Tinos Scouting, part 1
Tinos Scouting, part 1
Summary: The resistance goes to check out Tinos, and ambushes a patrol along the way. EVENT
Date: PHD 192
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[ Greenhouse - Grifter Falls ]-------[ Scorpia ]—

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #192 OOC Time: Tue Oct 27 20:20:18 2009

Tempered glass panes are fit into a rusting steel frame, creating the walls and lofted ceiling of this greenhouse. By design, the building sits in the sunniest patch of land that Grifter Falls has to offer, allowing this one roomed structure to be warm pretty much all year long. Long wooden tables of varying heights hold trays of fragile seedlings and pots of herbs that are struggling to grow. Beneath the tables are various bags of fertilizers and hand tools, and it seems all irrigation has to be done by hand. The air in here is thick with the smell of wet earth and greenery.

Jonah arrives from the Grifter Falls Ranch.

Jaime is hunkered down on his knees by one of the tables, tshirt sleeves pushed up to his elbows while he digs through a bag of fertiliser with a chipped coffee cup. Seems he's taken it upon himself to help with the gardening, invitation or no.

Ollie is in the back pruning some of her favorite plants, silent except for the occasional misting of water from a pump action mister. She finishes up shortly, and steps out of the more crowded green space to head down the aisle in order to stow the mister, and give her hands a rinse.

Joanna comes into the greenhouse, pack slung over one shoulder and her rifle in the other hand. She seems a little puzzled that nobody was out in the courtyard, and even moreso to see the gardening going on. "I did say 1800 didn't I?" she asks good-naturedly. Maybe she gave them the wrong time accidentally for their departure for Tinos.

Coming in from outside, wrapped up, needlessly to say- as the weather calls for it, one dying cigarette still in his lips, is the Priest-Lysander Nikos. As the door is closes behind him, one though simply comes into his head, as fingers reach up to pluck the smoke from his mouth. "Probably not the best thing to come into a greenhouse with.." Still that doesn't have him putting it out- nor stopping as he continues to move though this is slightly past with Joanna. Luckily enough with his rifle slung over. "Frak if I know.. I thought originally it was yesterday.." smoke smoke smoke.

Cahen follows Joanna into the greenhouse, hands in his pockets. He's not much on digging in soil or pruning things of any kind. Lysander's smoke is eyed but not commented upon. Verbally, at least.

Ollie glances up from handwashing, eyes finding Jo. She flicks a glance back at Jaime, and then grins a little, her lips just curving at the corners. "Is it 1800 already?" That's a rhetorical question — it must be 1800! "I just need my pack." And that's always conveniently stored nearby. "Sorry, Jo. You know how repotting gets the blood going."

Jonah ambles in shortly behind the others after spying their convergance on the greenhouse, the collar of his flannel shirt turned up against his exposed neck and a jean jacket buttoned closed over his torso. The weather is gradually getting colder, and so the majority of his tim is spent making sure they can last through the winter months. His mouth holds a sour twist and his calloused hands are thrust deep into the pockets of his jeans. The rifle slung over his shoulder indicates he didn't forget, at least. "Hey."

Jaime jerks his head around as he hears footsteps from the left. Footsteps from the right. They're being invaded! Jo's comment has him checking his watch — a nifty little solar-powered thing that doesn't require batteries to run — and then wiping his hands off on the thighs of his jeans. "You want me to c-c-come, or stick around here?" he asks diffidently of Joanna. The stutter always crops up at the worst times.

"No problem," Jo says readily enough. She slips her other arm into her backpack strap, so it settles evenly across her shoulders. At Jaime's question she looks over. "Up to you. You're welcome to come if you like. It'll be a couple days, so make sure you have enough in your pack." Of course, Jo's general recommendation to everyone at Grifters is to keep their pack ready at all times in case of sudden evacuation, so hopefully it won't take him too long to get ready. "Everyone else all set?" She looks around to be sure.

Ollie scoops up her pack from the corner of the greenhouse and secures it to her shoulders after she ditches the oversize, dirty button up work overshirt and tugs on a darker, more fitted one. Layers for hiking. She tightens the straps on her pack, and digs around under the work bench for the rifle she's taken to keeping stored there. With that, she's ready to go. "All set." She nods to Jonah. "Welcome to the party." A warm smile is offered to the assembled. She's always cheerful until they get into the hiking and her lungs start to burn. Too much smoking.

