Tinos Scouting, part 2
Tinos Scouting, part 2
Summary: The resistance crosses the river and finds another survivor, and some Cylons. EVENT
Date: PHD195
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Having spent the last day or two exploring around eastern Tinos, Jo has decided to head west to see what's got the Cylons so interested in the other side of the river. Unfortunately that requires actually /crossing/ the river, something best not done in the middle of town where the Cylons seem to have a significant presence. So here they are, trekking along river as it runs south, looking for a good place to cross.

Andrew has been rather silent this whole trip, and he's certainly not about to break that now as he follows his aunt down the side the river. He's got his rifle with him, as well as backpack to which he's added a few things as they've scavenged a bit on the east side of town.

Cahen trails Joanna and Andrew, though he has gone along on this little trek. Backpack slung over his shoulders, and still carrying his firearm with a distinct air of awkwardness. He's silent as well. Not that that's unusual. The doctor is not a chatty companion.

Kellin slips along the opposite bank of the river, keeping well back from the river itself. He moves almost silently through the forest, keeping to the deeper shadows. Alert for anything, weapon at ready. Occasionally he pauses to listen, head turning slowly, almost like a creature of the forest.

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Joanna is normally quite chatty, but since everyone else seems so taciturn today she's content enough to walk on in relative quiet. Relative, but not complete. She glances over to Cahen, "How are you doing?"

The river actually narrows a bit south of the city, being one of those rivers that runs south to north. Lysander, walking up ahead of them, finds a spot around a bend in the river that looks like it might be promising enough to ford.

A little ways a head of the group, waiting as it would be, is the preacher, with his rifle held low. Remaining crouched in what cover he can find. Eyes however remain on the path a head, which hopefully will take them to an easier place to cross down the bank. However he's constantly looking back to the other bank, as if expecting something to pop out. Cigarette pulled out and placed in his mouth, he waits for the others to catch up so as to relay the fording, information.

Cahen was concentrating on trudging, so it's a second before he answers Joanna. "Hmm? Oh. Fine. I can manage a bit of a hike without having a coronary, I assure you." He smirks briefly as he says it, to show he's joking. Whether she was inquiring about his physical well-being or not, he takes the question literally. He squints up ahead toward Lysander and the river, continuing the trudge toward them.

It seems the fates are taking a hand in things, as Kellin himself approaches the narrowing of the river. His movements are slower now as he comes closer to the narrows, pausing more, trying to keep to the darker shadows, assualt rifle stealing out into a tactical ready position.

Joanna smiles at Cahen's literal interpretation. "I meant more in general," she clarifies. "I know the outdoors are not your favorite thing. Nor is combat." Seeing that Lysander has stopped up ahead, she slows down, shifting grip on her rifle just in case it's trouble. It doesn't look like it from the way he's standing, but with the preacher sometimes you never know.

Andrew flips the safety off his rifle as his aunt slows. Careful not to move past her, he nonetheless continues until he's on her right side, scanning the area to see if he can pinpoint any trouble.

"Yes, well, I haven't much choice on either end of that, do I? The world is what it is." That's Cahen's only answer to Joanna's question. He endeavors to keep his voice low, not wanting to attract anything combative. He falls the lead of the others and slows, eyes narrowing as he squints more intensely up ahead.

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Kellin freezes in place as he spots Lysander, slowly he crouches, his SMI 80 coming up into a high ready position. Moving only his eyes he scans the underbrush on the other side of the river. Finally he slowly turns, the barrel of his Rifle tracking with his movement.

Ollie moves along to the rear of the others, her eyes on the river. She almost trips over a dip in the ground, hidden by branch debris. A hiss of sound escapes her lips, and she reaches up to swipe a few pale blonde locks from her face. She pauses to re-tie her boot, dropping to a crouch, perhaps to disguise her extreme lack of cool points at this moment in time.

Cherry from his cigarette, flaring to life, the preacher stands a bit taller from where he is eyes, looking across the band, as his thumb idly plays with the safety switch, with his thumb. Still Lysander's focus is on the other side as he waits for the others to catch up. A drag, before he exhales. "Hmm." nothing more offered, as he takes a few steps closer to the river, one boot idly reaching out to test the depth.

