Trash Talk And Pugilism
Trash Talk & Pugilism
Summary: Hale & Kai spar, Barghest beats a bag, Salazar wanders in to throw a little trash talk when Hale's fails to ping the meter.
Date: PH 106 (02 Aug 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Deck 3, Gym
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #106
OOC Time: Sun Aug 02 23:23:04 2009

This large room is large. The bulkheads are grey, like the rest of the ship, though the rubberized floor is a warm tan. A variety of blue mats, of varying thickness, are available to be pulled out for various purposes, though a huge mat in the back stays out to serve as as a sparring mat. A large red circle is taped down to mark the the boundaries of the ring.

Racks of free weights are bolted to the wall, and a few are bolted to the floor against the wall. Typical Nautilus style weight machines are available for use, as is a long bank of treadmills, a few step machines, and a couple of rowers. A few shelves of fresh folded white towels occupies a wall by the hatch, with a couple of bins below for used dirties. They are emptied often and washed. Thank your laundry personnel!

The marine seems pretty intent on her workout, while the other two trade the bag in motion. Her own punches gather in speed and force, the combos drawing more into a long string of blows.

"Be careful what you ask for," is the CAG's murmured reply, followed by a slap, slap, thud of a quick triple combination that sends the bag reeling on its axis. Left jab, right jab, then he pivots his hips and sinks his knee into the battered leather. The chain clanks noisily as its quarry swings wildly toward Hale— look sharp, son!

The first thing newly minted Ensigns do after receiving their pips is grab the sweats, duffle, and head for the gym. That's what Salazar is doing. Word of her promo has apparently spread, because the marines knew before she made it back to the berths. She moves in from the hatch, back toward the big mat, and tosses her duffle down before she unzips it, and goes digging for her hand wraps.

"I've heard that-" Abe was about to add from your mum, but he is moving quickly as the bag comes in for him letting it skim on pass him just barely, eyes widening for a second as a fist balls up and with a little hop step, as it comes swinging back in his direction he hits it to send it counter clockwise on a collision course for Kai, think fast in deed, old man.

Barghest glances sidelong as the punches next door start getting firmer and she catches sight of the new S2 in the corner in the doing. Her attention returns from the the excercising Sticks and returns to her own beatathon.

Hopping and quickstepping about just isn't Karim's style. His attention's split between the bag and his erstwhile opponent— the taller, slightly leaner Lieutenant. Oddly, or perhaps not so oddly, he watches his feet and his hips, rather than his eyes. "If you're going to trash talk, Rabbit.." he answers, wiping a few beads of sweat off his lip before twisting so that the bag skims off the side of his raised fist. A vicious cross is given in follow-up, to send it back on its way again. "..then man up and finish your sentences." He probably hasn't noticed the newly-minted Ensign walk in, yet.

The black haired S2 drops to take a knee by her bag, wrapping first one hand and wrist with a length of self adhering fiber, then the other. It takes about two minutes to do it thoroughly—she's fairly well practiced. She triples it over the knuckles to provide a little extra padding. She smirks a bit to herself as she listens to the pilots banter, tucking in the end of her second wrap. She cracks a water bottle, takes a sip, then begins some light stretches, hitting the floor to do so.

"I'll keep that in mind." comes Hale's grunt as he is moving much like he did in the ring. a running dance with him as the bag comes back, and this time he's ready for it as a rapid bit of jabs: 1-2-3-4 is rocked out and the last one sent back with some umph for Kai. "Old man." a grin to his CAG and Rabbit's spirits? They seem to be improving.

Barghest settles back into her little world of putting knuckles to hapless targets with more fervor while everyone gets their excercise on.

Morale through riling up his squadmates. Kai's just subversive like that. He only has time to flicker a smile this time before the bag comes swinging back at him, hard. It's slapped aside with a taped palm, hip and shoulder leaning into the momentum generated, before he softens it up with a series of short jabs with the left. Then a hook with the right to send it wheeling into his left elbow. POW. It puts a deceptive little weaving spiral on the thing; hopefully Hale's on the ball.

Salazar continues to stretch, though she does shift position a little so she can watch the pilots try to smack the shit out of each other with the flying bag. Her arms extend and she leans forward, stretching her back and legs slowly. It doesn't take long for her to finish a brief little lower body action, and move on to the arms and upper back. She does those on the move, headed over to find a bag not currently getting schooled.

