Summary: Roubani and Hale ambush Kai in berthings — with plans for an ambush.
Date: PHD189 (24 October 2009)
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“Invincibility lies in the defence; the possibility of victory in the Attack.” - Sun Tzu

Kharon - Red Berthings

Berthings are quiet this evening, relatively speaking. There are a few pilots hanging around in various states of undress, discussing an upcoming pyramid game. The CAG, who has a professed lack of interest in sports of most every kind, is seated at the table, studiously ignoring said conversation while he gets some paperwork done. He's in his blues, of course, since he's been off the flight line for a few days now.

With an immense leap of imagination and some good drugs, there could exist a dimension where Roubani cared even less about pyramid than he does in this one. There are only a few things that he does in his free time, and one of them is work. In his offduties but carrying several folders and two pens, one behind each ear, he heads into berthings with a look of concentration wrinkling his brow. He sidesteps as two people go past him chatting about the game, fingers fishing idly in his pocket for cigarettes.

Kai doesn't even glance up as people wander in, and wander out of berthings. Hopefully the ones leaving will take their pyramid chatter with them. He scratches at the bridge of his nose, and examines what he's written thus far. And then scribbles something out, and rewrites it. His pack of cigarettes is out, but as of yet, he hasn't lit one up.

Roubani is about to make a right turn at the table, on a path that would take him bunkwards. Kai's presence, however, pings his radar, and he glances up from the papers he was studying. Mmm. Prey. "Captain."

Observe the Captain in his native habitat. Observe the Captain's nicotine habit kicking in, as he rummages for a lighter without taking his eyes off the paper. It's the invocation of his rank that breaks the spell, blue eyes lifting and focusing on the newly-arrived Lieutenant. "Nadiv." He finishes the motion, slides out a cigarette, and lights it. "Getting back into the swing of things all right?" The question's neutral, as always.

Pyramid chatter, ever boring, or annoying? Never! Still, one who would easily sink into that sort of talk or encourage it, is happily slipping right into the room, without so much of a glance or a peep as to the sports chatter. Instead, he seems to be heading to hang out in front of the head's door-as if to cut off that place of escape. There's a look over to Poet, and then back to the Captain, as he shuffles a bit, and doesn't quite slip in. Hale can play a mean defense.

"Yes." Roubani's answer is almost offhanded, the type given when there's more important things to get to. "Do you have a few minutes?" He glances over his shoulder at Hale going by and lifts his chin, as though in signal. Uh oh. Doubleteam the Captain.

The hallmark of a good pilot, is a keen sense of situational awareness. The CAG's eyes shift sidelong when he spots that little 'signal' from Roubani, though he's seated with his back to the door, so he can't quite see Hale looming there behind him. Then back to the junior pilot again. He tucks the smoke between his lips, click off his pen, and tosses it onto his paperwork. "No. But if Cortez asks, I'll tell him my pilots were holding me hostage. What's on your mind, Lieutenant?"

And there on cue Hale moves in like a shark, coming up to place a hand on the back of Kai's chair, for a second, There's a nod to the junior lieutenant, before he is looking back down to the paperwork, and pen. A slight brow raised there, before Hale's coughing gently. "It won't take too long sir, promise-" as if that would stave off any thoughts of further protestation later. Or much akin to a child wanting to spin something by their dad.

"We can make it quick." Roubani agrees with Hale. "You wanted something for review, sir. Here it is." He slides the larger of the two folders from the crook of his arm and gives it a light toss onto the table. And it skids and stops neatly by Kai's arm. "Preliminary proposal to assault a cylon supply line. Fuel supply, to be precise." There he stops for a second, to let Kai process the intro, and to glance Hale's way. Here we go.

Kai scratches at the bridge of his nose again, possibly just a nervous habit he's not even aware of. "Can't help but feel there's something in here you think I won't like," he mentions in askance to Hale, before reaching for the folder with his free hand. It's flipped open, but his attention's more on the two accomplices than the contents of the proposal, for the time being. "All right. Give me the gist of it."

Hale glances back towards Roubani and there is a nod as his own hand comes around with another folder thick with plans, ideas all vetted out in the sims, at least proposals, for how one could take it. Still the Lieutenant is looking back towards Kai. "And 'ere sir." comes Abe's accent as he lowers the folder down and over Kai's shoulder to sit with the other. "Are various tactics that we have devised as to what to do when we do assault, as well as the probable numbers we're looking to inflict..Casualties, ours and theirs."

Roubani leaves that kind of stuff to Hale. He folds his arms around the remaining papers against his chest. "We know it will do little good to assault their foot soldiers. As long as they're supplied, it's a useless war." He nods to the folders. "We have an advantage attacking a fuel depot, as we know that a certain type of radiation will render processed tylium inert, and we have nuclear warheads. Stage one of this is tracking a depot itself. We would need to consult with Engineering regarding the information they have from the raider. Essential would be mapping its guidance matrix, for which we would need them and our ECOs. Somewhere in those computers has to be coordinates for 'RTB', in a manner of speaking. Harvest that and we have our stage. Step two is reconning the location itself. That folder contains an update on the 'Silent Flight' tactic used against the Odysseus, and a proposal of how to conduct that recon using it. Stage three is the assault, scenarios for which Lts Price and Hale…" He nods to Hale. "…have been working on. As much as they can, given that we haven't got exact information yet."