Joanna nods to Cahen. "True enough," she grants, though it does little to ease her concern. She's distracted from further interrogation by both Ollie's trip - which gets a concerned look back to see if she's all right - and coming up on Lysander. "This looks like a good spot," she agrees, nodding with approval towards the crossing he found. She looks across to the other side.

Andrew turns at the sound of the botanist's trip, his mouth quirking in a smirk. It effectively distracts him from any movement that should draw his attention.

Cahen turns his head toward Ollie. "Are you quite all right?" he asks her, a faint note of concern in his tone. Though that seems habitual. She doesn't appear broken. If there's anything but the lot of them stirring near the river, he's oblivious to it.

Kellin slides down into a prone position as he spots more of the group, his rifle tracking the group, the soft snick of his safety as he flips it to burst, sounds loud in his ears even though it's not likely it's been heard across the river.

Lysander simply seems focused right on the water as his bot comes back. For all intents, and purposes the Preacher seems to not notice a damned thing, that is till he is turning, back towards the woods. Nothing said for a moment as he takes a few steps, a glance back to Joanna, before-something catches his eye, and with that he turns, gun coming up- pointed back to the bushes where something is stowed.

Though it is not raised up to his shoulder just yet.

"You can stop skulking around in there, and show yourself." the voice is clear- loud and the usual smoker's gravel that comes with Nikos. "If you don't. I will shoot.." Ahh diplomacy at its best.

"Yeah," Ollie replies with a slight bob of her head. "Just needed to tie my laces up tighter — " Which is a little fib. Everyone knows she tripped because she wasn't watching her path. And everyone's no doubt shortly distracted by the Lysander senses tingling.

"Everyone down," Joanna barks as soon as she sees Lysander spin towards the opposite bank. For her part, she leans up against a nearby tree, rifle ready but also not raised in a threatening gesture. "Where?" she asks Lys softly, not seeing anything.

Andrew crouches down to one knee behind a tree, only his right shoulder and his rifle visible as he points them in the direction that the priest is threatening. Because he damn sure doesn't see anyone.

Cahen nods a little to Ollie. If he's aware of her fib, he gives no particular sign of it. And whatever Lysander's doing up there is certainly more interesting. He tenses, shoulders stiffening, eyes peering around to try and spot whatever-it-is. His eyes have grown decidedly wide. Joanna's words penetrate his brain enough for him to respond, and he takes a knee.

At first there is no response from Kellin as he checks the group out. His eyes scan the area making sure it's not a trap. Finally he speaks quietly "Where did you come from?" He instantly moves with a faint rustle, just in case there is firing.

Ollie, already down, gets down a little lower, flattening herself to the ground. Her pack sticks up more than she does, rifle held along the ground next to her. She struggles with it a little, then scans the opposite bank.

"Grifter Falls." Lysander answers as his gun remains neutral for now, though- who knows if the priest will just pull up and start firing in. A tilt of his head, for a second as eyes keep their attention back on Kellin and his position. "Come out where the others can see you, if you will. If you're not a looter, or such-We won't kill you." Lysander is pretty big on the killing of looters and raiders as well..Ollie, Jo, or even Andrew could attest.

Joanna winces when Lysander shouts out their home base. Words will be exchanged later on that score, no doubt. She lets him do the talking for now, focusing instead on watching the treeline. Seeing just Kellin and no other Cylons or ambushers, she steps out cautiously from behind her tree, into full view. "Show of faith," she calls out across the river, keeping her gun lowered. Damn but she hates this part.

Andrew shows no faith, still keeping his rifle trained on the area from whence the unknown voice came. He frowns as his aunt steps out into full view, but naturally doesn't say anything to contest that move.

Cahen hasn't even drawn his gun into a vaguely offensive position yet, so it's no chore for him to keep it lowered. His hands do twitch vaguely toward it, as if he realizes that maybe he /should/ have had the thing at the ready. But he stops at twitching and just keeps kneeling. He is not particularly threatening.

"Always with the guns," Ollie mutters, before she moves to get up into a slightly more ready to move position. She takes a knee, but leaves her rifle where it is.

There is a pause then the rustle of leaves and small branches as Kellin steps out, lowering he rifle in it's combat sling. He sticks to the treeline, so he's still with in some cover but easyly seen by those across the river "I know of that place, though haven't seen it since before the Cylons came"

"They say its lovely this time of year." Lysander grumbles as he lowers his rifle a little further once the man comes out, to where he is easily seen. "Who you with?" simply curious- seeing how he's not see many military units still around on the planet surface-and given what Kellin has on- well he knows the Marpats when he sees them. "Unit, rank?"

