The Visitors
The Visitors
Summary: Callie gets visited by Cinder with a surprise 'guest' arriving later.
Date: PHD 190 (10-26-09)
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Recovery Ward

It's probably fairly easy to assume that the sickbay is a little busy thanks to the earlier events, the listing of the ship surely enough to cause some bodily injury throughout the personnel, that being the case with Callie. Having fell due to the sudden pitching of the Kharon, she had sustained a fracture and two breaks of her left ulna which required pins and a cast, the surgery happening not long after the slight…mishap. That is what she's recovering from now, laid up in a bed, drifting in and out of consciousness thanks to the small doses of morpha she has been given (it doesn't take much of the meds to make her loopy.).

Ships scuttlebutt moves quickly, of course. While engineering might've gotten the worst of the accident, everyone on board felt it, including MPs on duty. Those that're treated and released no doubt come back with stories about who's laid up in sickbay for a longer time. One of them, of course, is Callie. When Cinder gets word of it, she decides to try and cheer the girl up a bit, figuring that Panda will get around to it in good time. Fact is, she's off-duty right now, and he's not. So! She makes her first stop the library, picking up a few more books that she herself would read (thanks to Selene, who showed her where Kharon keeps the trashy romance novels in the library!), then swings by the lounge to pick up two cans of cold pop. The roundabout trek ends in sickbay. "Callieeeeee!" she calls out stepping into sickbay.

Callie's been in the process of fighting off the last round of drug-induced grogginess so Cinder's greetings reaches her brain, albeit barely, causing her to look in the MP's way. "Hey…" she mutters sleepily while offering Cinder a smile, looking a bit stoned. "Glad to see you managed to come away from that frak-up okay…you're not hurt, right?" Callie's thought process is a bit disjointed so she starts jumping from subject to subject, her train of thought jumping its tracks and often. "So I fell. Broke my arm. Food here is as bad as the stuff in the mess hall…"

"Heya girl!" she calls out, crossing sickbay with little concern for the other recovering individuals. "And yeah, I managed to get away pretty much intact. A few brusies. I was on ship patrol last night, so ya know…helmet and all," she says, knocking on her head a little and grinning. When she lifts her hands, she shows off that she has pop and books. "Damn, maybe I should've gotten snacks to go with the cans of pop instead of books. You look really druggy!" When she comes close she sneaks up a little steel stool that the doctor's often use, sitting herself down next to the bed.

"That's good. I wasn't so lucky. Stooooopid ship." Callie looks at the gifts and then up to Cinder, her face red. "Wow. Thanks. You shouldn't have but it…" Looking down, she takes a second to think, pausing before she goes on and begins to babble. "It's very nice of you. Thank you, Cinder." Casting a sideward glance, she looks at the books and arches a brow, the art work getting her to pause. "Are those…what I think they are?"

Cinder grins and nods. "Yeah! Trashy romance novels! They're my favorite kind!" It's a guilty pleasure…shoot her why don't you? "Though, I guess I didn't think much. You probably aren't in any sort of mindset to read these. And that's why…TADA!" she exclaims, pulling the pop cans out of her cargo pockets on her pants. She slaps those bad boys down on the tray next to the table and grins. "Figured you could use something to wet your whistle besides water and juice!"

Callie blushes a bit. " Thanks." Clearing her throat, she lets Cinder set the gifts down while she works on sitting up, that made a bit tougher than normal as she can't put any weight upon her left arm. "Oh frak it all…" she sighs out at the same time she tries to shimmy herself into a more upright position via the use of her shoulders and her right arm, the effort paying off after a minute. It's enough to get her flushed in the face. "Could you open one of the sodas for me, please?"

Not only can Cinder open one of the cans, but she can help you sit up too! She gets up off the stool, and slides her hands under your arms, grunting a little and sliding Callie up into a more upright position. "Sure can!" she says, after helping the injured gal up. With one hand on each can, she grunts and grits her teeth a little, trying to be really slick and cool and open them both at the same time. There's two KA-CHISSSS sounds as she pops the tops. "Hey, there we go!" she says exuberantly.

"Wow, and I thought Panda was bad about showing off," Callie teases lightly while giving Cinder a smile of gratitude for the aid in both sitting up and with the soda. "Hey, out of curiosity…" She looks left, looks right, and then asks the MP at the same time she reaches for one of the cans, "…does he stand in front of the mirror and flex? You know…show off while trying to act like he isn't showing off?" There's a grin, Callie so being cheeky right now it isn't funny!

"Hmm…I think so, yup. Sometimes, he even makes sound effects!" Cinder bounds up to her feet, knocking the stool backwards, to exaggerate about Pand. She leans forward and flexes her arms down and in front of her. "KADOOOSH!" Then she flexes up over her shoulders. "BA-BAM!" She then turns sideways and holds her hands flexed by her hips. "POW!" When she's sure Callie has an idea, she bends down to right the stool, sitting down once more, and sipping the soda with Callie.

Callie can't help but to giggle but the timing's bad on her part as she begins to chortle at the same time she takes a sip of her drink, ending in her just about laughing cola out her nose. It -doesn't- happen but almost does, it causing her eyes to water as the burn settles into her sinuses. "Ow…" She reaches up to rub her nose with her left hand and about clocks herself in the head, somehow managing to stop herself before beaming herself with her cast. "Crap." She looks at Cinder, giving her a 'you didn't see that' look before breaking out into another bout of laughter. "I can so see him doing that…" she starts to say but the smile fades and the giggle stops, Callie's mood swinging to the opposite end of the spectrum. "Frak, he's going to be upset," she mumbles.

