Unfair Advantage
Unfair Advantage
Summary: Mina is hoisted by her own legal petard
Date: Mission Day #28
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-[ Small Arms Range - Deck 2 ] - [ CEC Kharon ]-
This room contains the typical layout of a fleet range. There are four stalls running out to twenty-five yards, each having their own target system run on a simple mechanical pulley mechanism. At the rear of the room is a waist-high table for reloading magazines or for setting down range bags. A large storage locker to the side contains additional hearing protection, stocks of range ammunition and protective eyewear. Hanging from the ceiling by a pair of chains, and easily visible when walking through the door is a listing of range rules.

Mina is decked out in the regulation gear, acrylic glasses, earcovers and a light vest for ammo and a cache of powder for her hands. She carries a custom handgun and all the accouterments for her time on the range. Looking neither right nor left, she effectively lets go several rounds.

Tobias wanders into the range like it's just another day. Quickly making his way to the ear protection he pulls it on. Luckily just before Mina fires off a series of shots into the evil paper target of doom. Glancing over he cocks his head slightly to the side and grabs his protective eyewear and signs out a pistol and range bullets. Walking up to the stall next to her he sets the pistol down along with the clips of ammo. Sliding his protective glasses on he looks to her pistol and stares at it a moment and looks back to her, giving her a once over. The Marine is officially confused.

Mina saw the Marine's entry from her peripheral vision, waiting purposefully for him to done his gear before firing, but only just, which leaves a subtle smile on her lips before emptying her clip into the target. With a light touch, she pushes the button which draws the perps outline nearer, satisfied with her results.

Tobias looks up to the target then over to her then back to the target. Shaking his head he looks back down to his pistol and slides a clip into the pistol and comments, "And I had thought I had seen it all…" Sliding the hammer back he lifts the pistol and takes aim on his own target and fires off a grouping of three shots to the paper.

Standing just over 6' the well built man lingers quietly. Shortcut but bright red hair contrasts sharply with his tanned skin. Obviously Tobias has spent a considerable time in the sun to counteract the natural pale skin that plagues other redheads in the world. Hazel eyes watch the room with an air of mischief, only to be complimented by the coy smile pulled across his lips.

Tobias is currently wearing a Marine Officer uniform. The khaki uniform is a short sleeved shirt tucked in with dark buttons lining straight down the middle, two squared breast pockets are secured by simple velcro clasps. Along the left shoulder is the grey patch designating the CEC-46 Kharon as their assigned duty ship. A webbed olive green belt provides a break of uniform around the waist and dark green pants tuck into black combat boots. Turned down collars leave an open neckline revealing a black undershirt and the rank insignia of Private First Class on the collar's corners.

"What's that PFC?" Mina removes the ear protection from her head, stepping back from between the waist high partitions. She looks over at him, eyes widening as she continues to look upwards.

Tobias glances over and sets the pistol down. Reaching up and pulling back one muff off his ear and comments, "I said I thought I had seen it all, Sir." No rank pins, but better to be safe than sorry. Especially when she is armed and can shoot like she did. Pointing to the gun he asks, "What kind of pistol is that? Doesn't look like Colonial issue."

Mina colors lightly, picking up her jacket and showing him the Lieutenant JG pins. Carefully she lays both the Sangriene 1911 and her jacket back on the rubber mat, releasing the magazine. "It was custom made for me. A gift from my father after graduating from college."

Tobias leans over the wall and looks to the gun then looks to her and nods, "That's one helluva frakkin' graduation present. Most attractive women I know got a new car or fancy necklace." Looking to her he smiles and winks, "You know this means you have to marry me now, Sir?"

Mina's cheek rush with color, her mouth working though no words are issued. It is evident she is lacking in the knowledge of this type of teasing and with a quick response, she returns the clip to the gun, fits the ear protection on her head and focusses on the new target, "I'd put your headphones on, PFC" And hopes to hell he does since as she says that, her stance appears, the gun raised and after a heartbeat, the fresh clip exhausted.

Tobias chuckles as he pulls the protection on and looks to her. Following suit he lifts the pistol up himself and expends the remaining bullets in his clip at the target from his initial warm-up shots. A glance from his target to hers back to his for the comparison of bragging rights. The Marine has to show up the Officer or all honor is lost.

Mina doesn't look over at his. One because she can't see over the damned partition and two, it was never good to see if you were better or far worse than the shooter beside you. And so, with disgust arching her lips, she brings the target nearer, ripping it from its hooks and making it into a rather large cardboard/paper ball which she drops unceremoniously at her feet.

