Tinos Assault - South Attack
Tinos Assault - South Attack
Summary: Salazar's ground assault team attacks from the south and secures the mystery building. OOC: Please bear in mind that what they found there is classified.
Date: PHD202
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On Scorpia…

The Raptor mission earlier in the day dropped off a bunch of equipment and weapons for the resistance, and then picked up the non-combatants. They also dropped off two squads of marines to handle the ground op. Now the ground force has been split into three teams - this team is going to attack from the South, with the primary objective of knocking out those two machinegun towers on the south side and then secure that mysterious buidling on the southern perimeter.

The group hides near the edge of the forest, marines mingled with resistance fighters. Salazar is in charge.

Salazar leads the group to the last vestige of relative safe zone before the combat well and truly begins. "We have to take down those towers before we can move in to secure the facility." She nods to the assembled, "One marine and one Res working together in teams until we make it." She pairs them up: Epi, Kellin and Lyssa, then Alyssa and Cinder with her. "Doc, with me. Move fast, stay low, and don't frak around. You get shot, unless you lose so much blood you pass out, you keep moving. Epi, take that tower," she indicates the left. "We're on this one. Try not to blow off any limbs. They belong to the CMC."

"Well damn," Epi replies, dressed in her blacks and looking like the littlest ninja. "I was hoping to lose a leg. Apparently the Mess gives you extra jello for that." Yes, Marine humor. "If I blow a Cylon limb off, boss, can I keep that?" She nods to her two, grinning briefly. But she's also all business. "Got it, Sir."

Alyssa moves easily in combat gear… it had been awhile since she had last trained with it, but a side effect of always being on the run was being pretty damned fit, given the circumstances. She nods to Salazar then gets into formation behind her, eyes open. This was going to be interesting, to say the least. In her pack are a lot of bandages… she hopes she won't need them, but hopes on Scorpia these days are not exactly bulletproof.

Kellin falls back into old habits it seems he nods to teh Marine officer "Aye sir" Glancing at his squadmate he cracks a smile, just a small one. Then looks at the targets studying them for a few moments shifting his SMI in it's combat sling "Well things haven't seemed to change, always sending the Marines in for the tough jobs"

Lyssa seems to be back in her element, at least somewhat. It's been almost a decade since she last was in a fireteam, but there's just some training you don't forget, even in prison. She nods once to the order, moving over to Epi's side with a grin. "Been a long time since I've done something like this. Should be fun."

Cinder gives a nod of understanding. "Yes Sir," she calls out to the S2, sliding up behind her and Alyssa, clad in the marine blacks, just like Epi. "Towers first," she nods, saying it again more for her understanding than for anyone else's. First real combat mission for her, but being paired up with the S2 and a resistance member that seems to know what she's doing makes it a little better.

"Civvies before trophies, Shortstack," Salazar replies with the ghost of a tight smile. No laughing before a srs mission! She checks her rifle briefly, and the pack of explosive goodies she brought along just in case. Everyone needs a demo pack! "Marines get the tough jobs because marines are so damn pretty. And they give great cover fire. Watch your LoF and don't cross out of your zones."

"And Marines are pretty because doctors sew well," Alyssa says, a bit of a smirk on her face. "Anything bigger than a pyramid ball in you though, and I can make no promises."

The sonic booms of Raptors entering the atmosphere above can be heard in the distance, the signal that things are about to get really interesting.

Kellin chuckles a bit at Salazar's comment "Brings back fond memories Ma'am" Without looking down he rechecks his weapon, making sure one last time everything is good to go. He doesn't even look up at the booms of the Raptors. Perhaps this is old hat to him. Moving a bit, his MARPAT BDU's seem to blend a bit with the surrounding area.

Alyssa's comment puts a wry little smile on Cinder's face as well, not unlike that of the S2. But in all seriousness, she is going to try and keep anything from putting any sort of hole in her at all. She's pretty fond of the ones the gods gave her, thank you very much, and really, she has no need for any more of them. When the Raptors streak overhead, she shows how green she is by looking up to see them tearing across the sky. "Godsdamned…"

Epi dips her head to Salazar then gestures for her two civvies to fall in. "Let's do this," she says quietly, ignoring the Raptors for the time being. Raptors are good, usually.

