Time For A Drink
Time for a drink
Summary: A party is held friends are made and then something awkward happens.
Date: PH 35 (May 24th, 2009)
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Kassia is sat at the table of her barraks room, just sipping from a pot of coffee she looks happy almost dreamy life as she just stars off into space.

Castor knocks on the door and steps into the berthings, strange sight seeing a Viper Jock in here but Castor is no normal Viper Jock. He begins looking around the room, as if he is trying to spot someone and low and behold they do spot someone. His eyes settle on Kassia, "Flash, can you tell me how to make a pilot smile?" He waits a beat before saying, "Besides booze, frakking, and fighting." His tone is playfull and slightly teasing.

Kassia hmms softly and looks up. "I made him smile last night, thoes little dimples in his cheeks were so cute and with that paint on his face." She sighs then blinks and says. "Eh…" She then shakes her head. "I'm not sure, I thought that was all that could make one smile."

Castor he steps right up in front of Kassia and then reaches beside the woman's face and he says, "Well, with a little bit of magic…" he says softly as if to emphasize the specialness of all this moment, and low and behold the man produces a hand rolled Aquarian cigar, Castor doesn't have an unlimited supply of these beauties though it seems like he has managed to trade someone for some more. "we can find anything we need, including one hand rolled Aquarian cigar, maybe not as famous as the Caprican brands but made with love and care and this one traveled all the way from Aquaria to you."

Kassia looks up at Castor, her smile wide and beautiful, she reaches up and takes it between both of her hands. She then stands up and kisses him. "Your a gem." She says sitting back down. "I'll gave this for Kai." She says with a grin. "I think I'm in love." She sighs and then wink. "So what you been up too big guy?"

Castor blushes slightly as he is kissed, not in a flustered kind of way, but in the way a brother might respond after making his little sister happy. He then leans back and grabs a seat at the table, "Me? No good in general. Mostly I just finished CAP and so I've been wandering around looking for something to do, might take up to getting a drink in a bit, it will…" he then pauses as if he puts together what Kassia said, "Wha?" He then says, "Kai, you like Papabear? Seriously?" His tone has a sort of you gotta be pulling my leg feel to it.

Kassia tooks the cig behind her ear and laughs softly. "I guess we're getting on better then I thought…Oh don't say anything, you know I aint wanting a boy friend or anything but man he's different when he's off duty. Still reserved but there's just." She pauses her lips and grins. "And what you drinking, mind if I join you don't get drunk tooo often but I figure while off duty." She grin a little.

Castor listens closely and then says, "Well, get to know the Cap, like I said, he is a good man." He says supportively, yup, that is the puppy dog again all loyal, "And hey, if something happens good, if not I reckon you found yourself a good friend." He then gives an impish grin, "Oh, I don't mind sharing. Tonight I was thinking either beer or Picon whisky. That is the whisky without the e. You know the good kind - like the really good kind. Did I mention it was the ridiculously good kind…well, not really but it gets the job done and it goes well with a cigar."

Kassia ducks her head and taps her finger onto the table. "I don't think I'd have a chance anyway, I'd be shocked if someone hasn't already claimed him. He's a goodlooking guy, high ranked very reserved I mean he's just…Well you know he's look after you. I mean look at me, I aint that pretty and I'm just a frakking Raptor pilot. Noone has shown interest in me at all, I don't want anyone but it would be nice to feel wanted you know." She sighs and shakes her head, going to smile. "And yeah any of them sounds good."

Castor looks at Kassia and studies her for a moment, "Come on Flash, stop being so hard on yourself, you are a beautiful woman. The hair, the eyes and eye lashes, the small accents to the cheek bones." He says in honest but brotherly tones, "You never know Kai might be wild for someone like you just you know keep it quiet." There is a certain emphasis on the keep it quiet part. He clearly wants to take a drink but he is not leaving his friend behind and in the dumps, nope that is not how puppy dogs work.

Kassia shakes her head. "I'm not being hard on myself just being practical I like the guy but you know it's not going to happen so I'm just going to you know pretend it's not there. I doublt he'll ever see me again for a while. So." She grins. "Hey get going if you want, don't let me keep you. I'm in a good mood, I had a good night last night had fun got a laugh. I'm just chilling here now happy you know. Nothing gets me down remember."

Castor leans in and says, "Well, like I said you never know." This one is strong in the Optimism. "On Aquaria we have a saying, even a mountain can be destoyed by water so long as it comes one drop at a time." He then gives a flyboy smile and I'm not going anywhere, I thought the plan was to drink." He takes a moment to produce another cigar, this one is less magical, it comes from his pocket.

