Till Proven Innocent
Till Proven Innocent
Summary: Roubani visits Castor in the brig, and simple statements become lessons.
Date: PHD107 (3 August 2009)
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Kharon - Brig

Leda for his part is sitting in his bed, looking at the ceiling, still trying to count how many holes he can spot in the ceiling. "Three-thousand, four hundred, ninety-three. Three-thousand, four hundred, ninety-four. Three-thousand, four hundred, ninety-five." He then scratches his head which causes him to blink his eyes and he loses his place, "Damn it." He then starts over looking at certain spot, "One, two, three…." Bored much, yeah.

Such as it happens. Roubani steps into the main brig area after undergoing a search outside, and allowing a few items in his hands to be checked over. Damon's cell is closer and it's that way he heads first under the watchful eye of a Marine at the end of the corridor, sliding a single book into Damon's cell slot.

"For, five…" He then turns and looks over at Roubani and he watches as Poet slides a book in his cell. He then asks, "You two know one another?" He asks with a mixture of curiously and boredom. He then stands and gets out of bed in order to have a better chance to listen to Roubani's response and to stretch his legs.

"Scorpia." Roubani shuts the narrow slot and moves on, towards Castor's cell with the remainder of the pickins. In his hands are three other books - mostly from the library, and ticks them off in his usual quiet voice. "Military history, pulp thriller, or Don Quijote?"

"Don Quijote." He says which is an interesting choice since no one has ever really seen Leda read anything other than a flight manual and a few books on how to build a house from when he was dating Nevice. "Scorpia." He repeats softly to himself, "I heard it was rough down there." He then takes a moment to add, "And thank you for bringing books, I'm not going to lie. I'm getting a little bit of cabin fever in here."

The other two books are tucked into the crook of Roubani's left arm. The novel Castor's requested is in paperback and looks too well-loved and worn to be something out of the Kharon's communal library. He turns slightly to show it to the watching Marine at the doorway before sliding it into the cell. "Men shouldn't be shut up without books," he comments, under his breath but with the same conviction some people use to talk about the death penalty. "It's barbaric."

Leda looks at the book and then back to Roubani and then says with deep appreciation, "Really, thank you." He then looks at the book both the front and back cover. He then says, "And this is war and right now I'm a prisoner during war time so I think the same rules apply here. Were this a civilian situation I'd probably have books." He then says, "Now, a cigar did happen to make it my way and so a cigar that has been smoked and a book to read. I guess this place isn't totally barbaric." He looks up from scanning the book to say, "And when I get out I'll make sure to get this back to you."

Roubani makes a one-shoulder shrug that says he could care less about said rules, when the civility of books are concerned. The young JG nods to the rest of what's said after that. "Is there anything else you might wish?" He murmurs, quietly. "They will not allow wall decor, I'm afraid. There is only room for one thing in here that's been framed."

"No, I think I'd like this book." He says, "Ever see the musical version of this? It opens in a prison." Wait, did Leda just say he has been to a musical. He then looks at the other books, "For now I think I will stick with this book. I mean if you are going to read it should be one book at a time so that you can really get into and remember it." He then lets off a laugh, "Well, I'm sorry to hear that only one framed thing can be in here at a time." A smile creeps across his face from that joke as he says, "And congratulations are in order, Lieutenant. So, congratulations."

Roubani doesn't smile back, the humour having been quite dry. The Marine at the door probably heard it, from the way he looks at the back of Roubani's head and then back off into space. Roubani gives Castor a slight nod at the congrats, his eyes briefly flickering down. "Thank you." Aaaand moving on. "I have never seen the production onstage," he answers quietly. "But I have heard the music."

"Well, I believe the book is different from the stage production but it opens in a prison where two men have been arrested for telling a story. They have told the story of Don Quijote and it has stirred the public up against the crown. Anyway, the production cuts between storyteller and his friend and the story of Don Quijote." He then says, "If I remember right from college this book is a sort of proto-novel." He then says, "And the music is nice. I always liked the one about Dulsinaya."

