Tinos Assault - Viper Cover
Tinos Assault - Viper Cover
Summary: The Viper squadron provides air cover during the assault/rescue mission on Tinos.
Date: PHD 202
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[ Hangar Bay #1 - Hangar Deck (#65RnF) ]----[ CEC Kharon ]
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #202 OOC Time: Sat Nov 07 00:34:39 2009

There's activity here at almost every hour of the day. Impact guns can be heard with their shrieking rumble while crew call back and forth, their voices carrying just above the din of the work here. What's readily apparent is that this is the main Hangar Bay for the Vipers, the distance going back further than the other two Bays which are separated by thick, hydraulically rolled blast doors. On each side of the room, near the Fore end, six Viper tubes are ready for quick deployment of the Kharon's Viper squadron. Lining the rest of Hangar Bay One, each Mark Two and Mark Seven has its own place to be kept with a small red toolchest that holds the minimum of required equipment for quick maintenance.
Along the floor, each individual Viper bay is painted off with a single hashed yellow and black stripe. A deep red line denotes important electrical conduits and access ports just below the deck while a bright blue line follows up walls and across the floor to tell where the Tylium lines run in case of fire. Outlets along the wall for the fuel as well as corrugated rubber piping stand ready for use, fluorescent yellow firefighting gear kept in plain sight for easy access nearby.

Samantha wasn't really expecting Absalom to -dance- with her, much less aquaint the junk in her trunk with his hand. But Sam laughs, shaking it a few more moments against him and then giving a little booty wave after he smacks her behind. "Mmhmm. For luck." She then looks over to Thorn, smiling a bit wider and dashing to his side for the quick, immediate good bye that needs to happen…"Oh you know all the junk in this trunk is yours, baby… Kiss me before we go off to hell.." She's a bit TOO cheery today. Forcing it out. Doing her best not to think about Scorpia or anything but being happy for a last few moments.

Kai thumps up the stairs leading to the hangar bay, suited up in full flight gear with his helmet tucked under one arm. He veers off to the nearest wireless terminal, inside one of the mechanics' booths, and places a quick message over the intercom while the pilots already present mill about.

Samantha also gives Will a little nod in agreement, but of anyone, he can probably see the strained worry behind her eyes. She hates this planet too.

Roubani gets onto the hangar deck at the intercom call, part of his pre-flight done a touch earlier. And he ALWAYS walks in on the behind smackings and that sort of thing. NEVER FAILS, GOSH.

Smoking a cigarette alone behind the 'no smoking' line next to a small bucket of sand near the stairwell, Martin's got a quiet, focused look on his face. Smirking quietly at the banter between Case, Thorn, and and Shadow, he turns his head to watch the arrivers. Waving to Roubani and Black Cat, he brings the cigarette to his lips again for a drag.

Fingers strides into the Bay suited up, hair pulled back, with her flight helmet under one arm and gloves in hand. She heads over toward her viper, then veers off when she spots her brother with a cigarette. Jupes hustles over that way, and jostles Martin. "Share."

Sparro walks in, smiling as he looks at everyone. A quick glance at his bird to make sure that it is okay, and then he settles in to listen up. Gametime.

Kitty arrives in a hurry, geared up. The sight of all the activity makes her blink a bit but she doesn't linger to chat, moving to the Raptor she shares with Matto to do her part of the pre-flight.

Roubani lifts his chin in a kind of upward greeting to Martin, heading over to pull his helmet off the rack and cradle it securely with his left arm. His path continues on towards his Viper, boots making a soft thumping that's all but lost in the noise up here.

Matto hurries on up in close order after Nadiv, giving him a quiet smile before veering off from his side to go see to Foxbat-4, which is still warm from today's earlier jaunt, the deck crew just finishing looking her over as her pilot approaches and takes a clipboard from one of them for a brief looking-over. A nod and he makes a couple of notes, then hands it back, climbing up the ramp and in to continue pre-flight from inside, smiling back at Kitty as she heads in after.

Wil's shoulders shrug a little bit in an uneven roll. Any levity he's displaying is merely the dry kind. He brings his balled hand up to his mouth and covers a cough as he scrambles up the ladder of his bird. He starts whistling a meandering tune.

Nodding upwards to his sister, Martin turns the cigarette over and offers it to Jupiter. "Still gettin used to that blonde." Martin offers, turning to face her. Not smirking for a change, he looks to her face. "You ready for this?"

Komnenos draws Samantha in for a quick kiss, then touches his forehead silently to hers. "See you on the other side, love." A touch on the shoulder later, he's off and moving again towards whoever's Raptor he happens to be riding in tonight.

Absalom barks a laugh at Thorn and Case, and shakes his head, "She was just demonstrating a little of her stage presence Thorn. We'll try and keep it PG next time." And, pre-flight jitters seem to have set in as Shadow's grin fades a bit upon spotting the CAG heading for the wireless. The pilot climbs half way up the ladder to his Viper, and then sits on one of the steps, watching the goings on.

"Dash, put the godsdamned cigarette out before the Chief comes and kicks your ass. Much as I'd like to see that." That's from Kai, as he trudges past the junior pilot on his way through the 'bay. He's headed for his bird, of course, helmet switched to his right hand while the left pats down pressure seals and checks the zipper on his flight suit.