Kai skims his eyes to the second folder dropped, and sneaks that one open a fraction too, with the tip of an index finger. True to form, he listens more than he talks; Roubani's explanation garners his full attention, with a slight crease in between his heavy brows suggesting he's digesting carefully what's said. "The logistics of the 'silent flight' as you put it, aren't my area of expertise. But the plan seemed solid enough at the time, given what I know of our raptors' electronics, and I'll run it by the Chief before taking it to command. As for the rest of it." He slides the second folder atop the first. "I'd fully expect fuel sources to be heavily guarded by the cylons. We'd need in-depth intel on such a facility before we could even consider storming it. And once we do, we're dealing with a much more complicated objective than neutralising a hostile ship. The objective, I take it, is to drive them out. Correct?" He glances over his shoulder slightly, though doesn't quite look up at Hale.

"Once we find one of their fueling depots, sir, I suspect as much intel and recon, can be done will be done." hale speaks up this time from Kai's shoulder. "And I wouldn't have it any other way. You see we're not looking to come in and drive them off, only to have em' re appear an show back up madder than shite. No, what we're wanting to do with this attack is to hurt them and close off a bit of fuel to them for good. Put them reeling, which will buy us time." Hale finishes, though time for what is never specified. "They won't be ready for us to go on the offensive- at least at this magnitude. In fact I should suspect that it will be guarded pretty well- though heavily? If they think they have us beat it might not be as heavily guarded as we might expect." Just a thought. "Recon will tell. Anyway, what we're planning to do, is wipe them out there. Not drive them out, but destroy. Burn the fields and all-One way is by having us hide in a gas cloud, or in a radiation field that renders them hard to see us, and pour it on them- or.." And there's a pause " If there was some way to fix the raider we had crash into the hull, where it could fly-doubtful, but if we could we could arm it with a nuke or so- drive it up and blast em. Run away..Or, we could try and steal one from Scorpia…We have a lot of plans, but a trojan horse? Don't think they'd right see that coming."

"I don't think one assault will wipe them out, Lieutenant," Roubani interjects, pensively. "No matter how hard we hit. But I agree that the intention is to destroy a supply resource that will substantially weaken them. And yes, you'll see recon is part of the operation, a crucial part."

Kai smokes and listens quietly while Hale elucidates upon the tactical portion of the plan. Something the pilot says near the beginning seems to garner a brief bit of amusement, but he doesn't interrupt. By the end of it, the Captain's expression's shifted to a thoughtful one. He's eased back in his chair and drawn one arm across his midsection; the other hand is occupied still with his cigarette. "So you're suggesting we nuke a viable fuel source, Lieutenants, just to piss them off." There's no rancor in the statement; it's merely a blunt assessment of the proposal.

"I wouldn't say to piss them off sir. To put them on the same bloody table as us. To have to frakkin' worry about where they will be getting their next meal ticket for their engines like we do. " Hale adds as his hands come across his chest. "If we could take the fuel ship with no problem, then sure- I'd say go for it, but why risk that when we can catch them stuck for once? I say we cut off their supplies as they did us." And Hale's looking back to Roubani. "And even then We destroy only if we know we can't drive em off, steal as much as we can-then destroy it." But that's Hale's plan

"'Piss them off', sir?" Roubani shakes his head at Kai, then pauses to listen to Hale. To which he nods a couple times before speaking again. "We are suggesting this to give us leverage in a war. It may be a viable fuel source but it isn't viable to us. It's viable to them. And so long as they control it, it will remain a source of supply to them, against us. By attacking it, we can disrupt their short-term operations, and long term operations will be hampered as well. Should we be able to drive them away and use it? Wonderful. But if not, it remains a weapon in their hands." He raises an eyebrow. "And with all due respect, Captain, they have assaulted twelve colones and wiped out most of the human race. It seems they're quite as pissed off as they're going to get."

Kai briefly meets Roubani's eyes with the 'all due respect', but otherwise? There's very little reaction from the man. Maybe he was trying to provoke something out of the pair with his abrasive commentary. Maybe not. He ashes his cigarette, and flares his nostrils, blowing smoke across the table. "I'm just trying to clarify, gentlemen. We can't discuss a tactical strategy without getting the intent clear, first. Abe, take a seat. The disembodied voice is starting to creep me out. Now.." He brings the cig to his lips for another hit. "Let's get one thing straight: any fuel source is a viable fuel source. To them, and to us. The wisdom of nuking it to shit depends on what we gain from destroying one of their resources, along with however many of their soldiers- -" Yes, he called them 'soldiers'. "—we can take with it. While I don't discount the potential advantage there, it's one we have to consider carefully. Secondly. An enemy that can, as Nadiv's mentioned, take out twelve colonies in a mass coordinated attack, and continues to hold the upper hand in a war against our scattered remnants, is unlikely to be dealt a staggering blow by us taking out one of their fuel lines. Hence, 'pissing them off'." He looks over his shoulder to Hale again. "It's like shooting a man in the foot, instead of the brainpan."

