Time Will Tell
Time Will Tell
Summary: Legacy takes a moment to teach Castor after he has run his mouth…again.
Date: PHD 175
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Thea waited for Castor in the hall while he retrieved his belongings from the Lounge. Once he resurfaced, she simply turned down the hall toward her 'office,' aka: the storage closet. The trip was conducted in silence. Once there, a crate got kicked to a clear spot and she gestured with her cup. "Sit." That's all. One word.

Leda doesn't say a word, though he doesn't look angry, then again, he doesn't have his tail between his legs either, there is some scruff left in this pup yet. He does however sit when he is told to sit even a puppy responds to the Alpha dog or in this case the Mamacat. Leda lets his eyes fall on Legacy as he waits for what will likely be a cursing out of legendary proportions.

The captain moves over toward the other side of the small area, her back to Castor, and takes a sip of her drink. Silence reigns for a little bit, though it's not a comfortable one. It's an anticipatory silence, almost contemplative.

Castor remains silent and lowers his head slightly, screaming is better than silence, at least screaming is something that can be quantified because it shows the level of emotion but silence, frak. Still though the pilot remains silent as well, this is one of those situations in which one waits to be spoken too.

"You are off duty, are you not," comes the very quiet question from Thea. That's all, just a simple question. But sometimes the simple ones are the worst. Still she's not looking at him.

Castor responds as the silence is broken and he can't lie since he is in his off duty uniform, "Yes, sir." He states simply and he begins to realize where this is going to go…this is Leda walking off of a cliff like a lemming.

Thea finds a crate and turns to face him, leaning her shoulder against it so she can study the man who's sitting down. A brow arches up ever so delicately as she considers that, considers him. "I never took you for a bully, Leda," she says in a quiet voice. Uhoh, that's not good. Thea only uses the last name when it's business or when she doesn't care much for someone. Most of the time it's a call-sign or rank. First names for friends and loved ones. Yes, a primer for Thea.

Castor says, "Sir, with all due respect I'd like to think that I am not a bully." He says, "Though…I may have appeared to have been one a moment ago, sir." He notes the quiet voice and that she used his last name and right about now Castor has earned both of these but it doesn't mean he likes hearing from Thea this way. He knows what is at stake here and he is afraid at what might happen here.

A brow simply arches upwards as she pins him with her eyes, waiting. Like the cat she's named for, she seems to have infinite patience, waiting just outside of view of the mouse hole. Thea simply waits, giving nothing away.

"The Lance Corporal pulled the first punch, sir, he wants Dash to fight him so that Dash can prove how much he loves Kitty. It's all some sort of macho BS and if Dash fights the Lance Corporal then Dash would be in hot water." He then says, "So, I wanted to address the Lance Corporal in a manner that he would understand." He pauses only for a second, "I know it is not my normal way but I'd rather not see a pilot get grounded because of something like this and I'd rather not see someone fight just to prove their love, the first one is professional and the second is personal, sir." He knows he is walking into something, all Pups do, though to give credit where credit is due this pup is either really brave or very stupid and possibly both.

Given the look on Thea's face as he speaks, it's likely the later, in her mind. "I see," she says after a bit. A sip is taken from her cup. "So you chose to use your rank, while off-duty, to bully an on-duty Marine, in front of another on-duty Marine." It's not a question and she dares him to contradict her.

Leda begins to do the math and he says, "I…" Wait, for it, "Frak. Sir, I didn't think about being on duty or off." He then closes his eyes and he says, "And I think the MP came because she thought one of us might do something stupid." He then corrects himself, "Well, on my part, something even more stupid, sir." There it goes the tail is now offically between the legs.

Just because he admitted culpability, that doesn't mean he's off the hook. Thea simply watches him, not looking away, barely blinking. "I see," she says softly, voice going a little more quiet. "So, a newly minted MP, a -private-, came with a Lance Corporal and a Lieutenant to make sure they didn't do anything stupid." There's the faint hint of ice around her words.

Castor isn't able to look up at Thea right now and he says, "Aye, sir, I believe that was the case." He then goes silent since he can feel the ice and he doesn't exactly like it, puppies never like it when they are made to smell the mess they made on the carpet and OH what a mess did this one make.