Samantha's draws a bit more somber herself, really, as her forehead rests against Thorn's for that moment. She whispers something quietly and then does let go, her fingertips dropping to finish zipping up her flight suit as she heads over towards her Viper, pre-flight walk around already done and ready. She's been itching for this for a while now. She climbs up the stairs and inside the cockpit, beginning the interior checks…

Jupes drops her helmet to the deck, tugs a glove onto her left hand, then reaches for the smoke. She takes a deep drag, and shoots Martin a look out of the corner of her eye. "Boner, I'm always ready for combat flights." She tips her head up, exhales what's left of the smoke in her lungs, flicks the cig and then hands it back once ash has drifted to the deck. "Don't talk about the blonde. It throws off my mojo. Besides, I have a box of dye to take it back to basics." She glances over at the CAG as he grouses about the cig, and takes another drag. Martin may have to wrestle it back to put it out. Smoke, smoke, smoke!

Martin nods to Kai and turns back to his sister. "Need help with that let me know." Martin offers, talking with his sister as if it's just another drop and nothing special. "I remember that one time you dyed your hair by yourself and your neck looked like a disaster zone." Martin adds, finally cracking a grin before snatching the cigarette from her. He puffs down the cigarette a few times before dumping it into the bucket of sand. Exhaling as he rises, he shoves his sister in the direction of the Vipers. "Work work work."

Thorn lingers"The next time Sam keeps it PG will be the first. Don't sweat it, Shadow," Thorn calls out as he winds away from the Vipers. He finally pulls up next to Sparro's Raptor, climbing up the wing and ducking in through the hatch. The ECO's fingers begin running expertly across the console as he begins his usual preflight routine.

"The next time Sam keeps it PG will be the first. Don't sweat it, Shadow," Thorn calls out as he winds away from the Vipers. He finally pulls up next to Sparro's Raptor, climbing up the wing and ducking in through the hatch. The ECO's fingers begin running expertly across the console as he begins his usual preflight routine.

Samantha's middle finger joins the party from before as she stretches her arm up and out of her cockpit, gloved finger waving in Thorn's direction. That's the way to say farewall, mmhmm. She slips her helmet on then, clicking it into place and switching over to comms as she finishes her last few checks.

[Into the Wireless] Samantha says, "Poet… ready to rock and roll? Seems you get to stare at this fine booty allll night."

Sparro climbs into Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN'.

[From Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN':]
"Whore," Jupiter mutters as her brother snatches the cig. She blows out a breath, smoke and all, then pulls on her other glove, and briefly checks the seals on her suit. "Stop pushing, Boner. Gods. You're such a turd. It's not like we get treats for suiting up first." All that is muttered quietly before she takes her helmet, scooping it up from the deck, and jams it on. "Try not to get shot this time," she says to her brother.

If Roubani's surprised to be moved back to Case, he certainly doesn't show it. Face set, he glances over his shoulder towards the Raptors loading up, and then turns his attention fully to his Viper, climbing on in and pulling helmet down over his head. Mic on.

Komnenos climbs into Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN'.

[From Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN':]
Absalom snerks, and then finishes climbing into his Viper. He shuts the cockpit canopy, and then starts up his preflight. The words over the wireles catch his attention. The man appears to be all business for the time being.

Absalom climbs into Wolf-18 'SHADOW'.

[From Wolf-18 'SHADOW':]
Kai takes a couple of steps backward, eyes on the elder Black as she takes a couple more puffs from the smoke. It's the sort of look that suggests she might want to watch her paintjob out there. Pivoting, he heads for his viper— and the mechanic waiting with a clipboard, so he can go through his walkaround and pre-flight.

Foxbat-4's DRADIS and the like is put through their tests, Kitty making sure everything's checked off once they pass muster. "Looks good back here, Kissy," Kitty annouces once she's done. "Shall we dance?"

[Into the Wireless] Roubani replies, icnredibly drily. "Do try not to get shot, sir. I am certain Thorn already has all the holes he wants."

Thea does her pre-flight, then stands near the ladder to her bird, looking toward the others - particularly the Raptors - as everyone suits and birds up.

Willem climbs into Wolf-11 'REBOUND'.

[From Wolf-11 'REBOUND':]
"I'll never make Lieutenant if I don't start kissing ass." Martin laughs, shoving Jupiter again affectionately before heading off towards his Viper. "I'll try. Try not to crash on landing." Martin adds, climbing up his ladder.

Samantha climbs into Wolf-6 'CASE'.

[From Wolf-6 'CASE':]
Martin climbs into Wolf-10 'DASH'.

[From Wolf-10 'DASH':]
Xanthus climbs into Wolf-4 'JESTER'.

[From Wolf-4 'JESTER':]
Matto molests an orange gummy bear with his back teeth while he helmets up, belts in and takes systems through his preferred sequence of activation and course-check. Not that he wasn't just checking these systems a short while ago, but— thoroughness, even so. He grins a little at the com chatter. "Let's do, Crybaby."

Roubani climbs into Wolf-16 'POET'.

[From Wolf-16 'POET':]
Legacy climbs into Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT'.

[From Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT':]
Matto climbs into Foxbat-4 'MADMAN'.

[From Wolf-4 'JESTER':]
You climb into Wolf-16 'POET'.

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] Affixing his helmet, Willem ambles into his Viper with a faint smile, although it is not commented upon. He proceeds to go through the typical series of pre-flight checks. Life support. Weapons. Propulsion/RCS. With that, he calls over the STC comm indicating systems are green.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani exhales a long, silent breath through tense lips. He reaches up, flipping on the Viper's panel switches one by one in a routine sequence that ends in the low rumble of the engines coming on and warming.

