Tinos Assault - North Attack
Tinos Assault - North Attack
Summary: Jo leads the ground attack on the northwest side.
Date: PHD202
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The Raptor mission earlier in the day dropped off a bunch of equipment and weapons for the resistance, and then picked up the non-combatants. They also dropped off two squads of marines to handle the ground op. Now the ground force has been split into three teams - this team is going to attack from the NW, with the primary objective of knocking out those two machinegun towers on the western perimeter and then start shuffling the civvies up into the hills to a LZ in a forest clearing.

The group hides near the edge of the forest, marines mingled with resistance fighters. Joanna has been placed in charge of this group. She surveys the prisoner camp below, waiting for the signal.

Andrew isn't a Marine. He's a teenager. And yet, he looks strangely comfortable in his armor, holding his assault rifle. He waits for instructions, gaze sweeping around but coming to rest on Joanna.

"I hate this planet." Ashe mutters under his breath, dressed in full Marine combat gear with his rifle slung at his hip. "I mean I frakin' grew up here, and I still hate this planet."

Panda eyes Swift, the guided missile tube draped over his shoulders and arms draped over the tube. It's recursive. "What's wrong with it?" he says quietly, sweat beading and dribbling over the intentional grease smudges breaking up the shape of his face. Likewise, he's in ground ops MARPAT camo, and his helmet's netting has bits of the local flora stuck into it.

Knelt down, the convicted murderer turned marine has been placed in charge of the heavy machine gun, which appears to be little weight for his muscular arms. "Yeah, it's been a pain in the ass for me too." Damon replies quietly near the center of the group. A small smirk crosses his features as he looks to Panda. "Too much pollution."

"Well, pollution's the least of our worries now," Jo remarks, checking her watch. "Couple more minutes," she says. Glancing over at Andrew and Ollie she asks softly, "You guys all right?" She knows this isn't their element.

Andrew shrugs a shoulder at his aunt. "I'm fine," he tells her, only to turn towards Ollie to wait for her answer. Of the two of them, she's even more out of her element then he is from his own.

Ollie is geared up with some fresh new bodyarmor, thank you Kharon, and extra ammo. She glances over at Jo as she adjusts, for the umpteeth time, one of the straps on her vest. "Yes, yeah," She replies after a bit of hesitation. "I'm … you know. Getting used to it. The whole body armor thing helps." So did the half a joint this morning, before the hike, but no one needs to know about that. She's sober now.

Ashe looks between the Marines, to the Civvies, to the Marines and shakes his head. "Why do I get the very distinct impression I'm going to be adding to my embedded bullet collection by the time this day is done?" The words are addressed mostly towards Panda and Damon.

"So y'all are the other resistance cell…" Damon says, glancing towards Jo, Ollie, and Andrew. Gazing over them, he cracks a grin. "Young kid like that all man of the house, I respect that." Damon says, nodding to Andrew before looking to Ashe. "Because you're ugly, Swift. Not proper company like Ajtai is over there." He adds, getting in some pre-game shit talking.

Squatting, Pandorian crabwalks over to Ashe. He leans close and mutters, though what can't be heard can probably be discerned from his frequent head-jerks towards the resistance members. "Hey, uh, Corp'ral." Jerk, jerk. "You mind not sayin' shit like that on account of the Scorpion Family Robertson over there?" Another jerk, then a sidelong glance. "I'd rather my bullet holes come in Cylon calibre, from in front of me, right?" Again, it's said quietly, but with everyone keyed up and his body language (now and since meeting the resistance members)… yeah. Some things speak louder than just words.

Joanna smirks at Damon, and nods to her two friends then looks up as the sound of sonic booms can be heard in the distance. "All right, that should be our air support now." She reiterates the plan just to be sure, even though it was discussed earlier. "Hit the towers from afar first. Stay in the cover of the hill until the Raptors take out that SAM battery. We don't want to become collateral damage. Soon as it's clear, we move in and take out the fence so the civvies can get out." She looks around to make sure everyone's ready before saying, "Any questions?"

Andrew gives Damon a thin look, but doesn't comment. Instead, he tries to get in the game, giving his aunt a strong nod to indicate he understands. "No, ma'am," he tells her, clicking off the safety on his rifle.