Kassia grins. "We'll see what happens, I aint going to force anything I'll try not to avoid him but." She shrugs and lights up the Cigar she was given by him. "So you wanna drink here or the louneg either plce is fine by me." She says trying to change the subject a little perhaps.

Castor says, "Let's hit the lounge." He then says, "I've got a plan." He then lights his cigar with an odd lighter, a silver zippo with the Battlestar Orpheus logo on it. He then says, "And we might get more people to come and join us, you know. Though let me stop by my bunk first. I need to get the supplies."

Kassia nods her head as she stands up, she goes to rince out her coffee and join him at the door. "Sure, so Castor whom are you seeing?" She asks, with a little grin. "It's has to be someone pretty." She goes to link her arm into his and let him walk them out.

Castor links her arm around Kassia's, "If I tell you, you have to keep it a secret." He says softly hoping that no one else is listening. He takes a puff of his cigar, "Like deep level secret. Like, I'm fairly sure Papabear would kill me level of secret." He then opens the berthing door for Kassia.

Castor gives a goofy slightly blushing grin as he says, "Yeah, she's enlisted." And with that the pair are off for a quick jaunt to the red squadron bunks and then off to the general lounge. "Right, your secret is safe with me."

The pair then move to the General Lounge

The primary place for the crew to come relax when off-duty, this room is also rather large by requirement. Divided into two areas, one for officers and the other for enlisted, by a series of vertical V-shaped structural supports, this room has couches and chairs that have been worn in over the years by various crews. There are snack machines sitting along the back wall that offer a variety of edibles such as cheese doodles, nacho tortilla chips, and bagged pretzels for example. Other machines offer soda of a few specific types. A counter runs along the back as well that keeps a coffee urn going twenty-four hours a day. Each side of the room has some tables with magazines and other reading available for ready consumption by crewmembers.

It is hard to know what Castor has brought with him but it is a black bag which reads Lt. Jg. Leda, as Kassia and Castor have made their way into the lounge the first thing Castor does is pull out a radio, granted the radio is useless in space but it can still play music in other forms, ah multimedia devices are fun. He then pulls out a bucket he then disappears for a moment having returned from the mess where he produces a bucket full of ice, he places a few beers in said bucket and then he gets out a bottle of Picon Whisky and a few shot glasses. "Oh, sweet nectar of life how I have missed you."

Kassia eyes the man for a moment as she pulls one of the over stuffed chairs towards the table. "You know I really am a light weight so, please don't let me get too drunk I don't think I could deal with the hangover." She laughs softly and goes to light up another cig. "So who is she?"

There is a radio playing music, most likely, from one of its multimedia drives. There is a black bag on the floor which reads Lt. Jg. Leda and near it there is a bucket with ice and few beers in said bucket and there is also a bottle of Picon Whisky and a few shot glasses. Leda squints at Kassia, "Who said any of this was for you?" It is hard to tell if he is serious or joking. He then walks over to the Flash and whispers into the Ensign's ear, "Eileithyia Xylander, the combat medic." His tone is quiet but the way he says the woman's name indicade that just saying her name makes his heart skip a beat.

Eileithyia pauses. She steps intothe Lounge and looks around noticing that small group gathered. She offers a bow to the few people in the lounge with rather polite greeting of "Sir." The voice is pleasant and as the Combat medic finds a seat nearby and then begins to cleaning her glasses.

Kassia nods her head slowly as she reaches for a beer. "Oh don't worry I aint one to gossip, you know." She shrugs. "Don't care, what anyone else does as long as it don't affect me." She cracks open a beer.

Castor takes a moment to watch as the Eileithyia enters, "Private, fancy a drink, we've got cold beer and whisky." He then givs Kassia a gently push on the shoulder, "You better not squak on this…" the way he pushes Kassia though is brotherly without a hint of anything going on even his voice comes out brotherly. He then steps away from Kassia and then moves to grab soda and juice from his bag, no, but seriously, how does he fast talk people into these trades. "You know, we need mixers." He pauses a second, "For the lightweights." He reaches one more time and pulls out a bag of pretzels, the bag isn't big but they are pretzels. "For the salt."

Kassia eyes the bag of goodies and wonders what else he has in there, when private enters she offers the woman a warm smile. "Yes come over, we're about to indulge and more the merrier. Though I hope I aint the only one on my back after two." She gives a little laugh, before leaning back and sipping at her beer. "So what's new?" She asks, looking from private to Lieutenant.