Kai climbs into Wolf-3 'SPIDER'.

[STC] "Knight" Praxis says, "All pilots, Kharon CIC. You are to clear the tubes immediately upon the ready."

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash. I am assigned as lead. Stay on my five and slack and follow my target designation."

[STC] "Madman" Matto says, "Kharon, this is Madman, reporting Foxbat-4 green front and back for launch on your OK. I hear you, CIC."

[TAC1] "Poet" Roubani says, "Case, Poet. Green for launch and following."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] If the CAG's tense, it isn't showing. His checklist is handed back, and he climbs the ladder to his cockpit, helmet tugged on as he swings inside. The various comms chatter and noise of the hangar bay don't seem to intrude into his little bubble of calm. Switches are flipped, canopy's brought down, systems are checked as he secures the hardseal binding helmet to suit.

[TAC1] "Case" Samantha says, "Poet, Case. Green here too… Let's go see some stars."

[TAC1] "Poet" Roubani says, "Case, Poet. Clear of tubes and pulling up on your eight."

New DRADIS Contact: Wolf-13 'FINGERS' arrives from Hangar Bay #1 - Hangar Deck.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Case's viper sails out into the blackness, smoothly taking flight and then slowing her exit so her wing man can settle into place at her side, in proper formation. Any booty shaking that was taking place previous is now all gone from her flying. She's nothing but professional now.

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Roger, Dash. I'll try and keep your bird clean this go round."

[TAC1] "Case" Samantha says, "I see ya there, Poet. Good hunting…to both of us."

[TAC1] "Poet" Roubani says, "So say we all, sir."

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem rattles over the comms. "Jester, Rebound. Looking good. Stay tight like last time." He also leaves himself wide open for a mom joke.

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider burns out of the tubes, and firewalls his engines the instant his inertia begins to bleed away. His craft is flipped wing over wing to bring him about as he clears Kharon's airspace.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Jester forms up on Rebound's wing, the motion routine and plain, but the circumstances always anything but.

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Spider, Fingers. I had my coffee today, so you feel free to be as hot on the stick as you like. I'm on your wing like a million cubit necklace on a freshly minted trophy wife.""

[Foxbat-2 'BLACK CAT': Legacy] Thea's Foxbat lifts off the deck with ease and slides out into the darkness of space, taking up a point position rather behind all of the Vipers who've left the next like sleek birds of prey. The turkey vulture is hanging back.

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "All right, listen up. You all know what you need to do out there, and we don't have time to be sitting around chewing the fat. Form up with your strike leader and move it. Good hunting out there, all of you."

[Foxbat-8 'BIRDMAN': Sparro] Sparro settles in formation, watching his DRADIS intently for the signs of things heating up

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani circles up on Samantha's starboard, hovering around her eight and moving up to 7. There's no more idle chatter from him, if much chatter from him can ever be called idle.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Out of the tubes from Kharon comes Shadow's Viper. He settles himself in behind Dash, and then waggles his wings a little in adknowledgement of Spider's command.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Not chatty at all, despite how she started the night, Samantha swoops out into the void, weapons getting hot as are her fingertips, but that's it.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Clicking his wireless to acknowledge the order, Martin keeps his game face on as he falls into position with Spider for the assault. Double checking Shadow's slack on his five-o-clock, he lets out a slow breath to acknowledge the calm before the storm.

[Foxbat-4 'MADMAN': Matto] Foxbat-4 stays in easeful formation with Foxbat-2 the while, as though the two were connected by some invisible thread.

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider continues his hard burn until he's out at the head of the 'pack' and slotted in at his wingman's ten, then cuts his thrusters, dropping to a steady cruise.

[TAC1] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Looks awful pretty down there. Maybe it's make a good place to retire."

The aircraft separate into their respective groups, the assault Raptors heading straight for the prison camp itself, the pickup Raptors for the civilian pickup point in the forest, and the main Viper force for the intercept point midway between the prison camp and Glenhaven.

[TAC1] "Case" Samantha says, "Just about as shitty on the surface too.."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani's hand pushes the throttle forward, picking up speed at Samantha's side as they race through Scorpia's orbit. Once upon a time, movie makers would strap cameras to the undersides of planes to make shots like this, soaring over the trees and water. Now there's just the desolation under them, and the threat ahead.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Case's bird doesn't waver one bit as they get closer to the planet, breaking through upper atmosphere, getting closer and closer to those grim sights below. She remains on a fast, steady path towards their objective, providing a good point lead for Poet behind her.

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] As the raptors with their minimal viper escort peel away to head for their mission objective, and the vipers toward Glenhaven, Spider sends a brief glance out his viewscreen toward Legacy's craft. His gloved knuckles are brought against the glass, and then his 'burners are lit and he's off. The ride starts to get bumpy as he strafes in through the troposphere, though he's not at the point of having to fight his controls. Yet.

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] With a bright, blue-white flicker of the Viper's engines, Rebound cuts through the dark void of space towards the familiar brightly-glowing ball that is Scorpia yet another time. Maybe the last time. His ship hurtles as a halo surrounds it, re-entry friction blazing around the bird's airframe.

