Three Hour Tour Foxbat 3
Three Hour Tour - Foxbat 3
Summary: Foxbat 3 struggles to land safely on Scorpia after it's struck while enroute.
Date: 71 PHD
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Space, Scorpia Orbit, Foxbat-3
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #71
OOC Time: Sun Jun 28 17:41:01 2009

"Everybody strapped in okay back there?" Timon asks his passengers, ever the charitable host. His eyes dart down to his DRADIS console, up to space, and back again. "Looks like we've got company, and I wouldn't want you to break something."

Jules is looking suitably Marine-like in the back of the raptor, all secured in her seat. Her weapon of choice, a Machine Gun, is stowed safely underneath her, safety on. She's got her chin tucked to her chest. For a couple seconds anyway, then she's peering out the nearest viewport at the world.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Spider, Ivory, loud and clear. Getting behind the escorts."

Jules looks forward when Timon asks the question and says, with a smile, "Sir, all strapped in, sir. Weapon secure."

Fenix is looking… unhappy. That's one word for the pale, glowering Chief. She's strapped herself into one of the seats, though she's likely deterred from any protective qualities as one orange-clad leg is hugged to her chest. Chin atop said knee, and eyes half-lidded. The woman spends her time fixing these things, but it would appear — just /maybe/ — she's afraid of flying in them.

[Into the Wireless] Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn. DRADIS contacts confirmed; numbers and ID are uncertain, but they're in a hot hurry, t' be sure."

A blip pops on DRADIS. Then two. As the raptors pull ahead of the main body of vipers patrolling the Kharon, it soon becomes obvious that trouble is about to come knocking. The force seems… small. After a few moments of looking, it's clear there are three bogeys coming in hot from high atmo. But are they bandits? As the three pull in, a fourth pops up. Visual confirmation is not difficult to make. They break atmo closer to the Kharon than the Raptors with escort, and come in hot. ETA 2 minutes.

[Into the Wireless] Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn… I have 4 contacts confirmed on DRADIS. Looks like Cylon signatures. Bandits are on an intercept course, closing fast… ETA, 2 minutes."

"Right. Weapons." Timon allows himself a throaty laugh that sounds rather incongruous when set against his usual reedy tenor. "Yeah, that'll end this flight real quick if that big gun goes off." There's no humor in his voice — that's a possibility he doesn't want to entertain. "Thorn, get those jammers spooled up. Fry 'em, quick and easy, and maybe we'll make it out of this without encountering any turbulence.

For all tenseness of the situation, Jules looks remarkably well at ease. She reaches out and nudges Fenix's shoulder gently and says, reassuringly, "It'll be okay. These guys are really good. We'll be planetside before you know it." Pause. "Need a hug?" Kind of un-Marine-like, that.

"One step ahead of you, Ivory." In fact, he'd already started prepping the EW suite when that DRADIS blip coalesced into four Raiders. He favors his ship's passengers with a quick glance. "Strap in tight, people. Looks t' me like we're in for a ride."

"Lieutenants Stathis and Komnenos at your service," says Ivory to his passengers, acknowledging his ECO's words with a rapid nod — his mind is not all here. Already, he's fiddling with his Raptor's controls, making sure everything's tuned up for atmospheric flight. "Unless we mess up in a way that would negatively influence your AARs, in which case I'm Lieutenant Smith and he's Lieutenant Jones. Got it?"

[Foxbat-3: Timon] Foxbat-3's forward thrusters fire as Timon shifts out from the front lines of the fray, allowing her escort Vipers to engage the incoming hostiles while remaining well within their range in case something goes terribly wrong.

Fenix jerks slightly at the touch to her shoulder, and black eyes reach a stunning new level of 'wide' as she stares up at the marine. A wan smirk pulls at her features as the marine assures you. "If they were 'really good', I wouldn't spend my time patching up the mistakes…" she reminds, though she keeps her voice lowered. Best not upset the pilot. The offer of a hug just earns another stare, though a bit of furrowed 'brow is added for good measure. No.

"Sir, yes, sir," Jules offers Ivory's way, double checking her seating straps. She rolls her shoulders a little at Fenix and smiles, "No worries." She does dig out a barf bag from one of her pockets and sets it on the floor between herself and the Chief.