"And let me get something else straight," she says, pushing off the crate to move across the room, in front of him. No, she's not going toward him, just in front of him. "You used your rank, the rank of Lieutenant in the Colonial Navy, to address something of a personal nature?" Her attention wasn't on him as that was said, giving him a brief reprieve. But it's only brief. "Not only something of a personal nature, but something that did not directly pertain to you or your position as Viper pilot."

Castor lowers his head even further, were there a noose around it at this moment he would most likely jump gladly, guilt is starting to creep in and that is a powerful weapon. "Sir, I just wanted to protect a fellow pilot." He then says, "But yes, sir, I suppose I did." He then begins to rub the back of his neck, damn it, no noose there.

"I don't remember you being given leave to elaborate, Leda," Thea comments, almost idly. Almost. She continues to move, pacing slowly, like a caged tigress. "So, we have the facts: You, in a public place, took it upon yourself to insult and humiliate an enlisted Marine. Not only that, but you used your rank, the rank you -just- earned, to do so, while you were off duty and he was on duty." Finally she pauses and looks at him. "Do I have my facts straight?"

Castor stops elaborating and says weakly, and this is where the lemming falls off of the cliff, "Yes, sir." His voice is a bit weak since he thought he was doing the right thing at the right time. SPLOOSH - that would be the sound of Leda's soul hitting the water and the rocks at the bottom of the cliff.

Silence again for a bit as Thea seems to digest all of this. The only sound is of her renewed pacing. It's a slow slink across the storage room floor, not that there's a whole lot of room to move, but she makes use of it. "So, how do you think this makes the Air Wing look, Leda? How do you this this reflects not only on you, but your squad mates?" There's a pointed pause before she looks at him again. "How it reflects on your Squadron Leader and CAG?"

Castor frowns, "It makes me look like a bully, the wing looks like a bunch of goons, and the CAG…" he trails off since harming Papabear would be the last thing on his mind ever, "Look like he has choose a bunch of goons, sir." He can't even look up at this point since the weight of his own moment of stupidity, Leda is loyal and sometimes loyalty leads to dumb actions, and this is one of those dumb actions - monumentally dumb.

"Not only does it make the Wing look like a bunch of bullies," Thea says softly. "It makes the CAG look like an idiot for ever promoting your sorry ass." That's allowed to sink in for a time before she continues. "How do you think he's going to feel, knowing that a pilot he -trusted- enough to promote to a senior rank, thought so little of his trust that he threw it away berating an enlisted Marine. That's like taking candy from a baby, Leda. How do you think that Marine feels, knowing he couldn't do SHIT to defend himself without risking his HONOR?" Ahhh, there's the fire she's known for. She stops in front of him just before the last, leaning in close enough that he can see the dark flecks in her eyes. "How. Do. You. Think. He. Will. Feel?"

Castor had not thought about any of this all he had thought about was trying to help Martin out and he then lowers his head even more, "He will feel like I betrayed him and I'd be better off having never been born for causing him so much grief, sir." He then lowers his head further, "Way to become a world class frak up, Leda." This last part is muttered to himself softly. He doesn't move or say anything else but for right now the guilt weighing down on his body can clearly be seen. His breathing is heavy and slow. His head is lowered and he can't make eye contact with Thea - clearly - Leda feels this and is hurt because his intention was never to hurt anyone else.

Thea leans in a little closer, close enough that he can now smell the rose from her soap. "Get your head out of your ass, Pilot." Oh, she's not even using a -name- now. "Get your head out of your ass and get the frak over yourself. You can either wallow in your self pity about frakking up, or you can get your shit together and fix what you can of the situation." There's a reason she's an instructor, and it's quite clear she's done the drill instructor thing before. "What can you do to fix this situation, pilot?" The word pilot is said in the same way anyone else would say 'nugget.'

