Three Hour Tour Wooded Crash Site
Three Hour Tour - Wooded Crash Site
Summary: Military meets up with the Resistance… and centurions!
Date: PH071 (28 June 2009)
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Scorpia, Woodland Clearing

IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #71
OOC Time: Sun Jun 28 20:19:15 2009

The natural landscape gives way to a quiet little glade in the shadowy existance of the tall tree branches. Untrampled by the outside world, the grass grows tall and wild in the warmer months, a great spot to picnic or try and spy wildlife. During the day, sunlight pools in the center of the glade, but the fringes of the clearing get filtered by the stretching boughs of the surrounding foliage. Civilization is forgotten here, the only sound is the quiet hush of nature.

The crash site is still foggy, leaving the raptor at the end of an impressive track of cracked off saplings and a dinged tree or two. It's looking pretty rough out here. A certain raptor pilot is not getting back her security deposit. You know, if the Colonial Navy had… those.

The jacked up raptor is parked against an impressive tree trunk, the damaged aspen waving slightly in the breeze. Wouldn't you know it, the fog might start to clear AFTER the crash down.

You always send the prettiest off the ship first, Ashe pops the Hatch and exits out of the Raptor, his rifle up as he moves and takes himself out about ten yards from the Raptor, sweeping the area before calling over his shoulder. "Clear."

Nine pokes her head out to peer, but doesn't jump down until she gets the signal from the marines, going off to a good distance, herself, in case the Raptor decides it feels like blowing up. She spins around, looking frantically through the trees for signs of… anything, then looks back to the Raptor, trying to size up the damage.

The jacked up raptor is parked against an impressive tree trunk, the damaged aspen waving slightly in the breeze. Wouldn't you know it, the fog might start to clear AFTER the crash down.'

George almost falls out on the heels of a marine or two. She's not really clear on who's who at this point. Mostly because she has to go away, wandering away about four paces before she has to stop to hark up whatever she had to breakfast. Blarrgh. She drops her stuff nearby.

Dutch is looking back towards Ashe, as his rifle is kept at the ready. And yes his safety is clicked off, as he moves in formation with the others. Keeping behind Swift who has point, the Corpsman is keeping eyes peeled.

Thea slips off the Raptor just behind Dutch, rubbing her forehead slightly. Her weapon is out and ready - but she's sticking close to her pet Marine. He's bigger than she is.

Levesque is second off, securing the rear of the area after he's punched out to a grouping of trees that provides him with limited cover.

McTiernan waits until everyone is off the bird before she hops out, rifle coming up to pan left and right. Glancing to Legs, she asks. "You get a last position on those that went down?"

Nine suddenly realizes that the orders she's waiting for? Aren't going to be coming. She is, in fact, the highest ranking engineer in the group, and the only member of the deck crew is busy tossing her cookies. So she unlatches her kit from her back and begins to cautiously approach the vehicle in order to assess the extent of the damage and see about applying some basic damage control. Like maybe saving some of the leaking fuel.

From the direction of the nature trail comes a series of footsteps that are too light to be Cylon. From the tree line, the black-skinned and dreadlocked face of a man wearing a police officer's uniform can be seen. Carrying an assault rifle and kneeling at the clearing to take a look at the wreckage, he stops to be cautious, scanning the perimeter first.

Cookie glances up from a bruised lip from an unfortunate incident, unfolds a small topographical map, and she points with a gloved finger. "Here abouts. Near Paros. Cubits to donuts they went down near somewhere with a pool." Cookie likes pools, and is trying to keep it a bit light. "It's a couple days hike, and right through a hot zone, if we take the direct route."

George, poor George. She finishes up heaving her guts out, and her mechanical inclination kicks in. She sort of staggers back toward the raptor as Nine sees to the fuel. Her hands shake as she wipes her mouth, and stomps over that way.

There is careful movement and then there is heavy deliberate moving, a dog barks as well, a mutt of a dog that follows the form of a young man who appears to be running toward the downed ship with wreckless abandon. Dell speaks to his dog, Nemo, as he says, "Come on girl, we gotta find survivors, I'm sure the rest of the military will be interested in this, I mean, it isn't every day a Raptor drops from the sky." His words are followed by a series of barks from the big mutt of a dog.

Thea nods to Cookie, offering a small smile. "I don't know where Spider went down," she says quietly. "I…" Ahhh, gotta love a dog barking. Thea's sidearm is cocked and ready, pointed in the direction of the sound.

It's a healthy distance behind Damon that Dmitri's following, with Alyssa in tow; keeping low and moving carefully and quietly, keeping to cover as best he can. After all, there's no telling what sort of situation they're heading into. "Just keep quiet," he murmurs softly, "Try not to step on any sticks."

Ashe is at the front of the Raptor squad, sweeping around with his rifle and then speaking over his shoulder. "What about us? Did we come down near any hot zones?" The question is referred it seems to whatever person might be able to answer it.

Alyssa nods but otherwise stays silent behind Dmitri.

A bird-like Cyrus is among the recently arrived folks, a bolt-action rifle in his hands but pointed upwards, and a large backpack slung upon his back, glancing about warily and his slightly dirt-marred features crinkling in slight disbelief.

Dutch looks back towards Ashe for a moment as he is keeping his eyes on the LZ, and his gun still kept at the ready. Though anyone who can actually see Dutch will be able to pick out the tell tale Corpsman sign on his helmet.. "Frak if I know..don't know exactly where we are, besides, Scorpia.."

Damon nods, looking back to Alyssa and Dmitri, but then the dog barks. Tilting his head to give Cerberus a look, he extends his hand, palm forward to the soldiers and creeps out of the clearing. "Friendlies." He says in a medium tone, not wanting to shout it out. He's not wearing armor, but he is carrying an assault rifle. He reveals himself to the downed team. "Don't shoot, guys…don't shoot."

"If I can get a map with maybe some idea of our bearings, I can help out. As long as we're in the north… somewhere close to home." The sound of a dog makes Levesque more alert. He lifts his heavy assault rifle to aquire a sight picture where he's looking. "Halt!" He calls out. The weapon gets shifted back into his shoulder, and he flicks the sighting on his 40mm grenade launcher open.

And there he is, out from the trees, one Dell and Nemo, man and dog. He stops to look at the Viper and its inhabitants, judging by the looks of him he has been camping or hunting, possibly both, there is a high powered deer rifle over his shoulder. As he stops running Nemo goes silent, it would appear the dog has been well trained. Dell then stops and says, "Is everyone alright, I was heading home when I saw your ship fall out of the sky." It would appear that this one knows nothing about the Cylon invasion, his tones seem to be purely concerned on a civilian level as if nothing ever happened.