Tobias blinks blankly as he doesn't even see the paper move under his shots. Oh wait there it is, a small little divet on the edge of the left side. A simply word emits as the target gets drawn closer, "Frak!" Glancing over briefly to Mina then back to his target he pulls it down and shoves it off to the side. Replacing it with a fresh target he pushes the button to slide it back out as he looks to her and calls out to hear over the protection, "So how long you been shooting?"

Mina steps back from between the partition, she watches him, making certain he isn't firing again once her earphones are off. Looking down at the offending paper, she pushes it with her toe, muttering, "By the looks of it, not long enough." Aloud, "Since high school." Even won awards, though she'd not even make the Caprican water boy team today.

Tobias nods slowly as he looks to her and pulls down his ear protection. Setting the pistol down showing he has no intentions of firing just yet he comments, "Well to have a gun like that you must have been pretty good back in the day." Hooking his thumb to the pistol, "I normally prefer Rifles, but then again you gotta practice with these things." Extending his hand to her he smiles, "Private First Class John Tobias. You are?"

Mina removes the clip, lowers the ear protection to around her neck and extends her own hand, "Lieutenant JG Mina Alexios." JG. It always reminded her of the Junior Mints back on Caprica. Her favorite confection. Her hand is swallowed by his as she looks upwards into his face.

Tobias smiles and nods, "Pleasure to meet you Sir. Not very often we get the squids down here shooting, so good to know at least one of you can defend yourselves if necessary." Returning the shake firmly he slowly draws his hand back and cocks his head curiously to her, "So been on the Kharon long? This is my first ship cruise so it's all kind of exciting to me as a whole." The grin is broad as he steps a tad closer to her and leans against the partition dividing their stalls.

Mina's head lifts as he looms over her, her back almost arching in the effort. She realizes her eyes are still covered and she hastily removes the semi-tinted protection. "Yes…no! I mean I've not been on the Kharon long. Actually, it's my first assignment. On a ship..rather than being land locked." It appears that more than her marksmanship has gone out the window with this meeting.

Tobias chuckles lightly as he watches her a moment and nods, "Oh yea? What they have you doing that you spent so much time on the surface, Sir?" Folding his arms on the partition, he lowers his head and rests his chin on the forearms as he looks to her.

Mina's head lowers incrementally as the Marine slides into a carefree resting pose. "JAG. I was working for the Colonial Judge Advocate's office as his aid." Green eyes take in the ginger hair of the man, the hazel eyes.

Tobias nods slowly as he watches her, "JAG? Wow. So wait. You are a lawyer and you can shoot? Frak sakes woman.. tell me you like to go camping and can cook and I am putting a damn ring on our finger now." Winking to her he smiles, shifting slightly as he realizes he is going way off protocol with the Officer.

You say, "I am…I do.." The shake of her head is an attempt to clear it, cheeks cresting with color once again, "My family and I used to camp.." Her voice lowers slightly, her eyes move to the side in remembranced images of her mother's seeking inspiration in the trees or some such drivel…"As for a cook. Not spectacular. I mean I can make coffee." Good gods, its like she's interviewing for the damned position. Straightening slightly, she lifts her chin, looking him square in the eyes, "Yes. A lawyer.""

Tobias smiles to her and nods, "That's neat.. definately has to be more entertaining than shooting at stuff all day." Eyes slide out to her target then back to her pistol then finally back to her, "Or not." Lifting his fingers he points at her with a coy grin, "Never underestimate the ability to make good coffee."

Mina's eyes follow his finger, nearly going cross-eyed as he points to her. Quickly, her eyes raise from the finger to his face and smiles happily, "It can be ambrosia at times. Like after a bender. Or the smell of cabin smoke along with a rasher of bacon, eggs and a really good biscuit."

Tobias groans as he looks to her, "Oh now you are making me really frakkin' hungry. I miss those breakfast, get a nice fresh ham and bacon. Eggs straight from the roost that morning." Glancing to the door then the bulkhead, "Much better than the frakkin' stuff they serve here. That's for sure."

Mina's eyes soften as she also recalls decent food, "Though at times, the cook gets creative or..or the mess hall gets the supplies from the bases. A few days ago, we did have eggs and ham. Though, there's just something about a fireplace or a camp fire. Something earthy and fulfilling."