There's a roll of his shoulder, but that swivel has him backing up a step, slightly thrown off hale watches before that knee is rising in a qucik jab of its own, as a wicke cut to the middle of the back is rocked to send it with a little kick back and low for Spider. The question becomes, how fast can he crawl.

More of the same from the MP as the pilots have their game with the other bag and the Ensign appraoches a nearby bag. Barghest continues to hammer the bag, though, as Sally settles up nearby, she offers a distant, "Congratulations, sir."

As the bag comes slicing back toward him, the CAG again twists his body and absorbs the weight of it with his fist and elbow. Bad luck strikes, however, in the form of him managing to torque his knee a little. It causes him to hiss something darkly under his breath, and stumble back a step before catching the swinging, clanking bag in both hands. "Think that's enough for tonight, Lieutenant," he tells the taller pilot, before stepping in closer to slap the back of his shoulder. "Good energy. Just make sure it's clean, by the time you get into the cockpit." He meets Hale's eyes for a second, then bustles on past. Wait, congratulations? Salazar is finally spotted, and watched curiously as he crouches by his duffle.

Salazar nods to Barghest. She doesn't say thank you, but smiles briefly. Word travels like lightening amongst the marines, though the pilots are probably still on the outs. Comes of being fairies. Flitting from flower to flower, etc. "How are the bags today?" She glances over to the CAG, then back to the MP. "Uppity?" She gives hers a tap, tap tap. Quick jabs lead into more solid punches, combinations switching up rapidly. She winces a little as she works with a bruised muscle in the back of her shoulder.

Hale frowns when that back comes back. Catching it and holding it still before he's coming around to meet Kai. Sure the hand on the shoulder is noticed, but he doesn't exactly do much more than look on concerned back down to the Captain's leg "Oh bloody hell sir. I didn't mean that.." As for keeping it clean there's a nod. "I can do so sir.." though watching Kai watch the Marine..Hale figures now would be a good time to slip on out. or start doing so.

"Very." Bar returns to Sal, she tries to smile, but it doesn't seem to fit her mood. It isn't personal. Word probably spins through the Corp about her role in the Medbay Massacre.

Kai isn't quite dripping sweat, but he's definitely got a sheen of it on his skin, and a few dark patches pasting his tank tops to his upper body. Tape's ripped off his knuckles, heedless of the hair it likely brings with it, balled up, and tossed into a nearby bin. "Rabbit," he addresses the Lieutenant evenly, though with just a touch of reproach. "I'm fine. Ease up on the stick, there." He sets to peeling the tape off his other hand, then. "Why don't we do this again next week? Make a date out of it." Either Kai's pretty secure in his sexuality, or there's something the wing doesn't know about him.

Sal already traded barbs with Dutch earlier regarding his role in her promotion. She's well aware of the events in Med Bay. Now, it's her job to be aware. Oh, is there a stack of reading material waiting. Huge. She steps lightly back from the back, hands still up, though her eyes don't leave it for a moment, she notes to the MP, "Best put them in their place." Pow! She lands a hard punch that rattles the bag, and surely sends a shock up her arm as well. She glances over to eye the CAG to make sure he's still on his feet. Yeah, she noticed the torque a moment ago. "Aw, now why can't the Corps be more friendly like that." Smack, smack, knee. "Don't forget the corsage, Captain." Someone had to say it.

There's a look between Sal and Kai, as Hale removes the tape and wrappings from his hands for a moment. A faint chuckle given back as a nod comes along. "Yeah sure. I'll try not to get so handsy on the next date." A snicker as he's reaching for his towel. "An if you're nice, I'll let you meet me mum." added to Kai, so now-he is off.

"Wouldn't dream of it, Sergeant," Kai tells the nearby not-Sergeant, putting her fists into the bag. "I like to woo them nice and proper." He even affects a bit of a Leonisian drawl there. Which. He really should not have. Saggies don't drawl well. To Hale, as he turns and departs, "Rest easy, Lieutenant." Thunk. That's the second ball of tape being discarded.

Barghest glances at the Ensign as she makes a joke that, well, is sort of amusing, but she keeps punching rather forcefully as the banter pipes up. "How was the ring the other night?" she asks the room at large.

"Oof," Sal calls, "He's fiesty." She looks to Karim, raising her dark brows a bit before nodding to Hale. It's all approval, baby. She can't help but chuckle at the attempted drawl with hints of the CAG's real accent. Messy. She almost misses the bag on the next shot. "Don't… do that." PLease, Gods. "Don't listen to him, Lieutenant. Saggies only break your heart." She doesn't correct the CAG on the rank issue. She's not wearing her shiny new pins. He'll find out eventually. Maybe she'll tell him herself, later. "You too gimped out hold my bag, Captain?" A glance is cast over to Barghest. "I missed it, but I heard the pixie patrol made a good showing."