A Chuckle and a grin is what follows, before Abe is in fact pulling up a chair, and bringing his large frame down with ease. There's a look back towards Kai though. "Sir, we just got to go at it as guerrillas instead of vagabonds on the bloody run." Even though they are in fact on the bloody run. A glance is spared over to Roubani for a moment before he is looking back to the Captain. "Either way, we also have something to our advantage. We're a needle in a giant sea of hay- right now we can prick the hands that are looking for us, and hide further into the haystack." However the rest the Captain says, is along what they have talked about it. "We can decide with recon if it is viable enough to take and steal.." And if not- well then. "Sides you shoot someone in the foot long enough they got t' replace it right?" Optimism thy name is Hale.

Roubani gives Hale a lopsided sort of smirk, then looks back at Kai. "I have to agree. It may not be shooting them in the brainpan, but unless you and command know what that brainpan is, this is what we have. Fighting a man without a foot is better than fighting a man with two. This is larger than a single attack…if we attack this way first, they have to react /to us/ for a change. Once we do that, we've shot them in the foot and upset their balance. Then we shoot them in the hand. And when that brainpan comes up, we'll be at a better advantage than if we just power on in without having weakened the giant." He pauses and goes back. "As I do strongly agree, if we finish recon and find that there is a way to take a depot from them, I am all for that. That is why we have step one and step two before step three. But the crux of the matter is this: They have resources. If we don't either take them or get rid of them, then they remain as strong as they ever were. And we have no chance."

"Sure, Lieutenant, I understand what you're getting at." The CAG nods toward a chair beside him, indicating for Roubani to have a seat as well. "But you're going to have to stop being so defensive. If I was the ship's commanding officer, and I thought your plan wasn't good enough, I wouldn't even discuss it with you. I'd either throw it back to be reworked, or I'd toss it completely. My job as the commander of the air group is to bring something viable to Cortez. This- -" He taps the stack of folders with his knuckles. "- -is a good idea. Or we wouldn't still be sitting here. But it needs work. So when I talk, you listen. You think about what I'm saying." He meets Roubani's eyes for a few seconds, and then Hale's. "I've been doing this a little longer than you both." His lips twitch slightly, and he drapes his cigarette hand against the table, letting smoke trail away from the thing unfettered for now. "For now, the initial proposal looks promising, but I want two contingencies detailed." He reaches for his abandoned pen, clicks it on, and flips Hale's folder open. "One, getting in and nuking the shit out of their fuel depot, with minimal losses." Scribble, scribble in the margin. "And two, the viability of launching an aggressive enough assault to flush them out. You've got full rein of the simulators to try out different strategies, using Price and Komnenos' new program. Any questions?"

There's a look back towards Roubani, before Hale's shaking his head towards Kai. "No, Sir. I'll get with Price and further flesh out those two plans-" least the tactics of them, so that nothing is missed. Better to have two to three eyes on something other than just one, Aye. A look is passed over back at Poet, brow up. Waiting?

"Yes, sir," Roubani answers, as to any questions. "The entire thing hinges on being able to find their supply lines in the first place." He glances at Hale, then back at Kai. "We'll get to work immediately on the contingencies. But we also need a release of engineering's data on the raider systems, and either access or cooperation with them. However that may work." His lips twitch slightly. "I'm terrible at bureaucracy."

Kai finishes making his notes in the margin, flips the folder closed again, and slides it toward the pair. The first, he's apparently going to hold onto to review in more detail. "Exactly. Which is why I want two plans, depending on what we find." After a glance at his watch, he takes one last drag from his cigarette, extinguishes it, and starts to his feet. "Let me worry about that," he answers the bit about Engineering data. "I'll have a word with Captain Eos. Meanwhile, you've got plenty on your plates. If possible, I'd like to do a live test of your silent flight idea with a couple of raptors. I'll mention it to the Chief, so you can get started on that as well."

Hale nods, though he'll just find Price to go back over the data and all that jazz. A faint look is passed back to the Captain before he's looking to rise up. "Sounds good sir." But then Hale's rather easy going in this department, he knows what he has to deal with-a look back towards Roubani "We'll start tossing stuff in the sims- once we get further data, we'll clean up the plans and prepare them for another go?"

Roubani nods to Kai. "Yes, sir. Thank you." His watch starts to beep softly, and he presses a button on the side. Time for CAP, but after that…well. Work, what else does he ever do? He stands to stand, looking over at Hale. "Perfect, sir. I'll point Lieutenant Komnenos your way if I see him first." And with that he's got to be out, CAP waits for no pilot.

Kai nods to the pair, grabs his coffee cup and stows his pack of smokes. "Have a good evening, Lieutenants," he offers in parting, ticking a mock salute off with two fingers to his temple. He's out the door before Komnenos is even mentioned, to a meeting no doubt.

"Evening Sir." Hale chirps up, before he is going about his business as well. He's got Price to find, as well as the other Captain- on an unrelated note.

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