At the glance back, Dmitri raises a hand as if to say 'hey, my dog is back at the resort'. Which means that somebody else has a dog! Hey, that's at least two animals still alive in the wilderness that aren't sources of food. At least Cerberus isn't. "Friendlies," he murmurs dubiously, hunkering down a bit in the underbrush to see if Damon gets shot.

"Hold your fire, Pete," McT growls out low to the Marine. "Get everyone away from the raptor, Swift in case she blows. Move it," The orders that come are given like she doesn't expect them to be ignored. When the civvies come out of the treeline, she calls out, "Get back now! This boat ight fireball on us!"

Dutch Blinks as one man shows with a gun, and yeah, that is where he is turning his rifle to aim and focus on Damon, that is till Dell pops out of the bush like a gods damned ninja "Shit. Halt!" comes the Sergeant's bark. Yes, gun is now aimed at Dell. and his Dog.

Alyssa risks a glance around. "Friendlies," she hisses back at Dmitri, "and someone else. Keep an eye open. Let's move, they might be hurt."

Hearing orders, Swift nods towards McT and motions towards the non-Marines that are with the crew. "Let's go folks, let's head up to that wood perimeter where the folks are creepin' from, it's got a bit of height and shelter. " He begins to make his own way in that direction, a wary eye on the people popping from the woods as he moves rifle still up.

Nine looks back from the place where she's crouched by the Raptor, "It's alright from here," she tells them, as loudly as her voice will carry, "Just nobody… light… anything. Ever."

Cyrus is a little cold-blooded but not exactly a hand at this. He follows along behind Damon and Dmitri, et al. "Well, I'll be. They don't look like gangs. Or metal." Duh, Captain Obvious.

Damon blinks, seeing Cerberus didn't follow on his own, damn that is one good dog. However that is when Damon notices Dell and this other dog. Rifle pointed at the ground and on a lanyard, Damon holds up his other hand in a surrenduring posture. "Hey any of you hurt? We're friendlies, don't shoot man, I'm a cop. Picked a hell of a place to drop that frakking thing down on, man, good and bad. Be cool, just be cool."

Thea's no dummy. She slides in near Dutch, covering the medic. Let the trained professional do the other guarding, she's going to guard the man who can patch her back up. For now, though, she gets down and out of the way.

George finally snaps out of it and heads back into the raptor real quick to yank the data drive before anything else untoward happens. Like exploding or what have you. Nine will surely yell if it happens, right? If there's imminent danger, right? George busts out the battery powered screwdriver. Whhhrrrrrr.

"Everyone, shut up if you're just talking for talking's sake. Officer, give us a hand getting them quiet, please." Levesque aims this at the group of civilians and then Damon, still in the prone. He keys the safety back on to his grenade launcher, flipping the sight back down. He doesn't move for now. "Just get down, and quiet down, people. When we're ready to leave we'll tell you."

Dell puts his hands up, "Uh, I don't mean any harm, I was just hunting when I saw your ship hit the ground." He isn't sure what is going on but he hasn't had a gun pointed at him before. He then looks at Damon for a moment and it is a long glance, a studied glance, and then a moment later he turns his head back to the man with the gun, "What the man in the uniform said." He says, "I'm here to help but if you military types have things together I'll back off and go home." He looks a little scared, that is a big damn gun after all.

Nine looks at George as she goes back in, "Can you— get— the other kit full of supplies, while you're in there?" Those will be helpful to have. Her eyes widen as she opens uup her own kit to pull a basic temporary sealant unit to keep the fuel from further leakage, just now, and also to lower the risk of an explosion. The new people all showing up at once and making a fuss give her a headache, and she turns her head, looking off into some empty woods instead as she works.

Cyrus is normally a talker, but he's going to take a back seat here. He simply holds up his hands and smiles with mock-graciousness.

Damon's dreadlocked head turns around to look at Dell, Dmitri and Alyssa. Putting his chocolate colored finger to his lips to motion for them to be quiet, he crouches down to take a knee. The marines want to be quiet, it's probably for the best, and he tries to urge everyone to breathe quietly and remain silent. His voice turns into a loud whisper. "Stay down…shit…" He suddenly whips his rifle up at a part of the tree line, flipping off the safety. "Cylons!" He says urgently.

McTiernan's voice calls out, Marine training allowing it to carry easily over the gathered. "INCOMING.. from the south. Take cover. Marines, get your asses up here now and get the frak away from that raptor. One wild shot and we all frakked!" She's moving as she speaks, ducking forward away from the raptor and down behind a fallen tree. She doesn't watch to see if the others lisen frankly because she /expects/ them to listen.

Well, Cyrus always wondered what Cylons looked like. It's an absolute -joy- to get exactly what you want in life. He's also not exactly anything resembling a commando. He knows how to at least fire a rifle without blowing his own foot off but for now he drops to the ground, following Damon's lead, with questionable success.

Not listening to McTiernan is not an option. Thea takes herself off to cover, fast, weapon braced and ready toward the south. She's a touch slower than she might otherwise be - she'd been looking to the north.

Dutch turns his head, and then without a word, the Medic is hoofing it to the position that McTiernan has pointed out, hurrying to get into some cover, and yes, the medic will be pulling those frakking pilots with him. "Get the frak down.." He grunts as he is sliding down, and pulling his weapon up. It ain't bad cover..but there could be more of it. Some rocks, and a bit of a bent tree from the crash.. And yes they are far from the raptor..hopefully.

"Well, Ares frak me sideways with a ten foot pole," Anthem drawls as he steps into the clearing, an SMI-80 in hands, "someone finally called in the Colonial frakkin' marines." Only then does he catch the shout of Cylons as he prepares to shout something. He looks over his shoulder. "Hide!" He moves to take cover in some of the trees, scanning for hostiles.

Hearing the call of incoming, Ashe looks up and grumbles, moving to find himself a good position that will provide a bit of cover as he checks over his rifle and preps up. Pulling himself into a spot, he brings the rifle up to shoulder and aims south, waiting and watching.

"Seen sir!" Levesque is up in a heartbeat, the short marine sprinting from his position at the six o'clock to move towards the south. He jukes and weaves around obstacles, trying to flick up his 40mm's sights again without much success. Once he hits the dirt, though, near a small berm that gives him a modicum of cover, he gets his rifle into position to fire off some explosive-y goodness.

A few eagle eyed humans will note the flash of light off of the chromed, shiny bodies of at least 2 centurions approaching at a run through the trees. It seems there was a small patrol nearby, and the unfortunate crashing has brought the Colonials to their attention. ETA 1 minute, moving in fast. There's not a lot of time to prepare.

George, still in the raptor pulling out the cube o' data, is slow to hear that call. She almost drops her tools, then yanks the sucker out, fumbles a little, grabs the kit, and almost launches herself out the hatch and onto the wing of the raptor again. She slides a little, skids off the side, and dives for cover. Which… is a tree. Hardly awesome, especially since her ass sticks out one side.