[Wolf-13 'FINGERS': Jupiter] Fingers rides close to Spider's wing, punching in the burn when the Captain does. Luckily, her issues with her bird have been more or less taken care of before this mission, so there's no griping over comms about the throttle or the stick. Formation is tight, for once, without any extra speed. She matches her SL's moves.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Leading Shadow, Dash maneuvers his Viper into the downward descent towards the surface of Scorpia. Settling through the warm, almost pained insertion to breath through the planet's atmosphere, Martin has to grit his teeth to avoid them chattering. Gripping his controls to keep them stable despite the rocking, he's managing well.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] The wing waggling done, Shadow settles himself back into the five o'clock position behind Dash. He picks up a bit of speed to keep pace with his wingleader. The pilot inside the ship keeps his eyes locked on the DRADIS as he dips into the atmosphere. Absalom checks a couple of dials, and then looks out his window to ensure that he's keeping position, making minute adjustments to do so.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Blinking a few times more than he'd prefer, Jester pushes his flight stick forward, levelling off and then starting a descent towards the war-torn world below. Fingers flex and squeeze the flight stick and he pulls back on the throttle until he hears the reassuring click of the metal detents. Eyes narrow out at the colony and whatever thoughts or emotions cross his mind, he directs each one back to the hangar for a combat landing. Of sorts.

Almost as soon as the Vipers have broken atmo, the DRADIS blips with contacts being launched from the Cylon airbase in Glenhaven, heading up to intercept.

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "All points, let's keep the chatter to a minimum from now on. I'd like this to be as much of a surprise as possible. Form up tight, and break once you've got a bandit in your sights. If we can catch them with their pants down, drop whatever ordinance you've got on the base itself. I want to see some pretty fireworks."

Twenty ships in all, though some are going to be occupied taking out the other NPC Vipers.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] With their pants down, right. Roubani arches a brow at the DRADIS contacts already popping up, thumb settled on on his KEW trigger.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] On the far starboard side of the formation, Dash veers to angle to a flanking position in the incoming assault and lines up on the far Raider. Deadly silent over the wireless, he flips off the safeties for his weapon and waits for the right moment to fire.

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "You got it, Spider."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Or, you know, not. A man can be optimistic, can't he? Spider curses quietly into his helmet as he spots the blips on DRADIS, and throttles forward, hard, as his bird burns through atmospheric entry. His free hand lifts to flip weapons to free, and he slips out ahead of his wingman so he can take the hits— and she can take the shots.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] As Dash moves, Shadow follows in his wake. The pilot slips a bit into the high slot behind his wingman, but, for the moment seems to be in a stable position.

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] Pretty fireworks indeed. Wil tears ass and burns sky through the atmo as his bird proceeds upon the appropriate attack vector. Grabbing the stick, he gives Jester a quick wag of his wings in a comm-silent signal as the fresh meat rolls in. Fresh metal meat that is.

[Wolf-13 'FINGERS': Jupiter] Fingers drops back a little from the CAG as he puts on the burn. She flips to weapons hot when the DRADIS lights up, and targeting goes active. Anyone who tries to take a piece out of Wolf-3 is going to be very, very sorry.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani has a Raider on him almost instantly, and sends the bird in a hard veer in attempt to avoid its fire. Watching Samantha's bird for where it's aiming, he sets to open fire on the enemy approaching.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Possibly backwards, Samantha ends up doing a bit if fancy steering and turning about face so she can help attack the Raider that is on her wingman's buttocks! She's not letting him get damaged yet, though, even if it leaves her open with some bit of insane, smooth flying to complete the backwards manuever.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Clearly a member of the glowyest flight of them all, Jester gives his wingmate a visual nod and hits the burners, swinging away from Rebound, then coming back for him, trying to lead his two newest best pals on a chase that makes following him less than a treat.

[TAC1] "Jester" Xanthus says, "Rebound, Jester. Stay sharp. We got their attention. Just what I always wanted."

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Shadow, two on me, going evasive."

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] While Samantha's fancy turning tricks actually get her a hint landed on Roubani's attacker, there aren't any violent explosions as the thing's body armor actually seems to take most of it quite nicely. She faintly curses over the com channel, whirling around again to return to formation for the next strike.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani swerves out of the Raider's way quickly enough to send the KEW fire going past his wing, but it makes his shot do the same across the enemy's. Teeth grit behind closed lips, he swings back around to Samantha's side, engine lights blazing as they rush back in.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Good to his word, Shadow peels off of Dash's wing as blue bullets from two separate Raiders zip past his cockpit. The pilot's return fire goes wide, but, it seems he's none-too-concerned with that at the moment. He ducks down towards the deck, and keeps his head on a swivel looking over his shoulder for his pursuers.

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] It was just one of those days. Wil's Viper cruises downward from a high angle of attack as he takes aim at one of the Raiders breaking off to harass his section, guns blazing. Unfortunately that was the wrong choice. A few splashes of cannon fire rip into his bird as he violently jams the controls to correct himself.

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash, you've got two. Break to star and bring them around I'm gonna try to split them off you. Bob and weave, Shadow, stay evasive."

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem says, "All points, Rebound. I'm hit. Going evasive. Did I mention I hate Scorpia?"