"I got my stuff." the Priest intones with a plume of grey smoke. There's a look back over towards Jaime for a moment, and then a roll of his shoulder, as if to re-situate his rifle and pack. "If he needs anything I'll help him." that is if the kid is short. Still he's looking over to Ollie for a second- and then back to Joanna. "Let's roll." Nikos simply stats before he's reaching to open the door.

Cahen his leather jacket on, zipped tightly over his shoulder, hands in his pocket. He's scrounged a flanel scarf from somewhere and added that to his ensemble. The urbane jacket and country scarf don't match particularly. A pack has also been scrounged and he wears it slung across one shoulder. "Ready whenever you are, of course, Joanna," he says.

Jonah slides a bit of a smile to his lips for Ollie's comment, "Wouldn't miss it." He's interacted with most of the people from Grifter's at one time or another, but Jaime still falls into the 'stranger' catagorey for the former bartender. His eyes linger on the stuttering one for a moment before he twists after Lysander. "No time like the present." He's just full of useless quips, isn't he?

"I'll grab my stuff," mumbles Jaime, brushing his hands off a few more times for good measure before he pulls to his feet. His stuff, of course, is stowed by the door a few metres away. He tugs on his jacket first, pulls the hood up and over his head, and eases the pack over his shoulders. The shotgun's fetched last. It's like a zombie patrol, and they're the suckers that're going to die in various messy ways.

Ollie shoots Lysander a look. "Smoke in the barn, Nikos." The earier smile lends a usually dry remark a certain amusement. She then glances over to Jaime. "If he tells you to run like a snake, just drop and cover." That's a little more dry.

Joanna nods to Lysander. "We should be able to pick up stuff there as well," she says, not terribly concerned about the supplies. "All right, let's head out." She turns around and heads back out of the greenhouse. Andrew's waiting outside, and joins them as they start down the track into the forest, west towards Tinos. Jo falls into step near Jonah and Cahen. "Is there anything you guys left back at the trailer park you might want to retrieve?"

Jaime is still struggling to get the pack settled on his shoulders, while Ollie speaks. Wait, she's speaking to him. He tears his eyes off Jonah, looks over, and tries on an uneasy smile. "Drop and cover. I got it." Muttered, "I hope." He checks his shotgun with slightly shaky hands, then falls into step roughly at the rear of the group.

Ollie nods to Jo as the troops assembled with their gear. The greenhouse is a bit of an odd place, but it'll do. It smells nice, at least! She follows along, holding back a bit. "The sprouts are progressing nicely," she murmurs to Jaime as they walk. She tugs an old, worn baseball style cap from her pack, and tugs it on over her pale hair. It's a dark grey with no logo.

Cahen shakes his head at Joanna's question about the trailer park. "Nothing I greatly need. I wasn't there long. It wasn't precisely the sort of place I intended to set up house." He walks beside her and Jonah, though generally follows Joanna's lead.

"I'll smoke where I want.." muttered back with a look but the grin doesn't drop as he moves on keeping along with Jaime and Ollie. A grunt given as he shifts his rifle to behind held instead of just slung-he picks up the pace a little. "We did our job- drew fire- and the other targets dropped them. Don't cry about it, Oliver.." Lysander simply chuckles, falling silent for a while. "Though," the priest begins, "If I tell you to run-there is probably a good reason for it."

"Well, I did have a pet cockroach we lovingly nicknamed Barney, but I don't think I could tell him apart from all the others after so long apart. Other than that, my favorite coffee pot was sacrificed in the masacre, so in short: I'm good, don't waste a side track for me." Jonah responds to Joanna, keeping his voice purposefully light. There's a look over to the doctor, and a brief nod before his gaze flicks to the others.

Alyssa arrives from the Grifter Falls Ranch.

Joanna nods to Jonah and Cahen. "We'll be going past there anyway, so it's not out of the way. But if there's nothing you needed, we'll just bypass it. Safer, anyway." The fall air is brisk but tolerable as the group makes their way toward Tinos.