"My mother's ma'am, sugar. You can call me Nikos, sir, or Master. Your pick." Salazar replies to Kellin, rifle slung off of her shoulder. "Everyone loves air support. We move when they knock on the door."

With a sigh, Alyssa unslings her rifle and sets herself, safety still on. No point in making any big mistakes. She grins at Salazar, but keeps her trap shut, for now. That's the best way to hide that she's scared to death…

Per Salazar's instructions (and following her lead a little bit), Cinder reaches for her rifle as well. Kicking her arm and shoulder around in such a way as to sling the gun from her back around the front to a near-fire-ready position. It's worth double-checking the ammunition, action, all that, making sure she's got a full clip and that one's in the chamber and ready to go with the first squeeze. Just like in basic, right?

Kellin glances over at Salazar and laughs "S'what I get for hanging around Civvies for so blasted long, Sir" Looking up he tracks the Raptors for a moment and mutters "Let's just hope they don'

Kellin glances over at Salazar and laughs "S'what I get for hanging around Civvies for so blasted long, Sir" Looking up he tracks the Raptors for a moment and mutters "Let's just hope they don't catch us in thier blast zone" He moves to follow Epi, walking quietly behind her, his SMI at a low ready position.

The camp erupts into panedmoium. Raptors swoop in, blowing up one of the SAM batteries on the other side of the camp in an impressive display of sparks. People scream, cheer and cower - some all at once! One of the towers on the west side is blasted by a rocket from one of the marines.

Lyssa checks her rifle, tapping the fire select switch over quietly, then falls in alongside Epi, covering the left side. Though she hasn't mentioned her background to anyone here yet, it's clear that she's done this before.

Yep, they give the littlest Marine one of the biggest weapons. Either that or she's overcompensating for something. Epi slinks through, trying to keep down and keep away from, you know, things blowing up. She glances back to make sure that her civvies are with her, offering them a faint, encouraging smile.

[TAC3] "Poet" Roubani says, "Lead, Poet. Order for fireworks, duly followed."

[TAC3] "Birdman" Sparro says, " Does this thing have some kind of scrambling going on, or what? Black Cat, Birdman. I'm coming in from southeast this time, let's try not to swap paint, sir…"

Explosions abound as the Raptors overhead exchange missiles with the SAM batteries. One of the Raptors takes a missile up the tailpipe and goes down in flames, crashing in the forest not far to the north of the camp.

Alyssa swears to herself as she watches Salazar go down, scrambling over to get her bandages out. "Keep shooting, and keep moving, we're committed now. GO! I'll help her here…"

Salazar's fire makes friends and influences people, at least that's how it must seem when the return fire slams along the ground in front of her, that takes a cross along her armor, and plugging along through her skin when it finds a weak spot in the armor. Damn you, vest! There's a moderate mist of high velocity spatter greeting anyone standing too close. "Frak me gently," the S2 hisses out, before checking her targets. She takes a knee, and says to Alyssa, "Tie it off, plug it, whatever. We don't have time for anything else." Luckily, she's just as good with her right hand.

Epi fires her missile at the first tower and doesn't even react. The missile goes off and then she's going for her second shot. "Keep thos…FRAK." Twice she gets hit, one of them glancing off the side of her head. It knocks her slightly off her game, but then she's on a knee, aiming at that damnable second tower.

Cinder curses to herself as she watches all the shots of her burst fire sail uselessly past the toaster she was aiming for. Chaulk it up to beginner's…well, bad luck in this case. Looking at the collection of gleaming silver targets, she gets a tighter grip on her rifle, and takes aim at another toaster.

Kellin smiles a bit as the Raptors light up the sky with thier fireworks. Moving to a good firing spot to cover Epi he finds a good target and opens fire with a short burst, the bullets sparkling as they hit the armor and that's about it" Frowning a bit he moves to another spot wincing a bit as a round catches his hand. Pausing to wrap a cloth around it he moves to find another spot and re-targets the same Tin can he was before.

Lyssa squeezes off a few rounds at one of the toasters, managing to catch it a few times in the chest as it starts firing at Epi.