Ollie casts a glance back at one of the Kharon marines, most notably Ashe, as he makes that comment about bullets. She has good ears, does the Botanist. That's right. Botanist. Hippy plant lover. With a gun. She glances back to Joanna as she gives the orders, and shakes her head 'no' tightly. She swallows, and then clenches her jaw. She adjusts her grip on the rifle, and breathes out through her nose.

"Hey Atjai. So what's the story on your sister man? She into Marines?" Ashe asks it completely casually towards Panda giving him a look for a moment before smirking at Damon. "I'd rather be ugly as frak than stupid as frak." Then he looks over towards Joanna and nods glancing at the Marines. "Keep the metal off their asses, do our jobs. You frakker's slack? I'll kick your nuts in myself."

"Well then I guess I better ask the lady in charge how to spell machine gun." Damon replies, looking to Jo and shaking his head from left to right. "No ma'am. No questions. I'll be suppressing them for y'all." Damon replies, moving to kneel closer to the group, ready for the assault.

Panda narrows his eyes at Ashe's question, his neck flexing as if evolution mixed a cobra in his line somewhere way back. He shakes his head, but it's toward Joanna as he twists to address the woman. "Understood. I've got a SACLOS," he says, patting the command unit on his left hip. "Wire guided. Shouldn't miss, unless the wire breaks." He rubs at the side of his nose with a thumb. "Shouldn't. If it does, focus on one tower at a time. This just makes it easier," the Marine says in closing, pulling one arm off the launch tube to thump at his left chest. "This is what makes it possible. Urrah."

Joanna smirks a little at the interplay between the marines. "Some things never change," she murmurs under her breath. But then she grows more serious as the roar of engines gets closer overhead. A few moments later, the first SAM missile is fired from the batteries at the approaching Colonial planes. "That's our signal. Let's move out. Gods be with us." To Ollie and Andrew, she says softly. "Stay close." She leads the way, staying in cover, down the forested hillside to a spot where they can get a bead on the machinegun towers.

Keeping low, Damon seems to be having no problems carrying the weight of the heavy machine gun as he follows Joanna to firing position. With a quick glance over, he slowly readies his weapon into position. Scanning the line of Cylons, he waits for their signal to start keeping their heads down.

Andrew takes a deep breath, a worried expression fleeting across his face before moving through the cover to crouch down by his aunt's position. Whatever rattled him a moment earlier is gone.

Ashe moves down the hillside for positioning to get on the Tower, muttering towards Damon. "I bet right now, the Cylons are thinking 'Oh shit, here comes Swift and that Dreadlock guy'. They're going to surrender as soon as they realize it is me." Getting into position, he brings up his rifle and aims up at the first Tower.

Ajtai separates from the group, keeping a line of sight on them but getting enough distance that any Cylon spotting his launch doesn't thusly spot the entire outfit. He plants the launcher spike into the ground, angles the tube toward the second machinegun tower. The spool of wire is given one last check, and then he removes the command unit from his hip and starts panther-crawling down the hill, three metres. That's all the wire from his control unit to the launcher. He aims the optical sight on the tower, takes a deep breath, and presses the launch button. "Go." Not that anyone can hear him; not that they need to. He says it all the same.

Ollie nods tightly to Jo. You couldn't talk her into straying too far from the woman with a giant slice of chocolate cake right now!

The camp erupts into panedmoium. Raptors swoop in, blowing up one of the SAM batteries on the other side of the camp in an impressive display of sparks. People scream, cheer and cower - some all at once! One of the towers is blasted rather solidly by Panda's rocket, but the other is still intact. It sweeps its machinegun towards the hillside. Other Centurions are slower to respond.

Andrew fires as their ground attack begins in earnest, smiling slightly as his shot hit against the targeted tower. Even so, his grin only comes when the other tower is definitively exploded even as he fires again at the first tower.

"Good shooting!" Joanna calls out to Panda, actually grinning as his shot takes out the first tower. Her burst doesn't do so much but, undeterred, she lines up another one.

Thoughts of chocolate cake distract the Botanist for a moment, and she fires when the others do. The sheer volume of that many rifles firing off at once is startling! Let's not even talk about the bombs. Holy shit.