Jaime's voice is easily audible, if prone to stuttering, above the thump of several sets of feet making their way out. He asides to Ollie with a grin, "You know that old thing about t-t-talking to them? It's rubbish." He ducks his eyes away and pats a couple of his jacket pockets down, checking for something perhaps. Shotgun rounds, all present and accounted for.

"Since when," Ollie replies to Lysander, voice carrying just a little tiny tinge of retrospective alarm, "Is it out job to draw fire?" She shakes her head a little and tells Jaime. "If a bear is ever chasing you, shoot him in the leg." She thumbs to Lysander. "All you have to do is outrun the competition." She's definitely kidding, in her pacifist with black humor sort of way. Lys brings that out in people. Go figure. "You're completely right, Jaime." She nods. "Singing works, though. I've seen it."

There is a bit of a commotion from behind as Alyssa catches up with the group. "Hey there, everyone. Sorry I'm late… I fell asleep." She looks around. "I thought I might keep an eye open. I know a thing or two about natural medicine… I might see something we can use."

"Since we were the two idiots out of cover and they were behind us." Lysander remarks back towards Ollie, as he takes time to step over a log and continue along the merry. A turn of his head as he stops and raises the rifle as ALyssa comes trotting up, before gun is lowered, and back to moving with the others. "Yeah..I'll do just that." comes his snarky response to the late Doc-before he's jumping right back into the other conversation. "She's got an okay voice, kid." said mainly to Jaime "You're probably the one rocking the buds.."

Cahen nods at the prospect of bypassing the trailer park. "I've no great urge to go back," he says, tone rather grim as he recalls the place. He offers a faint smile to Alyssa. Very faint, and it doesn't quite reach his eyes. Cahen's not a smiley sort, but the expression seems genuine. "Excellent. My naturalist skills are rather lacking. And we need everything we can get."

Joanna looks back as Alyssa catches up. There's a moment's hesitation - taking both the doctors along leaves the folks at home a little short handed, but they're not entirely helpless. There are a few nurses and medics among the others here and at the bunker. She nods. "Sure. Fall in." Andrew goes off ahead of the main group to act as their forward scout.

"We already got what we need from the trailer park." Jonah mutters, naturally shouldering up with Cahen as that's the person he's known the longest. Eyes stray back to Jaime, as if keeping mental tabs on him, then back forward to where Andrew disappeared to.

"Rocking the.. what?" Lysander gets a quizzical look from Jaime as the kid trudges along behind. He hasn't really spoken to anyone here much. Except the plants. And they can see how that went.

Alyssa falls into the group with the others, next to Cahen, her eyes scanning the horizon. Giving Lysander a wry look, she sighs. "In truth, I only took the one class, and it was mostly old Aquarian home remedies that some medical use. Still, every little bit helps."

Joanna nods to Ollie when Alyssa mentions that. "You guys should get together, then. Ollie's done wonders with the greenhouse." She keeps an ear on the various conversations but mostly concentrates on the path ahead.

Ollie glances back briefly as Alyssa catches up, and then her eyes roam the group. "Sure. I have a few things in the greenhouse that can be put to medicinal use." She's referring to more than the smokables, too! A glance is cast at Lysander then, and she grins to Jaime too.

"Buds, plants.." Nikos clarifies, with a slight grin the dead butt of his cigarette flicked off into the wilderness. "What did you do before becoming an intrepid gardner cum resistance fighter?" Might as well try to get to know the guy. A look given over to Ollie and there's a shake of his head, onward.

Conversation is made quietly as the small group sets out from the farmhouse; while Lysander might set some people ill at ease, he seems not to bother Jaime. "I don't know if I'd c-call myself a gardener," he replies, grinning a little at the hyperbole. "Or, really, a resistance fighter. J-just.. in the wrong place. At the wrong time." His eyes flick up to Lysander, back to Ollie, then down as he trudges along.

Cahen keeps an ear on the conversation about plants that goes on between Alyssa and Ollie, though he doesn't join in. He walks along quietly, keeping his hands in his pockets as he trudges.

