There Is No Bail
There Is No Bail
Summary: Jupes invades marine country and has a chat with Ashe and Levesque.
Date: PH070 (28 June 2009)
Related Logs: Happens before Three Hour Tour.

CEC Kharon, Deck 2, Marine Berthings
IC Time: Post Holocaust Day #70
OOC Time: Sun Jun 28 12:36:37 2009

Only maintaining a small security force, the Marines on board the Kharon have a similar bunk layout to the pilots. The single squad stationed aboard maintains the cleanest environment seen anyplace else on the ship and it shows. The three lines of bunks are clean of debris and trash almost without fail. A single metal table in the center of the room is that of standard Navy issue. However, the bunks hold one distinct difference from every other aboard: The curtains on each bunk are light tan and appear to be made of a thicker material. Hanging from the ceiling above are numerous firearms in various states of disrepair, some of which look flat-out blown apart. Painted on each firearms' buttstocks or receivers is a name and rank accompanied by a date.

"Then you should put him through some councilling. It's not my fault he's a pedo. Or, apparently, has balls that actually retract inside his stomach. That's how he don't get shot in 'em, I guess." Levesque returns, shrugging. He goes to take a seat, finishing off the bread roll he was eating when he first came in and putting his helmet on a nearby table. His rifle gets put on the table too, and cleared. Then it's opened up, a cleaning kit popping out from… somewhere. "So are you gonna be one of the lucky ladies flying us into the abyss, today?"

Kassia gives a little chuckle as she looks down at her watch. "I'd love to stay and chat, but I got to go get ready. Shower, food and then a brief to sleep through." She half jokes.

The hatch opens, and Jupiter walks in. Pilot invasion, and she's one of those Red Berthing people. They're practically contagious. She walks right on up to the table, yanks out a chair, and drops into it for a seat. She kicks her feet up, and idly shuffles a deck of triad cards in hand. "Does it always smell like this in here?"

As Kassia departs, Ashe starts to relax until Jupiter walks in. Shaking his head he looks at Pete then sniffs the air. "It does stink in here, smells like sex. Pete, you and Dutch been gettin' your assscrew on again?"

"Have fun there, sir." Levesque greets with a bit of a half wave, focusing on his weapon's cleanliness. As Jupiter takes a seat, he looks across to her. "I'm pretty sure you just dragged in that rotting carcass smell with you, honey bunch."

Jupiter lifts an arm and sniffs an underwing. She repeats with the other. "Oh, you may be right. I dragged this out of the bottom of my locker this morning." She re-crosses her legs, boots on the edge of the table. "That's a mighty big gun, Corporal."

"She means your junk by the way Pete." Ashe states as he makes his way towards his bunk to begin the clambor up into it. "But be careful, if you think you have crotch-rot now, it'll get waaaaaay worst."

"If she weren't an officer I'd probably be interested. I did see her bend over last night almost nekkid but I suspect that's as far as I'm gonna get." Levesque comments, in a detached manner. "Thanks. I use it so you don't have to. Same with you and your Viper. Because I'd crash it into a wall. Or a crowd of civilians."

Jupiter glances back as Ashe retreats to his bunk. She smirks a bit, then shoots a look across the table to Levesque. "Some days, crashing a viper into a crowd of civilians doesn't sound like a bad idea." She flips the cards in her hands, and does a little trick with them, fanning the cards out before collapsing them and walking half the deck over the other. "Yeah, you'd be frakked if I had a firearm and we were on ground patrol. I can't shoot for shit without my hand on the stick." Except the other night, when she made Ashe look like a clumsy toddler. Hey, rage fuels her accuracy.

"She's still talking about your junk, Pete." Ashe calls out from his bunk after he clambors into it. "That is Finger's non so subtle way to saying she only knows how to put her hand on cock and wiggle it around. But just remember, she's a horrible horrible tease. You have to be Captain or above to come onboard."

"This is a conversation that I'm going to sidestep. It's mission day. We should play nice with all of the people covering our ass." Levesque looks up from his rifle's trigger mechanism to look Jupiter up and down. He winks at her and then gets back the work part. "Well, nobody is gonna be crashing into a crowd of civilians now. But I was on sentry during the briefing yesterday. I have some inside skinny."