Joanna lets out the breath she was holding when Kellin doesn't shoot her out of hand. Her zeal for finding other survivors seems to trigger her reckless side, though fortunately it hasn't turned bad on her yet. She glances briefly to Andrew then back towards Kellin. "We're coming across," she calls back, not liking this whole shouting-across-the-river thing. Brief words are exchanged with Alyssa, Jaime and Jonah, instructing them to stay behind and cover this side of the river.

Andrew nods slightly at the silent order, getting to his feet and following his aunt once again. The safety does remain off on his rifle, though he's more or less pointing it at the ground for now.

Cahen stands again and heads off after Joanna. Eager to find more survivors as well. Though the question about 'rank' makes his brow furrow a notch. He frowns thoughtfully but keeps quiet for the moment. His rifle, of course, is still rather harmlessly pointed at the earth. Safety on.

Kellin looks at Lysander "Corporal, 3rd of the 2/12th, formerly that is anyway" The corners of his mouht quirk a bit at Joanna "It is safe enough to cross here and I haven't seen any Cylons except at a distance near the city." There is pause "Kellin Elmeri"

Ollie moves along with the others, to cross and join this new guy on the other side. She gives the river another long glance, then moves up by Joanna and Lysander. A glance is given to Andrew and Cahen. "Definitely shouldn't yell across a river unless you have enough kegs at your party for whomever might show up."

Lysander quirks a grin, and as it seems Joanna is for crossing the rubicon here, the priest is following, or rather moving to head on over, specially when the other marine confirms the fording to be at least-safe. There's a roll of his shoulders, and he's looking back over to Ollie "Could always use the scrap metal for that." toothy grin and there he goes a sloshing.

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Pale grey eyes that bring to mind the memory of a cold winter sky are this man's most arresting facial feature. His pale blonde hair is cropped short, a bit on the spiky side, and it only seems to enhance his eyes. His is a strong face, square jaw, straight nose with a noticeable bump that indicates a broken nose somewhere in the past and a slightly mischievous sparkle in his eyes that is often matched with a cocky grin. A small scar, barely 1cm long, where the skin is slightly paler, runs down the center of his forehead. At 6'2" this thirtyish man has a lean rangy build that suggests a heaviness of muscle and bone, broad shoulders and a rugged outdoorsy build that's matched with agile reflexes and quick thinking in tough situations. Kellin is currently wearing the standard Marine combat uniform for planet-side operations. The colors are done in small digital squares ranging from deep browns to soft olive greens. The digital fabric fits a little loose to provide a freedom of movement and breathability during tense situations or warmer environments. The cargo pants are tucked into solid leather boots and each hand is encased in a pair of snug-fitting black gloves. The solid black tactical vest fits more tightly across the front and back with a dozen different pouches for extra magazines and other equipment required for their specialty. A holster is worn on the strong side of their hip and a black ballistic helmet is worn over the head, held securely in place by a chinstrap. Mesh covers each ear for minor protection and a set of goggles are set atop the front of the helmet. There is also a large light-colored rucksack over the shoulders that is camouflaged in neutral greens to blend easier when dropped to the ground. The lapel holds subdued pins which denote this crewmember to hold the rank of Corporal.

Joanna nods to Ollie, "Not in a partying mood, myself." Being the outdoorsy type, she's the first to wade into the water, occasionally using her rifle butt to poke and prod for a solid path. Fortunately this is an good ford, and it doesn't take her too long to get across. Once over there, she gives the other marine a good look over before introducing herself. "Jo Archer. Always glad to find another survivor. You on your own?" She glances back to see how the others are faring getting over.

Kellin watches the group cross then turns as Jo speaks "I have run into a few folks, but very widely scattered, yours is the largest group I've seen sicne my group was attacked and we all got seperated, so yes to answer your question, I am alone"

Andrew went the easy way, literally following in his aunt's footsteps. It means his rifle is kept more or less at the ready, should their new neighbor try anything funny.

"Festive would be a nice change of pace," Cahen replies to Ollie with a faint smirk. He's decidedly less eager about wading into the river than Joanna. He gets there, though. Picking his way gingerly through the water. Wincing a bit. It's cold and wet. He just tries to avoid dropping his rifle into the river, so it can't be described as 'at the ready' in any way.

