Three Hour Tour Briefing
Three Hour Tour - Briefing
Summary: Briefing for the Scorpia mission.
Date: PHD070 (28 June 2009)
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CEC Kharon, Hangar Deck, Ready Room
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #70
OOC Time: Sun Jun 28 15:16:17 2009

The soft glow of white lights overhead cast pervasive illumination across the battleship gray walls and dark, trodden carpet floor. An aisle divides the chairs, bolted to risers, into two sections. The plush black leather and padding of each chair is well worn from years of use, adding an edge of comfort to the otherwise business ready room. A pull down screen and a digital projection unit are available for footage viewing.

There are three desks at the rear of the room, and stacks of technical manuals and tactical guides set into shelving behind them. Cabinets sit to one side of the desks, and a rack of deep green flight suits, helmets, and misc. gear can be found on the other. One section of the wall near the front, kept clear of clutter, is a wooden wall-plate that goes nearly floor to ceiling.

Kassia is seated near the back of the briefing room, her elbows on her knees as she leans forwards hands clasped infront of her. She notes Kai's arrival but doesn't say anything. (reposes for people)

A languid-strolling, cautiously-glancing Willem quirks a brow as he edges into the Ready Room with his pack slung over his shoulder. Flightsuit on, without gloves, and he pads towards one of his usual isolated seats on the right side of the aisle, settling into it with one fluid motion.

Martin looks as if he's seen better days, but at least he's clean shaven. It's a shame because not being clean shaven might have done better to hide the red bruise on the left side of his jaw. Hair damp with a bit of sweat and smelling a bit like he was running himself through hell in the gym, Martin enters with a small notebook in hand with a pen shoved through the metal binding. Stopping at the drink station to pour himself a cold glass of water, he heads down a row of seats and nods to Kai, dumping himself into a chair near the center.

Word's passed along, and with the others coming through, Hale easily shifts himself, sliding past a few others with pad and pen in hand. There's a look to the front as the tall pilot wedges himself somewhere on the second row, after all he doesn't want to block anyone's view too terribly. Dressed still in his blues, Hale's going to take notes before getting into his flight gear and getting ready. One hand rubbing over his chin, before he's clicking that pen several times. Antsy? A little.

Kai is just hanging up the wireless receiver, and crossing back to the podium, where his file folder is arranged. A moment's taken to brush off his palms on the thighs of his trousers. Sweaty, maybe? "All right, find your seats and settle down. Let's get started while we're all still young." First person to make a crack about the CAG being an old fart gets their ass nailed to the bulkhead. Or at least, that's what the look on his face says.

Dutch is standing with a couple of Corporals and Sergeants in the back of the room. Basically, here to get the skinny on what exactly their role will be in the incoming mission. Sergeant Elder of course is representing a few of the medics that will be assigned with the various teams. One hand idly rubs at the side of his nose, as he waits. No pen and paper. He's got a decent memory.

A small gaggle of Marines, decked out in woodland MARPAT camo and with gear to are in the ready room,in an orderly group near a corner. Levesque is somewhere in the gaggle, and he busts out a notepad and pen.

For once, Thea's not up front with Kai for the briefing. She's out in the crowd, just like other pilots. She's got a seat off to one side, pen and paper in hand and at the ready, in her uniform. The flight suit is nearby.

Wil's silently fumbling in his bag for requisite pen and paper.

Jupiter isn't late so much as one of the last to arrive. Yes, she has a coffee cup, no, it is not empty yet. She's just struggling into her flight suit with one hand, coffee in the other hand, looking fresh from a shower, with her damp hair pulled back onto a curly tail.

Late? Maybe not, but Eddie certainly is coming in with the rest of the stranglers at the back of the pack. She looks like she's gone through the paces, a bit of hair plastered to her forehead from sweat and she's not even been wearing her helmet yet. Cheeks are flushed, and her expression is grim as she makes her way in and finds a seat near her section lead, flanking him like a good little wingman.

Matto half-jogs in, palm-sized notebook in hand, covers bent around the accomodation of a pen. He jumps on over into a seat somewhere between Kassia and the Legsykitten, beginning to mark out Black Squadron territory, leaning over to tap Kassy on the shoulder in silent greeting.

Antioch wanders in behind everyone else, and goes to find a seat somewhere in the middle. He drapes in the seat, looking nonchalant and not at all nervous about making his return to full duty and all the fun thereof.