Wise decision, all in all. The bag earns a rather dubious glance from Fenix — the woman looking like she might be offended at its appearance — but then she's thinking better of it, and reaching forward to snatch it closer. Holding the thing in one hand, even as she lowers her forehead to her knee. Slow breaths. Sloooow breaths.

Hey — Timon's not been the cause of one of those mistakes, that time he nearly flew into an electrical storm notwithstanding. But that's ancient history, and it wasn't his fault — the story he's sticking with in case things go wrong. "No need to 'sir' me, soldier." The lieutenant's voice is level, though if his hands weren't gloved his white knuckles would be quite visible. "Though please remember to tip your driver. Fifteen percent, I hear, is the going rate."

A quick but baleful glance back at the chief, and Thorn's eyes are back on his screen as his ship's escort rockets forward to engage the enemy. He's got bigger things to be concerned with than the deck chief's comment as the Raptor begins moving into the atmosphere. "Twenty percent if you come back alive, though," he adds, his first wisecrack of the mission. Odd that it would take him that long, but he seems more focused than usual.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Spider, Ivory, doesn't look like I can get to my LZ, not with bogeys closing at that speed. Orders?"

They can look baleful and innocent all they like. Fenix is keeping her head down. Her own knuckles a bit pale around the blue saran-wrappish bag, and a slight shudder trailing across her shoulders at one of the more sudden movements. She's going to have to do some serious bribing and/or threatening when this is done and over with.

"Sir yes s… Okay." The Private flushes a little under her matte green helmet. "Force of habit, si dammit." Jules puffs out a breath, is silent a moment and then smiles again. "You're doing really good, guys. I don't have any credits left, but I could probably scrounge a chocolate bar for a tip."

[Foxbat-3: Timon] Foxbat-3 mirrors her counterpart's maneuver, her forward thrusters firing as she noses up to a forty-five-degree angle before blasting backwards. Her passive scanners begin to tickle the robotic noses of the incoming Raiders, probing for vulnerabilities — anything that might throw them off-balance — that might later be exploited when the Vipers engage.

"Gods, woman, they got you trained." Apparently Fenix is still coherent enough to be a bitch. Turning her chin just enough to peer sidelong at Jules, though her quiet smirk belies some of the potential offense. "They're pilots, you're a marine. Show some spite." Then, a bit louder, to the boys up front, "You keep us alive, and I have alcohol. Frak tips."

"Anything except cigarettes," says Timon, and now the first bits of strain seep into his voice. "I can't stand the things, and my ECO here is deathly allergic to smoke." Deadpan, ever so deadpan. "Thorn, before you correct me, check our chaff pods. Remember when we simmed this out? They locked up on us."

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Looks like they're not ganging up on us. And I was all ready to give them my lunch money, too."

"I don't really /do/ spite," Jules admits, reaching up and adjusting her helmet. Barely noticeable in this lighting, but she's got ears painted onto the top of her cover. Bunny ears. "Besides, I am genuinely thankful for the pilots. None of us really have easy jobs. Ragging on each other seems a little counter productive."

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Gonna have to start talking in ones and ohs, Rebound."

"Now you're speaking my language, Chief," Thorn says with a smile. He's brought the ECM suite up to full, now, as he prepares to do electronic battle with the pair of Raiders. "Chaff pods check out, Ivory, and to the rest of you, ignore him. He's bloody incorrigible." Another baleful look, this time at his pilot. "And you, leave my smokes alone."

Yes, well, Jules /did/ offer to hug her. Fenix really shouldn't be surprised by this particular response. Nonetheless, the PO is releasing an audible breath at the woman's chipper retort. Finally, even as her eyes close again, she's offering a low-voiced, "We all got our hobbies." Jaw tightening then, and the crinkle-crinkle of that bag audible as her hand tightens.

[Wolf-4: Samantha] Case fires off her weapons, mainly firing by DRADIS alone, the sights in the fog pretty useless. She swears lightly over the coms, watching a glancing blow as they all struggle through the atmospheric conditions. At least she hit -something-.

[Wolf-12: Antioch] Antioch's all business now, as he takes aim, and peppers one of the raiders with a quick hit, picking on the same one Samantha does. Focus fire for the win. And if he takes a bit of glee from shooting the toaster, well, who can blame him?

[Foxbat-3: Timon] Foxbat-3 stays well out of range as the Raider formation slams into the charging Vipers. Her EW suite lights up the bogey trying to take down Case, ducking in and out of the fog as she does.