Tobias smiles to her and nods, "Well that was pretty much every morning for me. Brother would go grab the eggs, we got breakfast and I was out in the woods before daybreak hunting our dinner for the next few nights." Finally straightening up he glances to the paper target then back to her as he continues, "So where did you grow up at?"

Mina follows his look, finding the PFC before her far more interesting than shooting, which is saying something for her. "We could always go to the Mess. See what they've got up there…" She pauses and then adds the codicil, "Unless you're due back for work."

Tobias shakes his head slowly, "I am actually between shifts right now. With everything that happened on that ship we got a little break. Especially since we can't exactly take shore leave floating in space." Winking to her he hooks his head towards the hatch, "Let me put my stuff up and I will meet you there?"

Mina murmurs, "Of course." Carefully, she breaks down her gun to clean in the privacy of her office, placing it in the mahogany carrying case. She places glasses and ear protection in the "Used" cubbyhole. A quick once over and she slips on her jacket and a brief salute with two fingers for Tobias. She strides out, as much as a five foot two woman can stride and is out the door.

Tobias watches her pack up and takes his time as she saunters off to take in the brief view. Clearing his throat he looks back to his pistol and quickly gathers it and goes to return it to the respective stations and sign all the equipment back in. Looks like dinner is coming early tonight.

-[ Mess Hall - Deck 2 ] - [ CEC Kharon ]-
Next to Hangar Bay One, this is probably the largest room on the ship in terms of available square footage. Its expanse has to feed the entire crew of the Kharon three times a day and still be able to offer snacks to those who need something between meals. The kitchen is almost constantly in operation to produce the next meal while huge coffee urns operate near the end of the room, fresh mugs ready to fulfill the needs of the masses.
The typically gray walls of the ship are broken up in here with a neutral shade of gull white that might be an attempt to shift atmosphere of the ship. Long tables span rows that go back through the room with a few circular tables at the rear which offer a more private setting. The serving counter is near the Fore end of the room, the long counter passing by numerous serving platters.
Mina's braided hair swings left to right as she walks, which is usually quick, never languid. She moves to the end of the line, picking up the tray and making her way through the line. By the time she's finished, her tray is laden with sweets, a bit of meat and potatoes and coffee. The rest consists of cake, pie, several cookies and iced cream. She chooses a seat at one of the empty tables, places the napkin in her lap and looks over her spread happily.

Tobias wanders into the mess a bit after Mina makes her straight path there. Taking a brief glance as he shuffles in line and looks to her, smiling as he sees her seat choice. Looking back to the task of food at hand he finally gets through the line. Strictly to a meats and potatos diet on this meal. Just very large portions of it as he walks over to her table and ceremoniously sits down across from her. Looking to her tray and then back to his then back to hers he cocks a smile and says, "Guess I know who's dessert I am stealing, Sir."

Mina lifts a brow, as though a throw down has been offered, "You think so, PFC?"

Tobias chuckles and nods as he gets settled, "I sure do, Sir." Looking up to her as he starts to cut at the meat on his plate while watching her with a smirk on his lips, "Why? You want to wrestle over it?" Meat cut. Meat to mouth. Happy Marine.

Mina's lips open once and then shut immediately, her skin's hue warming to peach. And so, she starts with her dessert, watching him circumspectly over her tray.

Tobias chuckles lightly as he shoves some of the food in his mouth and finally deciding to swallow with a swig of his drink. Looking up to her he coyly grins, "So I don't think you ever told me where you were from, did you Sir?" Looking to her tray he seems to be assessing but he doesn't make an attempt just yet.

Mina pauses in her dining, the tip of her tongue appearing to lick an errant bit of chocolate icing from the side of her mouth. She reaches down to delicately dab at her lips with the napkin before answering, "Caprica City. My father was a high justice there." She watches as he enjoys his meal, though her bites are not near his own.

Tobias nods slowly as he shoves some potatos in to the gullet entrance. Setting the fork down he has already made a pretty decent dent into the meal with very little chewing and near inhalation powers to the portion sizes. Another swig to wash it down and a glance up, "Caprica, eh? Never been there. Hear about it a lot though. High justice? That some kind of judge or something?"

There is a sense of pride in Mina's voice as she responds, "Yes. On some colonies it's called a Supreme Court? He was my mentor and my teacher. I interned for him while I was in college and it was the best time of my life thusfar."

Tobias smiles to her as he listens, taking a break from the food to watch her level of pride show so visibly, "That's good. Not many are that lucky to spend such good times with their parents. So why didn't you just do private work? Why the military?" Cut. Cut. Cut goes the meat. Stab. Chew.