The second tower erupts in a rather impressive display of shrapnel. Some of the other Centurions move in for the kill.

Alyssa ties bandages over the wounds field style, and as she sits back she nods in satisfaction at the work she does… just as she watches Kellin go down. "Frak me," she swears, moving quickly to the new fallen.

Kellin takes aim and fires another quick burst, this time with a bit more luck, taking the Cylon out. In turn he gets caught in a crossfire from another Cylon, this time he goes down, sprawling, his Rifle still held in a death grip.

Epi rolls back to her feet, rifle coming out as she glances toward Kellin. "Keep him going," she calls behind her, turning to attack Centurions now.

This time, Cinder lets out an exhilerated little squeal as the majority of her burt hits one of the centurions. Unfortunately, the shots are met with the unfortunate sparking of bullets on armor, and the machine continues on as if nothing happened. "Mother frakker!" she calls out, once again lining up a shot at another toaster, seeing the shots of others sinking into the one she had been targeting, figuring they have it where her shots had missed.

"Good enough, Doc," Salazar replies, after firing off burst at the Cents in the field. She nods to the redheaded doctor, and calls, "Move in when the guns are down. Clear the field and head to the secondary objective!" That would be the structure yonder, a building whose contents remain a mystery.

Lyssa continues to fire rounds at the toaster she's drawn a bead on, hiding behind a tree as she tries to take the damn thing out. "Frakking bulletheads don't bleed. Frakking annoying, that's what that is," she growls aloud.

The second tower (really this time) also explodes in a big fireball, pieces of Centurion clanking down all over. It crashes to the ground. This does not deter the other Centurions on the ground, however. They continue firing at the humans. One of them turns to mow down a few prisoners running by.

"No time for resting yet," Alyssa mutters as she moves away from Kellin, then she sees the Cent turning to fire on the prisoners. "No," She says, raising her weapon to fire.

Kellin smiels as Alyssa patches him up "Thanks Doc" He rolls and resumes the attack, his rifle coming up aiming at the same Cylon Epi is, hoping to combine the effects of thier weapons.

Lyssa growls as she pulls the trigger, squeezing off a burst again. "Gods, just motherfrakking die already," she curses, still trying to kill the same toaster she's been shooting since the firefight started.

Salazar's attention is on the field, her gaze sweeping the mess they have to get through to get to the civvies and that building. Her aims sweeps over to settle on a cent mowing down civvies, and she opens up on that unfortunate machine before pressing forward.

Another burst, another unsatisfying and useless hit on this particular toaster. The sounds of one of them opening fire away from the group of attackers craws Cinder's attention, and she turns to the centurion mowing down civvies. "Godsdamnit!" she cries out, looking down the sight of her gun, doing her best to line up a head shot on this callous machine.

Epi continues to shoot, doing what Marines do best. She's not emotional, she's just shooting. Hard.

Kellin grins as he resumes firing, his burst hitting the Cylon in question hard, doing serious damage to it. He keeps moving, every move controled and planned, or so it seems. His Marine training seems to have paid off. Moving through the battle field he selects another target, Cylon 12, firing a burst at it.

Alyssa continues to press forward, firing at the Centurion that bears the greatest danger to the Civillians. Every single ragged figure that gets shot makes her grimace more. It was time to take this bastard DOWN.

Epi downs her Centurion, the one that had been her bestest friend, then breaks cover to pull the attention of Centurion 12. While she's moving, she IS a target - and firing away.

Lyssa fistpumps as the combined fire takes down the centurion that she was targeting, then notices the one that is mowing the civilians and frowns. She managed to get a frag before the battle, and pulls it out, ducking out from behind her tree to pop the pin and lob it in an arc. "Suck on this, you oversized sex toy!" the woman yells, hoping to divert the toaster's attention for a moment.

Salazar moves in, taking advantage of what little cover there is. Her fire remains trained on the Centurion that's taking aim at the civvies. She stays low and makes herself as small a target as possible. Thankfully, she misses out on Lyssa's aesthetic observations about the centurions. No friendly fire here, kids.