[Wolf-1: Kai] As bleeps on DRADIS become two raiders visible through the cloud cover, tearing toward them, Spider jukes on his stick and breaks low at the last minute. Cannonfire dances off into the air where his viper was, though his own shots also go wide. He thottles forward again as his wingman lays down some pain, and slots back in on the raider that was gunning for him.

"That's the ticket," says Timon, watching the combat unfold before him with curious, almost distant eyes. "Narrower band, Thorn — don't want to mess with Black's ride. And everybody back there still listening, be aware: the captain is turning on the fasten-seat-belt sign at this time. No bathroom breaks for any reason, kids. Unless you want to disinfect this thing yourself."

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Thea's Raptor glides through space in the back, well behind the Vipers and out of trouble. Mostly. Cookie seems to be quite happy to be working on those silly Raiders. Foxbat-1 slides in with the chaff deployed.

[Wolf-11: Willem] Coming in fast and high, Rebound's engines are on full burn as he maintains control through the soupy atmosphere, arcing his bird round sharply as he puts some holes in one of the attacking Raiders. He jerks the stick sharply back in a change of course at the Bossman's orders. He's a lot more direct and, daresay aggressive on the job than off.

"What's yours?" Jules asks of Fenix, right before Timon gives his warning. She tucks her chin to her chest then and wraps her arms about herself. "You'd almost think Scorpia wasn't nuked, the way it was looking before we hit atmo. All those people. And animals. Augh. Cylons suck."

[Foxbat-3: Komnenos] Komnenos keeps hammering the Raiders with ECM as they weave to and fro after the escort Vipers.

"Don't tell me how t' do my job, Ivory, and I'll do th' same," Thorn retorts from the backseat. "I didn't see you getting all cheeky in the middle of that little freefall over Periander." He's still hard at work over the ECM console, drenching the Raiders with as much performance-hampering jamming as his ship's EW suite can muster, otherwise he'd probably have a much better retort.

"Harrassing pilots," Fenix elaborates, slowing the words down a bit. Apparently she thought that was already clear. "Though I ain't biased. I'll bitch at anyone, if they hold still for it." And then Timon's giving his warning, and Fenix is losing another shade of color and falling silent.

"Hey, without me, chances are we wouldn't have seen incoming until they were on top of us on the ground," Timon retorts. Then: "I almost envy you guys back there, you know." His voice still sounds distracted, if it can sound like anything at all over the shipboard coms. "Must be cathartic, hammering away at those toasters with your big guns. No matter what happens to our people, all we can do is sit and watch." The bitching at pilots bit he charitably ignores.

[Wolf-4: Samantha] Samantha seems a bit more determined this time, peering through the fog with narrowed eyes and waiting until she's almost DANGEROUSLY too close to the Raider until she actually opens fire. It's a risky tactic. It left her open just a bit too much but it means she gets a seriously vicious wound to the thing's body. She watches the fire trail behind her as it begins to fall…

[Wolf-11: Willem] This time the little Robot that could was a little too fast for Willem. Attempting to catch that Raider with its proverbial pants down in an ugly, efficient crossfire with Spider, he takes aim but his shots go wide as the target successfully slips out of his line of fire. He's silently cursing.

[Wolf-1: Kai] The poor bastard didn't stand much of a chance, with Spider wheeling in on its tail out of nowhere. The squad leader's guns light up, finishing the job of shearing off that wing Rebound had started. The thing breaks up in mid-flight, half of it tumbling one way, and half the other. This time he breaks high, and lines up a shot on the second bogey.

[Wolf-12: Antioch] Antioch's right behind Samantha as he swoops in to deliver what seems to be the last straw as far as the raider is concerned. His shot goes deep and hard into the already damaged section, and he veers away again. Score! And the crowd goes wild. One down, a billion to go.

[Foxbat-3: Timon] Foxbat-3 remains where she is, dipping into layers of cloud and fog while pinging away at her foes. Timon's a cagey one — he, at least, isn't taking unnecessary risks.

[Foxbat-3: Komnenos] Komnenos is switching back and forth rapidly with his ECM, trying his best to hamper both Raiders — until one of them bursts in a sudden fiery explostion. Well, then, only one choice left. Thorn focuses his attention solely on the last Raider, doing his best to chip away at the Cylon's electronic defenses.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Foxbat-1 keeps up with the Vipers, attempting to suppress them as she goes. There's no fancy flying today, no flash tricks. Today is about solid flying and suppression.