Eileithyia shrugs. She walks over and settles down closer to the group. "I think I'll take some whiskey." she says softly.

A radio plays music in the background, not that there is a signal, but it is a multimedia radio and it is playing music softly in the background, there is a bucket with ice keeping beer cold and a bottle of whisky as well as shot glasses. There is a small bag of pretzels as well. For his part Castor looks over at Kasia, "You'll only be on your back if you try to keep up with me." He then moves to prepare a shot of whisky for Eileithyia and he attempt to gauge her mood however he does say, "What's new, it is condition three, alls clear, and it is time to celebrate being alive." His voice is as always hopeful and he is enjoying every moment.

The lounge. One of the few places Roubani can get tea when the mess hall's too crowded to breathe right in. And so it's here he comes with a stolen mug from naval offices - or perhaps from aerospace fabrication, given the very geeky message printed on it - and heads quietly for the urns of hot water.

Eileithyia nods. "TRue enough. And celebration, is indeed called for." she inhales. "Nothing much, visited and talked with the Civilians. Did a little work, offduty-mostly because the Civialans take better… I don't look so imposing."

Castor pours himself a shot of whisky and opens a bottle of beer, this one is a pro. He then opens the pretzels and says, "Tonight, we dine." He then asks, "How are they?" his tone for the Civilians is concerned, "I mean, I'd imagine they are scared to death and feeling powerless. So, seriously, how are they?" He then looks over at Roubani,
"Hey, Poet, thanks for saving our sorry set of collective tails with that virus killing." His voice takes appreciative tones. He then takes a sip of beer, "Cold one if you aren't on duty."

Roubani glances over his shoulder towards the group. "Just our job, sir. And no, thank you, sir…I don't drink." Hot water continues to flow into the mug, capped off by a teabag.

Eileithyia thinks on it a moment. Shel eans back in her chair her eyes closed. "They're managing. Barely." she admits with quiet tone. "Barely.."

Kassia comes back from the rest room and blonks herself back down onto her chair. "Yeah Ensign." She says quietly. "Nice work, not just a pilot are ya." She says with a quick grin, the pretzles. "I always did like salty stuff, far better then the sweeet." She mutters grabbing a handful.

Castor looks at Eileithyia and says, "Yeah, well, maybe next time a pilot can go with you. Show the Civilians they have some hope." He then takes another sip of his beer, it is slow and the pilot savors every second of it. He then turns to look over at Kassia, "See, pretzels and beer go together well, they are the perfect combo. He then takes a moment to Roubani, "Well, thank you for doing you job and if you don't drink I've got juice and soda." He then looks back at Eileithyia and asks, "How barely are we talking here?"

Roubani tips the mug, winding the string of the teabag around his finger. Swirl, swirl, little bag. Castor's offer is met by a single tap of his finger against the mug. "I've got tea, sir, thank you." Not rude, just, you know. Tea. Can't be wasted. He picks up one of the little red stirrers and sticks it absently in the hot water, blowing through it. Bubbles.

Eileithyia thinks. "Barely…" she says softly. "It's mostly that they are tired of confinement, of wanting to walk around- but its not possible. I feel bad but I think we'd be better off as I've said, finding them a world to colonize.. they're can't breath… in sense."

Kassia grins a little as she sip more of the beer back, it's good but then anything is good when you don't have it too often. "And yeah these do go together." She says going to snag more Pretzels…She then goes quiet unsure what to say.

Roubani continues blowing really small bubbles into his tea through the red stirrer. Either that's some ingenious way of cooling the steaming liquid down, or it's just kind of fun. One can never tell with him.

A radio plays music in the background, not that there is a signal, but it is a multimedia radio and it is playing music softly in the background, there is a bucket with ice keeping beer cold and a bottle of whisky as well as shot glasses. There is a small bag of pretzels as well. A group of military people talk. Among them is Castor, who looks at Eileithyia for a moment wanting to say something nice but instead he offers, "Right, there is not enough drinking going on. So, tip it back." He looks over at Roubani, "Incuding the tea, Poet. Drink tea if you want but frak tip it like the badass pilot you are."

It was a long night for Martin and a slow morning to boot. Fresh back from CAP and showered, Martin has the rest of the day to do whatever he wants for the most part. So imagine the look in his eyes when he spins open the door and finds a bit of a party going on. Eyes going wide, he closes the door behind him and steps over to the group. "This…isn't an invite only situation is it?"