Master Sergeant Nikos stands to the back of the room, nearby the other marines, with the customary stogie in his mouth. His arms are crossed, and he watches the proceeding with squinty eyes. He is a silent and hulking figure on the periphery.

Thorn, too, is in a certain state of disarray; he's zipping his flightsuit as he enters the ready room; one of the last to arrive, it's obvious he was in a hurry. He pulls a worn notebook and chewed up pen from one of his pockets as he takes an available seat next to Matto, greeting the Raptor pilot with a whisper.

Hale grins to Mooner, when she plops down with him. Hand in his pocket as an extra pen is flicked out and offered back over towards Eddie, before he's focusing back in on the task, or rather briefing at hand. There will be time for pleasantries, later.

Kassia turns around to see Legacy and the rest of the Squadron file in, Matto is given a smile as be sits near her. "Hey." she whispers, then goes back to watching the front of the room.

Binder. Check. Pen. Check. Willem is armed and dangerous now. Well, if only to himself. The trusty, chewed pen is rested in his mouth as he spreads open tthe paper to reveal a blank page, sprawled out on his lap, looking at the podium.

Martin glances at the people incoming and nods upwards to Jupiter from his seat. Running his hands through his damp hair and wiping the sweat off on his tank tops, he drinks some of his cold water and waves Jupiter over. Turning his eyes back to the front of the room, he flips his notepad open and starts to draw a scribbled picture, waiting for the briefing to begin.

Matto leans away from Kassy toward Thorn at the whisper, and he gives a nod and a warm smile, keeping his eyes forward… mostly.

Dutch nods slightly towards Nikos, as his hand, idly drifts down in his pocket, a snap and out comes a small can that the Sergeant begins to tap softly, before opening and reaching in for a pinch of what appears to be fumarella, which is placed into his lip. chewing softly, Dutch goes back to the task at hand, once the can is stored, and a cup passed over to him. A light spit. All ears.

"As I'm sure all of you are aware, today's the big day. We're going to be returning to Scorpia for a little ransacking, if we're lucky. Our mission objective is to bring back whatever parts, refined tylium, and portable military assets we can get our hands on. We're also going to be performing a little recon while we're down there." The projector's flipped on, and some grainy mosaic images brought up of the planet. Obviously taken during the last reconaissance. "We're aware of a single anti-aircraft battery.. here. As you can see, the viper assembly plant at Ambrose airbase has been eradicated. There's a secondary plant right here—" It's indicated with a rap of his knuckle. "On the supply line, which one of our raptors is going to head for. An LZ's been mapped out roughly half a mile away.." His fingertip traces a line from the plant, to what looks like a small clearing in a forested area. "The second raptor will be aiming for the refinery over here. The LZ's going to be a little trickier to reach, and although we're not expecting anything in the way of ground fortifications, you all know as well as I that we're to expect the worst." He pauses for a moment to re-consult his notes, and to let that much digest.

Thea's quiet, lips pursed as she takes notes, eyes on the projected images rather than anywhere else. Oh, she greeted her team and the others present, but her attention is focused on the mission at hand.

Jupiter is sans pen, but she watches the proceedings carefully, filing it away in her brain. She reaches over and nudges the pilot next to her.

Fine, reddish brows knit as Wil narrows his eyes upon Kai's form, flickering their focus towards the footage flashed on-screen. And then down to the paper. Scribble, scribble, the pen tears through the top of the paper with little scratching sounds. Amidst the notes he's taking, the word 'doom' can be seen, were anyone close enough to see, and peeking.

Komnenos sits quietly, leaning back in his chair as the briefing begins. He's chewing like mad on that pen again, seemingly almost out of anger that it's not a cigarette. He pauses every once in a while, though, to remove the pen and scribble a few illegible notes before letting his teeth go back to work.

Kassia takes out a pen from a pocket in her flightsuit and begins to write down notes on her knee pad. she doesn't look up until the information is down. She's then looking back at the projection.

Ooh look. A pen. See? That's what having a good Section Lead is for. Hale provides the writing utensils, and Eddie supplies the good looks. Winners all around. Eddie gives him a half smile, then actually pays attention to what Kai is saying.

Matto leans forward rather than back, mouth slightly open, following the insructions and the maps with a brow-furrowing attention, though he doesn't write anything down, as yet.