Dell keeps his hands up however as he hears the word Cylons he starts to laugh slightly, "Wait, am I on camera, is this that show where you play tricks on people. No one has seen a cylon in ages." he chuckles, "I mean seriously, that is funny." However as people begin to get serious the amused look on his face disappears, "Oh, wait, you are serious?" He then moves to take a good position as he gets his powerful deer rifle ready, he begins to look around and he whispers to Nemo, "Stay down girl, find cover." And just like the Nemo does exactly what Dell says as she finds cover. "I thought the Cylons were long gone." He says with a bit of confusion.

Nine's heart jumps into her throat at the first glint of metal in the woods, and she barely finishes applying the patch before she stands, open-mouthed, riveted to the spot in fascination. Hollered at to scram, she stumbles numb-footed away from the Raptor and into the trees, looking with a sort of panic at everyone drawing guns.

Moving back to behind a tree, Damon keeps his assault rifle trained on the incoming Cylons. Hearing Anthem nearby, he smiles quietly. "Chances just got better man. We got our bags packed? This place is now officially busted." Damon, known to all in the group as Frank Dobrin, lines up a target. He has a backpack on his shoulders, already prepared for the move.

Alyssa moves out towards the downed Raptor, reaching into her bag to get her supplies ready, only to freeze when everyone starts saying the C word.

At the call of 'cylons' there's an oath sworn under Dmitri's breath. Really, he hates it when he's right. The rifle starts to lift upwards as he shifts into the cover of the underbrush— and then there's Alyssa, heading towards the marines and the downed craft. Frak. Damn doctors and their humanitarian urges. He pushes up from his crouch, and takes a few quick running steps to tackle the woman down, hissing sharply against her ear, "Stay down before you get yourself killed, woman!"

"Heh." For some reason, Cyrus is smirking here. It looks, though, like a sort of half-mad, resigned smirk. Much like the day he showed up at the Resort, a scant few days ago, he seems close to cracking. He's going through the motions, though, trying to find a way to aim his rifle somewhere in the direction of his new Shiny Metal Friends.

Anthem continues his scan of the horizon, catching a glimpse of metal and trying to zero in on it.

Daphne is carrying one more of the survival packs, having finally swallowed it up, gotten over herself (for the moment) and delved out behind Anthem to the crash sight. No sounds of firing, running, or warnings were heard so far. Probably it means that they are friendlies…or all dead. Either way, Daphne's conscience couldn't let her stay behind much longer… so she follows with Anthem, towards the crash site, keeping close to the Marine as she picks her way through grass, trying not to get shoes too dirty or dare trip to further rough up her pristine, white, modified sleeveless suit. She swears, very faintly, as the echoing sounds of something going down begin to reach in their direction.

Nine finds a tree and rests her hands on it, then clambors up a short way, staring in amazement. "Ohmygod," she murmurs to herself. Dionysus, of course, she means. They're even more beautiful than she ever thought.

Dell takes a moment to aim his shot, it would appear that the man knows what he is doing as he raises his rifle and gently squeezes off a round that hits the shoulder of one of the Centurions. He says, "These are different from the kind of cylons I saw in the textbooks." He takes a moment to look back at Nemo who is still hiding behind cover before he lifts his rifle again to take another shot.

McTiernan has settled in low behind the tree trunk before her as each side begin to trade fire. "Medic!" she calls out sharply, "Call out it.. Dutch, get on it but keep your ass down cause I'll be really ticked off if you get yourself dead!"

"Holy Gods!" Levesque exclaims as he comes under withering machine gun fire. He ducks his head behind the berm, which absorbs the bullets sent down range at him. His own bullets knock the second Centurion right in the hand, the others not doing a whole lot. This time, he takes greater aim with the shot and pops one off.

Legacy takes a shot to the chest, right in the flightsuit, too. It's enough to smack her back against a tree trunk. But she still continues to shoot, face twisting. "I'm hit," she says quietly, to anyone who's nearby and cares to know.

Lining up on the incoming Cylon, Damon knows how to handle a weapon. Despite the recoil, two of his shots connect with the genocidal creature from his position using a thick tree for cover. Grunting, a line of blood rips through the side of his abdomen as a grazing wound causes his officer's shirt to flare out and untuck itself. The area around them erupts in automatic weapons fire, but he's not moving until the marines call for escape. Angling a bit outwards to give Alyssa his cover, he continues to fire. "Stay down, girl…stay down…" He says to Alyssa.

"Suppression fire." Ashe calls out towards anyone listening while he ducks beneath his cover for a moment before coming up and starting to lay down some more fire at the Centurions.

Anthem takes a deep breath, steadying his aim before gently squeezing his trigger. Three shells falls to the ground as he looks back a second time. "Daphne. Stay *low*. And preferably behind something. Be ready to run if tell you to, okay?"

"Frak that." Alyssa swears as she pushes Dmitri off of her. Pulling a bandage from her bag, she takes a look at Damon's wound, but it isn't bad. As she starts binding it, she mutters to him. "Be a dear and keep them off me while I keep you from bleeding to death, eh?"

Daphne's eyes go wide as, strangely, the war suddenly gets very, very real. Not that it wasn't real before but this is an entirely different level. Up close, personal, live fire on people she knows in a place too close to her new 'home'. Daphne gasps, hitting the ground, though she keeps the pack between her and the dirty, dirty forest floor. She just gets down, head styaing tucked, getting behind a tree. She nods nervously to Anthem. "…following your lead, Gunny…" She whisper breathes out.

"Luck ain't no lady indeed." Cyrus mutters to himself as he pops out of cover and, well, his hit does -something-. It's a little harder than shooting range fun times. To say the least. "Right in your shiny metal A…"

As the hail of bullets tears just past Dmitri's head, he pushes himself up to one knee once he's been shoved off Alyssa; bringing up the hunting rifle in his hands, chambering a round and bringing the weapon up with a low growl under his breath towards the cylon he's been tracking visually. "Frakkin' toasters," he growls under his breath, snapping off a single shot, "Frakkin' doctors. Frakkin' people."

Nine's wonder fades and is replaced by an ever-waxing wrenching at her heart as people keep shooting at one another. Why are they shooting at one another? She looks down toward Captain Legacy, her face twisted in pain, and she drops down into a crouch at the base of the tree, trying to crawl along the ground to the Captain and help draw her back into the wood. "Make them stop shooting," she tells the Captain insistantly, "Tell them to stop…"

He quickly opens fire when the third tin can shows his ugly face, however it seems his bullets are a helpful as flies on shit. They just bounce off the Centurion's metal hide. A large bit of fire catches his attention as one round slams home in his arm, and there's a turn there over to where Legacy is. "I'm fine!" barked out towards McT "Give me covering fire!" Own hand goes to Legacy's shoulder to pin her back "Hold still and let me see your wound.." there's a look to the in coming snipe "Frakking shit! Shoot at something.., I need covering fire gods damnit."