Her shot sailing on her, Cinder sets her jaw and takes a quick look at the situation. Alyssa is reaching for a grenade, appearing to go all out, so Cinder brings her rifle around and trails it on another centurion, one that looks more intent on hitting them.

[TAC3] "Dash" Martin says, "Spider, Dash. They're retreating. They're making no attempt to come after us. Don't you find this the least bit odd, sir?, over."

This time, Cinder's burst meets with moderate success; at least one bullet pierces the armor and strikes paydirt. The machine's still functioning though, so Cinder presses her attack.

What is this, the Centurion that wouldn't die like a good little outnumbered robot? Salazar's eyes narrow, and she pulls up her rifle, bracing it hard into her shoulder. She takes deliberate, careful aim on the thing. "Deja vu." She played this game on Scorpia a few months back. This guy must be related to the Cent she and the CAG took on in a tower in Osprey.

Oh, yeah. The littlest Marine is hit again - this time in the chest. But she takes a hit and keeps on ticking, apparently. What's a Marine, anyway, other than a meat shield? Epi rolls back to her feet, pulling her rifle up and taking aim on Cent 13 this time.

Alyssa swears again as the Centurion fails to fall, but at least it's focused on combatants again. Watching as Lyssa takes a hit, Alyssa moves over and gets her bandages ready. "Keep shooting, just try to keep that thing from kicking into me, okay?"

Lyssa pulls out the other grenade she has, still pressing forward, and pops the pin with her thumb. The defiance, distraction, and general display of undisciplined behavior continues as she yells, "Tastes good, huh? Have another, buckethead!" She then arcs the second grenade up and over toward the cylon. She's out, that had better frakking kill it.

Kellin keeps focused on his target, moving up to cover his Squadleader, even if she's kind small. Dropping to one knee as his rounds miss teh Cylon he was shooting at.

The air battle seems to have stopped, trailing smoke from the SAM batteries and one of the machinegun towers the legacy of their assault. A squad of Vipers streams by overhead.

Alyssa steps back to admire her work… and then stares as a number of new holes appear. "Frak me…" she whispers, then pulls out more bandages. It would be funny if the situation wasn't so severe. "Godsdammit, would you take some cover before you become see-through?"

Kellin turns as Cylon he's been shooting at goes down, targetting another Cylon, one that no one seems to have shot at. Double checking his ammo he fires another three round burst.

Lyssa isn't listening, since what blood isn't leaking out of the holes in her skin is pounding with adrenaline. Unslinging her rifle, she gives back some of the bullets that she just took.

Counting the bursts in her head as she aims and fires, Cinder recognizes that she's got one more burst left, after her previous burst leaves the gun. Pressing the attack seems to pay off, however, as her aim holds and the bullets strike home, right in the tin can's midsection. The thing finally starts to smoke and crackle, as the bullets knock it out of the fight. No time to celebrate, as she swings around to the pristine Centurion manning one of those LMG tripods.

Salazar thumbs her weapon to burst mode before she squeezes again. Her breathing is calm, and the throbbing in her arm isn't much of a distraction anymore. Marines work better annoyed.

Cent14 turns his attention to Lyssa, moving rather jerkily as the massive damage he's taken. He looks almost perplexed when the little human is still standing in spite of the ridding.


Epi gets hit AGAIN. Girl's going to have some awesome scars to show off when this is done. But she's a Marine and keeps going, jaw clenched against the pain. She and Salazar could have learned pain management from the same school. There is no pain, there is only dead metal.

Epi drops her rifle, letting it hang from around her neck as she breaks cover and pulls a grenade out. Her arm goes back and then she launches that thing as close as she can to Cent13. Someone didn't make friends.

Alyssa is literally treating bulletholes as they occur. Shaking her head that the soldier is still standing, Alyssa finally manages to catch up and rises to start shooting again.

While one of the resistance is busy doing their impression of a firing lane target, Salazar continues to light up her target. Eventually that Cent is going to have to drop. Eventually, they'll move past it. It has to. There's only so much ammo one enemy can suck up.

The repeated bursts have finally taken their toll; Cinder's rifle is finally to the point where it needs to be reloaded. She drops out of the line of sight as best she can she can, she reaches for a clip in one of the multitude of pockets on her combat vest, yanking out the old one, and moving to slap in the new magazine.