Jupes doesn't even look back as Ashe natters on about her. She grins, and continues to look at Levesque. "I'm not talking about your junk, Pete." She uses almost the same tone Swift did. There's a slight eyebrow raise. "Excuse me for having standards, Swift. Did you ever think maybe I'm protecting my cold, dark heart? What if I fell in love with a marine? Abs of steel. I may never be able to have normal sex again." She flips the cards onto the table. "Our briefing isn't for," she checks her watch. "A while yet."

There's a sharp bark of a laugh from Ashe's bunk as he leans over to look out of it. "Oh Fingers, we all know you have no heart at all." He smirks a bit and then lays back over in his bunk. "And don't ruin the surprise for me Pete. I prefer going in blind to situations."

"We're going to get briefed anyways, you numpty." Levesque says pointedly to his fireteam partner. "A marine fireteam in each of the two raptors. Northern continent of Scorpia. It's a hot DZ. Small group of Vipers running escort. Everyone else stays on board… the Kharon's gonna be real close to the planet."

"Is that how you keep catching all those bullets, Swift?" Jupiter's brows rise again, her tone conversational and almost cheerful. Gosh. Chillin' in Marine Country without a care in the world. That's how you know it's mission day. "Sounds like a party. Try not to get ventilated, Swift."

"Fingers, everytime I take a bullet it's with the knowledge that I'm denying you the opportunity to do it yourself." Ashe's voice comes out, "So it's a constant struggle between not wanting to die, and wanting to make sure to deprieve you of the opportunity to be the one to put me down."

"I think you guys would make a cute couple. You gotta convince the JAG and the CO to allow fraternization between enlisted and officers, though." Levesque says, smirking wryly. He squirts a little bit of CLP into his weapon, spreading it evenly.

"That's just cold. You cold have a little human decency to let me shoot you one time. Think of the personal fulfillment and all it could do for my spiritual well being." Jupiter glances up from the rifle to Levesque. "I was just thinking in the range the other day, you know, I should shoot Swift right now and deny the enemy the visceral satisfaction that must go along with feeding him a bullet. And what happens? Nothing happens. Why? I ran out of ammo before he said something really insulting." She shakes her head. "Don't say cute couple. The last time someone said I was cute with someone, I needed bail money."

"Well there is that age old tale of Beauty and the Beast." Ashe offers leaning over again to look down at Jupiter, "And you are rather beastly." His eyes then shift over towards Pete. "I can handle all sorts of jokes, but that one? That's just sick dude, flat out sick."

"Well, just you're luck. The Cylons don't have feelings, and there ain't no bail from the brig." Levesque says to Jupiter, his smirk giving way to a broad grin. An eyebrow gets arched at Ashe, as he does a function test on his weapon to make sure it's working correctly. That involves lots of cocking and dry firing. "What, c'mon? It's not like I said it about a hideous beast of a woman, right?"

"Thanks, Pete." Jupiter grins a bit, shooting the other marine a thumbs up. She reaches over, slaps her hands down on her cards, then tips back in the chair again. "The entire Corps isn't hideous. Who knew?" See, that whole Ajax suicide messed her up. She's actually talking to Marines without kneejerk wanting to strangle them all in their sleep.

Ashe grunts from his bunk. "Oh, Fingers has all the right looks but the soul man, the soul is Black as… well, Black. It fits."

Levesque laughs. "I've worked with you guys enough to thank the Gods when you fly over and snipe at somebody for us. Saved my ass enough times."

Jupes tips back a little. "You feeling ok, Swift? That was a little more lame than your usual attempts at humor." She glances back over to Levesque. "You guys move pretty fast. It's not for lack of trying. Our misses just end up taking out the enemy." She grins. "Such is life."

"I'm hung over and am havin' a shitty week, what do you think?" Ashe counters over the edge of his bunk, sounding like he's actually amused and smiling though. "You know how I am with my booze."