Maybe it's the pixie patrol, or maybe it's the accusation of his gimpitude, but something earns Salazar's bag a shove from the Captain as he shifts to his feet and moves around behind it. He's not out to hit her with it, just keep her on her toes. "Less talking, more hitting, Sergeant. Go." It's re-steadied in his hands, eyes briefly flicking toward Barghest nearby before returning to the dark-haired marine. "It was a good night. Plenty of solid matches." For a viper jock, he's curiously lacking in the shit talking. "Though I'm disappointed that only Corporal Jarot showed up to represent the CMC." Okay, maybe a little.

Barghest puts a hammer into the bag as she replies, "Had things on m'mind that night, sir." WHAM! A cross, then, as her expression darkens for a moment. There's a glance to the Ensign a moment, then at the Captain and the other pilot, "So it was all pilots?"

Of course it was the pixie patrol comment. That's why she said it. The shove of the bag does force the marine to take a step back, then throw a forearm up to block its swing. Her body eats the padded force, and she shoves back a little before dropping into a stance. "Jarot is still slogging laundry for that little misadventure in the ring." Salazar shakes her head and returns her tender attentions to the bag. The heavier blows rain down once again, solid punches making contact with the padded equipment. "I think the CMC decided to throw a little charity in your direction." Your being the Air Wing, of course. "Owning the ring just starts to look like bragging after a while. Morale is more important than planting flags." Charitable, sure.

"The day the CMC starts handing out charity, is the day vipers start flying themselves," mutters the Captain, solidifying his grip on the bag as Salazar starts laying into it. "And the day that happens, I'm retiring and becoming a professional jello taster in the mess hall." He cuts another brief look to Barghest, then back to the Ensign again. Never good to take your eyes off someone throwing punches in your vicinity, for long. "They had a bone to pick, Corporal. I'm sure you know how it is."

"I give the air wing plenty of charity, sir." Jab—cross-jab-jab-hook. "No one gets it in the face." Bar explains to the CAG. She closes her eyes and puts a hand on the bag to still it before looking his way, "An' I do understand. Completely."

"You're just about old enough for a rocking chair run at cataloguing the various nuances in lime jell-o brands." The black haired marine notes. She smacks a forearm into the bag to kick it to the side. "You could start a video feed for the other senior citizens in the illustrious ranks of the Colonial Navy. Think of it as outreach." Salazar relaxes into a rhythm, beating the shit out of the bag with her hands, elbows and arms while she tosses some trash talk at King Pilot. She grins and glances over at Barghest. "Not in the face. Gentlemanlike rules. Good form, Corporal."

Kai's response to the trash talking coming from the marines, is simply a soft chuckle and a glint of mirth in his blue eyes. It's what some have termed a somewhat smug look. The sideways movement of the bag is caught and absorbed, and it's swung back into place again so Salazar can keep pounding on it. Whatever the reason for his silence, he doesn't elaborate; his eyes stay on Nikos.

Barghest isn't talking smack as such. She actually does try not to hit the flyboys in the face. It could affect the first line of defense, after all.

Thud, thud, thud, smack, smack, thud. Fist, fist, fist, forearm, forearm, elbow. Sweat starts to rise as the increased pounding of the bag picks up, combinations getting longer. Salazar schools the bag a little more, until she's fairly certain it should be crying for it's mama. One last elbow is delivered, and then she steps off of the bag, and drops her arms to her knees to bend and take a breather. "That's never as fun as beating the frak out of a real live body."

Salazar's lucky that her current bag-holder is a pretty sturdy individual. By about the third or fourth hit, Kai's forced to really square his weight and settle into the bag, to keep it from being battered about. And even then, that last elbow jostles him to the right a few inches. He waits until the marine backs off entirely, before stepping away, and releasing it with a slow slide of his palm. "What's stopping you?" he answers without turning to glance at her, on his way past to his duffle bag. "Marines make the best target practice. I'm sure the Corporal would indulge you." He upnods toward Barghest.

Barghest whirls on him, "When's th'last time -you- had t'shoot at a Marine, you heartless-!" Bouncing betty has been tripped. Duck!