With a clicking sound, Martin starts to scribble on his paper. Raid, anti aircraft coordinates, secondary Viper plant, it's all marked down with the assigned grid coordinates to it. Glancing up and down from his work and the slideshow, Martin reaches into his pocket and grabs another pen from his pocket and reaches out and taps the side of Jupiter's head with it. Dropping it into her lap, he goes back to writing and listening.

"Shithead," Jupiter mutters, before she slides up the sleeve of her flight suit, picks up the pen from her crotch, and takes notes on her forearm. Coords, jotted reminders, and a bullet point to short sheet Boner's bed.

Hale nods silently to either the words the CAG is rattling off, or something in his own head. A few notes taken quickly, the soft scratching of his pen heard along with the others. Eyes back up

Well, there were pertinent details as well, coordinates, 'single AA battery,' and the like, all scribbled down on Wil's paper. But there's 'doom,' too, after all.

Antioch leans back in his chair, eyes half-lidded as he takes mental notes with all of his concentration. He's got that idle-paying-attention thing down to a science, it seems. He's going for casual, but not too casual, like a dog who's taken a left turn into a cat show.

Kai turns back to his notes, rather than focusing on the packed room, hands tucking into the pockets of his trousers. "We're going to be sending down a full team of marines in each raptor, with one engineer apiece. Each raptor will be escorted down by two vipers, with a contingent of alert fighters remaining on board Kharon. Captain Legacy and Ensign Nevice will be flying our recon craft, with myself, Lieutenant Passi, Lieutenant Price and Lieutenant Asimopoulos flying escort. Lieutenant Hale will be leading the wing's efforts ship-side, in case the shit hits the fan. Any questions?"

Martin raises his hand, muttering something to Jupiter as he does so. "Paperless shitbag…" He says under his breath. Hand raised, he nods upwards to Kai as he does so, pen lofted in the air. With Case flying recon craft escort, that means he more than likely drew the shit duty of being in the middle of the inevitable fight. "Changes to wing assignments if your wingmate drew escort?"

"Both places'll be hotter than cow shit in summer.." Dutch murmurs towards Nikos who is close by. Another bit of spit applied softly to his cup. Already working out what his boys will need to be packing. What to tell them to get extra of, and what to expect. It ain't going to be fun, but then a marine is always in the shit.

Kassia sits up straighter at the mention of her name, her head bobs up and down once then turns to regard Legacy for a second then back to the projection. A finger idly clicks on and off her pen once then it set down.

Matto knows well enough where the anti-aircraft battery is, having nearly been shot down by the damned thing once already. As assignments start being doled out, he does unfaste the notebook and open it to scrawl down the lineup as it comes.

"Put your hand up next time, Black." That's to Martin. Kai elects to answer the question, however. "I'll put the wing assignments for the mission, up on the board. Check it before you hit the deck in two hours. Anything else?"

"Walking the dog. Check, sir." Willem suddenly and swiftly jerks his head up from the paper as his name is called. "Hope it's a nice neighborhood."

Antioch dips his head in acknowledgment when his name is brought up, proving that he's still awake and paying attention. Escort duty. Sounds like cake. No problem. Certainly solves his lack of wingmate problem.

Hale nods, as it seems he will be heading the Home guard, and already more notes scrambled down before he is looking back towards Kai for a second. No words from the tall Lieutenant as he looks back towards Black and then he is nodding just once. Everything seems accounted for, by his marks. He'll probably offer suggestions for assignments after the room is cleared, so he can see what he is working with.

Eddie twists a bit in her chair, to look over to Martin. The smirk on her face is hard to read and it doesn't linger. Eyes go back to front, because if Hale's lead on the Kharon side of the board, that means Eddie's going to be on his tail, most likely.

Willem adds, in a muffed, wry tone, "Hope the neighborhood kids don't mind if we don't bring little baggies to clean up the shit we leave behind." Couldn't resist the opportunity to make a bad joke based on that metaphor, could he?

Kassia leans back and grins at Willem. "Could always use the sickie bags, we have to issue the marine." She says.

"All right, if there's nothing else, you're dismissed. Be in the hangar bay and ready to go in.." Kai checks his watch briefly. "One hour."

Legacy rolls to her feet and looks around for a moment. "Riders," she calls quietly. "Berthings in ten minutes." Her file gets flipped closed, pen tucked in.