After spending the first round of bullet flying on the ground, George's hand comes up, shaking, with her sidearm, which she seems to hand found in her kit somewheres. The woman's sparkly nails wink lightly in the light, and she peers around the edge of her tree, takes aim, and tries her very best to stay alive. Chips of tree bark rattled off by bursts of fire are showered down into her red and blonde hair.

The large shiny Centurions advance, their machine gunner arms whirring as they fire full auto, unloading on the humans near the raptor. Somehow, their bullets haven't thudded into the ship… yet.

A deer rifle is takes careful aim as the Centuions approach, with pinpoint precision Dell manages to hit one of the Centurions in the head, of course the arm blocks a lot of the damage but it is a good solid hit. As other shoot at the same Centurion Dell switches targets, he has never been in combat before and this is a sudden jolt for a farmers boy to suddenly take on with all the bullets and the screaming. Near by Nemo whimpers slightly as she watches Dell closely.

Bullets, bullets everywhere. Even the tree in front of Damon and Alyssa suffers a loud shuddering hit and a spray of splintered wood, but aside from that, they're allright. Baring the side of his muscular abdomen to Alyssa so that she can bandage him, Damon aims from the Centurion's face and directs his attacks there, hoping to throw off his aim, and it looks like it worked. Leaning forward over Alyssa, he's practically crouched over her trying to keep her behind the cover as he fights. Lining up, he continues to suppress the Cylons, just like the Marine asked.

Luck IS a lady. Oh my. Aurora smiles on Cyrus as he pops out of cover and rolls onto the ground managing his panic and manages to knock another round into that Centurion he was attacking. Which Anthem and various others help put into the ground. Still, it dawns on him that -he- is drawing fire. "Shooting at me? Frak you. FRAK YOU and whatever shitball factory you were spawned from. I'm gonna rip off your skull and shit on whatever defective logic core you call a brain. And then I'm going to dig up whatever defective lawn mower you call a mother, you scumbag toaster son of a…" No, he's not in any way professional, Cyrus. Just lucky.

Ashe pops up a bit to square himself and fires off a burst of fire towards the Centurion, plunking it heavily and in turn he feels two bullets strike him, one against his chest knocking the wind out of him and the other skirting into his abdomen. Staggering back, he drops to a knee to regather before raising the assault rifle once more and shifting targets as the first metal turns into swiss-cheese metal.

"Keep it that way, Dutch," McT calls out as she drops down behind her cover for a quick moment then she's back up and panning for her target. Once it's acquired, she tracks on and prepares to fire.

Thea misses. Who's surprised? She just took a bullet to the chest. But she holds still for Dutch and Nine, teeth gritting. "Specialist," she says quietly. "They're trying to kill us. When they're down, we'll talk. Now either get the frak down or I will put you frakking down myself." Then, because it's polite, she says "Thank you" to both Dutch and Nine.

Alyssa ducks as a hail of fire from one of the Centurions flies in their direction. "That was too close," she mutters to Damon as she looks around… all near her seem to be ok, at least for the moment. "Let's see if we can give them something else to think about, eh?" she whispers to Damon as she lays down suppressing fire with her pistol.

The shot's center mass, but just deflects off the heavy armor of the merciless robot. Dmitri swears under his breath, ducking a bit as another hail of bullets slams into the tree he's using for cover, and he brings his rifle up again, taking another shot.

"Stay down." is Dutch's reply after her flight suit has been pulled open, a quick assessment of the wound, and he is bandaging the woman up,, and passing supplies back to Nine as she pitches in. "gods damnit people.." And the Sergeant is propping himself back up, that gun raised. He'll worry about his arm when the Centurion he is firing off at frakking bites it like their tin can brethren.

Once Anthem takes the time to look back, the Centurion he was firing at is down. He quickly shifts the muzzle of his rifle towards the next one. "Hah. Frakkers must not have updating their targeting programs since the last war," he grunts as he squeezes off another burst.

"Covering, covering!" Levesque yells out. His thumb flicks the fire selector to automatic, and with speed, he let's off a trio of quick bursts, pausing only to reset his point of aim, though not particularly effectively. He knuckles grip tightly on the foregrip of his assault rifle.

Daphne yelps, just the slightest, keeping her head down and buried against the clean fabric of the back pack she was carrying. She remains hidden half behind a tree, hidden in that ditch, trying not to quake at the sheer -dirt- all around her and the sound of gunfire but feet away. "Oh gods, oh gods…" She whispers over and over, in a silent prayer as she listens for Anthem's orders.

The hale of righteous fury unleashed by the combined effort of the Colonials, the first Centurion that popped out of the foliage, like a rabidly hungry trick-or-treater after ya chocolate balls, is assaulted with so many bullets it just ceases to function, and drops like panties on prom night, except with more sparks and stuff.

George, who forgot to take off her safety, now does so, and tries that shooting thing again. She squeezes her eyes shut, though.

Nine stares darkly at the Marine who yells at her about her gun, forgotten as it's been in all of this. Fortunately, now she's getting handed medical equipment to keep her hands busy, and she keeps pressure on the Captain's wound, turning her head to look straight at the Centurions. "Let's… move…" she tries to suggest, feebly.

Ashe quickly ducks down in order to avoid the machine gun fire that comes flying his way. As the next Centurion gets taken out, the Marine springs up again and begins to move forward towards the remaining Cent to get better position, firing off another burst towards the walking appliance.

"Frakkin' armored pieces of junk," Dmitri swears under his breath as yet another shot is deflected by the centurion's armor; turning his weapon to the surviving cylon, he snaps off another bullet, "C'mon, go down you piece of—"

Agan, Dell aims another shot, this one to the chest as he attempts to do his best to take down another Centurion. He keeps his head together, he has been shooting at things before, but the part where they shoot him back has him a bit on guard, litterly as every shot he has taken is from cover. It would appear that the Farmers boy isn't useless in a skirmish.

Levesque's trio of bursts didn't seem to do much other than piss the Centurion off and knock it in the hand. Of course, a bullet went and hit its head, but it pinged off the armour. Grunting and growling to himself, the soldier re-calibrates his point of aim and takes a single three round burst this time, aimed at the same target. "Frakking DIE already!" He yells.