Roubani listens to the tale of the musical, expression saying nothing of his opinion as to whether he might be fond of such things or tempted to pull his hair out at the mention. There's a slight nod again. "You seem the type to have a thing for ballads."

Castor thinks about that one for a moment, "I guess so. It is an Aquarian thing. We like sad songs and stories and so the two go together." He then shrugs, "Anyway, I'd like to read the story version since in its own way the musical is about believing in something and going for it regardless of what others tell you. It is also a book about accepting someone for who they really are but maybe I'm just reading into things to much."

"I'm not entirely certain I agree," Roubani says, quietly and with some caution. "But. Given the emphasis on a theme of the world being remade and reinterpreted…it would be a tragedy to declare any opinion 'wrong'."

Leda considers what Roubani says in pleasent tones, "Well, it is a book and there are many ways to look at things so I wouldn't say your opinion is wrong but I'd love to hear your take on the musical." While he isn't an academic he does seem to have a soft spot for stories then again most Aquarians do.

"The chances of being able to see it these days are not very high," Roubani understates quietly, then clears his throat. "Red berthings are open again," he informs Castor then, apropos of nothing.

"That is good to know." He says, "A lot of people are angry at me because they are blaming me for the berthings being closed." He says, "I get why, but, since I didn't put the bomb in my locker it can be a bit much to take sometime." He then considers not being able to see Don Quijote live and he says, "Well, I believe there was a movie version filmed. You might be able to find it in the library?" He offers as if to help, "I've hit up the movie section a lot and I think I saw it in there."

"I will look," Roubani says, more to reassure Castor than anything else. The neglected two books in his arms are carefully shifted, the way some people cradle their children on their hip, his fingers folded around the spines. "I am sure they will, as they say, get over it," he murmurs. His eyes have shifted to watch Damon's cell for a few seconds. When they come back to Castor he goes on with a soft exhale. "They are just concerned. A criminal still free is probably a repeat criminal."

Leda looks at Damon's cell for a moment and if anything his time in the brig has softened him up on judging others quickly and so he says, "Well, maybe, people can change or maybe they aren't as bad as we make them out to be." He then adds, "Though yeah, Damon is a tough guy, I think he scares some of the Marines standing guard." He shakes his head, "Then again, this brig is full of people who don't deserve to be here."

That makes the corner of Roubani's mouth quirk. "Did you think I was talking about Mr. Cavalera?"

Castor looks at Roubani for a moment, "Wait, you were talking about me?" He begins to think about it and he says, "Man, it might not be worth getting out of here if I'm going to be treated like a criminal once I get out of here." He then says, "And yeah, I've gotten a few angry visits and if it is an indication then life will be rough once I get out of here."

Roubani tilts his head, the same half-smile still on his face. It's a curious expression. "Was I talking about you, either?"

Leda looks at Roubani for a moment and says, "Touche, Poet, touche." He says as he still begins to think about what will happen when he gets out of here. "Anyway, have you ever read a book about a girl who falls into a rabbit hole and gets chased around by cards?" He asks attempting to change the subject.

"Yes." Roubani allows the subject change for the time being, saying no more so that Castor can guide it.

Castor says, "That is another one I would like to read. I haven't gotten around to it but I suppose I should." He says venturing into a conversational topic that he almost never brings up. "I saw the movie version of it and I thought it was all so bizzare. I mean, I'd like to read it just to figure out what it is all about." He takes a second to scratch his forhead, "I mean I've read a lot of books about folk lore and folk stories but this seems like a novel that smashes a lot of folk stories together and then gets them high off of drugs.""