[Into the Wireless] Komnenos says, "All ships, Thorn. New DRADIS contacts; three, possibly four Raiders launching from the ground, coming in hot on an intercept course."

"Sounds like someone's got a case of the Mondays." Jules smiles at Fenix, genuinely even. Then as her eyes move to Timon, she responds to his last words, "Yes, but if you didn't get us where we need to be, what good is a big gun then? Way I see it is we're all a part of this team and we all have to do our parts if we want to function. But that's just my opinion, I suppose."

[Into the Wireless] Komnenos says, "Spider, Thorn; those Raiders are a minute or so out. We're still approximately five minutes from the LZ."

[Wolf-4: Samantha] Samantha peppers the next bird with a good spray again, once more getting in dangerously close. In this sort of pea soup fog, it's getting to be her style, and she grins as the thing doesn't look all that well and there is a whole slew more fire coming at it…

[Wolf-11: Willem] Well, that was decisive. As one of the Vipers continuing to dogpile the lone remaining Raider in range, Rebound still uses his angle of attack to his advantage as he keeps the rear end of the flying wing in his sights as a large metal punching bag, putting some holes in its rear. Superfluous ones, at that. He's far from the only one.

[Foxbat-3: Timon] Two Raiders down, four more appear. "Anybody got a torch handy?" Ivory murmurs under his breath. "And here I thought hydras were fictional." Foxbat-3 moves even further into the shielding clouds, chaff flying from her pods as she does — away from the evil Raiders now springing from the ground, awaaaay.

[Wolf-1: Kai] Kai sets 'em up, and his wingmates take 'em down. Intent on making himself a tricky target to hit, Spider corkscrews into a starboard roll as the raider's guns light up, effectively slipping out of the line of fire while the other vipers gangbang it with their cannons. Without breaking stride, he swerves back on course toward Black Cat's LZ, weapons still hot in anticipation of the welcoming party already headed in to greet them.

[Wolf-12: Antioch] Once again, Antioch follows Samantha in. This time, he nails the Raider's wing, even as he curves up and around, keeping in fairly tight fighting formation. And though it was clearly a community effort that got the Raider, he feels nothing but quiet satisfaction as it goes tumbling into oblivion. Now for a new target.

[Foxbat-3: Komnenos] There's only one Raider left in weapons range, and it's not liable to be a threat for long as the escort Vipers all start ganging up on it. Thorn, for his part, turns his attention away from the straggler as the Vipers tear it to pieces and towards the three reinforcements screaming towards the group of Colonial ships.

Even as the pilots ignore Fenix, Fenix has taken to ignoring Jules. Too cheerful. Too optimistic. The poor Chief might overload. And so she keeps her eyes closed and head down, shoulders tensing slightly.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] While Kai sets them up and the others take them down, Thea's busy trying to get the suppression in there to save them. And it's on a pass behind Kai's Viper that she gets caught broadside by some of the fire meant for the CAG's bird.

"So I'm Automedon to your Achilles, soldier? I like it. But I should note here that the charioteer is usually the guy who gets killed first." Timon allows that morbid thought to hang in the air for a moment. "Thorn, you see a way through that incoming quartet? Who knows what sort of fortifications they're setting up at our LZ while we do our little dance up here."

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Spider, Ivory, say again?"

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Spider, Ivory, wilco. Breaking for the LZ in three. Stay safe out there, Black Cat."

"Better be careful, then, Ivory, I don't think anyone here wants me t' be the one t' fly this thing out of here," Thorn pipes up from the back. His eyes sweep once again over DRADIS. "They're rising quickly; I'd say the best bet would be t' go for the fog and cross underneath them. They'll have t' swing out of formation if they want t' engage us."

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Case and Spider, status?"

[Wolf-4: Samantha] Case keeps on her previous method of fly in close, tight, fire at the last second, watch the fire blow and take off for another round. This is the first time which it actually gets her in a wee bit of trouble. She does get in close, and sees her hit land, but they get one into her pretty, freshly sanded nose!