Jonah doesn't garden. Closest he's come to it is cleaning mold out of his ice dispenser. As such, he falls silent as he tromps along with the others, occasionally looking back to the others as some tidbit of information is offered up that he looks to be storing for later.

"The smokeables can be good as painkillers, but even better as infection fighters, if used right." She sighs. "Though if we get to that point, infection might be the least of our problems." She chuckles. "Resistance fighters? Is that what we are? I'm gonna need a bigger gun, then."

Joanna is fairly quiet today, just listening and watching the interactions between the others in the group. The conversations ramble as they make their way through the forest. It's a long walk, which makes it like a big team-building exercise! Only with guns. In hostile territory. It's late afternoon before they get in the vicinity of Tinos, and then Joanna says, "All right, we're going to be coming up on the outskirts soon. Everyone keep your eyes open. Lys, you want to scout ahead on the left? Andrew can take the right."

"Or the right place at the right time." Ollie smiles a bit to Jaime. "If you look at it that way. You're alive, and that's always a good start to any day." Okay, most of the time. Call the blonde botanist an optimist! The walk progresses, and it's a couple of hours in that Ollie shuts up for a while. A light sweat begins. She's in pretty good shape, but damn it all. Smoker's lungs. Still, everyone loves guns and hostile territory. Its makes you bitch less and remain mostly vigilant. That is if you've had the pleasure of looking down the barrels of an LMG attached to a seven foot robot. "Don't get shot, Nikos." It's her good luck to him. To Andrew, she says, "Luck."

Cahen is at least a non-smoker, and he's gotten in somewhat better shape during his time on the farm. He's sweating as well by the time they get near the vicinity of Tinos, however. The doctor was no marathon runner before the worlds ended. "Good luck, and be careful," he says simply to Lysander and Andrew, idly shifting his pack along his shoulder.

Jonah presses his lips into a thin line as they get closer to Tinos and Andrew is the one doing the scouting, but no comment is made, just the vague look of worry that causes a wrinkle to form on his forehead. As Joanna puts out the word to become more cautious, he unslings the rifle from his shoulder and makes sure it's ready to go. "Be safe." He says flatly to the two splitting off from the main group, the words a rumble in his throat.

Alyssa checks her issue pistol in its holster before slinging the rifle she also carries into a more tenable position. "Lords of Kobol, hear my prayers, and guide your children safely in a land full of beasts and evil men…" after a pause, she adds to the prayer… "and Cylons."

"If I do, at least throw dirt and pennies on my face.." Nikos chirps back towards Ollie, easily enough before he's moving to trot on ahead, and take point on the left. Safety flicked off in the movement. "Sure job, Jo." the preacher calls out, before moving to drop down, and pound his fist on the concrete, before he is rising back up and moving along to scout. And like that he is silent, like the dead.

Jaime glances askance to Ollie, and gives a short laugh at her answer. It helps to break the tension, at least. He adjusts his pack across his shoulders, and digs his heels in for more walking. He's not quite as fit as some of the group, but he's holding his own well enough. Even if he has an odd way of jerking to attention at the slightest unexpected sound. "Drop and c-cover, drop and cover," he mumbles to himself, eyes on Lysander as the freak of the group's picked for scout duty.

Joanna is in very good shape, but not as young as she used to be. Still, she seems to enjoy being out in the woods. She smiles over at Ollie. "Can't argue with that." The smile fades a bit as she watches Andrew melt off into the forest, but worry gives way to practicality. Alyssa gets a brief glance at her prayer. "So say we all." She gives the scouts a moment to get out ahead, and then nods her head toward the west. "Let's keep going." Jaime's mumbling causes her to shift her walking speed so she ends up beside him. "Don't worry, you'll be fine."

Alyssa nods back at Joanna. "Haven't tried prayer in a while. Thought maybe that was a problem."

Ollie sighs softly, and shakes her head just a little at Lysanders dirt and coins comment. Trust a creepy preacher to say something slightly creepy before he goes off to do recon. "You'll be fine." That's for Jaime. She touches his shoulder briefly, then glances over to Jo. "Hey, sometimes I know what I'm talking about." She digs around her pack for a little bag of cotton candy, saved from the last trip to the amusement part. She crinkles it open, pulls off a piece, then offers it down the line to Jaime.