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider jukes, Spider rolls, Spider cuts it a little too close, and almost gets smoked by some ordinance headed directly for his wing. Speaking of swapping paint. The CAG, though, likes to play things on the hot side. He cuts his number one engine, and firewalls two, whipping him about in time to take a head-on shot at his raider— whom he has time to see go up in a shower of fire and hunks of metal as Jupiter's rounds tear through it. He guns right through the wreckage instead, and aims for one of Jester's pals.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Jester, true to his intent, takes his two followers on a rollercoaster ride. He turns left, they turn left. He fakes right, they lag behind. He lights the burners, then scissors once they're committed on an approach vector, and all while attempting to tear the blinky diodes out of one of the rogue machines out to pulp his wingmate. Shots streaking all around him, Jester squeezes the trigger, but he can't seem to get a bead on them. He cringes as one rips into Rebound's hull.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] With the attack having thoroughly begun, Dash changes his attack at the last moment when he realizes that there's going to be a shift towards his wingman. Gritting his teeth, he gets a little hit in on one of Shdadow's two pursuers as the sky is lit up with weaponsfire. He can't help but grin when his sister takes one down, but now's not the time for reminiscing. Putting on some fancy flying, he tries to herd the two pursuers into a good angle.

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Watch your lag pursuit, Rebound. Jester, I've got your bandit in my sights. Fingers, nice hits."

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem says, "Spider, Rebound. "I'm watching, I'm watching. This girl's still flying.""

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Roger Dash. Come on down and get em."

[Wolf-13 'FINGERS': Jupiter] Wolf-13's guns open up on the raider trailing Spider, and a line of fire rips through its cockpit spilling goo and metal bits in a pretty little show in gory detail. She pulls a slight roll to Starboard to keep from flying right through it, rolling twice before she corrects to rejoin on her wing's ass.

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Splash 1. Keep 'em comin', boys."

[TAC1] "Jester" Xanthus scowls, "Rebound, Jester. Talk to me. You flowin'?" His wingman nearly got blasted to pieces. How does one expect him to take it?

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Sorry, Spider. What was that?"

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem says, "Jester, Rebound. It's flowing. Just check my flight suit in the laundry if you don't believe me. Slippery bastard."

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Tag team time, it seems! While that pesky Raider remains tightly on poor Roubani's arse, Samantha quickly whips around a second time and does a quick strafing run right across the raider's body, a few good explosions breaking out on the surface there as her wingmate goes in for the hopeful kill…

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] While not quite as disastrous this time, Rebound's shots echo harmlessly around the Raider's hull as he engages. Cursing, he yanks up on the stick to bring his Viper around for another pass at his chosen bandit.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani jams down on the trigger a split second earlier this time as he whizzes past the fourth Raider again, sending his own bird careering to port as the raider's guns send blue his way. Whoosh, right by, and his fire slams into the thing's controls as Sam and another Viper pound on it as well. The thing's still not dead, and he makes an annoyed sound in his throat, coming back to chase it again with Sam's lead.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shadow went down towards the deck for a reason: so he could slam on the brakes. As he watches tracers flash past him, he rolls slightly right, pulls his nose up, and cuts his engine. Both pursuers rocket past him, and he fires off a burst at one of them. His bullets apparently hit, but, he can't make out any damage. The pilot curses as the pair start to come around, and makes a wide turn port.

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash, nice moves. Looks like we're clear for the moment. Focus on my target, two on one. If you're going to pinpoint targets go for the engines. We're in G's, over."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Without the vacuum of space to aid him, Spider's fighting that bitch otherwise known as gravity, while he pushes his bird to the limits of its acrobatic ability. His guns light up the instant he has a bead on Xanthus' friend, spraying the enemy fighter with rounds that — along with a little help from his wingmates — tear the raider up a heartbeat after it takes its own shots. He flips onto one wing, and veers away from the wreckage this time, already seeking out his next target with Fingers hopefully hot on his swiftly-moving tail.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Don't look back. Don't look back. Don't look… well frak -that-. Jester looks back, they jams the stick -hard-, pushing it forward and sending his viper into a dramatic dive that causes shots to go wide, and sends his 12 across the tail section of the other raider who'd see him deleted, erased, deactivated, whatever these things perceive as death. He tears into the control surfaces while some of his mates obliterate him, then he lights the afterburners, coming in hot for one of the things creeping up on Shadow.

[Wolf-13 'FINGERS': Jupiter] A squeeze of the trigger and it's all fire all the time. Fingers' target is lit up by a few other pilots, and the raider never even had a chance. Spider complimented her hits, of course Fingers is hot on his tail. It's just the way these things work!

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Growling as he fails to hit on what he was sure was a connecting target, Dash blinks as the Raider seems to dodge out of the attack at just the last moment. Keeping his cool, he lets only a little of his frustration slip through as he barks off coordination over the wireless to his wingman and focuses on the Raider's engines. No fly means no fight…

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. Two still on me, continuing evasive, but I'll try and put a burst on your target."

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Your six is clear, Jester, though you've still got a bogey at three o'clock, coming in fast. Shadow, sending a little love your way."

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] Termination with extreme predjudice. Rebound's back on his game as he manages to bring his dented Viper back in line. It's the advantage of planetary garrison duty — on the whole he's probably had more atmospheric duty than your average pilot. Cyclinc his cannons on the Raider he was engaging, he squeezes off a series of rounds which rattle right into the oscillating, angry red eye of the Raider's cockpit. DEAAAAACTIVAAAAAAAAATIOOOOOON!

[TAC1] "Poet" Roubani says, "Lead, Poet. Order for fireworks, duly followed."

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem says, "Whoah whoah whoah. Jester, Rebound. Took a dent there. Status?"