"Suck on THAT one you piece of shit. Shoot at -me-? Hey, Drone-one-eight-seven-one, do you know what TEABAGGING is?" Cyrus is probably thanking that tattoo of Aurora right now. As he pops out again, the unfortunate Centurion who took aim at him a moment ago now eats a hail of combined fury and oh, *boom* headshot. It takes more than this to take the thing down, though. His nerd rage will be insufferable if he survives this. This being the case, he starts to take aim at the reamining Cylon.

"It's gonna be okay, Miss Graystone, it's all gonna be just okay. The Cylons are droppin'," Anthem says softly, shifting his aim a third time and firing. "Just stay low, and you'll be fine." It's a singsong, almost as though he's talking to a little child.

There's something to be said for military discipline. Thea's got it. She's not running, she's not cussing the Cylons, she's simply shooting, gritting her teeth against the pain. "Petty Officer," she growls quietly. "Get. Down." No, she's not kidding.

There's a grunt from Damon over the firefight, close enough for Alyssa to heal. He's unbearably lucky to have survived that last volley, the tree in front of them shredded. Another chunk out of the left side of his abdomen is ripped away in a graze, causing him to bleed down the side of his torso. Blood dripping on Alyssa, Damon starts to sweat. Seems he's been shot before. His stance faltering a little bit, he leans against the tree for support. "I'm hit again, frak it, just keep firin' pretty lady, just keep firin…."

Daphne nods shakily to Anthem, still pressed in the back pack, hidden and low, but she dares to look up, gray eyes staring him over and ensuring the man is not injured either. As he has remained unhit and the shots don't seem to be coming in their direction, she almost stops panicing, even if there is still a tremble to her hands and shoulders, "I know, I know…" she shakily whispers to him.

McTiernan's target remains locked on as she shifts against the log she's using as partial cover. She does a quick ammo check before she leans in again to open fire. "Sit rep, Dutch!" she calls out, needing to know the count so she knows how quickly they'll be able to move when they need too.

Nine is already down. And now… more or less stunned. It's not that she's never been stuck through with a piece of metal before, but— this is a little different. Her pressure on Legacy's wound goes lax as she continues to stare more or less impassively at the Centurion. She's all right. A little sad. But all right.

"Frakking Toasters, putting frakking holes in my frakking people…" Glaring at Damon, Alyssa moves in close with another bandage. "Shut up and let me treat you, would you? Just drop the damn thing before it sends anymore rounds this way, would you please?"

There's small smile of Sastisfaction as the Marine puts down that Same bastard he started on. But as he falls The sounds of incoming fire has Dutch, ducking down instinctively, before he's turning his head over towards Nine "Shit." called out "Covering fire!" as it seems Dutch again needs to see to one of them navy types And yes, Dutch is going to be Yanking said Petty Officer to the ground, so he can see to her wound. "I got a wounded kid, keep those toasters off me!"

And note. It probably went to Cyrus' head a little bit. He might be stupid. But he's taking aim.

The skies, in case anyone's been wondering, are eerily still. No flybys by Colonials or Cylon Raiders. It's as if those that fell to the earthen surface of Scorpia have fallen into a misty time capsule, free from the influence of — no, wait. Centurions trying to shoot faces off totally counts as influence. Carry on.

Crewman George Nikolai clutches her pistol in one hand, and her battery powered screwdriver in the other. The data drive sits at her feet with her pack and one of the two kits from inside the raptor. She, and all her stuff, is liberally peppered with tree bits, sap, and various other things like probably some ants or bits of any bugs that were in those trees. Bark shaving projectile bullets, ftw!

"Changing mags, changing mags!" Levesque yells out to the rest of his comrades, pulling himself fully behind the berm. He ejects his current mag, stuffs it in the dump pouch on his left and replaces it with a click. A quick jerk on the end of the magazine assures it's locked in place.

Dmitri sweeps the rifle across the landscape, but finds nothing particularly shootable in sight— well, there's a bunch of people, but he doesn't see a reason to shoot them. Yet. He lifts his head, voice rising sharply, "They'll be seein' reinforcements soon enough, folks. I think y'all had better grab your shit and move the hell out!"

McTiernan pushes to her feet as she begins to reload her weapon. "Marines, sound off. Status, now!" She steps over the fallen log, weapon up and panning to the south.

One in the left leg, and a bigger one in the right, Damon's assault rifle barks and bucks as Alyssa patches him up yet again. "I'm workin on it, bosslady…" Damon muses, gritting through the pain of having bits of skin ripped away by bullets. Adrenaline has taken over. The barrel of his assault rifle smoking, he waits for the all clear before he lowers it. By his count he should have 12 shots left, counting them out as he went. He breathes heavily, eyes serious, watching the tree line. "….we're going to have to run from this place." He looks down to Alyssa. "You all packed and ready to go?"

So far Dell has not been shot at but as bullets go zinging past him from Centurions he grimaces slightly, "Where the hell did these things come from? I thought they had all left years ago." He says to no one in general as he is to busy looking through his scope. He puts a bullet into the right leg of a centurion as he attempts to slow the thing down, "That's gotta hurt."

Ashe starts the process of reloading before glancing over towards where McTiernan is at. "Took one sir, I'll live." Straight enough of an answer from Ashe as he reaches a hand up to his chest and ducks it under his armor, pulling out a red hand but shrugs it away.

"Levesque, good sir, reloading!" Levesque chimes in again.

Ooh. One to the foot. Still, it's a hit, right? Cyrus took a risky shot and didn't do as much as one might think, but the combined effort of the Colonial forces brought the last metal beast down. Suddenly, he glances about as he stands, taking a deep breath, and then another. "Have fun lubing your lateral capacitors. IN HELL." He spits, and then lolls his head to one side, nodding at Anthem appreciately. "Nice shot, man. Nice." Flashing a truly -wolfish- grin, he stows his rifle after a moment and gets down, suddenly looking around to survey the area once again. "Apparently these are the ones that one guy was talking about. Or something. Looks like they had a systematic upgrade wave. I'm curious how they worked -that- one out."

Standing away from Damon, Alyssa looks towards the downed Raptor and the people around it. "They don't know where they're going. Follow me…" She says to those around her, and walks down towards the group, pistol holstered and bag raised. "Lt. Dr. Alyssa Odessyeon, Colonial Fleet. Who is your commanding officer?"

Anthem unzips his fanny pack, scooping out a new magazine and reloading his rifle. "Okay, Daphne, it's over. Let's go see what the Colonials have to say for themselves," he says with a grin before he trots down towards McTiernan. "Gunnery Sergeant Anthem Hollas, Colonial Marines. Gods above, it's good to see you all." That grin looks like it's threatening the integrity of his face. It might explode or something.