Cahen doesn't join in the praying. He just contents himself with looking very, very pensive.

Jonah might offer his own word of encouragement to Jaime, but it seems the others have it covered. His dark eyes juke back briefly, as if lending his support in that matter. Best he can do is stay at the front of the pack and put himself between any threats and the others. As he walks, the muzzle of his rifle sweeps left and right and back again in slow movements as his eyes scan the woods. "/Sometimes/." Jonah quips back to Ollie.

"Occasionally," Joanna replies to Ollie with a teasing grin. A brief nod to Alyssa. "Good habit to get back into." She keeps her eyes on the forest, staying alert in spite of their scouts. The group continues on, approaching the outskirts of Tinos.

"Very funny, guys," Ollie mutters, as more than one person 'agrees' with her. She shoves a bite of cotton candy into her mouth and lets it dissolve on her tongue rather than engaging in a comedy routine. It's the sweat sliding down her back. If the Gods wanted man to work out this much, they wouldn't have invented motorised transportation.

Jaime likewise doesn't contribute to the talk of prayer or gods or 'so say we alls'. If he's a religious sort, which he probably isn't, he's keeping it to himself. The wandering attention kind of says it all. The hunk of cotton candy's accepted graciously with still-dirty fingers, and shoved into his mouth like it's going out of style. "Haven't walked this m-much," he answers her, "since I left the park." He pauses for a moment, palm against a tree trunk, to slide off his boot and shake out a few loose rocks. A glance is sent over his shoulder, somewhat furtively, as the group strays on ahead.

Cahen also looks like he's wanting to call for a taxi right about now. He breathes deep, but doesn't complain. He does lag when Jaime pauses. Perhaps to wait for him. Perhaps just to catch his breath.

Ollie hangs back just a little with Jaime, since his self proclaimed assistant, Lysander Prince of Goth, has gone on ahead to scout. Nevermind that the hang back behavior is what got her in trouble last time they were scouting. She crosses her arms over her chest after resituating her rifle. "I have to pee. Cover me." And then she goes to find a bush. Women.

After a few minutes or so pass, coming from where he had melded into the edge of the woods, one hand raised as if to say shut it, for those in the know with military lingo. There's a glance given over to Joanna as his rifle is set i the typical 'at ease' hold, barrel down to the ground, butt up in the air. "Jo-" voice quiet, but if people are listening- they could easily pick up the words from the Priest. "We have a patrol of three moving south along the hiking path." there's the bogey report "We could lay an ambush for them out here…"

Joanna holds up the group when she notices a few of the folks lagging behind or in need of resting. For her part, she leans casually against a nearby tree, keeping watch. She tenses when Lysander comes back, until she sees that it's him. She listens attentively to his report, considering. A glance back at their group. "Did you see a good spot for an ambush?"

Alyssa takes a deep breath, then unslings the rifle, examining it. Leave the strat to those who are good at it… and be ready to patch the holes, afterwards.

It's the 'Jo' that first alerts Jaime that something may not be right. He's in the midst of shoving his boot back on, and hurriedly trying to tighten the laces, when the rest of Lysander's 'report' comes through. "Hurry, hurry!" he whisper-shouts to Ollie nearby in the bushes. Cahen receives a sidelong glance as well, as if he's checking all his available human shields.

Cahen tenses, flexing his shoulder, nudging the bag he's carted along. Rudimentary first aid supplies are likely in there. He's here to patch. His shooting skills are highly questionable. He keeps his mouth shut. Combat is not his forte. He looks to Joanna and Lysander.

"If we get into good cover, we can do a textbook ambush. The south path winds here, eventually. Could catch em in the bend where the brush is the thickest. But everyone is going to have t' hold their shots for it work. If we shoot too early- we're frakked, or could be." A shrug there for a moment Lysander's looking back to the assembled. "Plus they're not moving too fast, so I don't think they noticed me, or Andy.."

There silence from behind Ollie's cover of bush. "… Come on, now I can't do it." There's a muttered sound that could have been a 'frak', a word Olivia rarely uses aloud.

There silence from behind Ollie's cover of bush. "… Come on, now I can't do it." There's a muttered sound that could have been a 'frak', a word Olive rarely uses aloud.