Leaving the control optic where it is, Panda sprints up to the launcher. He knees, taking the reload from his ruck and reloading the tube. It takes a very frightening several seconds to push the missile into the rear of the tube and splice the control wire, but once that's done he actually has fun: The Marine rolls down the hill like a little kid, coming to rest at his chosen shrub where the command unit lay. He lines it up again, says a quick prayer, and hits the whoosh button.

Narrowing his eyes behind the protective goggles, Damon keeps the iron sights of the machine gun focused on the Cylons to buy his compatriots more time. Biting down on the mouthguard to keep his teeth from rattling against the near deafening boom of the gunfire, he narrows his eyes and stays on target.

Ashe grumbles as all of his shots go wide, throwing himself down into the weeds that are a bit thicker and attempting to draw a better bead on the Centurions about the Tower structure.

The machinegun on the tower rakes the hillside, but fortunately the resistance fighters are well under cover. Several Centurions around the perimeter are moving towards the new threat, particularly as Damon has started shooting at them.

Over on the opposite side of the camp, one of the towers has opened up on the helpless civilians.

Ollie's second attempt, after the initial shock, and she tucks in with her rifle properly jammed into her shoulder. She stays low, cringing a little as the return fire slams into the ground around them, spitting up dirt grass.

Joanna ducks down as the bullets rake the hillside, dirt kicked up into her face. She lets out a whoop when Panda's second missile strikes home, and takes aim on one of the approaching Centurions.

Ever cool and calm despite the inherent destruction all around them, Damon doesn't even flinch when the shots come close. Firing in small, controlled bursts as if mentally repeating 'die motherfrakker, die motherfrakker', he glances in the direction of the civillian slaughter. He says nothing and focuses on the job at hand, laying covering fire down on the incoming centurions.

Panda drops the control unit the moment molten metal gouts out the rear of the machinegun tower. Rolling to the side, he frees the chattergun from its tightly slung location over his chest. In a combat crouch, the Marine scoots from cover to cover, be it a tree, a rock, or just a dip in the terrain. Everything is used to keep him safe on his race to the fence. Not the least of his concerns is that the little subgun doesn't have the range of a rifle. The rocket launcher made up for that, though.

Explosions abound as the Raptors overhead exchange missiles with the SAM batteries. One of the Raptors takes a missile up the tailpipe and goes down in flames, crashing in the forest not far to the north of the camp.

The dirt near Damon's head puffs up as a few rounds come close. Blinking behind his goggles, Damon shrugs it off and simply keeps on the line. Selecting his targets, he continues to harry the Centurions to let his squad take them down.

There are things that distract a person from targeting properly. Before Ollie can settle on one, she hunches a little and turns her head just as a round, probably a ricochet, slams into her armor hard enough for her to squeak. Yes, a squeak. She fumbles a little with her rifle, then deathgrips it, shot going a little wide of any of the cents, pounding uselessly into the ground. She sucks in a breath through her teeth. "Holy f —" And then it's on.

Rolling to his side some, Ashe manages to avoid bullets impacting his armor. The movement causes him to lose bead on his target for a moment as he depresses the trigger sending shots wide. "Meh, a wise guy." The Marine quips, always running his mouth as he lines up his next shot and unloads another burst of fire before starting to duck for cover behind a rock that seems like it might provide a little shelter.

Joanna takes a shot at one of the Centurions but it doesn't seem to do much. She looks over in alarm when Ollie is hit. "Ollie!" she calls in alarm, moving closer. She relaxes just a tad when it becomes clear that the other woman isn't injured. "Thank Gods." She raises the rifle again.

Andrew uses cover to his advantage. He's not a trained Marine, and isn't about to do anything remotely foolish. Nor does he seem fazed by the bombs, and the yelling, and the gunfire. Maybe it was too many video games which immunized him to these noises. But he pales when Ollie is hit, and only fires again once he's sure she's up.

Still scrambling and ducking, Pandorian keeps the old Leo Mark 12 in one hand while the left leads to steady himself on branches, to grab trees with which to change direction, and so on. The terrain is levelling out now, bringing him much closer to the fence (which the wire cutters on his daypack are for)… but also to walking pickemup trucks with machinegun fingers, aka Cylons.