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Third time's a charm, or so they say. Samantha does one more strafing run across the body of that annoying little Raider on Roubani's arse and…Sure enough, the thing goes up in beautiful fire. She grins widely, if unseen…

[TAC1] "Case" Samantha says, "Splash one, splash one…"

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem echoes, "Splash one ugly toaster."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Again with a little twist, though, this time its less successful. Shadow rolls out of the way of one Raider's attack, but, nearly into the stream of the second. Bastards are getting smart. He jukes starboard and only takes a little perforation of the wing of his ship, before he sends a blast of fire into one of the Raiders. As his bullets strike, the pilot grins, and then frowns as some more bullets come in late and finish off the wing he'd plunked.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani has re-trained his gunsights on one of the remaining Raiders. As more zoom out to back up their exploding fellows, he looks quickly up at sam's bird to see if she's breaking for another target.

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. You kill stealing bastard. Last time I listen to you about spraying your target."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] It's honestly hard to say where Spider is in the mix. He's a sneaky little bug..ger. Undoubtedly though, a few of the bullets that just rained on that raider's parade were his. He waggles a wing at Absalom as he shoots past, and lines up his next shot.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Ignoring the bandit on his six, who's surely capitalizing on his neglect, Jester puts round after round into the right side of one of Shadow's challengers. The damage is minor, but he seems to his a structural support of some kind. The raider effectively comes apart. It's just as the debris is flying that a shot tears through his own hull, sending hot steel through his flight suit and into his leg. He shout, "Aagh! Mother. Frakker!" though he's not ont he air when he says that. His bank is reckless and swift, bringing himself back in line with Rebound for a fast rendezvous.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] One thing is for sure about dogfighting it atmosphere…the explosions are FAR more impressive. Blinking through the combined destruction of many Raiders at once, Martin goes immediately back to business and finds some more targets. Rolling away from the deck to climb for some more opposition, he thumbs his wireless.

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash, I wrote the book on spraying targets. Great shooting man, let's keep this up. Incoming at three o'clock high."

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Jester, cover your wingman."

It's a real furball up there. As several of the Raiders are taken out, others swoop in off their original targets and beeline in on someone else.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] It's not exactly -hard- to get back on course, but having taken care of the one on Roubani, Samantha reorients herself to a more direct flight path. Fortunately, Absalom looks like he needs some help ahead, so she opens some quick fire on his attacker, even if she doesn't seem to be landing many good hits. Damn squirmy things.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] A curious thing happens with Shadow and Dash, in that they target eachother's aggressor in the first pass. Shadow is less than successful in hitting his target, but, he is not oblivious to the bullets buzzing him again. The pilot sighs, rolls, and then flips on his wireless.

[TAC1] (from "Fingers" Jupiter) A veritable cornucopia of profanity issues from Fingers' headset as her viper takes a serious hit in the controls.

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. Come around to port. On my mark, turn starboard forty five. I'm gonna try and weave this guy right into your line of fire."

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] Boom. Headshot. Leading a charge on the remaining Raider from the old flight group, Willem's Viper banks sharply to Port as Tylium-fuelled rockets hurtle through Scorpia's atmosphere as the target jinks to and fro. Pulling hard upward on the stick, he pulls into a lateral climb. Pop pop boom. Messy raider bits everywhere.

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Fingers, sound off. You took a pretty nasty hit there, you all right?"

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash, copy that. Weave that sucker through."

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "I'm still flying, but it's like trying to steer a longshoreman in six inch stilettos after about four vodka chasers and a fifth of jack."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] There's a muttered curse into Spider's helmet as he spots his wingman getting hit. That's never something you want to see. He guns his engines and strafes in hot on her heels, intent on taking any heat coming her way.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Martin jukes his Viper into the oncoming fire and manages to roll past his attacker. Scoring a shot to the engines of the Raider that is attacking Shadow on his way past, Martin brakes and makes a hard turn to continue pursuit of his Raider. However, he's not firing, he's waiting for Shadow to bait his target into his path.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] All speed, momentum, and malice, Jester swings onto the next target of opportunity, sending streaks of boiling metal into the Raider which is now relatively in front of him. He aims for the cockpit, but manages a glancing blow, dealing several deflection shots along the airframe before he loses his window of opportunity.

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Three, two, one, Mark."

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem says, "Raider cover's a bit…excessive, isn't it?"

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani continues to follow Samantha's lead, careening back around to aim at the Raider she's got her guns trained on. His viper doesn't have 'HIT ME' painted on the side just at the moment and his flying reflects it, going dead-on for the raider chasing Willem.

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Jester, Rebound, Sparky and Shirt, stay on those bandits. The rest of you on me; we're going to head in closer to the base, and see about dropping off a few party gifts."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] SIKE!

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash, FRAK yeah! Great moving! Splash on my second for the logs. Form up on me, we're going into town, over."

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] Bobbing and weaving, a few rounds are squeezed off as Rebound maintains a dance with the enemy and fire is exchanged. Rounds are embedded in the Raider's airframe as he swings his head around in the cockpit after spying a warning on DRADIS. MOAR raider fun. He jams the stick hard and pulls to one side.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] On saying 'Mark' Shadow ducks off to his port, looking over his shoulder at the firing from his wingman. He gets only a half moment's glance before he fires off a round at a Raider that flashes past his cockpit. His bullets go wide, but, at the new order he peels off his pursuit of the ship, and starts off in the direction indicated by lead.

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem says, "Spider, Rebound. I hear you. I hate leaving jobs undone."

[TAC1] "Case" Samantha says, "Pretty, pretty shootin' out there, boys…"

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Sam's not quite so lucky as she has been, her shots only giving a glancing blow to the enemy's hull, but at at least she keeps landing SOMETHING.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani peels off hard from the Raider pursuit, arcing hard around to port. Blue blazes on the undercarriage as he circles and gets back into formation, one hand flipping up a new plastic cover on his dash. Go go gadget missiles.

