Summary: On a lark (or maybe not -just- a lark), Jules manhandles some of her fellow Marines and a poor unsuspecting ECO trainee and grabs her some G4 for to go exploding things.
Date: PHD183
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It's mid-second shift and Private Parts and Sergeant Pickens are on guard duty outside of the Security Hub. Inside, Private Dover is on the security cameras, monitoring the ship's corridors. He looks bored as hell, chin in his palm and eyes half-lidded. The watched pot never boils on CEC Kharon. Jules strolls up in her Marine gear, decked out for a rotation of guard duty. Rifle against her shoulder, she stops just in front of her door and says, "Private Parts, Ensign Salazar gave me orders to relieve you… she said to use your leave wisely." There's a bright smile on her face as she says this. "Lucky you, huh?"

Lem looks up from where he is lazing-I mean watching. A slow chew of whatever is the lump in his mouth, before he's looking back towards Parts. A faint grin there from the Sergeant. "Wake it up Parts and ship out- I'm done not listenin' t' you." That hickish accent from the Gemenese sharpshooter rolling out with a half grin. Another chew, and Pickens is shifting his rifle just so. "Private Sunshine-right on time." all sing song there for a second. "You want any gum?" Ah so that would be what the lanky Sergeant is chewing on.

"Huh." Private Parts is having a slow day, but he nods when his brain catches up and he says, "Oh, alright. Thanks PFC." And he heads on off, heading for the berthings at a good lope. Private FC Ozymandias takes over his spot and nods over at Sergeant Pickens, "Yeah, I could use some. Got this icky taste in my mouth." She leans over and extends a hand with her palm open for the gum.

"You eat the chow at lunch? I think th' steak is what did it." Lem offers before he's reaching into a side pocket, to pull out a stick or two of some fruity concoction, passing the silver incased strips over to PFC Ozymandias. "Or you got something else icky in your mouth? Like you know how you sleep with your mouth open an you get that stale beer taste?" a shake of his head. "halitoses, man." Ah Lem, ever the renaissance man.

"I tried a cigarette last night. Don't tell anybody," Jules says with sheepish grin. When the strips get placed her hand and Lem's leaning over just -so-, she closes her fist and cracks him HARD in the face. If he isn't downed by that blow, the one with her rifle butt definitely does. "Sorry Sergeant. I don't envy the headache you'll have when you wake up, but seeing as I'd rather not kill you…"

There's a chuckle right there, "Stay away from cigarettes, they'll kill y-" the rest is lost when the butt of the gun nails him right in the face. Blood spurting from his nose, and mouth as he rocks to the ground. Rifle dropped, before he;s looking right back up-seeing double. However the rifle butt follow through sends him out and down. Words lost.

Down the hall, decked in his civilan clothes, though now sporting new Jeans(tm) and his green fatigue jacket-comes Gresham. Pausing on a set of stairs to tie his boots, before its a trip to the Security Hub. After all he said he would come and find Jules once his shift was over, in order to see if someone could go groundside with him. Quite unaware what is occuring on ahead.

Grabbing the Sergeant by his collar, Jules opens the door to the security hub and tugs the man inside bodily. This, of course, jolts Pvt Benji Dover out of his reverie at the cameras. He pushes himself up and out of his chair, "What happened?"

Jules shakes her head and lies through her teeth, "Blood just started coming out of his nose… everywhere. Then he fainted! I don't have my med kit… see if you can do something while I call a medical team?" Having no reason to doubt the little blonde private, Dover grabs the medkit from the wall near the cameras and rushes over, bending down to look over the Sergeant. He notices a little too late the blood on Jules' rifle butt and the obvious wounds to Sergeant Pickens' face. *CRACK* Rifle butt to the face and he's out too. "I'm sorry, Private. But this is something I've got to do. I wish it hadn't come to this." Closing the door to the hub, she works rapidly, securing the men's hands and feet and grabbing something out of the ordinance locker. Several somethings that are shoved into a green canvas bag. When she emerges from the Security Hub, it's with most of her Marine gear peeled off and the bag slung over her shoulder… and nearly running into Gresham bodily. "Eep!"

Not expecting Jules to come out of the Sec hub is one thing, not expecting her to come out with a green canvas bag is another. Still its not enough to keep Gresham from hitting the woman, a little bit. Normal collision damage. "Umph!" And yeah he's trying to stabalize himself there as a hand comes out. "Sorry-Hey!" offered with a grin, though the look is confused after a second "I was just looking for you..Uh." She's in her patrol blacks and has a bag. A tilt of his head for a second. "What's going on?" Might as well ask, right? Virgil, is clearly not entirely clueless-this doesn't just look right

Clearly it doesn't look right. Patrol blacks, canvas bag. Jules gives Virgil a big smile and says, "I just had to finish up some last minute paperwork… you know how that is. Ensign Salazar came and relieved me mid-shift, said I could go down to the planet." She jostles the bag, "This is my luggage." It looks kind of sort of the right size for it and the canvas bag screams Marine Duffel. "Did you get leave? Cos we can head to the flight deck and catch the next Raptor down."

"But, you're in MP mode." Says Virgil with a raise of his brow. "And why would you have luggage here when you didn't know?" yeah he's asking a lot of questions-probably too damned much. A lick of his lips for a second, before he's looking to try an peer into the Security HUB, without looking too much past Jules. "Look, Juliette-Uh.. This doesn't make sense to me right now-at all." A step closer. "Can we go and ask Ensign Nikos, just to be sure? I don't want you to get in trouble."

Jules' smile turns into a smidge of a pout. "Sheesh. What's with the lack of faith? You're making a girl feel all sorts of untrusted here. You were the one who wanted to go down to the planet with me, remember?" She tugs the door shut and points her chin down the corridor, "Ensign Nikos headed off to the head for a moment. She'll be back in a few minutes. We can wait here, okay?"

Gresham frowns back towards Jules "Hey- its not that I don't trust you, this just doesn't make a lick of sense to me. That's all." And his hand is running up to rub over his face before he's looking back from the door. And to Jules. A nod given. "Sure." a bit of a laugh there, as he turns to the side "I'm just- I dunno. How come you were ready?" That's the thing he doesn't get. She was ready.

Being the social creature that she is, Jules seems to pick up on the man's distress and grabs his arm lightly. "Virgil, I was going to surprise you with it, okay? I did a lot of thinking last night and … y'know, I think maybe nows the, y'know, time." She squeezes his arm and then, on her tiptoes, kisses him on the lips, wrapping her arms around his shoulders in a loose hug.

Virgil's own social meter has been broken for years. Sure he can pick up on discrepancies. However, beyond that? He's frakked. So when a beautiful blonde lady kisses you, and says its time, for something, one's heart tends to leap into their throat. And sure the kiss isn't exactly accepted like right off the back. Rather awkwardly its accepted, and then returned as his arms which had been at his sides, tentatively go for her hips, and then her back, as if to pull her in closer.

Poor kid.

The little blonde attacks with her kiss, throwing all her passion into it as she presses the ECO up against a bulkhead. She strokes the side of his face as she pulls away, biting on his lip to stare at him with dark blue doe eyes. "I'm sorry, Virgil. This wasn't how I intended for this all to go." And then? She headbutts him HARD, going for another knock out. When he's prone, she ties his hands and drags him into the Security Hub, stowing him with the other men she's incapacitated. Then, shutting the door carefully behind her, she heads off down the corridor, thump thump thump. In the lights, a single tear can be seen slinking it's way down her cheek.

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