It's like clash of the titans over there, neither going down in spite of ridiculous amounts of damage.

Kellin sticks with Epi, flicking his SMI to fullauto to give cover fire, emptying his magazine, pausing only to reload, his movements smooth obviously he has done this a time or two sometime in the past.

Lyssa continues to yell in a Rambo-like fashion as she lays into the tin can with her rifle. She may not be one of the Lords, but it looks like Apollo and Ares are her homeboys at the moment, given how much damage she's soaking.

The magazine slams into the gun, and Cinder pops up, pulling the latch and pin to get the round chambered, pulling the rifle up to her shoulder as she reappers from behind cover. She takes aim at Cylon that isn't looking the worse for wear, the one she had been firing at before behind the tripod and prepares to let loose another burst.

Lyssa's weapon clicks dry as another hail of bullets tears into her, and her luck finally runs out. The woman crumples rather unceremoniously to the ground and stays where she is, motionless.

Alyssa just sighs this time. Going to her knees, she is almost amazed that Lyssa is still alive, and goes immediatly for treatment. "Ok, don't you quit on me, soldier. We're almost home."

Epi gets hit AGAIN. Her ass is made of magnets, apparently. Once the grande is thrown, she pulls her rifle up again, eyes half-lidded, jaw clenched. Tears and sweat streak down her cheeks.

Kellin drops the empty mag and quickly reloads, his eyes scanning the battlefield, hands working from memory. "Get behind me Epi, use me as cover"

Salazar stays on her target. "Frak sakes, die." Her words are quiet, no doubt lost in the pandemonium of combat.

The one Centurion seems finally satisfied when Lyssa falls. He swings his gun arm towards another target.

She managed not to get hit this time! Someone's demagnetized the little Marine ninja. As Kellin gets hit again, she growls quietly, something low in her throat, and just opens up that can of whoop-ass.

With her rifle reloaded, and her bullets finding some of their marks, Cinder flips the thumb switch over to full auto. She sets her sights on the Centurion manning the tripod that seems to be missing, the same one she's been firing at, and pulls the trigger.

"I HATE field medicine…" Alyssa says as she leaves Epi where she is… still unconscious but alive. She can only move over to Epi, though, and continue treating. She is far from certain that she has enough bandages for what is happening here.

Kellin gets slammed as it's his turn to be 'magnet ass' going down agian as he reloads, the magazine slamming in as he rolls. Marines, even Ex Marines are still made of tough stuff, -Semper fi- and all that stuff. Rolling to his knees he brings his rifle back up and targets anotehr Cylon.

Lyssa is bleeding a little less, due to Alyssa's attention, but still isn't moving from where she fell, or moving at all, for that matter.

Salazar finally slings her rifle over her shoulder, and reaches into her demo pack to remove one of her favorite toys. Oh, the S2 has had it with rifles for the day. It's time for explosions. She pops the pin, tips her head, and then lobs the little love bundle at the Deathbot.

The last Centurion in this area falls, at long, long, long last. The area seems clear for now, the Raptors having begun picking off Centurions with a combination of missiles and in some cases just landing on them.

Pulling herself away from the last of the wounded, Alyssa looks around, tired. "If we could refrain from adding anymore holes to our bodies, I would greatly appreciate it…" Keeping her rifle at a ready position, she approaches Salazar, while keeping her eyes open for trouble. "Now what?"

Epi's hurt, and hurt fairly badly, but she's up and moving. Apparently it takes a lot more than bullets to knock her down. But damn, she looks rough. "I want my godsdamned trophy, Sir," she tells Salazar as she forms up on the Ensign's six, reloading her weapon. "Thanks," is murmured quietly to Alyssa. Gratitude, but there's a job to be done.

Cinder gives her head a good shake, and wipes the sweat from her brow. As she forms up behind the S2, she swaps up mags, wanting to be fresh in case anything else pops up. "Frak…those thing just don't want to…die or whatever!"

Lyssa stays where she is, toppled over on her back, rifle still in one hand. She's in a bad, bad way, but every bullet she took was one that didn't go into a civilian, and that's a victory in itself, is it not?

