John Tobias
Damien Lewis
Damien Lewis as John Tobias
Name: John Tobias
Alias: Toby or Red
Age: Character Age
Hair & Eyes: Red Hair & Hazel Eyes
Faction: Marines
Position: Rifleman
Colony: Aerilon
Play Times: Weeknight Evenings
Timezone: EST

Biographical Info


John Tobias was born on Aerilon and is the oldest son of Melissa and Edward Tobias. Melissa and Edward ran a large multi-purpose farm that required numerous long hours from the family to tend to. Due to the farms size John and his younger brother Timothy spent their younger years being home schooled so they could split a majority of their time helping to work the field. Aroung age seven on his first hunting outing with his dad, it quickly became evident that John was a natural marksman and quickly took the role as the main hunter for the family.

Around the age of 13 John started getting frustrated at the secular raising and enrolled into the public schooling system. Starting high school not knowing anyone it was quickly filled with fights and establishing his presence within the social caste system of school. Natural strength from working the farm as a child and a quick reaction time was quickly noticed by the Pyramid coaches at the high school. John's Pyramid career started his sophomore year and it provided an excellent way for him to take out any aggression. The home life for John was quickly going downhill, John's father started drinking excessively and abusing his mother. Melissa continually passed the abuse off and hid it well from the family and public eye.

Moving through high school with little resistance and strong Pyramid career, graduation turned out to be the time that turned his life around. John came home after the ceremony, gathered his items and headed for a night out with his friends. Returning home later that night he came home to a horrific scene. John's father had brutally murdered his younger brother and mother with a knife. The living room to their farm house was coated in blood from the stab wounds of the two and his father was wandering the house drunk covered in blood. The police were called and John immediately confronted his father about what happened. Arguments escalated, screaming at each other ensued and just as the police arrived John's father took a swing at him. Sober and with much better reaction time, the punch was dodged and a counter punch was landed to his father's temple. The initial hit was droped his father to the ground and the subsequent blind rage punches put his father into a coma from the damage. Charges were pressed and the investigation spread out.

John's father was convicted of the murder and is still residing in an Aerilon Prison Hospital in a coma from the attack. John was only 17 at the time of the incident and had to spend time in a Juvenile detention center while awaiting his trial for assault. Eventually the jury settled that John was not guilt of assault, probably out of sympathy for the devastation he had experienced with his family. A sigh of relief overtook John's system and a sudden need to leave Aerilon overwhelmed him.

John promptly went to the Colonial Navy recruitment center and enlisted with the Marines. Not wanting to excel at anything he kept himself at the Rifleman way of life. Instructors noticed that he was an excellent shot, that with additional training could potentially get him qualified as a Sniper.

CEC Kharon is John's first ship assignment since enlisting with the Marines. Previous assignments were shuffling from base to base for training, but nothing as exciting as finally getting out into space and really leaving the colonies, especially Aerilon. Nights are still difficult for John as he experiences flashbacks of the brutal murder of his family, but he works through them with short bouts of sleep and keep himself busy with extra duties.


Edward Tobias — Father
Melissa Tobias — Mother (Deceased)
Timothy Tobias — Brother (Deceased)


Aerilon High School

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Ensign Edwina Morales

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  • Pyramid
  • Shooting Rifles
  • Hunting


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