Kassia looks over her shoulder at Martin and shakes her head. "If it is, I'll invite you Black." She says with a grin then closes her eyes as she settles back into the chair letting the beer gives her a good buzz.

Roubani is a little ways away from the main group, which seems to involve alcohol. He half-smiles at Castor and glances at the tea. "Sir, I assure you it doesn't matter how 'badass'…" He pronounces the word so properly. "…I may wish I were, I still don't want third-degree burns down my throat. It is good tea, though." His dark eyes flicker to Martin and he shakes his head. If it were, it certainly wouldn't be his invite to give, anyway!

Castor is not even buzzed, in fact he is nursing a beer so that the nuggets don't get discouraged. He then leans in and tips back his shot of whisky like it was nothing. He then leans back and takes a takes a long drag from his beer, he is a pilot damn it and he has a reputation to live up too. He looks over at Martin, "I'll second that, Flash." He then looks over at Martin and says, "Well, and if it isn't my good buddy Dash, how'd you take to vampire shift?" He gives a gentle grin as he doesn't look the least bit tired. "I mean it, you did alright out there tonight, Dash, you earned your prize booze…or juice you know whatever gets you by." He looks back over to Roubani and says almost glowingly, "Poet, accent aside, you helped kill a virus, that makes you badass even if you pronounce it all proper like." His slightly country Aquarian tones come out, "However enjoy your tea." He studies Kassia to make sure she is at the right level, he won't see the woman on her back, not tonight.

Kassia is just quietly sat drinking, enjoying the feeling the beer gives her, totally relaxed and happy. It's a great feeling, and with the warmth of the lounge and the comfort of the chair and the fact she's been staying up lately she finds herself nodding off.

Martin steps over to the table and prepares himself a whiskey. "It comes and goes, wasn't too bad though. Hey someone watch out for that other priest type I owe him a shot of rum and I didn't bring it with me." Martin says, downing the shot. Setting the glass down, he exhales the fumes and then grabs a beer, moving to sit on one of the couches. "What's the occasion anyway? Just a braindump?"

Castor winces at the word priest, "Frak, Martin, why did you have to bring up a priest, I'm drinking for fun. Leave the frakking priests out of my drinking Dash." He then says, "And yes, we are braindumping." He then takes a long drag of his beer as in he kills the bottle. He then rises as music play from a multimedia player and as there is a bucket full of ice keeping beer cold as a bottle of whisky can be seen along with a black bag reading Lt. Jg. Leda. Castor takes a bit of some pretzels before saying, "And it is condition three. Drinking is a comandment now."

Martin gets back up from the sofa with a beer in hand and decides at this point that he's not gonna pace it. Pouring himself another shot, he quickly downs it, his second within the span of about two minutes. "Allright I'm game…I'm game." He says, remaining on his feet for the moment as he sets his beer bottle down to fish out his pack of cigarettes. "I might run back up to the berthings and grab a few of my own bottles."

Martin gets back up from the sofa with a beer in hand and decides at this point that he's not gonna pace it. Pouring himself another shot, he quickly downs it, his second within the span of about two minutes. "Allright I'm game…I'm game." He says, remaining on his feet for the moment as he sets his beer bottle down to fish out his pack of cigarettes. "I might run back up to the berthings and grab a few of my own bottles."

Kassia wakes up from her nap and yawns softly. "What I miss, damn, I need to stop being up all night playing games with Kissybear." She jokes looking around at the gathered group, she places down her empty can of beer and reaches for another one. "What is this stuff anyway, home brewed?"
Roubani keeps his distance, watching the others start drinking. The alcohol doesn't seem to make him uncomfortable, per se, he just has his tea and that's that. The party is like something he's watching on TV.

Castor stands and pours another shot and he opens another beer, this would make two shots and two beers, after vampire shift and the pilot isn't slowing down. He then moves back to his roost. "No but seriously Martin don't bring up that frakking priest. Cyggie is okay…but that other one." He shoots his whisky, "I'll save for the ring." There is a look in this eye, the kind of look an Eddie or a Jupiter might have, the sort of look that says blood will be involved. "So, let it rest."

"Home brewed?" Martin replies, looking to the bottle. Seeing as how Castor's done his third, Martin contemplates and starts to pour another as he sips his beer. The unused shot rests before him as he looks to Kassia and waves her over. "You got anywhere you need to be pretty soon there?" Martin asks, bobbing his head a little with the music. He takes a long pull from his beer.