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. Good shooting, forming on your wing now."

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] The movement is well timed. As the Raider crosses in front of Dash's viper, he opens fire and tears a hole through the cockpit of the Raider. The resulting explosion with the aid of his fellow pilots sends the Raider to the ground, where a secondary explosion engulfs a small collection of trees. Angling to follow the CAG, Martin glances to Jupiter's Viper with concern. "Don't you die on me, Jupiter…" Dash mutters under his breath, off of the wireless.

[TAC1] "Poet" Roubani says, "Case, Poet. Back in formation, on your five. Rebound, take care of everyone back there for us. Ivory will be upset if you break a nail."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider's rounds hit home again, contributing to the clusterfrak that is that poor raider. Or, well, was. He skids away from the exploding wreckage, and slots back in on Jupiter's ten o'clock as they beat feet toward the base.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Jester goes null thrust, letting his craft travel on a ballistic path, and then squeezing the trigger when the getting is good. His round mix with that of other pilots and make ol 23 skiddoo a very unhappy robot. Do robots go robot heaven? "How about Hell?" Jester asks the question out loud, then scans the dradis, and then visually looks around. He hids a hasty retreat back to his wingmate to help pry the latest raider with more tillium than sense off of Rebound.

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Fingers, still holding it together over there? Do I need to start sending you off with a roll of duct tape?"

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Dash, I can hear you telepathically thinking that crap at me. … Spider, I think I could use some duct tape. These frakkers keep messing with my baby. Chief's gonna think I did it on purpose, like the time I wrecked Dad's car into the mayor's boat… while it was afloat."

[TAC1] (from Faraday) The Raptors on the ground assault are reporting one Raptor down, another heading for base with a toasted engine. Requesting SAR for the downed Raptor. No civilians in position for pickup yet.

The other Vipers turn back for the base, but it's going to take them a couple minutes to get there, since their dogfight was not right next to it.

[Wolf-11 'REBOUND': Willem] With a few deft, practiced jerks of the stick(yes, fill in all untoward jokes here), Rebound manages to toss off a couple rounds into one of the remaining Raider's metal guts. Shiny. He contributes to its overall demise.

[TAC1] "Rebound" Willem says, "Jester, Rebound. Still with me?"

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider firewalls his engines and drops away from the fight. His DRADIS is periodcally checked, but he's relying mostly on his eyes to spot the compound below. His weapons are flipped from cannons to the heavier ordinance as he dives through cloud cover just ahead of Jupiter.

[TAC1] "Jester" Xanthus says, "I spy with my little eye a raider that's not coming home to momma tonight. Sir." The last part a sudden afterthought.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Case falls back into formation with Kai, as per orders, getting in closer behind their CAG, though she is feeling comfortable enough now to give Roubani a small, tiny wing waggle in greeting since he's on her wing.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shadow gets himself settled back into position at Dash's five, high. He looks down at the DRADIS, and then again over his controls. He flicks a couple of switches, and prepares for his bombing run.

[Wolf-13 'FINGERS': Jupiter] Though the road is pretty rough with a dent in her controls, Fingers follows Spider in, the ride clattering even her teeth before she grits them and mutters under her breath. She's terminally stuck with a broke ass viper. Must stop getting tagged in the controls.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani is indeed on Sam's wing. One wouldn't expect him to be anywhere else, barring being in a thousand pieces.

[Wolf-4 'JESTER': Xanthus] Several tons of starfighter and an absurd amount of velocity bear down on the last raider in close range. Jester's craft smoothly falls into an attack formation with Rebound, weapons hot. He fires warning streaks, attempting to lure the bandit out of his line of fire and into Rebound's. Not the oldest trick in the book, but old enough.

As the Vipers head back for the camp, they can see smoke trailing up from the ground below. All of the towers and SAM batteries appear to have been taken out by the ground assault Raptors and marines. The two heavy raiders that were parked on the airfield are flying away, making a run for it, looks like.

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Fingers, if you're not going to make it, you tell me now and I'll send you home. My idea of dropping a few gifts off does not include you."

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "If I get tagged again, I'll RTB, Spider. I've got some fight in me yet. Wouldn't want to miss the chance to send a hostess gift. My mom raised me better!"

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] OOC: Ok, clarification! I totally thought we were near the Glenhaven base, which we are not. So please cancel the order to head down there. We're gonna go meet up with the raptors at the camp.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani stays at Sam's side, zooming along!

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "All points, I spot two heavy raiders moving away from the camp. Engage and destroy at will, then establish a standard CAP, gamma pattern, until we have the all clear from Black Cat."

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Spider, Shadow. Once we down the Raiders, do we have clerance to strafe ground targets? The cows sound like they're about to start splatting Centurions with missiles. We've got nice shiny machineguns that might be a bit more economical."

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Negative, Shadow. Hold for further orders."

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Shadow, Dash. Follow on my bearing, we have two fatboys on the Dradis."

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Slash and dash, boys. Shadow and Dash, split left. Case and Poet, take right. Fingers and I'll mop up what's left."

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Shadow, Dash. Copy that."

[TAC1] "Case" Samantha says, "Copy, Spider."