Alyssa takes in the scenery. "If we're gonna do it, sooner would be better than later. Folks who aren't exactly shooters should probably stay farther back… if all goes to hell, they could maybe avoid being noticed and get back to the Ranch unmarked."

Joanna does a mental count of their combatants. "We're not likely to get another chance like this." Lowering her voice further, she murmurs. "And I think it would be good for some of them." Nothing like a live fire exercise for some practice. She looks back to the others. "All right, we've got three Centurions moving along a path to the west of here. Probably just a patrol. We've got a perfect opportunity for an ambush, so we're going to take it. We'll duck into the city afterwards. If they send anyone to track us, they'll have a harder time there than in the forest here." She shakes her head to Alyssa. "We'll need every gun on this one. Our best chance is to take them down immediately, before they can fire back."

There's a soft mutter from behind the bush, then a ziiiip as Ollie does her pants back up. She emerges with a slightly irritated look, but that quickly smoothes over. "Never fails." She slides her rifle from her shoulder.

Jaime's eyes switch nervously from Joanna to Alyssa, as talk is had of ambushes and needing every gun. He checks the shottie in his hands, for possibly the fiftieth time, and keeps his back against the tree while strategy's being discussed. Ollie's shot another glance as she returns from her bathroom break. "Deathbots," he whispers to her, oh-so-technically. "Three of them." Does he need to be whispering? Probably not.

A slim frown crosses Cahen's face at Joanna's words, but he takes a deep breath and nods. He got himself into this. Might as well see it through properly. "I suspect I'll be more useful as a medic. But I'll do what I can." His own voice is kept at a low whisper. Helps hide whatever nerves he's likely feeling.

Alyssa gets into position as she readies her rifle, flicking the safety off. Carefully lining up her shot, she waits for someone else to shoot first… once that happens, they are committed.

Lysander nods right towards Joanna, before he's moving to get himself into position, a little ahead of the others, but still within the 'ambush' window as it were. There's really no time to go and check on Olive and the kid, nope- just time to crouch and get ready. Let the nerves settle and all that, that entails.

Joanna follows Lysander's direction over to the path, a little further south so they'll have a chance to get ahead of the Toasters. Unfortunately there's no good way to signal Andrew. She hopes he's all right and figures the shooting will do the job of alerting him. She helps everyone get into proper ambush positions, nodding to Cahen. "Do your best," she encourages.

Cahen offers Joanna a rather tight-lipped nod. Best. Fair enough. He fumbles a bit, managing to get the safety off his firearm.

Ollie moves out with the others, and leads Jaime to a position where they can more or less watch out for each other. She takes a knee beside a tree, and uses it to brace he shoulder, and take a slow, deep breath. She shifts a little, and raises the rifle. There's nothing like concentrating on not doing the peepee dance while you aim!

It'll probably be more Ollie watching out for Jaime, but who's counting! The kid pushes off his tree with a grunt, and hightails it after Ollie. He drops into position near her, twigs crackling underfoot, and readies his weapon.

Breathing easily as he waits for the tinheads to come along the path- Lysander picks his spot, quickly afixing his scope. Deep breath, and there's a tensing in his shoulder. Yeah he has no trouble holding where he is right now. Sight is fixed with a simple adjustment on the scope-light clicking heard, before the rifle is righted once more.

"Everyone hold your fire until I shoot," Joanna instructs, taking up a position of her own once the others are settled. She looks quite calm, rifle leveled down the path.

The three Centurions come clanking down the old hiking trail. Stealthy they are not. It's a textbook ambush, and once they're in range, she pulls the trigger.

Alyssa smiles, but otherwise keeps her composure… their secret was out, now. Pulling back on the bolt action, she prepared another shot for her new friend.

When the firing unleashes, Lysander doesn't even bat an eye, folks it seems will get the action started- and from there he will be reaping in on the back side. Hopefully while those damned dirty bots are all occupied shooting at everyone else. That is why he waits for the last shot- Lets see if his waiting was worth it.