"Good point. I'll stow one in the cockpit. -Just in case-." Wil quips bak, flashing a slight show of teeth in a momentarily passing grin. He looks over in the distance to the Raptor Wrangler and then over at Antioch. "Escort's fun. Look alive, man." The grin remains a moment longer before he looks back to his pad, scribbling something else down and flipping the notebook shut.

Antioch comments dryly as he stretches out his arms, "And whoever's on 'requisition duty' be sure to raid a pharmacy so Fingers can stock up on dental hygiene supplies." He nods to Willem. "Won't hear me complaining about escort duty. That's about my speed."

"Sounds about right.." An hour which means the Marines will be ready in 30 and then waiting their asses in the docking bay till time to go. Always hurry up and wait. A roll of his shoulders, and there's a look back towards the front. With that the Sergeant is filing out to do last minute checks of his gear. And a few other things. And off Dutch goes.

Martin looks to Jupiter and smirks. "You get all that?" He teases her, sliding his notebook shut. Downing the last of his water he stands and looks to the door. Drumming his nails atop the chair in front of him, he starts to scoot out, ruffling Jupiter's hair on his way past. "See you on the deck, sis. I'm hitting the showers."

Levesque stows his notepad away in a pocket and looks over to Dutch. "This is going to be fun, Sergeant." He follows the rest of his comrades out. "Gonna practice actions on, then?"

Willem suddenly tilts his head upwards towards Kai, indicating one of those delightful last-minute questions. "Sir?"

"Yeah…"comes Dutch's reply wryly before he's looking back to Levesque as he pops through the hatch. "And I'm going to pray."

"I think I have enough forearm to cover it," Jupiter replies to Martin, before she makes another note, clicks the pen closed, then shoves that in her pocket. She grunts and reaches up to pull her hair out of the tail, now that half of it's sticking up thanks to her little brother. "Boner." Warning tone.

Kai is just in the process of switching off the projector, when Willem calls for his attention. He'd been glancing Legacy's way, but looks over to Rebound when he speaks. "Yes, Lieutenant?"

Kassia stays where she is for a few moments, her lips pauses as she thinks over the mission ahead. At the banter between the other she just shakes her head and leans back finally she taps her foot on the seat back infront of her. "Berithing 10?" She repeats glancing to Legacy.

Without missing a beat, Wil inquires, clearing his throat just once before speaking further, "What are our loadouts going to be like for this op? I'm a little wary of that AA installation. We making that a priority target?"

Hale closes his pad of paper before he's rising up from his desk. There's a look spared over to Legacy for a moment, as she is calling for the Riders to meet in ten. And with that he's navigating around over to where Kai is standing, though Hale doesn't interrupt as Price speaks back up. A slight grin over to rebound, before he's turning aside. He can wait. He just wants to go over some last minute wing assignments.

Willem amends, "This may be a Raptor issue, to be honest." He does catch Hale's grin and musters one of his own, indicating he does have a shred of good humor in reserve.

Matto looks up at the Legsykitten's goading, shoving up to his feet and looking to Thorn for a moment before lifting a leg to crawl back in the direction from which he landed in the seat not too long ago. Good part about sitting in back. Fewer people to crawl over.

Eddie slips to her feet to stretch, on the tail end of which, her knuckles just happen to be giving Hale's head a good noogie before he goes off to be all leadery. Eddie doesn't have any reason to linger, and she's not going to waste an hour before immenient doom sitting around here, so she's clumping down to leave.

Thea's jaw is tight, the only outward sign of what must be going on inwardly. She pauses and looks at Kassia, raising a brow. "Do you have a problem with being in berthings in ten minutes, Ensign Nevice? I realize you've gotten your assignment from the CAG, but I -am- still your squadron leader and will be having a briefing in the berthings in ten minutes for the Ghost Riders." She looks over toward Hale briefly, then to Willem, clearly waiting to hear the question before she leaves.

Kassia blinks at the woman. "Hey easy there, no need to bite I was just making sure I heard right." She says going to get to her feet, she shakes her head and just leaves not.

"We're going to be avoiding the hell out of that AA installation, Lieutenant, if that answers your question." As to the 'loadout', "Both the raptors and the escort vipers will be equipped with missile racks. Landing crews will be armed with limited explosive rounds, in case we meet with any ground forces."