"Hold still.." murmured from Dutch as he takes time to open up the PO's shirt, so as he can clean the wound. A wince there, as he hurries to assess if the slug is in, or just passed clear through, if its in its not deep, so he is quickly applying the standard anti bio powder, and dressing the wound, taking time to bandage Nine up. "I've got two people with chest wounds here.. And I got tagged in my right frakking arm sir!" Dutch reports, before he is looking to his arm "Went clean through.." There's hope there. "If I could get a hand so I don't bleed out…"

Daphne carefully scoops herself up off the ground, pulling out some scrap fabric she's made into a kerchief from her pocket and dusting off every bit of dirt and pine needle from her suit and shoes she can quickly notice before she replaces the cloth and picks up the back pack, her slender form following after Anthem again, trying not to look like a stiff wind would knock her over or a terrified dear, but there is that feeling just behind her eyes and her heart is still galloping..

Nine finds herself watching the quiet of the sky, only marred by the bullets whizzing past her. It's not for a few more moments that she thinks to wonder why she's looking at the sky, squinting in some confusion at the marine on top of her, then anting her head somewhat further to eye the wound. "Okay," she whispers at the behest to stay still. "Where did they go?"

George opens an eye as a moment of relative silence falls in the wooded area. The hail of bullets, at least, seems to have stopped. Bits of tree have stopped raining down on the Crewman, so she gets to her feet, and peers, then steps out from behind her tree, which has definitely had better weeks. After she grabs her stuff. Pack goes on the back, screw driver is shoved into a pocket, the data drive in one hand, and one of the two kids goes in the other.

The Centurions, meanwhile, do that nonfunctional pieces thang. It's quiet and almost a little zen.

Thea continues to shoot until everyone's done, and then it's a matter of taking stock of 'her' people - Nine and Cookie and George. She can see them, but can't say a lot through the sudden pain. One hand pressed over the gauze, she simply slides down the tree she was leaning against. "Cookie, report. Deck crew?"

Cyrus, having gotten over his initial combat high, and being something of an unconnected member of the group he travelled with(he really is too new to have any kind of deep familial bond with people yet), as he holds the rifle aloft and starts clomping over towards the fallen Centurions carefully. Gingerly. Unless someone makes an effort to stop him, of course.

Dell takes a moment to look around, "So can someone tell me what is going on? Clearly this isn't a video and the last I knew everything was alright in the Colonies. I go hunting for a few months and something goes down I take it." He then takes a moment to look back over at Damon as if to give one more look before he turns to the military types, "So, as a citizen, what if anything can you tell me about what is going on?" His voice isn't angry, or pushy, in fact he looks and sounds confused.

Rising, using a low branch for support, Damon moves slowly with the bandages on his abdomen. Rifle down, but safety disengaged, he keeps an eye on the Centurions and looks back towards Anthem. "Shit, Anthem they're gonna be all over the lodge now…" Damon commens, looking back towards the Cylons. Answering Nine as he silently hopes that the Centurions don't suddenly come back to life, he wipes the sweat from his brow with a forearm. "They're dead, lady, we shot them down. Less than they deserve."

With no visible threat looming, McT turns on the group. "Swift, watch our six. Light'em up if you see anything. Anyone else with medical training, help Dutch. I need two of you to get in the raptor, put the straps off the seats, we can use them to make litters. Be fast about it, people. We'll have company soon and I don't want to be here for that party." Then she turns to Anthem, "Hollas, good to have you. Mobilize these people. Pete.. PETE! Get on lookout." And then she pulls a breath and calls out, "I need a map of the area. We've got downed pilots!"

"Sir! I'm TCCC qualified. Want me to help with the treating and get Swift on lookout instead?" Asks Levesque as he changes mags.

Ashe nods as McT orders him to get the six, moving quickly over the terrain as best he can to find a higher ground position that will let him look a bit further out and sets up station to cover the group.

Cookie unlatches self from the ground, and nods as she makes her way over to Black Cat. "No new holes, sir." She still clutches her water resistant topographical map, and nods to Legacy, then steps over to hand it to McTiernan as maps are requested. "Here's what I have."

George makes her way over to Legacy, because she at least sort of knows the Captain (by reputation), and utters, "I got the data drive, sir. And my kit and gear. There's a med kit there," She nods behind her, but obviously is unable to carry it. The case is on its side on the ground.

The Centurions are in pieces, one gun arm still smoking a bit. An arm here, a head there, a diode here. They are mostly intact, in terms of piece size, but they're pounded to frak and back. The red 'eyes' are out, helms dark.

"So much for keepin' a low profile," Dmitri grouses under his breath, finally pushing up from his cover; shouldering his rifle, he glances over the site before turning, offering in tight tones to those he knows, "I'm gonna head back. Warn 'em about all this, an' collect my dog."

Thea nods slowly to George, giving the young woman as warm a smile as she can currently manage. "Good woman," she murmurs. "Good job. We need to protect the data drive. When will it be safe enough to sterilize the bird?"

Daphne is quiet, watching this all with slightly wide, thoughtful eyes. To the new faces, if anyone used to watch the news or any political ceremony, there is no doubt of who Daphne is…or looks like. Daphne Graystone, the Picon Representitive to the Quorum of 12. Alive, uninjured though she looks more than a bit shaken. Also entirely out of her element. They're not in Caprica City any more…

Cyrus simply gazes at the fallen wreckage of the Centurions. He looks torn, here, almost wanting to bust out his toolkit from his pack and dissect one of these things here and now. Finally, he settles for spitting in their general direction. Probably spitting on them. "Get used to it, you pricks." Finally, he snaps to and looks back at the other newly-arrived down Colonials and starts padding over towards them, a strange spring in his step. "Sorry to cut in, but, err, you guys need something along the lines of salvage help?"

Damon looks to Dell. "What, have you been living in a cave?" He asks, clicking his rifle's safety on after reloading it. "Not that it'd surprise me, I know someone living in a cave. The Cylons attacked the colonies, massive nuclear strikes, man, we're at war." Damon clarifies as he turns, looking to Dmitri. "Get them packing everything they can carry, this place is gonna be flooded with metal in no time." Damon says, looking in the direction of the lodge. Limping back to the tree line, he checks his bandages and leans against a tree. "I got a map in my backpack, someone wanna dig it out? Don't wanna stretch too much with the bandages…"

Anthem reaches into a back pocket and pulls out a rough map of the area. A few markings have been put on it. He hands it over to McT. "Markings for hostile encounters on here, Eltee. You guys are too bloody close to our sanctuary, though. Lots more Cylons in the area of the last few weeks." He turns and nods to Damon. "Get warning back to the Lodge. Get people to the caves. As much food as they can carry. And the seeds and everything."

"If you got medical experience, Here." Dutch waves his right arm up, before frakking wincing, and then he is looking back over to his arm. "And someone, with said experience, I need you on my arm, or I'll be gods damned useless here in a second, if you please." Ahh Dutch ever the polite and eloquent bastard that he is.