"Frak this. Jo, we got people dying." Damon grunts between shots. The Centurions don't do much to avoid fire, but he's done very little to put the hurt on them in turn. Narrowing his eyes, he grunts as his body armor gets pegged against his muscular abs. Getting angry, he takes the fight to the Centurions.

Plunk, plunk. The series of fire from the Cylons kicks up some of the rock he is hiding behind and Ashe looks down as blood seeps through a small gash on his right arm at the shoulder. "Well frak." He grumbles and spotting Damon moving, Ashe rolls over and mimics the move, getting a bit more aggressive in his attacking as he levels up the Cylon he's been working on and grins, "Is it getting better?"

Andrew has managed to avoid wounds again, but from his expression, he'd rather he got hit than either Jo or Ollie. "Get down, I'll cover you," he hisses to Ollie, since there's a better chance she'll listen than his aunt would. Then, he takes more careful aim this time, trying to take out the Centurians approaching.

A hailstorm of bullets gouts from Pandorian's Leo, the natural ergonomics of the subgun and the light recoil of the pistol rounds making it relatively easy to keep the shots on target. The terminal effects are likely to leave much to be desired… but those aren't the point. No, the point is to convince the Cylons through volume of fire that they are being attacked by a second team, from another angle and thereby divide there attention.

There's another high pitched squeak sound from the Botanist as a heavy flesh wound is ripped in her arm. It's in no way life threatening or otherwise dire, but it hurts enough to make her eyes water, even through the rush of adrenaline.

Joanna takes a round in the vest that knocks the wind out of her. Probably would have knocked her over were she not already lying down. She coughs, and then switches from a rifle to a grenade, lobbing one over towards a pair of Cylons.

Joanna calls over to Damon. "Just lay some fire on them," she suggests, which is what he was doing anyway but y'know.

Ollie and her arch nemesis trade fire that amounts to nothing much on either side. The blonde botanist ducks her head when the grenade explosions send bits raiding down, though she's in no danger from the blast. Grenades aren't part of her usual parlance. So to speak. Ar, pun.

Ashe feels the heavy thud of a bullet impacting his body armor and uses the momentum to take him back behind his rock. Explosions rip out and he grins a bit, leaning back around his cover to fire off more shots at the Cylons. If he had a taunt he would use it to keep the mobs on him, however it's on global cooldown.

Damon continues to lay down the fire, and despite a few loud PANG sounds from his targets, very little happens. The heavy weapon rattles high caliber fire down in the direction of the Centurions, and it seems that they're finally starting to dig into them. Ignoring the bleeding from his light puncture on his stomach, Damon cracks a grin and speaks sidelong to Ollie. "When this is done, you're gonna have to bum me one."

Shards of twisted metal sprout from the massive stump Pandorian had been using for cover, the heat of the explosion that loosed them already scorching the dead wood. A grenade is grabbed from his kit and lobbed high over toward the other side of the Cylon formation, keeping the pressure on more than just one of the steel monstrosities.

Joanna stands up to toss her grenade, still using the tree for cover. It has the rather satisfying effect of blowing up one of the Centurions and damaging another. With a grim look of satisfaction, she switches back to her rifle and fires another burst at the toasters.

Ashe just whistles a little diddy, yes he's whistling, as he rolls back behind his rock. His eyes have taken note of the fact that the other Centurions are getting blown up except for the two that are focused on him. Casually he leans back around the corner and fires off a pair of shots to clear out his clip before prepping to rearm.

Joanna grumbles as more bullets spang off the Centurion armor. "Damn those bastards are tough." She looks around to see how the rest of the team is faring, and gives a satisfied nod to Panda's grenade and the work it's done.

With her hair in her eyes, head ducked, Ollie replies to Damon, "Ow… gods. Okay, but shoot them faster!" Them = the jerky metal bastards over yonder.

The grenade is lobbed with his left hand, and when it passes its zenith Pandorian slaps that hand down on top of the stump to haul himself over it. His right finger is squeezing the trigger back long before the left comes in to stabilize things. Judging by the last time, this machinepistol doesn't have any hope of doing more than scuffing the paint at anything but point-blank range. Which is where he's trying to get.