Another quick scribble in his notebook, a nod of acknowledgment to Legacy, and Thorn is off as abruptly as he arrived. He's already doing the patdown as he leaves; 10 minutes is just enough time to hit the head and sneak off for a smoke. As he strides out, he wonders idly for whom he'll be sitting backseat on this one; looked like Ivory hadn't drawn this mission. But then, Ivory had been warned about skipping out on rack time.

Matto moves out to head directly to berthings. Does not pass go, &c. Only gives a look to Legsy, brows quirking upward in the middle in a concerned look before he heads out the door. He's not going to keep her waiting.

Kai looks back to Legacy after that little exchange between her and Kassia, and then back down to his papers as he finishes gathering them up. "A word with you, Captain?"

"Question…answered. Thanks, sir." Willem pretty much ignores the other goings-on here and completely tunnel-visions towards Kai.

And with that, Willem smoothly ambles to his feet and makes his way for the hatch. He is after all, dismissed and all.

Smirking at Jupiter, Martin's shown his brotherly affection for the moment, and he decides enough is enough. He slips out into the hallway.

As the question got answered, Thea was on her way toward the, but stops as she's ordered. "Yes, Captain," she asks, turning toward Kai.

Hale remains quietly, with his hands and paper behind his back. A look over towards Kai, as he addresses Legacy. Apparently his missed whatever the Captain saw, or Hale for once is being good at playing stoic.

It probably wasn't an order, though Kai seems to have a way of making everything sound like one. He tucks his pen into a pocket of his uniform, and steps off the podium. "In the hall, please. It'll only take a minute." Hale is given a small nod as he heads for the hatch. Probably to indicate he'll be back.

Jupiter rises from her seat, glances after Martin, and shakes her head. She moves over to hope down from the risers, and finishes her coffee. She pauses, as Kai and Legacy leave, and stays where she is to give them a moment of privacy.

Hale looks back over towards Fingers, and a half smile is given over to her. "So." said softly for a moment. "You ready?" Brow up, though he expects the answer to be yes. He's counting on the Blacks' experience in the fighters that he has remaining with him.

Willem whistles his way off to Hell. Hell which greatly resembles escort duty.

Jupiter nods. She glances at the board, then back to Hale. "Always, Lieutenant." She tips her coffee back to drain it this time, then hooks the mug on her thumb. She glances across the Ready Room, and her eyes return to Hale. She seems in good spirits, with a lightness to her smile. Must be the Colonies being so near. One, anyway.

"Good." A grin there for Jupiter as he rocks back in his shoes for a moment. Already the big bloody farm boy seems oddly relaxed, but this is how he was before big games and such. And this one? Is just as big as the others. "You got any special requests for your wing assignment?"

"Somebody who doesn't suck," Jupiter replies, then thinks on it a moment. "And if they do suck, they better at least be able to shoot for the inevitable moment when there's a bandit hugging my ass and I'm too busy saving someone else." Jupiter stands near Hale, lingering post briefing while the Captains chat in the corridor.

Samantha has been strangely quiet for the whole of the briefing, thoughtful possibly, but from the look on her face she's just ready to work. She now stands up from her seat, flight helmet under her arm, and heads over towards the group that is chatting. she gives a brief nod, listening, but doesn't butt in yet.

Antioch gets up out of his seat, and stretches again. "Well, here's hoping we all survive to bitch about this later," he drawls, as he begins to amble out, mentally psyching himself up for the mission.

"You want your brother? or should I put you with someone else? Jester-Rainbow?' He does at least ask, so when he recommends things to be shot down, he can at least say he tried. A chuckle all the same before he's looking over to Antioch. A nod to the man as he folds his arms "I bet we will, if not, first rounds' on me in Elysium.." A nod over to the other pilot "Good Hunting-mate.." And eyes slide towards Sam. She'd been so quiet he hadn't noticed her till now. "You too Case.."

Samantha gives Willem another little smile…"Flyin' with my first wingman on this ship. Will be good again. No way in frakking hell we're not getting out of this alive. Hot shit like us? They'll be kissing our asses while we fly back to base." Sam states with a confident, warm smile, wrapping a brief arm over Willem's shoulders to give him a momentary hug before stepping back away. "Yes. Good hunting."

"Do I want my brother. Let me think about that." Jupiter shoots a look at Hale, then says, "He's a decent pilot. But if he's on my wing and he gets killed, my parents will find a way to get me, and I don't even believe in all that shit."