[Into the Wireless] Komnenos says, "Frak. All ships, Thorn, I now have six Raiders confirmed on DRADIS. Watch yourselves…"

[Wolf-11: Willem] Willem's clearly cursing now, if anyone could see his lips move and his jaw clench in a snarl. Fortunately, the com's off. As he changes course sharply, his bird banks hard right to scope out the nearest one to the Raptor he's guard-dogging, taking a few chunks out of the Raider's armor as he engages.

[Wolf-12: Antioch] Antioch follows Samantha's lead, picking at her target. Apparently, she's popular, with two toasters on her ass. He fires off a salvo, and looks disappointed when the Raider fails to explode and die. Especially when it shoots back. Are they -allowed- to shoot back? He focuses on the fight, eyes narrowed as he counts targets and assesses attack vectors.

[Wolf-4: Samantha] Case swoops in for her other attack, still keeping close on Timon, but trying to dog off the crafts which are quickly out numbering them… She's growing worried, though, at the co silence from Kai. Her eyes flicker down to her DRADIS, trying to get some sort of read on her boss as they prepare for the next bit of dogfighting.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Spider, Ivory, is my target still the LZ? Do you need assistance?"

[Foxbat-3: Komnenos] Komnenos starts swearing floridly as what he thought were three Raiders turns out to be, in fact, six; he continues cursing as he watches a Raider open up on Spider, who is suddenly and eerily silent on the com. He turns his efforts toward the new group of Raiders as the numerical advantage switches to the Cylons.

"That trajectory looks — wait a sec, Thorn, I just saw three become six." Timon's voice grows louder and tinnier simultaneously — the coms don't translate volume very well at all. "Care to tell me what in the name of Tartarus is going on? Because if six become eight — "

[Wolf-1: Kai] Kai's aware, surely, of the reinforcement that's swung in on his tail, intent on taking him out. But the raptors are the priority, and he punches his engines to streak in after the one on Legacy. Wait for it, wait for it.. he finally manages to line up the shot, guns lighting up and tearing through the raider's wing. But as he's juking to avoid the raptor at the end of his merge.. well, he either tries to pull too many Gs, or maybe that faulty thruster finally gives out on him, but he goes into a tailspin briefly and his bogey's gunfire slams into his cockpit. Alarms start going off as his bird plummets, though he manages to pull himself out of the dive after a few heart-pounding seconds, and swings back in again. Nope, it doesn't look good.

"Those toaster bastards were flying in twos, one almost on top of th' other." Thorn pauses his tirade of cursing to answer the pilot's question. "They were so close that a pair of them looked t' be a single ship on DRADIS," he snarls in explanation.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Got it, Spider. Burning rubber — stay safe, sir."

[Foxbat-3: Timon] As three ticks pass and four Cylons become six, break off Timon does. Foxbat-3 veers off hard to port, engines flaring brightly — so brightly that they're visible even through the clouds. Ivory jukes while keeping his Vipers between Raiders and Raptor, even as the battlefield is illuminated by tracer-spray from KEWs of all kinds. Pity the poor people inside his bird: this ride is going to get bumpy.

[TAC3] "Black Cat" Legacy says, "Case, Black Cat. You've got your orders from Spider. I've got to set down. We'll try to radio for SAR and will keep the com open. Good hunting and good luck."

"Mother frakking…" Fenix is hissing, and the curses continue as she finally drops her knee to the ground. Gripping the armrests with white-knuckled hands, and watching the back of Timon's seat with an almost painful focus. As if she could somehow will the pilot to get them through this alive.

"Nothing you could have done, Thorn." Yeah, that's definitely tension, though if Timon is irritated it's tough to tell — his face is tough to see. "Score one for the Mark 1 Eyeball."

"Hold on — Look alive, Ivory, two Raiders are on our tail," Thorn snaps as he watches a pair of Cylons swoop in towards his ship. If he's affected by the pitching and weaving of the Raptor, he isn't showing it. But then, he's much more used to this than the Raptor's unfortunate passengers. "Doing what I can back here, just try not to let them shove something unwanted up our tailpipe, what?"

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Foxbat-1 is in a bad way. Fuel ribbons out from behind the craft as it starts its descent. Thea's clearly struggling to keep it on a steady course.

Jules is smiling, but, thankfully, not laughing. It'd be inappropriate, see. She keeps her helmeted head down and hangs on, apparently enjoying all the bumps and jerks.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Black, Ivory, you're leaking pretty bad. And yeah, Case, you think?"