Ollie digs around in the dirt and water all day, but she doesn't look especially amused about slogging through the river. "Someone should have told me we were going to do this. I would have brought a bikini." She pauses for a beat, then adds, "Resist the urge, Nikos."

Lysander looks back towards Ollie for a moment , but it is too late- as it seems the smirk is already permanently fixed right on the man's face. A kiss of his teeth, and he's just shaking his head. Nope, whatever is rattling around in his head, is not being said at the moment. Consider yourself lucky, Oliver.

Joanna nods to Kellin. "We're a scouting party. Trying to size up the enemy strength around Tinos. We're heading north to check out the west side of the city. You're welcome to join up with us. This is my newphew Andrew, Doctor Cahen, Ollie and Lysander," she introduces them in the order they seem to have come across.

Kellin nods to the others as they are introduced. Turning back to Joanna he motions down the river, back toward the city "You will find plenty there, more than can be attacked openly anyway"

"Hello, then," Cahen greets Kellin, for his part. While his tone isn't exactly warm with friendliness, that seems more the doctor's general manner than anything else. He's cordial enough. He sloshes out of the water, frowning at the river as if it's cold wetness was a personal affront to him. He clears his throat. "Are you out here alone?"

Lysander turns his head to look back to where Kellin motions, but there's no real words to the conversation. Instead he looks back towards Joanna, a brow raised back to Archer, as it to ask on what she is thinking, given the scouting report given over by Kellin. He'll continue playing the eyes at the moment, make sure no one else sneaks up

"Ollie Pax," she notes, by way of a more thorough introduction. The distinction is small, but Ollie makes it anyway. "Botanist." She snorts softly, but doesn't add the rest (pacifist). She sloshes more or less in place, but bucks up and says nothing about the unpleasant water in the boots thing going on. Her eyes roam this bank, with careful attention turned to the flora.

Kellin lys

Joanna nods to Kellin's report. "That's about what we saw from the east as well." But still she seems to want to see for herself. "Everyone ready to head on out?" she asks, looking around at the others. Barring anyone dissenting, she nods to Lysander. "Back on point?" She murmurs something quietly to Andrew, and he nods and drops back a bit to cover their rear. And keep an eye on Kellin from the back.

Kellin smiles a bit as the group shakes itself out. Turning to Ollie he remakrs casually "You might want to get dry socks, otherwise you will end up with rather bad blisters and infections" GLancing back to Jo "If you bear a little to the west here you will avoid most of the more frequent Cylon patrols as you near town"

"Ayup." Said back towards Joanna, before there's a glance to the others. It seems he's back doing what he can be somewhat good at. Still the preacher is heading off, so as to meld into the forest before sneaking out so as to cover point. And like that Lysander is off into the wilderness. Apparently his socks are not on his mind.

Cahen tenses at mention of Cylon patrols, finger his firearm. He doesn't actually point it anywhere. Or take the safety off. He just fingers it to remind himself he's carrying it. He looks to Joanna and Lysander. Patrols and such things are, very much, not his forte.

Joanna smiles at Kellin. "After all the trekking we've done on this trip, I think we're well past blisters." But she does look to Ollie. "If you want to take a moment and change them, it's no problem." She nods to his report, though. "Good to know. Thanks." She dutifully will steer west whenever they get to walking.

Kellin grins a bit "One thing I learned on Sagittaron was the value of dry socks and not having wet feet"

Ollie shakes her head and replies, "I'll slosh till we camp. Then I can try to let my boots dry a little too." Dry socks back into wet boots don't really achieve much, and she only brought the one pair. The flip flops in her backpack aren't likely to come in handy outside of an urban setting. She moves out when Jo does, slinging her rifle up over her shoulder again.

Joanna grins to Ollie. "Sounds like a plan." There's a brief glance to Cahen as well to make sure he seems to be okay moving on, and then starts moving again. As they walk, she looks over at Kellin. "You were on Sag? What's your MOS?"

Kellin falls in next to Jo, walking easyly "EOD, I was a Squad leader of the Regimental EOD Platoon in the 75th when it was posted there"

Cahen offers Joanna a short nod when he catches her glance. As if to say 'Fine, fine.' His brow furrows are Marine-ish conversation between her and Kellin. He listens, though it's clear he doesn't quite grok all the terminology.