Mina lays down her cutlery, her chin moving to rest in her upturned palm, "I honestly don't know. My parents nor grandparents ever felt the need to serve, but it was as if I needed to give back all that I'd received. My father was disappointed that I did not join the law firm he'd established, but…I was simply drawn to the military."

Tobias watches her curiously as he chews. The process is slowed down as he asks, "So wait.. you enlisted because you were bored with having everything handed to you on a silver plate?" Shaking his head he looks to the potatos and stabs them with some meat and shoves them in his mouth. Chewing slowly he finally swallows, "How the frak do you give up the life where you can do whatever you want to come into the military? That just doesn't make any sense."

Mina laughs softly and shrugs, picking up her fork once more, "I blame it on my mother. She never makes sense." A bit of cake is slipped between smiling lips.

Tobias grins to that and nods. Stabbing and sorting the simple contents of his plate he takes another bite and finally sets the fork down. Lifting his glass he takes a slow sip and looks to her over the glass before setting it down, "So what's been your favorite duty station so far?"

Mina lowers her voice and eyes as though embarrassed, "I've only ever been on the Caprica Colonial Military Base, John…may I call you John?" She knows the regs of fraternizing but she is off duty at the moment and she wearies of rank.

Tobias leans forward slightly and nods, "Sure, most people call me Tobias or whatever else they come up with." Smiling to her he continues, "You seem embarassed about only being stationed there? Why?"

Mina's napkin is crushed in her hand, leaning forward herself to explain, "I feel as though I should have been at far more exotic stations before landing here. So many of my grade have been to Aquarion or..or even other bases in Delphi. I got there, they'd heard of my father's standing and did everything in their power to keep me right there."

Tobias shrugs and smiles to her, "Big frakkin' deal. How many of those types can say they have a High Justice as their dad? Probably better to be here than another dreadful colony station. At least here you can see the real world and not the silver spoon life."

Mina releases her death grip of the napkin, easing herself back into her chair. Now she goes for the meat and potatoes, her fill taken of dessert it seems. A delicate cutting of her meat into precise portions and she begins eating with tines down. Not affectation, but just how she was taught, "Perhaps that's what interested me, John, in the military. I never -felt- as though I had everything handed to me…I earned my grades and I hope to hell I did it without my father's influence. One reason I took up marksmanship. Something they couldn't compare me to my father. Though I hoped I could be looked upon with my own merit."

Tobias waves his hand dismissively as he reaches over to her tray to steal one of her cookies, hopefully without withdrawing it with a fork in his hand, "Once you leave your home colony, noone knows who you are or were. You make your own name for yourself and let the past remain where it is."

Mina considers this appraisal, nodding and unaware of the cookie theft. "You are right, John. No one gives a frak what my father does, if my mother creates this wild art that people pay millions for, for gods know whatever reason." Her smile is honest and sweet, "Thank you."

Tobias grins to her as he lifts his cookie victoriously and breaks it in half and smiles to her, "No.. thank you" with that he shoves the half into his mouth and slowly chews while watching. Offering the other half towards her with a coy chewing grin.

Mina's smile widens as she places her hand to refuse his offer. She can already feel the sugar superseding her usually calm disposition. Which is why she's now trying to stabilize it with the potatoes and meat. Releasing her knife, she lifts her black coffee to her lips. As though -that- will calm her any.

Tobias grins and claims the other piece as he chews on that. Finally finishing the cookie he takes a drink and looks back to her and motions to her tray, "So what's with the sweet-tooth?" Grinning to her glances down to his plate and goes back to reviving the potatos and meat to continue eating.

Another brief smile, "My mother. She always used to eat her dessert first, goading my father by saying, "Life is unsure. Always eat your dessert first." I heard it so often as a child, I figured that was what you were supposed to do."

Tobias chuckles lightly, "I wish it was that way in my house. If I didn't have a good hunt, we didn't eat meat for a good day or three. Depending on what we had stocked up. Needless to say it led to some interesting punishments and my becoming a pretty good shot."

Mina frowns lightly, golden brows drawn together at the thought of this man being punished in any way, as he seems like a gregarious, fun loving puppy. Albeit a tall one. "I think, for good or ill, our childhood makes us what we are today. Whether to compensate for a bad one or one overshadowed by the achievements of others impacts us for the rest of our lives."

