Timeline of IC Events

Click below for a list of events prior to the Holocaust:

Click below for a list of events from PHD001 to PHD 200:

The below events occurred PHD 201 forward:

PHD202 06 NOV 2009 Tinos Assault - Viper Cover & Tinos Assault - Ground Attack & Tinos Assault - North Attack & Tinos Assault - South Attack The Resistance teams up with the Kharon and makes an assault on the Cylon run human prison camp. Some of those that are rescued are extracted by the Kharon. THIS MARKS THE CLOSING OF THE RESISTANCE SIDE OF THE GAME Kharon & Resistance
PHD206 11 NOV 2009 Ragnar Anchorage - Engineering & Airwing & Looks Clear Things get bumpy on the way to Ragnar Anchorage as the Kharon finds space mines. Marines are deployed to the station to do a sweep for munitions and end up finding some stowaways. Kharon
PHD215 18 NOV 2009 LZ Training & Hot Landing The Air Wing and Marines Gear up for a training exercise. The CMC and Air Wing team up for a hot LZ extraction. To the victor go the panties. Kharon
PHD218 22 NOV 2009 Measure by Measure - Air Wing & Measure by Measure - CIC & Measure by Measure - Ground & MxM - 22.20.23 A surprise attack on the Kharon forces it to flee Solon II. Kharon jumps out but is accosted, again! Kharon
PHD219 23 NOV 2009 MxM - 14.08.38 The Air Wing scrambles yet again as Kharon is attacked. Kharon
PHD220 24 NOV 2009 MxM - 12.47.37 & MxM - 12.47.37 - CIC & MxM - 42. It's Always 42 & MxM - 42. It's always 42 - Air Wing & MxM - 42. It's Always 42 - Air Wing Finale CAP engages a wave of raptors that jump in to sensors range a little further afield than usual. CIC's view of one of the 42 attacks. The final battle. Kharon
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