Hale chuckles back towards Jupiter "Dually noted.." And the Lieutenant is leaning back agains the desk for a moment as he waits for Kai to hurry on in. "I'll split you two up. You might get me, if you're lucky enough." A half grin there, before he's looking back towards Antioch and Case. "You all make it back, alright? I would hate to have to come out and ring th' dinner bell like me old mam.."

Antioch shrugs lazily at Hale. "No promises. I might decide to stay on the surface and go feral, living in the woods like a flannel-wearing mountain man, killing thing with my teeth and howling at the moon. It's not likely, but it's a possibility."

"If you think you can keep up, Bunny," Jupiter replies, giving the tall pilot a look over. "You go ahead and do that. But only if you think you can keep up."

Samantha chuckles to Hale…"We're comin' back…and if there's shit which goes down, whoever gets the most kills gets the rest of the scotch left in my locker. Hopefully I get to keep it." She flashes one other smile before looking over to Antioch, wrinkling her nose…"Flannel? So… not your style. Nor is howling. Gotta come back with us it seems."

Hale chuckles towards Antioch "Well if you do-more power too you mate. I hope you enjoy your vacation. Send me a postcard." A grin for a moment as he watches the hatch again. "We'll see Case. Though I am no drinker of Whisky- I'll pass it to someone I owe a good drop to." A look to Jupiter-snort. "Of course, dove."

Antioch considers Samantha's statement for a moment, then shrugs again. "Probably I'll come back. This is where all my stuff is. And I like my stuff. It keeps me happy at night." He grins at Hale, briefly. "You know the call of the wild tempts you, too."

Samantha stares over at Hale, laughing warmly…"Call of the wild? His name is -Rabbit-. RABBIT. He'd be eaten alive out there. Better hide behind yer guns, rabbit… and come back with the rest of us too." She grins warmly to him, looking happier than she has in a while, adrenaline pumping, ready for this missing hell or high water… She clings almost too tight to her helmet, just wanting to -go-.

Fresh from the showers, Martin steps in and grabs a quick cup of water. Glancing to the room to see who's here, he heads over to the whiteboard and sips his drink. "Good Hunting y'all." Martin replies, finding his name on the list and what his assignment will be.

Hale chuckles "Indeed. Find me a nice cave to scare children from, a village to raid and I am set." It seems this bit right here is easier than worrying about who is coming back and who is not. A look is given back over to Martin for a moment and he is nodding to him. "Good hunting indeed Dash." There's a grin back to Sam for a second "Dunno. I've heard of rabbits killing knights before. Bound to happen sometime."

Samantha looks over to Martin and gives him a softer smile and a brief nod, "You too, Dash. See you when we all get home, eh?" She inquires warmly, leaning over for a brief, one armmed hug if he permits.

Game face in full effect, Martin's got a slightly reddened bruise on the left side of his jaw. Keeping the cup in his right hand, he leans in to give Sam a tight hug. "Watch your back out there allright? I pulled local defense, you drew recon cover. Keep on the wireless." Martin replies, nodding to her. Pulling back from the hug, he guzzles down the rest of the water. "Allright let's do this shit…"

Hale is quiet. "Alright everyone. Lets get ready and get zipped up.." At least for those still needing to crawl into their flight suits. "I'll see you on the deck soon." And with that Hale's sliding out to quickly change and then go through his preflight and all that. A nod to the assembled and he is gone

Samantha leans over, stealing the briefest of kisses from Martin, only a sight hesitation there. "Yeah. Watch your back. See you in a few hours." She states with that slightly tense firmness of her voice that says she's hoping for it, but it might not be a promise. Hopefully that wasn't the last kiss, but she took it while she got the chance. Now she pulls away, smiling to the room and tugging her helmet on. "Boom boom boom…" She echos as she heads for the door.

Antioch jams his hands into his pockets, and heads for the door, quietly.

When she pulls away from the quick kiss, Martin turns to watch her leave with that intense, ghostly look in his eyes. Saying nothing, he merely nods to her as he sets the empty cup down. The internal monologue is at its best. "Few hours, yeah." He says, turning to follow after her with his helmet waiting at his Viper. Pulling his gloves on, he lights a cigarette, one for the road.

Jupiter heads out, on the heels of her brother, pretending she didn't just see that kiss. Better for everyone involved. "Good hunting, kids."

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