[Wolf-11: Willem] Just like that, WIllem stays on course, ignoring misgivings he may have about neglecting his shit-up sec lead. He's still Raptor-babysitting and closes on the offending Raider with a hate-on. And the Haterade is flowing.

[Wolf-11: Willem] And that Raider is no more.

[Wolf-12: Antioch] Antioch breaks from tradition; as Samantha swings around to cut off one of Timon's new friends, he jinks left and continues to attack the previous target, keeping the Raider off her ass. The hit's good, and the toaster goes down. Antioch swings back into place, ready for the next target.

[Wolf-4: Samantha] Case might be hesitant, but it doesn't show in her flying. She has a mission — Get Ivory to the surface safe and sound. So she keeps on one of the Raiders that is on him, flying in close, opening fire, swinging around. She's getting good at these somewhat crazy banzai tactics as she actually dodges around the fire coming in her direction. She's quiet now, just watching the play out of the battle on her screen… Kai's trouble, Timon's back, everything that's oging on…

[Foxbat-3: Timon] Foxbat-3 doesn't intend to plow right into the oncoming Cylons, but there's not much Timon can do when there's Raiders between him and the place where he's supposed to set down. It doesn't help that Raptors aren't built for atmospheric flight. But somehow, his ship manages to bob and weave her way through veritable floods of bullets that whistle past at a truly astonishing speed. She doesn't cut a striking figure, looking mostly like a shoebox fluttering in the air.

[Foxbat-3: Komnenos] DRADIS is screaming; the Cylons have weapons lock. The craft pitches heavily as Timon's best efforts at evasive pay off — the ride is none too pleasant, but the blue flashes of Cylon rounds are hitting everything *but* Foxbat-3. Thorn is slamming the lead raider with jamming, trying to distort the Cylon's lock before that changes.

[Wolf-1: Kai] There's only so much flying Kai can do, when he's missing half a wing and one of his cannons. Lining up a shot proves impossible, with his fighter in the state it is; he opens up his guns, but can't keep his bird steady enough to hit anything. So when another raider closes in on his shot-up tail, it's a done deal. The engines whine as they try to rev up then rev down. One of his wings tears off first, then a hunk of tail. He's going down like a rock, and breaking up like the morning after a really bad date.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Kharon Actual, Ivory, Spider is down, I say again, Spider is down!"

Thorn grins madly as the Raptor heaves. "And t' think I thought this wasn't going t' be any fun!" He sobers, though, as Kai's Viper's blip disappears from his screen right before Timon's squawk to Kharon Actual.

Timon hears the sharp, whining tone in his ears that signifies weapons lock, and it's a miracle he doesn't throw up — so quickly is he hustling to get out of dodge. "Max those jammers, Thorn, max power!" he calls tightly before shutting up once more; the ship rocks back and forth like a drunken sailor come back from leave. Any jokes are out the proverbial window. He's got more important things on his mind. Like chaff, the deployment of which sends Foxbat-3 whipping up a meter or two as the pod fires. Again. Yeah, things aren't looking so good right now.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] As she starts taking the Raptor down, Thea tries to swing it in front of a Raider that's on Samantha, shooting chaffe out as she goes.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Black Cat, Ivory, you were leaking pretty bad a moment ago. Are you okay over there?"

Blinking, Jules looks up from her happy-bouncy-funtimes when Timon mentions Spider. "What?" Pause. "Spider is Kai." Then. "Kai can't be down. You must be mistaken." The worry lines in her forehead say that the pilot /has/ to be mistaken.

There's a heavy thud, the ship rattles, and several shots punch through the hull. Oxygen exchange whistles as the compartment starts to lose pressure, and the ride gets that much rougher. Sparks fly from a console, and at least one marine sits slumped over in his seat, held to it by his seat restraint only. Sergeant Craven Moorehead won't be gettin' no Morehead. Navigation is down, a marine is down, and another isn't looking so hot.

"What th' frak you think I've been setting them at?" Thorn snaps in response; he thought he was the backseat driver here. "Shut up and fly the frakkin' bird!" The Cylons come in for another attack, and DRADIS begins to whine again as the Raiders reacquire weapons lock. Uh-oh…

[Wolf-4: Samantha] Kai's going down seems to have shaken Samantha's focus, just a bit. But then, this is the first time she's really, really witnessed someone go down in combat ever. There were the crashes, but they're still in the sky right now. Her usual finesse of shot is off, missing the raider by a few inches and it clips her wing, though apparently not too badly as she still manages her turn around shot. She doesn't say anything, keeping to the toaster on Timon, her objective… and very quietly her prayer.