Ollie looses the strap on her rifle so she can sling it across her back, and she occupies her hands by sliding them into the pockets of her jeans. She pauses now and then to take a closer look at a plant, and once she stops to take a cutting. Plant nerds.

Lysander is still hurrying on before the group, scouting- as it were, making sure the path is clear for those treking back. As such he is missing the awesome marine chatter, and plant nerdery. On the otherise, he is smoking a cigarette in relative peace, whilst traipsing around in the woods. Some what of a win,situation.

Joanna nods. "Good unit. I was with the 23rd on Sag, but that was a long time ago." She leads the way north and slightly west, following Kellin's advice on avoiding the patrols and trusting Lysander to do the same as he scouts ahead. "What's that?" she wonders as Ollie cuts off the plant.

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Kellin nods "I know of the 23rd, did some work with some of thier EOD units" He scans the forest around them, his own weapons held securely in it's combat sling, his hands resting with well practiced ease on the stock and guard.

Ollie glances up after carefully wrapping the base of the plant in a damp piece of cloth. She tucks it carefully into her pocket. She pauses for a moment before she replies, "Wild mint." She digs around in her pack for a little plastic container, then transfers the plant into that, with a little damp, loose soil at the bottom, then tucks it into her pocket again. "Makes an excellent tea, if you're into that sort of thing."

Joanna nods with interest to Ollie. "Beggars can't be choosers nowadays," she notes with a smile, being more of a coffee drinker herself, as Ollie would know. Kellin gets another nod. "Lysander was a marine as well. Sniper. We have a few other ex-mil people in our group, back at the farm. Have you been in this area long?"

There's a sharp whistle that comes out several paces ahead, before soon enough coming from the treeline again is the preacher who was sent out ahead. One hand up, from Lysander, before he's showing two fingers. Needless to say there is a patrol a' coming. "Comin' from the south. Long th' river." finally added after the gesticulation.

"Wild mint, did you say?" Cahen asks Ollie, falling back a bit to get a better look at her plant before she tucks it away. "A cup of mint tea does sound highly appealing…" He trails off at Lysander's whistle, shutting up. Perhaps now is not the best time to discuss tea.

Kellin glances at Ollie and smiles "If you look you might be able to find some Roiboos as well" He starts to reply to Jo when the alert comes in. His rifle comes to the ready alread looking for cover.

Ollie smiles to Cahen, and nods in agreement. "I agree with you there. If this little guy lives long enough, we can get a whole tray of it going. If we run into more along the way, I'll pull some for the travel. If we're going to be slogging in rivers, a hot cuppa wouldn't go am — " Oh crap. Nikos always shows up with bad news. "Harbinger," she mutters.

Joanna frowns at the report. "We can't let them stumble across the others." Those in the rearguard weren't exactly the most well-trained fighters. She whips out a map real quick and looks to Andrew. "Go back and round up the others. We'll meet up here," she points to a spot a few miles west, where some landmark or the other is noted on the map. "Assuming there's nothing you know if there," she asks to Kellin. "Liz, did you see any good spots for an ambush?"

"Best bet is to come at them from their flank and keep their back to the river." Lysander offers, before he's looking over to where Ollie and the others are. A shifting of his rifel, before he's motioning back down the river bank a little. "We'll at least have some decent cover- might be able to keep them from advancing, specially if we can push em water side." A shrug there. "Really right now, being off the bank will be in our best interest." That's Lysander's opinion though.

Cahen takes a deep breath, looking over his shoulder. Back in the direction of said rear-guard. As if he's feeling he should be back with those 'not exactly well-trained fighters.' He looks between Joanna and Lysander, just awaiting further instruction. After a beat, as if he had to remind himself to do it, it clicks the safety off his rifle.

Ollie moves back from the open area near the water, seeking the cover of trees. For a botanist with sloshy boots, she moves pretty nimbly when she's actually paying attention. It's not particularly stealthy, but it is quick and reasonably quiet. She sure doesn't sound like a herd of elephants or anything. Swear. She mutters something under her breath in Mierce.

Joanna nods in agreement with Lysander. "I agree. You pick the spot," she tells him. Her tactics are sound enough, but he has the advantage of having seen the terrain. She tucks the map back into her jacket pocket and catches Cahen's look. She looks like she wants to say something, an explanation, but refrains.