Cahen takes a deep breath and takes a great deal of care to avoid aiming anywhere near his foot. Or his human companions. He mutters something under his breath. Maybe he /is/ praying. Or just willing himself not to frak this up too badly. He does manage to pull the trigger when he sees the Cylons coming into view. He shoots. He…actually hits something. He starts, almost dropping his gun in surprise. It takes some quick juggling to avoid that. Luckily, he's got a surgeon's reflexes.

Jaime hesitates, shifts a little in the dirt, and tries to get a cleaner line of sight. The tincans are looking pretty fuzzy, as it is, and he's mostly relying on his sharp hearing. As shots begin to ring out from around him, he nearly drops to the ground. "Frak, frak, frak," is whisper-mumbled to himself as he jerks the weapon back up, and fires. And hits, by some miracle. "We got it. I think we got it.."

Despite Ollie's cover, and the element of surprise, her shot goes wide. She closes her eyes briefly, and scoots back a little further behind her tree. Her heart is in her throat, pulse jumping. The crack of several shots from around her does nothing to ease the sudden rush of sound in her ears. That would be the rise in blood pressure. She mutters, very quietly through clenched teeth, "Do not pass out." That was to herself. Shush.

Joanna fires one shot, contributing to the hail of gunfire that brings down the first Centurion. Then she flicks her selector switch to a burst and shifts focus to the next target.

The one bad thing about fighting killer robots is that they have good sensors and no panic response. Though surprised, they quickly recover and zero in on targets in the brush.

Cahen is not embarrassing himself as badly as he probably feared, though the Cylon probabyl didn't feel the glancing shot his next one lands. And then he's being shot at. He ducks hurridly against a tree, breathing fast. "Bloody frak…" he gasps. An unpleasant sensation, that.

Damned if these things didn't take a lot of hits. "Cahen, get back!" Alyssa says, but doesn't let up. They've GOT to drop this thing.

The combined power of the rifle shots of Jaime and Ollie on the second Centurion go for the decapitation move, and fail miserably, as the armor says n'est pas. Yes, the armor is French.

Jaime is so busy celebrating his small victory, that he's a little slow on the uptake in chambering his next shot. His hands mostly know what they're doing, even if they're shaking something fierce. He cuts his eyes across to Cahen as the doctor plasters himself to a nearby tree, then back to the approaching robots as he takes his shot. BANG. It grazes off the damn thing's armour, and he hurriedly reloads again.

Shot off, and already Lysander has his next one lined up and fired before his arm is jerking through the motions. lever pulled back, and then sent right back onto the hunt. Hey, if the Centurions do not know where he is trying to pick them off from, the more the merrier, right? No bullets for the priest!

Joanna ducks down a bit as the Centurion returns fire at her position, her mouth a tight line of concentration. Her burst does less damage than she might have hoped so she squeezes off another shot.

Andrew, having heard the gunfire, comes rushing back to their position and joins Lysander in some flanking fire.

Cahen peaks out from behind his tree long enough to shoot again. And miss. He flinches some more as bullets spatter in the air around him. Deep breath. A look is shifted hastily around to check for injuries, but it seems no one has been capped yet.

"Two down…" Alyssa says with a smile as the Centurion falls immediatly after her shot hits it. "Come on, Toasters, let's frakking do this…"

Ollie adjusts her aim a little, going for something more akin to center mass. She sucks in a shaky breath, having forgotten to breath until just then, and squeezes off another shot as the third bot remainds standing. It's conveniently the one she was already targeting, with its French armor. The thing is, she closes her eyes when she squeezes the trigger.

The brush seems to be providing good cover for the humans, and none of the Centurions' bullets have found targets yet. Poor sad underbrush, getting cut to ribbons. Another of the Centurions falls. Though damaged earlier, the hit that finally takes it down doesn't look that serious. Must've been a short-circuit.

Joanna frowns a bit at the other Centurion's resilience, and fires again.

As his target goes down with that respective shot, Lysander is breaking his cover, just barely to edge out from the bush and around the tree for a quick shot towards the Cylon's flank. The cleaner shot requires him to be a little braver- and so he take the chance. The quicker it is down, the quicker they are into the city.

He shoots, he misses. "Shit." He curses. Jaime slides further down the tree, and drops half onto one side in the dirt, as the toasters return fire— and several bullets come sailing toward him. Heart pounding in his chest, he seems.. immobilised.