Just like in life, Eddie has little direction when she ambles into the lounge. Likely she's just drawn by voices as she meanders the bowels of the ship. For once, she's in her tank tops instead of the heavy sweat shirt she normally wears revealing scars marching up her arms are fading and turning from pink to white.
Roubani watches Castor over the rim of his cup, setting the thing down on his knee. The comments about beating up a priest have pulled a frown onto his face, and he slides off the edge of the table he was perched on, heading away from the table.

Kassia hmmms softly as she goes to look over towards Martin, unsure if the man is speaking to her or not. "Me?" She asks, softly sipping from her beer, she looks sleepy as she looks at him through narrowed eyes. "And if I may, why are people getting so wound up by this prist guy, I don't think I've meet him for more then a few minutes…He seemed nice?"

Castor takes a moment to look at Martin as Dash has changed the subject "Not yet, no homebrew….though soon enough we may have to." And then Kassia brings him up again. He looks at Kassia, "Because Priests are liars." He takes a shot of his whiskey and downs his beer in one fail swoop. "They promise you that your family will live. They promise you that nothing bad will happen and yet, "All of the nice priests promises are utter and total frakking crap." Maybe a wee bit away from the bottle isn't so good for the Jig. "I'm no fan of the Lords and their false promises." He then pours another whisky and moves to get another beer, "But here is to you that keep the faith." The whisky is downed.

Martin nods to Kassia and takes up his shot. "Yeah you. Get a beer or somethin." Martin says, a bit of an enabler as he salutes with his shot. Catching the sight of Eddie approaching, he initiates eye contact and lifts his brows at her, quickly downing the shot and setting the glass down beside him on the table. "Hey you." He says to her, saluting her with his beer bottle. "…looks like you got some catchin up to do."

Kassia lifts up the can in her hands and grins. "I got one chief." She says then sighs softly, Castor sometimes makes her brain hurts, she loves the guy to death as one can only do with a dear friend like him. "It wasn't their fault, Castor you got to forget and forgive noone could have stopped what happened. Don't take it out on the guy, I'm sure he tried everything he could, blame the gods not him." She's speaing gently her body inclinded towards the angry man. "Maybe this prist guy, is good people get to know him you might be surprised." She sits back now and smiles softly. "I have always had faith in the gods, if not I would not be here, surrounded by some kickass people and feeling alive and…Well trying to get on with life." She sips at her beer closes her eyes, she's calm and happy nothing will brake this mood.

Roubani sits down on a couch as Castor keeps going on about beating the faithful, detaching himself from the group. He doesn't say a word about the matter, cradling the tea in his hands. As usual he has one of his smaller sets of prayer beads around his wrist.

Drarelle enters the room, he's not in his off-duties so he's looking all serious, like always. He scans the room and walks over to game station in the corner chewing out a private playing video games and the young marine tries to justify that the meeting isn't starting for a little bit, bad mistake, he earned double guard duty and assigned to cleaning the rifles at the range. He inclines his head to the Pilots nearby.

It doesn't take much to spot Roubani, he's the one always on the fringes of things, looking in. Eddie zeros him out, reaching to rap her knuckles on a chair as she passes by him in greeting. But that's all he seems to get for the time being, and she meanders on by towards Martin. She finds the most convenient thing to flop on, which happens to be the table itself, perching on the edge. "I'm still doing your frakking laundry because you cheated last time. No more drinking games for me."

"Cheated my ass, Eddie, you walked away from the game." Martin says to Eddie after a long glance at Roubani, eyes falling to his prayer beads. Shaking his head at the woman near him, he takes a pull from his beer and nods towards the shotglass. "Allright, no games, but seriously, we're Condition three and I'm not wasting it. You in?" He watches Eddie's eyes for a moment before he peels them towards Castor and Kassia. "Hey to each their own man. It'll be a cold day in hell when I've got the right to tell people what's moral and what's not."

"Cheated my ass, Eddie, you walked away from the game." Martin says to Eddie after a long glance at Roubani, eyes falling to his prayer beads. Shaking his head at the woman near him, he takes a pull from his beer and nods towards the shotglass. "Allright, no games, but seriously, we're Condition three and I'm not wasting it. You in?" He watches Eddie's eyes for a moment before he peels them towards Castor and Kassia. "Hey to each their own man. It'll be a cold day in hades when I've got the right to tell people what's moral and what's not."