And then there was one. The combined fire of the Colonial guns takes out the other Centurion. The air battle seems to have stopped, trailing smoke from the SAM batteries and one of the machinegun towers the legacy of their assault. A squad of Vipers streams by overhead.

"How about that?" Damon yells sidelong to Ollie as he continues firing. Another Centurion goes down, leaving one left for them to rip into. Staying in the same spot he's always been in, he brings his knee forward to brace against their covering mound and leans slightly into the gunfire.

Ollie glances up as air support arrives. She fires into the enemy, but her shots mostly ping off of the armor (not that she could tell you if you asked her)! "Better, but do it more!" When in doubt, egg on the professionals!

Alright, so let's say you're up close, really close, to about a ton of steel. Let's say this steel has a brain. So far so good, right? Now let's say this brain is the brain of a rabid wolverine who's been spending the last hour eating meth. And instead of claws, it has machineguns. Your only options are suicidal: Run, or use whatever is at your disposal as aggressively as possible.

Hey whattayaknow, that's pretty much Panda's situation in a nutshell, and he's not the 'run' sort.

Damon would snicker if he heard Ashe's gun click empty. Keeping a mental tally of around how much ammo he's gone through himself, he watches as a shot from his weapon connects with the Centurion's head, causing some sparks and metal to fly. "I got you now you mother fr—" He says, squeezing the trigger again.

Joanna blinks as Panda somehow miraculously survives the Centurion onslaught. "Get the frak out of there!" she yells, slamming another clip home.

Panda's Leo M12 goes "clattatatterrattle!" The Centurion points and goes "BRMWARWAWRAWP!!!" The impact of the pistol rounds is the only thing that saves Pandorian, kinetic force alone throwing the machine's aim off. It will not be repeated, and the Marine throws himself for the cover of a smouldering Centurion's body.

Ollie opens up, but pulls her shot a little when she sees Panda launch himself into the field of fire. Holy crap!

Ashe dives back behind his rock and dumps out his expended clip before starting to reload it back up. All the while he continues to whistle a little song of some kind as if rather than a fire fight he was fishing.

Ollie's fire sprays across the torso of one of the centurions, a couple of bullets pinging off uselessly. At least one digs in and makes itself at home, like an inlaw at family dinner. Man, that's gonna smart. Or it would, if robots could, you know, feel pain.

Joanna looks relieved when Panda gets down into cover. She slams another clip home and then unloads another burst into the last remaining Cylon.

Getting downright accurate with the LMG, Damon keeps it cradled in his arms. Ignoring the friction pain against his skin and the ache in his bones from the weapon repeatedly bucking back into his arm, he presses the attack.

Slamming his clip home, Ashe rolls out from behind his rock of protection and looks at the last remaining Centurion. "Good night Susan." Winking at the metal monstrosity, he pulls the trigger in a short burst.

Panda keeps it simple, hunkering down behind the dead robot and just reaching over its side to rattle off a few rounds at the single surviving one. Hopefully there's only one surviving. He tries not to think about this one waking up.

"About damn time," Joanna breathes as the Centurion finally goes down. She looks around at the team. "Everyone able to move? We've got to start getting these people out of here before more of those tin cans show up.

"I'm fine." Ashe pipes up as he stands up from behind his shredded rock. "Let's get a nice line going, shuffle the people along to the evac zone as quickly as we can that way."

"Frakk ME!" Ajtai groans once the gunfire and ricochets have ceased. He pulls himself to his feet, warily regarding the toppled monsters around him. After a few moments of contemplating his mortality, the Marine says a quick prayer of thanks and reaches back to his daypack. "Wire cutters, wire cutters…"

Ollie shoves up to her feet, nodding to Jo. "Yeah, good." She's a little more terse than usual, probably owing to the blood oozing down her arm. There's no bitching about it, just a slight grimace.

Joanna moves quickly up with Panda to the fence, shouting to the civilians to move back. they're in danger of causing a stampede, but all the rifles seem to deter them a bit.

The cutters are found—or rather, a pair of tin snips. He shrugs as Joanna passes him by, considering the dinky pair of pliers-meets-scissors. "Somebody tell me I got the little ones because I had to haul the launcher," he says as he kneels down to start cutting from the bottom of the fence, "not because this's all we got."