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] And there she goes, Sam's weapons hot again, whirling around the side of the combat perimeter and getting ready to cut through hard and fast to that heavy raider.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shadow pulls forward a little, coming almost parallel to Dash's bird as he lines up his attack run. He waggles his wing at the latest command, and then settles in to attack.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Heads or tails? Case is choosing heads and Roubani's there to back her up. Like shooting two fat, overfed ducks down on the pond.

The two Heavy Raiders don't seem to notice the gang of Vipers jumping them, or maybe they foolishly just thought they might get away. But when it becomes clear they can't, they turn to make one last stand.

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Frak, belay that, belay that, they're turning around…"

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Foolishly getting sloppy with his channel selection, Dash is all over the place as he continues the attack on the Heavy raiders. When they turn to stand off against the bloodthirsty Vipers, he quickly glances to Jupiter's viper and grits his teeth, deciding to stay in formation.

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "That's right, assholes. I can still steer!"

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Not the most damage, but Sam's firing on the heavy raider actually seems to land a few scrapes to the outer hull, some violent explosions echoing in the atmosphere with the same strength all atmo-battles give…

[TAC1] "Case" Samantha says, "They sure do look pretty blowing up like that."

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] The combined fire of four vipers still isn't quite enough to take out the first fatboy, but it's limping badly enough that Spider wagers on the other Vigilantes finishing the job. He turns and skitters away, burning tylium like it's going out of style as he seeks out a firing solution on the other raider. Which promptly comes about with its weapons hot. Now this is more like it.

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Dash, Shadow. I think we're fine for the moment, these heavies aint any harder to hit than big lumbering barns."

[Wolf-13 'FINGERS': Jupiter] Wolf-13 takes a snap shot at a Heavy as it passes through the line of fire. The shot lands, peppering the fatass raider with damage along the body. She kicks in the burn a half second after Spider does, and closes.

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Roubani lands a hit on one of their weapons plates underneath, and that blows up like a huge shot of sparks at a welding stand. Insert joke here about a raider shooting blanks now. He turns around for another pass.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shadow's bullets pepper the wing of the heavy Raider he targeted. As it doesn't go down and starts to make a lumbering turn, he comes around with it, endeavouring to stay on its tail. The pilot seems to be almost taking it easy on this pass.

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "(repose, before 'belay that')Spider, Dash. They're retreating. They're making no attempt to come after us. Don't you find this the least bit odd, sir?, over."

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "They might have cargo on board, Boner. Hell if I know."

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "DASH. Gods damnit…"

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] Something's aimin-…oh hell to the no. Roubani ducks his Viper under Heavy blasts - granted it's not too difficult given the others are beating on it like a redheaded stepchild. He lands another shot on the first raider and squints a little as it still fatboys around.

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Case can practically be seen cursing loudly through her windshield as she manages to land several very nice hits… Straight into the heaviest armored area of the Heavy. So much for doing any damage! She growls into her comm and swings around for another attack.

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Again Shadow peppers the Raider, and, this time his bullets start to make a trail of smoke come from the engine. The pilot looks about to flick his com and register the kill, but when it explodes under the fire of another Viper, he grumbles to himself, and pulls around to target the last heavy flying.

[Wolf-13 'FINGERS': Jupiter] Fingers takes aim, lines up on a target, and watches it turn into bite sized pieces before her eyes, courtesy of, at the very least, Spider. Yikes. Who ordered heavy raider puree?

[Wolf-3 'SPIDER': Kai] Spider's really got a hate-on for metal tonight. Those aren't love taps, baby. His KEW slices through the heavy raider like a knife through butter, finishing off the pounding the other Vigilantes had been giving it. Another splash, another cubit. He strafes away from the rapidly hurtling wreckage, and drags his viper in a hard breakturn, trying to pull off a snapshot on the remaining fatboy.

[TAC1] "Case" Samantha says, "I almost feel sorry for it. …Almost."

[Wolf-6 'CASE': Samantha] Case adds her fire to the whole mess of shots coming from everyone around, ripping into the thing easily. She actually backs her bird off, just a bit, from the impending explosion. She doesn't want to mess up the paint job on her nose, after all!

[TAC1] "Poet" Roubani says, "Don't fret, sir. It's off having that wonderful Tylium sundae in the sky."

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "All points, I read no contacts on DRADIS. Establish patrol pattern gamma over the camp, wide spread, and await further orders."

[TAC1] "Fingers" Jupiter says, "Spider, request permission to RTB before my arms fall off."

[TAC1] "Spider" Kai says, "Permission granted, Fingers. Dash, you're her escort. Shadow, on my wing."

[Wolf-18 'SHADOW': Absalom] Shadow lets out a whoop as his bullets pepper the cockpit of the Raider. He waggles his wings again at the order, and then slips into position next to Spider.

[Wolf-10 'DASH': Martin] Grinning as both he and his wingman turn the cockpit of the Heavy Raider in to oatmeal, Martin flies over the exploding Fatboy(tm) and moves his wing into the CAP pattern to control the camp. When Fingers gets him as her RTB escort, he smirks and nods, turning to fly in the direction of the Kharon.

[TAC1] "Shadow" Absalom says, "Lead, Shadow. Roger that. Forming on your four o'clock."

[TAC1] "Dash" Martin says, "Fingers, Dash, bout gods damned time you pain in the ass. Alright, just sit back and relax and I'll pave the way. Dash out."

[Wolf-16 'POET': Roubani] OOC Right, can we go down so there's something to watch?

[TAC1] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Spider, Black Cat. Raptor squadron requesting permission to pick up the folks from the mine."

Continued in Tinos Assault - Ground Attack.

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