Touching Bases
Touching Bases
Summary: Cygnus catches up with Fenris outside of the chapel.
Date: PHD 12
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A brief stop at the Chapel to honor the Lords currently occupies Fenris. By the buttoned collar, and her position by the door, the intended duration is clear. Her eyes open and pilot rises to her feet and begins to make her way out.

Cygnus is just about to step through the hatch when he spots Fenris, and his expression visably perks up. He'd meant to touch bases with her since her release from sickbay, but duties had kept him from achieving that goal. He steps back to make room for her to exit the chapel before calling out softly, "Hey, Mud."

Fenris is drawn up by the emergence of, "Prophet." in the doorway, and she looks him over, "How have you been keeping?" She steps out and turns his way, easing out of the way of the portal should someone deign to find salvation while they converse.

"Hanging in there," A small chuckle accompanies Cygnus' words, "I think." Like Fenris, he steps clear of the hatch allowing plenty of clearance for entries and exits into the area. There's an undercurrent of warmth and concern in his tone as he asks, "How are you feeling? They letting you fly again yet?"

"No, though my head's stopped hurting. I have another couple of days before I'm up for Seemoe's review." Fenris replies. There is a short pause, then, "If I'm mended well, I should be airborne then."

A grin breaks out across Cygnus' features and he nods his head a bit, "That's good to hear. Lords know we're all safer with you out there protecting our asses." It goes without mentioning that he understands how frustrating being grounded can be. "I'm glad you're mending well. You certainly look a lot better than the last time I saw you. You don't even need a Pilot as a walker anymore," A wink crinkles up one eye as he speaks.

Fenris doesn't sprout the grin that many would expect, but she's Fen, it's just the way of things, "I appreciate the concern." There is a moment's pause, and though somewhat deliberate, she reaches a hand out to clasp his shoulder, "You had a terrible burden to bear. If you need someone to talk to, let me know." she offers in her damnable deadpan.

While the lack of smile might cause some to raise an eyebrow, it's one of the characteristics that Mac remembers well about Fenris. Just one of those things that anyone who's served with her have learned to take in stride. The words, on the other hand, surprise him, and it shows a bit on his expression, which quickly turns to grateful. "I… Thank you. I may take you up on that," He replies softly. It's nice to feel that connection with someone again. "It's been a crazy couple of months. Then again, I think we're all, understandably, in a pretty crazy state lately."

Fenris nods again, leaving her hand where it is for another few moments before it withdraws to her side, thus preventing a new apocalypse, if only just, "Have there been any advancements with your situation?" She would never make a good grief counselor.

A shake of the head is Cygnus' first answer, but words soon follow, "Not yet, I'm hoping to track down Captain Marek and speak to him about it at some point, but as frustrated as I am, my need is far less of a demand that what he and Vendas likely have had to shoulder lately." Roubani's words of earlier in the afternoon seem to have sunk in, at least. "A wise young man suggested I stop questioning so much, and just… trust in the way of the Lords to sort my situation out. I need to stop focusing on my own frustrations as much."

Fenris nods once more and she offers, "I understand your position, Prophet. You were a solid stick back then, no one in my wing had a gripe with your skills. If it comes that you're reinstated, you have my faith." A beat, then, "If it comes through that you are kept here, with the responsibility it entails, you have my faith."

For a long moment, Mac isn't certain what to say, because the words warm him in ways he can't describe. It's not a usual occurance for him to feel so lost for words. A hand reaches up and clasps Fenris on the shoulder, albeit gently due to her recent injury. "That means more to me than you can ever know, Mud. Thank you. I'll do my best to honor that faith you have in me."

Fenris looks surprised this time, though only briefly, then she returns the gesture, "Do what you do, Prophet. The rest will take care of itself, I'm certain." If other survivors, anywhere in the galaxy, were trained at Rafferty, surely their heads would be bursting in concert, now.

Cygnus's lips hitch up in a smile again, and he nods. The Lords have a way of sending their messages from the most unlikely of sources. If only one's ears are open to hear. "You take care of yourself out there, yeah?" A light squeeze is applied to the spot on Fenris' shoulder. "We need you."

"I will." Fenris affirms, her hand lifting slightly, then patting back down on his shoulder lightly before returning to her side, "Make sure you do the same."

"I will," Cygnus affirms, his own hand returning to his side. A grin later, and he snaps a little salute, "Good hunting out there, Mud." With that, he turns and heads through the hatch to check on the chapel before heading to his rack for the night.

The salute comes back with Fen's, "So say we all."

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