Tobias tilts his head as he watches her and smirks, "Our childhood just raises us. We make our own names for ourselves. Good or bad." Looking back to the plate he shifts slightly in his seat as he starts to gather together another large section of meat and potatos. Shoving it in his mouth seems he is going to go quiet on this subject.

Mina watches the nuances of his face. The averted eyes, the grip on his fork, his voice's gruffness as he notes his stance. All show that something in his life was painful and that is trying to overcome it by becoming something or someone else. She nods gently, falling silent as she finishes her miniscule amount of main course items.

Tobias looks up to her as he finishes chewing and quietly swallows. Pulling a grin from his lips he comments as he leans forward, "So. What type place you hope we dock at for shore leave first?" The grin broadens as he quiets his tone and leans closer, "I am thinking you want a nice beach to sunbathe in…"

Mina's lashes fall at the change of topic, color rushing under her skin once more, "I burn too easily. I'd rather find some forest, go hiking, climbing. You've put me in a mind for camping, John." The responding smile is soft.

Tobias chuckles and looks to her, "Now.. if you go camping with me, I do the real deal. I don't do the lets walk through the woods and sleep in a cabin with running water. It's actually going into the woods, sleeping on the ground, bathing in the river type camping."

Mina's eyes widen, her fork suspended in the air at his lecture, though her color heightens further, "Is..Is that an invitation should it ever happen?"

Tobias grins and nods, "Not that you will accept, being an Officer and all. But I will drag you in the woods if we ever see some." Not paying much mind to it he takes another stab of meat and potatos and shoves it in his mouth. Happily chewing as he watches her in amusement.

Mina's voice carries a tinge of regret, "I wouldn't think..fraternizing on leave would or could be constituted as a dereliction or counted against us. Off duty is…off duty." Her eyes meet his, deciding he would be loads of fun off duty.

Tobias watches her a moment as he slowly swallows. Obviously not expecting that response he shifts again slightly and immediately looks back down to his meal at hand and starts to stab through the few remaining portions of food as he quietly comments, "Well.. you are the lawyer. So I will trust you on that one." Glancing up briefly, "Now to wonder how long until our next shore leave…"

Mina realizes she revealed far more than she should have during that brief examination and once more her head lowers, finding far more intrigue in the final swirl of mashed potatoes.

Tobias looking over to her tray then back up to her quietly comments, "Well. This is awkward now isn't it?" A brief look around the Mess then back to her as he chuckles, "Guess we just may as well find a storage closet and start making out now. Sir." The added Sir is almost mocking towards her as he is obviously a little amused by this situation

Mina swallows lightly, pushing her tray back, suddenly finding herself full. "I..think we should not as that would definitely result in conduct unbecoming and numerous reprimands in our jacket, PFC. Forgive my boldness towards your offers and I can only say that our…camaraderie overcame my sense of circumspection." The trouble with that pat answer lies in the fact that her green eyes are now trained on Tobias' mouth. She hastily looks down as her napkin is pressed to her lips in preparation for departure.

Tobias stiffens slightly as he looks to her and the sudden explanation. Nodding he simply responds, "Aye aye, Sir. I will keep further requests like that to myself from now on, Sir." Glancing to his tray and then to hers he drums his fingers on the tray lightly before picking up his drink he takes slow drink watching her over the tilted glass before lowering it. He looks like he wants to say something, but the training has overcame him and he remains muted.

So many things Mina wants to say, but she knows her duty as the PFC so deftly reminded her. She stands quickly, straightening her clothing. A single look, regretful and a touch sad and she clenches her hand so as not to reach over and brush it on his arm. "It was pleasurable meeting you, PFC Tobias. Thank you for your kindnesses." Her braid flicks as she turns, the rasp of her jackets zipper is heard, as though it can protect her from this in the future. Doubtful, though still she does it.

Tobias looks up to her as she stands. Watching her quietly a moment he nods and smiles to her, "I did enjoy meeting you as well, Sir. Hopefully you will take me up on my offers soon." There seems to be an emphasis on the plural nature of offers with her. Glancing briefly to the hand he stands himself, picking up his tray he stands near her. Maybe what would be too near as he gives a quick nod and simple smile with the quiet comment, "Besides you are going to need to teach me how to shoot pistols anyway." A wink and he backs up and goes to dispose of his tray and finished meal.

Mina's breath is suspended as he moves to her, lowering to speak more intimately to her. With a further rush of color, thoughts seem to chase her out the door as she flees the images projecting in her head.

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