Cahen contributes a *PING!* to the latest endeavor before hunkering against the tree again. Breathing fast. Quite the adrenaline rush, this.

Ollie does have the presence of mind to open her eyes as a return volley of shots thuds into the tree above and beside her. She's not immobile like her firing buddy, however. The blonde flattens herself on the ground, over her rifle, with her arms atop her head. Oh, yeah. Huddle mode. She made it through almost the entire fight without doing that. Hells yeah.

Joanna sees the last Centurion go down, and then immediately looks around to check for casualties on their side. "Everyone all right?" she asks. Stepping over toward Jaime, she eyes him in concern. "Jaime?"

Jaime stays down, even after the ping, patter, thunk, ping of bullets has died down. He's still clutching the shotgun in a white-knuckled grip, and he's certainly not bleeding or otherwise hit. He's just terrified. It takes him a few moments after Jo's addressed him, to answer: "Yeah." A bit squeakily. "Did we f-f-finish them off?" Right. We.

Alyssa looks at her rifle and shrugs. "Like I said… I need a bigger gun." She glances around. "Anyone need doctoring?"

"Not hit." Lysander sings out, as he remains standing out in the middle where he walked and was firing. There's a flip of the safety for a moment before he is slinging his rifle over his shoulder. A tilt of his head back towards Jaime and Ollie for a second. "How'd the kid do?"

When the fire stops, Ollie remains on the ground for a few beats. Okay, maybe it's more like fifteen seconds, just to be sure all the firing is over. She swallows, and then picks herself up, using a tree for leverage. Her breathing becomes regular after a few moments, though she leans heavily against the tree until then. Once done, she straightens, and reaches up to flick a few bits of bark that clings to her ponytail.

Andrew chimes in as well that he's okay, getting an relieved look from Joanna. She nods as the other reports come in. "Good job everyone. Textbook perfect. We can't linger, though. They might have called in for reinforcements. Let's move out."

"Fine," grumbles the 'kid', who's not so much a kid as just the youngest member of this little hunting party. He shoots Lysander a wide-eyed look as he struggles back to his feet. Hopefully without shooting one of them. "I'm fine." He checks to make sure Ollie and Cahen — his two 'wingmen' — are okay, then soldiers on at Joanna's encouragement.

Cahen breathes deeply again, grappling to get ahold of his composure. It takes him a moment to realize it's over. Then he sees Jaime, which seems to smack his focus back into place. "Is he injured?" he asked, moving quickly toward the young man.

Clicking the safety back on, Alyssa looks around when Cahen mentions an injury. "Can he move? If so, we'd better get a move on… it's all for nothing if they catch us here in force."

Boy you do not have to say 'move out' twice, not to Ollie! "Good." She resists the very pressing urge to light up a smoke. But there is no eye contact from the Botanist. She reaches up and flicks her fingers through her hair to dislodge any remaining or imagined tree bark bits. "I think he's fine," she murmurs to Cahen on her way by. She's not sure, mind you.

"No one's hurt," Joanna assures the two doctors. "Come on, this way," she prompts once more, motioning towards the west side of the trail with her rifle. Andrew fans out in front once more, sticking closer to the group this time though. When Ollie passes, Jo murmurs in concern, "You all right?"

"Mmhm," Olive replies to Joanna, though the sound is far from convincing, at least the response is affirmative. "You get used to a quiet life, sometimes it's hard to shake off all the gunfire," she finally notes.

Jaime's still looking shaken from the firefight, but he's not limping, bleeding, or otherwise sporting signs of injury. Shotgun held muzzle down, he keeps near the back of the little group as they move out again. His pack's jostled against his shoulders with a muted thunk, thunk as he hikes along.

Alyssa falls into step alongside Cahen. "It takes some getting used to…" she says. "But for whatever my opinion is worth, you did good back there."

Cahen turns to Alyssa, nodding with some gratitude for the comment. It's all he can manage at the moment. Though he does finally say, "I'm just glad I didn't shoot my own foot off. That was my chief fear, honestly." He chuckles wryly, hands back in his pockets as he continues back to the hideout. "But thank you. I'm just grateful no one was hurt."

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