[Wolf-1: Kai] Spider's going, going, gone. Black smoke pours from his fighter as it hurtles for the ground. And somewhere inside there, is probably a pilot desperately trying to reach his eject lever.

[Wolf-12: Antioch] And Antioch follows Samantha's fire, only to watch as the toaster, clearly learning from its friends, dodges their one-two approach. Sonofa… He mutters under his breath, eyes narrowing in annoyance, especially when Samantha takes another hit from the one following her. He's got too much going on to worry about Kai or Legacy, not when the battle is still up in his face. Time to shake things up and keep the toasters from catching on.

[Foxbat-3: Timon] Can't get lucky a third time, it seems, as Timon's ship shudders under the blow. Immediately, Foxbat-3 begins rocking from side to side, and this time it doesn't look like she's doing it on purpose. But onward she goes, still charging forward, with one goal in mind: getting down on the ground. Where she's supposed to get down, that is.

Timon would respond in kind if not for the fact that the cabin's losing pressure — it's a struggle just getting his stick to go the way it should go, as he pushes with every bit of strength he has to avoid stalling out. Fenix will have to be thanked later.

[Foxbat-3: Komnenos] Komnenos' ECM is able to blunt the Raiders' attack, but only temporarily. One of the Cylons' ECCM proves good enough to punch through his handiwork, however briefly, and a burst of weapons fire slams into the Raptor's tail. Despite a flash of sparks and smoke, though, Foxbat-3 is still flying, and soldiering on bravely towards its LZ as Thorn keeps pumping out chaff and trying to blind the Cylons with jamming.

[Wolf-11: Willem] The dynamic has shiftted here, and not for the better. With Kai gone, Willem's in an unusual predicament for him. Without a section, he's picking and choosing targets with one priority - Who's on his baby? Unfortunately the Raider -on- his baby is a bit much for him, slipping out of his firing solution, Banking hard left, he brings the Viper around for another pass.

"Frakking son of a /bitch/," Fenix is snarling the words as the ship rocks, and the air begins to hiss through the damaged hull. Rather abruptly, the woman's abandoning both seat and vomit bag. Grabbing for one of the patch kits, and with the dexterity that comes with crawling in and out of these things every day — albeit they're not usually /moving/ — she's making her way to the bird's injury. Moving quickly, hands trembling slightly, and cursing as the first patch gives way. Pausing a moment, steadying herself, before moving to the next, and the next. They go smoothly from there, and while there's still the tale-tell whisper of changing pressures, it's definitely… decreased.

"Gods!" Jules yelps, as the hull gets penetrated. It takes a few seconds of panicked breath, green is she, but she comes to her senses and when she sees Fenix moving to help plug the holes in the ship, she takes it upon herself to unstrap out of her seat and move down the line. First to the Marine who is slumping and then to the second, the one who just doesn't look hot. When she tries to put pressure on the man's wounds, the blood loss starts to make him look even less hot. "Oh gods…"

Only now does Timon become aware of the sharpnel in his leg — so that's what the pain is. Gritting his teeth, he presses on, not bothering to stanch the wound — he needs two hands, not one, to keep his bird going at this point in time. "Everybody okay?" Yeah. As he hears the marine's usually-perky voice, he doesn't think so.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Case, Ivory, we've been hit pretty bad but the Chief is doing all she can. Proceeding to objective, over."

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Thea's got her stick and is trying to take the bird down carefully. Not all that easy.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Kharon Actual, Ivory, I am damaged and cannot RTB. Setting us down as close to the original LZ as I can, over."

[Wolf-12: Antioch] There's some serious baleful muttering in Antioch's cockpit, as that one Raider continues to mock them all with its fancy dodging. If this keeps up, they'll tell ghost stories about a certain toaster. But as long as it's on Timon, Antioch will be on it. He's escort. This is his job.

[Wolf-11: Willem] Cat and mouse. Or rather, Cat and heavily-armed rat. Willem can't get a solid hit on this one Raider harassing his charge. His shots rain harmlessly -around- the Raider.

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Case, Rebound, this is Ivory. You did good. Go on home — we'll be fine."