"I don't believe the library carries it," Roubani muses under his breath. "It's not exactly the most well-equipped literary magnet. And most people don't carry classics around just for the fun of it." He gently scratches the tip of his nose with his pinky, then refolds his arms over the book. The gesture seems to draw a line between that line of conversation and this one. "People treat us like we allow them to treat us. Do you know what I mean?"

"Well, I'll take your word on it." He then leans in, "But between you and me, I like the classics." He then says with a bit of gallows humor, "And for right now, this may be the best library in the universe." He then watches Roubani scratch his nose and move and how he folds his arm over his books and so he says, "I think I know what you mean, but go on, so I can make sure."

Roubani raises his chin slightly so he can scratch his thumb along the side of his jaw. "I said something about criminals a few minutes ago. About people's reaction to them. Do you remember what you did?"

Castor muses for a moment as he tries to remember and he says, "I went to saying that maybe people change or that they weren't so bad." If Castor is making the connection he isn't saying anything about it but he does say, "And?" Yup, he isn't getting the connection.

Roubani shakes his head slightly. His tone isn't accusatory, just explaining. "No. You associated. First you assumed I was referring to Cavalera, even though I hadn't mentioned him. Then with neither my confirm nor denial of that, you began thinking I was talking about you. Now why would you do that?"

Leda studies Roubani and after a few seconds of silence he begins to speak, "Well, I saw you looking at Damon's cell which was why I assumed you were referring to him. Then when it wasn't Damon I figured it had to be me because we are the only two in the brig right now." He then takes his left hand to pinch the bridge of his nose slightly as he closes his eyes, "So, I suppose I was attempting to get a feel for the conversation and what you really meant."

Roubani smiles slightly. The expression twitches on and back off the side of his mouth. "No…you had already decided what I meant. But tell me, did you do the things you're in here for?"

Castor looks at Roubani and doesn't even hestitate to say. "No. I would never intentionally harm another pilot." He shakes his head, "And now there are people that will think I did place a bomb in my locker. Hell, even when I'm proven innocent people probably won't believe me." He then takes a breath, pull it together Leda. The funny thing is his story has never changed, not once has he buckled or budged from saying he is innocent.

"Then don't behave like it," Roubani says, quietly but pointedly. "Where is the criminal that did the things you're accused of?"

"Wait, what do you mean? I'm not acting like a criminal?" He pauses and then says, "Wait, am I?" he looks a bit confused for a moment before he looks back at Roubani, "Either dead if it is the Marine XO or still walking around here free as a bird." He frowns at the thought of someone trying to bring more harm to the crew but what can he do since he is stuck in here.

"And /that's/ who I was talking about," Roubani says, his voice keeping the same gentle but quite intense tone. "A criminal still free." He exhales softly though his nose. "Not you. But you let me make you into a guilty man with your assumptions. It is a good thing I'm not a prosecutor, Lieutenant, or I would have had a field day. That's all I mean." A very slight smile, very slight indeed. "Don't let anyone treat you as something you aren't."

Castor takes a moment to think about all of this because Roubani just dazzled Leda with logic. "Well…" he says softly, "I suppose you are right." He chuckles softly, "And yeah, I am lucky that you aren't a prosecutor because I would be screwed." He then says, "And I won't let anyone treat me like I'm guilty from now on." He then gives a small nod and a, "Thank you, again, Lieutenant. I'll keep your advice in mind if they interogate me again." He says, "Which I hope won't be any time soon."

"I would hope not either, but perhaps it would speed the process," Roubani's lips thin slightly in thought. "There are just so many questions…some of them much older than you that now I begin to wonder if it all comes together." Cryptic, maybe, but he offers no explanation. "Anyway, el-Tee. I have to drop off some paperwork."

Leda looks at Roubani for a moment and then he says, "And yeah, maybe it will get me out of here quicker. I just wish I knew the status of the investigation." He then offers a small smile, "And thanks for the book. I will make sure you get it back safely."

Roubani nods once to the older man. "Take your time." And with that he's out, back off to the land of paperwork…for now.

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