Castor hears the words and the guilt is still there and he says, "I can appologize to the Lance Corporal and to the MP, sir." He then pauses and says, "I can appologize to Kai." He then considers, "And if that is not enough…" He begins to think, "I can ask to be busted down to support so I can do laundry for the Wing." He doesn't like this side of Thea but he earned seeing it and he is trying to keep his head out of his ass…but Leda tends to do stupid things now and again. He does however make eye contact with Thea this time.

Whoops. Something Castor says has the fire flashing in her eyes. She leans in even closer until she's nose to nose with him. "He. Is. Captain. Marek. To. You. Pilot," Thea growls. Every word is sharply enunciated like a slap upside his head. "You are not in my chain of command, so I can not discipline you. However, as a friend and someone who has supported your ass, I can point out the stupid shit you've done and get you to nut up or shut up." She straightens after a moment, looking down at him, but not down AT him. "Quit playing the godsdamned martyr, Leda, and use the balls you've been given. Your CO knows what went down, so I'd suggest you start with him. If you were one of mine, you wouldn't be doing the wing's laundry. You'd be doing the godsdamned MARINE laundry." Ooooh. Ow.

Castor looks at Thea and says, "Aye, sir, I'll speak to Captain Marek." His words come out now, there is a bit of strength in them, not out of pride or anger but as if he is responding to Thea's not so gentle reminder that Castor does need to nut up or shut up. He then says, "And sir, I would also like to apologize to you for making the Wing look bad." He doesn't move but his shoulders straighen up as does his posture and his eyes remain fixed now on Legacy, it would seem the tail is no longer between his proverbial legs but rather he is trying to be the pilot that he was trained to be. As for the punishment he says, "Sir, yes, sir." He doesn't offer anything else up because he has a feeling this is not a conversational moment.

Thea stands there for a moment, studying him, weighing him. And it would appear that he is NOT found wanting. She nods, once, and turns to find herself a crate to settle on. "Well, now that that's out of the way, Tinleg," she says quietly, leaning back and getting comfortable. "I have only one more thing to say. You are not a hall monitor. You are not a babysitter. If Dash wants to frak his life up, it's HIS decision, not yours. As his friend, you can tell him, once, how you feel. If he chooses not to listen? That's HIS problem. Not yours. You're too good a pilot to frak your career up sticking your nose where it doesn't belong. This time, your nose just got smacked. Next time, it's likely that your nose will get broken."

Leda listens to Thea and as she calls him Tinleg he relaxes slightly and he says, "The funny thing, sir, is that it is always Dash that brings out the hall monitor in me." He then says, "And I know, Captain Marek ordered me not to act like a Hall Monitor." He then says reflectively, "I just want to see the wing held together." He then says, "And sir, thanks for caring enough about me to bring me around." This is appreciatively said and Leda then says, "Though I don't like watching people just getting dragged down, so, I'm just supposed to go to Captain Marek for everything then, huh, sir?"

"No," she says quietly. "You're supposed to learn how to keep your own council. By going to Karim with everything, you are letting him know that you don't trust his ability to know what's happening in his own wing." Well, if that isn't a nice little bomb to drop. "You're not a snitch. You're not a tattle tale. Your OWN house needs a damned sight of cleaning, so stay the hell out of other people's houses."

Castor listens and his house probably could use some work and the thought goes through his head to mentally lock his house up and lower all the curtains to keep himself out of trouble. "Right, I'll remember to let people make their own mistakes, sir." He then says, "And I don't want to be a snitch since I saw what happened to snitches when I was a kid back home." He instinctively moves to his thumb on his right hand as if the snitch he saw had an unfortunate "accident" with his thumb. He then says, "So, how did you learn to balance all of this, sir? I mean just walking away from people who are self-destructing, sir?"

"I didn't," Thea says quietly, studying him. "I just became a Captain and therefore gained the ability to grab them by the scruff of the neck and shake the living shit out of them until they saw reason." She manages a smile, though it's a little one. "You're not one of the gods, Castor. You have to let them make their own mistakes and trust in their free will."