George nods toward the raptor. "I can make sure the systems are down, pull the power, and take some important parts. We have the sensitive stuff, the images and all that. First glance, I would say we need some parts we don't got. But maybe… I dunno maybe the other raptor…?" Has the parts they need, or didn't get damaged as badly. She leaves the thought unfinished. The deckie likes to think positive.

Dell simply stands there as orders are shouted out to Marines and with no one giving any kind of answers he simply reloads his rifle in case the shit hits the fan again. However, as Damon speaks he pauses, "Wait, they nuked us?" His mind immediatly goes to his family's ranch, "So, my folks might be dead?" He takes a moment to consider this, "I've got to see my family I have to see if the farm is okay." He then takes a moment make sure his rifle is ready to go and he calls out to Nemo, "Come on girl." And with the the dog is off like a bolt as she moves beside Dell. The man moves to Damon's bag and moves to get said map but he is cautious as he does so for some unknown reason.

"Frak me, Sarge," Alyssa swears as she runs over, looking at Dutch's chevrons. "Keep waving that around and I'm going to take it away from you." Wrapping bandages around it, she looks him in the eye. "Now hold still. That's an order. I'm not going to have you mess up my work to play the frakking hero…"

Nine clams up at Damon's assertion, turning her head away from the area of combat and setting her jaw faintly, pushing up on her elbow as Dutch retreats off of her for his own treatment, lips moving in an almost-silent expression of gratitude.

Damon turns around and looks to Dell. "Don't you dare leave here with that map. Get it over to the soldiers, you're safer here than anywhere and all that's out there is radiation, raiders, and Cylons and they're all probably coming here right now. Don't frak around. Give them the map." Damon says, friendly as always. Turning his head to Anthem, he nods to the man and starts to quickly move in the direction of the lodge, shouldering his rifle. When within twenty feet of it, he starts to call out. "Code red, code red. Grab the bags we're goin to the caves." He slaps his hand on one of the window a few times and then shoves in the door. "We gotta go! MOVE."

"That's what all the girls say." mutters Dutch as the Lieutenant sees to his arm. And then he is looking over towards Damon and dell. His gun carried in one arm, before he's slinging it. "Just get her patched Eltee, and we'll carry these others to where we can treat them, ok?" He doesn't want to try and have Nine or Legacy walking around, with bullets still in em.

Announcement: Nemesis shouts, "When ever you get your logs together, there are spaces on the log page of the wiki for the logs, just click, create, choose template, go. =D <3"

Cyrus simply shrugs his shoulders and isn't exactly the type of person to strike off on his own anymore. Never volunteer. He's a civilian, after all. Actually, check that. Damon's call kicks him into gear. So much for the comforts of civilzation. He sighs, heavily, as he pads over to gather his discarded backpack.

Nine has walked around with more metal than that in her before. Granted… not all in the same place. But. "We're leaving the Foxbat here?" she asks, "But it needs…" she looks at it, then back at Dutch. "We're going to stay here," she realizes. She sounds remarkably ambivalent about that.

Thea nods to George, then reaches an arm up. "If someone can lend me a shoulder, please, I can walk out of here. We need to regroup." She turns to look for McTiernan, jaw tight. "Lieutenant?"

Daphne is remaining close to the group, waiting to be called on, to be needed, but otherwise she's enough out of her element that she isn't interfering either. She is about to go to Dutch, but then the Lieutenant has it covered and she seems content to keep her hands clean and carefully folded in front of her. She looks everywhere but the pieces of dead metal on the ground.

Dell watches everything going on around him, everyone else got to experience the end of the world months ago, but for Dell this is new. However as someone shouts both Dell and Nemo begin to move, where, who knows but Dell isn't thinking and Nemo isn't a conversationalist in the traditional sense. So the pair simply follow along unsure of what is going on. However, there is a certain state of shock and numbness that is creeping over Dell's face. He is a civilian after all and he isn't some tough marine or badass pilot. He simply says to Nemo, "Nemo, I think we aren't really on Scorpia anymore."

Alyssa spins around, taking in the sights before heading over to Legacy and saluting. "With all due respect, sir, we need to clear out of here now, and get our wounded to a place I can treat them. These civillians are good people, and we can trust them."

Dutch turns his head over towards Daphne "You." said to the woman who has come closer. Sorry,but having been a Marine and a miner, Dutch has no bloody clue who she is. but she is going to be put to use. "You can help the PO move." a gesture towards Nine. "The quicker we get out, the better."

"Roger that, sir. Moving to provide overwatch." Levesque yells out, getting up to scope out a higher ground position with decent cover. After a few seconds he finds one, about thirty metres distant, and runs towards it. He hits the dirt.

Daphne nods curtly to Dutch, "Yes, sir." She offers respectfully and moves over to Nine. There is a momentary hesitation as she looks at the woman, almost not wanting to reach out, to touch her, but then Daphne takes a breath and offers her arm over. "Hullo…here… let me help. It'll be faster. Just… just lean here. My name's Daphne." She offers with her usual cool, calm, eloquent voice that is all high class Caprica City…

"Apparently." Cyrus finally steps on up to the proverbial plate as he hears Thea, although he really can't tell one person from another here. They're just. People. But they're not Cylons. Yeah, that's good, right? "Need a hand, Lady? Pilot? Sorry if I sound like a dumbass, I never knew how to read those ranks."

McTiernan turns a glare on Pete when he questions her orders. Once can only guess at the hell he's going to catch later. Turning her head in the direction of Legacy she nods, "We're moving out. Whatever you need to do to the boat, get it ready. We have downed pilots to find. Look around for long logs, around the size of your arm and gather those together. We'll need them for litters." She climbs into the raptor, knife out, preparing to cut free the straps from the seats.

With one of the 'grab and run' packs over his shoulder that were prepared, Damon steps down to the group. "I called it out. We got people at the resort, too. We gotta warn them." He calls out, walking a bit stiffly after the gunshots hurt his adbomen. Leaning against a tree, he shakes a dreadlock away from his face and plants his shoulder against the bark for support. "I can run, but I'm gonna need to stitch this up before long…where we goin? The caves?"

Dmitri slips into the wilderness; into the forest and away, presumably heading for the resort to warn those there. Plus, to collect his dog. He's a good dog, and it'd be a shame to lose him to the Cylons. Oh, and he supposes Angelica and the others, too.

Legacy dips her head to Alyssa, offering a bit of a pained smile. "Captain Althea Legacy. Though, Lieutenant McTiernan is leading this part of things for the military today." Oh, so polite, even with the bloodstain through her flight suit. "Lieutenant," she calls quietly to McTiernan. "I can walk. If someone can carry the Petty Officer, we're set." And then she sags a little against Alyssa and Cyrus. "Let's start walking. I'm slow."