The cutters are found—or rather, a pair of tin snips. He shrugs as Joanna passes him by, considering the dinky pair of pliers-meets-scissors. "Somebody tell me I got the little ones because I had to haul the launcher," Panda says as he kneels down to start cutting from the bottom of the fence, "not because this's all we got."

Ollie moves along with Jo and Panda, keeping within fifteen feet of them both as they approach the fence. She glances around, bouncing a little from foot to foot. You might call that a little ansty, yeah.

Joanna has another pair of wire cutters, though hers aren't much better. "Beggars can't be choosers," she says as she goes to work on the other side of the fence. In just a few minutes time they have a rather large 'door' cut out of the fence, and Jo begins waving people through. "Head that way, up the hill. Other people will direct you to the pickup point. Go!" On the other side of the fence, another group of ground forces have begun doing the same thing.

"That figures," the Marine grunts as he cuts. "It's just like Fleet to pull that shit. Nah, I can't blame them." Pandorian flexes the cramp that cutting through so much wire gives his hand, turning it into a dismissive wave. "I mean we're Marines, we're so badass they pro'lly thought we'd just chew through the wire with our teeth. Can't blame 'em," he shrugs, now smiling.

Ollie steps through the fence and helps people toward the opening, directing them similarly and helping some through. She helps one woman as her sleeve catches on the fencing, "You'll be fine, just go, go. There's plenty of seats." She, of course, has no idea what the realities are up there, but the botanist can do mostly calm rescuer. Mostly.

Ashe continues to trudge with the others, having fallen oddly quiet as he keeps looking up to the skies then towards the work, then back to the skies. "Do you feel the same?" He asks the question under his breath, to himself.

The realities are that the ground troops are sending civilians to four different evac sites, only two of which are actually getting Raptors sent their way. The others are at the mercy of the resistance. But Jo doesn't let on about that either as she begins cutting another hole in the fence to let people out faster. She grins at Panda. "Just like them." Ashe's rhetorical question gets a curious look back.

Ollie glances over to Joanna as she helps a man through the fencing, and swallows once, then goes back to assisting others. Her dark eyes are a little wide, but the keeps it together. "Just keep moving. Keep moving." She murmurs reassuring things that most of the folks probably don't even process as they amble along just on the edge of sanity.

Panda joins Joanna in trimming more passageways, but keeps silent. He's not really paying attention to his work, rather he keeps looking around, over the shoulders of the prisoners. His thumb doesn't tingle yet, but he's got a bad feeling something wicked this way comes.

Ashe is mostly focused on looking around as well, humming constantly while doing it. The song he hums has a nice little melody and his eyes sweep about. The civilians, well they get reassuring nods occassionally but his attention is most certainly on what is beyond the moment.

Smoke continues to waft over the battlefield. Occasionally there's a gunshot, but apart from that there doesn't seem to be anyone else stirring. Soon the tent city is empty of those who can escape, only the dead remaining. Then the signal comes in - large mass of Raiders inbound, time to extract. "Time for you boys to get back to the pickup point," Jo says to Ashe.

Ollie glances over to the marines. She nods to them and continues to wave people through. She touches them as they go — arm, shoulder, back. She swallows again, takes a deep breath. "Thanks for the help."

Swift nods his head and looks to the distance then back to the two. "Keep yourselves safe, and good luck." There's a pause then he smiles towards the pair of ladies. "And always remember, we are One." The words from the very young Marine probably seem odd, but who ever said Ashe made sense?

"Right," Pandorian nods, giving the camp a once-over. "That's the last of 'em." He steps away from the fence, giving Ollie a tense smile as he stows the cutters. "We were in town. Just being neighborly." The smile warms a little, followed by a wink fast enough it could be missed. The Lance Coolie looks over his shoulder at Swift, back to the older woman, then shrugs. "Yeah. One." The smile he gives her is one of those with eyebrows raised and cross-bred with a grimace.

Joanna offers the marines a tense smile. "Gods be with you," she says, then looks to the resistance. "Let's get going. We've got a rendezvous point of our own."

Ollie looks to each of the marines, and then nods again. "Be safe," she says. She turns to Joanna, and the tension in her shoulders loosens just a little. "Let's get out of here."

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