[Wolf-4: Samantha] Despite her wish to remain, Case is a good pilot and follows orders, she swings her bird around and waits for her wingman to catch up as she prepares to exit atmosphere and get back home.

The ship repaired — as best she can do while they're plumeting toward the ground — Fenix is stepping toward the marines. Doing her best to stem the bleeding in turn, and… doing as poorly as Jules. Finally, hands bloodied and breath shallow, she's returning to her seat. Dropping heavily into the thing, and lowering her head again. Don't throw up.

[Foxbat-1: Legacy] Thea's Foxbat is taking a damned beating from the Raiders. She's trying to dodge, trying to dash through the raindrops, but they're getting -hammered-. It's like the raiders suddenly decided to hate on Cat. Damned dirty dog lovers. She's not quite spiralling out of control, but it's a close thing. She's going to go down, and she's going down -hard-.

The Not So Hot Marine bleeds his last, twitching a few times before he passes. Jules blinks once at him, then looks down at her hands. Timon's words must reach her right about then, because she's clearing her throat (not that it can be heard) and calls, "Two Marines down, sir!"

[Into the Wireless] Timon says, "Kharon Actual, Ivory, I am damaged and must set down planetside. Doing my best to land at our original LZ though no guarantees, over."

[Wolf-12: Antioch] Antioch reluctantly turns back, decidedly unhappy with the way things have gone. He falls in alongside Samantha, and even his wings seem to sulk a little.

[From outside the ship:]

[Wolf-4: Samantha] The SAM comes practically out of nowhere. Samantha's eyes shooting wide as it seemingly pops up on DRADIS right beneath her. She tries to pull to the right, which enables her not to eat the thing on her belly, though that might have been a bit better as it whips around, taking off her whole wing and shattering the glass on her cockpit. It's a two second thing… she was there, and now she's in smoke, suddenly going down.

[Wolf-11: Willem] Now, this is interesting. Willem's remaining silent on the coms and does not immediately pull back with Samantha and Antioch. He squeezes off another missed shots before slamming the controls, bringing his bird hard around.

[Foxbat-3: Timon] There's no way Foxbat-3 is going to be able to RTB at this point in time, not damaged the way she is. Then another Raider manages to hit home, and then another, and all thoughts of going back to Kharon are dispelled. One gloved hand reaches for the landing gear as the other begins to send Foxbat-3 into a slow dive. But even as he does, there's a nasty sound somewhere between a crackle and a boom — and then even Ivory is hanging on for dear life as his ship's RCS fire much more powerfully than they should have, overloaded as they are with inert gas. "They got our hydraulics," is all he manages to say, before all he sees is the black smoke from Case's stricken Viper and ground — oh, so much ground — below.

[Foxbat-3: Timon] Seconds after Foxbat-3's thrusters fire, they abruptly stop. The several-ton Raptor, powerless, now crashes down onto the surface of the irradiated planet like a truly massive sack of potatoes. Except this sack is filled with people.

[Wolf-4: Samantha] The silence on the comms from Case is strangely unnerving… all static from her bird which is going down in black smoke so badly there's no evidence if she managed to eject or not.

Power failure aside, Timon's still trying to land his damned ship, going so far as to fiddle with his flaps: which, true to form, don't respond. In desperation, he pulls back on the stick instinctively, hopefully, but that too doesn't work — and soon, glass shatters and metal crumples, and his entire body rocks under the stress as his seat is smashed up against the top of the canopy. That's going to hurt in the morning.

Jules really should have stayed in her seat. When it becomes clear the ship is going to crash, she grabs ahold of the dead Marine in front of her and hangs on for dear life. The impact itself shakes her loose and she goes flying, hitting the far bulkhead with a crunch that doesn't sound too healthy… before tumbling to the floor and laying there without moving. Ow.

Sensitive to the feel of the Raptor, Thorn manages to brace himself as well as he can as he feels the thrusters suddenly cut out, sending the ship plunging to the ground. The impact is sudden; for an instant, Komnenos feels like he's at the center of the worst earthquake ever. His quick reactions, however, save him from serious injury; he's knocked from his chair, but isn't thrown as violently as some of the other passengers.

Fenix had already seated herself, but as things grow worse, she's pulling the straps into place. Holding on for dear life as the ship starts to go down, and hissing under her breath. A prayer? Maybe. Curses are more likely.

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