"I try not to beat my own people," Salazar replies. "It takes some of the fun —" She glances over at Barghest, pauses, and then chooses to finish her sentence," out of it. Damaging CMC goods is frowned upon." Sal straightens after a moment, tugging the ends of her wraps out to slowly undo them, and roll them back up. She glances at the Corporal, and comments, "Too bad the old man's injured, hm? He could show us how the fairies roll. Flitting flower to flower like they do, sprinkling glitter and joy with only their hands." Maybe it's an attempt at diffusing. She is a demo expert, after all.

Kai makes it about halfway to his bag, when Barghest cuts into Salazar's little speech. He pauses, and about-faces so he's gazing squarely at the MP. "I haven't, Corporal." There's a touch of sweat on his collarbone, his forehead; he drags the hem of one of his tank tops up to swipe at his face, in lieu of a towel. It muffles his voice a bit. "But I've fought with some of the best of them. Including Nikos, here." He brushes his hand off on his fatigues, then steps forward to offer it to the blonde. "My apologies. It's been a shitty week for both of our departments." Salazar is given a brief flick of his eyes, and a look that certainly conveys something. Gods only know what.

Barghest flexes her hands, corded muscle practicly making up her limbs as they're suddenly so tightly wound. She struggles to keep her cool, then, "I killed a man that night, sir." The interjection of the S2, or the apologies from the CAG help keep her from putting her fist upside her rule about pilots and the Colonial Penal Code. She lowers her chin, then, with a a look somewhere between eating crow, she says, "I… shouldn't've lost my temper, sir…. I'm sorry."

Salazar's eyes study Barghest for a moment, and she nods slightly as Karim intones the bit about fighting beside marines. The friendly shit talk is put aside for a moment as temper from the younger marine seem to be running a little hot. After a few beats, her dark brown eyes flick to the CAG. She catches his look, and moves over to pass him, and retrieve a small white towel from her own duffle. Whatever was conveyed with that look, she doesn't seem particularly worried about it. Another person might. She pats the towel over her neck, forehead, shoulder. The sheen of sweat is conquered slowly by fluffy terry cloth. "We all lose our temper sometime, marine. You didn't clock the CAG. It's a good sign." There's sure to be more to come on that later, the killing a man thing, not clocking the CAG. Sal makes a note to have a chat with Barghest. "Come see me next week, Corporal. I'd like to discuss a few things with you." It's not a threatening or doom sort of tone. Just a request.

Kai keeps his hand out, palm up, in wordless offer. Maybe it's some kind of Saggie thing. And since Salazar pretty much took most of the words out of his mouth, he doesn't offer anything in corollary to that.

Barghest lowers her eyes and nods. She straightens up and looks to Salazar, "O-of course, sir. Is there any time I should sho- go for?" She swallows, then, "Still… I should keep my head." The offered hand is slowly, almost hesitantly clasped, but she does take it and gives a shake.

Salazar tugs the towel around her neck, running it under her hair for a moment before she bends, digs a clip out of the bag, and twists her long black hair up and off of her neck. She secures it with the clip loosely, then replies to the MP, "At your convenience, Corporal." Casual. Sal rubs the back of her neck briefly, fingers trailing over the black and grey tendrils of the leafy design etched into her flesh with delicate lines of inks. "But definitely after I've got a few cups of coffee in me." She drags her duffle up and over her shoulder, shoving the towel in before she digs out the bottle of water to drain it half way.

Kai curls his fingers around Barghest's hand in return, his grip firm and sure. It's certainly not bone-breaking; he doesn't seem to be out to prove anything. It seems more like the cementing of a sincere apology. "Thank you," he murmurs before releasing her, and resuming his original trajectory toward his bag. It's zipped up and slung over his shoulder, after his fatigue jacket is shrugged on. His eyes rove over the intricate ink climing Salazar's neck for a moment or two, then duck away again. "You two have a good evening." It's understated, as always. And then he's headed for the hatch.

"Good night, Captain…" Bar says softly. A pause and she looks to the S2 for a moment, "I'll meet you soon." she assures her.

Salazar tosses the rest of the bottle of water to the CAG. Yeah, she waits for him to at least glance in her direction before she throws it at his head. Tosses. She's not trying to take a trophy. Gotta give the younger members of the Corps a good example of both shit talking the pilots and playing nice with them, too. "Always do, Captain." She stifles a yawn, then turns to the Corporal. "See you in the Sec Hub, Corporal. Don't work too hard in here." A smile is offered to the MP, and then she, too, turns to go.

Kai doesn't hone those sharp reflexes for nothing. The bottle's caught, and Salazar given another glance, before he turns and heads on out.

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