Kellin scans the area quickly then forms up behind Epi and Salazar and a few steps to the left, scanning the area to his left.

"Move out to the building. Keep your eyes open, and direct civvies as you come across them!" Salazar calls, leading the way. She keeps an eye open for further Cents in their way. "Move fast! The other team should be hauling it too." Air support makes this slightly less suicidal, but still dangerous.

Alyssa waves over some other resistance members, directing them to wear Lyssa lays before joining the rest of the squad. "I want her in the air as soon as possible, and gotten to the Kharon's medical facilities immediately, understand?" Then she hustles after the rest of the team.

"Hang the frak on…" Alyssa barks, suddenly speaking with the voice of an Lt. "We need to get Lyssa to a bird out of here. We are NOT just leaving her here and hoping no one decides to scavenge a bit early. Epi, find help, THEN catch up with us, ok?"

"Shortstack, move your ass. I want you on that facility. If you can't find help in five, there won't be any. Move!" Salazar doesn't take any time to hang out and assess the wounded. Those that can move out do. The marines know the job. There are hundreds of people on the line.

Epi goes off to get help, and a stretcher team soon brings Lyssa over to a Raptor.

Cinder follows along with the S2. Following every instinct that was drilled into her through basic, she moves with her rifle shouldered, hurrying, but taking firm, solid steps. She tries to keep herself in a position in which she can take aim and fire almost immediately, sweeping her vision along the sides of the ground, keeping her LoS free of bodies that aren't shiny and metal.

The large building on the southwest corner of the prison camp is oddly silent as the group approaches. The windows are covered and dark, and there's just a lone door in the front.

Kellin moves with practiced ease, his rilfe held at a low ready state, sweeping his area, the weapons tracking with his head and eyes.

Alyssa moves quickly along with the rest, her eyes watching the camp for any sign of trouble, mentally inventoring what is left of her medical supplies.

Kellin glances at Salazar "Want me to recon the building Sir? Before we blow it that is, might get some good intel form it"

"Give me cover, I'll go in. Private," Salazar addresses Cinder, "With me." The S2 approaches the building, staying low, moving fast. She heads for the door, stays to the side in case someone on the interior gets whimsical with heavy fire. "You're looking a little rough. Leave the stealth to those not leaving blood trails. If you're up to it, hit the back and check for alternate routes. Pick a buddy." Then she's off.

Staying hot on the S2's heels, Cinder follows after her. She keeps her rifle shouldered as she moves, until they get to the doorway; when the S2 flattens herself against the side of the building on one side of the doorway, Cinder does the same on the opposite side of the doorway. She looks at Salazar to know when exactly to move in.

The door is not locked. It opens easily to Salazar, and inside is a large singular room that looks very much like a hospital. Except it's also clearly NOT a hospital. All kinds of unearthly gadgets are hooked up to men and women lying on beds. It's icky, to say the least. Off in the far corner of the room, an old man is setting fire to some papers and storage disks in a trashcan. He looks up when he sees the door open, lifting a pistol. Another man is near the back, fiddling with dials on a machine. He also reaches for a pistol.

Kellin nods and looks around for a loose Marine or Resistance fighter "Aye Aye sir" He gives Alyssa a questioning look as he speaks "Want to come along and check out the rear of the that?" Not really looking to see if he's followed he moves slowly toward that entrance, limping a bit and as Sal had noted, leaving a trail of blood.

Epi's just behind Salazar. The bleeding on her neck is mostly stopped, and she's got her rifle up and ready to go. Yes, someone has the S2's ass.

Salazar turns her rifle to the first to draw on her and says, "Drop it!" At roughly the same time she squeezes the trigger. The S2 doesn't like weapons being pointed in her direction. She takes a knee, "Private!" That's the universal sound of 'shoot the other guy if he twitches'.

"Yeah…" Alyssa says, then hears the shout. "We'd better hurry…" she urges.

Cinder's a tad slower to react, but she still does, just as ordered. The two men are on the same sides of the room that Cinder and Salazar have entered on; Cinder leaves the first to the S2, and aims her rifle at the second one drawing his pistol.