Castor downs his next beer. He then leans into Kassia and says softly, "The Priests told me my parents would come back. They lied. The priests told me my brother would come back. They lied. So the Priest might be nice but the Lords left me long ago." To an Aquarian it would seem the loss of family cuts deep, this puppy dog aparently has his wounds and it shows up when any mention of the Lords or the Priests shows up. He was cut deeply before the fall because this kind of anger takes time to grow. However his tones to Kassia are not angry, they are almost matter of fact in his slight drunkeness. He then says to Eddie, "Why will there be no drinkiing games for you? I need someone to play higher and lower with me." He says indicating a deck of cards hidden in his bag. He then takes a moment, to look at Martin and says softly, "Yeah." He doesn't want to be a wet blanket so he says, "So would someone take a drink of something. You guys are suddenly making me nervous with your sobriety."

Kassia shrugs her shoulders as she folds her legs up onto the chair. "You'll find a balance, if only for the sake of your own sanity." She says opening her eyes suddenly and looking at Castor, she takes the last few gulps of her beer, and places it down she leans forwards now and taps Castor on the cheek. "You should, go to the temple, hun speak with them, yell at them beg them what ever it is you have to do. You can't just let your hate and anger, of even grief burn in side. I'll go with you if you want, but do it soon…I know people think it's strange I got over what happened quickly." She sighs and grabs another beer. "Aha, frakk I aint drunk enough for this yet."

Roubani glances up as Eddie goes past. A subtle smile, then he lifts his cup to his lips. Castor? Yeah, definitely the reason he's keeping away from the table just now, though he doesn't attempt to hide the beads he wears. But nor, apparently, is he the type to be vocal about belief or lack thereof. He just seems to be biding his time.

Eddie's lips split into a grin as she snags the bottle that Martin is holding, gesturing to Castor with it, "You could play with yourself. I hear you're getting good at it. Just remember, practice makes perfect." Just some good natured chiding between wing-mates, nothing malicious in Eddie's tone. She tilts the beer to her lips, taking a heavy swig before passing it back to Martin. Guess she's in. Her eyes wander instinctually to Roubani, just keeping visual tabs on him in an oddly protective way.

Martin chuckles quietly as the beer bottle is handed back to him, taking it and moving to lean on the edge of a large chair beside the table. It's one of those comfortable reclining ones. One fisting another pull from his beer bottle, he grins and laughs as Kassia grabs another beer. "Allright allright we'll be frakkin cryin all over eachother in no time. Hey Tinman." Martin nudges Eddie's side and nods upwards to Castor, shoving some more spotlight on him. "We're gonna hafta get you in on triad night for sure. You in man?"

Castor as Kassia taps him on the cheek Castor reacts much in the same way an older brother would, he doesn't move nor does he look angry, in fact he looks amused. He then says to Kassia, "Flash, if you go with me I might, just, you know, keep me from ripping the statues down." He then offers, "Did you know there was a prophecy about my brother and I?" His tone is very matter of factly. He then looks over at Eddie and says, "Aww, come on Mooner, I need someone to spank in higher or lower. Besides, when I play the game by myself I just get myself drunk alone." He looks over at Roubani as if to give an apologetic look as if to say sorry…though as Martin speaks the pilot turns and says, "Alright I'm in, Dash." He then says softly to Kassia, "Remind me when I'm sober that we need a small cute bunny sticker for two certain pilots."

Kassia eyes Castor for a few moments, then nods her head she leans in places her forehead against his. "There has to be a mummy of the group right. Keep you lot from getting into trouble, so yeah I'll go with you. I mean it it'll do you good. I find talking to be gods always smooths me and help me work out hard problems." She laughs softly kisses his forehead then crosses her brows.. "You keep going on about these bunny stickers, what does it mean?" She asks, going to sit back down and drink up her third can, she gives a hiccup and laughs. "Oh lords, I'm hiccuping must mean I've had enough." She spots Eddie now talking to Martin and gives her a warm smile. "Hey, how are you long time no see."

Eddie glances at Martin, blinking blankly. "I think he /completely/ missed the reference to masturbation." She comments of Castor. Shaking her head slightly, she crosses an arm over her chest, casually scratching at the ink on her right shoulder. "Don't you people know there are three things you never talk about while drinking? Religion, politics, and someone's momma." At Kassia's greeting, she merely hitches up her chin in the intercolonial gesture for 'yo'.

"Yeah I'm pretty sure he did." Martin side comments and grins, rounding around Eddie to pour a pair of shots, offering her one. "Actually Castor. I'm docking you three points for not picking up on a good manual-pulling reference." Martin says, looking over the table and then leaning out to cycle through the music menu. "Yeah…do tell. Rabbit stickers? I'm creative enough to have a few ideas on where you're goin with that one but I'd rather hear it direct."

