses to think before adding as in afterthought, "You know, the morpha really is a nasty drug. Makes me all up and down emotionally. Think I'll be frakking happy to get off of the crap."

Castor looks at Callie and he waves his hand as if to brush something off of his face and he says, "Well, right now, the crap is one of the most valuable things going since it is a controlled substance - I couldn't trade for it even if I wanted to and even if I did I'd give it to the people here since getting wounded all to hell is made worse by a lack of painkillers." He then takes a moment to smile as he says, "So, enjoy it while you can and it is a gift in that we found some more recently." He then says, "Though yes, it is a nasty drug."

Whatever Castor says is lost on Callie as she drifts off, falling asleep as she often has since her arrival here, that being at the drop of a hat.

Castor stands as he has a certain Marine that he has to deliver a message too.

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