Kellin nods to Jo "It is clear as of last night anyway" He turns to scan the river bank looking for good spots, then starts to move away from the river itself.

"Alright then. Hold on to your asses.." Nikos grunts before flicking away his cigarette. There's a motion made to follow him, a few paces or so down the riverbend, before he's moving to clamber up into the soft sand and back into the fauna. Not too terribly far back, as they will need clear shots- but into some decent plant cover.

Cahen follows Lysander's lead into the relative cover of the plants, trying to move as quietly as possible. He's no stealthy scout but he doesn't make an inordinant amount of noise. He catches Joanna's look briefly but his own eyes flick away, straight ahead, focusing on getting his ass into cover and his gun more-or-less aimed away from his appendages.

Joanna gives a brisk nod at Kellin's report. "All right. Be careful," she murmurs to Andrew as he hurries off to warn the others. She watches him go for a moment before moving into the ambush zone. They don't have too long to get into position before the distinctive clink clack of the two Centurions can be heard trampling through the underbrush along the river.

Kellin slips into the underbrush, moving silently and soon disappears from sight, his camo blending into the foliage. Settling into a good position he readies his rifle and settles down to wait.

Lysander looks once over towards Joanna, as he readies up his rifle, already going through the motions of preparing to line up a shot. With the sounds of tin cans coming in on parade, there's not much time for finesse, as much as there is for letting a few shots go in a moment of surprise.

The two Centurions come into view and are immediately rocked with gunfire. Bullets spang harmlessly off their armor, a few getting through to do some damage, but not enough to bring them down.

Cahen employs what is apparently his standard motif in combat. Aim in vaguely the right direction and try very, very hard not to shoot himself in the foot. His aim, at least, isn't terrible. At least, he hits something metallic. Albeit with a rather harmless ping. His breathing quickens as the Cylons get closer.

Those shots go off, and already the sniper is continuing his work. No whistle, nothing as the hail of bullets slap and slide out, some bouncing harmlessly off their metal aggressors, where as others find their mark. Lysander's mouth twitches, just slightly, as he keeps shooting.

Ollie braces against a tree on a knee, and sights down the rifle. She squints a little, and when she squeezes the trigger, her shot actually hits! But with a volley of other shots coming in from the other combatants, she has no way of actually knowing that, but the universe does. Suck it, centurions! Er. Peace and love.

Joanna grimaces in frustration as her bullets glance off. "Tough bastards," she mumbles, and tries another burst.

Kellin shifts a bit as the Cylons move into view, snapping off a a quick shot towards the first one, scoring a solid hit this time around. Instantly he shifts positions, sliding into a new firing spot and readies his rifle.

The Centurions hands whirr and snick into 'gun mode' and wheel up to fire on the pesky humans.

More shots, and Lysander is standing and breaking cover, for a better shot. Already his gun is angled to try and catch the other with a better hit. One Cylon down, they just have another one to drop here in quite a moment.

The second shot from Ollie is a little less on target, owing to a certain nervous reaction with the return hail of fire. Her finger twitches and the shot goes off by a foot and a half, still pinging the target, though ineffectually. At least someone's on the ball around here. She grunts under her breath and thinks of calming things, like bunkers with six foot concrete walls.

Kellin Takes aim and squeezes the trigger sending another of the precious AP rounds down range to the first Can, scoring another solid hit,a gain the ex-marine is moving always under cover to a new firing position.

Joanna has better luck with the second burst, bullets riddling the Centurion and contributing to bringing it down. She looks askance at Lysander breaking cover, and just shakes her head, lining up another shot on the second target.

Cahen braces himself and squeezes the trigger again. Focusing on the business of shooting in a methodical sort of way. Aim. Pull trigger. It seems to help him focus, or at least keep his head together. He adds to the general hail of gunfire that rains down on the toaster.

"I am a messenger.." murmured out as the bolt slams back and jettisons the emptied cartridge to the forest floor. And the priest is moving, still out of cover, but pausing to drop to a knee, and fire another round, as the cylon counters with erratic spraying fire, over the whole group. "And my message comes from hades door. The rich old one-sends arrows and crows.." Oh Gods, has Lysander started reciting scripture? Grrrreeaaatt.