Kai lets himself into the lounge, most likely unnoticed in the midst of the pilots' bantering and libations. Hands tucked into the pockets of his fatigues, he's angling toward the snack machine purely out of habit. His eyes flicker over those gathered in the presence of alcohol, then shift toward the selection available in the machine today, as he comes to a halt in front of it.

A radio plays music in the background, not that there is a signal, but it is a multimedia radio and it is playing music softly in the background, there is a bucket with ice keeping beer cold and a bottle of whisky as well as shot glasses. There is a small bag of pretzels as well. A group of military people talk. One of them is Castor, well, to be fair a slightly drunken Castor who has just been kissed on fhe forhead. He looks at Kassia and says in brotherly tones, "You're cut off." He then gives a goofy almost promising grin, "Fair enough Flash, I'll go with you…I'll try not to defile anything." As she talks about bunny stickers and he says softly, and quietly, "Well, on account of the mommy pilot and the daddy pilot who love each other very much." His eye drift to Martin with a certain amused look though he says nothing else. When Eddie talks about Masturbation the Aquarian frowns, "I've been chaste, for the past seven years thank you. Oh-rah to the fleet." He looks back over at Martin and says, "I just think you and Mudguts need sparkly rabbit stickers on your helmet. I think it would be cute." The Aquarian then stands and in fact the man pours another whisky and opens another beer. His movements are solid, for a drunkard his is practiced, you couldn't tell by watching him.

Kassia blinks at Castor for a few moments, her alcohol fogged brain having trouble digesting what he's saying. "Does he always talk this frakked up, or is it my alcohol influenced brain that's frakked up." She shakes her head goes for another. "Definetly not had enough yet." she mutters, not even touching the bunny comment she doesn't trust herself. Kassia is curled up in an over sized chair, drinking with Castor, Eddie and Martin.

Eddie takes the shot offered by Martin, but she's pointing an accusing finger at Castor. "Not frakked someone in seven years, I can buy. Not flogged your monkey in that long? I call bullshit on that." She turns to Martin, holding up her glass in toast. "Here's to friends that we like best, we like them more when they're undressed. We'd frak them standing, we'd frak them lying. If they had wings, we'd frak them flying. And when they're dead, and long forgotten….we'll dig them up and frak them rotten!" Nice toast, Eds.

Listening to the toast, Martin's lips curl into a slow, amused smile. Lifting his shotglass just a little more, he watches Eddie for a moment before he replies. "That's a hell of a toast you got there, Moon." He taps his shotglass to hers, making eye contact. "I'll drink to that." This will be his fifth. He's going to be exploring a magical, fuzzy world when it catches up to him. Slamming the shot, he sets the glass aside and then turns, offering his side to Eddie as he looks to Kassia and Castor. "I'm not gonna throw Castor under the bus on this one but…no man could go seven years unless he didn't have the equipment to work with in the first place." Martin speculates and grins, laughing a little bit. "That and cute bunny stickers don't properly symbolize what goes on inside of my helmet."

Castor looks at Kassa, "I am only slightly drunk." for most pilots this would be a lie, for this pilot it is true. He downs his whiskey and then takes a generous sip of beer as he turns over to Kassia leaning into Flash slightly, again, there is nothing weird about his leaning, more like one family member leaning into another, "I'll have you know I can out drink any of you….I think." He turns to Eddie and says, "Ever heard of saltpeter, the Orpheus loved it, served in every meal." He turns to Martin and stops himself, "The Bunny…" he then says, "It practices a lot…" He then says, "If a bunny doesn't symbolize what is going on in your brain we may all be well frakked and far from home." He then changes tracks, "But I think things will work out."

Kassia just shakes her head. "Hmmmm I'll have to agree with Eddie on this one, your guys have to touch it at least three or four times a day." She points at Castor. "And at least once in the shower." She shakes her head. "Though why everyone is so hyped about frakking I'll never understand." She shudders. "I could never imagie letting myself, be so naked and open infront of someone. Not unless I really trusted em." She's thoughtful for a moment. "but I guess I'm a little jaded when it comes to sex and romance, never tried either." She hmms softly and closes her eyes. "Maybe one day."

Eddie clinks shotglasses with Martin, "You damn well better." She grins, as to him drinking to her toast. Afterall, it's a toast, and it would be a little rude not to. Her eyes are glimmering with mirth as she tilts her head back to pour the liquor down her gullet. A delighted shiver brings goosebumps to her arms, and telegraphs itself all the way down her spine. As Kassia just announces to the room that she's a virgin, all that liquor almost comes right back up and out Eddie's nose. "Oh. Ow. Shit. Gods, this isn't my crowd." She wipes at her eyes that are starting to water as she laughs. "Man, I gotta take a piss. Don't drink it all before I get back."