"I know I'm not one of the gods, sir, if I was stuff like this wouldn't happen." He then takes a moment to says, "And from now on I'll let people make mistakes even if it means they lose their wings for it." He means it but it just seems so damn cold however this is not civilian life this is military life and that means falling in with whatever one is told to do. "Right, sir, when I figure out how to walk away from people making mistakes I'll let you know." His speech is quiet, though there is a cetain amount of steel in his voice, there is strength there but he is going to have a long road ahead of him since this ship is full of people making mistakes.

"You put one foot in front of the other, Leda," she says, voice low and quiet. "And you pray for them." She takes a sip of her drink as she settles back, settles in. "THAT'S what you can do for them. They have to make their own mistakes. Just like you had to make yours."

Castor nods his head and he even manages to nod when prayer is mentioned, the last time Leda prayed it went something like, 'Dear whatever it is I believe in…' He then says, "I'll try that, sir." He then notices his last name is said and he relaxes even further, "Though I'm not going to lie to you…it is going to be hard just to walk away it feels coldblooded."

"It's not, though it feels that way," Thea says softly. "Because you never know what the outcome of the situation is going to be." She glances to her cup for a moment, then up to him. "I walked away from Karim. I let him make what I thought was his mistake. But it turned out NOT to be a mistake. He married a woman he came to love and had a beautiful baby girl, Raven. If I hadn't let him make his mistake, she never would have been born. The world would be missing joy. What I thought was a mistake was simply a plan of the gods."

Leda listens since this is information he did not know and he isn't sure of what to say and finally he says, "Though that mistake still hurt you." He then says, "Though, I suppose you are right maybe sometimes good things can come from mistakes." He then pauses as he takes a long time to think this over and he says after a long moment of silence, "So it is all wait and see, huh?" He then says, "Though I have a feeling this mistake is going to cost me big time."

"My point is that, in the grand scheme of things, he didn't make a mistake, Castor," Thea says gently. "I thought he was making a mistake, but he didn't. He did exactly what he was supposed to do. That honor, that sense of duty, is part of why I fell in love with him. By forcing him away from his fiancee' like I wanted to, by treating his engagement as a mistake, I would have destroyed that which I loved." A shoulder lifts delicately and she smiles at him, looking every one of her years. "I was wrong." At least she can admit it. "And no, this mistake isn't going to cost you big. You need to get over that go big or go home attitude of yours. It'll cost you big if you want it to." There's a negligible little shrug at that. "It's a simple matter at the moment. You screwed up. You will apologize. You will do your damndest to learn from this lesson rather than repeat it."

Castor takes the story in and he says, "Captain Legacy, if you don't mind my saying, you are a very wise woman." He doesn't go to Thea, not right now, even if they are coming out of a chew out Leda doesn't want to go completely informal. He then says, "I think most people would feel very hurt and they wouldn't let it go. Though for you to speak about this as a gift is an amazing thing." He then takes a moment to rub the back of his head with his left hand and he says, "Oh, I will do my best to learn from this since I don't sppreciate being in trouble. I will appologize as well." Appologizing will be difficult since it means swallowing his pride.

"Talk to Spider, first," Thea says quietly. "Before you shove your foot down your throat again, talk to Spider. He knows I was going to talk with you, as a friend, so he should be expecting you." She's quiet for a time and her hand reaches up, brushing the spot over her heart absently. "Children are a blessing, Castor. No matter what the circumstances, children are a blessing and a joy. They are a gift."

Castor nods, "I will talk to Captain Marek first I promise, sir." He then says, "I also know that children are a blessing and to be honest with you I would like to have some children of my own." There is something in the way he reacts to that since he really does want kids and he is willing to accept that they are a blessing in a spiritual sense. He then chuckles slightly, "Though you have to get a date first and she needs to be willing to have kids."

Thea laughs softly at that and shakes her head, bemused. "You need to get the first date and he needs to be willing to father kids," she says quietly in retort.

Castor grins, "I need to find a he?" He then says with that same grin and an amused tone, "Sir, I didn't know two men could have a baby…or did I change sexes, sir?"

Her nose crinkles at him and she laughs quietly. "You and I are both looking for the same thing, Tinleg," she says softly. "You need a she for your plan to work, I need a he."