"Swift. You better fucking hydrate. Now. And take pills. I'm covering your ass down there, and you need to cover mine." Levesque says seriously, getting up and going over to his bed. He rumages under it for something, coming up with a 1 litre bottle of water. He chucks it at Ashe, hard. "Find pills yourself." Then to Jup, "Leapfrogging, man. Dodging your guys' fire is like running through speeding traffic."

"We like to be sure you're on your toes. High stepping is pretty fun to watch at high speed." Jupiter grins and calls back, "Hung over for a mission. At least I had the decency to sweat it out before anyone noticed."

There's a grunt as the water bottle hits Ashe. He rolls over a bit and fishes around on his bunk rack before the sound of a pill bottle opening occurs and he is swallowing down water. "Fingers, I don't want to hear about what you do in your bunk with whoever is walking by. But I probably should try to sweat off."

"Chug that frakking bottle till it's halfway done. Then drink the rest slowly. You need to purge that shit out of your system. You were frakking wasted last night." Levesque says, seriously. His seriousness gives way to a smirk at Ashe and Jup, but no comment.

"If you spent more time in the gym running, and less time on your back sucking, you wouldn't get sex confused with PT, Corporal." Jupes glances at her watch again, and then reaches up to pull her hair into a tail. The deck of cards rests on her knee. "I probably could have lit his breath. When he stuck his head into my bunk, I got contact buzz." Speaking of… "Did you wash your uniform? Raptors are a small enclosed space."

"Now Now Fingers, let's not get into a sucking contest, we all know you are the suckiest suck ever." Ashe grumbles as he continues to hide in his bunk with the water bottle. "I'll be fine. We got another few hours before we leave and I'll be fit for shootin'."

"I don't think he's ever strapped on the MARPAT for an actual mission on planet before, so no worries." Comments Levesque, gaining back his mirth a bit. "That's okay. He'll just follow along as another helmet."

"… Did you really just say suckiest suck?" Jupiter glances back. "Man, Swift, I hope you're saving your A game for the bulletheads. Though I think it might bet better if you shoot them, rather than try to make them cry. Metal may rust, but it takes a while." Jupiter drops the cards on the table again, then rises. She turns to Ashe's bunk, and climbs up the ladder. "Oh, PS." Jupiter tugs her arms out of the sleeves of her sweatshirt, leaned into the ladder so she doesn't fall off. That looks a little funny, gotta wonder what she's doing.

Ashe is about to roll over to say something towards the others but when he does, he finds himself with a Jupiter at his ladder. Blinking he calls out, "The frak?" A glance tossed over towards Pete and then back towards Jupiter. "Can I help you?"

Levesque watches Jupiter wordlessly.

Jupes slides her arms around under her sweatshirt, tugging around an undershirt. She slides her arms back into the sleeves of the sweatshirt finally, then slides a hand down under the neck, and tugs out a tank top. It is not hers. "Here you go. I sweated in it for you." She tosses the tank into Ashe's bunk. "That'll cost you extra, the next time you leave clothes in my rack."

Ashe watches the display and when the tank is tossed into his bunk he picks it up, "Aw… aw that's just sick Fingers. Gross. It's probably not even your sweat but whoever slimed on you last night." He tosses the tank down by his feet to get it away from him. "You're twisted, you know that right?"

"Are you even wearing anything under it now?" Asks Levesque, smirking.

Jupiter just grins at Ashe. "You have no idea, Corporal. No idea at all." Well, that's certainly… comforting? She hops off the ladder, thudding to the floor with a little bounce in her step. That's one hell of a good mood. Mission day. "Do it again. See what happens." She flashes a bright smile to Levesque. "Not a stitch. Later, Pete." And then she does an about face, and heads for the hatch.

Ashe just shakes his head and after a moment calls out, "You should really check through your locker sometime there Black. Stuff seems to go missing all the time from it and gets replaced with other items." Then the Marine falls silent as he starts to drink more water. "Frak, get me up two hours to mission time."

Levesque laughs. "Good luck, Fingers. Give 'em hell." Then he walks over to Ashe. "You got an hour and a half. You're going to gear up then."

A wave over her shoulder is Jupiter's only response, though there is a slight tensing of those shoulders. You can bet your ass she's going to check her locker before go time. Exit stage left.

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