Anthem nods. "Go to the caves. Get everything you can there." He turns to McT. "Eltee. Anything you can give us gearwise would be appreciated. All due respect and all, but you just frakked us in the ass pretty good. Gods-speed and all, I'm sure."

Alyssa sets herself to support the Captain as she sags, then nods to Cyrus. "Careful not to aggravate the wound, Cyrus. Gentle as a newborn, that's the way." Looking to Daphne, she jerks her head. "Daphne, come with us. I may need you as a nurse yet. And Sarge," she calls to Dutch. "You too. This is gonna be a long bloody night."

"Check. Captain. Welcome to Scorpia. Things suck since the new neighbors came in. Although it's better now than when the Eisley family moved into my apartment block." Cyrus starts chattering, presumably to Legacy as he and Alyssa help her along. "Those people and their disgusting boiled cabbage and that frakking kid running around screaming at three in the morning." He trails off. By the way, he might have gone a little crazy in recent weeks. He gingerly helps the Captain along at the Doctor's advice.

Nine takes the offered arm with a twinge that surprises her, not quite yet used to this new piercing, her face breaking out in a cold sweat. She's not shy, but she is a little wobbly. She stands and lowers her head, "Am I let…" she begins, her own voice bearing the faintly stilted accent found in the pockets of lower-class neighborhoods in and around the once-glistening Caprica City. "May we switch sides?" she asks, thinking that leaning with her other arm will be a good deal less uncomfortable. "I'm Nine," she introduces herself quietly.

The ex-delegate nods immediately to Nine, despite the blood on her suit smearing even more now. There are other things to think about, and the faint wince on Daphne's face can probably be interpreted as some sort of sympathy for the woman. Hell, it partially is. She shifts over, letting Nine settle in a bit more comfortably as they begin to limp for the caves with the group. "Miss Nine…it is good to meet you. Where did all you angels drop in from, if I might ask?"

McTiernan's head pops out of the raptor when she's called, an abundance of starps in hand. "SWIFT!" she calls out and then she's looking back at Hollas. "Get in there and strip what you can that we'll need. Taking an ass dump wasn't in the plans but you know how plans tend to go." Then she's striding for Legacy. "You called?" she asks the Captain as she swats down to begin doing something with heavy tree limbs and the straps from the bird.

"didn't think I would go a streaming off on my own Eltee." comes Dutch's reply as he looks back towards Alyssa, making sure everyone is at least able to move. He can cover the wounded if they get frakking jumped. "Sides, they are my charges till I pass em to you. I don't plan on losing them. Lead on.." said to the Lieutenant.

Ashe trots over from where he had been at covering the six and what not, calling out towards McTiernan. "Sir?!" He hollers back, looking down towards the Raptor before eyes return to survey the land.

Levesque says to Anthem, "Gunnery Sear'nt, maybe best to wait out on that. We're better if we work together. You don't got a wireless radio, do ya?" He's still looking forward and to the sides on lookout, hasn't had a chance to check out who he's with. Then to Ashe, "Paradox, get the frak in there and strip the bird!"

Anthem spits to the side, shaking his head as he turns away from the Kharonites. "They don't frakkin' care. We're on our own. Daphne, c'mon." It looks like maybe, just a little, something died in his eyes. Could that be hope? "Traitors," he grumbles, walking away.

George takes up her stuff and piles it, before ducking back into the raptor to be sure it's been sanitized of all sensitive information, codes, data, power supplies, and porno. Crinkle. A magazine is shoved into her deck suit. No one saw that, shut up.

Dell stops as he simply does whatevr he is asked however as people begin to speak he simply listens, he doesn't really know anyone and it would seem the military just took over. His Father always taught him to respect the military but to stay out of their way and now Dell Triptolemus is forced to into this wierd spot. The end of the world always does strange things however he does look over at Nine and say, "Ma'am, why did you want us to stop shooting at those Toasters?" Apparently he was paying attetion when everything went south.

Damon grits his teeth, looking to Anthem. "You mean Passryn's caves right? The crazy lady with the shield and the bow?" Damon asks. He's been there, but aside from that he could know less. He glances back to the cabin and then to the main group. "We need someone to go get the others from the resort, any takers?" He calls out.

"Comms don't work, whoever asked back there." Cyrus helpfully calls out. "It's like some sort of area-wide signal death. By the way, I have a wireless." He continues focusing on walking the wounded Captain with him, now. It ceases his chattering for a minute.

Thea offers McTiernan a wry little smile. "I can walk and the PO can too," she tells the woman quietly. Then her voice drops a bit. "We've got the Data box. George is bringing it and finishing off the Raptor. We can try to get something from it later." Breathing, that's a fun thing. Especially breathing through a gunshot. "Recommend we adjourn with these nice people. Apparently the neighbors aren't friendly, but damned if it isn't good to breathe real air again. Cylons tend to come looking when one of their own gets shot down."

Anthem has disconnected.

Dell looks at Damon, "I could if you give me directions, I know the lay of the land pretty well, I'm from this area. Well, a lot higher up. My family has a farm up here." However, he still isn't sure what to make of Damon but as of this moment he isn't going to mess around with the past.

Lurching towards Legacy, Damon looks between her and McTiernan with a cold look in his eyes. "There's a cave system here between the two lodges, but it's gonna be close, we're organized but we're ready to move. I guess it all depends on whether you wanna march or whether you wanna hide." Damon says, looking back towards the assembled peoples. He eyeballs Nine quietly, then looks back to Thea. "I got us ready, where we goin?"

McTiernan nods to Legs and turns around to address the crowd. "LISTEN UP, PEOPLE" she calls out to get their attention. "WE'RE MOVING OUT IN FIVE. HELP THE WOUNDED. SWIFT, TAKE THE LEAD WITH SOMEONE THAT KNOWS THE WAY. PETE, YOU'RE ON OUR SIX. TAKE WHAT YOU CAN CARRY. LETS MOVE IT!!"

Nine glances back toward the carnage, brows knitting together as she hesitates mid-step, then turns back to fall in closer to Daphne, "Just Nine. We came from Kharon. We were looking for stuff." Yes, that's very true, if vague as hell. She looks at Dell as he asks her his question, but then he goes off talking to someone else she doesn't know, so she doesn't feel partcularly obliged to answer. "We heard a message. I guess that makes you the angels." Angel simpl meaning messenger, after all.

"Sir." Ashe barks back as he moves towards the group that he hasn't really intorduced himself to. "Alright, who in here is the guide, we're rolling out." He offers in a none to gentle tone.

"Oorah." Is Levesque's answer to McTiernan telling him he's taking the six. "Load me up on ammo, someone. My pack's only half full." He moves to the rear of the group, dropping a padded knee to the ground and waiting.

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