Castor beams, "I know, sir, I was just teasing." He then asks, "Any prospects, sir?" He is fairly sure that Thea knows about his intentions with Mimi but what can he do for now. He then says, "I may be able to offer my services to help you out…I've never scrounged for a man looking to be a father though."

The Captain's cheeks go a lovely shade of pink and she shakes her head, laughing quietly. "When the time comes, Major Pike has a turkey baster," she replies, lifting a shoulder. "But we're going to have to be in a little bit of a better position."

Leda nods his head and then he pauses almost hesitant to ask and he says, "Do you have a donor in mind or lined up?" He is curious and like a puppy he can't help but go to where something shiny leads him. He adds, "And I think the Old Man would go nuts if anyone turned up pregnant on the ship."

Thea hesitates for a moment, then nods once. "I have one lined up," she says quietly. The smile flickers a little and she looks away, off to the side. "And he would, right now. It would be…unfortunate. Especially if that someone were a pilot."

Leda nods his head and he presses no further since there is a line and he isn't going to cross it. He then smiles, "Well, lets hope we can get into a position or relative peace so that you can become a mother." He then smiles warmly and he says, "Since you do such a good job of taking care of us." He then says, "And we are more difficult then children."

"Much more difficult," Thea agrees, giving him a wry little smile. "You're all like teenagers in the first throes of puberty. I swear that half the pilots on the ship are leading their lives by their dangly or puffy bits."

Castor lets off a small giggle, why, because most people laugh when they hear something true. "Well, that is the thing, sir, half the pilots on this ship are leading their lives by their dangly or puffy bits." He then says, "The other half I think are to drunk to be lead that way." He then says, "And this is a dark road I dont know if I want to go down since it would lead to self-introspection and I don't know if I would like what I would find out."

"Given that you've stopped drinking, I can only assume you're now being led by the dangles," she comments, tone dry, eyes twinkling a bit. "Just make sure you've got condoms and that dangles and puffs don't meet until after she has her commission."

Castor says, "Well…lets just say I'm waiting for someone to make Ensign and I have a feeling it will be a long wait. So no dangle leading till then." He then says, "And I always go safe and I am a gentlemen besides sex without permission is just wrong and I don't think it would be fun…now sex with permission." He raises an eyebrow an a silly twinkle is in his eyes.

Thea just groans quietly and shakes her head at him. "Sex without permission means I'd rip your still beating heart out through your ass," she warns quietly. "But you're also not the type of man to do that."

"Seriously, I would never do that." He frowns, "Growing up, I saw things…" He looks at Thea, "I saw things you wouldn't believe, evil things with evil people slipping about, and I saw women hurt." There is a sense of distant gravity in his voice as he remembers things and he slowly shakes his head, "No, I would never do that."

"Which is very good," Thea says quietly, nodding. "Because we both know you have enough trouble with your mouth and Caprican Scout attitude. In fact…" Her lips purse slightly. "That might make a good callsign, and an excellent reminder for you."

Leda's nose crinkles, "I always wondered what Caprican Scouts were like I mean it seemed exciting you could go camping and learn all sorts of outdoorsy stuff." He then says, "Wait, seriously, are you really wanting to change my callsign?" Not that there is a lot he can do about it but he says hesitantly, "Seriously, sir?"

"It's not up to me," Thea tells him with a slow smile. "It's up to the CAG." And some people suspect that she's got the CAG's ear.

Castor braces himself since he is pretty sure he is getting a new callsign now and so he says, "Fair, enough." He then makes a nose like he has smelt blue cheese since it isn't a callsign that he likes which means it is pretty much perfect - since it is embarassing. He then takes a second, just one, to says, "Well, we will see what Captain Marek thinks." Which is code for - FRAK - he then looks at Thea, "You know, sometimes you know how to sting in all the right ways, sir."

"If I sting you now," she says softly, head tilting to the side a bit. "That means you won't get killed later." It's a simple answer. Lessons learned.

Castor then says, "Right, right…" he puts a hand up as if to sign defeat, "Lesson learned."

"We shall see," Thea says, offering him a ghostly smile. "Only time will tell."

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