"Why's that?" Cinder asked, looking a lot less silly now. She looks concerned, in fact. But, still she helps Callie, reaching out and brushing back some hair that's fallen over her face, the offending hair that's partially responsible for giving a nose tickle because of all that laughter that made it fall out of place.

"I don't know if you noticed this, but our beloved Pandorian Ajtai has a bit of a protector complex or something going on. He's going to be upset that he wasn't there to prevent me from getting hurt, I think." It's not something Callie can say for certain as it's just a hunch, Panda still rather new to her, making saying such things with certainty pretty impossible. "He does it as a way to show his love…" Shrugging, she takes another sip of the fuzzy drink, laid out on her bed while Cinder sits on a stool close by, the two chatting.

"Well, my dear, Panda can go frak himself if he thinks he's going to be able to protect you all the time! You're a snipe, godsdamnit, and he can't always be around. Looks like I'm going to have to knock some sense into Panda's frakkin' head…," she mutters, winking at Callie. "It's just a broken arm, right? You'll heal, and have a sweet story too!"

It appears that during their little conversation, more specifically as Cinder is talking about beating someone's head in, the Captain has shown up and is roaming around the Recovery Ward. "Always the violent resolution, yes Private?" the XO inquires with no hint of emotion on his features. The tone is not overly chastising, which is probably the closest he'll ever get to hinting at his facetiousness. At this point in time it looks as if Demitros is looking for someone else but hasn't found the person in question. "Crewman Manfrin - seems as if you have undergone some trials and tribulations, undoubtedly resulting in the detraction from your well being. Welcome to Kharon. Has Locke happened by recently?"

Callie shrugs. "No, don't, please Cinder. I really like that side of him. It's nice." Details as to why she enjoys the protective nature the Marine-in-question exhibits is not spoken of, Callie keeping that her little secret for now. She'd politely move the conversation to something else but the XO arrives, doing that for the two already as he speaks. "Hey! Look at who it is. I haven't seen Doctor Locke since she looked at me and all that, sir." When she speaks her alertness drifts some, causing her to go from sounding awake to nearly asleep and back in pretty rapid succession. Damn morpha. "Did the FTL system get back online alright?"

At Praxis's chastising, Cinder just smirks. "Well, would you expect less from a jarhead like me?" Seems like she's integrating pretty well into marine culture, if nothing else! When Callie speaks about leaving Panda alone, she gives a curt nod, patting the girl on the good shoulder. "Not a word. Just…there is an overboard with over-protectiveness. He'll have to deal with what happened." That being said, she answers Praxis's other question. "I haven't seen her since I've came in, about 15, 20 minutes ago, if that helps."

"Mmm. It is a lucky thing that my judgment is on an individual basis, Private. Feel free to shape your image however you see fit." Knight calmly remarks, before shifting his jade gaze over to Callie. "The faster-than-light systems are currently online. We have returned to Solon II and all hands are currently accounted for. There is no need to worry." The XO looks down at his uniform, smoothing it out and straightening his wings meticulously. When they both mention they haven't seen Camille, he rolls his shoulders into the briefest of shrugs. Really, it's like a fleeting moment. "Very well." There is a hint of disappointment.

Callie raises a brow and then she frowns, bypassing the pout to do so. "And here I was, hoping you had come by to visit one of your snipes who got hurt during the action, sir." She looks at Praxis right in the eye as she says that, the mechanic showing no shame in showing her own disappointment. It, like his shrug, is fleeting as she melts in relief, the news of the FTL being operational causing her to relax, pressing into the mattress. "Very good, sir. I'll come by CIC at some point once I'm released. Would love to hear details as to what happened once I can get out of here, if it's something you can share, sir." Not wanting to bore Cinder with boring engineering talk, she changes the subject. "Oh, Cinder. Speaking of Panda, if you see him, please let him know I'm here and that I would like my teddy bear, please? He'll know where to find it," that being her bunk in the enlisted berthing.

Cinder gives a curt nod, letting the snipe and the XO talk amongst themselves for a little bit. "Will do," she answers, leaning back on the stool, content to just shut it for 5 seconds and let them have their conversation. It's not like Callie's going to be getting up and walking out any time soon, after all! So Cinder just sits there, on her stool next to the bed Callie's in, sipping on the soda, paging through one of the books she brought down for Callie to read, letting her and the XO chat until they're done.

Demitros' brow raises considerably as the empathic Demitros picks up on the disappointment that is clearly exhibited. His hands convene behind his back, fingers interlocking together as he stares Callie down appraisingly. "It's rather surprising, at least to me, that my presence with the intention of seeing to your well-being is that great of importance to you." They met twice. Once, when Demitros told her to stop crying and get it together, and another time when he put her to work. Now he wants him to come visit her? Heck, he hadn't even been aware of Callie's injury until he came in here. "I apologize for interrupting the flow of conversation. That is all, for me. If you require details as to what happened, Manfrin; consult your department head and colleagues." He rotates around and stalks towards the door. "Private." he says as a farewell.

Callie sticks her tongue out at the back of the departing Captain, letting herself have a moment of childish behavior before she calms. "Bye, sir. See you around." She looks over to the Marine and sighs, her face growing a bit pale. "Hey, Cinder. I think I need more meds and stuff and that crap knocks me on my ass so I probably should sleep a bit after they shoot me up. I'll have them let you know when I am awake again, though. I enjoy your company."

Again, Cinder gives a pretty curt "will do." Happy to let you sleep and have your meds, she stands. "I'll just leave these here," she says, putting the books on the little table beside the bed. "These books are around if you feel you want to read them. If not, I'll take them back and find you some other ones!" She pats Callie on the shoulder, and nods, letting her to her rest and recovery as she makes for the hatch.

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