Roubani took his tea off to a work station for a while. But, inevitably, he ran out of tea. So back to the lounge it is, mug handle dangling carelessly from his fingertips as he breezes towards the urn. Did he miss Kassia's comment? Probably, from the questioning look he shoots Eddie on the way past. That looked painful.

"Ain't makin any promises, Moon, but if we do I got a bottle for you back at the berthings." Martin says after downing the shot. Exhaling the fumes and blinking his eyes a few times, Martin isn't going to break any records, but he's sure on his way towards the desired effect. Grabbing his beer for a follow-up, he nods to Eddie and then looks towards Kassia. Staring at her just a little bit, his lips curl into a grin, eyebrow lifted. "No shit? You're for real on that one?"

Kassia just blinks for a moment and shakes her head. "What because I don't go around frakking anything that moves." She's almost upset, almost, and when Martin comments, that's it. She slams down her drink and stands up. "If you'll all excuse me, I think I'm going to clean up and find a books to read." She takes a deep breath, trying to fight the growing anger, she's not one to let negative emtions show always positive. "Thank you for the beer, Castor, I owe you one."

Oh goodness. Roubani pauses at the urn, hot water flowing, and his fingers let go of the black handle when the mood seems to shift on a dime behind him. Wasn't this, like, the same conversation from last night? "Ensign?"

Castor looks at Kassia looks at Martin and notices as he makes his 'sister' upset, he gives Kassia a look that says, 'you want I should punch him in the face even though the eltee will have my balls' He then turns to look over at Roubani "Ensign?"

Matto does have a vague feeling of having walked into a re-run, and so pauses, wondering if someone's going to continue flicking through the channels. "I'll see your Ensign and raise you two Lieutenants," he offers, having absolutely no idea what's going on.

"What? Oh come on don't be like that…" Martin says to Flash, shakin his head and motioning for her to come back over. "Okay…new topic that we aren't discussion. We're hitting them out of the park today." Martin comments, starting to feel the effects of the five shots in quick succession. Blinking, he looks between Castor, Roubani, and the incoming Matto, taking stock of the current situation.

Kassia places her cans into the trash and moves off towards the door, at the mention of her rank she pauses then shakes her head, and carries on going out the door, Matto gets a brief look. She turns down the corridor and heads off where she has no idea.

"Eh?" Roubani blinks at Castor. Wot wot? He raises an eyebrow at Martin and suddenly nearly laughs, the sound muffled from his nose. It was funny for a second, really…until Kassia storms off and he softly exhales. "What were you talking about to make her so upset?" He asks Martin, tilting his head.

Castor doesn't seem upset by Martin, the pilot is a pilot and yet as Kassia storms off the pilot moves and picks up his bag." Kill off the rest. There is a certain amount of care in his voice for the Ensign, though the care feels brotherly and not creepy. He does however take a moment to say. "I'll find out Dash. Just, fly casual."

And with that the Aquarian is out.

The scene shifts to the chapel.

Kassia stormed out of teh lounge before she lets herself explode the last few days she's felt like she's had nothing but sex and romance and everything inbetween them thrown into her face. She needs to calm down and get her thoughts back more positively, she had thought noone was interested in her and then Kai shows a little and she's all up in arms and confused. Knowing her luck though he's seeing someone and that will just place her down farther into the dumps. With a deep breath she turns into the chapel and goes to step out of her flightsuit and place on a robe, she slides it over her body letting the find material caress her body as she knees down and prays to Aphrodite. She prays in silence, her words spoken from the heart rather then the mouth. She asks for guidence asks to be purged of all negative thoughts and emtions and be free from such.

Castor follows Kassia, after all he cares for Flash in the way an older brother cares for his younger sister. He takes a moment to follow the woman in silence though the cigar and the alcohol in his hand keep him semi obvious, however, the fact that Castor shows up in the temple draws attention and whispers.

Kassia looks around as people mutter and whisper wonder why they'd brake the peaceful atmosphere…With a sigh she looks over towards Castor. "I'm fine." She mutters softly seeing he was the only one to follow.

Castor looks at the attention he gets in the Chapel and he looks over at everyone in their own state of worship. He then quietly leaves muttering blasphemous obscenties to himself.

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