Cahen continues to concentrate his attention on aiming and firing, still breathing quickly, a mixture of fear and adrenaline. His focus is on the gun, and his fingers as he attempts to handle it properly. So it's not until he's actually struck in the chest that he realizes the Cylon was shooting at him. And hit. The impact throw him to the ground with a solid thud and he lets out a choking groan. It's not a scream. The wind for screaming has been knocked out of him by the shot. A hand reaches up to clamp the bleeding in his chest. More in shock at being hit than anything else. Physician can't heal thyself just now. He gasps, head rolling toward Lysander. The scripture of hades is not encouraging.

Kellin ducks as a hail of bullets comes his way from the remaining Cylon, popping out to snap a couple of shots, both scoring hits but only one doing any noticable damage. He steps out of cover, quartering on the Can so it is in a crossfire between him and Lys.

Joanna looks over in alarm when Cahen is hit. "Frak." Combat medic training kicks in, and she starts to move across to him, but then thinks better of it. "Hang in there, Ibrahim!" she shouts and forces herself to focus on another shot. They have to take this bugger down before anyone else gets hurt.

Thank you Gods for Ollie being out of earshot of Nikos' recitations over violence. That stuff creeps out the botanist. Guess which Goddess she favors? Yeah. Hey, maybe that's why they don't get along. As her blood pressure reaches dangerous levels, Ollie pulls the trigger again. Some of the pacifist is starting to wear off. It's the bullets slamming into the foliage around her.

The Centurion Just. Won't. Die. He takes a few more bullets but continues to rake the treeline with fullauto fire.

Joanna fires another burst at the Centurion, giving a grimly satisfied look when it comes crashing down a few moments later. She then dashes over to Cahen's side and busts out her medic kit. "Don't worry, you're going to be just fine.'

Kellin slides to a stop advancing on the first Can to prod it with his rifle then puts anohter round into the back of the head to make sure it is truely out of the fight. Looking around "We should move from here, there might be more or they might have called in for reinforcements"

In the wake of the gunfire, the sudden silence rings in Ollie's ears. She stows her rifle over her shoulder, and glances around briefly. She shouldn't have. A couple of those rounds came very close to her. She reaches over to touch a tree whose bark has been blasted by high velocity rounds. "… Gonna need something a little stronger than mint in my tea," she notes quietly before stepping out and moving over toward the others. She takes a knee near Jo in case any help with Cahen is needed. "Are you sure they heard that. Personally, I think we could have been a little louder."

Cahen gasps, letting out another choking groan, trying to crane his neck up a little to see what he can of his chest. That, however, just adds to the searing pain of being shot. His head falls heavily back onto the ground. So Joanna and Ollie are reasonly unbothered by his interferance, as far as working on him is concerned.

Even if the doctor is down, Lysander is moving easily to cover the others, while they see briefly to the Doctor. A lick of his lips, and eyes go back to where Cahen is on the ground, and then back to keeping watch on the riverbank. "Make it quick.. I'll give a call if anything comes close.." And with that the preacher is slinking off. Sides. Would be bad omen to have him round during field medicine-wouldn't it?

Joanna nods to Kellin, slapping a field dressing across Cahen's wound and securing it in place. "He's stable for now," she says, a note of relief in her voice. "It's not too bad," she assures him. "Doctor O will patch you right up. For now we have to move." She gives him one of the precious doses of morphine, since moving quickly is gonna HURT. "Up we go." She nods to Ollie to grab his other arm and takes one side plus his rifle.

Ollie, good with the lifting, takes Cahen's other side to help him up, and support him as they move. "If you need to cry, no one will think less of you. Really. And if they do, they'll find themselves without smokables for at least three weeks." It's meant to be comforting, of course.

Cahen does cry out as he's lifted. Though it's a pained exclamation rather than any particular show of emotional sensitivity. Cylon bullets to the chest smart. Though he's not so far gone that he's completely dead weight. His legs still support him, and he's capable of moving as assited by Joanna and Ollie. "Where…where did it go in? Can you…see an exit wound? How much…bleeding is there…around the…area of impact…?" Well, it's not so bad that he can't pepper them with questions and meddle in his own aid. That's probably positive.

Joanna answers Cahen's questions as best she can, but mostly she's just focused on getting him out of here and back to the real doctor.

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