Alyssa looks around, then puts a hand on Kellin's shoulder. "Let's move, maybe get the drop on them…"

First round fired off, a grazing wound, but with that pistol pointed in their direction, Cinder can't let that be all. She pulls the trigger to fire off a burst this time, having changed the selector from single to burst.

Some people take the high road. Others, well. Epi tends to take the low road. She comes through the doorway and off to the left, turning her weapon on that silly little minion.

There is no door around back, but there is a window. It's got something covering it, but it's hard to tell how solid it is.

Salazar's lips twitch in a slight frown as the man draws down and fires, but misses. Her shot rings out just after.

Kellin flashes a grimace toward Alyssa and moves as fast as he can when he hears firing start up at the main entrance. Scanning the ass end of the building he frowns "Well we can make them know they are surrounded if we try to break that window"

Alyssa grabs her rifle, and with the butt, does her best to knock out the window.

Cinder's three-round burst at the minion, after her first round seemed to tick him off enough to start firing her way, all find their targets in his neck and chest. No chance for him to survive that; he falls over dead. She finds the other minion neutralized as well, and takes her finger away from the trigger…but continues to scan the room.

Kellin scans the area as Alyssa smacks the window with her Rifle, he's watching for anymore Cylons in case they decide to get nosey.

The two minions are cut down rather effectively and there don't seem to be any more hostiles in the area. Hopefully nobody shoots poor Alyssa by accident when she breaks the window.

That does leave all the… patients? subjects? left in the … hospital? lab?

Alyssa looks carefully in the window… and upong seeing the minions dead, she runs back around and walks through the door. Going to the tables, she does her best to determine what was being done to them.

Salazar stands as another shot goes wild, just after she plugs the jerk in the head. Her jaw is set, she lifts her chin slightly. "Jarot. Wire it." Her eyes sweep the facility, and she moves over to kick the weapon away from the presumably dead man before she moves on to see about salvaging any of their paperwork, data discs. "Private, help clear the facility with Jarot as you move. Round up the other two if you run into them. We're evaccing. Grab anything that looks like intel on your way. You have…" She glances at her watch. "Six minutes. Go."

Whatever it is, it's like nothing Alyssa has ever seen before. Strange machinery, strange tubes connected everywhere. Unfortunately they have less than six minutes, as about thirty seconds into this endeavor the call comes in: Tons of Raiders inbound. Time to BUG OUT.

Kellin sincs there are quite a few folks in the building he moves to a slightly higher position and sets up camp, in overwatch for the others.

Alyssa runs up to one of the tables, and quickly checks for basic vitals. Whatever is happening in this room, it cannot be good.

The people are alive, but comatose. They won't even know what hit them.

"Yes Sir!" she says with a curt nod. The first place she looks for intel is on the man who she just blasted; after kicking his pistol well away from him, she begins to rifle through the labcoat for something…anything. But alas, nothing to be found. She weaves between beds, rifles through whatever cabinets she can open, or break the lock off with the butt of her rifle…but it seems like as soon as the shit hit the fan, those minions started shredding and burning.

Epi doesn't even question Salazar. She drops her pack and starts pulling the charges out, moving with the assurance of a woman who KNOWS her ordinance. She doesn't look at the people as she sets about placing the charges. This is just a job. They aren't real.

Alyssa swears as she hears the strike called in, but keeps focused. In the time she has left, she tries at least to determine what part of the human body the Cylons are working on. She needs to know what they are up to…

Kellin doesn't hear the strike called in as he's outside, but it wouldn't have made much of a diference to him anyway. HE keeps watch as long as needed, making sure those gathering intel have the time they need.

Salazar dumps the trash can and does her best to put it out with anything handy. The charred bits are going back with them, then the nerds can have at them. Once the high speed wiring of charges has taken place, and a quick snatch and grab has yielded what will hopefully be useful, she leads the team out, and pauses to scoop up the others before heading to their designated LZ.

[Into the Wireless] The S2's voice crackles over the comms. "I need an air strike on these coordinates, target designation six in ten minutes, once we're clear, over."

Behind them, the comatose experiments are soon treated to a one way trip to Elysium via fire.

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